The Death Of Dr Magnus
  • Dr_Magnus walks into the breakroom, even though he was there just a few moments ago. He gets himself a cup of coffee, and sits down.

03[22:10] * Agent-Steins is now known as Samantha-Raelin
06[22:10] * Iceberg walks out of medical.
06[22:10] * Cates Hobbles into the breakroom mumbling about bad one liner jokes and collapses into the couch.
06[22:10] * ~Samantha-Raelin is busy with her new job, her new office. Things are actually going rather well. "Gerald, can you get me the files on the Russia report?"
[22:10] <Iceberg> "Don't need know bloody medical attention those punks….."
06[22:11] * @Agent_Strelnikov slumps against the wall outside of Hunter's quarantine.
[22:11] <+Gerald> "Er, sure." He walks over to a filing cabinet, grabs the files, and hands them to her.
06[22:11] * Dr_Magnus has his eyes closed, and just the barest whisp of a smile on his face.
06[22:11] * Iceberg walks by the quarantine. "Can I go in yet?"
06[22:11] * ~Samantha-Raelin sits at her monolithic supercomputer, the multiple screens lit up with various schematics and maps.
06[22:11] * @Agent_Strelnikov says nothing. One of the men answers him. "No."
06[22:11] * ~Samantha-Raelin takes the files, smiling. "Should be done, soon. Just concluding the case."
06[22:12] * Iceberg looks like he was beat up. Because he was. Damn that Gerald.
[22:12] <Iceberg> "Damn. Eh, maybe next time."
[22:12] <@Agent_Strelnikov> <"Never, sir.">
06[22:12] * Iceberg walks off to the breakroom.
06[22:12] * +Gerald is scurrying around the office doing various tasks. Actually a lot like being a regular assistant, only there's no SCP and he's not on fire.
[22:12] <+Gerald> [You should've seen it.]
[22:12] <~Samantha-Raelin> "They wanted me to check up on the possibilities of toxicity in those mints, after what happened to Hunter."
06[22:13] * Dr_Magnus pulls out a pad of paper, and a pen, and starts to write on it quickly.
06[22:13] * Iceberg walks into the breakroom.
[22:13] <+Gerald> "Hm. They weren't designed for people her sized, so they could have some negative affect. I doubt they actually put a poison in them, considering what they were for."
[22:13] <+Lurker> <Evelyn sits in her cell, throwing a tennis ball on the floor, bouncing it off the wall, and catching it. Over and over.>
[22:13] <Iceberg> "Weren't you leaving or something Magnus?"
[22:13] <+pooryoric> [what did gerald do?]
01[22:14] <Dr_Magnus> "Soon Ice."
06[22:14] * @Agent_Strelnikov sits there with his thousand yard stare. Yet another night with no sleep.
06[22:14] * ~Samantha-Raelin looks back to her screens, and even in the light of the screens you could see her slowly going pale. "…oh…shit."
[22:14] <+Lurker> <"C-C-Captain?">
06[22:14] * +Gerald looks up. "Hm?"
06[22:14] * Dr_Magnus continues writing.
06[22:14] * @Agent_Strelnikov doesn't hear her this time.
06[22:14] * ~Samantha-Raelin jumps out of her seat, grabbing her sat phone. "We have a red alert situation, effective immediately!"
[22:14] <Iceberg> "Ok."
[22:14] <Iceberg> "Hey, you have a will?"
03[22:14] * pooryoric is now known as pooryorex
[22:14] <+Gerald> "Oh, hell."
[22:14] <+Lurker> <She stops throwing the ball. "Captain S-S-Streln-nikov?">
[22:15] <~Samantha-Raelin> "Check the northwest scanners, now. See them?"
06[22:15] * Dr_Magnus looks up slightly.
06[22:15] * @Agent_Strelnikov looks up
[22:15] <+Gerald> "Uh, yeah. What am I looking at?"
06[22:15] * @Agent_Strelnikov sighs and gets up, peering in her window.
[22:15] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "…Yes."
06[22:15] * +pooryorex walks into the breakroom, hmming softly to himself.
06[22:15] * Dr_Magnus finishes writing, and passes it to Iceberg. "I need a witness to Sign this."
[22:15] <+Lurker> <"… C-C-Can y-you c-call M-Michael in for a m-moment? I j-just n-need to t-tell him o-one thing.">
06[22:15] * ~Samantha-Raelin doesn't appear to be talking to Gerald.
[22:15] <Iceberg> "I mean, it'd be a pain if you didn't. No one would know who to give your stuff to."
[22:15] <Iceberg> "Sign what? That is then?"
[22:15] <+Gerald> "Er, oops."
01[22:15] <Dr_Magnus> "Just sign it."
06[22:15] * ~Samantha-Raelin sets down her phone. "Grab a gun, Rodney."
06[22:16] * Iceberg reads the page.
06[22:16] * ~Samantha-Raelin rushes out of her office, running to Medical.
06[22:16] * @Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sends one of his men as a runner. "Go to the break room, see if you can find Magnus."
[22:16] <+pooryorex> "good evening, everyone." rex says pleasantly, making himself a cup of tea.
[22:16] <+Gerald> "Okay…." He makes sure the Fistgun is still in his pocket, then follows.
[22:16] <@Agent_Strelnikov> <The man runs off to find Magnus.>
[22:16] <+Lurker> <"Th-th-thank you C-Captain…">
[22:16] <~Samantha-Raelin> <An Announcement comes on over the PA>
06[22:16] * Dr_Magnus stands up.
01[22:16] <Dr_Magnus> "Ice, give that to the appropriate people."
[22:16] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"Red alert for all standing personnel!"
06[22:16] * +pooryorex looks up. "mm?"
[22:17] <Cates> "Howdy Rex, you ever find the guy you were looking for?"
[22:17] <Iceberg> "Will do. …"
06[22:17] * Dr_Magnus cracks his neck side to side. "Be carefull Ice."
[22:17] <Iceberg> "Wait, why does he get that?!"
[22:17] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"Chaos Insurgency forces have been spotted on a Northwest approach to Site 17">
[22:17] <+Lurker> <Eve looks around her cell. "C-Capt-tain… wh-what's going o-on?">
01[22:17] <Dr_Magnus> "Shut up, Ice."
[22:17] <Iceberg> "Do you even know this guy? Oh, fine."
[22:17] <+pooryorex> "in… a manner of sspeaking. let yoric know that I'm here, would you?"
[22:17] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"A major force, at least one hundred in count.">
06[22:17] * @Agent_Strelnikov leans his forehead against the window tiredly. "…Nothing will hurt you here. Don't worry."
06[22:17] * Dr_Magnus intercepts the runner Strelnikov sent, and nods. He runs off to Evelyn's cell.
06[22:17] * ~Samantha-Raelin arrives at Medical. "Dmitri!"
[22:17] <Iceberg> "A hundred……. wow."
[22:18] <Cates> "If I see him I will….it seems we have a problem." He looks disturbed at the PA message.
06[22:18] * @Agent_Strelnikov looks at Sam.
06[22:18] * +pooryorex stands. "chaos insurgency?"
06[22:18] * +Gerald is trailing behind Sam.
06[22:18] * Dr_Magnus arrives at the Cell. "You sent for me, strelnikov?" The generators buzz to life all over his body.
[22:18] <+pooryorex> "what on -earth- is that?"
[22:18] <+Lurker> <Eve looks up and presses her hands against the window. "M-Michael!">
[22:18] <~Samantha-Raelin> "We have trouble, serious trouble. Get your men together immediately."
06[22:18] * @Agent_Strelnikov allows Magnus and only Magnus past the cordon, into the cell.
06[22:18] * ~Samantha-Raelin rushes off, now, to the break room.
[22:18] <Cates> "To be quite honest….I am not sure."
06[22:18] * Dr_Magnus turns quickly, and does the same, the generators power down. "Evelyn…" He smiles wide.
06[22:18] * @Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[22:18] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald."
[22:18] <+Lurker> <She runs forward and throws her arms around his neck tightly. "M-M-Michael… I n-n-needed to s-say…">
[22:18] <+Gerald> "Hm?"
06[22:18] * +Gerald pauses.
06[22:19] * Dr_Magnus hugs her tightly, closing his eyes.
06[22:19] * @Agent_Strelnikov waves a hand at his team. "Take them."
[22:19] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "I stay here."
[22:19] <Cates> "It does not sound desireable though."
[22:19] <+Lurker> <"I… b-b-before th-they s-s-start the… f-fixing…">
06[22:19] * ~Samantha-Raelin arrives at the break room. "Everyone!"
[22:19] <+Gerald> "Er, okay." He motions to the team to follow him, then heads with Sam to the break room.
[22:19] <+pooryorex> "yes, miss…?"
[22:19] <~Samantha-Raelin> "Everyone, get your guns."
[22:19] <@Agent_Strelnikov> Gerald acquires TEMPORARY COMMAND OF MTF E-5
[22:19] <+Lurker> <"… I l-l-l-love you t-t-too M-Michael…" She whispers, nuzzling into his neck.>
06[22:19] * +pooryorex looks at samantha in some connfusion.
06[22:19] * ClockworkMage is in the breakroom by now, armed for once. "Fuck yes, Ma'am."
