The Date With Doctor Dumount

Dumount walks through the halls of the foundation with Olympia, shivering slightly at her cold touch, a nervous smile on his face. She leads him to the hangar bay, where there is a rather expensive looking limo, driver and all, waiting for them. He nods to the couple gentle as he opens the door. "Please give the coordinates to the driver and we can depart."

<Dumount> "Um…. of course… 432 Cobaine ave." Dumount says, blinking at the expensive limo. "That's… impressively extravagant"

<Olympia> "Thank you. Traditionally, this vehicle is used for espionage missions. It does not experience a large portion of activity and so it was relatively easy to requisition."

<Dumount> "It's a bit noticeable for espionage" Dumount says "I mean… not that I have much experience with espionage but… well… still seems lavish for espionage" He blinks, then gets into the limo, looking around on the inside, and moving aside to give Olympia room.

<Olympia> "Hence its low number of uses. It is essentially "collecting dust."

"I see… did someone order it after watching too much James Bond then?" asks Dumount, watching Olympia carefully. He laughs nervously as he makes the shitty smalltalk. Olympia gets in after, sitting down opposite Dumount, hands resting on her knees, back dead straight.

<Olympia> "That is a possibility. There are certain… discretion's that are constantly looked over in the annual budgets."

Dumount embarrassedly straightens his posture… and hits his head against the inside roof of the car with a dull *whud*

<Olympia> "Please watch your head. Cranial damage would impair the optimum information exchange needed for tonight."

<Dumount> "Honestly… I'm unsurprised. The people here are… well… quite frankly I suspect that the people who… start the sanest frequently end the craziest…" he says rubbing his head "I have a pretty thick skull, and there wasn't enough force in that for a concussion"

<Olympia> "There…"

Dumount blinks at Olympia, following her eyes, figuring she was pointing something out.

Olympia stares out into space, mind processing some unfathomable thought.

<Olympia> "The people at the Foundation are unquestionably erratic."

<Dumount> "Well… I like to think of myself as… being fairly sane. It's just being around all these… crazy people's been driving me crazy"

<Olympia> "So that conclusion is most likely not mere conjecture. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do…""

Dumount nods "Quite probably" He nervously puts an arm around Olympia's shoulders

She looks down at his arm, regarding him with curiosity.

Dumount looks a bit nervous, his pupil wide with psychological arousal… a state of heightened alertness.

<Olympia> "This is… "hitting on", correct?"

<Dumount> "Um… so the restaurant is called the Humble Shepard… have you eaten much lamb… ah, no this isn't hitting on… hitting on is… well there is a distinction between hitting on, flirting, and what this is and it's a somewhat subtle one… um… prolonged physical contact is something that's… expected on dates I think. Hand holding, arms around shoulders… that sort of thing"

<Olympia> "Oh. Interesting."

<Olympia> "No. I have not partaken of lamb. What is it like?"

"Rich… juicy… touch sweet. Buffalo is sweeter but lamb is less musky then buffalo" Dumount says fairly concisely.

Olympia blinks several times. "Oh. This should prove to be an enlightening experience."

"Anyway… it's Iranian food. Not exactly Romani but there are distinct similarities in the cooking styles…"

<Olympia> "Is the name "Humble Shepard" a reference to traditionalist Iranian ways of life ?"

"I would assume so" Dumount says "But you'd have to ask the owners to know for certain"

<Olympia> "My experience of food and cooking is limited to what is served in the cafeterias on site."

"What really?" Dumount seems surprised "No… that makes sense, I just wasn't thinking. Well you might not like this… the spices and seasonings used are… ah… often oblique and hostile to American flavoring sensibilities" He sighs "Sorry if it turns out you don't like it so much…"

<Olympia> "I…"

<Olympia> "I… like…. things I have not yet experienced."

