• Samantha-Raelin heads off, her PDA flashing with an update. Next thing she knew, she was behind Yoric and Paul.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric, have a moment."

  • pooryoric turns on his heel. "i have several, sam. what's up?"
  • Samantha-Raelin jabs the half full syringe of sedatives towards his arm.

<Samantha-Raelin> 8d6 Syringes!
<Magic_8-Ball> Samantha-Raelin, Syringes!: 29 [8d6=2,2,6,6,2,6,1,4]

  • Paul_D smiles. "Good girl. Goo- JESUS SAM."

<pooryoric> 5d6 no no, not syringes!
<Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, no no, not syringes!: 15 [5d6=1,3,4,5,2]

  • pooryoric takes a needlefull.
  • pooryoric collapses.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Paul, I'd forget you even saw this happen and go enjoy the rest of your day."
<Paul_D> "…question, Sam, is Yoric going to be alive the next time I see him?"

  • Samantha-Raelin picks Yoric up carrying him with a bit of effort. "Mostly."
  • Paul_D is more than a little shocked.

<Paul_D> "…Aaaallright then."

  • Paul_D fears Samantha, and looks down at Nyoka, patting her ears. "…Good girl."
  • pooryoric is light for his height, and fairly easy to carry.
  • Samantha-Raelin carries him off, to an unused research lab, still vacant, but still well stocked. She had made sure of it.
  • pooryoric wakes up, blinking at the light.

<pooryoric> "well, this is interesting."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Well, looks like I gave you the correct dosage after all."
<pooryoric> "just so you know, i'm taken."

  • Samantha-Raelin begins to wash her hands off in a nearby sink.

<Samantha-Raelin> "You're a really funny guy, Yoric."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I wonder how long that sense of humor will last. Don't you?"
<pooryoric> "this is a funny situation. we'll laugh about this later, i'm sure."

  • Samantha-Raelin pulls a pair of latex gloves out of a nearby container. As she snaps them on, the dust floats in the harsh overhead lights.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Maybe, but probably not you."
<pooryoric> "ten points for threatening. mind telling me what's going on?"

  • Samantha-Raelin opens up several drawers. She begins to remove a number of tools, including a scalpel, pliers, and other unfriendly objects.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric, sometimes people get away with really awful things."
<pooryoric> "i'll vouch for that."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Like driving people mad, or trying to ruin their lives."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Tonight, that's not the case."
<pooryoric> "oh, good. you're letting me go, then?"

  • Samantha-Raelin grabs the pliers, and slides a Bunsen burner in front of her. Turning on the gas, she put the razor sharp blade above the fire, and watched it glow red hot. "Eventually."

<pooryoric> "excelsior. i'd hate to think this was going to become unpleasant."

  • Samantha-Raelin walks over to him, and first places the red hot metal flat against his skin. The smell was unpleasant.
  • pooryoric winces, but holds back his scream. "see the scars, sam. i've been here before. the most you can do is kill me, and then i won't care anymore."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Funny, I've said the exact same thing. I still screamed eventually."

  • Samantha-Raelin starts to heat the blade once more.
  • pooryoric screams. "better?" he pants.

<pooryoric> "see, torture only works if you're trying to accomplish something, sam. and i don't see that."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I have a goal, Yoric."
<Samantha-Raelin> "It's to teach you that just because you stay within the rules, doesn't mean you're safe."
<pooryoric> "then why not expediate the process by skipping the pointy bits and talking to me?"
<pooryoric> "…or at least buy me a drink first."

  • Samantha-Raelin lifts his hand, and puts the tip of the hot blade against the fingertip of his pinky. Then she slowly dragged it down.
  • pooryoric hurts. a lot. like, a LOT.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Because, talking can solve many, many problems. But it's never quite as satisfying."
<pooryoric> "does gerald know you're into this shit?"

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "It's not some sick fetish, if that's what you're getting at. It's simply another skill I picked up. Like speaking Swahili."
  • Samantha-Raelin heats the scalpel again. This time, she cuts along the ring finger.

