Talk Of Love

[20:38] * Aura appears to be staring at the end of her tea mug but glances up at the sound of her name again
[20:39] <pooryoric> "i was just mentioning to kain that you're talented as well as attractive."
[20:39] * Agent_Strelnikov spits up a little bit at that remark.
[20:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I thinks even I can make better than that, Yoric," he laughs.
[20:40] * Prof_Kain looks a little confused. "I'm sorry? Were you talking to me?"
[20:40] <pooryoric> "make better than what, red? and yes, kain."
[20:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You must try harder for properly make impress of a lady."
[20:41] * Prof_Kain continues to look confused, staring into pace as he recollects his memory.
[20:41] <Prof_Kain> "How odd…"
[20:41] <pooryoric> "impress? should i bee impressing her?"
[20:41] <pooryoric> *be
[20:41] * Aura raises an eyebrow
[20:41] <Lurker> "More juice, sir?"
[20:42] <Prof_Kain> "Hm? Uh, yes please uh…"
[20:42] * Doctor_Light smiles at this exchange, and gets up for water.
[20:42] <pooryoric> "i just never miss an opportunity to complement a lady or insult dumount, red."
[20:43] * Agent_Strelnikov clears his throat a bit and leans on the table.
[20:43] * Sorts continues stuffing his face with sammich rather than contribute to another flirtatious conversation. He supposed it was an inevitable side effect of working for such a huge secret organization.
[20:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Do not makes me wrong, I am give you credit for this, yes? But…"
[20:43] <Prof_Kain> "Actually, I don't know your name, or at least, what you prefer to be called…"
[20:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am just say, your styles is needs improve sometime."
[20:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is like broken record, with you."
[20:43] <Lurker> "Lurker… or Six. Either work." He says, fishing the apple juice out of the fridge and refilling Kain's bowl.
[20:43] * pooryoric grins.
[20:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Same, always same."
[20:44] <Prof_Kain> "Oh, and you don't have to call me sir, though the thought is appreciated."
[20:44] <Prof_Kain> "Why Six?
[20:45] <Lurker> "I'm not quite sure… has a ring to it."
[20:45] <pooryoric> "i didn't realize you were grading me, red."
[20:45] * Agent_Strelnikov sips his tea. "I am captain, I always am make grades."
[20:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Are you want me for give you the lesson?"
[20:46] <pooryoric> "hah, by all means."
[20:46] * Agent_Strelnikov points to Aura. "Say hellos to her."
[20:46] * pooryoric looks at aura. "oh, hi aura."
[20:46] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "Now say it like you are means it."
[20:47] <pooryoric> "ah, hello, aura. how are you today?"
[20:47] * Sorts looks between Yoric and Aura.
[20:47] <Prof_Kain> "Huh. Well whatever fits you I suppose."
[20:47] <Prof_Kain> "And thank you again for the drink."
[20:47] * Agent_Strelnikov turns to face Aura.
[20:48] <Lurker> "Not a problem." He says, resuming his petting of the professor.
[20:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Aura, hello! I was not help but notice that you have enter the room, your hair is shine like sunlight on pristine pond and your smile is warm my heart like the sun."
[20:48] <pooryoric> [waxx. remind me to hug you.]
[20:48] * Agent_Strelnikov turns back and sips his tea.
[20:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp]
[20:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Now if only I were able for say this to Break, eh."
[20:49] * Prof_Kain mutters. "Much as I enjoy the russian fellow, /that/ was a grammatical nightmare."
[20:49] * Lurker chuckles softly. "He's getting better."
[20:49] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Sometimes I am not of so good with making of the English saying things?"
[20:49] <pooryoric> […your hair is shine like sunlight on pristine pond… i'm going o have to sa that to someone now…]
[20:49] <Prof_Kain> "But his heart is in the right place, so I suppose that's what really matters."
[20:50] * Sorts looks to Dimitri and stops chewing for a moment. A crumb falls from his lip onto his plate.
[20:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> [as a rule any time someone compliments or criticizes his english, i always say something worse]
[20:50] <pooryoric> "you okay, sorts?"
[20:50] * Sorts takes a moment.
[20:50] * Aura looks a little surprised, her cheeks having flushed pink even though she was aware of the compliment being used as a demonstration
[20:50] <Doctor_Light> "We have a blooming in our midst."
[20:50] <pooryoric> [it's a GOOD rule.]
[20:50] <Sorts> "Uh, yeah. It's just, you know, humbling to be in the presence of such… masters."
[20:50] * Aura coughs and gets up to make more tea
[20:50] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles. If she blushes, it worked. "Of course, it is sound better in my native tongues."
[20:51] * pooryoric looks at doctor light. "we have a what?"
[20:51] * Agent_Strelnikov repeats it in Russian. Despite the naturally spluttering sound of the language it has an almost musical quality about it.
[20:51] <Doctor_Light> [*POET. POET. Forgot a word. Heh heh.]
[20:51] <pooryoric> [that DOES make more sense.]
[20:51] <Doctor_Light> [Be back soon, dinner is served.]
[20:52] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles distantly at his tea. "That is how I used to greet my Eva."
[20:52] <Sorts> [was hoping for a blooming onion from Outback]
[20:52] <Prof_Kain> "Wow."
[20:52] * Lurker looks up at Aura. "So, you're a xenovetrinarian?"
[20:52] <Prof_Kain> "Actually yes, I was meaning to bring that up."
[20:53] * Aura chooses some juice instead and returns to her seat. "Hmm? I treat anything that has a non-human form. Though mainly animals… I prefer to avoid anything with more than four legs."
[20:54] * pooryoric leans back in his chair. "so, you think you can outdo the cap'n, sorts?"
[20:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> [dmitri's time in the armored brigades was less than stellar: ]
[20:55] * Lurker blinks. "If I ask you to do a checkup on me, will it involve cutting me open again… like when I first showed up?"
[20:55] <Sorts> "Who, me? Nah. I mean, I can crank out cheesy romance, sure, but it feels wrong to do it without sincerety."
[20:55] <Sorts> [lol]
[20:55] <Prof_Kain> "Cutting you open!?"
[20:55] * Agent_Strelnikov makes an unnecessary hand motion to emphasize his point. "Romance is simple."
[20:55] <Prof_Kain> "Pah. Damned butchers."
[20:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "In that I am mean that romance can be of complex, but is made of simple things."
[20:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think I will write book, yes? 'Romance at Platoon Level.'"
