Test 2

Test 2 takes place in a proper test chamber.

[02:54] <DrAuteu> "so…"
[02:55] * Clocks sets up the hookah. He has a wide variety of flavors this time, and his preferred type of coal.
[02:55] * Clocks checks the vents, lighting, and fire systems.
[02:55] <Clocks> "We're ready to start when we have a few more people."
[02:55] * Gerald runs through the usual startup procedures.
[02:56] * DrAuteu adjusts his sweet hat
[02:57] * Lurker walks into the room, sans labcoat, looking somewhat different. "Good evening, gentlemen."
[02:57] <Gerald> "Hello, Lurk."
[02:57] <DrAuteu> "hello"
[02:57] <Clocks> "Oh, glad you're joining us."
[02:58] <DrAuteu> "are you sure you'll be ok lurk, considering last time?
[02:58] <DrAuteu> "i assume you don't want to go first"
[02:58] * Lurker blinks at Dr. Auteu. His eyes are not blue, but almost match his brown skin tone.
[02:58] <Lurker> "I assure you, there will be no repeat of last time."
[02:59] <Clocks> "And… meanwhile, before more people show up… Lurker, I'm really sorry about missing the date, but that was when I was containing this thing originally, and it took… a while."
[02:59] <Lurker> "Think nothing of it, Doctor Locke."
[02:59] * Clocks can't really convey facial expressions through the mask, he realizes.
[02:59] <Gerald> "Alright, the paperwork needs to know who the head researcher is going to be here. Who should I put down?"
[03:00] <Clocks> "Um… Well, Dr. Snorlison intended to observe, but he probably can't make it again."
[03:00] * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles into the lab, looking a complete and utter mess. He stands behind Gerald.
[03:01] <Gerald> "Oh, hello Dmitri. You okay?"
[03:01] <Clocks> "If Dr. Rights shows up, th- Oh! That's her in the hall!"
[03:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Yes."
[03:01] * Lurker turns to face Strelnikov, and turns back to Locke.
[03:01] * Clocks leans out of the room to try to flag her down.
[03:01] * Lurker turns to Rights, then pauses.
[03:01] * Clocks fails to flag down Dr. Rights, too.
[03:01] <Gerald> "Alright, 'Dr. Snorlison, observing."
[03:02] * Gerald looks a bit embarassed.
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Who is test."
[03:02] <Gerald> "Uh…do we have any medical staff on hand?"
[03:02] <DrAuteu> "i can cure what ails ya if that's what you mean"
[03:02] <Clocks> "Well, we shouldn't need it this time, and if anyone needs… I'll take the suit off and put it on them."
[03:03] <Clocks> "I keep meaning to ask… What kind of doctor ARE you, Auteu?"
[03:03] * Agent_Strelnikov clears his throat. "Who is test?
[03:03] <Gerald> "Alright, because regulations state.." He starts to mumble. "…I need a medical team whenever I'm working with an SCP."
[03:03] <DrAuteu> "…"
[03:03] <Gerald> "Oh, the dream machine."
[03:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I know. Who is dreamer."
[03:04] <Clocks> "Arbitrarily, Auteu is going first."
[03:04] * Agent_Strelnikov nods.
[03:04] <DrAuteu> "…ok then"
[03:04] <Clocks> "Because he won't tell me what his degree is in."
[03:04] <Clocks> "Flavor?"
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I wish to try again."
[03:04] <DrAuteu> "doesn't matter"
[03:05] <DrAuteu> "i have to say this should be interesting"
[03:05] * Rights slowly shuffles into the room, fresh bandages wrapping her up under her shirt, looking very tired…but eager to get back to waht, forher…is 'normal'.
[03:05] <DrAuteu> "i can never remember my dreams"
[03:05] * Dumount shuffles in with Rights
[03:05] * Lurker ignores everyone else in the room. "I would like to… see what comes up soon."
[03:05] <DrAuteu> "so it's as much a surprise to me"
[03:05] * Rights stays quietly towards the back, holding Dumount's hand tightly.