<Dumount> "Oh! Right… I'm… honestly used to dealing with… um… somewhat xenophobic people. Most of my patients are the ones who are scared of Mann. I'm told he has a better bedside manner then I do and… well some people want to have their GI tract replaced with a more efficient system even if it does lead to constipation in perpetuia"

Olympia> "That seems as if would be less efficient."

<Dumount> "That's what I say. Human body's a beautiful thing, but evolution occurs gradually for a reason. Trying to do it in leaps and bounds has side effects that makes it much less efficient"

<Olympia> "That is true."

<Dumount> "But, ah… Mann is always trying to rush things. I tell him 'a doctor's job is to repair, not upgrade.' but he responds 'if I can prevent this one problem, then it won't come up again"

<Olympia> "Everything must work in synchronicity or else the workings of the entirety will be compromised."

Dumount nods "Exactly"

<Olympia> "My father told me that was his mantra for the rules of my creation."

Dumount seems to… have cheered up and relaxed a bit. "Your father is a wise man, I used to give him checkups occasionally before Aura got here but… I'm not so learned in dog anatomy. I passed him off to Aura. He's in hands more suited to the task"

Olympia shows a hint of smile. "Thank you," she tells him quietly.

Dumount blinks and smiles a bit back

The car slows as it reaches the restaurant, the door quickly opened by the driver.

Olympia waits patiently for Dumount to exit the vehicle.

Dumount gets out of the vehicle. The restaurant is in a small brick building. It's clearly a small family run restaurant, the sort that serve home cooking as opposed to a large, fancy, and impersonal French one. It looked like the sort of place where the chef would come out, and talk with you

Olympia follows him, observing the building carefully. "Interesting. Have you partaken of this facility before?"

Dumount opens the door, and motions for Olympia to enter first "Beauty first" he says cheerfully. The inside of the building is comfortably lit with moderate level lighting, and the tables have a simple brown cloth. The waitress seems to be a teenage girl of Iranian ancestry. "Not this particular one no. I'm not allowed out often" Dumount says "But places like it yes. In Vegas especially. The best restaurants are the small ones like this. There's… it sounds sappy, but I swear there's love in the food"

Olympia enters, looking around in wonder. "Thank you."

The waitress nods to them, leading them to a small table where they could stare at each other's eyes, and examine a beautiful mosaic rendition of the burning bush and Moses.

<Olympia> "With such facilities, they must know their client base as regular visitors and would acquire knowledge of their tastes through repeat visits."

"They tend to, yes" Dumount says, with a nod "The prices tend to be… honestly more expensive then mass-feeding restaurants but cheaper then haute cuisine restraunts. Part of what you pay for with haute cuisine is the name and recognition of eating there"

The waitress comes out, and hands Olympia a menu with no prices on it. She then hands Dumount a menu that HAS the prices.

<Olympia> "I have seen examples of this. People paying vastly larger prices for items that are basically the same, the only difference being the "brand name.""

<Dumount> "There's safety in a well recognized name. They're paying for a sense of safety"

Olympia looks at the menu, tilting her head.

<Olympia> "But they are practically the same item."

<Dumount> (In somewhat garbled Arabic 'I would like… the lamb ganesha I think looks good. and… A bottle of wine, pick the one that goes best with whatever my date and I choose''

<Dumount> "Yes. But the difference is that the brand name one is the one you get to fit in with your group, and it's the one you feel you trust because they spend money on advertising campaigns to do this to humans

<Olympia> "For social acceptance?"

<Dumount> "Yes. humans form… cliques and groups of similar humans. It's based off of old tribal instincts when competition for resources was harsh. Then they form a dominance structure in their group. Then they start throwing out those who are too different, or failing to progress the goals of the group. Then, they start attacking other groups, and outright rejecting other groups. So humans have a very STRONG urge to belong to a group. For my group, I chose humanity. I've seen enough genocide"

Olympia thinks about this. "Humans are most illogical. Discrimination based solely on visual cognition, or beliefs."

