The Abandoned Hall, Pt. 2
  • Lurker is leaning against the wall inside the hallway, and pulls out his PDA to count down. "Nine then…"
  • Lurker keeps counting down the minutes. "Two…" He sighs, closing his eyes.

<Lurker> "Might as well just go in now…"

  • Lurker opens his eyes, counting down the seconds as it flicks to one.

<Rights> "Lurker?"
<Rights> "Are you down this way?"

  • Lurker looks up. "In here."
  • Rights has never been in this part of the building before. "…hey…"

<Lurker> The hallway looks like it hasn't been used in years, however there are two faint trails of clawprints, and what appear to be monkey footprints.
<Lurker> "I was… starting to think you wouldn't come."

  • Lurker puts his PDA back in his pocket.
  • Rights looks around, noting the footprints, but not saying anything. "…I had to." She gives him a soft look. "…I'm sorry me and Iceberg make you uncomfortable…"

<Lurker> "You don't… you're cute… good for each other…" He says, closing the door behind them and sighing as he makes his way around the debris, slowly walking. "Doctor Bright said I could come here when I needed some time to think…"
<Bright> [It should be noted, this hall is utterly wrecked. Looks like something big broke out here, and instead of fixing it, they just sealed it off.]

  • Rights cautiously steps around debris as well. "…oh…it's so quiet."
  • Lurker goes quiet, trying to see if he can hear wind. "I almost think this might be from… a time before…"

<Bright> [No, no wind, it's well sealed. Goes downwards, too.]
<Rights> "…I just wonder what happened…why they didn't rebuild." She says softly, as if listening for something.

  • Lurker nods and keeps walking, looking around at the walls and floor, keeping mostly quiet. "It's eerily peaceful… Although I can't say my first time here was that calming."

<Rights> "…This is…where Bright led you, right?"
<Lurker> "It is… at the end of this hallway…"

  • Rights places a hand unconsciously on her lower stomach. "I could feel…something bad."
  • Rights looks to the end of the hall.
  • Lurker closes his eyes, still moving forward until they reach the end of the hall (which I believe was blocked off by debris). In the middle of the floor is some unsettled dust, as if someone or something was rolling around on the floor. There are faint impressions of a bit of blood as well.

<Bright> [There is a spot at the end of the hall, a containment room that is horribly breached, and one large stone that is still a dull red color.

  • Rights follows after, looking around cautiously but…with curiosity, the urge to explore outweighing the sheer strangeness.
  • Lurker looks at the stone and sits down in the imprint, his tail quivers. "This is where I got the collar…"
  • Rights frowns gently and reaches into her pocket, pulling out the remote and looking at it, before sliding it back in. "…oh…"

<Rights> "…it hurt."

  • Lurker lets out a sigh and goes silent for a few moments. "… Yeah… it hurt…"

<Lurker> "A lot…" He says, looking oddly peaceful, yet still emitting a sad aura.
<Rights> "..I heard." She reaches for his hand gently, voice soft and sorry.

  • Lurker goes quiet again, weakly taking Rights' hand in his. "I don't understand this world…"
  • Rights is quiet for a moment, before looking to him. "…Me neither."

<Lurker> "Everyone claims that religion will guide people, yet there's still so much pain… so much anger…"
<Rights> "…When I was sixteen, I tried to kill myself. Around then's when I realized that I believed in God, not religion…I never could wonder why people would link themselves to rules so…mean, to people. And defend them so fiercely, even when they had never read these rules themselves. Do you know how many religious nuts have actually read the bible? Not that many…"

  • Lurker nods. "And love…"

<Lurker> "Death cannot stop true love, all it can do is postpone it… nothing gets in the way of true love… true love ends in peace…"
<Lurker> "Yet… I still feel sadness… anger… envy…" He opens his eyes and looks up at the stone again. "And I have a feeling that there's not always happy endings."
<Lurker> "What if they decide once I've proved my use, they can just dispose of me?"
<Rights> "Love is never peaceful…" She's quiet a moment. "I want…I wish you could meet my family…someday I hope you can. But…my mother and father…they've taught me that. Love is not unending happiness, or peace…it's love. It endures all foolish emotions, all worries."
<Rights> "…If they dispose of you, they'll have disposed of me…I won't let that happen."
<Lurker> "Agatha… I'm an SCP… we're not meant for this. We're meant to be secured, contained, and protected from and against… I'm not sure… I'm not sure why they decide to test all of a sudden."
<Rights> "…I don't know either. And I worry about it…I wonder what'll happen to our children. If they'll be…contained, or…or…"
<Rights> "…" She looks down at her feet.
<Rights> "…This world is a terrible place, and sometimes I wonder if bringing new life into it is really fair."

  • Lurker nods. "That's also it…" He turns around, standing up slowly and embracing Rights tightly.

<Lurker> "I want you to always remember… whatever happens… be it death, heartbreak, or otherwise… I always will and always have loved you, since the day we met…"
<Lurker> "You… were the first person to say hello to me outside of an experiment… it wasn't even a forced hello."