[22:19] <~Samantha-Raelin> "We're under attack, effective immediately."
06[22:20] * Dr_Magnus smiles wide, and does the same, hugging her tightly. "I love you Evelyn…so very much. I have to go now…"
[22:20] <+Gerald> [Woo!]
[22:20] <Iceberg> "Yes Sam?"
[22:20] <+Lurker> <She looks sad. "D-D-Don't g-g-get hurt…">
[22:20] <Iceberg> "….. Wow."
06[22:20] * Dr_Magnus grimaces slightly. "I'll do everything I can to come back to you."
[22:20] <+Lurker> <She pauses, then looks to Dmitri and looks dead serious. "C-C-Captain!">
[22:20] <+Lurker> <"I w-want to help!">
[22:21] <Cates> "Well I'll be, I get to do some damage!" Cates stand up and twists his cane, a small click being heard inside of it.
06[22:21] * ~Samantha-Raelin goes to her room now, to grab her own weaponry. Oh, how she'd missed you, blessed MP5.
06[22:21] * Dr_Magnus says very quietly. "Goodbye Evelyn…stay safe."
06[22:21] * @Agent_Strelnikov sighs and steps into Hunter's cell, waiting for Magnus.
[22:21] <+Lurker> <"B-Bye M-Michael… c-c-come back s-soon…">
[22:21] <+Lurker> <She looks up to Dmitri. "I w-w-want to h-help. I c-c-can f-fight with y-you.">
06[22:21] * Dr_Magnus nods very slightly, and runs out of the cell, down towards the main gates.
06[22:22] * @Agent_Strelnikov pulls the cell door and locks it, then falls on the bed.
[22:22] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "…No child."
06[22:22] * Iceberg looks through his weapon collection.
06[22:22] * +pooryorex stands.
[22:22] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"CI Forces are approximately half a kilometer from the site itself.">
[22:22] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "You, like me, are not well enough."
[22:22] <Iceberg> "Hm. What to use, what to use."
06[22:22] * Dr_Magnus decides to walk back to the breakroom first, to warn everyone.
[22:22] <ClockworkMage> "Do we have artillery? Air support?"
[22:22] <+Lurker> <"… B-But I c-c-can f-fight!" She says, eagerly. "I-I-I c-can h-help s-surprise th-them!"?
06[22:23] * +pooryorex opens the leather case he was carrying, and begins assembling a rather large silenced pistol.
[22:23] <+Lurker> <"P-Please C-Captain… y-y-you h-heard what h-happened…">
06[22:23] * @Agent_Strelnikov shakes his head. "No."
[22:23] <+Lurker> <"I c-c-can f-fight…">
[22:23] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"Scans show use of demolition charges, our intelligence has determined they'll attempt an attack on the northern edge of the compound, using explosives to breach underground.">
[22:23] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "Play with your things."
[22:23] <+pooryorex> [rex is in the breakroom. clocks, too, i think.]
[22:23] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "Let the others handle it."
06[22:23] * Cates walks out the door to the room and heads tword the front of the complex.
[22:23] <+Lurker> <"… if they b-break in… y-you h-have to l-let me." She says, quietly. "I w-w-won't l-let them h-hurt my friends.">
06[22:23] * +pooryorex heads for the northern edge of the compuond.
06[22:23] * Dr_Magnus walks up to clocks, and holds his hand out.
06[22:24] * +Gerald heads towards the edge of the compound, but making sure they're out of range of the explosives. He's a bit nervous, leading Red Dawn.
[22:24] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "They won't."
06[22:24] * ClockworkMage shakes Magnus' hand.
06[22:24] * @Agent_Strelnikov tries to smile at her, but can't.
01[22:24] <Dr_Magnus> "Clocks. You're a good man. I'm glad I knew you."
06[22:25] * +pooryorex catches up with gerald. "mister… gerald, was it? allow me to offer you my assistance.
[22:25] <+pooryorex> "
[22:25] <+Lurker> <"I-If th-th-they d-do." She says, and moves closer, sitting down on the bed and sighing. "… I'm s-s-scared C-Captain…">
[22:25] <ClockworkMage> "Why the tense error? You're too old to just make a grammar mistake in conversation."
[22:25] <+Gerald> "Hm? You look like a professor, how could you help?"
06[22:25] * @Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[22:25] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "You are too young to be here."
06[22:25] * Dr_Magnus looks him in the eyes. "Come on, you think that the CI are here on a whim?"
[22:25] <+Lurker> <"H-H-He's h-here… h-h-he should b-be p-protecting us l-like a-all of his ch-children…" She says, then looks up.>
[22:26] <~Samantha-Raelin> <"Activation of detonators detected!">
[22:26] <+pooryorex> "i'm… rather more than I appear, mister gerald."
[22:26] <Iceberg> "……… Well…… I don't know…… I could use the…. nah. I mean, my…… gah, too good for them." He's still at his weapon rack.
06[22:26] * +pooryorex cocks his pistol and smiles.
06[22:26] * Dr_Magnus lets go of Clocks' hand quickly. "I'm sorry clocks. I have to go."
06[22:26] * @Agent_Strelnikov looks down at Hunter.
[22:26] <ClockworkMage> "Uh, sure. Hey, get back to me, we still have that project to outline."
[22:26] <~Samantha-Raelin> <The site is suddenly rocked with explosions, as CI forces blow holes into the edges of the underground compound, and begin pouring in.>
[22:26] <+Lurker> [[ … Adrian needs a fucking chaingun or something. ]]
06[22:26] * Dr_Magnus walks towards the northeast end of the site.
[22:27] <~Samantha-Raelin> "Fire!"
[22:27] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "….You will be fine, child."
[22:27] <+Gerald> "Attack!"
06[22:27] * ClockworkMage braces himself on a table. "Oh, shit…"
06[22:27] * ~Samantha-Raelin opens fire on the CI men, along with security forces she'd amassed.
[22:27] <@Agent_Strelnikov> <Red Dawn's base of fire opens up with the light machine guns, throwing out suppressing fire.>
[22:27] <+Lurker> <"…" She leans over and lightly hugs Dmitri, then looks to her backpack. "Y-Y-You t-took m-my gun too, d-didn't you?">
06[22:27] * +Gerald tells Red Dawn to attack, obviously.
[22:27] <@Agent_Strelnikov> <The riflemen hold their fire, and wait.>
06[22:27] * Dr_Magnus arrives along side Sam, and throws his labcoat away. "Evening Sam."
[22:28] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "You don't need one." He sighs again and puts his arm around her.
06[22:28] * ~Samantha-Raelin grins. "Glad to have you by my side, Michael."
06[22:28] * ClockworkMage heads out of the site on foot and keeps low, aiming to flank the main forces a bit.
[22:28] <+Gerald> "Er, huh?" He looks at Red Dawn.
06[22:28] * +pooryorex begins expertly picking off CI men, a single shot to the skull of each. whatever this man is, he's -not- a professor.
06[22:28] * Dr_Magnus grins, and jumps foward, snapkicking a CI soldier in the neck, his neck snapping with a sickening crunch.
06[22:28] * +Lurker shows up a few moments later, in his /angry/ state. "What scum are we killing today, friends?" He asks in a low growl of a voice. His jaw splits open.
06[22:29] * ~Samantha-Raelin is making short work of the CI forces, taking cover after a barrage of bullets turn the space she occupied into swiss cheese.
06[22:29] * +pooryorex raises an eyebrow at lurker. "i assume you're the cavalry?"
06[22:29] * Dr_Magnus flips out the paladium knife, and quickly slices up three more, jumping from person to person, the generators on his body absorbing any bullets shot in his direction.
06[22:29] * Cates pulls a catch on his cane, firing a bullet from the end of it hitting one of the intruders in the chest. "One down."
06[22:29] * +Gerald sighs, and fires, taking aim and pulling of shots with the Fistgun.
06[22:30] * ~Samantha-Raelin is actually pretty impressed, with Magnus. With that, she throws down her MP5, and pulls out a rather large hunting knife.
[22:30] <+Lurker> "Indeed." He says, rushing forward and charges into the nearest crowd of soldiers, claws outstretched as he rips into them, showing no mercy.
[22:30] <~Samantha-Raelin> "Hold on old man, you're not gonna have all the fun!"
06[22:30] * +pooryorex stands completely without cover, waiting and killing enemy soldiers as they target him. none even have time to get a shot off.
06[22:30] * +Gerald glances at Red Dawn every so often, looking at them nervously.
06[22:30] * Dr_Magnus yells loudly. "COME ON!" He activates the generator on his palm, wrapping a field around his fist, and punches through another man's stomach. A fine red mist appears where the atoms of his stomach used to be.
06[22:31] * +Lurker howls out and bites a man in half. "Bloodlust! You come back once again!"
[22:31] <+pooryorex> "oh, MY. and -this- is what young jack has been up to?"
06[22:31] * ClockworkMage plays havoc with some of their armored units, causing what damage he can to their computer systems. He fails to disable any, but not many automated functions are left intact on any he's gotten to, leaving them much less effective.
06[22:31] * Dr_Magnus grabs Helen out of his palm, and fires off shot after shot, never seeming to run out of ammunition. "Come on! Where are you?!"