[03:05] <Gerald> "Jeez, Dr. Rights, you look like shit. No offense, bu you do."
[03:06] <Rights> "I feel like it too."
[03:06] * Lurker turns and smacks Gerald with his tail.
[03:06] <Lurker> 6d6 Silence, peon.
[03:06] <Gerald> "Ow!"
[03:06] * DrAuteu takes the… hose i suppose
[03:06] * Clocks picks the nice honey flavor he tried at one point. Within a moment, he holds the hose out to Dr. Auteu and stands back.
[03:06] <Lurker> [[ 19 ]]
[03:06] * Rights smiles at Gerald. "S'all good…give me a night's sleep and some chocolate and I'll be good."
[03:06] * Lurker looks to Gerald. "Offense taken."
[03:06] <DrAuteu> me inhales
[03:06] * DrAuteu inhales
[03:07] <Dumount> "Sixxxxx you're not supposed to be smaking people with your tail like that"
[03:07] * Gerald falls on his ass.
[03:07] <Lurker> "I'm not supposed to exist either."
[03:07] <Gerald> "Ow! Sorry!"
[03:07] <Clocks> "Guys! Testing!"
[03:07] * Rights watches. "…Is that Auteu?"
[03:07] * Dumount shambles over to Gerald, and rubs some sort of creme where he was hit
[03:07] * Clocks nods to Rights.
[03:07] <Gerald> "Bah."
[03:07] * DrAuteu looks at the rising smoke
[03:07] <Gerald> "Also, Dumount, today you're being considered a grade 3 medical team."
[03:08] <DrAuteu> "…"
[03:08] * Gerald watches the dream.
[03:08] * DrAuteu inhales some more
[03:08] <Clocks> "Um, you're supposed to exhale a lot. Puff on it to make a cloud, you know?"
[03:08] * DrAuteu does so
[03:08] * DrAuteu is not an idiot
[03:09] * Clocks shrugs.
[03:09] <DrAuteu> >.>
[03:09] <DrAuteu> <.<
[03:09] <DrAuteu> the smoke begins to turn a dark brown
[03:09] * Dumount says joy dryly
[03:09] <DrAuteu> it begins to form a rough landscape
[03:10] <DrAuteu> it appears to be a demolished city
[03:10] <DrAuteu> rubble littering the streets
[03:10] <DrAuteu> a lot of the buildings are still on fire
[03:11] * Rights stares, interested.
[03:11] <DrAuteu> people are lined up in large sections of buildings, shackled
[03:12] * Dumount watches with dead eyes
[03:12] * Gerald watches intently, rubbing the back of his head.
[03:12] <DrAuteu> "seriously, i don't know what this is…"
[03:13] <Clocks> "Well, you said you couldn't remember your dreams… Hey, is that a little dream-me?"
[03:13] <DrAuteu> the scene continues on, the people are lined up in workshops, many of them are missing limbs or bleeding
[03:14] <DrAuteu> they are constructing something on tables
[03:14] <DrAuteu> upon closer inspection, they are making
[03:14] <DrAuteu> cat toys
[03:14] <Rights> "…"
[03:15] * Agent_Strelnikov watches through the glass.
[03:15] <Gerald> "Huh?"
[03:15] * Rights forgets how much the stitches on her back hurt as she raises an eyebrow.
[03:15] <Rights> "Wha…?"
[03:15] <DrAuteu> above the streets, perched triumphantly atop a very extravogant throne…
[03:16] <DrAuteu> anton pokes his head out of Auteu's jacket
[03:17] <DrAuteu> and coughs
[03:17] <DrAuteu> "well, i had hoped i wasn't having dreams of enslaving humanity…"
[03:17] <DrAuteu> a small kitten is perched on the throne
[03:17] * Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek.
[03:17] <Gerald> "…."
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is crazies."
[03:18] <Gerald> "What."
[03:18] <Dumount> "Adorible" Dumount says calmly
[03:18] <DrAuteu> it stands, looking triumphant
[03:18] <Rights> "…I don't think that's his dream…
[03:18] * Gerald realizes exactly what's going on.