[20:56] <Aura> "I don't cut things open unless its emergency surgery and even then I want very good reason to do so. Like a tumour or something." She explains
[20:56] * Lurker nods. "It was very uncomfortable. Their anesthetic didn't work as much as they hoped."
[20:56] <Prof_Kain> "I prefer to use /other/ methods."
[20:57] <pooryoric> "cheesy romance is the fun and easy kind, sorts."
[20:57] <Sorts> "Platoon level? Was your Eva in the army too, Dimitri?"
[20:57] * Rights has joined #FieldWork
[20:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Rights
[20:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rights :D we are talking about romance]
[20:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No."
[20:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No she was not." He sighs.
[20:57] <Rights> [RRROMANCE]
[20:57] <Aura> "But if you want me to give you a check-up, I'm sure I can do so."
[20:57] <Rights> [Maybe I join in?]
[20:58] * Sorts looks at Yoric for a moment then decides to get back to eating before he makes another sour remark.
[20:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yes :D]
[20:58] <pooryoric> [you missed strel's come on lesson.]
[20:58] <Rights> [Are we just in the breakroom?]
[20:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Aura, hello! I was not help but notice that you have enter the room, your hair is shine like sunlight on pristine pond and your smile is warm my heart like the sun." ]
[20:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yes]
[20:58] <Rights> […That is so cute.]
[20:58] <Sorts> [Hi Rights! Now we need Snorl and DrMann]
[20:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i want to hear mann give romance lessons]
[20:58] <Prof_Kain> "291 was always an excellent way to examine the internal organs without invasive surgery."
[20:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [and make more Archie comparisons]
[20:58] <pooryoric> [YES.]
[20:59] <Prof_Kain> "Organ transplants without even breaking the skin."
[20:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am try to explain this is manner that is make sense to me."
[20:59] * pooryoric grins. "i dunno, red. your ways sound dangerous. teach me more."
[20:59] * Rights comes shuffling into the breakroom, looking more awake than she did last time she was seen (snoozing in the chair), absently scribbling something down on a notepad. "Hello, boys…"
[20:59] <Rights> "And Aura."
[20:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So I break this up into military term."
[20:59] <pooryoric> "oh, hi rights."
[20:59] * Agent_Strelnikov waves at Rights and goes on.
[20:59] * Prof_Kain sighs in fond memory of the device."
[21:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is Company level, Platoon level, Squad level. Yes?"
[21:00] <Prof_Kain> "Oh, hello Agatha. Looking spectacular as always."
[21:00] <pooryoric> "sure, red. go on, i'm interested."
[21:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So we say like this."
[21:00] * Aura waves to Rights
[21:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Squad is consist of…oh….say 12 mans."
[21:00] <Sorts> "Hello Doctor Rights."
[21:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Three squad are make up platoon. Three platoon are make up Company. At least this is how it is done in your Western military."
[21:01] * Rights waves at them all, and crouches down to scratch Kain behind the ears and jaw. "Flatterer…you just want me to tell you where I hid the Beggin' Strips."
[21:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is different for me, but, eh."
[21:01] <pooryoric> "is it?"
[21:01] <Prof_Kain> "…"
[21:01] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps accenting his statements with hand motions, very much like an Italian.
[21:01] <Prof_Kain> "Maybe…"
[21:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So."
[21:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Company, like romance, is complex."
[21:01] * Rights blinks at Strelnikov and Yoric. "…Romance?"
[21:01] * Lurker blinks up, having spaces out somewhat. "Oh, hello my Doctor. I was just talking to Aura and Professor Kain." He says with a smile.
[21:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh. I am give lesson, Doktor Rights."
[21:02] * Sorts dodges Dimitri's enthusiastic hand motions while sitting next to him. He did not mind, this was a common thing in his own family.
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. Company and romance are complex device."
[21:02] * Rights smiles. "Hi, Lurker…a lesson? In romance?"
[21:02] * Lurker smiles brightly and hugs Rights.
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is why you are break it down into smaller piece."
[21:02] <pooryoric> "yeh… red dissaproves of my constant meaningless flattery, so he's teaching me to do better."
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You take company and break it down into platoon, is become more manage."
[21:02] * pooryoric grins.
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Easier for you. And then you break it down smaller, to squad."
[21:02] * Rights hugs Lurker, before blinking. "…Well, I think it depends upon the romance in question…"
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is even easier."
[21:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Romance, like companies, is made up of many small, simple things."
[21:02] <Rights> [omg omg omg Lurker I have another drawing that I did at work]
[21:03] <Doctor_Light> [back guys]
[21:03] <pooryoric> [welcome back.]
[21:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But when they is made put of together, they works together and it is become complex."
[21:03] * Agent_Strelnikov leans back in his chair.
[21:03] <Lurker> [[ :D? ]]
[21:03] * Lurker nuzzles into Rights and purrs loudly.
[21:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So, something simple like picking the flower and give to her, on its own is small."
[21:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But it is all fit into bigger scheme."
[21:03] * Rights takes a seat, glancing between Dmitri and Yoric and starting to scratch Lurker's head happily.
[21:03] <Rights>
[21:03] * Lurker crawls onto Rights' lap.
[21:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Small things. You are do many small things and it is all fine."
[21:04] <Doctor_Light> [Shoot, brb]
[21:04] <Prof_Kain> "Have you ever seen 291 Doctor Aura?"
[21:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [awww.]
[21:04] <Rights> [I do not know if that's how his spines work and that tail is loooooong tail is loooooong and I was like "whoop whoop"]
[21:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [how was work rights]
[21:04] <Lurker> [[ :D ]]
[21:04] <Lurker> [[ it's awesome~ ]]
[21:04] * Rights smiles lightly. "I have some interesting interveiws about love and romance, you know…I once intereveiwed a number of SCPs on their veiws of romance."
[21:05] * Lurker blushes.
[21:05] <pooryoric> "so, for example, were i to tell light that her smile is stunning, and that everyone in the room is made better just by her presence, that's squad level, right?"
[21:05] <Rights> [Work was busy. Then dead. Then busy. Then a customer physically threatened me. Then a bigger customer physically threatened him. It was fun.]
[21:05] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs. "Maybe you are need for interview me. I used to be expert."
[21:05] <Rights> "I think that's very sweet…"
[21:05] * Doctor_Light smiles. "Fuck you, yoric."
[21:05] <Lurker> [[ Riiiiights: Can you do like, a profile pic of Lurker? :3 ]]
[21:05] * Rights chuckles.