<pooryoric> "AAAAARG this scar is gonna kick ass."
<Samantha-Raelin> "You'd be surprised how many times an ambassador's daughter is in this position. Especially when they're not forthcoming with ransom."
<pooryoric> "i'm telling you, sam. i've been tortured befor-wait, were you the daughter, or the ransomer?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Doubtful. Whatever Mann shot you up with should cover up anything I do."

  • Samantha-Raelin lets him figure it out.

<pooryoric> "you sick BITCH."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Funny, I said that too."
<pooryoric> "forget i said that then. 'torturing asshole' is more appropriate."

  • Samantha-Raelin begins to heat the blade once more. "I want to know, by the way, why did you feel like antagonizing Dmitri earlier today?"

<pooryoric> "because he hates me. i don't want that, so i try to get it over with. why do you care?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "No reason."

  • Samantha-Raelin cuts a bloody line down his index.

<pooryoric> "so can i leave now?"
<pooryoric> "AAAARGH i'll take that as a no."
<Samantha-Raelin> "By the way, I lied. I care because he's my commanding officer, and a far better man than you'll ever be."
<pooryoric> "he's an immature manchild with anger issues."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Funny, coming from a sociopathic conman who takes pleasure in the woe of others."
<pooryoric> "he causes me problems and complicates my life unnecissarily. he costs me freinds. i've never -had- freinds."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I wonder why."
<pooryoric> "i don't want to lose them to his shit."
<pooryoric> "i've never cared, untill i came here. and now he's ruining it."
<pooryoric> "my one chance to stop moving."

  • Samantha-Raelin retrieves a vial from the counter. "You're really deep in that self delusional hole, aren't you?"

<pooryoric> "hole? fuck that. i like it here. i've never liked a life before. STOP FUCKING IT UP."

  • Samantha-Raelin removes the stopper, and grabs what looks like a wide tipped paintbrush, with the fibers made of some type of synthetic material.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I mean, trying to blame all your troubles on Dmitri."

  • Samantha-Raelin dips the brush into the vial. It sizzles lightly.

<Samantha-Raelin> "That is what got you in this situation, after all."

  • Samantha-Raelin runs the brush along the bare skin of his arm, the highly concentrated sulfuric acid solution applied in a thin layer.

<pooryoric> "oh, no, he's just a single problem. but hell, evverything else is working out. do you know i'm official here now? bright hired me the other day. there's just a few of you giving me shit that need AAAAAARG!"

  • pooryoric winces. this hurts like chechyens hurt the russian heart.

<Samantha-Raelin> "You know what's the only reason someone hasn't had you discretely killed yet?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "It's whatever Sophia sees in you."
<Samantha-Raelin> "And I'm afraid it wouldn't be worth hurting her to get rid of you."

  • Samantha-Raelin runs the brush along his arm again, on fresh skin.

<pooryoric> "that's… the reason i stayed…. i've never given a -shit- untill AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "And that, too, is the reason for this little lesson."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Do you get the idea, or should I keep going?"
<pooryoric> "you leave her alone!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric, I like Sophia much more than I like you."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I wouldn't even consider doing this to her."
<pooryoric> "hurt her, and i swear i'll make sure you die slowly."
<Samantha-Raelin> "By the way, that wasn't an answer, so I'm going to just step aside and grab something more painful. "
<pooryoric> "you were going to do that anyway."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Not really, I'd rather be with Gerald right now."
<Samantha-Raelin> "But if you haven't learned a damn thing, I suppose my work is not yet complete."

  • pooryoric suddenly grins. "and when i get out, i'm going to go have a muffin, and youu will have made it taste SO -MUCH- better."

<Samantha-Raelin> "You mean the zolomuffins? I had those tossed."

  • Samantha-Raelin finally retrieves a shiny, chromed thumbscrew.

<pooryoric> "ha, it doesn't have to be a drug, sam. torture makes EVERYTHING better. once it stops, nothing can compare. everything feels good."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. "It's quite the rush, isn't it?"
  • Samantha-Raelin places his four fingers into the vice, and begins to slowly turn it. Very slowly.

