Test 3

Test 3 takes place in a sealed test chamber, as before.

[00:22] * Lurker is sitting quietly inside of the room already.
[00:22] * Dumount is sitting, female, with bright pink hair
[00:23] * Rights is also sitting quietly, giggling every so often and fiddling with with her PDA.
[00:23] * Dumount has a weird grin, and hair all over
[00:26] * Dumount is sitting on top of lurker
[00:26] * Lurker has Dumount in his lap, and his head resting on Rights' shoulder.
[00:27] * Rights already looks a little sleepy and sluggish.
[00:29] * Dumount waits for Clocks
[00:29] * DrAuteu walks in
[00:29] * Agent_Strelnikov walks in as well.
[00:30] * Clocks walks in. He's surprised that there are people already in the lab, as he only left the breakroom a few minutes ago to use the bathroom. Word got out fast, it seems.
[00:30] * Rights waves at people as they walk in.
[00:30] * Rights is magic like that.
[00:30] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles.
[00:30] * Heiden walks in. He doesn't know whether to be ready to be amused, terrified, or merely nervous.
[00:31] * Dumount also waves at people
[00:31] * Clocks sets up the green two-hose hookah on the table in the center of the room, then checks the vents.
[00:31] * Daphne pokes her head into the lab. "Gettin' into stuff?"
[00:32] * Clocks is still setting out the boxes of different flavors he has. "Hmm? Yes, this room is signed out for testing."
[00:34] <Daphne> "Sweet." She unfolds her rifle from her pocket. "I'm here to keep an eye out."
[00:34] * Agent_Strelnikov stands by the window and crosses his arms.
[00:35] * Rights gets up to stand near the windows to watch, yawning slightly.
[00:35] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Daphne, never having met her before.
[00:36] * Gerald walks into the room.
[00:37] * Clocks shrugs once he's set up.
[00:37] * Daphne nods back. She might not actually exist, so it's all cool.
[00:37] <Clocks> "Who first, and what flavor?"
[00:37] <Dumount> "So… who goes first?" dumount asks
[00:37] <Dumount> "Do you have… Pamillion?"
[00:37] * Dr_Magnus strolls by the lab, whistling, and carrying a test tube of something glowing.
[00:38] <Clocks> "What's a pamilion?"
[00:38] <Dumount> "Dandilion"
[00:38] <Clocks> "…Oddly yes, I do."
[00:38] * Gerald starts the paperwork for the session.
[00:38] * Dr_Magnus looks into the lab. "Hello everyone."
[00:39] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Magnus.
[00:39] <Rights> "If you have apple or cinnamon or vanilla, I call it, but I don't wanan go first!"
[00:39] * Clocks fills the top, then gets ready to light the coal. "Oh, hey, Dr. Magnus. Come in, shut the door."
[00:39] * Dr_Magnus walks in, putting the test tube into a containment area.
[00:39] <Gerald> "I think I'll wait a test or two to go."
[00:40] * Dr_Magnus sits down, looking curiously at the device. "This should be interesting.]
[00:40] * Daphne racks a bullet into the chamber, and then stands at the ready.
[00:40] * Gerald gets the switch ready.
[00:40] <Rights> "Heya Daphne!"
[00:41] * Rights smiels and waves at her. "I don't think a shotgun's gonna be much help when everything's made of smoke…"
[00:41] <Dumount> "I already went. You won't learn anything new if I go again"
[00:41] <Gerald> "Oh, hello…Daphne. Don't think we met before."
[00:41] * Gerald holds out his hand.
[00:41] <Gerald> "I'm Dr. Gerald."
[00:41] * Dr_Magnus looks at Daphne wide eyed.
[00:41] * Daphne nods to Rights. "Hey darlin." And she nods coldly to Gerald. "Agent Smitts."
[00:41] <Dr_Magnus> "Well hello there, I don't think we've met either."
[00:41] * Agent_Strelnikov nods and smiles at Daphne pleasantly.
[00:41] <Gerald> "…."
[00:41] * Gerald withdraws his hand.
[00:42] <Gerald> ._.
[00:42] <Gerald> "Okay."
[00:42] <Clocks> "So… who's going first? Gerald?"
[00:42] <Daphne> "It's not a shotgun, it's a rifle. And it's special." She winks at Rights. "Tope of the line tech."
[00:42] <Gerald> "Er."
[00:42] <Dr_Magnus> "Really now? How so Daphne?"
[00:42] * Heiden nods to Daphne upon seeing her reaction to Dr. Gerald. "Dr. Frederick Heiden," he says curtly.
[00:42] <Rights> "That's never not intimidating."
[00:42] * Agent_Strelnikov waves and introduces himself. "Captain Strelnikov. Dmitri Arkadeyevich."
[00:43] * Daphne glances at Magnus. "Little. Yellow. Different."
[00:44] * Agent_Strelnikov 's greeting is ignored. No matter. He turns back to the window.
[00:44] * Dr_Magnus grins. "Nice. I once made a handgun that divided by zero."
[00:44] * Rights keeps looking out the window. Wheeeeeee!
[00:44] * Rights is a little excited.
[00:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Rights, you are try this today?"
[00:45] * Daphne salutes Strelnikov absently, didn't mean to ignore him.
[00:45] * Heiden is mostly unsettled by the descriptions he's heard of this thing.
[00:45] <Clocks> "Any volunteers? Seriously…?"
[00:45] * Agent_Strelnikov salutes back. Eyes in the back of his head, mother fucker.
[00:45] <Rights> "I think so…I mean, my dreams aren't very cohesive, but I'd like to try, I gues."
[00:45] <Rights> "…Anybody want to go first?"
[00:45] * Heiden thought it was a good idea at the time, now he's just a little uneasy.
[00:45] * Gerald prepares the magic 'stop' switch.
[00:45] <Heiden> "I'd like to observe one before I volunteer to go."
[00:46] * Daphne has a magic stop switch too. Click.
[00:46] <Dumount> "Fine"
[00:46] <Dumount> "I'm harmless"
[00:46] <Dumount> Dumount says with a sigh, steppng forward
[00:46] <Dumount> "This is going to be horribly embaressing
[00:46] <Dr_Magnus> "I don't think my dreams are what people want to see."
[00:46] * Clocks rolls his eyes. "I can go again, but my last one took twelve hours. Here, Dumount. Take the hose."
[00:46] * Dumount takes the hose, takes a puff
[00:46] * Clocks ignites the coal after sealing his helmet.
[00:47] <Dumount> At first there were no apperent changes… then… everyone in the room started getting scarier
[00:47] <Dumount> Their most frightning features becoming more prominent…
[00:47] * Daphne 's gun becomes freaking HUGE.
[00:48] * Lurker turns into a tall, large shadow with glowing red eyes.
[00:48] <Heiden> The dark circles under Heiden's eyes grow, and shadows begin to play across his face. Eventually, his eyes disappear entirely, just murky craters of blackness in his face.
[00:48] * Daphne also has a shadow behind her, that looks rather like Clef gazing over her shoulders. Seriously, she's usually not that scary.
[00:49] <Dumount> The mists started forming into figures into the middle of the room. It was the room full of dumounts again, african, Asian, female male
[00:49] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't change much. He's pretty scary as is.
[00:49] * Dr_Magnus starts to look like an old man, with large crows feet under his eyes, staring angrily at Dumount.
[00:49] <Dumount> One of them, a somewhat short woman, steps close again "You come to yourself like that, and you still deny?"
[00:49] * Gerald watches intently.
[00:49] <Dumount> "Shut up" Dumount responds
[00:49] * Rights doesn't really seem to be changing to be any more intimidating….but a ghosting of gray mist emphasizes her harsher features, making her look quite…upset.
[00:50] <Dumount> "But we are you" "No… I swear to god you are not. You think you are, but you are not. You're something the foundation put in my head to torment me"
[00:50] <Heiden> Heiden looks like a caricature of himself, drawn by a demented, evil cartoonist.
[00:50] <Dumount> "The foundation doesn't have that power"
[00:50] * Clocks grows wings from the back of his armored suit. And a tail. And horns. Deal with demons too much, and… well.
[00:50] <Dumount> "… Shut up, go away. Let me have my normal dreams"
[00:50] <Dumount> "These are your…" "YES AND I TELL YOU TO SHUT UP EVERY TIME"
[00:51] <Dr_Magnus> "I think dumount's going off the deep end."
[00:51] <Dumount> The plateu vanishes, leaving a large, throbbing darkness like a bleeding heart
[00:51] <Gerald> "Yep."
[00:51] <Rights> "Eh, I think that's NORMAL for Dumount…"
[00:51] <Clocks> "Cancel the projection."
[00:51] <Dr_Magnus> "Fair enough."
[00:51] * Rights frowns slightly.
[00:51] <Gerald> "Yessir."
[00:51] <Dumount> Dumount relaxes as the throbbing darkness appears
[00:51] * Gerald pulls the switch.
[00:51] <Dumount> A bright light flashes in the darkness moments before the switch is pulled
[00:51] <Dumount> A doctos face can be seen
[00:52] <Dumount> Then the smoke disapates
[00:52] <Clocks> The smoke is vented from the room in a rush of pressurized air. Locke apologizes to anyone who was wearing a skirt.
[00:52] * Daphne smoothes her skirt down, glaring at Locke. The commando goes commando, apparently.
[00:52] * Rights smooths down her skirt and chuckles. Refreshing!
[00:52] * Dr_Magnus giggles uncontrollably.
[00:52] * Heiden hesitates a moment. "So, uh… my turn?"
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Go, Doktor Heiden!"
[00:53] <Rights> "Do it, Heiden!"
[00:53] <Clocks> "As you can see, you remain entirely conscious and self-aware. The effects on your mind are purely psychological, stemming from exposure to your dreams. Who's next?"
[00:53] <Gerald> "Heiden, I guess."
[00:53] * Heiden swallows for a moment, then nods. "Okay… okay, then."
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is not so bad."
[00:53] <Clocks> "What flavor?"
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I was only stab in back once, yes?"
[00:53] * Agent_Strelnikov chuckles.
[00:53] * Dumount sits in the corner, shivering slightly
[00:53] * Clocks has an array of choices.
[00:53] <Dr_Magnus> "Not so bad. Strel, last time you nearly died."