[21:05] <Lurker> [[ Front, side, back, etc? ]]
[21:05] <Rights> [I can try :D ]
[21:05] <Lurker> [[ I needs for costuming~ ]]
[21:05] <pooryoric> "no, no, light. that's platoon level."
[21:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No no."
[21:06] <Rights> [I I I can also add in little tips for making some parts that I know how to make because I may have used to help some people make their fursuits >.>]
[21:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is company level. It is all lead to that."
[21:06] * Aura shakes her head at Kain. "I can't say I have. Sounds like it could be useful, though."
[21:06] <Lurker> [[ :O Awesome~ <3 ]]
[21:06] * Rights blinks. Oh, 291~ Her baybeeee
[21:06] * Agent_Strelnikov has a dreamy look in his eyes. "Make love, is greatest act of beauty in world, Yoric."
[21:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Not that you would understand this, having never make love before." He laughs.
[21:06] <Doctor_Light> "Say, I have this squirrel, you could feed him if you want."
[21:06] <Rights> [At least, I think if I remember with one 291 is]
[21:06] <Rights> "Ouch…"
[21:06] <Sorts> "Yeah, that's why there's so much of that stuff on the internet"
[21:07] <pooryoric> "you wound me, red."
[21:07] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles and salutes with his tea before sipping it.
[21:07] <pooryoric> "sorts, sex and love are not the same thing."
[21:07] <Rights> "I think it's a lot like art, though…sometimes it's beautiful, other times it's fun, or invigorating."
[21:07] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "That, also, is true."
[21:07] * Break has joined #FieldWork
[21:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Break
[21:07] <Rights> "But it always boils down to love…but…I think that's just me."
[21:07] <Sorts> "Oh geez, don't get all Dumount on me here, Yoric."
[21:07] <Prof_Kain> "It's an excellent device. I even changed my eyes with it."
[21:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Love, yes." He sighs.
[21:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Rights, do you make agrees with me? Romance and loves is about the simple things."
[21:07] <Doctor_Light> [brb]
[21:07] * Lurker licks Rights' cheek lightly. "I agree."
[21:08] * Doctor_Light has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:08] * Prof_Kain pipes in. "It's always down to love."
[21:08] * Rights chuckles. "Well…I think Romance and Love are like a living creature. Simultaneously both complex and simple, on many levels."
[21:08] <Prof_Kain> "Wow. I just sounded like a complete ham there."
[21:08] <pooryoric> "sex… is obvious. love, now, is far more entertaining."
[21:08] * Rights gives Lurker a squeeze.
[21:08] <Rights> "But sex in and of itself requires some degree of love…I associate love with trust."
[21:09] <Sorts> "You should have gone the full nine yards and said 'Puppy love' Dr Kain"
[21:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I miss Eva, but most of all, I miss these small little thing."
[21:09] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[21:09] * Rights pats Dmitri on the shoulder.
[21:09] <Prof_Kain> "Oh God Sorts, If I had hands I'd slap you."
[21:09] <Rights> "Bite him, Kain."
[21:09] <Rights> "Or pee on his shoe."
[21:09] * Aura leans back in her seat
[21:10] <pooryoric> "i dissagree. sex is fun, it feels good, it's nice, yadda yadda, but to feel love for another person is to sex what a degas is to a lump of bronze."
[21:10] <Sorts> "Heh heh. I'd slap me too." Sorts forced a grin.
[21:10] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at his tea cup and swallows.
[21:10] * pooryoric slaps sorts.
[21:10] <Prof_Kain> "I'd prefer to neither taste the man nor urinate in public, but the urging is appreciated."
[21:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hah]
[21:10] * Sorts mutters.
[21:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I wish I could explain this to Break."
[21:10] * Rights blinks at Yoric. "But it still takes a lot of trust to fall asleep next to someone and trust that you will be alive and well in the morning…but love is different to everybody."
[21:10] <Rights> "Romance, though…romance is the culmination of many, many things."
[21:11] <Prof_Kain> "You know Yoric, I didn't /actually/ mean to slap him."
[21:11] <pooryoric> "not really, rights. i tend to take trust for granted."
[21:11] <Sorts> "Beats getting shot any day of the week."
[21:11] <Lurker> "I'd ne-" He quickly shuts up and blushes.
[21:11] <pooryoric> "oh. sorry, sorts. i thought he was giving an order."
[21:12] <Rights> "Sweet words and cut flowers…baking cookies and making dinner together…" She sighs happily. "Even arguments and fights are part of love."
[21:12] <Prof_Kain> "I'd like to wake up next to a woamn and not have the feeling I've just violated some very serious taboos, but that's neither here nor there."
[21:12] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs at Rights and smiles.
[21:12] <Rights> "As my mom used to tell my dad a lot- 'I will always love you, but sometimes I really just don't like you at all'."
[21:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…You are understand it perfect."
[21:12] * Rights laughs at that.
[21:12] <Sorts> "Meh. Sometimes love is sacrifice and tragedy and loneliness."
[21:12] <Rights> "That's what makes it all the better, Sorts."
[21:12] <Lurker> "Baking cake for one another…" Lurker says quietly.
[21:13] <Rights> "Like an opera. Somebody always dies or commits accidental incest in an opera. But it's what keeps it interesting."
[21:13] <Rights> "One cannot have pleasure without pain."
[21:13] * Rights chuckles at Lurker.
[21:13] * Sorts takes his glasses off, "Yeah, I guess I don't regret it."
[21:13] <pooryoric> "making someone trust you, complementing and urging untill you make them want you, then taking what they're offering, rights, that's sex. not love. love is about giving."
[21:13] * Doctor_Light has joined #FieldWork
[21:13] <Rights> "I didn't say you couldn't manipulate love, Yoric….it's all too easy to do so."
[21:13] * Lurker smiles and plants a kiss on Rights' cheek, snuggling into her lap some more.
[21:13] <Doctor_Light> [Finally actually back]
[21:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No, Yoric."
[21:14] <Sorts> [wb!]
[21:14] <Rights> "Still, there has to be a male equivalent of trust at least if you're going to stick your diffy in someone."
[21:14] <pooryoric> "little arguements and making cookies and all that, they're just tools."
[21:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is rape. And it is disgust."
[21:14] <pooryoric> "strelnikov, you misunderstand me."
[21:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No, I understand."
[21:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are misunderstand sex."
[21:14] <Rights> "Tools are still part of the finished project, I guess…I see merit in what both of you are saying, but…"
[21:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "There is sex, and there is indulgence."