[03:18] <DrAuteu> a butterfly lands on the kitten
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh my gods."
[03:18] * Gerald starts laughing uncontrollably.
[03:18] <DrAuteu> and the kitten puffs to the size of a soccerball
[03:19] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs also.
[03:19] <Dumount> "…"
[03:19] <DrAuteu> "…seriously anton…"
[03:19] <Dumount> "You really like your cat, don't you Auteu?"
[03:19] * DrAuteu looks at the kitten
[03:19] <Clocks> "No, that wasn't his dream, Dumount. Look at the smoke."
[03:19] <DrAuteu> anton, the real one, coughs
[03:19] <Gerald> "HAhahahHAHAHahaha!"
[03:20] <Dumount> "Oh… huh"
[03:20] * Agent_Strelnikov doubles over in laughter. He won't laugh so hard when the kitten apocalypse comes.
[03:20] * Lurker blinks, seemingly unamused by the kittens.
[03:20] * Clocks points to the kitten, a wisp of smoke curling out of its mouth.
[03:20] * Rights starts giggling…
[03:20] * Dumount blinks
[03:20] <Dumount> "Don't all cats dream of that?"
[03:21] * Gerald has actually fallen to the ground, he's cracking up so much.
[03:21] <Clocks> "Um… I dunno. Want me to hang on to him for you, Auteu?"
[03:21] * Dumount blinks at gerald
[03:21] <DrAuteu> "sure…"
[03:21] <Dumount> "Gerald… do you need assistance?"
[03:22] <Gerald> "HahahHAhaha" He stops for a second to catch his breath. "Oh god, no. I'm fine."
[03:22] * Clocks takes Anton gently from Auteu. He pets him gently. "Right… so, another round?"
[03:22] * Rights is still giggling. The only reason she's not laughing is because she's holdingher stomach tightly. Don't laugh witha bruised rib.
[03:22] * Gerald is still chuckling merrily.
[03:23] <DrAuteu> "alright, let's give this another go shall we?"
[03:23] * Clocks relights the coal after venting the room.
[03:24] * Rights frowns softlly.
[03:24] <DrAuteu> the smoke begins to fill the room
[03:24] <DrAuteu> it becomes a deep black
[03:25] <DrAuteu> it feels as though the darkness goes on forever
[03:25] * Lurker suddenly moves over to Rights and gives her a light hug.
[03:25] <DrAuteu> it feels… isolated
[03:26] * Dumount hugs Lurker and Rights
[03:26] * Lurker moves back to his original spot.
[03:26] * Rights hugs Lurker before he moves away again.
[03:27] <DrAuteu> snakes of smoke rise from the floor
[03:27] * Gerald sits on a stool, staring into the black.
[03:27] <DrAuteu> twisting into the roughly humanoid figure
[03:28] <DrAuteu> none of the details fill in, but it looks female
[03:28] <DrAuteu> she stands in front of Auteu
[03:29] <DrAuteu> Auteu looks at her with a look of comfort in the dark
[03:29] <DrAuteu> as though she were the first face he had seen in a long time
[03:30] <DrAuteu> she reaches out and places her hand against his cheek
[03:30] <DrAuteu> he tries to hold her
[03:30] <DrAuteu> but she dissapates
[03:31] <DrAuteu> Auteu, looks down at the ground, an unusual look of sorrow on his face
[03:32] <DrAuteu> a black tendril slips out of the everlasting darkness
[03:33] <DrAuteu> it works it's way slowly to auteu, until it is right at his back
[03:34] * Gerald checks to make sure the switch to activate the vents is ready, just in case.
[03:34] <DrAuteu> very suddenly it straightens, piercing Auteu through the chest
[03:34] <Dumount> "Fuck"
[03:34] * Gerald pulls the switch.
[03:34] * Lurker does not seem surprised by this.
[03:34] * Dumount gets out his medkit
[03:34] <DrAuteu> but the look on Auteu's face is not one of pain
[03:34] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[03:34] * Rights gasps, covering her mouth withher hands.