[00:54] * Daphne tilts her head, thinking. Her dreams…mhmm.
[00:54] * Rights holds out her arms for Dumount.
[00:54] * Heiden shrugs. "I, er, don't smoke. No real opinion there, whatever you like."
[00:54] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "This thing is happen sometime. No matter."
[00:54] <Clocks> "Want to try Double Apple?"
[00:54] * Heiden shrugs. "Sounds good to me."
[00:54] * Dumount passivly lets Rights hug him
[00:54] <Dumount> "I… hate sleeping"
[00:55] * Rights hugs Dumount tightly. "Yeah, I know."
[00:55] * Clocks places the sticky molasses-leaf mix in the ceramic bowl, covers it with the grill surface, and replaces the already-lit coal. He's loving the suit, as he can do it with his hands for once. "Ok, just inhale in puffs through this hose. When it starts the dream, I'll take over."
[00:56] * Dr_Facette just watches, notepad brought along for the dreaming session - purposefully, this time. She can actually take notes!!
[00:56] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Facette. He didn't realize she was here.
[00:56] * Daphne watches Facette, and smiles.
[00:57] * Gerald is writing this on the standard experiment documenting paperwork.
[00:57] <Heiden> The room darkens dramatically as smoke begins to fill the room.
[00:57] * Dr_Magnus nods at Facette. "Evening."
[00:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh great. He is dream of Chechens."
[00:57] <Heiden> Light patterns in the smoke emulate the flashing emergency lights of Site 19.
[00:57] * Dr_Facette nods back to the others, smiling softly.
[00:57] <Daphne> "You new here?" To Facette
[00:58] <Dr_Magnus> "Uh oh."
[00:58] <Clocks> "That's odd, I've never seen it EMIT light like that…"
[00:58] <Heiden> Shapes clear in the smoke, humanoid, but undefined. One is on the ground, a woman.
[00:58] <Heiden> "No, no, not /this/ dream, no!"
[00:58] <Dr_Facette> "I am. Adelaide Facette."
[00:58] * Dr_Facette takes notes, watching intently. … Hmmmm.
[00:58] <Clocks> "Should we vent it?"
[00:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….No."
[00:59] <Dr_Magnus> "Not yet."
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Wait."
[00:59] * Gerald keeps his fingers close to the switch, just in case.
[00:59] * Clocks waits…
[00:59] <Heiden> The woman sits up and tries to say something - actually, she's raising her arm to Heiden.
[00:59] <Heiden> She's also incredibly heavily armed.
[00:59] <Daphne> "Agent Daphne Smitts. Pleasure to meet you."
[01:00] <Heiden> A smoky replica of SCP-963 flies out of the mist and impacts her - and she slumps to the floor.
[01:00] * Dr_Magnus raises an eye at the smoke figure. "My kinda dream."
[01:00] <Heiden> "Oh… Oh, god…"
[01:00] * Dr_Magnus raises his eyebrow. "nevermind."
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[01:00] <Heiden> The smoke floods in again… when it clears, there is a single figure standing there, clearly defined. Dr. Jack Bright, as a chimpanzee.
[01:01] <Daphne> "Hmm."
[01:01] * Heiden stares at Dr. Bright for a moment, before letting loose, infuriated.
[01:01] <Heiden> "What the /fuck/ is wrong with you, you can't just /do/ that to a person!"
[01:02] <Gerald> "Huh."
[01:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…This poor man."
[01:02] <Heiden> Dr. Bright responds - the voice is not his own. "Dr. Heiden, the Foundation must make sacrifices, as must we all. We all have a role to play, and you must work with us… or /against/ us."
[01:02] <Dr_Magnus> "That's some major Bright-angst."
[01:03] * Daphne is nodding her head.
[01:03] <Heiden> Dr. Bright continues speaking, "Now if you don't mind, there's work to be done." Smoky tendrils hold Heiden back as 'Dr. Bright' turns around, walking towards a restrained individual.
[01:04] * Gerald wonders how Dr. Bright will respond when he reads the report.
[01:04] <Heiden> The restrained person sobs and cries, "Please, oh god, please don't! Pleas-" as Dr. Bright places SCP-963 squarely on their forehead.
[01:04] <Heiden> Heiden screams, "You sick son of a bitch! You fucking monster!" before slumping in the tendril's grasp and sobbing softly.
[01:04] * Rights winces.
[01:05] <Dumount> "… I remember that one"
[01:05] * Dumount whispers to rights
[01:05] * Gerald pulls the switch.
[01:05] * Agent_Strelnikov nudges Gerald.
[01:05] * Dr_Facette … frowns..
[01:06] * Heiden slumps to the ground as the smoke clears, holding himself tightly.
[01:06] * Agent_Strelnikov turns and gives Facette a look that says 'Give the man a hug.'
[01:06] <Heiden> "Oh god, oh god, it had to be that dream…"
[01:06] * Heiden rocks back and forth slightly.
[01:06] * Dumount gives Heiden a hug
[01:06] * Dumount also gives Heiden a kiss on the cheek
[01:06] <Clocks> The room vents again the same way, hopefully this time with enough predictability for Daphne and Rights.
[01:07] <Daphne> "Gaaaaay… WHOO!" Damn that wind!
[01:07] * Dr_Facette does. She strides right on forward and /grabs/ Heiden, quite nearly shoving Dumount aside with a /glare/ and wrapping her arms around him. "… Dr. Heiden. Listen to me."
[01:07] * Heiden doesn't swat Dumount away, nor does he return the embrace. He… doesn't really do much of anything.
[01:07] <Dr_Facette> "… It's just a dream. You're fine now."
[01:07] <Gerald> "Wow. You okay, Fred?"
[01:07] * Rights blinks and looks around. "…I suppose I should go next….don't worry, Heiden. S'allright…"
[01:07] * Lurker blinks and raises a claw, blushing.
[01:08] * Rights blinks. "Hm?"
[01:08] * Heiden wraps his arms around Adelaide and buries his head in her shoulder. He /really/ didn't want that to be the dream everyone saw.
[01:08] <Gerald> "I guess I'll go after Dr. Rights."
[01:08] <Dr_Facette> "Call the spot after Gerald."
[01:08] * Dr_Facette nuzzles him, stroking his hair.
[01:08] <Dr_Magnus> "I'd like to go after Gerald, if you'd nevermind."
[01:08] * Agent_Strelnikov shakes his head. "Not everyone has the dance dream, it is seems."
[01:08] <Lurker> "I wouldn't mind going…"
[01:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I, too, wish for make another go."
[01:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Last night I had wonderful dream."
[01:09] <Clocks> "Popular tonight. Damn, I'm after Dimitri."
[01:09] * Dr_Magnus scoots back slightly. "Perhaps I shouldn't go today."
[01:09] <Lurker> "What's the order?"
[01:09] <Gerald> "Rights, me, Adelaide, Dmitri."
[01:09] <Clocks> "You wanted in, Lurker?"
[01:10] * Lurker nods.
[01:10] <Clocks> "You can go before me."
[01:10] <Lurker> "I feel good today, hopefully my dreams will reflect this."
[01:10] <Lurker> "Perhaps I should go last… incase it is otherwise."
[01:10] <Rights> "I'll go next, then…"
[01:10] <Clocks> "And Rights… Vanilla Cinnamon?"
[01:10] <Clocks> "Or what was it?"
[01:11] <Rights> "Something like that sounds good." She smiles as she goes to the hookah, hoping that the smoke won't bother her lungs too much.
[01:11] <Dr_Facette> "… Are you okay, Fred?"
[01:11] * Lurker sits behind Rights, a few steps away, ready to catch her if anything happens.
[01:11] * Dr_Magnus reflects on his own dreams. "I apologize my friends, but I must be going." He walks out rather hurriedly.
[01:11] * Gerald watches with interest.
[01:11] * Clocks fills it, then adjusts the coal for a milder, cooler smoke.
[01:11] <Gerald> "So long, Magnus.
[01:12] * Dumount tickles lurker
[01:12] <Clocks> "Go ahead."
[01:12] * Agent_Strelnikov wonders why Magnus left. He shrugs and turns back to watch Rights.
[01:12] * Dumount is still a bit… stressed from her own dream
[01:12] <Rights> "Lurker, it'll be fine…"
[01:12] * Heiden straightens slightly and dries his eyes. "I'm… I'll be fine." He looks at the group and says defensively, "Well, now you know why I drink."
[01:12] <Lurker> "I know… but still, Doctor."
[01:12] * Agent_Strelnikov offers Heiden his flask of vodka.
[01:12] * Lurker smiles at Rights.
[01:12] <Lurker> "I am to protect you with my life."
[01:12] <Gerald> "Heiden, I understand how you feel."
[01:12] * Rights nods to Lurker, before taking a first tentative puff, coughing automatically before calming down and puffing again. "Hm…not so bad…"
[01:12] * Heiden gratefully accepts it, and takes a long pull before returning it.
[01:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is just follow instruction, Doktor Rights," he calls out, smiling.
[01:12] * Clocks offers Heiden a hand to shake. "I think it was a reasonable dream."
[01:13] <Gerald> "Don't worry Lurk, I have my hand on the cancel switch."
[01:13] * Lurker smiles at Dmitri. "That too."
[01:13] * Heiden shakes Clock's hand. "Thanks."
[01:13] * Rights chuckles about Lurker. "I'll be fine! Please!" She says, as the smoke starts to form, taking a bit for her.
[01:13] * Lurker nods to Gerald. "However, if we get another incident like poor Dmitri here, I'd rather be the one injured."
[01:13] * Clocks nods to him before going back up to take over producing smoke.
[01:14] * Gerald nods slightly. "I'll be watchful."
[01:14] * Daphne keeps an eye on Rights smoking. Kinda nice to watch.
[01:14] * Gerald keeps his hand on the switch.
[01:14] * Agent_Strelnikov nudges Gerald and murmurs. "If you are dream of Claudia, will we see her in smoke?"
[01:14] <Gerald> "…."
[01:14] <Dumount> "What happened?'
[01:14] * Gerald blushes immediately.
[01:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Huh?"
[01:16] * Rights is quiet as the smoke slowly starts to form, the shapes somewhat hazy and indistinct, with little smears of color here and there, gradually forming a garden around her, with delicately coiled vines and flowers.
