That Thing In The Corner

Name: That Thing In The Corner, a.k.a. Thing, TTITC, or That Thing.
Position: Not Applicable


Sneaking: 5
Climbing: 3
Perceiving Subtle Changes: 2





*Tentacles: Lacking hands, TTITC has an extensive supply of tentacles, all of which are quite sensitive and therefore useful for fine manipulation. It can control these tendrils with astonishing agility, typically using them for seamless locomotion, as well as manipulation of objects. In particular, within its mass of smaller tendrils, most of which are five feet long, are three "feeder" tendrils that extend to around ten feet and are widened and flattened at the base, allowing them to roll over like hands and grasp things. +1 to situations where multiple arms would be advantageous.


*Aura of Shadows: TTITC is constantly surrounded by a flickering aura of shadows. These extend somewhat from the creature's body, protecting it from minor exposure to light, and reflect off surfaces much the way light does. In dim or poorly lit areas, TTITC is incredibly hard to see, though in areas with normal illumination, it gives off an almost bioluminescent glow that makes its presence more obvious. +1 to Sneaking.


*Night-vision: TTITC sees flawlessly in the low-light conditions, down to, and even in, total darkness.


*Luminophobia: TTITC is extremely sensitive to light, particularly natural light. Diffuse artificial light, such as that provided by typical fluorescent bulbs, while not desired, is not dangerous, but anything stronger than an intense flashlight beam is painful to TTITC, causing it to emit a high-pitched shriek followed by an attempt to flee the light source with all haste it can muster.


*A sort of averted SCP, That Thing In The Corner is an incredibly non-threatening entity discovered in the London Underground in 2005. Living on a diet of dust, dropped foodstuffs, insects and the occasional rat that it could catch, it was examined and determined to be intelligent. After learning rudimentary language skills, it was quickly found to be entirely non-threatening, to the point that the scientist responsible for its care would regularly leave its container door open and converse with the entity, even bringing it treats, TTITC preferring sugar-laden ones to plainer varieties.

Eventually, these visits became so frequent and casual that the attending scientist left the door open and TTITC escaped from its containment, traveling along the hallways until it found the scientist… And promptly asked for several of the sugar packets he was pouring into his coffee. Since then, TTITC has been allowed to roam freely within the building, or at least as freely as anyone else without an official mandate to be allowed into securer elements of it. It tends to rest in its container at night, and cannot leave the building during the day. It also understands its odd nature and has no desire to see an end to an apparently infinite supply of sugar, so it has not mounted any escape attempt to date.

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