Test 1

Test one of the Dream Hookah occurs on the roof.

[01:26] * ClockworkMage sets up the hookah on the table. He fills the bowl with the strawberry flavor that he'd agreed to save for Strelnikov.
[01:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "How am I make smokings?"
[01:26] * Rights loves the roof, settling into her own seat.
[01:26] <Dr_Magnus> 4d6 paranoid awareness
[01:26] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, paranoid awareness: 13 [4d6=3,4,2,4]
[01:26] <pooryoric> "pretty sure, yeh. we smoked in the name of toast yesterday, and in the name of daryl the day before."
[01:26] <ClockworkMage> "You… oh, damn. Hmmm. Never done this, I take it?"
[01:27] * Dr_Facette gives Yoric this horrified stare.
[01:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have not smoke hookah, no."
[01:27] <pooryoric> "ii'm kidding."
[01:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I prefer the unfiltered cigarette."
[01:27] <Rights> "I assume it's just like anything else. Inhale, hold, exhale."
[01:27] * pooryoric grins even wider than bfore.
[01:27] * Dr_Magnus shakes his head. "Whatever." Starts to wheel himself towards an elevator, hitting the highest floor.
[01:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm." He looks over the machine.
[01:27] <Dr_Facette> "I — yes, of course…"
[01:27] * ClockworkMage nods. "Here, inhale through the hose. Don't hold, it's for the flavor, not the content. Now, let me light this."
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I sees."
[01:28] * Agent_Strelnikov picks up the hose.
[01:28] * Lurker blinks and holds onto Rights lightly.
[01:28] <pooryoric> "sorry… i just like messing with shy people."
[01:28] * Rights gives Lurker a squeeze, holding him warmly.
[01:28] * Lurker whispers softly into Rights' ear
[01:28] * Dr_Magnus stands up from his wheelchair, and grunts, climbing the ladder to the roof.
[01:28] * Dr_Facette bites down on her own lower lip.
[01:28] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Lurker.
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Try for make translates of anything I am say."
[01:28] <Dr_Facette> "Shy? Whoever said I was shy?"
[01:28] * Lurker blinks and nods to Dmitri.
[01:28] <DrAuteu> "are you worried about something, facette?"
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am not remember most of my dreams. Sorries before if they are bad!" He smiles brightly.
[01:29] * Dr_Magnus arrives on the roof, looking overe the small crowd. "What in the name of zombified dieties is going on here?"
[01:29] * Rights smiles softly. "Don't worry, Dmirtri…
[01:29] <pooryoric> "haha… then again…. NT shy can be just as fun."
[01:29] * Agent_Strelnikov begins puffing on the hookah. He coughs, not expecting the flavor to be so strong.
[01:29] <pooryoric> *not
[01:29] * Dr_Facette jumps at Magnus' sudden appearance.
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is taste."
[01:29] * ClockworkMage picks up a coal with the tongs, then lights it with a blowtorch. He sets it down on the metal screen that goes over the tobacco mix, then blows on it. After a moment, the chamber above the water fills with smoke. Locke gives Strelnikov a nod.
[01:29] * Agent_Strelnikov has apparently jumped the gun. No matter.
[01:30] * Lurker smiles softly and strokes Rights' back.
[01:30] <DrAuteu> "hehe, are you jumpy or what?"
[01:30] * Agent_Strelnikov tries again. Yes, it DOES taste like strawberry. He's impressed.
[01:30] * Dr_Magnus adjusts his glasses, and pulls the wheelchair out from behind him, sitting down again.
[01:30] <pooryoric> "oh, hi magnus."
[01:30] <Dr_Facette> "Oh, no, no, not at all."
[01:30] <pooryoric> "what's with the wheelchair?"
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….I like this."
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But I am not feel anything?"
[01:30] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Locke.
[01:30] <ClockworkMage> "I don't know how long it actually takes…"
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh."
[01:30] * Dr_Magnus points to the chestwound. "Gun shot wound. I tend to open it easily."
[01:30] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps smoking. It's quite pleasant, actually, and even alleviates his cigarette withdrawls.
[01:30] <ClockworkMage> "Oh, and yeah, there's no real buzz from this stuff. Just the flavor."
[01:31] * Rights rubs Lurker's back as well, watching Strelnikov with interest
[01:31] * ClockworkMage nods.
[01:31] * Dr_Magnus wheels himself over towards the group, sitting a few feet away.
[01:31] <pooryoric> "i see."
[01:31] <pooryoric> "why not just have drmann close that up for you?"
[01:31] <Rights> "So, do they simply manifest out of smoke?"
[01:31] <Dr_Magnus> "He did."
[01:31] * Agent_Strelnikov is still puffing away as the device begins to produce an inordinate amount of smoke.
[01:32] <ClockworkMage> "I think so… Oh, yeah. Like that. Like, um, stand back now."
[01:32] * Agent_Strelnikov takes one more puff and sets the hose down. He steps up from the seat, looking a bit tense. The smoke billows around him, changing to different shades of grey.
[01:33] <pooryoric> "you okay, red?"
[01:33] <DrAuteu> "excellent, facette, i would hope something this simple wouldn't scare you"
[01:33] <Dr_Magnus> "Either way, I think I just don't heal well, or something is interefereing with h-space, but I don't really mind being in the wheelchair. I was for quite a while before I had the generator put in, Yoric."
[01:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> The smoke swirls and billows, clumping into crude shapes. As the smoke travels, it begins to take on more defined shapes.
[01:34] * Dr_Magnus wheels over to Doctor Facette. "I don't think we've met before. I'm doctor Michael Magnus."
[01:34] <pooryoric> "magnus, allow me to present the lovely adelaide facette."