06[22:31] * ~Samantha-Raelin dances about through the ranks of the CI, cutting throats and slicing open guts of the unfortunate. A bullet grazes her leg, but she laughs it off.
06[22:31] * +Gerald shoots.
06[22:31] * +Lurker deeks around behind Sam and pounces on a soldier that was charging her. "Got one."
06[22:32] * Cates whips his cane around and smashes the head of one soldier before bringing it back to kneecap one and fires another round from the end into one coming at him
06[22:32] * +Lurker proceeds to rip the man's spine out… with his mouth… from the front of his neck.
06[22:32] * Dr_Magnus backs up to the battle line, his hands covered in blood. He stands next to sam, knife in one hand, Helen in the other. "Sam…"
06[22:32] * Iceberg walks towards the battle. "Now, where did everyone go….."
06[22:32] * ~Samantha-Raelin laughs, ripping through the back of a man's neck. "Yeah, MIchael?"
06[22:32] * +pooryorex backpedals as the onslaught reaches him, kicking the lead soldier in the stomach before shooting out both his kneecaps.
06[22:32] * +Gerald is hanging back a bit, shooting with the Fistgun.
06[22:33] * Dr_Magnus flips Helen around, and hands it to her. "Take care of the old girl."
06[22:33] * ~Samantha-Raelin takes it. "Michael, what do you mean?"
[22:33] <+Lurker> "DOCTOR ICEBERG." Booms over the gunfire. "COME! Let us slaughter them like sheep!"
[22:33] <Iceberg> "Fine, fine."
[01[22:33] <Dr_Magnus> "Just take it Raelin. I don't need it for this fight."
[22:33] <Iceberg> "Just duck if you're in my way."
06[22:33] * ClockworkMage finds himself spotted by one of the Insurgency troops. He manages to take advantage of Rights'… gift she lent him in order to stun the soldier long enough to finish him off with a shot from his Luger.
06[22:33] * +pooryorex takes cover, seeking a place to reload.
06[22:33] * +Lurker turns and wraps a man's head in his tail, crushing it.
06[22:33] * ~Samantha-Raelin wonders what he means. But puts it away for the moment.
06[22:33] * Iceberg fires his grenade launcher into a gathering away from notable allies.
[22:34] <+pooryorex> <Yoric runs into the battleground, looking confused. "what the fuck is going on?">
06[22:34] * Dr_Magnus nods, and jumps out into the crowd, landing on one soldier with a sickening crunch, sliding along his body, before kicking it into another soldier.
03[22:34] * pooryorex is now known as pooryoric
06[22:34] * ~Samantha-Raelin tears off a bit of her dress, wrapping it around her bleeding leg before jumping forward, sinking her knife into a man's skull.
06[22:34] * Iceberg watches as his weapon turns them into bloody pieces.
06[22:34] * +pooryoric runs up to gerald. "gerald, what's happening?"
06[22:34] * +Lurker grabs a piece of debris from the wall, lifts it above his head, and whips it at the hordes of CI agents.
[22:34] <+Gerald> "Yoric! Chaos Insurgency! Start shooting, or something!" He pulls off more shots, firing madly.
06[22:35] * Dr_Magnus sprints over to Yoric, slaming a soldier into the wall that was about to shoot him. "Yoric, fight damnit!"
[22:35] <+Gerald> "You're brother's here, in case you were wondering!"
06[22:35] * +pooryoric pulls out his gun and fires wildly into the melee. some of his shots actually find their targets.
[22:35] <~Samantha-Raelin> <As if on cue, a god damn TANK pushes through the rubble!>
[22:35] <Iceberg> "…."
06[22:35] * +Lurker chuckles. "Allow me."
[22:35] <+pooryoric> "i know. kill him for me if you can!"
[22:35] <+Gerald> "Fuck!"
06[22:35] * Iceberg fires explosives at it.
06[22:35] * +Lurker charges forward at the Tank.
[22:36] <~Samantha-Raelin> <The tank's machine gun cuts through the security forces.>
06[22:36] * ClockworkMage has the absolutely terrible idea of reaching into the tank and punching the automated targeting systems, forcing them to go manually.
06[22:36] * +Gerald does not attack said tank. Tank -> Pistol, so…..
06[22:36] * Cates falls prone and fires into the legs of any soldiers he sees, sending them sprawling to the ground. He then calmly moves to them an pounds his cane against their skulls to finish the job. Looking up and seeing the tank he falls back behind a wall.
[22:36] <~Samantha-Raelin> <One of the explosives takes out the gunner>
[22:36] <Iceberg> "Gah, only issue is loading this…." He takes cover, slipping in some more explosives.
06[22:36] * Dr_Magnus nods, and pushes forward through the crowd, absorbing weapons left and right. He snap kicks another soldier in the spine, punching another in the face, and generally cuases a bloody fucking mess in the middle of them.
06[22:36] * +Lurker grabs the front of the tank and grins. "Miss Raelin?"
[22:36] <+Lurker> "May I?"
[22:36] <~Samantha-Raelin> <The tank's cannon swivels towards Magnus and Sam.>
06[22:36] * +pooryoric turns to gerald, still firing blindly into the battlefield with one hand. "did you see where rex went?"
[22:37] <+Gerald> "Crap! Someone get more heavy weaponry out!" He screams at Red Dawn.
06[22:37] * ~Samantha-Raelin grins. "Absolutely."
06[22:37] * Dr_Magnus jumps back in front of Sam. "Sam, DOWN!"
06[22:37] * +Lurker pauses and grabs the barrel, twisting it up before LIFTING THE TANK.
[22:37] <Iceberg> "….."
06[22:37] * +Lurker throws it into a nearby group of CI agents, roaring in fury. "YOU WILL NOT HURT THEM."
06[22:37] * ~Samantha-Raelin gets down, watching Lurker pull off some CRAZY SHIT.
[22:37] <Iceberg> "Lurker!"
[22:37] <Iceberg> "It still only counts as one!"
[22:37] <~Samantha-Raelin> "Whoa…"
[22:37] <+pooryoric> <rex fires a few rounds straight down the barrel of the tank, hoping to explode the ammunition.
[22:37] <+pooryoric> >
06[22:37] * +Lurker hisses and turns to intimidate some CI agents with his fucking crazy ass anger issues.
[22:37] <~Samantha-Raelin> <It doesn't happen, as it doesn't work like that.>
06[22:38] * Harley_Glasgow runs up to Gerald.
06[22:38] * Dr_Magnus grunts, the generators in his palms flashing brightly, and six soldiers in a line fall, clutching thier stomachs. Their midsections are missing.
[22:38] <Iceberg> /me begins firing off explosives again.
06[22:38] * +Lurker uses SPLITJAW and ROAR to intimidate.
06[22:38] * Iceberg begins firing off explosives again.
06[22:38] * Iceberg loves explosions.
[22:38] <+Gerald> "Harley! Slice up some damn insurgents!"
[22:38] <Harley_Glasgow> "Roger!"
06[22:38] * Harley_Glasgow unfolds his arm.
06[22:39] * ClockworkMage pulls pins off a few grenades in the CI ranks. A smattering of explosions pop up quite suddenly, one by one."
06[22:39] * Dr_Magnus' skin tingles. Something isn't right.
06[22:39] * Cates calmly says "Fuck this thing." Dropping his cane he picks up the guns off scattered bodies and begins to fire full auto into the enemy. "Now THIS is fun!."
06[22:39] * +Lurker grabs another piece of debris and whips it through the crowd, clearing a path because… well he just whipped concrete through them.
06[22:39] * +pooryoric runs around behind the enemies, and in a loud voice commands a few of them to drop their weapons. then bludgeons them unconscious and drags them aside for questioning later.
06[22:39] * Harley_Glasgow races forwards, impaling a CI and firing his m-79 directly into a cluster of them.
[22:39] <Iceberg> "Gah……. so many of them……"
06[22:39] * +Gerald runs at some Insurgents. He twirls the Fistgun in his hand, and dances around, cracking it's Fist shaped handle into them, breaking skulls.
06[22:39] * Dr_Magnus stands up, scanning the crowd. "Something's wrong…."
[22:39] <+Lurker> "Keep fighting, Ice."
06[22:39] * ~Tobias-Deter has used the confusion well. He'd made his way through the back, as the frontal attack kept them occupied. Sam cries out, but it's too late, he's got a rather strange knife at her throat. "Hello, Michael."
06[22:39] * Iceberg continues to fire. Hey, lots of people in small areas. And explosives. Fun.
06[22:40] * DrAuteu is standing in the corner previously unnoticed
06[22:40] * +Lurker turns around and glares at Deter.
06[22:40] * Dr_Magnus whips around to face Deter. "Tobias…let the girl go. She's not a part of this."
[22:40] <~Tobias-Deter> "Oh, is she the one?"
[22:40] <Cates> "How many of these bastards are there?" He shouts to no one in particular falling behind a corner to swap in fresh magazines
06[22:40] * ClockworkMage is in a ditch off to the side somewhere, watching.
01[22:40] <Dr_Magnus> "…No."
[22:40] <+Lurker> "Leave Miss Raelin alone, scum."
