The Abandoned Hall, Pt. 1
  • Lurker nods and steps into the hallway, still shaking. "I'm… I'm just so… I don't know what made me say that…"
  • Bright closes the door behind them, and seals it again, before wandering down the hallway, avoiding derbris and ruined bits of site. "They sealed this area of the site off 15 years ago, but I still come here when I need solitude. I can arrange to get you access. It's quite nice to have a place where you can let your emotions out without harming anyone. Now. What

<Bright> is going on?"

  • Lurker looks up at Bright and lowers his head. "I… I thought things were going so well… I was happy… I felt normal…"

<Lurker> "That's all I ever wanted, just to feel normal and accepted… That's why I pushed myself to study and learn so I could be an asset to the Foundation."
<Lurker> "And… when I fell in love, Doctor Bright… you have no idea how normal I felt… how /human/ I felt…"
<Bright> "I may have some clue." As he walks along. The walking helps him feel…useful. His tail twitches.

  • Lurker continues following beside Bright. "And it seems in just one minute… the past comes back… the past comes and steals everything good away…"

<Lurker> "Why does the past always come back, Doctor Bright?"

  • Bright glances down at Lurker. "Because people remember. If we had no memory, the past would not matter."
  • Lurker sighs softly, still hanging his head as he walks on all fours. "I… I just wanted to be happy… have a family… to love…"

<Lurker> "And… and he comes back and ruins it all… everything… I thought after the dreams got fixed, that I could tolerate, maybe even learn to like him…"
<Lurker> "He's a jerk, but he is friendly, and he is smart…"
<Bright> "You will be able to do these things… to a degree." Bright pauses. "I may be missing some history here."

  • Lurker pauses as well. "I… I was having dreams, you see… horrible horrible ones that were so vivid, I'd wake up not able to tell if they actually happened or not…"

<Lurker> "It lead me to develop and overwhelming rage and hatred against… against Doctor Iceberg."
<Bright> "This is not unusual."
<Lurker> "It was… always the same… people trying to hurt my friends, people trying to kill me…" He inhales and coughs softly. "I tried to help… I really did… I always wanted to save them but I couldn't. There was one dream that kept coming back, a Chaos Insurgency raid on all the Sites. I tried to protect everyone at Site 17 but they had just planned too much…"
<Lurker> "I… I even threw myself infront of a rocket for you, Doctor. It hurt so much, and after that, they managed to kill you anyway… We tried to get the necklace but they took it and locked it away…"
<Bright> "Do not worry about me. 963 always finds a way. But, Lurker, if you continue to act in this manner, unpredictable, sanctions WILL be place in effect. We have been lenient with you so far, for many reasons." Bright glances around, frowns, and keeps walking.

  • Lurker nods. "I understand, sir… and I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity… all of these opportunities." He says. "I try to help as best as I can."
  • Lurker pauses again. "But… right… the dreams… there was always one."

<Bright> "Go on."
<Lurker> "Every time… always a subtle change, but the same dream… People would be holding me… Holding Doctor Rights… making me watch them torture her… kill her… rape her…" He winces on the last part and shivers. "I couldn't do anything until after it happened… and then I'd get angry and try to kill them all, but I'd always wake up… it wasn't fair." He coughs again, unsure…
<Lurker> … if it's from the dust or the tears flowing again. "He'd always do something horrible… I wanted him to stop, that's all… And then they did the test to see what was causing it, and I saw them in my mind, they weren't supposed to be there…"
<Lurker> "It helped, the dreams stopped…"
<Lurker> "I was good for the longest time."
<Bright> "Dreams are often like that. Until you learn mental balance, your emotions will continue to over-ride your dreams. Trust me, I know about bad dreams…" He stops again, and climps onto a spot of rubble that has a strange red staining on it. "They?"
<Lurker> "Miss Raelin… Agen- Captain Strelnikov… Doctor Rights… and there was another." He tries to remember, but fails. "They came to make sure I was alright. I tried to catch up with them but the dreams were doing their changing thing, it was hard until they saw /that/ dream… then I managed to stop them and talk… it helped a lot, knowing that they weren't actually being hurt."
<Bright> "They came into your dreams?"
<Lurker> "Yes… It was SCP…" He pauses to think.
<Lurker> [[ And to get someone else to tell me D: ]]
<Lurker> "I think it was a… reverse engineered version of 112…"
<Lurker> [[ No, that's not it ]]
<Lurker> [[ 122 ]]
<Bright> "So, where is the problem now?"

