Name: Yoric Elroy

Position: Field Agent


Yoric's ZOMBIES (3 remaining.)
Yoric's ZOMBIES are weak against airborne enemies. They're not antiaircraft zombies.

speed: 5
intellegnce: 2
strength: 3

speed: 4
intelligence: 1
strength: 5

speed: 5
intelligennce: 3
strength: 2


Lockpicking: 6
Creative Bullshitting: 6
Freaking the Fuck Out: 4
Chute to Skill: 2



  • Baseball bat: — +1 to Bludgeoning
  • Stolen M9: — +2 to Shooting


  • Body armor — +1 to Not Getting Killed
  • Environmental suit — Protects agianst environmental hazards like heat or poison.
  • Parachute pack — +2 Chute to Skill
  • Free surgery coupon — For a free surgery from Dr. Mann


  • Turing Friendly: +1 to interaction with mechanical objects.
  • Yoric Treads Black Water: Once per adventure, Yoric gains a Creative Bullshitting skill check to resist encountering any danger while left alone. The difficulty Yoric has to beat is, of course, left to DM fiat.
  • Rather Shoddy Construction: If Yoric is not part of the team, and shows up mid session, he may join play at any time by falling through the ceiling at the discretion of the GM. How he got up there does not need to be considered.
  • Friendly Rivals: A +2 modifier is added to any roll yoric makes against Agent Strelnikov.
  • Tone of Command: Yoric gets +1 die on any Creative Bullshit roll against a group.
  • Niko Bellic: Due to SCP-028 exposure, Yoric is now aware of how to hot wire any truck made between 1965 and 2002.
  • Good Enough To Fake It: Yoric is at least semi fluent in most major languages. His accent is perfect, but his vocabulary isn't enough to cut it in a serious diplomatic situation.


  • Freak the Fuck Out: when confronted with any Keter-level SCP, Yoric WILL freak the fuck out.
  • Amorous AI: Subject to unwanted attention from sentient machines.
  • Piss poor shot: Yoric will take a -1 penalty on all rolls involving gunplay.
  • Only Good Enough To FAKE It: In any serious diplomatic situation involving a language other than english, Yoric will take -1d6 from any Creative Bullshit roll.


Shit just happens to Yoric. He's used to it.
Yoric was a successful con man who lied his way into site 17 out of curiosity, then bullshitted his way into a job. Those masterfully worded public statements of deniability that let the Foundation get away with things like destroyed Russian satelites? Yoric's work. Too bad he skipped combat training, though…

"No Foundation records exist for a 'Yoric Elroy', but it doesn't stop him from drawing a paycheck. Still, he seems to be a fairly solid agent… Let him be for now, but continue to investigate. He had to get here somehow… It isn't as though he just fell through the ceiling one day." -Dr.[REDACTED]

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