06[22:40] * +pooryoric sees deter, recognising him immediately from the picture magnus showed him. "oh, god. micheal…"
06[22:40] * ~Tobias-Deter grins. "Doesn't matter, you're not going to let me kill her."
06[22:40] * Dr_Magnus 's jaw clenches. The knife slips into his hand.
[22:40] <+Gerald> "Sam!"
01[22:41] <Dr_Magnus> "EVERYONE, STAY BACK. He's not something you can deal with."
06[22:41] * ~Tobias-Deter runs a finger along Sam's cheek. "Imagine how easily I could do it."
06[22:41] * Dr_Magnus grunts, the generators on his body glowing a soft blue, and the air shimmering around him.
06[22:41] * +Lurker chuckles. "I beg to differ, Doctor Magnus. I have fought Hammerphages."
[22:41] <+Gerald> "……"
06[22:41] * Harley_Glasgow cocks open his M-79 and removes the spent shell, popping another one in. It's got WP written on the side.
06[22:41] * +Gerald freezes, staring at Deter. "You /bastard/!"
06[22:41] * +pooryoric runs up and grabs lurker by the spines. "no, he's right. i know who this is, and we can't stop him."
06[22:42] * +Lurker turns and glances at some CI agents sneaking up on him. He crushes them with his tail.
06[22:42] * Dr_Magnus jumps up into the air about fifteen feet, and aims a flying kick towards Tobias. "TOBIAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!"
06[22:42] * Cates points his guns in the general direction of the hostage situation but stays silent and watches.
06[22:42] * DrAuteu is confus
06[22:42] * +Lurker blinks and looks at Yoric. His spines turn sharp. "You have no right to be touching me."
06[22:42] * DrAuteu casually walks through the battlezone
06[22:42] * ~Tobias-Deter starts to back up, and as he kicks forwards the space warps around him. He's already around Magnus before he can react.
[22:42] <+pooryoric> "lurker. this is magnus fight."
06[22:42] * Iceberg fires off a grenade at Deter. Ice is a curious fellow.
06[22:42] * DrAuteu tazes a CI agent in the face
[22:42] <+Lurker> "I will watch."
06[22:43] * Dr_Magnus bounces off the distorted space. The lines of paladium in his clothes shine. He grins. "Oh no, not this time, Tobias."
[22:43] <+Gerald> "Dammit Ice, he's using Sam as a hostage!"
06[22:43] * ~Tobias-Deter grins. "Let's take this somewhere a little more personal, then!"
06[22:43] * +pooryoric nods. "if he falls, we charge. but magnus will not fall."
06[22:43] * +Lurker stands up, wagging his tail slightly as he watches Magnus and Deter fight.
06[22:43] * Dr_Magnus grits his teeth. "Lets go, they have nothing to do with this."
06[22:43] * +pooryoric looks as though he desperately hopes he's not wrong.
06[22:43] * ~Tobias-Deter crouches, and bursts upwards, the ceilings above destroyed as the constituent particles are torn apart in every direction.
06[22:43] * Harley_Glasgow points his grenade launcher at a group of CIs. The round bursts into a cloud of white, and screams can be heard.
06[22:44] * DrAuteu grabs a CI radio
06[22:44] * Dr_Magnus takes a deep breath, and does so in a similar fashion, holding his arms over his head. He's on the roof.
06[22:44] * DrAuteu starts barking orders into it
[22:44] <+pooryoric> <rex salutes harley with his free hand. "excellent shot, agent!">
06[22:44] * +Gerald continues firing and cracking skulls.
06[22:44] * Harley_Glasgow shrugs, reloading his grenade launcher.
06[22:44] * +Lurker turns and climbs up the wide of the Site's wall, perching on the ledge. Goddamn he's weird.
06[22:44] * +pooryoric runs for the staircase to the roof, leaving the CI men to their fates.
[22:45] <+Lurker> <Evelyn shivers at all the noise. "C-C-Captain… a-are we w-w-w-winning?"
06[22:45] * Iceberg fires some more. Cleanup duty.
[22:45] <~Tobias-Deter> <A raging thunderstorm passes over head, rain pouring down, the staccato of the drops accented by the power of the thunder and lightening. >
[22:45] <+pooryoric> <rex continues dealing with the CI insurrection.>
06[22:45] * Cates grabs his cane from the ground and heads to the nearest stairwell, putting bullets in the head of any wounded CI on the way.
[22:45] <Iceberg> "Gah, come on you CI thugs…."
01[22:45] <Dr_Magnus> <The rain is absorbed into Magnus' H-space as it approaches him. He holds the knife out, and his eyes are steely.>
06[22:45] * +Gerald is also yelling orders to Red Dawn.
06[22:45] * ~Tobias-Deter stands on the opposite end of the roof, still holding Samantha with the knife to her throat. "This is the end, Michael."
[22:46] <+Gerald> "Dammit, SAM!"
01[22:46] <Dr_Magnus> "Let. Her. Go. This is no one's end but yours, you backstabbing freak of a man!"
06[22:46] * ~Tobias-Deter throws her nearly off the building, Sam barely managing to catch a hold of the edge of the roof. "You said it, not me."
06[22:46] * +Lurker crawls along the side of the building and grabs Sam with his tail.
[22:46] <+Gerald> "….."
[22:47] <+Lurker> "Are you alright, Miss Raelin?"
06[22:47] * Dr_Magnus 's eyes go wide. He can't see lurker.
[22:47] <~Tobias-Deter> <Samantha nods. "F-fine.">
06[22:47] * +Gerald runs up by the roof, looking up.
01[22:47] <Dr_Magnus> "You….son….OF A POXY WHORE! that was my FRIEND!"
06[22:47] * DrAuteu yells for the CI agents to pull out
06[22:47] * Harley_Glasgow runs towards the roof. The captain and acting captain would be disappointed if he didn't do something.
06[22:47] * +pooryoric bursts onto the roof, training his gun on deter. if he needs to fire, he won't miss this time.
06[22:47] * +Lurker crawls down and sets Sam down next to Gerald gently. "Fight the good fight, Miss Raelin."
06[22:47] * +Lurker turns and crawls back up to watch.
06[22:47] * Dr_Magnus charges the paladium knife, and bares his teeth, anger coursing through his blood.
[22:47] <~Tobias-Deter> "You and your friends, Michael. I'm surprised you didn't drive them all away, like last time."
[22:48] <~Tobias-Deter> "Or have you? Is that why you called, so I could perform the mercy killing?"
06[22:48] * Dr_Magnus grimmaces. "I'm here to stop you, so you can't hurt anyone EVER AGAIN!"
06[22:48] * DrAuteu seems to be quoting some Protocols and codes to get the CI agents to Leave
06[22:48] * +pooryoric gasps. "he… was that who he was calling?"
[22:48] <+Lurker> "Yoric."
06[22:49] * ~Tobias-Deter grins, knife in his hand, the entropic energy sparking against the rain. "Oh, rest assured, once I take care of you I'm going to kill every last one of them."
[22:49] <+Lurker> "If this goes bad, we attack him at the same time."
06[22:49] * +pooryoric does not take his eyes off the battle. "lurker."
06[22:49] * Cates loads another round into his cane and stands far back in the doorway watching the rooftop confrontation.
[22:49] <Iceberg> "Pfft. Kill us her says."
06[22:49] * Dr_Magnus crouches closer to the ground. "I will never let you hurt Evelyn. Never!"
[22:49] <+Lurker> "Disable him, I will tear him apart." He says quietly.
[22:49] <+pooryoric> "done. but it won't go bad. magnus can't fail."
06[22:49] * Iceberg cleans up the last CI agents in a gorey mess.
06[22:49] * Harley_Glasgow pauses and cracks off another round at some CIs. The grenade sends them flying. Harley reloads.
06[22:49] * +Gerald watches the battle, still calling down orders to Red Dawn to finish up the Insurgents.
[22:49] <~Tobias-Deter> <The CI agents, at least half of the survivors, begin to retreat>
[22:50] <Iceberg> "Runs ya cowards."
06[22:50] * ~Tobias-Deter crouches down as well. "Evelyn then. I'll make sure to enjoy her screams!"
06[22:50] * +Lurker cranes his neck to Ice.
06[22:50] * ~Tobias-Deter lunges forward in an attack, his knife pulled up.
06[22:50] * Harley_Glasgow shakes his mechanical arm. Blood sprays across the ground.
[22:50] <Iceberg> "You're barely worth the ammo. But it's fun anyways." He keeps firing.
06[22:50] * +Gerald has Red Dawn to continue making sure the Insurgents have a reason to run.
[22:51] <+pooryoric> <rex takes out a few retreating CIs, then lowers his gun. "mister iceberg. I believe yoric secured a few captives."
[22:51] <+pooryoric> >
06[22:51] * Harley_Glasgow walks up to the Acting-Captain.
06[22:51] * Dr_Magnus 's eyes twitch. He doesn't realise what he's said. Magnus rushes forward, parrying the blow, and spinning to the side.
01[22:51] <Dr_Magnus> "Come on you son of a bitch, COME ON!"
06[22:51] * +Lurker blinks a few times, then hops off the roof and lands next to Ice.
[22:51] <Harley_Glasgow> "Shall I keep harassing them, sir? Or should I assist Doctor Magnus?"
[22:51] <Iceberg> "Hey Lurker."