  • Lurker sighs and shakes again, sitting down on the ground. "I… can you make sure I don't get angry? Please?"

<Lurker> "Even if it's just a small zap to calm me down if I'm getting too angry…"

  • Bright chuckles. "Funny, that." He reaches intoa pocket, and pulls out a collar. "The Overseers wanted me to put one of these on you anyways."
  • Lurker blinks at the collar. "Shock Collar?" He asks, then chuckles softly. "Interesting past…" He pauses and nods.

<Lurker> "But… right…"

  • Lurker pauses and takes a deep breath. "When you let me use the hat… and I went to the mall…" He goes silent for a few moments. "I… I bought an engagement ring… I proposed to Agatha a while ago and she… she said yes."
  • Lurker looks down, not wanting to see the expression on Bright's face.

<Bright> It's a very simple metal collar, doesn't actually look like it could do anything, but… "I could rig it to work on you when you became angry, with an override given to certain members of staff, for when you need to be angry. Currently, it's designed to shock you by remote, keep you on locator, and, of course, detonate by remote, should it be needed." Bright
<Bright> Arches an eyebrow. "I know."

  • Lurker nods at the first, then looks up with a weak smile. "Sh-should've known… Kondraki probably knows too… I figure it's better to tell people though, instead of hiding and assuming they know…" He pauses. "It was all going well. We were planning for the wedding, we were… writing a list of names… expecting…"

<Bright> "And then?"

  • Lurker gives out a small cough. Two tears drip into the dust around him. "I was… so happy… so very happy… We even… we even went and did experiments together… holding hands and watching over…"

<Lurker> "And then… this… all this… I don't know why, Doctor Bright… she said she'd…" He coughs again, very obviously choking on the tears. "She said she'd… she'd try and be better for me… and I said the same…"

  • Bright seems unmoved by the emotional display.

<Lurker> "And then… and then he shows up again… and he stole it all away!" He breaks down into a wail and buries his face in his hands.
<Bright> "He who?"
<Lurker> "D-D-Doctor…" he coughs again. "Doctor I-Iceberg…"
<Bright> "What did he do?"
<Lurker> "I… We went to watch auditions for Doctor Heiden's… putting together of 701…" He pauses. "She said she'd meet me in her office. I went to go to my room to change out of the suit I had put together… I found some snacks that I showed to her, that we both enjoy… I was going to surprise her…"
<Lurker> "And I got to her office…" He chokes for a few seconds. "And… And he was there… in her arms…" He closes his eyes tight and grips at the floor.
<Bright> Lurker, are you aware that Rights is a mother figure to half the Foundation?" He doesn't add that's she's a lust figure to the other half.

  • Lurker nods. "I'm… I'm aware Doctor Bright… And I'm aware of her past as well… I thought maybe I could change that… maybe I could be different…" He says, slowly relaxing. "But… I'm nothing but a creature that will never fit in… Just like Batboy…"
  • Bright reaches out and slaps Lurker across the face.
  • Lurker recoils, holding up a hand to his face.

<Bright> "Man up."

  • Lurker looks up, and it starts to sink in. "Oh… oh my god…"
  • Lurker looks disgusted. "I…"
  • Bright arches an eyebrow. "What?"

<Lurker> "I didn't think… it could've just been…" He looks to Bright. "Mothering…" He looks down again. "But… I know that pose… it looked…"

  • Bright tosses Lurker the collar. "Put that on."
  • Lurker takes the collar and puts it on carefully.

<Bright> "Now. What you just said to me is that Rights is a girl you are willing to die for. One you want to spend your life with. One you want to have spawnlings with." Bright looks Lurker square in the eyes. "But only if she changes to fit your expectations fo what she should be?"

  • Lurker blinks and goes silent for a few seconds. "No… no of course not. I love her the way she is." He blinks again. "Oh… I see…"

<Bright> "Do you?" Bright fingers his cane. "Rights is a loving person. She likes to make people feel better. Whether its by hugging them, listening to them, or placing her lips around their cock, it's what she does. And if you have a problem with her doing that… you have a problem with her."

  • Lurker nods and closes his eyes. "I… I see…" He pauses for a few moments, absolutely silent.

<Lurker> "… Thank you Doctor Bright…"
<Bright> "I mean, let's face it, she's a slut."

  • Lurker bites his lower lip, deciding not to say anything.

<Bright> "And she's not even very good at it."Absently speaking. "Really kind of loose. And she makes those annoying sounds when she orgasms." He shudders. "And her body odor… seriously, fat girls need to wear deodorants."
<Rights> [RUDE <3 I love you, Bright.]