[21:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is very different."
[21:15] <Prof_Kain> "Wait, accidental incest?"
[21:15] * Aura rests her chin on her hand as she half-listens to the conversation
[21:15] <Rights> "Well, that's more of a Greek thing, Kain."
[21:15] <Prof_Kain> "Ah, Oedepis."
[21:15] <Sorts> "Operas are sick with accidental incest. Hell, take Hamlet. Dude practically did his own mom."
[21:15] <Rights> "…You know, despite being called a hedonist, I still feel love even in lust."
[21:15] <Rights> "Hamlet…hamlet was a very…special person. Special. As in safety-scissors special."
[21:16] <pooryoric> "my point was that i -don't- take advantage of people for sex. lust and love are seperate, all i'm saying."
[21:16] <Prof_Kain> "Hamlet was a pussy."
[21:16] <Prof_Kain> "And I mean that."
[21:16] <pooryoric> "i heard hamlet. why are we discussing hamlet?"
[21:16] <Rights> "You can seperate them, but without one another. both become a little…bland. And dangerous."
[21:16] <Sorts> "My life would be complete if we had a guy named Horatio here, and I could tell him that I knew Yoric."
[21:16] <Break> [I vote that the new secretary is named Horatio.]
[21:16] <pooryoric> "fuck you sideways with a band saw, sorts."
[21:16] <Prof_Kain> "You really can't stop, can you?"
[21:17] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and hums, murming the words softly on occasion.
[21:17] <Rights> "Sorts, do you just want Horatio from CSI Miami to come to life?"
[21:17] * Rights chuckles.
[21:17] <Sorts> "What the heck man?"
[21:17] <Rights> "…Love is what you make of it, though. There is no universal standard for love."
[21:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am glad we have had this discuss, Yoric."
[21:17] <pooryoric> "sorry, sorry… i just get that joke a lot."
[21:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think you have learn much."
[21:17] <Sorts> "CSI Miami? Man, I can't stand those CSI shows. Is Horatio the redheaded one that is always whipping off his sunglasses?"
[21:17] <pooryoric> "you're an interesting teacher, red."
[21:18] <Rights> "Dogs love their owners - no offense, Kain - because they are hardwired to love and help their family. Cats love you because you feed them. Love varies."
[21:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am lonely. All I can do is pass along these knowledges, Yoric."
[21:18] * Lurker quietly goes "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
[21:18] <Prof_Kain> "No, I think Horatio is the black guy."
[21:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "When I am not lonely I will stop teaching."
[21:18] <Prof_Kain> "And none taken Agatha."
[21:18] * Rights smirks. "…Those who cannot do, teach."
[21:18] <Rights> "And those who cannot teach, teach gym class."
[21:18] <pooryoric> "othello is the black guy, kain."
[21:18] * Aura sighs and starts to get up. "I better be going. Things to feed, habitats to check…"
[21:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But…I am not gym teacher?"
[21:18] <pooryoric> [damn right, rights.]
[21:18] <Rights> "That's why you teach."
[21:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And I assure you. I can do."
[21:19] * Agent_Strelnikov chuckles and sips his tea.
[21:19] <Sorts> "CSI Miami has characters named Othello and Horatio…?"
[21:19] <Rights> "Granted, you do remind me of my gym teacher in sophmore year."
[21:19] <Prof_Kain> "Wait, are we still talking Opera's?"
[21:19] <pooryoric> "operas?"
[21:19] <Rights> "Except he was from the Ukrane. Not Russia."
[21:19] <Prof_Kain> "Good bye Aura. It was nice talking to you."
[21:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well. Maybe not do right now." He rubs his back and winces.
[21:19] <Rights> "…And he was a lot skinnier."
[21:19] <pooryoric> "othelo is NOT an opera."
[21:19] <Rights> "By, Aura."
[21:19] <Rights> "Othello is an awesome rap."
[21:19] <pooryoric> "see ya, aura."
[21:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Goodbye Aura! My heart is weep when you are not near."
[21:19] <Sorts> "Bye Aura"
[21:19] * Aura leaves the breakroom. "See you guys around."
[21:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is how you are say goodbye. Lesson two."
[21:20] <Prof_Kain> "Well, play, but the idea is the same."
[21:20] <Rights> "…That is ridiculously mushy, Dmitri."
[21:20] * Aura has left #FieldWork
[21:20] <Rights> "And I LENT you all those sappy love letters…"
[21:20] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs. "Not if it is true."
[21:20] * Sorts cleans up his lunch mess.
[21:20] <Rights> "Aww…"
[21:20] <pooryoric> "plays and operas are NOT the same thing."
[21:20] * Agent_Strelnikov clarifies quickly. "Not to say that she is make my heart weep."
[21:20] * Rights smiles. She has a wax heart. Prone to melting.
[21:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But it was example."
[21:20] <Rights> "It's a wonderful example."
[21:20] <Rights> "It's like me saying…hm…"
[21:21] <Sorts> "I'm going to get back to my cell, guys, take care."
[21:21] * Agent_Strelnikov nods at Sorts.
[21:21] <pooryoric> "leaving, sorts?"
[21:21] * Rights pauses. "…I don't even know. I haven't spontaniously generated poetry in so long…"
[21:21] <Doctor_Light> "Nice to see you again."
[21:21] <Rights> "Bye, Sorts."
[21:21] <Prof_Kain> "I didn't say that. I just meant that they were means of story telling."
[21:21] <Sorts> "Yeah, all this romance talk reminds me that I need to try to sneak out another letter to my lady. I'll be around later."
[21:21] <pooryoric> "good luck!"
[21:21] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[21:22] <Rights> "…Although, you should still read the interveiws I did on love, Dmitri. They're very amusing. Herr Chirurg's is a little freaky, though."
[21:22] * Heiden has joined #FieldWork
[21:22] <Doctor_Light> "Have fun."
[21:22] <pooryoric> [ laters, sorts.]
[21:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You can make interviews of me, if you want."
[21:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am willing subject, yes?"
[21:22] <Doctor_Light> "Wait, you interviewed the creepy surgeon on love?"
[21:22] * Lurker pokes Rights. "You never interviewed me."
[21:22] <Prof_Kain> "Goodbye Sorts."
[21:22] <Doctor_Light> "He didn't try to give you his heart, did he?"
[21:22] <Doctor_Light> "Or anyone else's?"