[01:17] * Daphne raises an eyebrow. "Interesting symbolisim."
[01:18] <Rights> "…Well, this isn't so bad…I don't rememebr this,though." She mutters, looking over at Lurker, before, shifting backwards, the smokey gray ground and grass under her feet starting to buckle upwards, cracking as she steps back away from it.
[01:18] * Gerald keeps his hand on the switch.
[01:19] * Dumount seems tense
[01:19] * Dumount watches Rights intensly
[01:20] * Heiden watches intently.
[01:20] * Dr_Facette takes notes. n__n
[01:21] * Rights just looks at the patch of upturned earth as it still, settling, leaving a dark, gaping space, and nervously approaches it. "…Just for the record, Clocks…I can't actually fall if it's just smoke and I'm ina solid room, ri-" She cut off with a yelp as the ground under her own feet at the edge crumbled away, and in an interesting effect…the scenery moved around her, giving her the…
[01:21] * Rights …illusion of falling even though her feet were securely on the ground, enveloping her for a second before she was simply in a dark, indistinct space.
[01:21] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters a curse under his breath.
[01:21] <Clocks> "I was about to answer that…"
[01:21] * Gerald keeps a close eye on it.
[01:22] * Rights looks around nervously, the smoke clinging to the air around her, putting everything in a dark haze.
[01:22] <Gerald> "…."
[01:22] <Lurker> "Doctor?"
[01:22] <Heiden> "…no one that works here sleeps easy, do they?"
[01:22] <Gerald> "Alright, if we completely lose visibility, I'm pulling the switch."
[01:22] <Dr_Facette> "No. No, definitely not."
[01:22] <Rights> "Lurker, I'm fine…"
[01:22] <Rights> "I can still see you guys."
[01:22] * Dumount cuddles with Lurker
[01:22] <Gerald> "Still…."
[01:23] * Heiden laughs mirthlessly. "You know, that actually makes me feel a little better."
[01:23] * Lurker nods and hugs Dumount.
[01:23] <Daphne> "I do."
[01:23] <Dr_Facette> "… Sorry."
[01:23] * Dr_Facette offers Heiden a kiss on the cheek. It's awkward. And nervous. And clumsy. Fail, Ade. Fail.
[01:23] <Dumount> "Yeah… I have a list of employies who sleep well"
[01:23] <Dumount> "It's a somewhat shorter list then the list who do not"
[01:24] <Rights> She waves awkwardly, still visable from at least the waist up more or less, even though she seems to be stumbling about a little, legs and feet completely blanked out. "…You know, this part seems famili-OW." She tripped, dissapearing into the darker smoke towards the floor, immediately shouting "I'm good! Don't end it! I think I found something!"
[01:24] <Gerald> "…."
[01:24] <Dumount> "Did you find happiness? Or love?"
[01:24] * Dumount asks rights
[01:24] * Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek idly.
[01:24] * Gerald doesn't pull the switch, but he seems a bit apprehensive.
[01:24] * Heiden turns his head, returning the kiss and holding Adelaide close.
[01:24] * Agent_Strelnikov leans over and murmurs to Gerald. "I was expect completely different."
[01:24] <Gerald> "Hm."
[01:25] * Dr_Facette goes -red- in the face.
[01:25] <Rights> There a very quiet moment, withthe sound of Rights scrabbling about, before she shreiks, and flails an arm into visability, something hidden in the darkness growling feraly. "OKAY OKAY THROW THE SWITCH END IT END IT"
[01:25] * Gerald pulls it.
[01:25] * Gerald moved immediately.
[01:25] <Clocks> The room vents again.
[01:25] * Dumount lunges for Rights
[01:25] * Daphne immediately drops her hands to her skirt
[01:25] * Lurker rushes forward and pulls Rights close.
[01:25] * Gerald also hits the emergency vent button.
[01:25] <Lurker> "Doctor?"
[01:25] * Dumount does so at the exact same time as lurker
[01:25] <Dumount> The two smack into each other while doing so
[01:26] <Gerald> The containment cell opens extra vacuums, and fills with some common smoke.
[01:26] <Rights> As the smoke dissipates, vague, darker forms can be seeing trying to cling around Rights, a tangle of arms and legs and fresh bruises on her before they fade off. "…"
[01:26] <Rights> "…Dumount."
[01:26] <Gerald> "What happened?"
[01:26] <Dumount> "Rights"
[01:26] * Dumount hugs her close
[01:26] * Rights mutters quietly, still laying on the floor. "…I think my stitches are open again."
[01:26] * Dumount checks her stitches
[01:27] * Dumount redoes them with speed and skill
[01:27] <Gerald> "What *was* that."
[01:27] <Rights> True enough, there's a fresh splotch of blood running across her back, but she doesn't seem to be scared or worried, just…confused.
[01:27] * Lurker runs his hand through Rights' hair. "Are you alright? What… was it?"
[01:27] <Rights> "…You…REALLY don't want to know."
[01:27] <Gerald> "Sorry, but I do."
[01:27] * Dumount blinks
[01:27] * Dumount covers lurker's ears
[01:27] <Gerald> "This is an official experiment, everything has to be recorded."
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Rights, want me for helps you up?"
[01:28] * Rights quietly shifts, trying to hide the fact that her underwear is a few feet away. "No, no…it was nothing important."
[01:28] * Lurker blinks at Dumount. He doesn't have ears.
[01:28] * Dumount blinks at lurker
[01:28] * Gerald shrugs. "Regulations, sorry."
[01:28] <Dumount> 'How long have you not had ears?"
[01:28] * Lurker blinks at Rights.
[01:28] * Agent_Strelnikov nudges Gerald and steps out onto the floor.
[01:28] * Dumount redoes the stitches AGAIN nerviously
[01:28] * Lurker growls softly. "What… was that?"
[01:28] * Dumount tries to sew them smaller
[01:28] * Rights gets up carefully. "Tactile dreaming…"
[01:28] <Clocks> "Actually, Dr. Rights… Gerald is correct. The properties we're dealing with need detailed examination."
[01:28] <Dumount> "Lurker, really go to your happy place"
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No, Doktor."
[01:28] * Daphne eyes the underwear
[01:29] * Dumount nods "I've died in my sleep too before"
[01:29] * Agent_Strelnikov kneels down next to Rights.
[01:29] <Gerald> "My hands are tied, I have to document it."
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I carry you backs, yes?"
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No walks for you."
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is only fair, you do this to me."
[01:29] <Dumount> "I have her!"
[01:29] * Lurker blinks at Dmitri. "I shall take care of her, Dmitri."
[01:29] * Dumount hisses at strelnikov, then blushes
[01:29] <Dumount> "S…sorry…"
[01:29] * Agent_Strelnikov growls at Dumount and walks back to the observation area.
[01:29] <Rights> "…I tend to dream in odd sensation and WHOA NO YOU DON'T NEED TO." She stumbles back from Dmitri a little. /Oh god where are my…crap. Onthe floor. Over there.'
[01:30] <Dumount> "Did you take them off yourself?"
[01:30] * Gerald walks over and looks at it.
[01:30] * Lurker approaches Rights and leans forward, whispering.
[01:30] * Rights hopes nobody notices, hooking them with her foot. "Lets just say that it was very grabby."
[01:30] * Rights rubs fresh, forming bruises on her wrists.
[01:30] * Dumount frowns
[01:30] <Gerald> "What was *it*?"
[01:30] * Dumount thinks he knows
[01:30] * Lurker blinks, then whispers again.
[01:30] <Rights> "It was a COUPLE of things. People, actually."
[01:30] <Rights> "I think."
[01:30] * Heiden is only mildly horrified. Rights doesn't seem too fussed, why should he?
[01:30] * Dumount nods
[01:31] <Dumount> "Me and six"
[01:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sorries, Doktor Rights."
[01:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Was not mean to frighten."
[01:31] <Dumount> "Come on lurker…"
[01:31] <Rights> If anybody was paying attention, there were a good bit more than two pair of hands and bodies before the smoke fully drifted off. "S'allright…I just forget that some dreams are a lot more uncomfortable when you're not asleep…"
[01:31] * Dumount helps Lurker and Rights to the wall
[01:31] * Lurker hisses at Dumount, resuming whispering to Rights.
[01:32] <Gerald> "Alright. 'Subject was unable to describe the attackers, but believes them to be copies of close friends.' How does that sound?"
[01:32] <Rights> "Dead on, Gerald."
[01:32] * Rights gives him a thumbs-up.
[01:32] <Gerald> "Okay."
[01:32] * Rights leans back, sitting awkwardly and checkingher nails, ignoring Lurker and Dumount for the most part, whispering back to Lurker.
[01:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…" It finally dawns on him! He flushes completely red in embarrassment for even trying.
[01:33] <Gerald> "I didn't mean to sound harsh, but I have to document everything."
[01:33] <Gerald> "Sorry."
[01:33] * Dumount grabs Lurker and rights cuddling with lurker and trying to cheer lurker up
[01:33] <Rights> "S'allright..you're just doing your job."
[01:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald, I…I thinks you are next."
[01:33] <Rights> "…Also, still not the most embaressing thing to happen to me involving SCPs."
[01:33] <Rights> "I don't think this one even gets to be in the top twenty."
[01:33] <Gerald> "Alright."
[01:33] * Gerald stands up.
[01:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You want me for handle button?"
[01:34] <Clocks> Please do, Captain."
[01:34] <Clocks> *"
[01:34] * Lurker sticks close to Rights.
[01:34] <Gerald> "Please. Now, if the switch breaks, just want to let you know the glass isn't bulletproof."
[01:34] * Agent_Strelnikov sidesteps over and stands at the panel. He nods at Gerald and rests an idle hand on his holster.
[01:34] * Clocks waves a hand over the selection of flavors.
[01:34] <Gerald> "If the glass somehow doesn't break, the emergency button is that red one."
[01:34] <Gerald> "If the button jams….I'm screwed, I guess."
[01:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is not problem."
[01:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Don't worries Gerald. I am sure Claudia is not hurt you."
[01:35] <Clocks> "Um, also, I'm in there with you…"
[01:35] <Gerald> "Also…do you have chocolate?"
[01:35] * Dumount attempts to cheer lurker up
[01:35] <Daphne> "If the buttons jams, I'll shoot you, no worries."