[01:34] * Agent_Strelnikov relaxes a bit and steps into the smoke. The hookah machine is still producing it, adding more and more detail to the scene as it does so. Crude walls begin to appear around Dmitri.
[01:35] * Dr_Facette just sort of watches, brows raised.
[01:35] <pooryoric> "oh, shit. red, i think it's working. take another hit."
[01:35] * Dr_Magnus offers out a hand. "I apologize for my current state. Damn kid shot me."
[01:35] * Agent_Strelnikov leans out of the smoke cloud and takes another strong hit on the hookah machine. Even more smoke spews from the top.
[01:35] <Dr_Facette> "Interesting… oh, hello - Magnus, was it? Oh, that's fine."
[01:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am like the taste."
[01:36] * Dr_Facette smiles in a particularly charming sort of way, her head tilting to the side and her hand offered.
[01:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> The smoke continues to lift out of the hookah machine, adding ever more features to the scene that Dmitri's dreams apparently paint for him each night.
[01:36] * Dr_Magnus shakes her hand firmly, smiling a warm, knowing smile. He then wheels himself back a few feet, muttering to himself quietly about "Damn kids and thier hobbies."
[01:36] <ClockworkMage> "Actually, I think once it's started, anyone can do the smoking without interrupting the dream. Want me to pick up the role for you?"
[01:37] <pooryoric> "red, if your nightmares kill me, i will haunt the -shit- out of you."
[01:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Please, Locke. I think it is need more smoke.
[01:37] <Lurker> "I'm still confused about what's supposed to happen, Doctor Locke…"
[01:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…I remember this much. It is not finish."
[01:37] <Rights> "Me too…but that makes this interesting…"
[01:37] * Agent_Strelnikov motions for Locke to make more smoke.
[01:37] <Gerald> *Time passes while this happens*
[01:37] * Gerald walks up to the roof.
[01:37] * ClockworkMage walks up to the hookah and puffs at it. He notably knows what he's doing, as a large quantity of smoke is produced.
[01:38] * ClockworkMage also blows smoke rings.
[01:38] <Gerald> "Hello folks."
[01:38] * Dr_Magnus leans on one hand, staring into the darkness. "You know what this reminds me of?"
[01:38] <DrAuteu> "quit showing off and get on with it!"
[01:38] <Rights> "Hey Gerald."
[01:38] * Rights smiels.
[01:38] * Agent_Strelnikov 's scene develops rapidly now, with clearly defined wall shapes. That smoke drifts in and out to create stripes from the wallpaper, showing the room in great detail.
[01:38] * Gerald has a slightly dazed, loopy grin on his face.
[01:38] <pooryoric> "oh, hi gerald. you left 347 in her unit?"
[01:38] * Rights blinks at Gerald. "…Well, don't you look the cat who ate the canary…"
[01:38] * Agent_Strelnikov stands in the middle of the room, with another person made of smoke.
[01:38] <Gerald> "Yep."
[01:39] * Gerald tries to keep a straight face when Rights says that.
[01:39] <Rights> "…347?"
[01:39] * Rights pauses. "You used protection, right?"
[01:39] * ClockworkMage keeps smoking, and has another coal ready to light if this one runs out.
[01:39] * Lurker shakes his head. "Doubt it."
[01:39] * Gerald blushes.
[01:39] * Dr_Magnus looks over at gerald. "…Damn….kids." He shakes his head.
[01:39] <pooryoric> "good, good. and yeh, i made sure he did."
[01:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> The smoke manages to depict her quite clearly, with sharp features. She has fair features and long, brown hair, and is wearing a white skirt with strawberries patterned on it.
[01:40] <Rights> "…good." She looks back at Dmitri's dream, interested
[01:40] <Gerald> "So, what's this?"
[01:40] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches out gently and touches the girl's cheek. She speaks to him, in Russian. "Come home to me."
[01:40] <pooryoric> "and you remembered to leave the airlock cracked for iceberg, right, gerald?"
[01:40] * pooryoric blinks, and translates the girl's russian for the others.
[01:40] <Gerald> "Hm? Didn't know I was supposed to…."
[01:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I promise," he responds. The smoke clouds wildly fly about to change the scene.
[01:41] * DrAuteu leans over to gerald,"shh, this is getting interesting"
[01:41] * Dr_Facette watches, chewing on her lower lip.
[01:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> They manage to depict a crude landscape consisting of a cratered landscape with broken buildings framing the pretend skyline.
[01:41] <pooryoric> "facette. stop being cute, it's distracting."
[01:41] * Gerald watches intently.
[01:41] * ClockworkMage looks nervous, recognizing this part.
[01:42] <Dr_Facette> "I - I beg your pardon?"
[01:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> Two smoke figures appear flanking Dmitri, sitting on what appear to be tree stumps. One of them has a guitar. A small bead of smoke lands on Dmitri's collar, forming his lieutenant's bars.
[01:42] * pooryoric grins. "just watch."
[01:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> One of them begins playing the guitar, and together the three of them sing in Russian. They aren't that bad, until one of the men's heads tilts back and falls off as if his entire throat was slit, red smoke perforating it.
[01:43] <ClockworkMage> «Lurker, get someone ready to… fire extinguish, or shoot. This looks like the part I saw, at least the setting does.»
[01:43] <Lurker> « I can't shoot or extinguish fires! »
[01:43] * Dr_Magnus sighs quietly. "Ingle Libe…" He smiles very slightly.
[01:43] * Rights shivers a little."
[01:43] * Agent_Strelnikov puts his hand on the guitar player's shoulder as his head explodes in red smoke, the guitar falling to the floor. His lieutenant's bars turn red as he bends down to pick up the guitar.
