*Agent_Tam taps on the door lightly. "Doctor Bright?"

Bright> "Come in."

*Agent_Tam walks in and gives a salute. "Permission to take a seat, sir?"

Bright> "Sit down, please."

*Agent_Tam drops the salute and sits down in the chair straight.

Bright> "Talk to me Tam. How long have you been with the Foundation?"

Agent_Tam> "As of now, I've been with the Foundation for two years, transferred to Site 19 approximately three and a half weeks ago, sir."

Bright> "What are you working on currently?"

Agent_Tam> "I am part of the Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5, Red Dawn, under current leadership of Captain Dmitri Arkadeyevich Strelnikov."

Agent_Tam> "We are currently awaiting our first assignment."

Bright> "Aha!"

Bright> "Do you enjoy your job agent Tam?"

*Agent_Tam nods calmly, not smiling or frowning. "I do indeed, sir. It's one of the better jobs I've had in my lifetime."

Bright> "Do you wish to be promoted? Want to lead your own team?"

*Agent_Tam blinks, then pauses. "I wish to serve under the Foundation and will accept any position assigned if it is that for the good of the Foundation. If that means leading my own team, then I will gladly accept."

*Bright digs around in a desk drawer, then tosses Tam a small box with a button on it. "There's your chance. Press the button, Dmitri dies, and you get your own team. Sound good?"

*Agent_Tam pauses and looks at the button. "Is this an order, Doctor Bright, sir?"

Bright> "No, it's an opportunity."

*Agent_Tam stares at the button for a bit longer. "I think I am happy in my current position then, Doctor. I would prefer to work more before I lead." He says, looking up dead into Bright's eyes.

*Bright smiles. "Good answer. How would you work to contain an unknown SCP?"

Agent_Tam> "To the best of my ability sir, working with the current team I have with me, even if it would mean sacrificing myself to ensure its containment. It must be contained under any circumstances."

Bright> "You find yourself at a house, that is reported to be intelligent. Given you as team leader, how do you deal with the situation?"

Agent_Tam> "First I would contain the area around it, ensuring no civilians are on the premises. At that point, when I was sure no civilians could be harmed, I would break my team up into groups of two or more, and have them explore the house, keeping in constant contact. Any abnormalities or hostile intent would result in withdrawing from the house and calling in a cleanup crew before appropriate measures are taken to secure the area around the house. I assume it cannot be moved."

Bright> "Nicely done. What are your sexual fetishes?"

*Agent_Tam blinks. "Sir?" He pauses for a few moments. "I am into light BDSM, roleplaying, and shy, cute males."

Bright nods his head. "What is your best memory of your father?"

Agent_Tam> "My father…" He pauses and looks up. "My best memory would be him watching me board the plane to Basic."

*Agent_Tam doesn't seem to show a hint of emotion while saying that.

Bright> "What do you fear, Agent Tam?"

Agent_Tam> "I fear the failure of the Foundation."

Bright> "Nice answer." Bright checks his notes. He does this often, it's a nervous tic. "Are you aware that there is a traitor in the foundation?"

*Agent_Tam pauses. "I had heard rumours, sir. But I was unaware that it was confirmed."

Bright> "Have you seen any evidence to support this supposition?"

Agent_Tam> "I have not, sir, although I promise that I will be carefully analyzing this as such to find said traitor."

Bright> "Good man. What is your opinion of proposition 8?"

*Agent_Tam tenses up slightly, but doesn't blink or frown. "I am at a neutral standpoint. Both sides have pros and cons."

Bright> "And if you voted on it?"

*Agent_Tam pauses for a few moments. "I would vote no."

Bright> "Why?"

Agent_Tam> "I believe that, while there might be a deity that watches over this world, that people should have the right to choose who they wish to marry…" He pauses. "Even though a slip of paper is an appropriate symbol of two people's love."

Agent_Tam> "If man was not meant to make decisions, why grant them the choice?"

*Bright nods his head again."If you could fire anyone, who would it be?"

Agent_Tam> "The traitor." He says simply. "My colleagues all perform admirably."

*Bright snickers. "Any questions for me?"

*Agent_Tam shakes his head. "None at all, sir. Thank you, sir."

Bright> "Dismissed."

*Agent_Tam stands up, salutes, and walks out of the office calmly.

Bright> "Oh, Tam? I need that detonator back."

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