[03:34] * Gerald already pulled the switch, sorry.
[03:35] <DrAuteu> the smoke ckears from the room, and auteu, collapses to the ground
[03:35] * Dumount checks Auteu
[03:35] * Dumount perform whatever is nessessary
[03:35] <DrAuteu> there is no wound
[03:36] <Gerald> "Er.. You okay?"
[03:36] * DrAuteu stands up
[03:37] <DrAuteu> "uh… yeah…"
[03:37] * DrAuteu looks unusually shaken
[03:37] * Gerald pulls the switch again, shutting the vents.
[03:37] <Gerald> "That was…odd. What stabbed you?"
[03:38] <DrAuteu> "I…don't really know"
[03:39] <Gerald> "Who was that person?"
[03:40] <DrAuteu> "I'm…not sure"
[03:40] * Agent_Strelnikov lights a cigarette.
[03:40] <Gerald> "Huh."
[03:40] <DrAuteu> "like i said before… i never remember my dreams"
[03:40] * Dumount takes the next hit. The smoke gathers, as usual… It forms into a room filled with many many people, almost all of whom give off the… sense.. of being the same person. Only a few people in the room are not the same person. Rights, Strelnikov, Lurker seem to be in the formed mist too, and they seem unique. But everyone else, male, female, tall short… african, indian, native american,…
[03:40] * Dumount …japanise. All give off an aura of dumountness. Dumount glares at them "You're not me" he says. "You've forgotten" a woman says, wrapping herself around Dumount "You're not you either." "But I am me!" "No more then we are… you thought you were me before… and you thought you were him before before…" "… Please can I see the violent depressing dreams instead of this. I'm sick of…
[03:40] * Dumount …getting orical talk and headaches"
[03:41] <Dumount> The woman scowls at dumount "Quit pretending not to understand, and not to have emotions"
[03:41] <Dumount> "You know it's true"
[03:41] <Dumount> "No… you're just the foundation screwing with me. Go away."
[03:42] <Dumount> "Go… away…" The dreamscape disolves replaced with death. Lots and lots of death. All of the paitents dumount has lost
[03:42] <Dumount> He seems… oddly more comfortable in the repeated images of death
[03:42] <Dumount> He shakes his head "Vent the room… nothing to see here"
[03:43] * Gerald shrugs, and hits the switch.
[03:43] * Agent_Strelnikov blows some smoke and looks at Lurker.
[03:43] * Dumount sighs, and slips something into Right's pocket
[03:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You, or me?"
[03:44] * Lurker does not respond, simply blinks at Dmitri.
[03:45] * Agent_Strelnikov looks right back at Lurker. "You are not want?"
[03:45] <Lurker> "I have no opinion on the matter. If you would like to proceed, go ahead Agent Strelnikov."
[03:45] * Dumount sags against Rights
[03:45] * Rights leans against Dumount, giving him something to brace against.
[03:45] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and flicks his cigarette into a nearby bin. It's actually a recycle bin.
[03:46] * DrAuteu takes anton back from Locke
[03:46] * Clocks hands him over.
[03:46] * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles into the room.
[03:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Strawberry."
[03:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "As much as you can."
[03:47] * Clocks nods to Dimitri. He opens a fresh packet, so that the flavor will be the best he can get it.
[03:47] * Gerald keeps a hand on the switch. Best to make sure no fucking chechens are around.
[03:47] * Clocks prepares the coal, lights it, and hands the hose over.
[03:48] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Gerald and takes a hit on the Hookah. He visibly relaxes at the taste of it, even moreso than he does with his cigarettes.
[03:48] * Agent_Strelnikov takes a few more steps back and begins humming loudly, almost as if he knows what's going to happen.
[03:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> In a turn that should come as a surprise to no one, the smoke swirls around him and forms a woman in a dress, patterned with strawberries, which are colored red by the smoke.
[03:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> They reach out and take each others' hands. He pulls her in close and they….dance. A slow waltz, with him humming the tune.