[22:51] <Iceberg> "Just picking off survivors."
[22:51] <+Lurker> "In a worst case scenario. Find Evelyn, take her to Rights, protect them."
[22:51] <+Gerald> "Keep against the CI, Magnus can take care of Deter."
06[22:51] * ~Tobias-Deter bounces back with the parry, grinning. "Hit a nerve? I always thought you were the calm one!"
[22:51] <+Lurker> "I trust you." He says, and looks at Ice.
[22:51] <Iceberg> "Alright….."
06[22:51] * DrAuteu calls the CI agent to hit the ground
06[22:51] * +Lurker turns and leaps back up onto the roof.
06[22:51] * ClockworkMage has taken over one of the CI transports and has its modest armaments aimed up at the roof where Magnus and Deter fight.
[22:52] <Harley_Glasgow> "Roger that, sir."
06[22:52] * ~Tobias-Deter ducks, and brings his blade up in a magnificent sweep towards Magnus.
[22:52] <Iceberg> "Thanks man. Ha! Thought you could run, did ya! Ahaha!"
06[22:52] * +pooryoric snaps his gun up and provides magnus with cover fire. it has no effect, but hopefully it's at least a bit distracting.
06[22:52] * Iceberg is a little crazy. Picking off fleeing cowards is fun.
06[22:52] * Dr_Magnus performes a standing backflip, pulling out a handgun, and emptying the magazine towards Tobias.
06[22:53] * ~Tobias-Deter warps the space around him, the bullets vanishing into a vapor of particles as the entropic energy takes them apart. "Don't worry, maybe I'll spare her, take her with me!"
06[22:53] * Harley_Glasgow begins laying down surpressive fire with his M-79. Every time a group of CIs starts banding together, he starts shooting at them.
06[22:53] * +pooryoric lays down a pattern of fire to distract deter as magnus attacks.
06[22:53] * DrAuteu calls "This is a code 76 blue, everybody drop your weapons and hit the ground"
06[22:53] * Dr_Magnus is getting more and more enraged at his jeers about Evelyn, and rushes forward at Deter.
06[22:53] * ~Tobias-Deter rushes towards him now, thrusting forward with a deadly strike.
06[22:54] * Dr_Magnus jumps up over the knife, and grabs Tobias' shoulder, hurling him with enhances strength towards a wall.
06[22:54] * Cates sees the bullets do nothing and heads back to the ground and begins policing bodies of ammo and weapons.
06[22:54] * +pooryoric dives aside as deter flies through the wall he was hiding behind.
06[22:54] * ClockworkMage laughs at the opportunity and opens fire with the APC's guns at some of the now-prone CI forces.
06[22:55] * +Lurker sits on the ledge of the building like an ominous figure should, watching with red eyes.
[22:55] <DrAuteu> <all of the Agents drop their weapons and drop to the ground hands on their heads>
[22:55] <DrAuteu> <a few of them decide to run>
06[22:55] * ~Tobias-Deter feels the ground taken out from under him, as he's thrown clear through the wall, and nearly off the roof. A hand goes out to grab the edge, and he flings himself upwards. He comes down onto Magnus from above, slashing at him in a wide arc. "Even a god will need some entertainment!"
[22:55] <+pooryoric> <rex picks off the runners with a few well placed shots.>
06[22:56] * +Gerald continues turning the Dawn Red.
06[22:56] * Harley_Glasgow picks off the ones who run, and one or two of the more mutinous looking groups.
06[22:56] * Dr_Magnus pushes up at him with the knife, the entropic edges meeting midair, Tobias suspended vertically, and magnus holding him back. "If you are a god, then I am one too!"
06[22:56] * ClockworkMage directs the APC's fire towards the runners, trying to at least suppress their escape.
01[22:56] <Dr_Magnus> "And I sure as hell am NOT a god!"
06[22:57] * ~Tobias-Deter holds in mid air, the entropic fields crackling off of eachother.
06[22:57] * Dr_Magnus crouches down, and pushes him off, backing up a few steps.
06[22:57] * +pooryoric snatches up the gun that sam dropped through convenient plot magic, and lets loose a full auto burst at deter's exposed back.
[22:57] <+Lurker> "Yoric. Stop."
06[22:58] * +pooryoric freezes, looking to lurker in surprise.
06[22:58] * ~Tobias-Deter jumps, flipping in mid air, as he lands. "You've got some fight in you, old man, I'll give you that."
06[22:58] * Harley_Glasgow pauses and looks to the Acting-Captain, to check to see if he should still be firing.
06[22:58] * +Lurker is sitting on the ledge of the roof like some sort of mutant cat, flicking his tail. He's almost perfectly silhouetted in the dark sky. "This is their fight, as you said. Not yours."
[22:58] <+Gerald> "Finish them." He says grimly.
06[22:58] * Dr_Magnus grits his teeth, and lowers his hands to the ground, absorbing cement, shingling, and other materials. He spins around in a circle and hurls the debris at Tobias.
06[22:58] * Iceberg fires at the last fleeing CI he spots. He then turns and tries to watch the fight.
06[22:59] * +pooryoric looks serious, lowering his weapon but remaining at the ready.
06[22:59] * +Gerald decides to watch the battle, as Red Dawn and supporting personnel pick up the remnants of the CI.
06[23:00] * Harley_Glasgow loads in a round marked "Flechette." He fires at a group of CIs. They're peppered with long needles that pierce even through body armor.
06[23:00] * ~Tobias-Deter grins, as a massive amount of energy is released from his field, devouring the massive amount of rubble. "Quit playing games, Michael!"
06[23:00] * Dr_Magnus takes a deep breath, standing up straight, and holding the knife in front of him.
06[23:01] * +pooryoric the overcast sky glows an unearthly orange from the flames of the battle below, interspiced with streaks of blue as deter and magnus' H-Space generators vent entropic energy.
06[23:01] * Harley_Glasgow starts annihilating the surrendered CIs.
[23:01] <+pooryoric> <rex joins in, executing CIs one at a time with a single shot to the backs of their skulls.
[23:01] <+pooryoric> >
06[23:02] * Dr_Magnus shuffles towards Deter, letting loose with a flurry of kicks, knife strokes, and punches.
06[23:02] * ClockworkMage sets about the task of taking prisoners, stripping them of weapons and tools and binding their wrists and ankles with zip ties. It's a time consuming process when he's also keeping an eye on the roof.
06[23:02] * ~Tobias-Deter parries most of these excellently, but takes a blow to the face, knocking him off balance.
06[23:02] * Dr_Magnus follows up with an overhead axekick. "This is for HELEN!"
[23:03] <+pooryoric> Foundation hellicopters swarm the skies, their spotlights slicing darkness to day as they focus on the battle for site 19.
06[23:03] * DrAuteu Stands over the battlefield with a stern look on his face
[23:03] <+pooryoric> Foundation hellicopters swarm the skies, their spotlights slicing darkness to day as they focus on the battle for site 17.
03[23:03] * Lurker is now known as Dr_Hunter
[23:04] <+Dr_Hunter> <Lurker sniffs the air. "Not good.">
06[23:04] * ~Tobias-Deter is knocked back, nearly at the edge of the roof. He throws a kick towards Magnus. "Hah, you still remember her, old man?"
[23:04] <+pooryoric> sirens screams rend the air.
06[23:04] * Dr_Magnus takes the kick to the chest. "Of course I do. You STOLE her from me!" He backsteps a bit, holding the knife defensively.
06[23:05] * +pooryoric 's eyes widen. "he… stole… of course. it explains so much."
06[23:05] * +Dr_Hunter runs out from the staircase to the roof, looking around frantically. She sees Michael and… all the things he's done to himself, staring.
06[23:05] * ~Tobias-Deter lunges forward, his knife colliding with Magnus's. The sparks of blue light glow against the dark backdrop.
06[23:05] * +Dr_Hunter doesn't say a word.
[23:05] <+Dr_Hunter> <Lurker's head snaps over to the doorway. "Not good at all.">
[23:05] <+Gerald> "Hunter!"
06[23:06] * +pooryoric spots hunter, and runs to prevent her from interfering.
06[23:06] * Dr_Magnus puts his hand against his other, leaning against the force. "I will NEVER let you hurt my new friends, and you shall NEVER LAY A HAND ON EVELYN!" He pushes with all his enhanced strength.
06[23:06] * Harley_Glasgow spins, spotting Hunter.
06[23:06] * +Dr_Hunter stands still, just watching.
06[23:06] * +Gerald runs over to Hunter. "Please, leave this for Magnus to finish, it's dangerous. You shouldn't even be out here."
[23:06] <+Dr_Hunter> <Lurker is staring intently at Hunter now.>
06[23:06] * +Gerald puts a hand on Hunter's shoulder.
06[23:07] * ~Tobias-Deter isn't able to anticipate this attack, and despite his attempts, he relents for just a moment, a fatal second. "No." He slips back, a moment, trying to get out of the way.
06[23:07] * @Agent_Strelnikov looks up.
06[23:07] * +Dr_Hunter just blinks, watching. "… Wh-what's g-g-going on?"
06[23:07] * +pooryoric skids to a stop next to hunter and lays a hand on her shoulder. they make quite a tableu, magnus two friends watching the battle with fear and hope and courage in their eyes.