<Dumount> "It's about competition for scarce resources. By finding an arbitrary way to separate a group out, then there are fewer people sharing the limited resources…"

<Olympia> "I do not know what to order. May I request your opinion?"

<Dumount> "Well, I'd recommend the Lamb Ganesha but I'm having it, and it's better to have two different dishes so.. the spicy potatoes are good, and the lentil and lamb stew is good, as well as the palik paneer but that's not really date food, it's more of a… well… it's a much simpler dish. There's more meat on the menu then I expected. Iranians usually don't eat that much meat. Still a good number of vegetable dishes… Also to drink, I love kafir"

<Olympia> "Then I will leave the decision in your hands."

Dumount orders the lentil and lamb stew with Olympia, and asks that the dishes be served family style.

<Olympia> "Thank you."

<Dumount> "So, um… Olympia. What's your opinions on 070? Do you think the wings are a parasite, or do you think they're part of the man?"

<Olympia> "I would consider them a form of symbiotic parasite. The wings seem intent on keeping the host alive, a trait not normally found in most parasites."

<Dumount> "Yet still they cause him great discomfort. If they are not a part of himself the medically prudent thing to do would be to remove them, yes?"

<Olympia> "Possibly. If they extend too far into organs the shock could cause ceasing of life functions."

Dumount nods "Yes, that's one of the things I had worried about. Though, perhaps it is unwise to talk work out here, now that I think about it… ah here comes out kaffir.

Olympia watches the waitress return with the drinking with curious eyes. "This seems like a most unusual beverage."

"It's not unusual at all… if you live in the middle east." Dumount says, drinking the thick fluid "It's thick, so it's not a pallet clearing beverage like a wine or water"

Olympia sips a slight amount of the liquid, experimenting with the taste. "Interesting."

The waitress comes out with two plates, too deep dishes, and a small stack of flat bread. Another woman, clearly older, is carrying a bottle of rich red wine. She offers Dumount a sip "Mmm… yes, this is very good. Thank you." "You are welcome. You are… very lucky couple yes?" "Um… I'm… not quite sure what you mean by that…" "Well, you have such a beautiful woman here… and you're not half bad yourself, though you do not hold a candle to my Bulus"

Olympia continues her observational stare, watching everything and drinking in the sights.

Dumount blinks "I… see?" The woman smiles warmly, and ushers her daughter away, leaving the two dark, heavily spiced dishes on the table. Dumount puts some of the flat bread on the plate and dishes some of the food onto the flatbread.

<Olympia> "That was… unusual."

Olympia watches Dumount for a moment, then began to mimic his actions. The doctor eats by tearing off bits of the flat bread and putting the food on them. He takes a sip of kafir after every sip, and his face reddens somewhat.

<Dumount> "Whew… good and spicy. That's what they invented the kafir for. Only thing you can drink to keep from burning.”

Olympia continues to mimic his actions with regards to eating, eventually getting the hang of it, and though she does seem largely unaffected by the spiciness, her pale cheeks do tinge the slightest shade of pink.

"You wanna know why the food's so spicy?" Dumount asks grinning as he eats. There was a rich medley of flavors. The lamb gorba was in a creamier brighter red sauce. The lamb and lentil stew was brown. Both had complex mixtures of rich, heavy, earthy spices like cumin, paprika, various seeds, and several types of spicy meat.

<Olympia> "I would appreciate that, yes."

<Dumount> "Well… one type of food isn't very heavily seasoned because it's Noble's food. The meat was good, and rich and one could get the rich flavors from the quality of the ingredients. Also Italian cooking tends to season with light spices because Italy had the ocean, and wasn't very landlocked. What we're eating though is peasant food. Now, the meat is great, don't get me wrong… but the cooking tradition began in a time when the meat's quality was… circumspect. And so the heavy seasonings allowed meat that would have been spoiled to still be eaten. It's better with good meat though."

Olympia continues eating, watching him aptly as she ate.