[01:43] <Rights> -Jesus…"
[01:43] <Gerald> "…."
[01:43] <pooryoric> "ah, red?"
[01:44] * Lurker hugs Rights gently. "It's not real."
[01:44] <Dr_Magnus> "Somone needs to end this. Such things are not meant to be relived…"
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Shut the fuck up Yoric."
[01:44] <ClockworkMage> «I know, but you weren't going to freak out if I spoke in your head, and I don't want to speak, from where I'm sitting.»
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> The scene changes once more.
[01:44] * Dr_Facette flinches away.
[01:44] * DrAuteu puts a hand on magnus' shoulder and shakes his head
[01:44] * Rights leans back against Lurker. "I know…he already agreed to this."
[01:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> Walls form around him and the guitar he is holding changes to an AK-74 with a bayonet. Smoke clouds pour in from the top of the walls. As they fall their figures take on more shape and detail until it's quite clear they are falling soldiers with weapons out.
[01:44] * Dr_Magnus removes his glasses.
[01:45] * pooryoric shushes facette. "i said to stop that."
[01:45] * Agent_Strelnikov 's teeth shine through the clouds of smoke as they charge Dmitri, swinging his AK at them and dispersing clouds. They immediately reform at the top of the wall and come at him again.
[01:45] <Gerald> "Goddamn."
[01:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> It's quite evident that there are too many of them for him to hold off. One stands behind him with a metal shank and stabs him in the back, where the dream normally would end. Blood sprays from the wound and he falls over gasping for air, the smoke clouds dissipating into nothing more than that.
[01:46] <pooryoric> "oh, shit. medic!"
[01:46] * Dr_Magnus wheels around to turn away from the scene in front of him.
[01:47] * Gerald just stares.
[01:47] * Lurker rushes over and grabs Dmitri's arm.
[01:47] * pooryoric runs over to strelnikov.
[01:47] * Rights moves to help Dmitri. "Shit!"
[01:47] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs and spits out a tooth. It's not one of his metal ones, thank god.
[01:47] <pooryoric> "red! you okay?!"
[01:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I'm fine, it…it…it was a dream…right?"
[01:47] * Dr_Facette gasps, her hands flying up over her mouth.
[01:47] * DrAuteu stands, stioc, looking very interested and smiling ever-so-slightly
[01:47] <Lurker> "Dmitri, my friend, you're bleeding."
[01:47] <Lurker> "And you lost a tooth."
[01:47] <Rights> "You seem to be bleeding pretty impressively for being a dream!"
[01:47] <Dr_Magnus> "Like I said, some things aren't meant to be relived…"
[01:47] <Gerald> "Are you alright, Dmitri?"
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs, blood spitting from the gap in his gums.
[01:48] * Gerald looks concerned.
[01:48] <pooryoric> "looks like you may have a stab wound in your back, red."
[01:48] * ClockworkMage coughs as the coal on the top of the hookah flares up for a moment. "*Hrk-kff* Oh shit, sorry, I don't know a way to shut it off…"
[01:48] * Rights pulls out a first-aid kit. "Get his top off, we need to look at this wound…"
[01:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Sorries."
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov wipes the blood from his mouth.
[01:48] <Rights> "No, no, don't be sorry…"
[01:48] <pooryoric> "no worries, red."
[01:48] * DrAuteu looks over at facette "is that all it takes to shock you?"
[01:48] * Rights looks up at Locke. "Next time….we choose somebody with a less violent dream."
[01:48] * pooryoric steps back, not wanting to get in th way.
[01:49] <Gerald> "So, what does this thing do, again?"
[01:49] <Dr_Facette> "He's -bleeding-! Of course I'm shocked! A moment ago, it was smoke and women!"
[01:49] <pooryoric> "auteu… not everyone is as… unflappable as you."
[01:49] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights, breathing heavily and a bit loopy from the smoke, exertion, and wound in his fucking back.
[01:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Was she not beautiful."
[01:49] * Rights is moving to roll Dmitri over and get his shirt off. "She was lovely, Dmitri…an angel. Now try not to spek…we need to get your back treated."
[01:50] <pooryoric> "adelaide, you okay?"
[01:50] * DrAuteu takes a step toward facette "so, a bit of blood, there's a whole lot more to fear here"
[01:51] * Lurker blinks. "I'm not sure what my dreams are like, I can't remember a fair bit of them."
[01:51] * Gerald pats his pockets.
[01:51] <Gerald> "For once, I don't have my first-aid kit on me."
[01:51] <Rights> 4d6 Let Mommy Make It Better
[01:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, Let Mommy Make It Better: 15 [4d6=2,3,4,6]
[01:51] <Gerald> "Sorry."
[01:51] <pooryoric> "auteu… play nice."
[01:51] <Rights> "I bought one, Gerald…"
[01:51] * ClockworkMage eyes Lurker. "So find out. We're here to test."
[01:51] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit, smiling.
[01:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Sorries."
[01:51] * Dr_Facette whirls, brows furrowing and eyes narrowed.
[01:51] <Gerald> "What *is* this thing?"
[01:51] <Rights> "Shh, shh…you've nothing to be sorry for."
[01:51] <Dr_Facette> "… I /beg your pardon/?"
[01:51] * DrAuteu has a startling look of calm on his face
[01:52] * pooryoric grins.
[01:52] <pooryoric> "him or me?"
[01:52] * Lurker lightly slaps Dmitri across the face, careful not to scratch him with his claws. "Stop apologizing, it's not your fault."
[01:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ow."
[01:52] <DrAuteu> [unsettling*]
[01:52] * Dr_Magnus looks visibly angry, and wheels over.
[01:52] * Agent_Strelnikov 's breath is a bit ragged. "Did…did you understand what I said?"