[21:22] * Rights blinks. "I was getting to you…I was gonna interveiw you with all the other researchers…"
[21:22] <pooryoric> "oh, doctor_light. are you still here?"
[21:22] * Sorts shuffles on out. [I read the Chirurg one! :D]
[21:22] * Sorts has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:22] <Doctor_Light> [Fun fact: I had an english teacher whose boyfriend once gave her a pig heart for v-day.]
[21:22] * Rights chuckles. "No, he didn't…but he did explain to me how a heart transplant is very much like love. Or at least, how repairing a literally broken heart is."
[21:23] <pooryoric> [actually, herr chirurg's stance was… interesting.]
[21:23] * Rights sighs happily, she knows the interveiw almost by heart.
[21:23] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. Maybe he should ask Chirurg for repairs.
[21:23] <Rights> "Granted, it sounds dirtier in english."
[21:23] * Lurker rests his head on Rights' shoulder. "Can I get an interview?"
[21:23] <Prof_Kain> "I do so like the German."
[21:24] <pooryoric> "red, do you feel like you are being unfaithful to eva by dating break?"
[21:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This question is lay heavily on me."
[21:24] * Rights smirks, leaning her head against Lurker's. "Of course…"
[21:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I wonder, sometimes. Is she wait for me?"
[21:24] <Rights> "Don't feel like you have to answer that…"
[21:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not know. I hopes she has found someone and is happy."
[21:25] <Rights> "…I like that."
[21:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I cannot see her again. I am not happy alone, and suicide is coward's way out." He shrugs.
[21:25] <pooryoric> "undrstand, red, that a man of my profession learns a lot about how peope act…"
[21:25] <Rights> "Yoric, maybe I should interveiw you, too…"
[21:25] <pooryoric> "i can tell you what happened to her, if you want to know."
[21:25] * Lurker blushes, then gives Rights a quick kiss and rolls onto her lap like a kitten.
[21:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What is happen to who?"
[21:25] <pooryoric> "what happened to eva."
[21:25] * Rights chuckles, petting Lurker, and giving Yoric a look. "Yoric…"
[21:26] <Rights> "Don't push things you don't know for certain."
[21:26] * Agent_Strelnikov scratches the table a bit.
[21:26] * Doctor_Light glances at Yoric.
[21:26] <pooryoric> "i know people."
[21:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. These thoughts I keep for myself. I do not let you have them."
[21:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "They are mine."
[21:26] <pooryoric> "very well, ed."
[21:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "My memory of her, is also mine. Except for last night."
[21:26] <pooryoric> *red
[21:27] <pooryoric> "fair enough."
[21:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not want for know what she is doing."
[21:27] * Lurker blinks, then sits up, looking down.
[21:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is like…eh…what is called."
[21:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Cat…in box…what is his name. German."
[21:27] <Rights> "Shrodinger's cat."
[21:27] <Doctor_Light> "Shrodinger.
[21:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. That one."
[21:27] <Rights> "The quantum law. Nothing is truely set in place untill you observe it."
[21:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "On one hand maybe she is happy."
[21:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But….but on the other."
[21:28] <pooryoric> "either way, i WILL tell you this. your feelings for break are not a crime. enjoy them."
[21:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sometimes I am lay awake at night thinking."
[21:28] * Rights flips her notebook to a new page, smiling softly.
[21:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Maybe she is stare out window, watching for me? But I am never coming."
[21:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No, it is best for me not to know one way or another. The pain of that would be too much."
[21:28] <pooryoric> "either way, i WILL tell you this. your feelings for break are not a crime. enjoy them."
[21:28] <pooryoric> [oops.]
[21:28] <Rights> "Sometimes, uncertainty is better."
[21:28] <Doctor_Light> "You're a very sane man, Strelnikov."
[21:29] * Rights scribbles something in her notebook.
[21:29] * Agent_Strelnikov shakes his head. "No, I just have had much time for think about it."
[21:29] * Lurker tries to peer at the notebook.
[21:29] <Rights> "Too much time to think can be deadly."
[21:29] <pooryoric> "light, that may be the biggest complement i've ever heard a foundation member give."
[21:29] <pooryoric> "or anyone, really."
[21:30] * Rights has drawn a cartoonish little charicature of Strelnikov, saying "<3!" at the top of the page.
[21:30] * Agent_Strelnikov nods. "I enjoy every minute I am see her. I think sometimes I am just of paranoid that I will be take away again somehow."
[21:30] * Lurker snickers.
[21:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Like man who has two week for live. You take in as much as is possible."
[21:30] <Doctor_Light> "My capacity for compliments is like sunlight dancing on pristine pool."
[21:31] <pooryoric> "and everyone in the room is better for it, eh?"
[21:31] <Prof_Kain> "Considering the mortality rate here, I'm not surprised at the "live every day to the fullest" attitude."
[21:31] * Agent_Strelnikov leans back. "Is strange."
[21:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have jump out of the burning plane, fight in Chechnya of twice."
[21:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Wounded, in Chechnya, wounded here…"
[21:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But only she scares me."
[21:32] * Rights laughs. "It's obvious why, Dmitri."
[21:32] <Rights> "…Sticks and stones and long falls may break your bones…but people? Only people can break your heart."
[21:32] <pooryoric> "because she's fucking terrifying."
[21:32] * Agent_Strelnikov pounds the table.
[21:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She is NOT terrify."
[21:32] <Rights> "I liked my reason better…"
[21:32] <pooryoric> "i kid, red. "
[21:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "When you have found the woman that you will say, 'Yes. I willingly lay down and die for you,' you maybe understand why I feel this way."
[21:33] * pooryoric glares.
[21:33] <Rights> "Also, Yoric, aren't you hanging with Claudia, now? I'm waiting until you come in realizing why you don't ever let your guard down around her…"
[21:33] <Doctor_Light> "The one who was on the phone last night?"
[21:33] <Rights> "…On the…what?"
[21:33] <Prof_Kain> "Who?"
[21:34] * Rights pauses…before shooting Yoric and Dmitri a look. "…I'm not even going to ask, because I don't want to fill out the incident report."
[21:34] <pooryoric> "rights, that's just professional. i prefer a little romance to a lot of meaningless sex."
[21:34] * Agent_Strelnikov winces at his back. "Sorries Yoric."
[21:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Am still piss from this pain."
[21:34] <pooryoric> "no worries, red."
[21:34] <Doctor_Light> [Last night, Sophia didn't know that there was an invisible woman in the breakroom, and people told her she was on speakerphone and just had a camera into the room. So she has no idea who Claudia is.]