[01:35] * Dumount pets lurker and tickles his tail
[01:35] <Rights> "Gerald, you'll do fine." Rights points out.
[01:35] <Gerald> "…."
[01:35] <Rights> "…Actually, I wonder what dreaming of Claudia would do…"
[01:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So long as he is not dreams of the fucking Chechens I thinks he is fine."
[01:35] <Clocks> "Yeah, but it tastes kinda like some kind of liquor when smoked. Chocolate still, though."
[01:35] * Lurker seems to be freaking out a bit.
[01:36] * Dumount attempts to calm lurker down
[01:36] * Gerald steps into the cell thingy.
[01:36] * Gerald grabs the hose. He huffs, he puffs, he….coughs a bit.
[01:36] * Dumount strokes and pets Lurker… then kisses lurker covertly
[01:36] <Gerald> The smoke fills the cell.
[01:36] * Lurker seems to ignore the advances.
[01:36] * Rights pets Lurker's head, tryingto calm him as well, seeming to calm down pretty fast herself
[01:37] * Agent_Strelnikov is really curious to see what Gerald's dream is.
[01:37] <Gerald> It forms into a single human shaped figure right in front of Gerald.
[01:37] <Gerald> As it takes on definition, people recognize it. It's….Gerald.
[01:37] <Dumount> "Thou art a brave stalion, but know Rights dreams are hers to bear. Bear not her burden when she has little care. Revenge is not what thou art here for"
[01:37] <Dumount> "Have a happy dream tonight, oh noble six"
[01:37] * Daphne eyes Dumount. "Riiiiight."
[01:37] * Lurker arches his back forward, hunching over.
[01:38] * Rights blinks, rather ignoring Dumount as she looks over the Geralds curiously.
[01:38] * Dumount is attempting to cheer up lurker
[01:38] <Gerald> It's him alright. Only he's a bit taller, as if he wasn't slouching. He looks a hell of a lot more confident, and he has the kind of arrogance that says he's never broken a bone and never will.
[01:38] <Gerald> He stares at the real Gerald and laughs.
[01:39] <Gerald> The smoke copy steps backwards a bit and sits down.
[01:39] <Gerald> A comfy chair forms under him.
[01:39] <Gerald> The smoke begins to take more definition, forming a room around the two.
[01:39] <Gerald> It's an office. A monstrous one.
[01:40] <Gerald> The desk is mahogany, and the size of a car.
[01:40] <Gerald> A brass name plate reads 'Dr. R. Gerald, head of research.'
[01:40] <Gerald> There's a large set of windows behind him, showing a view hundreds of feet above the ground.
[01:41] <Rights> "…Nice office…"
[01:41] * Dumount snorts "Wow… Dr. R. Gerald head of research is silly looking"
[01:41] <Gerald> The view changes, as if it's going out the window.
[01:41] <Clocks> "That's also new, a view of outside through an image with depth."
[01:42] <Gerald> It's a giant office building. A massive electronic sign outside reads 'The Rodney Gerald Research Institute'.
[01:42] <Gerald> There's a small ticker running above the name.
[01:42] * Daphne smacks Dumount upside the head.
[01:42] * Dumount is smacked upside the head
[01:42] <Dumount> "Ow!"
[01:42] <Gerald> According to it, the company has better stocks than most small countries.
[01:42] * Gerald watches the proceedings.
[01:42] <Gerald> "Bah."
[01:43] <Gerald> "I chose to work here."
[01:43] <Gerald> "That never happens."
[01:43] * Gerald 's words seem flat.
[01:43] * Gerald continues to force himself to seem nonchalant as the dream fades.
[01:43] <Dumount> "…"
[01:44] * Dr_Facette shuffles about a bit.
[01:44] <Rights> "…ouch."
[01:44] * Gerald steps out of the cell, a blank look on his face.
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "W-Where was Claudia?"
[01:44] <Gerald> "Bah."
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh wait."
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Desk was big, she was under the desk."
[01:44] * Rights pats Dmitri's back. "She was there. You just couldn't see her."
[01:44] * Gerald shakes his head.
[01:44] <Rights> "She's invisible, you know."
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is why other Gerald was so confident."
[01:45] <Dr_Facette> "Should .. I … ?"
[01:45] <Gerald> "That..that didn't happen. Won't happen."
[01:45] * Dumount hugs Gerald, and whispers to him "That was my world before. Not all it's cracked up to be"
[01:45] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Facette. "Is your turn, Doktor Facette."
[01:45] <Gerald> "N-No point in imagining it."
[01:45] * Dumount heads back to rights and lurker
[01:45] * Gerald sits down.
[01:45] * Dr_Facette nods, squirming, "So what all do I, er how do I ?"
[01:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You take hose, suck smoke in. Is all."
[01:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is like smoke."
[01:46] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs, letting Gerald sit. He stays at the button.
[01:46] <Clocks> "Well, you inhale a little bit from the hose, then exhale into the air."
[01:47] * Gerald doesn't seem to be watching the proceedings. He seems to be contemplating something.
[01:47] * Dr_Facette kinda awkwardly shuffles over. "okay."
[01:47] <Clocks> "What flavor would you like?"
[01:47] <Dr_Facette> "Anything bearable that's not grape."
[01:48] * Clocks leans towards her slightly and whispers something as he fills it with Mango.
[01:48] <Gerald> "…"
[01:49] * Dr_Facette just glares, quirking a brow and sort of .. fumbling with things. "… Right. Tell me when, then."
[01:49] * Clocks lights the coal and steps back.
[01:50] * Gerald stands up.
[01:50] <Gerald> "I gotta go…check something. I'll be back soon."
[01:51] * Gerald turns and walks out, holding his forehead with one hand.
[01:51] * Dr_Facette .. smokes. And tries not to cough. … Mostly, she fails. But she's still getting it … semi-right.
[01:52] * Heiden watches intently.
[01:52] * Agent_Strelnikov watches also. This is quite fascinating.
[01:53] * Dr_Facette looks around, waiting for the smoke to get good enough for someone else to take over. That might take a while longer, Ade SUCKS at smokin'.
[01:54] * Daphne watches
[01:56] * Dumount watches
[01:57] * Dumount starts cheering Facette on
[01:57] <Dumount> "GO GO GIRL!"
[01:57] * Agent_Strelnikov glares at Dumount.
[01:58] * Daphne hits dumount upside the head again. "You're acting like Iceberg."
[01:58] * Dumount holds head "owwww"
[01:59] * Dr_Facette stands, unsure, in the middle of the smoke. Okay. Easy enough. Starting to form into a - a … reception area? A hospital, perhaps. But where /is/ everyone?
[02:01] * Dumount whispers "Well he's not here daphne… someone has to"
[02:01] * Heiden motions for silence.
[02:02] * Dr_Facette looks around. Things shouldn't be so quiet in the middle of the day. And the hospital, while still obviously a hosptial, looks damn high-tech. As in, /future/ high-tech. "Urm…"
[02:05] * Dr_Facette looks a bit confused, staggering about in the room and gripping her hair, finally slipping behind the desk into a .. hovering chair? Hm. "… This is /it/?"
[02:06] <Clocks> "Dreaming of the future."
[02:06] <Rights> "…I want her dream."
[02:06] * Lurker hugs Rights closer to him.
[02:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is peaceful."
[02:06] * Heiden is jealous.
[02:06] <Daphne> "I want her." Daphne gazes at Facette. "Ah, dream, yes."
[02:06] <Lurker> "If my dreams weren't so… horrible… I'd give you mine…"
[02:07] * Heiden thinks for a moment… then he looks for other people.
[02:07] <Dumount> "If my dreams weren't so… self centered, I'd give you mine. Wouldn't help much though"
[02:08] * Dr_Facette looks up. Sunroof. The sky is beautiful. Beautiful, with nice poofy cottonball clouds and bright blue. With little … space-cars, flying around. Like some old depiction of the future, all nice and corny.
[02:08] <Dumount> "But you don't want her dream"
[02:08] <Dumount> "There's no people"
[02:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That can be blessing."
[02:08] <Rights> "It's so peaceful, though…"
[02:08] <Dumount> "…"
[02:08] <Rights> "…Perhaps they just don't need the hospital often anymore."
[02:08] * Heiden shushes. "No, there's people… see the cars? It's just… quiet."
[02:09] * Dumount is the omega cynic
[02:09] * Dr_Facette just /recoils/ and floors herself as the sunroof /shatters/ under the boots of men in strange, bright white uniforms, white batons crackling with a dangerous charge, "GODDAMMIT YOU JINXED ME"
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[02:09] <Dumount> "…"
[02:09] <Lurker> [[ Civil protection. You're under arrest. ]]
[02:09] * Agent_Strelnikov places his hand on the button.
[02:09] <Rights> "Sorry."
[02:09] <Clocks> "…"
[02:10] <Dumount> "Told you so"
[02:10] * Heiden leaps to his feet. "SWITCH! Get the damn switch!"
[02:10] * Dr_Facette … sits there, quivering and wide-eyed, for a moment. The men sit there and stare. They do /nothing/. "… Maybe they're just doctors."
[02:11] <Dumount> "Lucid dream girl!"
[02:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktors are not wear boots."
[02:11] * Dumount cheers her on
[02:11] * Agent_Strelnikov nervously hovers over the button.
[02:11] <Dumount> "I wear boots"
[02:11] * Heiden quiets down as the uniformed men don't move.
[02:12] <Clocks> "I wear boots…"
[02:12] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[02:12] * Dr_Facette is promptly smacked across the face with one of those shiny white batons, receiving a /nasty/ charge. Hahah, look, she's jerking around and dancing like a little puppet! Oooh, that's got to hurt.
[02:13] * Dr_Facette … drops. Peaceful, uh-huh.
[02:16] <Clocks> The button sticks. Nothing happens but a sparking light from the trigger mechanism and a sputter.
[02:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Oh god dammits."
[02:16] * Dr_Facette looks up, shaking on the floor in a twitchy, terrified heap. She looks like she's about to get sick. WHITE MEN … stand over her, rambling on. Codes, numbers - some sort of civil protection. Adelaide's trapped with /these/ guys.
[02:16] * Agent_Strelnikov tries the hit the button again, but it's stuck pretty well.