[01:52] * Lurker pats Dmitri's shoulder gently. "I did."
[01:52] * Rights works on Dmitri's back quickly.
[01:52] * DrAuteu moves towards facette, getting uncomfortably close
[01:52] * Agent_Strelnikov lets his head down and breathes, calming down a bit now.
[01:53] * Dr_Facette 's face is not suited to anger. She's babyfaced and wears a smile so often that the look of rage is - honestly not a lovely sight.
[01:53] <DrAuteu> [only a little too close though]
[01:53] <Lurker> "Just relax, Dmitri, think of happy thoughts."
[01:53] <Dr_Facette> "Get away from me."
[01:53] <Dr_Magnus> 1d2 Magnus is an old dick.
[01:53] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, Magnus is an old dick.: 1 [1d2=1]
[01:53] * pooryoric grabs auteu gently and pulls him aside.
[01:53] <DrAuteu> " what yoric, she should know"
[01:53] <Rights> "Alright, that should hold for now…Dmitri, how are you feeling?"
[01:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…That was happy."
[01:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am glad it was not show the bad ones."
[01:54] <Lurker> "Getting stabbed was happy? I'd hate to see upset."
[01:54] <Dr_Facette> "Well, forgive me for being a little startled on my first day. Sinful, isn't it?"
[01:54] * Dr_Magnus stares directly into Strelnikov's eyes. "Boy, not all of us want to live back through our pasts. Think about that next time you test something like this out." He wheels back to stare off into the night irritably.
[01:54] <pooryoric> "auteu… she'snew. let her have her ignorance."
[01:54] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters something in Russian about Magnus simply not being man enough to deal with it.
[01:54] * Lurker looks to Locke. "I think… I might want to try."
[01:54] <DrAuteu> "oh my no facette, nothing wrong at all"
[01:54] <Gerald> "Er, so, who's going next?"
[01:55] <Rights> "Alright…try to sit up. "Lurker, help me get him to a chair…"
[01:55] <DrAuteu> "if you plan to remain blind"
[01:55] * Gerald looks rather nervous at the idea of his dreams becoming reality.
[01:55] * Lurker nods and easily helps Rights lift Dmitri.
[01:55] * Agent_Strelnikov sits up slowly. It hurts a lot fucking more than he first imagined. "AGGH."
[01:55] <Dr_Magnus> "I heard that Strelnikov. Don't forget I've served in two wars, and seen two more. Don't give me any of that crap."
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fuck you. I serve in two myself."
[01:55] <ClockworkMage> "Lurker has volunteered, though I could always try again. Dr. Flux isn't here, and besides, my dreams have variety to them."
[01:55] * Dr_Magnus wheels over to the far side of the room, away from the others.
[01:56] * pooryoric smiles disarmingly at facette. "auteu's experiences have left him a bit sociopathic. he'll be immune to your cuteness."
[01:56] <Gerald> "Huh."
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Just because you are old fucking man in young man body does not mean you can fucking talk the shits."
[01:56] <Rights> "Hey now…lets not be fussy. This is an experiment…things are gonna be unpleasent, of course."
[01:56] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs heavily and wipes a bit more blood from his face
[01:56] * Gerald seems to notice Facette for the first time.
[01:56] <Gerald> "Oh! Hello there, I'm Dr. Gerald."
[01:56] * Gerald shakes her hand.
[01:56] * Rights coos softly, speaking to both Dmitri and Magnus, moving him somewhere he can sit in peace and wiping the blood formhis face. "How do you feel?"
[01:57] * Lurker blinks, eyes seeming to be the only part of him visible.
[01:57] <pooryoric> "gerald! excellent timing! meet adelaide facette."
[01:57] * Dr_Facette turns, suddenly all smiles again. "Hello, Dr. Gerald. I am Adelaide Facette. This is my first day here."
[01:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I have headache."
[01:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And backache."
[01:57] <Rights> "Dreams are dangerous like that."
[01:57] * Agent_Strelnikov still breathes a bit heavily. "…It is seem to be so."
[01:57] <pooryoric> "adelaide, this is gerald. he's magnificantly accident prone."
[01:57] <Gerald> "Welcome to the Foundation."
[01:57] * Lurker walks over and extends a claw to Facette. "I'm sorry, I don't believe I introducted myself." He says, the bright glowing blue eyes the only thing very visible to Facette.
[01:57] <pooryoric> "generally a nice guy."
[01:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you, Doktor Rights."
[01:58] * Gerald smiles warmly.
[01:58] <pooryoric> [no, he's not.]
[01:58] <Dr_Magnus> [What happened?]
[01:58] <Dr_Facette> "Thank you very much, Dr. Gerald. Oh, hello!"
[01:58] <Rights> "Think nothing of it." She says, checking to make sure he's okay awkwardly
[01:58] * Dr_Facette turns to take said claw and shake it, eyes suddenly half-lidding. Here goes nothing?
[01:58] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 Narcolepsy's a bitch
[01:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, Narcolepsy's a bitch: 2 [1d2=2]
[01:59] * Dr_Facette shakes her head softly, perking up and beaming again. Sleep avoided. Wonderful!
[01:59] <pooryoric> "ah, and this is lur- ah, are you alright?"
[01:59] * Lurker blinks and chuckles. "Narcolepsy?"
[02:00] <Dr_Facette> "Goodness, how did you - yes, I'm afraid so. Do not be alarmed, this won't affect my work at all!"
[02:00] * Dr_Facette smiles at Lurker. She's lying.
[02:00] * Lurker smiles. "Talk to Doctor Dumount, I'm sure he… or she, depending on the day… can assist you."
[02:01] * Agent_Strelnikov hums quietly, the same song they were singing in the dream.