<pooryoric> "i told you, i've been here before. interpol, das politzei, the FBI, all of them are just as good at this as you. and i've never been convicted of a NNNNNRRRGGGGGG!"

  • pooryoric winces. "that's two broken already."
  • Samantha-Raelin continues to turn the crank. "You'd think the lesson of 'Stop being a complete asshole' would be pretty simple."

<Samantha-Raelin> "Unless you're really, really dedicated to it."
<pooryoric> "i'm -not- a complete asshole. i've never tortured -anyone-, for starters."

  • Samantha-Raelin sighs. "For someone who's been tortured, you're not very good at it."

<pooryoric> "i don't -like- hurting people."

  • Samantha-Raelin finally comes to the point where the vice will no longer tighten, and grabs her PDA. "Neither do I."
  • Samantha-Raelin makes a call to Dr. Mann.
  • StraussMann is now known as DrMann

<Samantha-Raelin> "Mann? I need you to drop what you're doing and come to humanoid research lab gamma. Don't ask questions, just bring your surgical equipment."

  • DrMann enters, carrying his bag.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Shut the door."

  • DrMann does so.
  • pooryoric slooooooowly exhales. pain runs from each hand in a band across his chest.

<Samantha-Raelin> "I hope I don't have to explain the situation too thoroughly, do I?"
<DrMann> "Oh dear."

  • pooryoric looks for the edges of the pain, trapping it, holding it where it belongs.

<DrMann> "No, I think I understand."
<Samantha-Raelin> "I'm not trained in any surgical practice, so I need your help."

  • pooryoric begins to move his pain, controlling it.

<DrMann> "What do you need me to do?"
<Samantha-Raelin> "I need you to open up his abdomen."
<DrMann> "…Very well."

  • pooryoric pulses the pain from hand to hand, back and forth. focus on location, not sensation.
  • DrMann pulls out the auto-scalpel.

<Samantha-Raelin> "From what I've heard, the kidneys are very very sensitive to heat."
<DrMann> "There will be a tugging sensation, Yoric. Try not to scream."
<DrMann> "You don't want… to scream."

  • Samantha-Raelin moves over to Yoric's side, and injects something into his neck.
  • DrMann opens Yoric up, rather like a fish.
  • pooryoric hears nothing. left hand… right hand…. left hand… right hand…

<Samantha-Raelin> "Mann, did I ever tell you about the malicious, sentient hallucinogens that Kondraki used at one of his bachelor's parties?"
<DrMann> "No, I don't believe so."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Apparently, he still had a batch of it around."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric should be discovering that soon enough."

  • pooryoric plays with the pain, moving it in circles around the edges of the incision, never letting it stop, never letting himself feel.
  • Samantha-Raelin grabs the scalpel again, and heats it once more. This time, she applies the flat of the blade to one of his kidneys.
  • pooryoric screams.
  • Samantha-Raelin lifts it up. "How about now? Think you've caught the point of this yet?"

<DrMann> "Yoric, I urge you, just let her understand that you won't try again."
<pooryoric> "i still… don't… know… what… not… to… tryyyyy!"
<Samantha-Raelin> "You know, I explained it to him, and he took it as a threat towards Sophia."
<DrMann> "You keep unnecessarily provoking others. You have to learn not to do so."
<DrMann> "Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich would not try to harm you if you didn't deliberately provoke him. Whether or not you feel you deserved it, you still engineered the situation."
<pooryoric> "mann. i -try- not to do so. but i only know how to relate to people i'm using, and i don't want to use any of you. so where does that leave me?"
<pooryoric> "i don't know what to do!"
<DrMann> "…Have you tried watching movies? I've found that helps me."
<pooryoric> "stop fucking cutting me!"
<DrMann> "I'd like to, Yoric."
<DrMann> "I'd really very much like to."
<DrMann> "But I need you to work with us."
<pooryoric> "i've never fucked with you at all, mann, why are you even here?"
<DrMann> "Can you do that, Yoric? Can you do it for me?"
<DrMann> "You tried to get my friend in trouble."
<DrMann> "He could have been in very serious trouble, or even killed."
<DrMann> "I won't let you do that to him."
<Samantha-Raelin> "If he'd gone through with killing you, he might have been terminated."
<DrMann> "I won't let you do that to /any/ of my friends."
<DrMann> "I would not have let you die."
<DrMann> "If you do it again, I promise you that I will not let you die then, either. I will keep you alive for as long as I am able, and that will be a very long time indeed."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Stitch him back up."