[02:16] * Heiden tries to rush to Dr. Facette.
[02:16] <Dumount> "That's.. distinctly bad. Heiden, there's a second backup right?"
[02:17] <Clocks> The walls of the smoke-room prevent entry.
[02:17] <Clocks> The smoke is VERY solid.
[02:17] * Heiden looks at Dumount, panic-stricken. "Don't fucking ask /me/!" He begins feeling around the wall, probing for a weak spot… he doubts he's going to find one.
[02:17] * Daphne Raises her rifle to her shoulder.
[02:17] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at the console. He never was very good at computer.
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where the fuck is Geralds?!"
[02:17] * Dumount looks for a backup switch
[02:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LOCKE."
[02:18] * Dr_Facette pushes herself up onto her knees slowly, looking back to the floor. They're still talking. '- Doctor Adelaide Facette, you are under arrest for-' Blah, blah, blah.
[02:18] <Dumount> "What stupid design flaw has no obvious secondary or thertiary systems?"
[02:18] <Clocks> «I cannot move, Agent Strelnikov. Also, if you hit the vacuum vents without opening the normal ones, we will ALL be bleeding out the eyes. Except me, actually.»
[02:18] * Dumount mutters as she searches
[02:19] * Dr_Facette grits her teeth, pushing herself up to a crouch. '- Will be killed if you resist-' … No, that's not an option. At all.
[02:19] * Daphne trackes where facette is, so she can make sure her shot does not hir the woman. Then she fires one round, electrical charge running through the bullet as it leaves the gun, the round expanding into a net.
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't need to shoot the glass.
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov breaks the glass with his FIST.
[02:20] <Clocks> The bullet passes cleanly through the smoke, leaving a nice trail of swirling vapor. The dream continues unphased.
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov handily presses the emergency button, finally using the correct terminology.
[02:20] <Daphne> "Fuck."
[02:21] * Heiden tries to put his hand through the hole created by the bullet, to find some purchase to climb the wall or break through it.
[02:21] * Dr_Facette stands, slowly, eyes searching the room - nothing but a "#1 DAD" mug full of various pens. … /Pens/. '- Now, will you come quietly, or will you GGHKKK' … Apparently, it's hard to talk with a /ballpoint pen / lodged into your throat. … STOP THAT BABYFACE, STOP IT NOW
[02:23] <Clocks> A warning light flashes and the vents stay locked to prevent instant decompression of the room. The override system… arms it self, according to the little flashing light. What kind of override requires *arming* is up in the air.
[02:23] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. The backup system is probably Russian designed, which conveniently explains that.
[02:23] * Dr_Facette grabs two more pens from said mug, jabbing them into a throat. Two less pens. One less man. Adelaide is basically just sort of - spinning, now, going lower down, pens pulled from that damn mug and jabbed in wherever they could be. All veins, arteries, one-shot kills - with /PENS/. Fucking /PENS/. By a narcoleptic who's always smiling and nervous.
[02:24] * Dr_Facette … is done by the time the vents are unlocked, I'd bet. While it takes a LONG DAMN TIME TO WRITE, it only took a minute or two in IC time.
[02:24] * Gerald walks back into the room.
[02:24] * Heiden looks at Strelnikov, the panic etched on his face diminishing slightly as he watches Adelaide Facette commit wholesale slaughter on the ghost-men.
[02:25] * Gerald sighs.
[02:25] * Agent_Strelnikov turns at Heiden and smiles. He yells above the din, "She is keeper!"
[02:25] * Dr_Facette sways a bit, "… I think I'm going to be sick."
[02:25] <Clocks> The emergency system is actually just hydraulic overrides, but they do force the heavy vents open. Air rushes through the room, AND the emergency system kicks on, popping everyones' ears.
[02:25] * Gerald looks around the room, and sits down.
[02:26] * Dumount walks over to facette, and begins giving her a checkup
[02:26] * Agent_Strelnikov is used to having his ears popped. Very familiar from riding in so many unpressurized aircraft.
[02:26] * Gerald sighs again.
[02:26] * Heiden hurries forward as the smoke begins to clear and embraces Adelaide.
[02:26] * Lurker doesn't have ears.
[02:26] * Lurker is unaffected by the decompression.
[02:26] * Dumount is in pain, but does his job
[02:26] <Clocks> *except Lurker.
[02:26] * Rights grunts and yawns heavily to adjust her ears
[02:26] * Daphne checks her gun, and loads another bullet. "Right, different charge next time.
[02:27] * Dr_Facette leans on Heiden, back to shaking and looking endlessly pale, nervous, and twitchy.
[02:27] * Agent_Strelnikov lifts his hands up. He pulls out a rather unpleasant looking shard of glass from his fist, using his teeth.
[02:27] * Clocks sets the hose down. He coughs slightly at the atmosphere change happening while he was still smoking.
[02:27] <Heiden> "I…" Heiden glares at the hookah. "… c'mon, you need to sit down."
[02:27] <Gerald> "So, what went wrong with the cancellation system?"
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sparks. Did not work. Probably designed by a Russian."
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Backup system worked, though."
[02:28] * Lurker licks Rights.
[02:28] <Lurker> "Who else?"
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Me! Is my turn!" He claps his hands happily.
[02:28] <Gerald> "You *did* remember to pull the switch *before* hitting the button, right?"
[02:28] * Gerald looks at Dmitri.
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I did hit switch. Switch did not work so I hit button."
[02:28] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs.
[02:28] * Dr_Facette wraps her arms around Fred, nodding. "… okay."
[02:28] <Gerald> "Hm."
[02:29] * Agent_Strelnikov steps down into the chamber, quite happy despite the traumatic events of the past few minutes.
[02:30] * Heiden looks for some chairs, pulling one up for Adelaide and one for himself… he's got too much nervous energy to sit down yet though.
[02:31] * Gerald sits down at the panel, resetting the system.
[02:31] * Heiden just hovers protectively, and resolves to get firearms training from Strelnikov as soon as humanly possible.
[02:31] * Dr_Facette sits on chair and stares anxiously up at Heiden.
[02:31] * Lurker blinks. "I guess… I guess the tests are done?"
[02:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "NO."
[02:31] * Agent_Strelnikov really wants to go.
[02:31] <Clocks> "Done? Nah."
[02:32] <Gerald> "Looks like Dmitri wants to go."
[02:32] <Clocks> "I can fix this, two minutes. The thing just shorted."
[02:32] <Dumount> "… I am staying here to make sure no one is injured"
[02:32] * Dr_Facette … falls asleep. Mmm narcolepsy.
[02:33] * Daphne stands guard over Facette
[02:34] * Agent_Strelnikov waits patiently by the machine.
[02:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "If there is time maybe I even go twice. I love this machines."
[02:35] * Heiden looks at Adelaide as she slumps in her seat slightly. As Daphne steps up, armed to the teeth, he decides to take the seat next to Adelaide. No need to get in the way of a good shot.
[02:35] <Gerald> "Alright, Locke, how many more after this are you gonna want before you're satisfied?"
[02:35] * Clocks has the switch working properly again. The button's cover is still busted, but it only takes a moment for the pumps to recharge the vacuum chambers, too.
[02:35] * Lurker blinks and sighs. "I'd like to go again… today was pretty good."
[02:35] <Clocks> "As many as people want."
[02:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have had best dream I ever had today."
[02:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I must share with you all."
[02:35] <Gerald> "Meh."
[02:36] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles brightly at Gerald. He is very excited.
[02:36] * Gerald looks like he needs a drink.
[02:36] <Clocks> "Gerald, I can sign off as being in charge on this, I think."
[02:36] <Gerald> "Hm?"
[02:36] <Clocks> "You can take a break."
[02:37] <Gerald> "Oh. I thought you were in charge in the first place."
[02:37] <Gerald> "I'm just pushing buttons and switches."
[02:37] * Dr_Facette is sleeping. It'd be adorable if she didn't just murder some guys with pens.
[02:37] <Clocks> "I know, but I mean… Ugh. I can use the… thing… to flip the switch from here, if I really need to. I think."
[02:38] <Gerald> "Eh, I'll be fine. A bit of existential questioning isn't going to kill me."
[02:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am readies whenever you are."
[02:39] <Clocks> "Well, Captain… Strawberry again?"
[02:39] * Agent_Strelnikov nods exuberantly. "Yes. Yes!"
[02:39] * Agent_Strelnikov gives a little hop to emphasize his excitement. He's never been like this before.
[02:40] * Clocks ignites the coal, hands the hose over.
[02:41] * Agent_Strelnikov takes a liberal hit on the hose.
[02:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> Smoke billows from the top of the hookah, lots of it. It completely covers the ceiling and begins vibrating, causing a low-pitched but very loud humming sound.
[02:42] * Gerald doubts he'll need the switch.
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> More smoke flies about and quickly sketches out what looks like a building with a crude neon sign and a parking lot. The smoke on the ceiling ceases to vibrate, but then suddenly.
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> Out of nowhere it goes wild, and an orchestra strikes up a martial tune. Dmitri jumps and claps excitedly.
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> [the tune is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XywSEhJ1mI ]
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> Smoke flies to his hand, forming a rifle with a long bayonet, and the parking lot fills with blobs of smoke that form into bikers. Tons of them.
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> An even larger blob of smoke forms behind him. He turns around and throws his hands open, a giant smile on his face.
[02:44] * Gerald puts his hand to the switch.
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> The blob becomes a bear.
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. YES."
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is exactly how it was."
[02:44] * Lurker blinks. "Babies."
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> The bear lowers his head to the ground and Dmitri climbs onto the back of it. As the band strikes a crescendo, the bikers charge him as one. The bear roars on his hind legs and they give charge.
[02:45] <Gerald> "Beat…cavalry?"
[02:45] * Heiden is… just awe. Pure awe.
[02:45] * Agent_Strelnikov lets out a mighty roar, the bear doing so as well. Bikers fall to the bear mauling as Dmitri bayonets them into wispy clouds which immediately form into more bikers.
[02:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> In the background, tiny blobs form which appear to be distant cheerleaders.
[02:46] * Dumount looks shocked
[02:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> Soon the bikers are dispatched, but the "door" of the bar opens and out flood Chechens with rifles and bayonets.
[02:46] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs gaily and claps his hands.