Dumount eats between speaking, and manages a fairly quick rate of consumption

<Olympia> "Interesting. For a Doctor, you have a highly intimate knowledge of history."

<Dumount> "History classes were an easy A, and I had to maintain at least a 3.75 GPA to stay in medical school. So I learned history instead of, say, better rhetorical skills"

<Olympia> "All information is useful. If instead, you had learned better rhetorical skills, what would you be speaking of now, or would we even be here?"

<Dumount> "Well, if I had better rhetorical skills I would probably be using them to flirt or possibly to communicate with greater efficiency. Though we would have probably been eating some other sort of food"

<Olympia> "Possibly,"

"I… usually don't drink wine by the way… but I figured it's a date thing to do…" Dumount says as he takes a sip of his glass of wine

<Olympia> “My only experience with alcohol was with the others several night ago. Is it also necessary to imbibe this all in one go as well?"

<Dumount> "No no! Gods no, one sips wine gently, and lets the flavor sit in your mouth, then swallows.”

<Olympia> "Oh."

Dumount sips the wine, demonstrating.

Olympia drains the smallest amount from the glass, allowing it to sit in her mouth. "The taste is very strong, but is reacting in an interesting manner to the spices from the food."

"That's what's supposed to occur" Dumount says with a nod "That's why this wine was recommended with these dishes… do you like it?"

<Olympia> …

<Olympia> "Yes." She smiles a little smile at this revelation. "Thank you for this experience."

<Dumount> "Good" Dumount sighs a long sigh of relief "And you're welcome"

Olympia sits and munches on the food and wine a little longer, enjoying the simple fact of enjoying something.

Dumount watches Olympia carefully, his eyes drawn to her eyes and whirring around her face while he eats the food and wine.

Olympia stares back in interest, her left eye a jarringly different color to her right, sitting strangely out of place in her face.

<Dumount> "Huh… Is it rude to ask why your left eye is such a different color from your right?"

<Olympia> "I do not believe so. The left eye is from a different doner subject in regards to the ones that provided the right and majority of the organic structure of my head. It allows me viewing in different spectrum of light."

<Dumount> "Doner subject? You were… built out of dead D-class personnel then?"

<Olympia> "No. They were alive. Combined with different substances in SCP-914 in various experiments."

Dumount shudders a bit "I… ah… I see…. that's… I'm sorry I… I'm probably the only person in… in the Foundation who actually thinks that… the D-class personnel don't deserve that kind of abuse. It's… well it's inhumane and it… reminds me too much of… Nazi experiments. And I don't care that they were all on death row anyway. There's… a difference between a clean death and… ugh…"

Olympia considers this. "Despite the ethical implications, those experiments have saved millions of lives in the advancement of medical science. And technically, those D-class are still alive, simply not conscious, or even in pain. SCP-291 is extremely clean when it comes to these operations."

<Dumount> "But is it worth the cost? What good is saving lives when… when the price of it is to become a monster?"

<Olympia> "I am unable to answer that."

<Dumount> "I mean… It's just… Testing with animals is fine, they can't think… they can feel but they're… not sentient"

<Olympia> "If such a thing is true, does that make me a monster?" she asks casually, looking at her hand experimentally.

<Dumount> "… That depends on who you ask. it does… ah… make your father a… bit more monstrous then I thought he was…"

Olympia does not looked pleased at the end of that statement. "Possibly. But I am positive it was necessary, at least… "from his point of view""

<Dumount> "I'm probably not the best man to ask about monsters though"

<Olympia> "Why would that be?"

<Dumount> "It always seems necessary… oh. Well, I've done some pretty… monstrous things to. And just because I was ordered to. Just because they would blow me up and I'd lose my life if I did not, does not forgive me of my sins"

<Olympia> "Sins?"