[21:34] <Rights> "…I remember when she first came here. And if you tried to make physical contact with her, she'd start spontaniously strangling you…needless to say, I like her better now."
[21:34] <Rights> [I know. :D ]
[21:34] * pooryoric passes strelnikov the bottle of gin light was drinking from.
[21:34] <Doctor_Light> [Oh, okay.]
[21:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. Not drink, thanks you though."
[21:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It will dull pain."
[21:35] <Doctor_Light> "Have some of this eel stuff that Dumont had."
[21:35] <pooryoric> "ah, that's the idea."
[21:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. I want none of this."
[21:35] <Rights> "…How about a cookie?"
[21:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Yes."
[21:35] * Heiden walks into the break room, looking haggard, as usual.
[21:35] <Prof_Kain> "I'd like a cookie."
[21:35] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs a bit and laughs. "I was just remind of story."
[21:35] <Prof_Kain> "Oh, hello there Heidan."
[21:36] <pooryoric> "oh, hi heiden. i haven't seen you in a long time."
[21:36] <Doctor_Light> "Hello."
[21:36] * Rights seems to spontaniouslyl generate those little bits of heaven from her pockets, handing one to Dmitri and rummaging around a bag of them with a frown. "Hold on…let me find a chocolate-free one…"
[21:36] <pooryoric> "a story, red?"
[21:36] * Agent_Strelnikov nibbles on his cookie.
[21:36] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs again, "I do not know why I am think of this."
[21:36] * Rights eventually finds a sugar cookie and holds it out for Kain to scarf down.
[21:36] * Heiden gives Yoric a wary glance, but nods as he mumbles a greeting to everyone. " 'lo, everybody."
[21:36] * Rights listens. Storytime!
[21:36] <Prof_Kain> "/Thank/ /you/ /Agatha/"
[21:36] * Doctor_Light listens in.
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "My first tour of duty…was….hm."
[21:37] * Lurker cuddles up to Rights.
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes it was 1996."
[21:37] <Break> [Can I get a log of this later?]
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I was hit by shrapnel in neck."
[21:37] * Rights hugs Lurker close, and gives him a cookie.
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And they send me back to this field hospital."
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [before i go any further]
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [this is actually a true story my dad told me from when he was in vietnam]
[21:37] * seisatsu has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat )
[21:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i laughed so hard i pissed myself when he told me]
[21:37] <Break> [Ooooh.]
[21:37] <Rights> [oooh]
[21:37] * Heiden takes a seat in a chair to listen, as he pulls out a small unlabeled bottle to sip off of.
[21:38] <Break> [Jinx, you owe me a soda, Rights.]
[21:38] <Doctor_Light> [Cool]
[21:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "In bed next to me, was man. He had lost both legs."
[21:38] * Lurker nibbles on the cookie, then nibbles on Rights' neck while listening.
[21:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Anyway. One night some of us are make stay awake and shoot the shit."
[21:38] * Rights nudges Lurker, hissing at him. "Stop that…I'm listening to the story…"
[21:38] * Lurker squeaks and stops.
[21:38] <pooryoric> "shoot the shit?"
[21:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Talk. Bullshits."
[21:39] <pooryoric> "ah."
[21:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So we are decide that we are make joke of this man, with no legs." He giggles a bit.
[21:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I take my light and pour fluid across foot of his bed frame, on the metal."
[21:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Then another is light it with match." He pauses to laugh. "Then, all of us are shake him and shout 'Fire! Fire!'"
[21:39] <pooryoric> "i like where this is going."
[21:40] * Agent_Strelnikov pounds the table laughing, "And he is have no leg, ahahahaha!"
[21:40] <pooryoric> "wait, that's it?"
[21:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> [my dad was a dick in vietnam.]
[21:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Well, yes."
[21:40] * Rights blinks. "…"
[21:40] * Heiden gives Dmitri a long look before tilting his bottle up and taking a long drink.
[21:40] * Agent_Strelnikov is still laughing.
[21:40] * Prof_Kain chuckles, despite himself.
[21:40] <pooryoric> [and on that note, i gotta go eat.]
[21:40] <Doctor_Light> "Ha… Ha… Is any of that gin still around?"
[21:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I do not know why I have thought of this."
[21:40] <Rights> "Schadenfreude…"
[21:40] * Lurker blinks a few times. "That's… horrible… but still somewhat amusing… I don't know how to react."
[21:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh, it was very funnies at time." He wipes a few tears from his eyes.
[21:41] <Rights> "Scadenfreude, Lurker, schadenfreude."
[21:41] * Lurker nods. "Indeed."
[21:41] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[21:41] <Prof_Kain> [shcadenfreude?]
[21:42] <Rights> [Schadenfreude. A german phrase, translating to - "Happiness at the misfortune of others."]
[21:42] <Rights> […It's the most nazitastic and wonderful word in existance.]
[21:42] <Rights> [It also has the best song with it.]
[21:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I think they send me home for week of rest that time."
[21:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That was nice."
[21:42] * pooryoric has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[21:43] <Rights> "Sounds interesting, at least…reminds me of some of the pranks I pulled when I was a kid." Rights says…before pausing, frowning, and paling a little.
[21:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I take her into town, I think. Walk her along the White-Sea Canal."
[21:43] <Break> ["Dear Lord, my neighbor Ivan has gotten a new sheep. Please kill his sheep."]
[21:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha]
[21:43] * Lurker hugs Rights.
[21:44] <Prof_Kain> "I grew up with a kid that used to bury cats up to their neck in sand then run them over with a lawn mower."
[21:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "So. Doktor Rights. What were you making note of?"
[21:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i hate cats but even that is a bit much]
[21:44] <Doctor_Light> [fuuuu-]
[21:44] * Rights blinks. "…er…nothing." She's been absently doodling this whole time, filling the page with scribbles of people and odd little notes here and there.
[21:44] <Doctor_Light> [Wait, Kain, really?]
[21:44] <Rights> [I know kids like that. At least I used to. He's in a mental hospital now.]
[21:44] <Prof_Kain> [Actually, true story, only it was my dad who grew up with him]
[21:44] * Lurker tries to find himself on the page.
[21:45] <Rights> [My dad actually used to have a job clubbing cats/]
[21:45] <Prof_Kain> [Yeah, this guy is either dead or in prison.]
[21:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am curious for see what Doktor Chirurg was say."
