Under The Temp Building

<Crit_DM> 3The cave was narrow, and rather long and cramped. The scritching sound was coming from deeper within

  • Lurker moves forward slowly, before pausing suddenly and turning back to Dumount. "So, you're positive?"

<Dumount> "Positive? No, I'm worried this might be quite dangerious…" Dumount says
<Dumount> "But I figure this is the best choice"

  • Lurker blinks. "That's not what I meant… about me…"

<Dumount> "Oh… yes, I'm sure you're female at present. Why?"

  • Lurker blushes a bit, visible in the dark. "Am I cute?"

<Dumount> "I suppose so, yes. Rights is better at understanding what cute is then I am"
<Dumount> "But as far as I am capable of telling yes"

  • Lurker smiles and continues forward, occasionally brushing her tail against Dumount's chest as they crawl through the tunnels.

<Lurker> "We seem to be at a fork, Doctor. Right or Left?"
<Dumount> "Hrm… left" Dumount says, his hands occasionaly accidently brushing the tail "I think the sound's from the left"

  • Lurker nods and follows, humming softly as she crawls through the tunnel.

<Dumount> "You are… humming. With a tritonal voice. Interesting."

  • Lurker smiles back at Dumount. "It's getting louder." She says, looking forward.

<Dumount> "Yes…. But it's not actualy in this cave system…"
<Dumount> "Let's look for a spot where the wall's thin"

  • Lurker starts tapping along the walls. "Do you want to head up ahead?"

<Dumount> Dumount nods, panting slightly "I wanna find a… slightly larger cavern. It's dark in here… and enclosed"

  • Dumount has a flashlight
  • Dumount notes that it doesn't help much
  • Lurker shifts, letting Dumount crawl past, but not without some difficulty.
  • Dumount brushes against lurker an aweful lot as he crawls past
  • Lurker lets her hand "accidentally" brush up against Dumount a few times while he passes.

<Dumount> Dumount blushes slightly, but like the gentleman he is pretends not to notice
<Dumount> Dumount manages to find a larger cave after some following the path, and calls in a loud whisper "Lurker! Found some space"

  • Lurker crawls up, pressing herself against Dumount and peering over his shoulder. "Wow… kinda big."

<Dumount> "Yeah… scratching sound's getting quieter… I wonder if it's dangerious?" Dumount asks, hands gently petting Lurker absently again, a habit he had picked up while female earlier

  • Lurker lets her hands wander as she leans forward. "I'm not sure. Should we find out or… head back?"

<Dumount> "We came down here for a reason yes? I just need a moment to catch my wits… I hate cramped places"

  • Lurker smiles. "Perhaps I could give you a massage?"

<Dumount> "Yes… That might help. Thanks six" Dumount says with a nod "I am cramped"

  • Lurker lets her claws gently rub Dumount's back, trying to find a knot. "Hmm… I don't feel an- oh, right there." She pushes down slightly.

<Dumount> "Ahhh…. oh… you're pretty good… mmm" Dumount says, relaxing into the massage "Should I do you next?"

  • Lurker blushes madly. "I erm… if-if you'd like, although I'm n-not in any pain."

<Dumount> "Doesn't mean you don't have cramps"

  • Lurker blushes a bit. "If you insist~"

<Dumount> Dumount, once Lurker's done, starts giving Lurker a fairly comprehensive massage

  • Lurker closes her eyes, enjoying it, and absently rubbing Dumount's chest with her tail.

<Dumount> "Well, you seem to enjoy this six" Dumount teases
<Lurker> "M-maybe a little bit…"
<Dumount> Dumount snorts, "Nice purr too" he says "Well, you ready to go deeper into the caves and through the wall?""

  • Lurker glances back, her face covered in a blush. "I-isn't that a bit forward, Doctor Dumount?" She coils her tail around his waist. "But if you insist…"

<Dumount> "Forward?" Dumount asks, startled
<Dumount> Looking rather confused

  • Lurker purrs and yanks Dumount closer with her tail.
  • Dumount blinks startled

<Dumount> "Well, for all that you're warm and fuzzy…"

  • Lurker purrs a bit louder. "Mmm… am I now?"

<Dumount> "Um… yes?" Dumount says still confused
<Dumount> "And… comfortable to lay against I suppose…"

  • Lurker runs her tail up and down Dumounts back. "Well, what are you waiting for?"

<Dumount> "What… do you mean?" Dumount asks looking confused

  • Lurker looks back, then blushes and uncoils her tail, turning around. "I… oh heavens… sorry… I thought when you said deeper into the caves…"

<Dumount> "um… huh?" Dumount looks honestly confused, "Oh, there's no need to be embaressed…"

  • Lurker blushes and nods. "W-well… let's keep going then."

<Dumount> "Y…Yes" dumount says, blushing in return
<Dumount> "I think we need to chip through the wall here…"

  • Lurker extends her claws and taps the wall sharply, causing it to crack.

<Crit-DM> On the other side the tunnels were clearly dug through the rock, and they were a touch slimy

  • Dumount sniffs

<Dumount> "562…. there's a colony of 562 here" He says, surprised

  • Lurker peers through the hole. "Oh…"

<Dumount> "Should we go back and tell the others?" Dumount asks

  • Agent_Strelnikov shouts down the cave. "HYEL-LOOOO!"
  • Agent_Strelnikov stumbles around at the mouth. He never was a caver.
  • Lurker jumps and hugs Dumount in shock. "Oh… it's just Dmitri…"

<Dumount> "Yiy! Sounds like Strelnikov wants us"

  • Agent_Strelnikov shouts again. "HYEL-LOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • Dumount strokes Lurker confortingly when huged as if Lurker was Rights

<Dumount> "We're here!"

  • Agent_Strelnikov mutters. "Fucking cave."

<Dumount> "We found something werid!"

  • Lurker purrs softly and huggles tighter into Dumount.
  • Agent_Strelnikov trips down the mouth of the cave.

<Dumount> Dumount responds, slowly heading toards the mouth with Lurker

  • Agent_Strelnikov makes a lot of noise and sends small rocks flying.

<Dumount> "Strelnikov be careful!" Dumount says, emerging with a Lurker clingling tightly to him

  • Agent_Strelnikov gets up and dusts himself off. He hates caves.

<Dumount> "You're scaring lurker and you might colapse the caves" Dumount says as he crawls out of the narrow cave
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Where are you is be at?"
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo."
* Lurker slowly lets go of Dumount and waves to Strelnikov. "Hello Dmitri."
* Agent_Strelnikov waves for them to come out. He has no intention of going down there.
<Agent_Strelnikov> "They tell me for come check on you, so I have done this."
<Agent_Strelnikov> "Come back to inside."
<Dumount> "Alright" dumount says, still petting Lurker

  • Agent_Strelnikov ushers them along to the door, just as he did for Rights.
  • Lurker purrs softly and nuzzles the hand. "Alright, I suppose."
  • Lurker crawls out quickly.
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