[02:46] <Gerald> "Oh, god, here we go again."
[02:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> The bear charges into the chechens. An unusual amount of detail is given to their bodies as the bear tears them apart.
[02:47] * Gerald 's hand isn't anywhere near the switch. Not gonna need it.
[02:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> Red smoke flies everywhere as they are torn apart, disembowled, shanked and otherwise demolished. The bear rears on its hind legs one last time and throws Dmitri onto the ground.
[02:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> The bear catches fire as the distant cheerleaders launch themselves into the air. As one, they dissipate into nothing.
[02:47] <Gerald> "…."
[02:48] * Heiden begins the slow clap.
[02:48] * Agent_Strelnikov lays on the ground, weeping, with a giant fucking smile on his face.
[02:48] * Lurker bursts into laughter.
[02:48] <Gerald> "Well, at least someone has dreams that isn't filled with just fear, pain, or uncertainty."
[02:49] * Agent_Strelnikov slowly stands and brushes tears from his face. He's never been so happy in his life.
[02:49] <Dumount> "…."
[02:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It…it was beautiful."
[02:49] * Lurker is rolling on the floor giggling.
[02:49] <Dumount> "Strelnikov…. you are now the most frightening thing in the room"
[02:49] <Gerald> "Nice."
[02:49] <Lurker> "You! You're… oh heavens my stomach! Dmitri!"
[02:49] <Lurker> "You are the MAN."
[02:49] <Dumount> "I would be more scared if I was not slightly…"
[02:49] * Dumount blushes
[02:50] <Gerald> "So, are we doing another one, or stopping for now?"
[02:50] <Heiden> "So… riding a bear?"
[02:50] <Clocks> "Lurker and I were going to run through."
[02:50] <Gerald> "Oh…Actually, I think I'll take you up on your offer."
[02:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I admit, I do not remember the cheerleaders."
[02:50] * Gerald hops off of the chair.
[02:51] <Gerald> "I need to say hello to my little Brick friend."
[02:51] * Clocks nods to Gerald. "Yeah, you have a good night, man."
[02:51] * Agent_Strelnikov waves to Gerald, still brushing tears of joy from his face.
[02:51] * Gerald walks out of the lab.
[02:51] <Gerald> "So long."
[02:51] * Dumount gives Strelnikov a hug
[02:52] * Clocks also gives Strelnikov a hug, but his is less boobs and more power-armor.
[02:52] * DrAuteu hopes that he wasn't part of Facette's killing spree
[02:52] * Lurker stands up on his hind legs and extends a claw to Dmitri.
[02:52] <Lurker> "I think you had the best dream all night, sir."
[02:52] * Agent_Strelnikov takes Lurker's claw, still crying.
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I wish for this dream every night of my life."
[02:53] <Clocks> "And now you've lived it out. That was amazing."
[02:53] * Lurker chuckles. "I can see why."
[02:54] * Dumount seems… more scared of Auteu then anyone else in the room
[02:54] * Dumount guards rights from Auteu
[02:55] * Dumount also guards the sleeping Facette from Aureu
[02:55] * Dr_Facette wakes up. Slooowly.
[02:55] <DrAuteu> "…"
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov is still weeping.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov can only imagine what Facette is thinking.
[02:55] <Dr_Facette> "Mmuh…? Oh… is Captain okay?"
[02:58] * Agent_Strelnikov sits down in a chair and lights a cigarette.
[02:58] * Heiden looks at Adelaide, wiping a tear from his eye as he does so. "Ah… yes, he's actually a lot better than usual."
[02:58] * Lurker looks to Locke.
[02:58] <Lurker> "Would you like to go first, Doctor? I am very patient."
[02:59] * Dr_Facette looks Heiden up and down. ".. I see."
[02:59] <Clocks> "Uh, sure. I guess I can."
[02:59] * Lurker shrugs. "If you'd wish to wait. It doesn't matter to me."
[03:00] <Lurker> "I'm good either way." He says, smiling brightly.
[03:00] <Lurker> "In fact… today is good."
[03:00] * Dumount tickles lurk
[03:00] <Clocks> "I'll let you go last, you asked for it."
[03:00] * Lurker nods. "Alright then."
[03:00] * Heiden mutters to Adelaide, "I can't do it justice, you'll have to ask Dmitri later. It was amazing."
[03:00] * Dumount continues to guard the sleeping Rights
[03:00] * Lurker pokes Dumount with his tail. "Quit that, you."
[03:00] * Dumount grins at lurk "Alrighty"
[03:01] <Dumount> "I know what would have happened had you or rights or both of you been on that pedistool" Dumount teases
[03:02] * Dr_Facette leans on Heiden.
[03:02] * Lurker blinks. "Pedestal? Which pedestal?"
[03:03] * Dumount whispers "With all those…. things that claim to be me"
[03:03] * Clocks looks over the flavors he has. He takes a pinch of this, a bit of that. He takes a couple minutes mixing flavors before he lights the coal, then blows until it's red-orange all over before placing it reverently on the tin grill cover and smiles at the sound and smell that result.
[03:03] * Lurker blinks and sighs, lowering his head. "I'd be attacked with hugs, wouldn't I?"
[03:03] <DrAuteu> "rather experienced are we?"
[03:03] * Dumount nods "And then some"
[03:04] <Clocks> Taking the hose, he puffs quickly, efficiently. "Experienced, yes. I bought one of these my first year in college."
[03:04] * Heiden puts his arm around Dr. Facette, leaning gently against her. He sort of hopes she doesn't have a pen.
[03:04] * Dr_Facette always has a pen. Always.
[03:06] * Dr_Facette .. gives Heiden a smaaall kiss on the cheek. Subtle. :l
[03:07] * Agent_Strelnikov looks over at Heiden and Facette and awwwwws to himself.
[03:08] * Heiden kisses the top of Adelaide's head, a grin on his face that's actually kind of stupid looking.
[03:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Aww-….."
[03:09] * Agent_Strelnikov covers his mouth.
[03:09] * Dr_Facette is giving Heiden this … lovey-dovey schoolgirl look. … Aww indeed. OH WAIT
[03:09] * Dr_Facette looks over at Strelnikov.
[03:09] * Dr_Facette … RAPE FACE
[03:12] * DrAuteu looks at facette
[03:12] * DrAuteu looks at hieden
[03:12] * Lurker blinks at Locke.
[03:12] <DrAuteu> "planning to do some boating tonight?"
[03:13] * Heiden doesn't really know what to make of the sudden RAPEFACE. He didn't hear Strelnikov.
[03:15] <Dr_Facette> "Some -"
[03:15] * Dr_Facette … looks at Heiden.
[03:15] * Dr_Facette looks at Auteu.
[03:15] * Dr_Facette looks at Heiden.
[03:15] * Heiden looks at Adelaide.
[03:16] <Heiden> [still rapefacing?]
[03:16] * Dr_Facette is not. Wide-eyed, 'OH I GET IT' face of horror now.
[03:17] * Clocks cracks his neck and stretches his back as the smoke begins to flow on its own. Tendrils of it sweep across the ceiling, floor, walls… It hovers over every surface in the room, not quite obscuring sight, but adding a shimmer to everything. And Locke is lifted up. the suit is unclipped and falls away to the floor, revealing a Locke clad in smooth silver-green hide. Within seconds, his face…
[03:17] * Clocks …is covered as well. He hovers in the room's center, still man-shaped, but manifested as a dragon god or sorts. As his hands extend to the walls, they shatter. A few real-world objects physically groan, and the room has a small pressure wave. Locke, still suspended by the smoke, seems to hurtle through a field of stars. Solid shadows on the horizon, an enemy to be had. The scene shifts. A…
[03:17] * Clocks …battlefield. Machines the size of mountains strike at each other with terrible blows, and Locke stands in command of it at the front line, clawing his way through legions of something with an army at his back. The scene flickers. Battles rush past. Momentary flickers of conquest and glory for age after age into the limits of memory speed by. In the end, godlike and at peace, Locke is…
[03:17] * Clocks …surrounded by runes that flicker for a moment. With a crack, the smoke dissipates itself and Locke is left on the floor, with blood beginning to seep through into the white shirt he wears.
[03:17] * Heiden is just /confused/ now. Everything was going nicely, and suddenly everything's gone odd.
[03:17] * Heiden mutters to Adelaide.
[03:18] * Dr_Facette … stares at Locke.
[03:18] * Dumount walks over to Locke
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[03:18] * Dumount starts checking him out
[03:18] * Clocks is laughing. Tired, but laughing. Bleeding, but laughing.
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well then."
[03:19] * Dumount gets out the stitches
[03:19] * Clocks has cuts in his… everywhere. The runes.
[03:19] * Dr_Facette has her notepad up to hide her face and Heiden's. Perhaps they're gossiping.
[03:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well…uh. Lurker's turn!"
[03:19] <Clocks> His chest, arms, legs, shoulders, back… From ankles to wrists. None so deep as to need stitches, but… cuts, that's for certain.
[03:20] * Dumount applies proper bandages, of the false skin/light variety
[03:20] * Lurker blinks a few times. "Are you alright Doctor Locke?
[03:20] * Clocks stands, slightly wobbly. He helps Dumount bandage him, then puts the suit back on. "Oooooh yes. God, I love that dream…"
[03:21] * Heiden is intensely distracted, but would normally be very concerned about Clocks.
[03:21] * Lurker shrugs. "It was pretty awesome but… I think Dmitri here has you beat."
[03:21] * Lurker grins. "Bear cavalry…"
[03:21] * Clocks is once again wearing the medical suit. "Oh, yeah. I make no words of contest there."
[03:22] * Dr_Facette … pulls herself into Heiden's lap. Gossiping. Okay. Yeah. … Not so much.
[03:22] * Heiden 's arms wrap around Adelaide. Uh, yeah. Notepad.
[03:22] * Dr_Facette 's notepad isn't that big. … She'll buy a bigger one. :(
[03:22] * Dumount cheers
[03:22] * Dumount also claps
[03:22] <Dumount> "WOOOOOOO!"
[03:23] * Heiden 's arms slowly retract as Dumount begins cheering loudly.
