Team Perks Suggestions

Relationship Perks

Dumount/Olympia -
Break/Strel - Hammer and Sickle - When teamed, support rolls are accepted on both 5's and 6's
Rights/Lurker - MINE! - +3 Bonus Dice to one team member when the other is threatened
Yoric/Light - Partners in Crime - When teamed, each team member is allowed to momentarily "steal" one of the other's skills, and use it for full dice. This can happen once per team member.
Heiden/Facette -
Sam/Gerald - Terror and Tissue Paper - When teamed, Sam can skip a turn to double Gerald's dice pool. Any damage or status effects incurred would effect Sam instead.

Team Perks

Bright/Strel - Like Zeus From On High - When teamed, are able to cause the Stunned condition in all present enemies once per mission.
Dumount/Mann - Trauma Center - When teamed, any medical rolls are considered 15 higher than the actual result
Break/Sam - Hell Hath No Fury - When teamed, can attack one additional male target per turn with a +1 Bonus
Heiden/Gerald- Lest Monsters We Become - When teamed, any round spent not attacking provides a cumulative +1 bonus to the next non-attack roll every round.
Imants/Yoric: Libel and Larceny. When teamed Imants and Yoric's opponents receive -1 dice on all rolls no matter who the opponent is targeting.

Perks Complete


+++Suggested Perks (Uncatalogued)
Olympia and Tam: Can't touch this. When tamed Olympia and Tam add the dice in Hardened Chasis and Tam's Suit, then use the added total for their defence rolls.
Evelyn/Iceberg - Beauty and the Beast - When teamed, Iceberg can sacrifice an attack roll to double Evelyn's, and Evelyn can sacrifice a defence roll to double Iceberg's

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