  • DrMann complies.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Yoric, I'm going to give you two choices."
<DrMann> "Please don't make me do this again, Agent Yoric. I like you. I don't want to hurt you."
<Samantha-Raelin> "The first choice is promising me that you'll never try to antagonize anyone either of us care about ever again."
<pooryoric> "frankly, that's not even possible."
<DrMann> "If you do, we promise to help you learn to interact with people in ways that don't make them want to kill you."
<pooryoric> "piss poor start, mann."
<Samantha-Raelin> "The second choice involves asking Dr. Mann to open up access to the pain center of your brain, and we'll see how things develop from there."

  • DrMann blanches.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Do you understand?"
<DrMann> "Please, Yoric. We're doing this for your own good."
<pooryoric> "go. you've already hurt me. all pain is the same. i'll not make promises i can't keep for people who i once respected."

  • Break [plays off Yoric with Keyboardcat.]

<pooryoric> "fuck you, mann. you cut a hole for a sadist to poke my kidney with something hot and sharp. in NO way have you helped me today."

  • Samantha-Raelin sighs. "Christ, that was just a bluff. Mann, did you bring the amnesiacs?"

<DrMann> "Of course."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Dose him up. Also clean the hallucinogens out of his system."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Fix up his hand, too."
<DrMann> "I really am sorry, Yoric. But if we can't get through to you somehow, they'll kill you. I… I won't let them do that."
<DrMann> "But I suppose that won't matter to you much longer…"
<pooryoric> "fuck you."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Stubborn to the end."
<pooryoric> "cut me again, bitch."
<pooryoric> "you -loved- it."
<Samantha-Raelin> "There's no practical purpose in anything further, Yoric."
<pooryoric> "there was -never- a purpose. you don't like me, so you torture me instead of talking. you're worse than the gunhappy russian."

  • Samantha-Raelin removes her gloves, disposing of them nearby.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Mann, make sure I don’t leave any permanent damage."
<DrMann> "Of course. He'll be entirely healthy."
<DrMann> "He's one of my friends, after all."
<pooryoric> "the hell i am."
<Samantha-Raelin> "Good….good. I'd hate to think I really harmed him."
<DrMann> "One day, you'll understand we only had your best interests at heart."

  • DrMann administers the amnesiacs.

<Samantha-Raelin> "Mann, don't bullshit him."

  • Samantha-Raelin exits the room, leaving Mann to his work.

And, Outside the Breakroom, a bit later:
<DrMann>: "Yes, Dr. Light?"

  • Doctor_Light steps outside and closes the door. "Listen," she says, "Do you know what's up with Yoric?"

<DrMann>: "Hmm. Has he been acting strangely?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Somewhat. More specifically, did you see him yesterday afternoon at all?"
<Doctor_Light>: "You're right, he's been acting off, I'm just worried."
<DrMann>: "…Yes, yes I did."
<Doctor_Light>: "Oh?"
<DrMann>: "You heard about the… incident, yesterday?"
<DrMann>: "With Agent Strelnikov?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Only breifly. He was in a fight or something?"
<DrMann>: "Understand, I do not hold Agent Strelnikov entirely blameless in this. He has a very great temper problem."
<DrMann>: "However, it was Agent Yoric who instigated the confrontation."
<DrMann>: "Afterward, he engineered a situation in which Agent Strelnikov would be brought up on charges of attempted murder."
<DrMann>: "This is not the first time he has provoked Agent Strelnikov or others. Frankly, I have become very concerned."

  • Doctor_Light blinks. "I kind of expected that. So what went on after that?"