06[23:07] * @Agent_Strelnikov pushes Hunter back into the corner of the cell.
06[23:07] * Dr_Magnus pushes past him, and skids around, spotting evelyn. "Ev…Evelyn…" He's a bit dumbstruck for a moment, seeing her.
[23:07] <+Gerald> "Magnus has to take care of some unfinished business."
06[23:08] * DrAuteu enjoys the night air
[23:08] <+Gerald> "Magnus! Worry about Deter!"
06[23:08] * Harley_Glasgow gets up and starts running to stop this from going to shit.
06[23:08] * +pooryoric raises his gun and fires over magnus shoulder, covering him in his moment of distraction.
06[23:08] * ~Tobias-Deter uses this opportunity, to push forward and drive his knife into Michael's shoulder.
[23:08] <+Dr_Hunter> "MICHAEL!"
[23:09] <+pooryoric> "MICHEAL!"
[23:09] <+Gerald> "Dammit, finish the fight!"
06[23:09] * Harley_Glasgow growls under his breath.
06[23:09] * Dr_Magnus cries out in pain "AHHHHHHH!!!" His shoulder threatens to break apart, but he maintains his focus, and pushes him back, kicking him in the chest.
[23:09] <Harley_Glasgow> "Goddamnit."
[23:09] <+Dr_Hunter> <Lurker looks back over. "Pathetic, pathetic man.">
06[23:09] * ~Tobias-Deter is knocked back, the force knocking the blade out of his hand. He scrambles to retrieve it.
06[23:10] * Dr_Magnus rushes forward, stepping onto his hand, and driving his knife through the generator on his palm, destroying it.
06[23:10] * +Gerald holds Hunter by the shoulder, just making sure she doesn't try to interfere.
06[23:10] * Dr_Magnus says grimly. "One down. Still feel like a god now?!"
03[23:10] * RightsLovesJazzandSwing is now known as Rights
[23:10] <+Gerald> "This is something he needs to do himself."
[23:10] <+pooryoric> <Rex executes the last of the straggling CI troops and dusts his hands on his bloodsplattered suit coat.>
06[23:11] * ~Tobias-Deter yells in pain, as he attempts to use the generator on his other hand to repulse Michael. "D-Damn you!"
06[23:11] * Dr_Magnus is blown back by the opposing fields, skidding to a halt on one knee in front of Yoric, Gerald, and Evelyn.
[23:12] <+Dr_Hunter> "… M-M-Michael…"
[23:12] <+Dr_Hunter> "I l-love y-you… y-you have to w-w-win!"
06[23:12] * +pooryoric runs to pull magnus to his feet, pressing a gun into his hand.
[23:12] <+Gerald> "Magnus, can you finish him?"
06[23:12] * Dr_Magnus stands up, his injured arm only coming to half height. "He's not going to hurt you Evelyn…not as long as I live…" He takes the weapon. "Yes. I can."
03[23:12] * ClockworkMage_ is now known as ClockworkMage
06[23:12] * ~Tobias-Deter stands up, walking over to pick up his knife, his other arm disabled. "Michael…I'm going to end you!"
06[23:12] * +Gerald nods. "Do it."
[23:12] <+pooryoric> "don't fail the girl, my friend. godspeed."
06[23:13] * Harley_Glasgow stops next to Gerald, eying the two fighters.
06[23:13] * +pooryoric grins through his tears. "I'd hate all my wingmanning to go to waste."
[23:13] <Harley_Glasgow> "Anything we can do, sir?"
06[23:13] * Dr_Magnus stands up, looking at evelyn. He takes a deep breathe, and puts both of his hands out in front of him. He projects a massive entropic field at Tobias, in a column. the field extends through Deter's oustretched hands, peeling away another one of his generators.
[23:13] <+Gerald> "No. Not unless Magnus fails, which I doubt will happen."
06[23:14] * ~Tobias-Deter screams, as he tries to push through it, trying to hold his ground against the assault.
06[23:14] * Dr_Magnus walks up to Tobias, shaking slightly. He looks down at his former partner, and says quietly. "You are no god." He lifts his head, and shoves his knife down through his throat into his heart.
06[23:15] * +Gerald watches the fight intensely.
06[23:15] * ~Tobias-Deter is split at the seam, the blade cutting him in twain as his heart is torn in all directions at once. He falls limp, dropping his knife.
06[23:16] * +pooryoric steps forward, breaking into an all-too-slow run.
06[23:16] * Dr_Magnus backs up a few steps, the generators on his body crumbling to dust, leaving him a normal, shaky, weak man. He falls to his knees, gasping for breath. "That….was for Evelyn…."
06[23:16] * +Dr_Hunter runs up and hugs Magnus as tight as she can.
[23:16] <+Gerald> "Okay, now you can help him.
[23:16] <+Gerald> "
06[23:16] * +pooryoric grabs magnus as he falls, lowering him to the roof.
[23:16] <+Dr_Hunter> "M-M-Michael…"
[23:16] <+pooryoric> "micheal!"
06[23:16] * Dr_Magnus can't even hold himself up, leaning into Eve.
06[23:16] * +Gerald runs over to Magnus's form.
01[23:16] <Dr_Magnus> "I…I got him…"
03[23:17] * Tobias-Deter is now known as Dr-Kondraki
[23:17] <+pooryoric> "yeh, you got him."
[23:17] <+Dr_Hunter> "You w-w-won." She says, kissing Magnus softly.
06[23:17] * Dr_Magnus smiles. It's over. He won.
[23:17] <+Gerald> "You did it, Magnus. You did it."
06[23:17] * Dr_Magnus returns the kiss, feeling true relief.
06[23:17] * +ClockworkMage sees this happen and starts climbing his way up to the roof.
01[23:18] <Dr_Magnus> "I couldn't…let him hurt…anyone else."
06[23:18] * +Dr_Hunter holds Magnus tight, not caring she's getting soaked by the rain.
[23:18] <+Dr_Hunter> "Y-You w-w-won't… y-you d-didn't…"
[23:18] <~Dr-Kondraki> <Out of the stormy night, the air seems to shimmer for a moment. That's before reality is torn apart, visually, a spread of butterflies splitting apart as a blade is thrust from the Cloak, and through Magnus's chest.>
[23:18] <Iceberg> "….."
[23:18] <Iceberg> "Imagine that."
06[23:18] * +Dr_Hunter screams and jumps back, almost being hit by it.
06[23:18] * Dr_Magnus 's eyes go wide, his mouth open, and his breath caught in his throat.
06[23:18] * ~Dr-Kondraki steps out of the cloak created by 408.
[23:18] <+Gerald> "….."
[23:18] <+Dr_Hunter> "MICHAEL!"
06[23:18] * +pooryoric staggers back a step, shocked.
[23:18] <+Dr_Hunter> "NO!"
06[23:18] * Dr_Magnus looks up at Kondraki. "You…god….damned……..Kid…."
[23:19] <+pooryoric> "WHAT?"
06[23:19] * +ClockworkMage had his head just up over the ridge of the roof to witness this.
06[23:19] * +Gerald falls back in surprise from the knife wielding maniac.
06[23:19] * ~Dr-Kondraki pushes the blade home, jerking in a bit, as the blood runs down the edge to disperse along the rain.
06[23:19] * Dr_Magnus 's eyes close slowly, his last breath escaping.
06[23:19] * +Dr_Hunter just stares, shaking.
06[23:19] * Harley_Glasgow nods to Kondraki.
[23:19] <Harley_Glasgow> "Sir."
[23:19] <+Dr_Hunter> "… M-Michael… MI-MICHAEL…"
[23:19] <~Dr-Kondraki> "You're done, Magnus. You did your job, and you did it well."
06[23:19] * +Gerald just stares, jaw dropped.
06[23:20] * +ClockworkMage looks panicked and reaches a hand out, unable to act.
[23:20] <+Dr_Hunter> "M-M-MICHAEL NO!" She moves forward and grabs him, shaking violently. "NO! NO! YOU C-CAN'T!"
06[23:20] * Dr_Magnus is motionless.
06[23:20] * ~Dr-Kondraki pulls the blade out from his back, whipping it into the air, the blood shaking off, before sheathing it into a scabbard.
06[23:20] * +pooryoric grabs magnus as he falls. "no nononono…"
06[23:20] * +Dr_Hunter keeps shaking and hits his chest a few times. "No no no no NO!" She screams out.
[23:20] <+Dr_Hunter> "WAKE UP D-DAMNIT!"
[23:21] <+pooryoric> <rex heads for the roof to see what all the commotion is about.>
06[23:21] * +pooryoric turns, and glares silently at kondraki.
06[23:21] * ~Dr-Kondraki starts to walk away, towards the stairs to the roof. "No one touch him, a team will be up to collect the body."
06[23:21] * +Dr_Hunter stands up slowly. "YOU."
06[23:21] * ~Dr-Kondraki stops. "Yeah, kid?"
06[23:22] * +Dr_Hunter reaches back and undoes her ponytail, pulling off her glasses and labcoat.
[23:22] <+Dr_Hunter> "I'm g-g-going to KILL you!"
06[23:22] * +Dr_Hunter slams into Kondraki, taking him down to the floor.