[21:45] <Doctor_Light> [What for?]
[21:45] <Rights> […Like, seriously, he got paid a dollar a day to clear all the cats out of this old barn, because they were inbred and dying and filthy and diseased feral cats.]
[21:45] <Doctor_Light> [Wow.]
[21:45] <Prof_Kain> [Sick]
[21:45] <Rights> [So him and his six brothers each got a dollar for every day they went in there and killed at least a dozen cats]
[21:46] <Doctor_Light> "I didn't think the man could ever survive for long in any kind of relationship."
[21:46] <Rights> […well,that's what you DID on a farm where he lived. That's also where he taught me the phrase "Always bury cats at least four feet deep, or else the snapping turtles will dig them up and eat them."]
[21:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Even killer is capable of love, Doktor Light."
[21:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Like me!" He smiles brightly.
[21:46] <Rights> "Chirurg? He used to be married, actually, had a wife and a kid."
[21:47] * Rights smiles. "And a very peaceful, quiet life, according to him."
[21:47] <Heiden> "Doctor Chirurg? New staff?"
[21:47] <Rights> "SCP."
[21:47] <Doctor_Light> "…And then he ripped their organs out."
[21:47] * Heiden quirks a brow. His clearance is -rather- low.
[21:47] <Prof_Kain> "Chirurg is.. interesting, to say the least."
[21:47] <Rights> "But…when I asked him about love…he described to me an incident where a friend of his was nearly killed."
[21:48] <Doctor_Light> "…By him?"
[21:48] <Rights> "And he was the only one who stayed behind to try and help her while she was dying."
[21:48] * Lurker keeps looking around the doodles to see if he can spot Lurker, but keeps giggling at the pictures.
[21:48] <Rights> "No, actually, not by him…will you listen to the story?"
[21:48] <Doctor_Light> "Fine, I am."
[21:49] * Rights snorts. "Moving on…he mentioned that earlier, he had told his friend that, were she to die, he would steal her heart for himself, kinda like how he wants my eyes. But while she was dying…he has the perfect opportunity to do so, she even told him to take her heart, because she wouldn't survive."
[21:49] <Rights> "…"
[21:49] * Rights pauses for a long moment.
[21:49] <Rights> "…And he saved her life."
[21:50] <Doctor_Light> "…Wow. I wouldn't have thought."
[21:50] <Rights> "Love, to him, was encouraging life beyond desire. His exact phrase was heiß und naß but still…"
[21:50] <Rights> "Warm, wet, alive and breathing."
[21:50] * Rights smiles warmly. "…It's like…half-creepy, half-romantic."
[21:51] <Rights> "Least, to me it is. Wonder what sort of romantic description he'll put down when he finally steals my eyes some day."
[21:51] * Lurker blinks. "That's horribly romantic." He says, giving a small smile.
[21:51] <Prof_Kain> ""I'm blind without your love?""
[21:51] <Prof_Kain> "…"
[21:51] * Rights shrugs. "That actually makes me think, Kain…Claudia's was much simpler, but seems more like something Yoric would like. To her, it was simply being noticed, being 'seen' by someone else. She lives in a world of the blind."
[21:52] * Agent_Strelnikov wipes a few tears from his eyes, rather conspicuously.
[21:52] <Rights> "But when she talks with someone, touches them, and they know that she's there, they 'see' her regardless."
[21:52] <Prof_Kain> "Interesting."
[21:52] <Prof_Kain> "I wonder what her biology is like…."
[21:52] <Rights> "…There's more, too. I was gonna start working on researcher and agent interveiws next, to see how different those were."
[21:52] <Rights> "Actually, Kain, as far as we can tell…completely normal."
[21:52] <Rights> "Something's just refracting the light around her…"
[21:53] <Prof_Kain> "Really? How bizarre…"
[21:53] <Rights> "…which is also why she's allowed to keep a store of condoms. The last thing we need to do is worry about what the hell happens if she gets knocked up."
[21:53] <Prof_Kain> "…"
[21:53] <Prof_Kain> "Although…."
[21:54] <Rights> "…Seriously, Kain. How the hell do you ANYTHING with an invisible woman. How Dumount treats her, and manages to do her physicals, I don't even know. And I've WATCHED him do this."
[21:54] * Doctor_Light puts two and two together. "Yoric, you lying asshole."
[21:54] <Rights> "Granted, the thermal goggles probably helped…still has a human heat signiture."
[21:54] * Rights chuckles.
[21:54] <Doctor_Light> "Standard foundation cameras my ass."
[21:55] <Rights> "…Plus, I live giving the interveiw. It's only one question long,a nd I come out of it with pages of information."
[21:55] <Rights> "Light, just realized now, didn'cha?"
[21:55] <Prof_Kain> "Can you even imagine the awkward moments?"
[21:55] * Doctor_Light fumes quietly.
[21:56] <Prof_Kain> ""Oops, wrong orifice.""
[21:56] * Heiden can't help but ask. "What question, Agatha?"
[21:56] <Rights> "…Ghostjob, Kain. Ghostjob." Rights says with a sigh, unsure of how to describe THAT.
[21:56] * Doctor_Light moves on. "You sound like you have an interesting job, Rights."
[21:56] <Rights> "…Although, Kain, maybe you could interact with her. Your smell and hearing's a lot better than ours…"
[21:56] * Heiden tries unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh at the phrase 'ghostjob'.
[21:57] <Rights> "Heh, I get paid to putz around. It's great…but it's the interveiw I gave to a bunch of SCPs. I simply asked them 'what is love to you'."
[21:57] <Rights> "Some answers were romantic, some disturbing, some resulted in firearms being drawn and security having to interveine."
[21:57] * Prof_Kain remains mercifully silent about that, but is obviously considering that idea.
[21:57] * Rights shivers. Some of them were just…unpleasent.
[21:57] <Doctor_Light> "Since when are the SCPs allowed firearms?"
[21:57] <Rights> "They aren't. But that doesn't mean I didn't have to threaten to shoot one or two of them."
[21:58] <Rights> "brr."
[21:58] <Doctor_Light> "Oh, alright."
[21:58] * Doctor_Light is pensive.
[21:58] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sips his tea some more.
[21:58] * snorlis_not_here is now known as snorlison
[21:58] <Prof_Kain> "What was the worst one?"
[21:59] * Rights blinks at Kain, and goes a little pale, looking a little sick. "…The worst one for me, or just in general?"
[21:59] <Break> [Hm….my favorite answer to "What is love?" Besides "Baby, don't hurt me," of course….]