<Doctor_Light>: "That he would be the one to start it, I mean."
<DrMann>: "I… explained certain things to him."
<DrMann>: "I explained that if he continues, I may need to… correct his attitude. I would prefer not to do so. I would have preferred not to try."
<DrMann>: "He seemed to respond to reason at the time."
<DrMann>: "I thought that the matter was finished."
<Doctor_Light>: "…At the time? Go on."
<DrMann>: "However, I was then called in by Dr. Raelin, who explained that Agent Yoric had not learned his lesson, and would continue to provoke Agent Strelnikov."
<DrMann>: "I cannot let that happen. If it continues, I fear that Agent Strlenikov /will/ kill him, and then be killed himself."
<Doctor_Light>: "…So what did you do?"
<DrMann>: "Ms. Raelin was performing aversion therapy on him. I… helped."
<DrMann>: "I am not certain it was the right thing to do, now. In any case, it was unsuccessful."
<Doctor_Light>: "…Aversion therapy?"
<DrMann>: "I… would prefer not to go into detail."
<Doctor_Light>: "I prefer you would." She's pretty calm and her hands are in her pockets.
<DrMann>: "I made certain his wounds were taken care of. I would never do him lasting harm."
<DrMann>: "I believe Ms. Raelin could tell you more. I was not there for the early stages, and I'm afraid I'm not certain the exact effect she was going for. I merely assisted, and then made certain he was well afterward."
<DrMann>: "She had me administer an amnesiac."
<Doctor_Light>: "…You… Made sure…"
<DrMann>: "I must confess, I am not certain exactly how it was meant to work. It is outside my specialty."

  • Doctor_Light sighs. "Mann, I respect you greatly as a physician, a scientist, and a friend. And I trust you believed you had a reason for what you did."

<DrMann>: "I only want what's best for Agent Yoric. I only want to make him… better."
<Doctor_Light>: "Details. Please."
<DrMann>: "His behavior will normalize soon, I believe. He may be left with some aversion to certain stimuli. However, I do not believe it will have a lasting effect on him, or I would not have been involved."
<DrMann>: "The operation was rather… crude."
<Doctor_Light>: "Yoric, regardly of what happened, is someone I care greatly about, and if you weren't certain what happened, I'm not sure you know what's best for him."
<Doctor_Light>: "Crude?"
Doctor_Light has a cross between morbid curiosity and deep, deep concern on her face.
<DrMann>: "It involved a knive, heated, to stimulate pain receptors manually. I am honestly not sure of her methodology, but she had already been going the procedure for some time before I arrived, so I did not want to stop her, lest I undo whatever good she might have done."
<Doctor_Light>: "…A heated knife? What about the scar over his abdomen?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Judging by the quality, I would guess you stitched it."
<DrMann>: "Yes. She wanted to… access his innards. I… have my doubts about that part of the procedure. It seemed to be a great deal of unnecessary stress on Yoric's body to little effect. However, it was Ms. Raelin's procedure. By the time I realized what she was about, precisely, Agent Yoric was already open, and I concentrated on making certain no lasting harm was done."
<Doctor_Light>: "…You weren't aware of what you were doing beforehand."
<DrMann>: "I only knew that she wanted his abdomen opened. I didn't know why."
<DrMann>: "I'm not sure I would have done it, if I had known."
<Doctor_Light>: "You know, I'm hardly a doctor, but I tend to find out what I'm doing before I go into surgery."
<Doctor_Light>: "Such as, pulling a bullet out of someone."
<Doctor_Light>: "Or an emergency trachectomy. Look, you understand what I mean."
<DrMann>: "I don't know. I perform so many surgeries, these days. Sometimes, even when I initiate the surgery, I hardly know why, until I already have them opened up and I'm looking at their naked selves. It almost seems I'm not awake until then. Everything else is a dream, except the body on the table, my hands running over their soul."
<DrMann>: "I don't… I don't like what we did, to Yoric's."

  • Doctor_Light eyes Mann with a look of disgust. "I'm done for now. What happened to Yoric may not have been entirely your doing, although it was a monumentally erroneus desicion to help her, and I'll see you become aware of that." She turns around to go back into the breakroom. "Remind me to tell Strelnikov that Red Dawn needs a new physician."