<Dumount> "A doctor isn't supposed to kill several hundred or so people a month with lethal injections and then perform autopsies upon their bodies. And according to Rights my medical experiments with 562 probably qualify me for my own special place in hell, one I would likely share with Chirurg and Mann, I suppose. For overzealous doctors"

Olympia perks up a little. "I know Herr Doctor. He was also present in my creation."

Dumount shakes his head "He's… there's something about him. he shows… too much interest in me, keeps asking me difficult questions… He's made me question my sanity a couple of times. And the man is unabashedly a monster… at least I have the decency to be… ashamed of the things I do"

<Olympia> "Why is is decent to be ashamed?"

<Dumount> "Because shame is a state of… mental self injury. Being ashamed of something is a way of punishing yourself for something, of… trying to make up for something you did by inflicting some of the pain you caused upon yourself"

<Olympia> "I do not understand. The act is done. It cannot be reversed. What is the point in performing mental sadomasochism?"

"Repentance. Paying the price." Dumount says "Everything has a price… every good deed every bad deed. If you don't pay the price yourself, someone else will probably have to. Bah. listen to me getting all mystical. I'm sorry to bring my religious beliefs into things. I usually try not to talk about them. It's rude to talk about one's religion openly"

<Olympia> "It is acceptable. It is interest to speak of. But by that logic, one would have to do something similar if it was a "good" deed."

<Dumount> "The price of a good deed is much simpler… it's the time, the effort, and the mental anguish of caring about someone. If you perform a good deed without caring about the recipient, then it will fail to help them"

<Olympia> "I do not understand. The act is the same, regardless of caring or not caring, just as the act is to destroy will succeed or fail regardless of personal feeling."

Dumount shakes his head "If you don't care, you don't follow up, you don't make sure it's the right act first. You don't double check. you don't teach, or let them learn. A man who does not care gives the hungry man a fish. A man who does care gives the man gainful employment, challenges their mind body and soul, and convinces them to make themselves better"

<Olympia> "What if he performs those actions regardless, but does not care?"

<Dumount> "A machine could do that. A human cannot. The very act of performing those actions, or at least of doing it properly, will cause a human to start to care

<Olympia> "What if the human was forced to care, as in the scenario we spoke of yesterday? Control though chemical supplements?"

<Dumount> "Caring about something takes a long time, and leaves deep, physical changes in the structure of the brain as interconnection routes change to accommodate it. So when the meds wore off… if the meds worked properly… they would still care"

<Olympia> "But does that not mean that caring is only an evolutionary facet that has not been outgrown yet?"

"Possibly" Dumount says "But it's a necessity. Without it humans would be consumed by their darker urges. Caring is… one of the things that helps the human brain not just focus on rutting, eating, and direct avoidance of danger. It helps humans plan ahead, and perform complex actions, forward thinking, and behavior patterns that are long-sighted instead of short-sighted. And… caring is one of the things that helps humans survive in an analog world by prioritizing what's 'good enough' since perfection is impossible"

<Olympia> "But it also results in actions such as shame, the longterm of which does not seem to hold a logical purpose."

<Dumount> "Shame… shame's longterm effects is a negative stimulus on… evil behavior, and also socially unacceptable behavior. Shame… if you're ashamed you will, ultimately, hurt your victim less then if you are not. Because the shame will cause you to stay your hand, to try to make the victim comfortable while you do your monstrous things to them. A person who does not feel shame… well… it's inefficient to make the victim comfortable. So they won't bother. It promotes inefficient but morally correct behavior"

<Olympia> "Morality is a sought after behavior? It is preferred to be moral over efficient?"

<Dumount> "Yes, it is preferred to be moral over to be efficient. Well… It is preferred to be moral over efficient to one group of humans. Another group had the opposite beliefs, and a third group feels the two should be balanced… and the vast majority would claim to agree with me, and then fail to act in that way"

<Olympia> "But is not morality an ambiguous object, subject to various states of belief?"