[02:02] * Rights tends to Dmitri as she watches the others. She'd do it, but…her dreams…
[02:02] <Rights> "…You were pretty brave to show that to us."
[02:02] * Dr_Magnus lights up a cigarette on the other side of roof, a single red light in the darkness.
[02:02] * Lurker 's tail twitches and he perks up, looking to Rights.
[02:02] * Gerald tries to wonder what dream he's going to get.
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Was not brave."
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It needed test."
[02:02] * Lurker goes over and hugs her lightly from behind. "I sensed a disturbance in the force."
[02:02] * Lurker then goes and offers Dmitri a big hug.
[02:02] * Dr_Facette gazes to the side, frowning…
[02:03] <Rights> "Sometimes bravery is doing the necessary thing." She points out, before hugging Lurker back. "I dunno..I'd just rather my dreams stay in my head."
[02:03] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs heavily at the hug, returning it a bit limply.
[02:03] * Lurker smiles and pats Strelnikov's back. "You're a good man, Dmitri."
[02:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I wanted to see anyway." He keeps humming."
[02:03] * Lurker looks over at Locke and sighs. "I'm curious… but that leads to bad things…"
[02:03] * Lurker pauses and shudders, remembering the hours at the phonebooth.
[02:03] * Dr_Facette raises her hand, hesitantly. "Is another test required?"
[02:04] <Gerald> "So, Lurker's going next, right?"
[02:04] <Gerald> "Lurker, any chance your dream's also going to be violent?"
[02:04] <ClockworkMage> "Required? No. Should we do it? Yes."
[02:04] <Lurker> "There's always a chance, Doctor Gerald."
[02:04] <Gerald> "Hm."
[02:04] <Dr_Facette> "I — I see."
[02:04] * Agent_Strelnikov murmurs quietly, "Kombat-batyanya, batyanya kombat."
[02:05] <Gerald> "Because, I have the medical wing on speed dial, if we need it."
[02:05] <Lurker> "In that case, you might want to get out your phone."
[02:05] * Agent_Strelnikov leans on Rights and sighs. "Ow."
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What even hit me, Doktor Rights?"
[02:05] <Rights> "…My dreams might not be violent, but…they're not for the public, really."
[02:06] <Gerald> [Hey, that was freaking awesome, and you know it.]
[02:06] * Lurker approaches the hookah.
[02:06] * Dr_Magnus walks back to the other side, sitting a few yards from the group, now sans-wheelchair.
[02:06] * Rights frowns as she lets Dmitri lean onher, gently rubbing his head. "…Somebody stabbed you."
[02:06] <Gerald> "Hm."
[02:06] <Lurker> "So… what do I do, how does it work?"
[02:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…REALLY."
[02:06] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Rights, incredulous.
[02:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I always thought it was bullet. That is how the dream has end, always."
[02:06] <Gerald> "I had a dream where I was being chased by a giant balloon in the shape of the letter 'A' once."
[02:07] * ClockworkMage smiles at Lurker. "You just puff on the smoke, don't hold it in. I'll need to back up so it doesn't pick me, but once it starts your dream, I can keep the smoke going for you."
[02:07] <Rights> "Ah…nope…you got shanked."
[02:07] <Gerald> "How would that turn out?"
[02:07] * Dr_Facette chuckles at Gerald.
[02:07] * Lurker nods. "I see…"
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….So that is why it is hurts so much."
[02:07] * Lurker looks at the hookah for a few moments, then turns to Rights.
[02:07] <ClockworkMage> "Flavor request?"
[02:07] <DrAuteu> "hmm… i never remember my dreams, perhaps i should try too"
[02:07] <Lurker> "Doctor…?"
[02:07] <pooryoric> "hey, red? turns out, you survive."
[02:07] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs as yoric says it, a bit of blood spraying onto his hands. "It is seem so."
[02:08] * Dr_Magnus stares blankly ahead. "I wish I could forget mine sometimes."
[02:08] <Rights> "Yes, lurker?"
[02:08] <Lurker> "Should I?"
[02:08] <pooryoric> "sleep in peace."
[02:08] <Lurker> "I mean… I hardly remember them."
[02:08] * Rights frowns. "Careful, careful, Dmitri…Lurker…really, only you can determine that."
[02:08] <Rights> "Doyou really want to know?"
[02:08] * Lurker sighs, and nods slightly, then looks to Locke. "Alright, when everything settles down…"
[02:10] * Gerald looks at the machine.
[02:10] <Lurker> "I'll go next then."
[02:11] <pooryoric> "ah, lurker. dream of killing me and i'll haunt you forever."
[02:11] <Gerald> "Be careful, Lurk."
[02:11] <Lurker> "You wouldn't have the balls, Yoric."
[02:11] <Lurker> "I remember one dream where I castrated you."
[02:11] <Lurker> "That was fun."
[02:11] * Dr_Facette chuckles again.
[02:11] <pooryoric> "hopefully, i'd have better things to do than haunt you."
[02:12] * Rights chuckles.
[02:13] * Gerald stares at the machine again, wondering what dream he'll get if he does it.
[02:13] * Agent_Strelnikov leans on Rights gently, still humming Kombat.
[02:13] * ClockworkMage lights another coal. The mix now in the bowl is cherry. Hr offers Lurker the hose.
[02:14] * Lurker sighs and takes it gingerly, looking at it. "Okay…"
[02:14] * Rights pats Dmitri's head.
[02:14] * ClockworkMage backs away again.
[02:14] <ClockworkMage> "Guys, test in progress."
[02:14] * Agent_Strelnikov rubs his head and looks up to watch.
[02:15] * Dr_Magnus lights up another cigarette, not smoking it, just holding it lit.
