Yoric I

*pooryoric walks in, looking morose.

pooryoric> "You rang, Bright? Your Gerald arrived at the breakroom."

Bright> "Alas, Yoric, it is your turn."

pooryoric> "Indeed."

Bright> "Please, sit down."

*pooryoric looks for a chair first, -then- sits down.

pooryoric> "So… ah…?"

*Bright clicks a button, and metal band slip across Yoric’s wrists, ankles and forehead. "No worries, this is just a precautionary matter. There is a lie detector connected to the chair, if you lie, it will shock you, and the voltage will increase with each lie. Now, what is your name?"

*pooryoric> "Oh, shit. Yoric Elroy."


Bright> "Want to try again?"

pooryoric> "Not really, no."

Bright> "What is your name?"

pooryoric> "A name is a conceptual label which defines an object or individual. My person is currently known as agent Yoric Elroy."

Bright> "And the name given you at birth?"

pooryoric> "The name given to me at the birth of my current identity was Yoric Elroy."

Sweat drops down Yoric's forehead.

*Bright gives him another zap. "You're making this harder on yourself Yoric."

pooryoric> "Can I phone a friend?"

pooryoric> "…I suppose not. Bright, are you really going to make me go through with this?"

Bright> "It get easier after this, but I do need the name."

pooryoric> "…"

pooryoric> "Jack Dawkins."

Bright> "Shit, we share a name. Well then Yoric, who sent you to the Foundation?"

pooryoric> "Sent me? I'm just here."

Bright> "And did you have any part in the creation of Lurker?"

pooryoric> "Lurker? Not at all. I'm a con man, bright, not a scientist. Ask Tam about that sort of thing. He and lurker have some sort of connection.”

*pooryoric is smiling now. He -hates- Tam at the moment.

Bright> "Now, if you could fire anyone, who would it be?"

pooryoric> "Huh?"

pooryoric> "Ah… nobody. I like everyone here. That's why I'm still… here."

Bright> "Are you behind the recent breaches?"

pooryoric> "Not yet."

pooryoric> "If you thought I was, I'd be dead, and this conversation wouldn't be happening. What do you need me to do?"

Bright> "If the only way to complete a mission was to wear 963, would you?

pooryoric> "No, but I'd damn well find someone to put it on."

Bright> "Ha!" Bright nods. "Do you have any questions for me?"

pooryoric> "Yeh. Why am I still alive?"

Bright> "You aren't." Bright smiles, and the iron bands withdraw. "Do please send in the next candidate."

pooryoric> "Interesting answer…" Yoric mumbles as he walks out. "But how do they know that?"

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