<Dumount> "No. Social norms are ambiguous. Morality is not. it is immoral to hurt people, or to cause more harm then you are preventing"

<Olympia> "I… believe I am beginning to understand… Am I immoral?"

<Dumount> "Immoral is applied to actions, not to people"

<Olympia> "I defy social norms, I do not feel shame, even my conception was one from the destruction of others. Was the act of my creation immoral?"

<Dumount> "Social norms are unimportant. Children do not feel shame, and you're… still a child. But… yes. The act of your creation was probably immoral. On the other hand Crow has done many moral acts as well. The balance sheet is on his soul, not on mine, and so I do not know his tally. And undoing your creation is not going to… replenish the morality. It would just make things worse, another being hurt. The way to fix a wrong is with a right, not with another wrong"

<Olympia> "But then where is this balance you speak of regarding this incident?"

<Dumount> "I do not know. Ask your father. If you want, you can take some of his sins upon yourself and try to atone for him, if you fear he has more sin then good and if you care to do so. But… you do not have to. The sins of the parent are only visited upon the child if the child wants them to be. And this is even true for children born in, or of sin"

<Olympia> "This is a highly confusing subject. I am unsure of where I would stand in this. To this logic, is even the Foundation immoral?"

<Dumount> "The Foundation is not an entity. It is simply a system through which weak willed humans try to share the blame for their sins, to reduce the strength of them. And also share their moral acts, to reduce the caring needed. In and of it's self, it is no more immoral then any other bureaucracy. And yes. I am weak willed myself"

"Would you consider my father weak willed?" she hazards gently, a dangerous tone to her voice.

<Dumount> "I have never seen him attempt to fob responsibility for his actions off upon others. So no, I would not consider him weak willed"

<Olympia> "Oh," she finishes, the tone dropped instantly. "I was under the belief that the Foundation existed for the benefit of humanity. Does that not infer morality?"

<Dumount> "No. A lot of things existed for the benefit of morality. The holocaust and the rape of Nanchang were carried out for the benefit of humanity"

<Olympia> "Was that only for the benefit of humanity from the view of those who performed them?"

<Dumount> "Oh, most of Germany and Poland and the Ukraine quite agreed with Hitler's actions, even though they were not the ones who ordered them. A ship full of Jews tried to sail to America to get asylum, and was turned away. In the end, England took them. The Jews, the gypsies, the gays, the disabled and the communists were commonly seen as a pestilence upon humanity, the solution of which was to……wipe them out. And… to be fair there is room to debate exactly where the line of moral behavior stands. I've always felt though, that trying to toe that line was… also immoral in that it's an act of hubris… of vain pride, and of ignoring your own boundaries. I still hear about people wanting to… kill people who have mental disabilities to 'purify the gene pool'. Stupid, it's all stupid. It makes the gene pool more fragile, increases inbreeding, reduces diversity… increases the risk of a single disaster wiping out the whole race"

<Olympia> "But does not diversity cause social tension of illogical reasons?"

<Dumount> "And tension is like a wound up spring. It tends to drive progress. If that tension is properly harnessed it becomes 'let's PROVE we're better then them by doing xyz better then they possibly can!' Instead of "Let's kill those fuckers who are different. And that…. causes progress. Like the space race"

<Olympia> "Competition is good. I believe it is… all things in moderation? That is the key to what you are attempting to explain, correct?"

Dumount nods "Yes. That's about right. Though… genetic cleansing, for the record, is by it's very nature an act of… immoderation. Just want to make sure you're aware of that. Some acts can seem moderate because the act covers several acts in immoderate amounts. Always try to look towards the… components of an action"

<Olympia> "This has proven to be most informative. Thank you for your… intellect."She seems to think on this, and… smiles. "And your presence. It was… fun."

"Ah… you're welcome. and I'm sorry I'm not doing the usual…. flirting things, like… oh, complimenting your beauty. It's just that… physical appearance is so superficial, that I prefer to… well focus on the mind. You certainly seem to pick things up quickly" he responds. "So… it seems to be nearing time for the musical…"

<Olympia> "So it seems. Should we depart?"