[03:23] <Dumount> It's ambiguious if he's cheering for Locke or for Heiden
[03:23] <Dumount> He might be cheering for Locke
[03:23] * Clocks looks around the room. "Um, ok… Anyone who wants to leave may, as I made a custom variety of this stuff for Lurker, and it smells… strong."
[03:23] * Dr_Facette squeaks faintly, leaning back and sort of … pretending to be writing. Good job.
[03:23] * Lurker chuckles. "I'll just use the normal kind, Doctor."
[03:23] * Lurker looks over to Facette and Heiden, and grins, then back to Locke.
[03:24] <Clocks> "Aww, seriously? I got myself used to the smell… damn it."
[03:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I stay."
[03:24] <Lurker> "I'll try some later."
[03:24] * Clocks shrugs. "You'll have to try it in my normal hookah, then."
[03:25] * Lurker nods.
[03:25] * Clocks makes another mix, this one just vanilla and double-apple. "Anyhow. Coal's still hot. Hose is yours, Lurker."
[03:25] * Agent_Strelnikov leans forward, taking a great interest.
[03:26] <Heiden> "I, uh…" Heiden considers his words a moment. "…/we'll/ stay."
[03:26] * Lurker takes the hose and starts puffing, the smoke swirls around and greets everyone with a lovely bedroom coated in a deep red colour, there are books lining the walls, a large bed in the middle, and everything seems to be matching the decor, the wood is mahogany, the blinds are red, the sheets are red.
[03:26] <Lurker> The smoke continues to swirl slightly, dancing around the room, before moving towards the bed. Suddenly, two figures appear on the bed in an embrace… a very recognizable embrace.
[03:27] * Dr_Facette pales a bit more than normal but says nothing, resting her head on Heiden's shoulder.
[03:27] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit.
[03:27] <Lurker> The figures continue to swirl slightly before finally taking shapes, one is Lurker, and the other is… well… Rights.
[03:27] * Lurker blushes madly and bites his lower lip, looking behind him. "Erm…"
[03:27] * Clocks smiles.
[03:28] <Lurker> The figures become quite vocal, and Lurker blushes even more, looking down. "I was hoping for a good dream… this is… well…"
[03:28] <Lurker> Suddenly, the entire room disappears.
[03:28] * Lurker blinks and looks around. "I… what?"
[03:28] <Lurker> The door to the test lab opens and two more Lurkers enter the room, the temperature drops significantly, giving a chill to everyone in the room.
[03:29] * Agent_Strelnikov twitches slightly.
[03:29] * Lurker blinks a few times, one of the Lurkers starts to shift, turning into a large black mass of shadows with glowing red eyes. It's "head" is almost at the ceiling, and it seems to be fairly wide as well. A great big grin made of sharp teeth appears.
[03:29] * Clocks makes a mental note of it being able to make temperature shifts, too. That's… new. And bad, really.
[03:29] * Lurker goes as pale as he can and stares at the two. "What… what are you?"
[03:30] <Lurker> A third figure enters the room, everyone sees him, but it is impossible to describe with anything than one word. Evil. It looks around and grins at everyone. "Heh-loh."
[03:30] * Agent_Strelnikov groans.
[03:31] * Lurker lets out a low growl as the figure starts walking across the room. It moves to Heiden and Facette, grins, and moves away, over to Strelnikov. "So. You are the Russian."
[03:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo!"
[03:31] * Heiden edges in front of Adelaide, absolutely ready to, well, get ripped to shreds. Yeah, he's not much of a fighter.
[03:31] * Agent_Strelnikov thought this day was going so well. He got to ride a bear, god dammit.
[03:32] <Lurker> The figure grins. "I will be seeing you in the future, yes? That will be a good day… One more to my list." It says, and moves over to Locke. "And the psychic… my my, aren't you a special one."
[03:32] * Clocks just grins.
[03:32] <Lurker> "I'll be seeing you as well… not as soon… no… You've got more to you!" It laughs heartily. "But I will see you."
[03:32] * Dr_Facette …. pulls a pen out of her coat.
[03:33] * Dumount watches
[03:33] <Dumount> "Why are there a lot of Lurkers now?"
[03:33] <Lurker> It turns and moves towards Auteu, passes him, and moves past Dumount to Rights, hunkering down. Lurker emits a loud snarl of anger. "Don't you touch her." "Relax… she's not coming with me yet… But I've seen her before…" It says, extending a hand and tracing Rights' sleeping form in the air about an inch from her. "Poor thing."
[03:34] <Lurker> "She'll be first, you know."
[03:34] * Lurker lunges forward at the figure, but stops suddenly and goes skittering back across the floor to the middle of the room.
[03:35] * Lurker is now bleeding from his left arm quite heavily as the figure continues to move around the room, it grins at Dumount, then backhands her, causing claw marks to appear on her cheek.
[03:36] <Lurker> "Well now wasn't that lovely… And you, poor Six. You should really come home and visit us. I'm disappointed that you've not completed your mission, nor have you even stopped by to say hello. Very disappointed. Infact…"
[03:36] * Dumount blinks and touches her cheek
[03:36] <Lurker> It turns to the other lurker. "I want you to show him what happens to those who defect." It says, and disappears. The smaller lurker that isn't the shadow lunges and pounces atop of Lurker, viciously attacking him.
[03:36] * Lurker lets out a pained whine.
[03:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LOCKE."
[03:37] <Lurker> The shadow moves quickly, stopping infront of Strelnikov.
[03:37] * Dr_Facette just hides behind Heiden. :U Hurfdurf.
[03:37] * Agent_Strelnikov stands and draws his sidearm out of instinct, even though it won't do anything.
[03:37] * Dumount lunges at the smoke figures, trying to help lurker, though likely failing
[03:37] <Lurker> Dumount hits the other Lurker off of Lurker, but it gets back up, whacks Dumount with it's tail, and resumes it's assault of Six.
[03:38] * Lurker yelps out. "Stop it! S-stop it!"
[03:38] * Dumount gets a bit more determined to help out six
[03:38] * Clocks forces the vents open with telekinesis.
[03:38] * Dumount tries to pick up the other lurker by the tail and slap it into the wall… if she can
[03:38] * Heiden shouts, "The switch, hit the damn switch! Lurks' gettin' hurt out there!"
[03:38] * Agent_Strelnikov raises his pistol at the shadow and fires, hoping to at least dissipate the smoke enough to step through it and reach the shutdown sequence.
[03:39] <Clocks> The room vents. HARD. Locke hit both triggers.
[03:39] <Lurker> The room quickly clears. The bullet did seem to have a bit of an effect though, as the shadow recoiled before disappearing.
[03:39] * Lurker lays on the ground, twitching slightly, and curls up into a fetal position. There is quite a lot of blood around him.
[03:39] * Agent_Strelnikov steps down, still carrying his pistol.
[03:39] * Dumount pants, and touches her cheek, then falls on lurker, metkit out
[03:39] * Dumount gets to work
[03:40] * Lurker peers open an eye. "I'm… sorry…" He whines softly, and promptly falls unconscious.
[03:41] * Dr_Facette just grimaces and looks /terrified/.
[03:41] * Dumount pants, like *Gasp gasp*
[03:41] * Dumount picks up a phone, calls a number
[03:41] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[03:42] <Dumount> "Strelnikov, get a stretcher. Now"
[03:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I carry him."
[03:42] <Dumount> "Fine"
[03:42] * Agent_Strelnikov scoops Lurker up without a word and stands.
[03:42] <Dumount> "This way"
[03:42] <DrAuteu> "seriously dumount?"
[03:42] * Dumount heads to the medbay
[03:42] * Agent_Strelnikov proceeds as if he were in a funeral. Not sure why.
[03:42] <Dumount> "What? I'm trained in what little of six's biology we know"
[03:42] * Lurker digs his claws into Strelnikov's arm.
[03:42] <DrAuteu> "you aren't even going to try to keep him stable while moving him?"
[03:43] <Lurker> "R-Rights…"
[03:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He be fine."
[03:43] <Lurker> "Needs… office… safe…"
[03:43] * Heiden stands up, concerned as Lurker's taken from the room. He wishes he was a medical doctor, or something…
[03:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Strong cub."
[03:43] * Agent_Strelnikov pets Lurker gently and cradles him.
[03:43] <Dumount> "Someone make sure Rights is safe so lurker doesn't go into a mindless panic again"
[03:43] * Clocks nods.
[03:43] * Lurker closes his eyes again, and goes limp, still breathing lightly.
[03:44] * Heiden feels a bit helpless at the moment. Nothing he's trained for is particularly applicable here.
[03:44] * Clocks walks, relying heavily on the suit, over to Rights to keep an eye on her.
[03:44] * Dr_Facette chews on her own lower lip. She can't do shit.
[03:44] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps petting Lurker. This is actually the first time he's ever held Lurker.
[03:44] <Heiden> "…so, testing was a success?" Heiden says weakly.
[03:45] * DrAuteu looks at facette trying to look comforting
[03:45] <Clocks> "Um… yes."
[03:45] <Dr_Facette> "A successfully resounding failure. … Of our psychological tests…"
[03:45] <DrAuteu> "he'll be fine, i'm sure"
[03:46] * Agent_Strelnikov is going to assume he successfully deposits Lurker in medical. He walks back into the room and wipes his eyes conspicuously.
[03:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am not suppose is time for one more."
[03:47] <Clocks> "Um, if you really want, we can."
[03:47] <Heiden> "…Do we /want/ another?"
[03:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Go if you wants. I wish for try something."
[03:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Locke, give me foulest taste you have."
[03:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "My memory, eh. Is very receptive to taste."
[03:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Somethings like very very crude tobacco, yes?"
[03:48] * Heiden isn't going to abandon Strelnikov there… but he really doesn't think this is going to be safe. He reluctantly takes his seat.
[03:48] <DrAuteu> "well goodnight folks, i'll read the report on this one"
[03:48] <Heiden> "Good night, Doctor."
[03:48] * Clocks shrugs. "I… Um… Sure. Wait, no. The worst I have will make you vomit, it's the stuff I made for Lurker. You want the worst real flavor, right?"
[03:48] * Clocks holds up a box of, essentially, The Cheap Stuff.
[03:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. Worst real flavor."
[03:51] * Clocks sorts through his boxes. Then he runs out of the room, and returns with another box. "I never use this one. Unflavored. Rough tobacco. You sure?"