06[23:22] * ~Dr-Kondraki is only lucky enough to avoid the most of the attack.
[23:22] <+Gerald> "Erp…."
06[23:23] * +Dr_Hunter grabs a hold of Kondraki's arm and tries to break it.
06[23:23] * ~Dr-Kondraki wonders, exactly what the hell this girl is. He's knocked down, and stopped. "You're gonna regret this, girl.!"
06[23:24] * +Gerald runs forward. "Okay, stop it!"
06[23:24] * ~Dr-Kondraki grabs her, and throws her off of him.
06[23:24] * +Dr_Hunter falls back and pushes herself up, charging again.
06[23:24] * +pooryoric continues trying to apply first aid to magnus. it's gotta be worth a trty, right?
06[23:24] * Dr_Magnus is not responding in the slightest.
06[23:24] * ~Dr-Kondraki counters her, making an effort to duck and throw his weight forward, into a tackle.
06[23:25] * +Dr_Hunter yelps out as she's knocked back, wincing slightly, but brings her leg up, aiming between Kondraki's legs.
06[23:25] * ~Dr-Kondraki takes Hunter down, hard, with his shoulder bashing into her.
06[23:26] * +Gerald is unsure how to act.
06[23:27] * ~Dr-Kondraki grabs her leg as she aims for his crotch, twisting her in the air, and slamming her into the roof.
[23:27] <+Gerald> "Hey!"
[23:27] <Iceberg> "Hey Kon!"
[23:27] <Iceberg> "Calm down a bit. Jeez."
06[23:28] * +Dr_Hunter screams out and swings a fist at Kondraki's face.
06[23:28] * Harley_Glasgow stands back, hooking his M-79 to his vest and drawing his 6P9. If Kondraki is really getting fucked up he'll shoot her.
[23:28] <~Dr-Kondraki> " *SHUT THE FUCK UP* "
06[23:28] * Dr_Zartion shuffles up to the roof, leading a medical team. They extricate the fallen Doctor, and he directs them down to the roof. He stares in amazement as Doctor Kondraki is being fought to a standstill.
[23:28] <Iceberg> "Gah, you two. Hopeless." He smiles.
06[23:28] * +Gerald grabs Hunter and pulls her from Kondraki.
06[23:28] * +Gerald does not, in fact, try.
06[23:29] * ~Dr-Kondraki takes a serious blow to his face, smashing his glasses as they fall onto the roof.
[23:29] <+Dr_Hunter> "Y-Y-YOU F-F-FUCKING B-BASTARD!"
06[23:29] * +Gerald can only stare.
[23:29] <~Dr-Kondraki> "I'm done screwing around, girl."
[23:29] <Iceberg> "Huh."
06[23:29] * Harley_Glasgow raises his gun.
[23:29] <~Dr-Kondraki> "You're done."
06[23:29] * Harley_Glasgow pauses.
06[23:29] * Dr_Zartion directs the team, according to orders.
[23:29] <Iceberg> "I knew I loved her for a reason." He sits and watches, cradling his grenade launcher.
06[23:29] * +Gerald grabs the gun from Harley.
06[23:29] * +pooryoric punches harley in tthe face.
06[23:30] * ~Dr-Kondraki launches forward into a kick, his legs bursting with a massive amount of power.
06[23:30] * Harley_Glasgow takes the hit, being knocked on his ass. Hey, it's slippery up there.
06[23:30] * +Dr_Hunter brings up her arms infront of her, trying to block the hit.
06[23:31] * Dr_Zartion winces. He tends to those on the roof with injuries, patching up people here and there.
06[23:31] * +pooryoric raises a foot over harley, poised to kick… and stops.
06[23:31] * +pooryoric turns and runs after the medical team carrying magnus body away.
06[23:32] * Harley_Glasgow gets on his feet. It's hard with one arm.
06[23:32] * Dr_Zartion stops Yoric. "I can't let you follow sir. Kondraki's orders."
06[23:32] * ~Dr-Kondraki blasts past her block, his kick delivered to her abdomen. It's an absolutely staggering degree of force."
[23:32] <+pooryoric> "fuck kondraki's orders."
06[23:32] * Dr_Zartion quickly sedates Yoric, lowering him to the roof.
06[23:32] * +Dr_Hunter gets knocked back, slamming into the roof. She doesn't move for a few seconds, then pushes herself up, coughing up a bit of blood.
06[23:32] * Harley_Glasgow turns to Gerald.
[23:33] <Harley_Glasgow> "My gun please?"
[23:33] <+Gerald> "No."
[23:33] <@Break> [And I read that as turning -into- Gerald]
[23:33] <+Dr_Hunter> "Y-Y-You're n-n-nothing b-but a h-heartl-less j-jerk!"
06[23:33] * ~Dr-Kondraki walks over, and picks her up by her neck, holding her aloft. He tightens his grip. "Hell of a fight, girly."
[23:33] <Harley_Glasgow> "…I was only going to shoot her in the arm. She would have been more easily captured."
[23:33] <+Gerald> "As acting Captain of Red Dawn, I command you to stay out of this."
[23:33] <Iceberg> "Kon…….."
[23:33] <Iceberg> "Come on……"
06[23:33] * +pooryoric lays on the roof in a puddle of magnus blood, feeling the rain on his skin as he drops softly into sedation.
[23:33] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Best I've had in years."
06[23:33] * +Dr_Hunter brings her hands up to try and grab at his, choking her.
[23:33] <Harley_Glasgow> "…Rodger, sir."
[23:33] <+Gerald> "Kon. Please don't kill her."
06[23:34] * Harley_Glasgow holds out his hand for his gun.
06[23:34] * +Dr_Hunter stares down at Kondraki with cold, angry eyes.
[23:34] <+Dr_Hunter> "I-I-I'm g-g-gonna k-kill you."
06[23:34] * ~Dr-Kondraki ignores anything but Hunter's cries. "When did you, a scrawny little rape victim, find the time to learn how to fight like that?"
06[23:34] * +Gerald sighs and sits down.
[23:34] <~Dr-Kondraki> "How the hell do you exist."
[23:34] <+Dr_Hunter> "I l-l-live and l-learn." She growls.
06[23:35] * Iceberg sighs. Kondraki.
06[23:35] * Dr_Zartion looks a bit nervous, those are serious wounds.
06[23:35] * ~Dr-Kondraki further tightens his grip. "What do to…"
06[23:35] * Harley_Glasgow sighs.
[23:36] <Iceberg> "Let her go perhaps? No, that would be too simple for the great Kondraki."
[23:36] <Harley_Glasgow> "May I /please/ have my gun back?"
06[23:36] * +Dr_Hunter tries for another kick at his groin. If he was going to kill her, he would've done it already. She can feel herself starting to pass out, so it's not as great as it could be.
[23:36] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Iceberg, you don't deserve to talk, to either of us."
06[23:36] * Harley_Glasgow likes that gun dammit.
[23:36] <Iceberg> "Eh."
[23:36] <Iceberg> "Says you."
[23:36] <+Gerald> "No."
[23:36] <+Gerald> "You'll get it back after this."
06[23:36] * Harley_Glasgow nods, and stands.
[23:36] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Die hard, aren't you."
06[23:37] * +Gerald can only stare at the battle.
[23:37] <+Dr_Hunter> "I h-h-hate y-you." She spits out, voice laced with venom.
06[23:37] * +Dr_Hunter is shaking in the grip and starts to flutter her eyes.
06[23:37] * ~Dr-Kondraki grins. "Good. Hate me."
06[23:37] * +pooryoric twitches and tries to fight the powerful sedative coursing through his veins.
[23:37] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Hate me, keep hating me."
[23:37] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Hate me until you find the strength to try and kill me again."
06[23:38] * +Dr_Hunter glares, still drifting in and out.
[23:38] <Iceberg> "……. Oh come. What are you, the freaking series antagonist? So cliche."
06[23:38] * +Dr_Hunter tries freeing herself from Kondraki's grip.
[23:39] <+Gerald> "….."
06[23:39] * +pooryoric rises to his feet and staggers to the edge of the roof, watching the medical team through blurry eyes.
06[23:39] * +Dr_Hunter flutters her eyes again, and goes limp.
06[23:39] * ~Dr-Kondraki sets her down onto the roof.
06[23:40] * Dr_Zartion rushes over, and lifts her head up, listening for breath sounds.
[23:40] <~Dr-Kondraki> "Take care of her, get her back to quarantene."
06[23:40] * +Gerald jumps over, checking to see how she is.
06[23:40] * Dr_Zartion breathes a sigh of releif. "Doctor Magnus was extricated per your orders, Doctor Kondraki."
[23:40] <+pooryoric> <rex arrives on the rooftop.>
[23:40] <+Gerald> "Yessir."
06[23:41] * Iceberg walks over her.
06[23:41] * Dr_Zartion waves everyone away. "Stay back, I'm a doctor people."
[23:41] <Iceberg> "Damn. Crazy day."
[23:41] <+pooryoric> <Rex spots the semi conscious yoric, and walks over to him.>
06[23:41] * Dr_Zartion pulls out several small vials, and injects two of them into Hunter, stabilizing her. He calls for a gurney, and sighs another sigh of releif.