<Doctor_Light>: "One who can, you know, think."

  • Doctor_Light , yes, spits to the side of the floor.
  • Doctor_Light opens the door and goes back into the breakroom.
  • DrMann looks down, saddened.
  • DrMann walks back to his laboratory.

  • Doctor_Light opens the door to Samantha's office and looks around inside.
  • Samantha-Raelin sits at her desk. "Wondered when you'd show up."
  • Doctor_Light stands in the doorway, not entirely trusting the inside of the room. "What were you thinking."
  • Doctor_Light says this with some degree of malice

<Samantha-Raelin>: "I don't know, Light. Why don't you wait until I beat myself up over it again."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Maybe I was thinking, 'This guy almost got one of my best friends terminated, because he's a malicious asshole'"

  • Samantha-Raelin looks down. "Then I find out, while I'm doing all manner of terrible things to the poor creature, that he's just a confused sociopath."

<Doctor_Light>: "Maybe he's just as annoying as hell. What gave you the /right/ to do that to him?"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Who said I had the right?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Talk about confused sociopaths."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I had no damn right."

  • Samantha-Raelin slams her fist on her desk.

<Samantha-Raelin>: "I…I may have come to realize I have my own issues."
<Doctor_Light>: "Damn straight."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Issues I thought I'd dealt with."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "That months, even years of expensive psychotherapy had cured me of."
<Doctor_Light>: "These issues force you to drug a man, slice him open, enlisting the help of a third party in doing so, and then erase the experience from his mind?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Which didn't work entirely, although I think that was your intention."

  • Samantha-Raelin drops a tear onto the desk. It stained her paperwork. "I was tortured, Light. A lot."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "It was how I learned."

  • Doctor_Light 's expression does not change. "That's not a reason, nor an excuse."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "No, it wasn't my intention."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "My intention was to teach him that despite how he would find the loopholes, and dive through them while good people got hurt, that he wasn't exempt from what he deserves."

  • Doctor_Light scoffs. "And your intention was for him to forget the whole thing?"

<Samantha-Raelin>: "No. That was when I figured out how much of a god damned monster I was."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I didn't want him to know. I didn't want anyone to know, but then I didn't figure Mann was such a poor liar."

  • Doctor_Light rolls her eyes. "That's not how Mann made it sound."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "There's no justification for what I did, Light."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Mann's a god damned psychopath. A real one."
<Doctor_Light>: "From what Mann said, you certainly had the whole thing under control."
<Doctor_Light>: "You're no better."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Psychopaths don't regret what they've done."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Mann only regretted that it didn't work."
<Doctor_Light>: "People who aren't psychopaths don't drug and torture under the guise of improvement."

  • Samantha-Raelin gets up, kicking the desk over. "Are you listening to a god damned word I'm saying?"

<Samantha-Raelin>: "I wasn't trying to improve him!"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I was trying to teach him a lesson!"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "If you…if you knew what Mann planned for Yoric…"
<Doctor_Light>: "You're right, that's no justification."
<Doctor_Light>: "Look, I trust Mann a lot more then I trust you right now."
<Doctor_Light>: "He certainly didn't make it sound like his planning."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "No, not in that room."
<Doctor_Light>: "Ah. Go on."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "It was something he planned to do. Still plans to do."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Mind control, Light."

  • Doctor_Light raises one eyebrow. "Mind control."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "His solution, in his warped mind, is to just force Yoric to act better."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Against his will."
<Doctor_Light>: "I thought you said Mann was a bad liar. He did a damned good job lying to me, if that's what it was."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Probably still is. I told you, it wasn't what happened in that room."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "So considering what you asked him, it wouldn't have been relevant."

  • Doctor_Light is still leaning on one part of the doorway, now gently playing with a test tube from her pocket. "Mind control."

<Doctor_Light>: "I can't say I believe you."
Samantha-Raelin looks at her seriously. "Whatever, I don't care."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I'm just using you to vent all my inner frustrations right now."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "If you don't want to believe me, then that's your problem."
<Doctor_Light>: "Mann just heard you were torturing Yoric, and decided, well, hey, can't hurt to come along?"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I called him."
<Doctor_Light>: "Well, who else is the good doctor planning on mind-controlling?"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "He didn't object."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Or question it."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "All I heard was about Yoric."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "It all started over that brawl that he instigate with Dmitri."
<Doctor_Light>: "Okay, how did that start?"