[03:50] <Dumount> "That's Eva"
[03:51] * Dumount mutters
[03:51] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles and twirls the smoke figure around slowly, humming and laughing occasionally. As she passes behind him she appears to have changed to a different woman, wearing a uniform much like his, with darker hair.
[03:51] <Gerald> "…."
[03:51] <Dumount> "I think that's Break?"
[03:51] * Dumount mutters mostly to himself
[03:51] <Clocks> "Shhh!"
[03:51] * Rights 'hrm's as she watches…
[03:52] * Gerald watches intently.
[03:52] * Agent_Strelnikov is a surprisingly good dancer considering that his back is ripped to shit. He twirls her around once more and then dips her as the song ends.
[03:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> He stops humming and the smoke, very slowly, almost reluctantly, dissipates, leaving him standing there holding nothing.
[03:53] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs a bit. "I have this dream today. I knew this is what it was pick."
[03:53] * Rights smiles softly.
[03:53] <Gerald> "Well, better than getting shanked, I'd definitely say."
[03:53] * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles out of the room, actually looking better. "Yes, is much."
[03:53] <Gerald> "Who was the second one?"
[03:53] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Gerald and lights a new cigarette. He doesn't answer.
[03:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Strawberry. Is best flavor."
[03:54] * Lurker blinks.
[03:54] <Gerald> "…."
[03:54] * Gerald can see a dodge when it happens. He doesn't press.
[03:54] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs happily. It's the first time he's been truly calm in the past two days.
[03:55] * Agent_Strelnikov looks around. "Now why can she not be heres to see this."
[03:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It would explains so much."
[03:56] <Clocks> "I have it … recorded, in a way, but my way might make transfer awkward."
[03:57] <Clocks> "Anyhow. Lurker, did you want to go? I'm interested in your dreams."
[03:57] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches over to pay Lurker's head playfully.
[03:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> *pat
[03:57] * Lurker steps forward quietly, only letting Dmitri pat his head once.
[03:57] * Lurker sits infront of the Hookah, blankly staring at it.
[03:57] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs, then whispers to Rights. "I think he is hates me now."
[03:57] * Clocks holds his hand up for Lurker to wait a moment.
[03:57] <Lurker> "I'd like, if this dream goes wrong, for it to be stricken from the record.
[03:58] * Rights shakes herhead, whispering back. "He doesn't hate you…he's just…I don't know. I wish I could help…"
[03:58] <Clocks> "Sure. Um, hold on. And to everyone else in here, I apologize in advance."
[03:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is ok bunny."
[03:59] <Lurker> "Apologize?"
[03:59] * Clocks opens a small box with what seems to be home-modified shisha in it. It smells strongly of sulfur and metal. Locke found some of the more common flavoring agents from the Station's meals and mixed them in as an experiment.
[04:01] * Lurker blinks.
[04:02] * Clocks blushes, having taken the helmet off. "Um… bad idea? I… thought you might like it, but I don't know how your taste buds…"
[04:03] * Lurker blinks again. "Please save it for later, Doctor. I'd like to start the test."
[04:03] * Lurker seems to be in a mood.
[04:05] * Clocks looks slightly downcast, but hides it well. He puts a vanilla blend in the hookah instead. Lighting the coal, he again steps back and lets Lurker start it.
[04:05] * Lurker inhales, then exhales through his nostrils a few times, then hands it to Locke.
[04:06] <Lurker> Instantly the smoke starts forming into a dark sphere around them, shrouding the room in a shadow. In the middle are two smoke figures.
[04:06] <Lurker> One is tall, the other is short. After a few moments, the short one is revealed to be Lurker with red eyes.
[04:07] * Clocks takes over producing smoke.
[04:07] <Lurker> Lurker lunges at the second smoke figure. A gun goes off but seems to miss. Lurker pins the figure to the ground and starts ripping at it. Blood sprays a few people as the figure starts to take shape.
[04:08] <Lurker> Lurker climbs off his prey. The figure was Kondraki in a nazi uniform. He no longer has a throat or most of his chest.
[04:08] * Rights tenses visibly.