Dumount is blushing slightly "Yes…" he puts some money on the table "It's certainly good to have someone to talk about these things with. The others in the Foundation… mostly either wouldn't understand, wouldn't care to try to understand, or would physically attack me at some point"

<Olympia> "Why physically attack you?"

<Dumount> "I mean… I talk with Rights but… well, she has her own view of morality, and I don't like arguing over whether or not it's right to torture child abusers. Um… well because I am annoying, or so they say. Because… I'm a as yet sane man in an insane menagerie, and that makes me an outsider to the group, and thus an acceptable target. Or… so I'd like to believe. I'm probably crazy already in truth"

<Olympia> "I have heard a phrase once. "Those who wonder if they are crazy, are not." Though I am unsure of the veracity of that phrase, but it may be true."

<Dumount> "I've heard it too. The sad truth though is most crazy people are perfectly aware of it. Or at least they sometimes wonder. Anyway… 432 van Allen road is where the theater is"

Olympia nodded as they exited the restaurant, the driver already waiting with the door open. She relayed the location to the driver before getting in quietly, sitting in an exact duplicate of the position she had previously.

"… That looks rather stiff" Dumount comments. "You should relax more, loosen up those muscles some. Constant stiffness can sometimes be hard on the system. I learned how to give massages so I could help people with problems related to muscle stiffness, in fact"

<Olympia> "I would not know. My tissue is… denser than normal. Harder. More resilient."

<Dumount> "Yes well, if you're built off a human frame I bet your back muscles are still strong enough to disaline your spine and cause mild pain, the sort that you forget you have until someone makes it go away. And I bet your muscles still knot up perfectly fine"

<Olympia> "That is possible. The matter that makes up my muscular tissue is much denser than that of of my skeletal structure. Were I to tense too hard, I may actually warp it slightly."

"Then it is in fact, quite likely… Lie down on that seat please…" Dumount says, cracking up his knuckles

Olympia complies, revealing the pale flesh of her back, easily view by the strapless, low backed gown she was clad in.

Dumount puts his hands along her spine, and begins performing some hardcore chiropody
It is indeed quite hard, her skin cool and smooth, the firm muscle beneath like hardening clay wrapped in velvet porcelain. But, Dumount manages to knead the muscles to point, though it is quite straining on the tendons in the hands. He flaps his hands a bit once he's done with Olympia's massage "Well, that was… hard work. Feel any better?"

Olympia rubs her back softly, trailing her fingers across the flesh. "Yes. That was… very interesting."

<Dumount> "Welcome." Dumount says with a smile. "And if I may ask… just… for the safety of anyone you might choose for such things… you're well aware that with that… level of muscle tone you could probably accidentally pop a penis that was… within you like a zit, and smash it into a bloody pulp?"

Olympia considers this. "That is a distinct possibility, though one I had not given much thought to."

<Dumount> "Well… you should think about how your… greater strength might effect things. People might get hurt if you don't. And while there's little immorality in an accident, they're still not good things to have happen, and can be avoided by caring more.”

<Olympia> "I will certainly keep this in mind."

"Good good" Dumount says with a grin, gently touching Olympia's hair, uncertainly running a hand through it.

Olympia doesn't turn around, though smiles slightly.

"Any way…" Dumount says "We appear to have arrived at our destination"

<Olympia> "Oh. Good."

The door is opened again, the driver looking in with a smile. He doffs his hat at the pair. Dumount nods at the driver, and exeunt from the car… accidental putting his foot into the gutter he trips and begins to sprawl forward

Olympia catches him instantly, grabbing him firmly by the scruff of his tuxedo. "Please do not injure yourself."

<Dumount> "I was not attempting to injure myself." Dumount responds "I merely was inattentive in where I was placing my foot"

<Olympia> "I know." She almost smiles again, lifting Dumount to his feet.