  • Rights holds Lurker tight as well, biting her lip. "…I love you too, and always will…just promise me that no matter what happens, you won't stop fighting to keep going."
  • Lurker nods and hugs tighter. "I'll fight until I can no longer fight… and then I'll fight twice as hard."
  • Rights nods, sniffing softly. "And I swear, I'll do the same."
  • Lurker looks down, tilting your head up and wiping your eyes with his sleeve lightly. "No crying… You'll make me start." He says quietly.

<Rights> "M'not gonna cry…" She says, eyes watering, blinking quickly to try and hide it. "…if they try to take them…you have to try and take them away from here. Even if I can't make it with you."

  • Lurker goes silent. "I… I don't know if I can… I can take them but… leaving you here…"

<Lurker> "They'd find me, anyhow…"
<Rights> "I'll endure, I always endure…you're fast, and smart, and can hide…I know places, people…who'll hide you…hide them."
<Rights> "I know people outside the foundation, places they can't reach…"

  • Lurker pauses. "I make no promises, other than that I will try to do my hardest to ensure that they… that we grow up as a happy family."
  • Lurker lightly brushes a claw against Rights' cheek, a tiny smile tugging at his mouth.
  • Rights nods softly, a small smile tugging at the edge of her lips as well. "…I promise too, then."
  • Lurker slowly leans forward and plants a gentle kiss upon Rights' lips, holding for a few seconds with his eyes closed before pulling away.
  • Rights kisses back softly, leaning her head on his chest as he pulls back.

<Lurker> "This place is peaceful, despite it's appearance… It reminds me of… well… memories."
<Lurker> "This place holds so many memories… The good… the bad… the forgotten."
<Rights> "..I love old places…they're…peacful. Settled."
<Bright> Tap, tap, clink. Tap, tap, clink. Tap, tap, clink.

  • Lurker nods and looks up towards the entrance.
  • Rights can hear someone coming, but she doesn't move, eyes closed.

<Bright> Bright can be heard walking with his cane, slowly down the hall.

  • Lurker gives Rights another gentle squeeze and sighs. "Hello, Doctor Bright."

<Bright> "Forgive me for interupting, but I feel we need to have a discussion."

  • Rights sighs as well. "…all of us?"

<Bright> "The three of us, yes."

  • Lurker feels his heart drop and nods, closing his eyes. "Of course, Doctor. Anything."

<Lurker> [[ missed an s on hearts ]]
<Bright> "Running away is the worst idea ever."

  • Bright stops, still a good eight feet away.

<Rights> "Yeah, I know."
<Lurker> "I know…"
<Rights> "Nobody ever runs, nobody ever hides. Not successfully."
<Rights> "S'nice to dream."
<Lurker> "Besides… I don't belong out there…"
<Bright> "As long as you co-operate, I can keep the 05s happy."

  • Rights nods. "…Thank you, Bright." Her voice wavers a little. "I know you're doing a huge sacrifice for us, with this…"
  • Lurker nods. "I will co-operate to my fullest, Doctor Bright." He says calmly. "I just… I hope they don't want our children… at least all of them… I can understand if they want to study one grow but…"
  • Lurker swallows.

<Bright> "As long as you both continue to be productive, the studying will be passive. I will ensure this. However, the least signs of disloyalty…"He sighs. "You have no idea the pressure the 05's put on us to produce."

  • Lurker nods again. "I don't ever expect to, but I think you are a truly honorable man for this, Doctor Bright."

<Rights> "I can't imagine." Rights pulls back, finally rubbing at her face and taking in a deep breath, steeling herself. "…We can do this."
<Lurker> "I have no words, in any language that I've studied, to express my gratitude… The closest I can get is…" He pauses for a few moments, thinking, then speaks in Ancient Sumerian, hoping Bright knows it. *"You have taken something that is not human, and wishes to be, and helped shape it towards the path of humanity. For this, you are truly a god among men."*
<Bright> "You have to do it. Like the rest of us, you have no other choice. The only life you will be able to live is here, inside the Foundation." He walks past them, to touch the bloodstained stone. "Here is where your life will stay."
<Iceberg> [Alright alright, you can stop sucking his cock now Lurker ;) ]
<Lurker> [[ Hey I haven't /begun/ man. ]]
<Rights> [No, no, please, continue. I have the camera and everything
<Rights> ]
<Rights> "…I was going to ask if I could visit my parents next week. I…doubt I'll be allowed out to see them as things…" She moves a hand to her stomach. "Progress."
<Bright> "Are you pregnant?" His back to them.
<Lurker> "According to Doctor Dumount… yes…"
<Rights> "Yeah…we don't know anything else at this point, though."
<Rights> "Basic biology tells me this is a fluke, or some horrible mistake, or…or a chimerized egg and things won't work…but…we hope…"
<Rights> "…"

  • Rights trails off.