[04:09] <Lurker> Several more staff members in uniforms, including Strelnikov seem to emerge from the edges of the shadows, Lurker turns, and is suddenly replaced with something quite large, with great big glowing eyes.
[04:09] <Lurker> It starts slaughtering the staff members. Then the smoke drifts and causes everything to disappear as it starts to form a new scene.
[04:10] <Lurker> The scene greatly resembles the second scene from Lurker's last experiment with the hookah. It's night time, and the box is now infront of Lurker.
[04:11] * Lurker looks at the box and nudges it. It responds with a whimper, and blood starting to form at the bottom again.
[04:11] * Lurker leans in close and grins. "I. Regret. Nothing." He says, quite calmly and clearly, then slowly picks up the box, revealing a very mangled upper half of a young girl. It looks up at Lurker and starts to cry.
[04:11] * Clocks extends a hand toward the vent switch. He's ready.
[04:12] * Lurker reaches forward and quickly snaps her neck.
[04:12] * Lurker pauses for a few seconds. "Thank you Doctor… I think I'm quite done."
[04:12] * Clocks nods and throws the switch, venting the room.
[04:13] * Lurker blinks a few times, swaying in place.
[04:13] * Rights doesn't look too well, a little green, a little pale.
[04:13] * Lurker suddenly leans forward and vomits onto the floor, there is quite a fair amount of blood.
[04:14] * Agent_Strelnikov steadies Rights with a hand. The other is holding his cigarette.
[04:14] * Clocks walks over and supports him. He seems unphased by the violence, even when the smoke-blood is drifting away off of his skin.
[04:14] <Clocks> "Lurker, do you need help, or… I don't know your physiology."
[04:14] * Lurker looks to everyone in the room, his eyes have turned to a dark-ish blue.
[04:15] <Lurker> "I… think I need to…"
[04:15] * Clocks is trying to support Lurker's weight.
[04:15] * Lurker closes his eyes and breathes slowly.
[04:16] * Lurker is fairly light.
[04:16] * Lurker looks to Rights, his eyes turn baby blue for a few minutes. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"
[04:16] * Rights shakes her head. "…you've nothing to be sorry about…"
[04:17] * Clocks is quiet, thinking.
[04:17] * Lurker blinks a few times. "I am… horrible… all I know is pain…"
[04:17] * Lurker starts to stumble towards the door, almost drunkenly.
[04:18] * Clocks isn't letting him wander off like that, and he has a robotic exosuit on to enforce this.
[04:19] <Clocks> "That's nonsense. You know that's nonsense. You didn't even feel the pain until it was over, Lurker."
[04:19] * Rights whispers, more to herself than anybody around. "…I think I need to sleep.
[04:20] * Lurker looks at Rights, then closes his eyes and turns away, dropping to his knees and vomiting up more blood.
[04:20] * Agent_Strelnikov bends down and pats Lurker on the head.
[04:21] * Clocks consults the medical data in the suit about what he can do in this situation.
[04:21] * Lurker snaps out his claws and drives them into his side, groaning. "Stop it!"
[04:22] * Rights runs to Lurker. "Shh, shh, stop. Stop."
[04:22] * Lurker rolls to the side, away from the blood, and grabs hold of his head. "Go away go away go away!"
[04:23] * Rights goes to grab Lurker firmly. "Lurker. Six. SIX, SWEETIE. STOP."
[04:23] * Lurker stops and tenses up, looking up at Rights.
[04:23] * Clocks watches, trying to remain impassive in a situation where he's entirely lost. He lets his mind wander a little.
[04:24] <Rights> "…We're going to medical."
[04:25] * Rights says this firmly, gathering Lurker up in her arms, ignoring her own aches and pains. "Come on."
[04:25] * Lurker stares up at Rights with big, soft blue eyes, almost as though he's about to pass out.
[04:27] * Agent_Strelnikov pats Lurker on the head again. He flicks the cigarette into the same recycle bin and shuffles away to his room.
[04:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> The recycle bin may or may not begin smoldering.

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