  • Lurker winces, still keeping quiet. He knows doing anything would be a bad idea.
  • Bright may be trying to provoke Lurker. In fact, it's probable. "And it's not like she could ever love you, either. I mean, you're not even human. It's like having sex with a horse. Although I hear she likes that too."
  • Lurker shakes slightly, trying to block it out. It's not working all that well. He hangs his head forward and bites down on his lip harder, drawing a bit of blood.
  • Bright appears to be paying no attention to Lurker, just rambling. "But, y'know, she doesn't look all that human either, that's probably why you like her so much, a screwed up sense of beauty. And the fact that she fucks anything with a penis."
  • Lurker barks out. "Shut up! Just shut up!" He looks up, eyes still silver. "You wouldn't know anything about love, all you know is how to cause pain to people and things! All any of you know how to do is cause pain! That's why the SCPs are violent, because they're /scared/ of you!"
  • Lurker blinks after the outburst and goes quiet.
  • Bright , as Lurker begins to yell, presses a button on his cane, delivering a shock through the collar.
  • Lurker grabs up at his neck and twitches, falling to the ground and writhing. He yelps out and shivers until the shocks stop, then goes still.

<Bright> "I mean hell, she killed he own kids, and was fucking people a week later."

  • Lurker grits his teeth together. "I'll prove it!"

<Bright> "Didn't she already have a fiance? That Chris guy? Or did you eat him too?"

  • Lurker shakes his head. "Please… just stop… please…" He whimpers out.
  • Bright gives Lurker another zap. "You stop. Do you have any idea what this is all about? Do you? Do you think this is just about you and Rights shacking up and living your lovely little alternative lifestyle here under the foundation roof? Do you have any idea how many regulations I've broken for you?"
  • Lurker twitches again, writhing on the ground with his hands gripping tightly at the collar, panting.

<Lurker> "I'm sorry… I'm s-sorry…" He whines out, tugging at the collar.
<Bright> "Do you have any clue what I'm trying to do here?" Bright hops to his feet, circling Lurker. "You're an anomaly, a rarity, a once in a lifetime opportunity." Another zap. "Don't touch the collar, it's designed to go off if you fuck with it." Bright stands behind him. "Six… You have more freedom then I was given for two decades. Do you have any clue WHY?"

  • Lurker lets go of the collar, accepting the shocks and reacting accordingly. He weeps quietly with each zap. "No… I d-don't…" He gasps out, feeling weak. "Wh-why… why?"
  • Lurker isn't thinking clearly at the moment, or he might've been able to piece it together.

<Bright> "You're an experiment. You're a test. You're the first. You ARE an SCP, you ARE one of those things we're trying to protect people from. You are MY pet project. I WANT you to succeed. You succeed, and we pave the way to give a more normal life to ALL humanoid SCPs. The O5's? Mostly staunch republicans. The whole you, Rights thing squicks them the fuck out. Martians want our women. But I've gone to bat, told them this is proof of you basic usability. And here you sit, crying because your woman was comforting a fellow employee who was feeling down."

  • Lurker looks up. His PDA beeps in his labcoat pocket, but he ignores it. "You… you want me to… succeed?" He looks up, blinking a few times, then lets it all sink in. "You want to… help us…" He pauses. "Oh god… I'm so sorry… I…" He raises a hand to his head, slowly pushing himself back into a sitting position, then looks up, nodding. "I understand now… I /will/ succeed Doctor Bright."

<Lurker> "…Thank you…" He says after a few seconds of silence. "Thank you for everything… I won't let you down…"
<Bright> "You damn well better not. You are a monster Six. You need to prove yourself useful. Being an emo cunt doesn't win you any points with the big boys."

  • Lurker nods again a few times. "Yes sir… I'm sorry sir…" He says, almost eagerly.

<Bright> Bright grunts. "Now, I'll get you access here. You feel out of control, come here, work it out here. No one has cameras down here." Except for Bright. "And don't you fail me boy. I have big plans for your future."

  • Lurker smiles and nods, scrambling up to his feet and standing tall. "Thank you, Doctor Bright…" He pauses. "I… suppose asking if I could give you a hug for all you've done would be inappropriate…"

<Bright> "I will shock the shit out of you boy."
<Bright> "Now get the fuck out of here."

  • Lurker nods with a small chuckle. "Yes sir…" He says, then pauses for a few minutes. "Thank you, Doctor…"
  • Lurker crouches down and takes off down the hallway on all fours.
  • Bright does a little dance.
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