[23:41] <Iceberg> "She gonna be ok Doc?"
06[23:41] * ~Dr-Kondraki walks off, pushing past the spectators, heading downstairs. He'd disappear back into his office, not to be seen again. Until he needed coffee.
03[23:42] * Dr_Hunter is now known as Lurker
03[23:42] * Dr-Kondraki is now known as Samantha-Raelin
06[23:42] * Dr_Zartion adjusts his glasses, and nods. "She'll be alright, I'd ask that no one accompanies us to Medical please. She needs rest."
06[23:42] * +Lurker stares and shakes his head before heading back inside to Rights' office.
06[23:42] * @Agent_Strelnikov sleeps rather peacefully in the containment cell in Medical.
01[23:42] <Dr_Zartion> <The gurney arrives, and she's lead off to the Medical ward for emergency surgery.>
[23:42] <+pooryoric> <"little brother. Your Family needs you. but first, have a nice rest." Rex brings the butt of his pistol down in a crushing blow to the back of yoric's head.>
06[23:43] * +pooryoric drops like a sack of potatose.
[23:43] <+pooryoric> *potatoes
06[23:43] * Dr_Zartion walks out of the surgery center, and looks at Agent Strelnikov. "Agent, are you alright?"
06[23:43] * @Agent_Strelnikov snorts. "Huh?"
[23:44] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "….Son of a bitch."
01[23:44] <Dr_Zartion> "Are you alright? Do you need medical attention?"
[23:44] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "Where the fuck is Hunter."
01[23:44] <Dr_Zartion> "You…don't know sir?"
[23:44] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "No. I don't."
06[23:44] * ~Samantha-Raelin sits in medical, waking up from having passed out earlier. "What…what the hell…"
03[23:44] * pooryoric is now known as Rex
06[23:44] * +Gerald follows Hunter into Medical.
[23:45] <+Lurker> <Evelyn is passed out cold.>
01[23:45] <Dr_Zartion> "After Doctor magnus killed Tobias Deter, kondraki killed Doctor Magnus. Evelyn Hunter was…enraged and attacked Kondraki. She was rushed to emergency surgery a few moments ago."
06[23:45] * Iceberg follows Gerald.
06[23:45] * Iceberg does so sneakily.
06[23:45] * +Rex lifts the unconscious yoric onto his shoulder and carries him to medical, then leaves.
06[23:45] * ~Samantha-Raelin gets up, looking at Gerald. "What…what happened?"
[23:45] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "…That…that little /bitch/."
06[23:45] * Dr_Zartion looks around. "Miss Raelin, please, don't get up!"
06[23:45] * Harley_Glasgow follows Gerald.
06[23:45] * Dr_Zartion rushes over, and tries ease her to her feet slower.
06[23:46] * +Rex walks calmly to the breakroom, brews a fresh pot of coffee, and waits.
06[23:46] * ~Samantha-Raelin looks at Zartion. "I'm fine, just lost consciousness. What the hell happened?"
[23:46] <+Gerald> "Er. We won. Magnus killed Deter, then Kon stabbed Magnus."
[23:46] <Iceberg> "Yep."
[23:46] <~Samantha-Raelin> "…what?"
[23:46] <+Gerald> "And Hunter actually put up a decent fight against Kon before he nearly strangled up."
01[23:46] <Dr_Zartion> "Miss Hunter attacked Doctor Kondraki, and was injured."
01[23:46] <Dr_Zartion> "I need to take a look at Doctor Kondraki's injuries too…"
06[23:47] * @Agent_Strelnikov steps out of the cell and points to Gerald.
06[23:47] * ~Samantha-Raelin reaches into her pocket. She pulls out the revolver. "Magnus, what happened to Magnus, is he okay?"
[23:47] <@Agent_Strelnikov> "Where is my team."
[23:47] <+Gerald> "No. He's dead. Er, yes, Dmitri?"
06[23:47] * Dr_Zartion looks down. "Unfortunately, he is not."
03[23:47] * DrAuteu is now known as Preachieved
[23:47] <~Samantha-Raelin> "He's…god dammit."
[23:47] <Iceberg> "Eh, Kon will be fine."
[23:47] <Iceberg> "He can handle it, after what he did. Honestly."
[23:47] <+Gerald> "I told them to make one last round to check for survivors, then to head back here." He did, before arriving at Medical.
06[23:47] * ~Samantha-Raelin looks down at the gun. "He…knew he was gonna die."
01[23:47] <Dr_Zartion> "Is anyone else injured?"
06[23:48] * @Agent_Strelnikov nods, then radios them to report to the Medical wing immediately, despite prior orders.
06[23:48] * Harley_Glasgow is standing right behind Gerald. He's expectant.
03[23:48] * Rex is now known as pooryoric
01[23:48] <Dr_Zartion> <The gun is an engraved .357. It has the words "Helen Magnus" on the handgrip.>
06[23:48] * +pooryoric is unconscious on a spare bed in the medical ward.
06[23:48] * ~Samantha-Raelin slumps back into the bed, laying the gun on her chest. "I can't believe it."
06[23:48] * Dr_Zartion walks over to Yoric, checking his vitals. He starts a line, and gives him fluids.
06[23:49] * +pooryoric flutters awake.
06[23:49] * +Gerald nods grimly. "Yep."
[23:49] <+pooryoric> "wha…?"
01[23:49] <Dr_Zartion> "Mister Yoric, please stay on the bed."
01[23:49] <Dr_Zartion> "How are you feeling?"
06[23:49] * Harley_Glasgow coughs.
[23:49] <+pooryoric> "what happened?"
06[23:49] * ~Samantha-Raelin starts to get up. "Take me to your room, Gerald. I hate hospital beds."
01[23:49] <Dr_Zartion> "I had to sedate you."
[23:49] <Iceberg> "Look on the bright side Sam. Hunter will be ok. I think. I hope."
[23:49] <+pooryoric> "sedate…?"
06[23:49] * +Gerald holds Sam's hand, and helps her to his room.
06[23:49] * Dr_Zartion looks over at Raelin. "Oh no you don't, if you try to leave, I'm calling security!"
06[23:50] * @Agent_Strelnikov redeploys his cordon around Hunter and walks off to his room.
01[23:50] <Dr_Zartion> "Did you all know this Magnus well?"
06[23:50] * ~Samantha-Raelin picks up the gun, pointing it at Zartion, her other arm draped around Gerald to steady herself. "Try it."
[23:50] <+pooryoric> "he was one of my closest friends."
06[23:50] * Dr_Zartion shakes slightly. "I-I-I'm sorry…I won't…go…"
[23:50] <+pooryoric> "is he alright?"
01[23:50] <Dr_Zartion> "He's is not, unfortunately."
[23:51] <Harley_Glasgow> "I harangued a guy with him once."
06[23:51] * ~Samantha-Raelin drops her aim, still a bit out of it, as Gerald helps her off.
06[23:51] * +pooryoric sits up, grabbing zartion by the collar. "what happened to magnus?"
06[23:51] * Harley_Glasgow follows Gerald.
[23:51] <Iceberg> "….. He was STABBED. Yoric."
[23:51] <Iceberg> "By Kondraki. Did you miss it?"
06[23:51] * Dr_Zartion looks at him a bit fearfully. "He had a large lacertation to the lung, as well as multiple contusions…."
06[23:52] * +pooryoric doesn't take his eyes off zartion. "-after- the stabbing. where is he?"
[23:52] <+Gerald> "Er, Harley? You're under Dmitri's command again. I left your gun in Medical."
01[23:52] <Dr_Zartion> "I can't tell you that. Doctor Kondraki's orders."
06[23:52] * Harley_Glasgow stops.
06[23:53] * ~Samantha-Raelin rubs her head. "God dammit…how did this all happen."
06[23:53] * Harley_Glasgow turns on his heel and heads back to medical.
06[23:53] * Dr_Zartion says quietly. "Can you let me go?"
06[23:53] * Harley_Glasgow walks into medical, spots his gun, and picks it up, holstering it.
06[23:53] * +Gerald sighs, setting her down on his bed. "No clue."
06[23:54] * +pooryoric glances at Zartion's nametag, memorizing the name. "when I recover, I'm going to find you, and you're going to tell me precisely where Magnus…is….." yoric trails off as the second round of sedatives takes effect.
06[23:54] * Dr_Zartion adjusts his scrubs, and sighs. "Does anyone else need medical attention? I've been in surgery all day, and would like to go off."
06[23:54] * ~Samantha-Raelin lays down, sighing. "Just…explain it to me, slowly."
06[23:55] * Dr_Zartion makes sure the other doctors are all right, and heads for the break room.
03[23:55] * pooryoric is now known as pooryorex
06[23:56] * Harley_Glasgow walks to the break room. He's happy. He has his gun back.
06[23:56] * +pooryorex is sitting calmly in the break room drinking coffee and reading the Sydney times. "hello doctor."
06[23:56] * Dr_Zartion breathes heavily. "Oh, I'm sorry. Hello there."
06[23:57] * +pooryorex stands. "Rexford Dawkins. coffee?"
06[23:57] * Harley_Glasgow walks into the break room.
06[23:57] * Dr_Zartion nods. "Doctor Christopher Zartion….M.D."

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