  • Doctor_Light says impatiently
  • Samantha-Raelin tosses her the PDA.

<Samantha-Raelin>: "Watch the video."
<Samantha-Raelin>: <The PDA is already set up to play the surveillance video and audio from the incident.>

  • Doctor_Light catches the PDA, looks at Raelin, and looks at the screen, still keeping Raelin in her peripheral vision.

<Samantha-Raelin>: [Summary: Yoric mocked Dmitri and called someone he loved a whore, while Dmitri was in a visibly foul mood.]
<Samantha-Raelin>: [Dmitri nearly kills Yoric, Yoric attempts to have Dmitri removed.]

  • Doctor_Light nods and shrugs as the video finishes. "It's an anomaly. I can talk to Yoric about it."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "It would be, if he didn't do this all the time."
<Doctor_Light>: "He doesn't do this all the time. He's annoying, sure. He needs social skills, sure."

  • Doctor_Light gestures at the screen. "I'm not sure what this is. It's not a justification for torture."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "He's a self-proclaimed sociopath, who only knows how to deal with people when he's using them."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "His words, not mine."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "And I started this off by saying there's nothing to justify it."

  • Doctor_Light nods. "And you're still right, although I suppose there is some backing towards your anger."

Samantha-Raelin takes a seat. "So, what are you going to do."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I could give you a gun, so you could shoot me."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Or you could go tell Gerald what a terrible human being I am."
<Doctor_Light>: "Right now? I didn't really have a plan. Reccomend you be dropped from every position of power available, if this really was part of some larger issue."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Maybe give him the recording of it, if the higher ups aren't too busy drooling over it."
<Doctor_Light>: "The insane, sociopathic rages, I mean."

  • Samantha-Raelin laughs. Seriously laughs.

<Samantha-Raelin>: "Dropped?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Yes, I was considering that too. If there's a recording, all the better."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "They want to promote me."
<Doctor_Light>: "Demoted. Whatever. I'll do what I can to prevent it."

  • Doctor_Light shrugs. "And if nothing else, well, I figured I'll see how it plays out from here."

<Samantha-Raelin>: "I've been looking for a job in intelligence, and apparently all I needed to do was inact some horrible violence on another person."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "They need a good interrogator."
<Doctor_Light>: "I thought you regretted it."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I'm not taking the job."
<Doctor_Light>: "That's a good thing, I suppose."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I'll tell you right now, if you want any results, the best choice is to just shoot me."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Otherwise, I can guarantee it will amount to very, very little."

  • Doctor_Light pulls a vial of blue liquid out of her pocket, turning it around. "This is the closest thing to a bullet I have on me, although I didn't intend to use it."

Doctor_Light faces Raelin directly, and shrugs. "I'll leave it there, then."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Mind clarifying what it is?"
<Doctor_Light>: "Acid."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Great. Wonderful."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "I'll put it up on the shelf."
<Doctor_Light>: "But I suppose very, very, little is the best I'll do."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Tell me, how are you going to appeal for my demotion?"
<Samantha-Raelin>: "On what grounds?"
Doctor_Light shrugs. "I'll figure something out."
<Doctor_Light>: "Or not. But I think I'm done here."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Because before you do, remember who actually runs this facility."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "And what he's done."
<Doctor_Light>: "…Fair point. I'll consider that."

  • Samantha-Raelin gets up. "I'm going to the break room."

<Doctor_Light>: "Thank you for not drugging me and slicing me open, then."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Feel free to join me."
<Doctor_Light>: "I supose I was going there too."
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Light, I'd rather you shoot me."
Doctor_Light nods and starts walking towards the breakroom, then turns and pauses.
<Samantha-Raelin>: "Because I'd never think to harm you."
<Doctor_Light>: "That's a good thing to know." She turns and walks away.

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