[02:15] * pooryoric wanders over to magnus.
[02:15] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Magnus. God damn, he wants a cigarette.
[02:15] * DrAuteu looks over at the table "oh good, i'm curious as to the dreams of that one"
[02:15] <pooryoric> "ah, magnus?"
[02:15] * Lurker inhales, then puffs out the smoke. "Mmm…"
[02:15] * Dr_Facette contemplates taking notes.
[02:15] * Dr_Facette does not.
[02:16] <pooryoric> "your age is showing, boss."
[02:16] * Dr_Magnus sighs, and casually flicks the cigarette through the air, landing in front of strelnikov. "Don't make me shoot you Yoric."
[02:16] <pooryoric> "speaking of which, who shot you?"
[02:17] * Rights moves to pick up the cigarette herself, holding it wtih one hand.
[02:17] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches out for it, his hand is shaking.
[02:17] * Lurker hands the hose to Locke, looking up into the smoke.
[02:17] * Rights rummages in a pocket with the other, and draws out a cookie.
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ohhhhh…." He takes the cookie instead and feels a bit better.
[02:17] <Dr_Magnus> "Some damn Kid Yoric. The attractive one, that kondraki's got working for him."
[02:18] <pooryoric> "ah. sam… funny, she usually misses."
[02:18] <Rights> "…Good choice…I would've given the cigarette to you, if you asked, you know…" She says…and snuffs it out.
[02:18] * Rights smiles. "Maybe we should starting getting you on the patch or something."
[02:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well…you are doktor."
[02:18] * Lurker pauses as the smoke doesn't seem to be doing interesting.
[02:18] * Rights looks back over to Lurker. "I'm…not REALLY a doctor, you know…"
[02:18] * Rights watches the smoke.
[02:18] <Lurker> "Does this mean I don't dream, or should I keep puffing?"
[02:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "..Keep puffs."
[02:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is take time, I guess."
[02:19] <ClockworkMage> "Yeah, keep going. You dream, I'm pretty sure."
[02:19] * pooryoric wanders back to the group.
[02:19] <pooryoric> "maybe he dreams about clouds of smoke?"
[02:19] <Dr_Facette> "… Tell me - you, in the uniform, I do not remember if I got your name or not — are you Russian? Your accent sounds familiar."
[02:19] * Lurker inhales and puffs out a few more times.
[02:19] * Dr_Magnus lights another cigarette, laying it beside him, and looking up at the stars.
[02:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh. Sorries."
[02:20] <Lurker> The smoke starts to swirl about slowly, turning into a small tornado like shape, and makes it's way to the floor.
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov holds out a shaky hand to Facette. "Captain Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich."
[02:20] <pooryoric> "red, adelaide, it's starting."
[02:20] * Dr_Facette takes it gingerly, shaking it. "Would that be Captain, or should I call you Dmitri?"
[02:20] * Lurker holds the tube to Locke quickly, watching the smoke as it starts to form into a vaguely human shape.
[02:20] <Dr_Facette> "- Oh, really?"
[02:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Either is fine….Look!"
[02:21] * ClockworkMage nods. With Lurker's dream starting, he takes the hose and puffs for him."
[02:21] * Rights watches, curious.
[02:21] <Lurker> The smoke wraps itself into a female figure, some laughing can be heard in the distance around them.
[02:21] * Dr_Facette watches, perked up and giving the smoke a look .. sort of like a cat does when something's caught its interest. Wide-eyed and perked up, mostly.
[02:21] * Lurker blushes a bit and looks up at the figure, then down, biting his lower lip.
[02:21] * Dr_Facette may or may not mewl.
[02:22] * DrAuteu watches intently
[02:22] <Lurker> The figure finally takes form into Rights, however, she's in a white dress.
[02:22] * Lurker is quite red at this point, staring at the roof intently.
[02:22] * pooryoric grins. his left eye makes a faint clicking sound.
[02:22] * Rights blinks…suddenly feeing a touch awkward about watching herself and oh hey are my thighs really shaped like that? They look better than I remember.
[02:22] <DrAuteu> anton pokes his head out of Auteu's coat pocket
[02:22] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles. "Awww."
[02:23] <Lurker> The smoke-Rights walks over and places a hand on Lurker's head. He looks up and smiles softly, a few moments later, another smoke figure forms and runs up, hopping onto Lurker's lap.
[02:23] * Rights moves, suddenly, trying to get a better look.
[02:23] <Lurker> It hugs him, but doesn't take form. "Daddy!" It says, then the two figures quickly turn into a light smoke that covers the whole roof.
[02:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…." He coughs, part of the cookie flying out and hitting whoever's in front of him in the back.
[02:24] * Rights goes a little red…but smiles fondly and longingly
[02:24] * Dr_Facette gives Strelnikov a look like she's going to kill him in his sleep.
[02:24] * Lurker blinks, then freezes as the smoke starts to take the appearance of what appears to be an alleyway. Lurker is sitting behind a dumpster with an assortment of boxes and garbage cans around him. He turns as pale as he can.
[02:24] <Lurker> "N-no…"
[02:24] * Agent_Strelnikov gives Facette a look that says "Sorries!"
[02:25] * Agent_Strelnikov nudges Rights to make sure she is seeing this.
[02:25] <Lurker> A box is suddenly infront of Dmitri's feet. It shakes slightly.
[02:25] * Rights frowns, suddenly…she can't help but shake the feeling that she wishes they could stop the dream.
[02:25] <Lurker> "D-Dmitri… don't… don't lift up that box…" Lurker says, sounding genuinely terrified.
[02:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is a box."
[02:25] * Rights puts a hand on Dmitri's shoulder. "…hrm…"
[02:25] <pooryoric> "oh, shit. what's in the box, pandora?"