[03:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "YES. Precise."
[03:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is what I am seek."
[03:51] * Dr_Facette .. sits in Heiden's lap, arms around his neck. More of a 'i am terrified' thing than 'I MUST RAPE YOU NOW'.
[03:51] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at Heiden.
[03:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Are you sures you wants to stay."
[03:52] <Heiden> "Dmitri, I'm not going to just abandon you to this. You stayed through - " Heiden shudders involuntarily " - mine… I owe the same to you."
[03:52] * Heiden whispers to Adelaide.
[03:52] * Agent_Strelnikov snorts. "Yours is not so bads."
[03:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But I thanks you."
[03:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am try to see if taste is affect what dream it is pick."
[03:53] * Clocks shrugs, filling the small ceramic top bowl. The stuff is essentially rough pipe tobacco that's wet enough for a hookah, barely. He gets the coal in the right position so it won't burn it up. "Alright, all yours. I don't envy you."
[03:53] * Dr_Facette shushes him. By putting her notebook to his mouth and /scowling/.
[03:53] * Agent_Strelnikov takes the hose and hits it. He actually coughs, once, then takes another, stronger hit.
[03:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…This."
[03:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is takes me back."
[03:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> He shouldn't have said that. The room begins to go dark with clouds of smoke, save for one area of light in the middle.
[03:54] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and steps towards the center of the room, his hands clasped behind his back.
[03:55] * Heiden 's arms fold around Adelaide… again, he doesn't know what to do. He just feels this is the eye of a terrible storm.
[03:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Samed." It's a name. He says it loudly, in a commander's voice.
[03:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> Hushed whispers and whimpers fill the room as a man takes form in the light. He's strapped to a chair, blindfolded.
[03:57] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and circles around the man, hands still behind his back. He casts a glance at Heiden, the look on his face asking a question he doesn't mouth himself. "Are you sure?"
[03:57] * Heiden suddenly realizes where this is going.
[03:57] * Heiden 's face falls, but he nods.
[03:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…SAMED." The man looks up and around, not suring where to look.
[03:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> The man whimpers again, crying and terrified out of his mind. Dmitri steps to his side and lights a cigarette.
[03:59] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at Heiden. "He doesn't speak English. It's for the best, really, Doktor Heiden."
[04:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I should not go any further. There is a lady present."
[04:00] * Heiden feels a bit sick. He feels like he's seen this before, from a different perspective, with different people playing the same roles.
[04:00] <Dr_Facette> "… What-?"
[04:00] * Agent_Strelnikov takes his cigarette and holds it close to the man's ear.
[04:00] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs him by the hair and whispers to him, the man murmuring and repeating himself over and over, looking like a frightened animal.
[04:01] * Heiden holds Adelaide a little tighter.
[04:01] * Dr_Facette goes quiet and buries her face in Heiden's chest, hands going over her own ears.
[04:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> Really, that's all he is. Dmitri presses the cigarette a little closer, asking the man questions in Russian.
[04:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Really, this is a lesson in how not to perform an interrogation." He lets go of the man's hair. "I should have make Tam and Yoric watch, yes?"
[04:02] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[04:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I cannot do it with lady present."
[04:02] * Heiden croaks, after a long silence, "…what is he guilty of?"
[04:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Do you really want to know, Doktor Heiden?"
[04:03] * Agent_Strelnikov turns around and looks at Heiden, hands clasped behind his back again.
[04:03] <Heiden> "…it changes much, Captain."
[04:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I knows."
[04:03] * Agent_Strelnikov returns the cigarette to his mouth and resumes walking circles around the shackled man.
[04:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "We find him in a village, doing sweep."
[04:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He looked like a rebel."
[04:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…That's all, Doktor Heiden."
[04:04] * Heiden lets a long silence pass.
[04:04] <Heiden> "I see."
[04:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> A wisp of smoke falls into Dmitri's hand, forming a long knife. The machine will force him to complete the dream if he doesn't do it himself.
[04:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Mister Locke. Turn it off."
[04:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I thinks I have enough to say that taste is important."
[04:05] * Dr_Facette closes her eyes tightly.
[04:05] * Heiden can't help but repeat himself… "Yes, I see."
[04:06] * Clocks vents the room.
[04:06] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs, the pressure and wind blowing out his cigarette.
[04:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I have many stories, Doktor Heiden."
[04:07] <Clocks> "Yes, you have. Thanks, between my personal experience and yours, I can validate that."
[04:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am sorries that you have to see this one."
[04:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Was for science." He nods at Locke.
[04:07] * Heiden manages with great difficulty, "We all have our demons, Dmitri Arkadeyevich Strelnikov, you are correct."
[04:08] * Agent_Strelnikov nods. "Sorries."
[04:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Was different time."
[04:08] * Clocks nods. "In the interest of, uh, science, could I have some help packing up, and… getting Dr. Rights to her office cot? The suit helps me walk like this, but I'm kind of dizzy."
[04:09] * Agent_Strelnikov nods. "I get Doktor Rights."
[04:09] * Heiden nods, grateful for a change of subject. He mutters something to Adelaide.
[04:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "If you are need I comes back and help move other thing."
[04:09] <Clocks> "I think I can get that on my own, but come check on me, and if I'm not here, check my office. Please."
[04:10] * Agent_Strelnikov nods.
[04:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [much nodding]
[04:11] * Agent_Strelnikov scoops up Rights. She probably murmurs a bit.
[04:12] * Clocks begins cleaning up the room, including picking up the bullet casings and a few pieces of chipped lab-floor concrete. After that, he packs up, and gets ready to head out.
[04:12] * Agent_Strelnikov carries her out like the animal he is.
[04:16] * Heiden 's somber facade cracks at something Adelaide said and he lets out a laugh.
[04:18] * Heiden stands up and begins making his way to the exit with Dr. Facette.
[04:19] * Agent_Strelnikov is smoking quietly in the hallway. He dropped Rights off pretty quick.
[04:19] * Dr_Facette follows after like a stray puppy after you've fed it.
[04:20] * Clocks hasn't left the lab yet.
[04:21] * Agent_Strelnikov waits for Heiden to pass. As he does so, he very quietly does the following.
[04:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "blblblblblblb."
[04:21] * Clocks is actually not moving. He's standing with one of the boxes of tobacco in his hand, the hookah and supplies half-packed.
[04:21] * Agent_Strelnikov looks inside the room at Clocks.
[04:22] * Clocks is fully encased in the suit, and perfectly still.
[04:22] * Heiden looks back at Strelnikov, not sure that he heard anything, so he keeps walking.
[04:22] * Dr_Facette gives Strelnikov a RAPE FACE
[04:22] * Agent_Strelnikov shrinks away. He's pretty sure Heiden and Facette both hate him now. That really soured his day.
[04:23] * Dr_Facette doesn't hate him. He's the captain, he's the one who subdues the bears, he's the COOL GUY. Nah. Facette only hates one person.
[04:24] * Dr_Facette also grabs Heiden's hand and leads him somewhere.
[04:25] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Locke.
[04:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You…eh…you need helps moving things?"
[04:26] <Clocks> A little red light is blinking on the front of the suit.
[04:26] * Agent_Strelnikov cocks his head to one side and steps closer.
[04:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Locke?"
[04:28] <Clocks> The quick-release catches on the helmet are up.
[04:28] * Agent_Strelnikov steps closer again.
[04:29] * Agent_Strelnikov rubs his eyes and takes a good look at Locke. Or at least, Locke's suit.
[04:29] <Clocks> No response. Wait, no. One of the hands moves a little. «Captain… help. Blood loss. Cold.»
[04:30] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and pulls the quick releases in what he assumes will make the suit come apart.
[04:30] * Agent_Strelnikov at the same time presses a button on his PDA and shouts for a medical team. Heiden and Facette might be able to hear it from down the hall.
[04:31] * Dr_Facette - halts…
[04:31] * Dr_Facette turns, in robotic-slow mo…
[04:32] <Clocks> The suit comes undone. Blood has soaked through all the bandages. And Locke's shirt. And his pants. Some has actually pooled in the boots.
[04:32] * Dr_Facette fucking /darts/ down that hall.
[04:32] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs Locke as he falls out of the suit. Probably. I'm assuming.
[04:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "MEDIC."
[04:32] * Heiden spins around and tries to keep up, but he's just not quite as fast as Adelaide.
[04:33] <Clocks> [OH yeah, he falls.]
[04:33] * Agent_Strelnikov lays Locke down as gently as he can and looks for any obvious wounds.
[04:33] <Clocks> [Under the clothes. EVERYWHERE.]
[04:34] * Heiden charges into the room… he's got first aid training, but /damn/. He is not even remotely qualified for this.
[04:34] * Dr_Facette is at the same level. BUT WITH LESS FIRST AID TRAINING.
[04:34] * Agent_Strelnikov pulls Locke's shirt off by ripping it in half.
[04:34] <Heiden> "Dmitri, you called Medical already?" He steps forward and rips off his labcoat… maybe he can use it as improvised bandages? He doesn't even know at this point.
[04:35] <Dr_Facette> [ Strelnikov's only supposed to rip his own shirt in half. :( ]
[04:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "MEDIC," he shouts again. The sound of boots on linoleum can be heard tromping down the halls.
[04:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have call them, yes. Find where he is bleed!"
[04:35] <Clocks> The smoke had made deeper cuts than first realized, and the suit's systems were damaged in the process of that previous removal. There are runes literally etched into his flesh in surprisingly graceful curves.
[04:35] <Clocks> All.
[04:35] <Clocks> Over.
[04:36] * Agent_Strelnikov curses to himself. "There are too many to stop, keep make pressure on as much as you can!"
[04:36] <Clocks> [He's kinda like a swiftly leaking sponge, actually. I had counted on Dumount being here to save my ass after I had my "oh shit" moment when that roll botched. Sorry, guys.]
[04:37] * Heiden looks mildly panicked. He knows enough to know that he can't fix this. He drapes his labcoat over Clocks and applies pressure as best he can. At the very least, he will do no harm.
[04:38] * Agent_Strelnikov shouts again as the med team finally reaches the room.
[04:39] <Clocks> Medics arrive, asking what's wrong as they assess the situation. The team lead looks somewhat horrified, to be honest. They take Locke very quickly to medical.

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