<Dumount> "Alright… Well… anyway this is the place…" Dumount takes his feet "Have you ever seen a musical before?"

<Olympia> "No, I have not. My experience of music is near nonexistent."

<Dumount> "Well, I think you'll quite enjoy this… Ah… name's Dumount… yes… prepaid… thank you… ID? Here… good. Alright we can get in. There's no popcorn or soda, it's not like a movie. We do have good seats though"

<Olympia> "Why would we consume "popcorn and soda?" Have we not just had dinner?"

<Dumount> "It's a… traditional thing to do in movie theaters… which are very different from stage theaters"

<Olympia> "Oh. Interesting."

They walk into the theater and get seats near the front so they can see the faces of the actors clearly.
Olympia probably sees other couples in the theater, some holding hands, some where the woman is leaning gently against the man's shoulder. Maybe one or two kissing, and a few gay couples as well.

<Olympia> "Interesting," she whispers quietly.

Right now, on the stage, were preliminaries to the show, people setting up the sets, and actors doing showy, but silly things to warm up in front of the audience and keep them entertained until the show started.

<Dumount> "These are just the preliminaries… show should start in a couple minutes…"

Olympia watches raptly. "Oh."

And then, a bit later, the real show started…

Olympia leans in to Dumount, gesturing towards the couples making out. "What are they doing?"

<Dumount> "Making out…" Dumount responds "Repeated gentle application of the lips to various parts of a partner's body to cause pleasure. … Also French kissing from the looks of it, where one partner gently slides their tongue into the other partner's mouth and the two wind their tongues together in pleasurable ways"

<Olympia> "Oh. Why are they doing it during the musical?"

<Dumount> "Young couples… it's a date thing to do, and young couples are… quite enthusiastic about doing it"

<Olympia> "Oh. It is a "date" thing to do?"

"Yes… and also a… physical thing to do that leads to pleasure… it's something couples do I suppose is a better way to put it. The… precise rate of doing it depends on the couple. But it… happens most often on dates, yes" Dumount says this all nervously, looking a touch flustered

<Olympia> "Does that mean we have to perform this action?"

<Dumount> "Only if you want to" Dumount says looking nervous and flustered

<Olympia> "It would be… interesting."

"Well… if you want to…" Dumount says "Just be careful please not to hurt me by mistake…" he gently kisses her neck as an example. She sits perfectly still, trying to process the feeling. Dumount gently, bashfully, nervously kisses up her neck, slowly from her collar, ending with a gentle kiss on her lips.

Olympia tries to return the action, softly brushing her lips against his own, closing her eyes.

Dumount blushes, his lips quivering nervously against hers with the soft kisses, but he accepts her return kisses with a… nervous but gentle acceptance. Olympia continues for some moments, but eventually pulls away. "That…" she mumbles breathlessly. "Was interesting,"

Dumount blushes hotly "Um… y..yeah it was" he stammers… The play winds down "Well, I guess it's time to go back…"

<Olympia>"I believe so…" she replies, the slight blush fading from her cheeks.

<Dumount> "Um… alright… here" He grabs an artificial flower from a wreath near the chair, and gently slips it into Olympia's hair "A souvenir… shall we… um… go?" He offers his arm.

<Olympia>"Yes."She accepts his arm, leaving quietly with the good doctor.

They head back to the limo quietly in the light of the setting sun. Dumount pauses. "It's been.. years since I've seen a sunset," he says, watching it a moment."Alright…. we can go"

<Olympia>"This was an … enjoyable evening. Thank you."

"Thank you" Dumount responds. He moves to kiss her, then pauses nervously.

<Olympia>"It is… okay."

<Dumount>He gives her a gentle, nervous peck on the lips. Then he darts into the limo, like a slightly frightened animal, still not over his nervousness.

<Olympia>"How odd," she mumbles, slipping in after him.

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