[02:25] * Agent_Strelnikov covers the box with a jackboot and shrugs.
[02:25] * Dr_Facette pulls off her coat, gingerly brushing bits of cookie off.
[02:26] * Lurker swallows hard, and keeps his eyes trained on the box. It jerks again, as if something's trapped underneath it.
[02:26] <DrAuteu> "heh, it's a box of rape"
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Uh..Are you sures, Lurker?"
[02:26] * pooryoric grins.
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think it is want outs."
[02:26] <Dr_Magnus> "…Fourty pounds?"
[02:26] * Lurker backs up against the dumpster whimpering and staring at the box.
[02:26] <pooryoric> "don't open it if he's afraid of it, red."
[02:26] <Dr_Facette> "Captain."
[02:26] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps his foot on it.
[02:26] * Rights frowns. "Maybe we should stop this…is there a way to end the dream?"
[02:26] <Dr_Facette> "… Don't."
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am not lift."
[02:26] <DrAuteu> "i don't know, seems a bit small to be the whole 40"
[02:26] * Dr_Facette looks a little nauseous.
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I promise." He winces, saying it again.
[02:27] * Gerald watches the dream.
[02:27] <Lurker> Something red starts seeping from under the box and Lurker hides his head under an arm.
[02:27] <pooryoric> "adelaide… are you okay?"
[02:27] * ClockworkMage actually doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything but keeping the smoke coming.
[02:27] <Lurker> "No… no no! I can't see you, you're not real!"
[02:27] <Gerald> "Er…"
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[02:27] <Lurker> "Leave me alone!"
[02:27] * Dr_Facette stares at the red, then crouches down to inspect it.
[02:27] * Rights frowns. "Clocks. LOCKE!"
[02:27] <Lurker> The red is most definitely blood.
[02:27] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps his foot firmly on the smoke box.
[02:27] <Dr_Facette> "… This is blood…"
[02:27] * Dr_Magnus walks over, and places his hands on the box as well. “Locke, if you know how to end this, do it, or I'm gonna destroy this thing."
[02:28] <Lurker> Screams start echoing around the group, distant screams.
[02:28] <pooryoric> "it's a dream, lurker."
[02:28] <DrAuteu> "well, things certainly have gotten interesing haven't they?"
[02:28] * Dr_Facette pales. Moreso than normal.
[02:28] <ClockworkMage> «Dr. Rights, I am having difficulty hearing you. Reply in your head.»
[02:28] * Bright , with the instinct for trouble that is a second nature, shows up.
[02:28] <Gerald> "Er, hello Dr. Bright."
[02:28] * Rights blinks, before thinking back at Locke, her mental voice improbably loud. «CUT OFF THE SMOKE»
[02:28] * Dr_Magnus stands up. "Evening, Jack."
[02:28] <Lurker> The box starts to sag a bit, the bottom now covered in blood, a faint sobbing can be heard under the box.
[02:28] <pooryoric> "oh, hi bright. interesting timing as always."
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….This…it is not rights."
[02:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Er…right."
[02:29] <Gerald> "Oh…please, for Lurk's sake, turn it off."
[02:29] <ClockworkMage> «Fire extinguisher»
[02:29] * ClockworkMage inhales deeply and holds his breath.
[02:29] <Rights> "What the fuck? Fire extinguisher?"
[02:29] <ClockworkMage> 2d6 Oh God Mur Organs
[02:29] <Magic_8-Ball> ClockworkMage, Oh God Mur Organs: 7 [2d6=5,2]
[02:29] * pooryoric plucks the tube from clocks' lips.
[02:29] * DrAuteu looks at lurker "… oh dear, what did you do?"
[02:29] * Dr_Facette puts her hands over her ears.
[02:29] * Rights pauses, before- "oh! OH! Soomebody snuff out the hookah!"
[02:29] * pooryoric plucks the tube from clocks' lips.
[02:29] <Dr_Facette> "I don't feel well!"
[02:29] * Bright crosses his arms over his chest.
[02:29] <Lurker> Lurker stands up, eyes red instead of blue, and he points at the box, almost screaming. "STOP THAT. LEAVE ME ALONE! I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF!"
[02:30] <Gerald> "…."
[02:30] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs Facette by the shoulders and steadies her.
[02:30] * Dr_Magnus sighs, and pulls out a large fire extinguisher, spraying the hookah.
[02:30] <Bright> "What the fuck is going on?"
[02:30] * Gerald 's mouth is slightly agape.
[02:30] * pooryoric blinks and drops the tube.
[02:30] <Gerald> "Dream machine."
[02:30] <Dr_Magnus> "Mind fuckery, Jack."
[02:30] <pooryoric> "what the hell?"
[02:30] * ClockworkMage exhales the smoke, coughing hard. "The coal! Get the coal!"
[02:30] * Rights runs to Lurker, wrapping her arms around him, waiting for the smoke to clear. "…Science, Bright. Shh, shh, Lurker, shhh…"
[02:30] * Dr_Facette epic -flinches- at PHYSICAL CONTACT DEAR JESUS and stares, horrified, at the box.
[02:30] * Agent_Strelnikov 's foot passes through the box as the smoke dissipates.
[02:31] * Lurker curls up on the floor, sobbing softly into Right's shoulder. Dmitri recognizes the feeling of a skull being crushed under his boot.
[02:31] * Agent_Strelnikov recognizes that feeling better than anyone here could know!
[02:31] * Gerald wraps his slightly burnt labcoat around his hand and grabs the coals.
[02:31] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs up a bit more blood and pats Lurker on the shoulder gently.
[02:31] <Lurker> The smoke disappears slowly, leaving no trace of what just happened.