<Bright> "I'll need weekly updates on your condition, from both you and Dumount. Congrats, he's your obgyn now."

  • Lurker nods slowly. "Yes sir."

<Bright> "The Foundation is not a happy life Rights. If you want happy… you'd have to leave Six behind."
<Rights> "Nothing new there." She says lightly, before nodding. "…If I wanted happy, I would've left two years ago, when you offered to wipe this entire place from my mind, Bright."
<Rights> "There are things more important than happiness."
<Bright> "Just remember Rights. You, at least, will always have a choice." He glances at Lurker. "Some of us don't get to choose."

  • Lurker closes his eyes and nods again, giving a small sigh.

<Rights> "I know. And it's not fair…but I'll survive."
<Bright> "Good." He taps the stone a moment, then turns on his heel. "Then I shall leave you to your encounter. I do advise you not try to go lower then this level, there may be some things still alive down there."

  • Lurker nods, then brings up a hand. "Doctor Bright?"
  • Rights looks highly unnerved by this.
  • Rights knows that when the Foundation says 'things still alive' they don't mean 'survivors'

<Bright> "Yes?"
<Lurker> "It is to my understanding, that in addition to the maid of honor and the best man, the bridge and groom are allowed to pick… I believe it's three additional people to stand up at the alter as well…"
<Lurker> "And erm… since you made all this happen… I was wondering…"
<Bright> "You wish me to be one of your groomsmen?"

  • Lurker nods. "I do."

<Bright> "I appreciate the offer Lurker, but I must respectfully decline. It is imperative that I seem impartial in these matters. Standing at your side in such, it would appear that I was compromised to the O5s"

  • Lurker pauses, then nods. "Completely understandable… you will still be attending though, right? To… oversee the ceremony and report?"

<Bright> "Of course, it is part of my duties as Senior Staff."

  • Lurker smiles and nods. "Then I shall be looking forward to seeing you there."
  • Rights acquires a small smile as well.
  • Bright taps his cane against his forehead, and walks away.
  • Rights is quiet…before breathing out a long sigh of relief, sounding like she'd been holding that in a while.
  • Lurker just stands there smiling, his arm around Rights' shoulders.

<Rights> "…I love you."
<Bright> [Sorry about that, go back to your snuggling!]
<Lurker> "I love you too…" He says, and leans over to gently kiss Rights again. "Come on… let's get back up to the normal le-"

  • Lurker pauses for a second. "I hope he doesn't mind."
  • Rights blinks. "…what?"
  • Lurker slowly moves towards one of the walls and brushes some dust away.
  • Rights looks at what he's doing curiously.

<Lurker> "I… want to see something… apparently that testing with the 'Mostly Apples' sends people to the future…"
<Lurker> "I want to tell them to come here… to see if this will still exist…"

  • Rights blinks. "…Smart…maybe all that Dr. Who's good for you."

<Bright> The sign beneath the dust reads 'SCP-076'

  • Lurker pauses and looks at the sign for a moment, eyes going wide.
  • Rights stares…and gawks.
  • Lurker stands absolutely still. "I… I…"
  • Lurker looks to Rights, then to the stone.

<Rights> "But…but…076 isn't…not here…I mean…"

  • Lurker smiles softly. "Come on… I don't want to ruin this sign…"
  • Rights nods. "…Yeah…"
  • Lurker moves back up the hallway, finding a piece of un-signed wall behind a piece of debris.
  • Rights stares at the sign a bit longer, before following.
  • Lurker carefully etches a very light "AR + 6 - The first of hopefully many" into the wall.

<Bright> [Would like to pont to SCP-963 for
<Lurker> [[ ? ]]
<Bright> clarificiation]
<Lurker> [[ Oh… ]]
<Lurker> [[ Oh shit… ]]
<Bright> [:)]
<Rights> [What?]
<Lurker> [[ This is the hallway Bright /died/ in ]]
<Rights> [[ :< Oh shi- ]]
<Bright> [Way too subtle, huh? I'll have to work on that/]

  • Lurker looks at the engraving, and then to Rights. "What do you think?"

<Rights> [It wasn't way too subtle. I'm just completely incapable of picking up clues]

  • Rights smiles. "…I like it."
  • Lurker nods. "You know… if we succeed…"

<Rights> "…we will."
<Lurker> "… When we succeed…" He smiles again. "I hope it helps the Foundation…"
<Rights> "..Me too." She leans against him.
<Lurker> "We're doing the right thing… it might be horrible at times, but it's life. Life is horrible. The only thing we can do is try to make it less horrible…"

  • Lurker gently takes Rights' hand in him, runing a claw against the ring and closing his eyes. "Come on… let's go back."

<Lurker> [[ him = his ]]
<Rights> "I know…try to make things better, so future generations never have to do the same…lets go."

  • Rights squeezes her hand around Lurker's claws.
  • Lurker heads back up the hallway. Fade to black.
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