Wilhelm Grungkok

Name: Wilhelm Grungkok

Position: The Janitor (who cleans up after messy SCPs)


Cleaning: 5
Nosing About: 5
I was in the Navy, son: 1
Haunted House Host: 3*





  • Roll up your sleeves and show off that anchor tattoo; some good old fashion hairy knuckled brawling — +1 to I was in the navy, son


  • Soggy Mop — +1 to Cleaning



  • Hooks: Sometimes it seems as if Overwatch doesn't care at all about the base backbone. They certainly aren't going to waste their time trying to restore a maintenance personnel to prime condition, like they would with an agent, and the heath care plan isn't that comprehensive; as long as they are sewn back together and can sweep, management is satisfied-if something happens to Wilhelm, it will carry into next play. And if he's not careful, it will have lasting negative consequences, after all, all the Janitor's friends in his particular circle have nicknames like Grafts and Peggy Sue.
  • I got your back: When the Janitor is officially sent into dangerous situations to clean, he is not allocated a gun. His safety rests completely on the guards outside, watching through the Plexiglas windows.
  • Going Postal: In addition to this, he is not allowed a weapon, and is automatically regarded with suspicion when found to be carrying one. Apparently, some of the maintenance staff found their jobs a little to stressful, and attempted to deal with it in less then productive manners… Every so often, some twitchy janitor will get stopped with a duffel bag filled with rifles. Wilhem carrying a gun automatically seems to imply that either he's going to blow off some coworkers head for subjecting him to horrors every day, or attempt to take out a contained lifeform- because, man, those SCPs that can read your mind really know which buttons to push.
  • Ah, yeah, so, I'm a elite commando…?: When Wilhem feels someone is being "uppity" to him, he will attempt to force respect by bringing up his past in the service and the duty he did his country. Almost 100 percent of the time, this will back fire horribly for the same amount of points in I'm was in the Navy, son, when ironically it turns out the person he's talking to, although a youngster who's rude and unorthodox, is already at a higher rank then he could of ever hoped to achieve even at the end of his career. It is The Foundation after all; half the Agents there, although they might not look it, are already generals or commanders whose meteoritic rise attracted some special attention-basically, not the best place to call people long haired hippies and spineless cowards in comparison to your rather paltry record.
  • Boredom: The Janitor is stuck in the memetic wing of Site ██, and thus has to endure restrictions of television and computers (because of that one SCP that rides information waves) Plus, the staff library for low level employees seems have been refitted for containment of dangerous memetic books without telling anyone or someone is slipping in books that make you speak in tongues and see everything in blue just to be malicious. To remedy this lack of entertainment, every day, or when the chance presents itself, the Janitor will attempt to use his nosiness skill to listen in on conversations on classified subjects, or read sensitive documents while tidying up.
  • Willfully Ignorant: Despite all this, The Janitor appears laughably wrong and off base. It's not because he doesn't have the means to acquire information, it's just that he stubbornly refuses to learn the correct terms and phrases, and is often so stuck in his old thought processes that he will not except new pieces of knowledge, often simplifying or misinterpreting things until they are ridiculous. Because of his unique terminology, he often sounds silly. He refers to all SCPs, regardless if they are objects, humans, or monsters, as Gizmos and always calls 682 a "crocodile" sometimes alternating between that and "sewer gator".
  • Negative Clearance: Like all maintenance personnel, The Janitor isn't allowed to know anything. He might have it worse actually- there are some that say the reason for the keyboard fingerprint scanner update wasn't because of increased general security, but because enough people got feed up with The Janitor rummaging through their files or trying to hack into the mainframe; and then using "Just cleaning the screen, sir" as an excuse.

*(The Janitor's job before entering Foundation employee and the reason for his discovery was a real estate agent of dumpy, rundown mansions no one else would attempt to sell. He viewed these as fixer uppers, and put in tons of hard work repairing the fountains that spewed red "water", nailing down the banging disturbing shutters, and repairing the creeks and groans that where caused by "age." Although during that time period he never quite knew what was going on, he had his suspicions, and always worked as quickly as possible to get rid of the properties, often times giving them an amount of polish that was amazing in the time he had and lying when he couldn't accomplish a miracle (such as saying the previous owner was only eccentric when showing them the room covered in writing that wouldn't scrub away, or leading them past moaning hallways on purpose, or distracting them when they want to go down into the basement, which is incidentally filled with moving skeletons that he just couldn't get rid of} Because of his history, he is skilled at maintenance and carpentry, and at repairing basic generators and electronics, even when assaulted by malicious spirits or his project is covered in ectoplasm. The Foundation took him in and had him stationed at the houses he used to make money off of; a rather jarring step down; in particular he lived for many years at the last house he attempted to make a sale on {which lead to his demise by killing off three costumers in a row, and driving another family insane, bringing him to the attention of the police}. This is when he refined much of his expertise in manual labor and why consequently he became so grumpy {being forced to now live in the houses you once used to pawn out on unsuspecting smucks will do that to you, especially when before you would only enter the home in a bee keeping outfit covered in bug spray because the insects were possessed, mutated, and oozing out of the wood work})

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