[02:31] * pooryoric anyone except yoric!
[02:32] * Rights rocks Lurker back and forth in her arms slightly, humming gently to calm him. "Shh, shh…"
[02:32] * pooryoric drops the hookah and stands up.
[02:32] * Dr_Facette just sits there trembling and staring at the spot where the box used to be, mouth agape.
[02:32] * Dr_Magnus replaces the fire extinguisher behind him once more.
[02:32] <pooryoric> "adelaide, you okay?"
[02:32] <DrAuteu> "well now, so that's it eh?"
[02:32] * Agent_Strelnikov gently lets go of Facette.
[02:32] <Dr_Facette> "… my god.."
[02:32] <Gerald> "Goddamn, Lurk."
[02:32] <Dr_Magnus> "And here I thought my nightmares were horrific."
[02:32] * Lurker rocks back and forth lightly in Rights' arms, shivering. "N-not real… not… not real…"
[02:33] * DrAuteu stares, intently at lurker
[02:33] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters something about Magnus being a pussy, under his breath.
[02:33] * ClockworkMage stops coughing. "Ok. Test two concluded. Additional data, it's hard for the smoke-producing individual to stop the dream, fire extinguisher seems to mostly work."
[02:33] * Gerald drops the coal back where it was, looking at the new whole in his coat.
[02:33] * pooryoric is actually at a loss for words.
[02:33] <Bright> "So. I suppose the important question would be, who approved the use of an unknown sCP in non contained environments?"
[02:33] * pooryoric shakes his head.
[02:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Snorlison actually."
[02:33] * Dr_Magnus stares at Bright incredulously. "This coming from you?"
[02:33] <Gerald> "Er…"
[02:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I believe he was do this paperworks last night, but was unable for be present."
[02:33] <Rights> "Shh, shh, not real, not real…"
[02:34] <pooryoric> "also, clocks, anyone who attempts to seize the mouthpiece to stop the dream is instead compelled to begin smoking."
[02:34] * Dr_Facette breathes out, head tilting back.
[02:34] <Gerald> "Are we going to be continuing this?"
[02:34] * ClockworkMage recovers, mostly, and straightens up. "Oh, damn, that's inconvenient."
[02:34] * Rights moves to start picking Lurker up, holding him like a child or animal.
[02:34] * Bright stares back at Magnus. "I'm a stickler for protocol."
[02:34] <Rights> "Come on…"
[02:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….I would go again but it seems I am still bleed." He rubs his bandaged back.
[02:35] * pooryoric turns to facette. "hey. seriously. you okay?"
[02:35] <DrAuteu> "well, if there's no one else"
[02:35] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 Narcolepsy is still a bitch.
[02:35] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, Narcolepsy is still a bitch.: 1 [1d2=1]
[02:35] <Rights> "Lets go to sleep. If there's any more testing, we can do this again later…"
[02:35] * pooryoric catches dr_facette as she falls.
[02:35] * Lurker clings to Rights tightly, keeping his face hidden in her shoulder.
[02:36] <pooryoric> "what the hell?"
[02:36] * Dr_Facette sways a little and - falls asleep. Oh yes. That worked out beautifully.
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Rights…I can keep watch of Lurker if you are want to rest."
[02:36] * Rights looks around the roof, shaking herhead at Dmitri. "…I've got him…I mean, unless he wants to stay up here. Do you? Lurker?"
[02:36] * pooryoric carefully lowers dr_facette to the ground.
[02:36] <ClockworkMage> "I second Dr. Rights' proposal. This is more dangerous than my recovery of it led me to believe."
[02:36] * pooryoric shakes her gently.
[02:37] * pooryoric scratches his head.
[02:37] <Gerald> "Fine by me. Sleep is always welcome."
[02:37] * Lurker shakes his head, still shivering.
[02:37] <Gerald> "I'm not sure if any of my dreams were this drama filled, though."
[02:38] * Lurker lets Rights carry him away.
[02:38] * Agent_Strelnikov rubs his back and winces. "Ow."
[02:39] * Rights nods to people around the roof. "Alright…we're off…g'night." She says quietly, nodding as she passes Bright, cradling Lurker protectively. "Come on…lets go to bed, alright?"
[02:39] * Lurker nods and clings tighter.
[02:40] * pooryoric looks interestedly at the sleeping facette. "huh. she won't wake up."
[02:40] <Bright> "Mhmm." shaking his head.
[02:40] <Gerald> "I better go get a preview of what I'm going to see, anyway."
[02:40] * pooryoric shrugs and leaves her on the roof.
[02:40] <Gerald> "Er, will we be allowed to continue, Dr. Bright?"
[02:40] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to stand and winces in pain. That was one hell of a shank.
[02:41] * Dr_Magnus heads back down the ladder, towards the break room.
[02:41] <Bright> "In a more controlled environment. IE: inside, with guards at the ready."
[02:41] <Gerald> "Heh. Good idea."
[02:41] <DrAuteu> "but bright, the night air"
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I hope no one is dream of 682."
[02:41] <DrAuteu> "it's so calming"
[02:41] <Gerald> "…."
[02:42] <Gerald> "We'd better set it up so we can stop the dream immediately."
[02:42] * Agent_Strelnikov winces and groans, finally standing.
[02:42] * ClockworkMage shrugs. "SCP staff may be a poor test pool."
[02:42] <Bright> "Exactly."
[02:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Vents."
[02:42] <pooryoric> "vents?"
[02:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Air duct."
[02:42] <Bright> "Heaven forbid you let Kondraki have a puff."
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Suck out the smoke."
[02:43] * Gerald tries to think of this.
[02:43] <Gerald> "Goddamn."

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