[21:59] <Heiden> "Stories like these make me glad I don't work with sapient SCPs."
[21:59] <Rights> […Well, that'd be one way to make Rights stop interveiwing you.]
[21:59] <Break> [HK-47's.]
[21:59] <Heiden> [hahaha break]
[21:59] <Doctor_Light> "Both."
[21:59] <Lurker> [[ Nice, Break :p ]]
[21:59] <Heiden> [love is achieving a statistically unlikely outcome against seemingly unsurmountable odds : P]
[21:59] <Lurker> [[ That'd be my favourite definition too ]]
[21:59] <Break> ["Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope. Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, love is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and fewer would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singu
[21:59] <Break> lar purpose, against statistically long odds."]
[21:59] <Doctor_Light> "Or either one."
[22:00] <Break> [Context for those who don't know it: HK-47 is an assassin droid.]
[22:00] <Rights> […Break, you and I. Nerd love. NOW.]
[22:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> [but but D: what about me rights]
[22:00] <Break> [I don't swing that way, sorry. =(]
[22:00] <Prof_Kain> [Star Wars?]
[22:00] <Break> [Yes. Old Republic.]
[22:00] <Prof_Kain> [Cool]
[22:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp.]
[22:00] <Doctor_Light> "Miss your loved ones? Now you don't have to."
[22:00] <Rights> [You too, Waxx]
[22:01] <Doctor_Light> [, not quotation marls]
[22:01] <Prof_Kain> "What Light said. Both."
[22:01] * Agent_Strelnikov leans forward, curious in what Rights will say.
[22:01] <Rights> "…Give me a second to think."
[22:01] * Rights frowns.
[22:01] <Lurker> [[ I said I liked it ;..; ]]
[22:01] <Heiden> "C'mon, Rights, tell us some stories that'll keep us up at night, and not in the good way."
[22:01] <Prof_Kain> "What can I say, I have a morbid sens of curiosity."
[22:02] <Rights> "Well, the worst one in general is 682, but I actually don't remember that. Man, Gears was letting me pop amnesiacs like CANDY after that one."
[22:02] <Heiden> "I mean, even -I've- heard of 682. It's possible to hold interviews with that thing?"
[22:02] <Rights> "Yes. Unfortunately, yes."
[22:02] <Doctor_Light> "You interviewed 682… About love."
[22:02] * seisatsu has joined #FieldWork
[22:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +v seisatsu
[22:02] <Lurker> "Love is…" He pauses. "Nevermind."
[22:02] <Doctor_Light> "…Huh."
[22:03] <Prof_Kain> "Wow that's like interviewing the Dalai Lama about baby rape."
[22:03] <Rights> "Gears said I could. When I regained conciousness, I had peed myself and was begging for amnesiacs. I think it wasn't good."
[22:03] <Rights> "But otherwise, 457 was…kind of scary. More in how it said it, than what."
[22:03] * Heiden snaps his fingers and says, "Quote of the day, right there, Kain."
[22:03] <Rights> "All it would say when I asked about love was 'consume'."
[22:03] <Rights> " 'what do you think about love' 'Consumption. Consume you. Make fuel.'."
[22:03] * Rights shivers.
[22:04] * Agent_Strelnikov considers the question.
[22:04] <Rights> "And as for the worst one for me…" She winces, going paler again. "…661."
[22:04] * Doctor_Light winces.
[22:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahah i love 661]
[22:04] * Lurker sighs softly. "My definition of love is stupid."
[22:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> ["What is love?" "LET ME OUT."]
[22:04] <Rights> "For reasons I'm not going to describe. Read the report, if you HAVE to know, but lets just say that I'm never going within' a hundred yards of that man again."
[22:05] * Rights pets Lurker. "Naw…no it's not…"
[22:05] <Prof_Kain> "661? How curious…"
[22:06] <Rights> [Nah, it's creepier than that. Me and LBD both decided to push the 'what the squick' barrier too far on that one.]
[22:06] <Rights> [And then we left it there.]
[22:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What is it, Lurker?"
[22:06] <Rights> "There's no such thing as a stupid answer."
[22:06] <Prof_Kain> [Where are these reports?]
[22:06] * Gerald has joined #FieldWork
[22:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Gerald
[22:06] <Rights> [I'm still working on most of them. :< I can't seem to make any as detailed or nice as the CHirurg one, though, and they make me sad.]
[22:06] * Lurker turns his head. "It's nothing special, everything else I've heard is better…"
[22:07] <Gerald> ['lo folks.]
[22:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rights maybe i can help?]
[22:07] <Rights> [ :D ]
[22:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [allo gerald]
[22:07] * Rights gives Lurker a squeeze. "You tell yours, and I'll tell mine…"
[22:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [we're having a touching discussion about love]
[22:07] * Doctor_Light glances at Lurker
[22:07] <Gerald> [Break room, I take it?]
[22:07] <Break> [Someone be ready to give logs.]
[22:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yes]
[22:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ive got it all logged break]
[22:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [anything i see is automatically logged, since 2002]
[22:08] * Gerald walks into the break room and gets some coffee.
[22:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i wear this as a badge of honor]
[22:08] <Gerald> "Hello folks."
[22:08] * Agent_Strelnikov waves at Gerald and motions for him to sit down.
[22:08] <Break> [Everything since my last reformat is logged.]
[22:08] * Lurker sighs. "Love is… knowing that somewhere, even if it's not close, someone loves you unconditionally, no matter what happens, they will always be there, and you returning that love. Love is waking up in the arms of someone you know and trust, and being able to say 'I love you' before anything else. Love is… happiness."
[22:08] <Break> [ :D ]
[22:08] * Gerald sits down.
[22:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "After what you have done to Claudia I am sure you will be interest in this topic, Gerald."
[22:08] * Lurker blushes and stares at the floor. "I told you it was stupid."
[22:09] <Gerald> "Hm?"
[22:09] * Doctor_Light has quit IRC ( )
[22:09] * Dumount has quit IRC ( )
[22:09] * Dr_Facette has quit IRC ( )
[22:09] * Rights blinks, and hugs Lurker tightly, rubbing at her eyes a little. "That's so sweet!"
[22:09] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Lurker. "I think you are of more human than you let on, Mr. Lurker."
[22:09] <Prof_Kain> "It's not stupid kid."
[22:09] <Rights> "Lurker, that's beautiful…"
[22:09] <Prof_Kain> "Sappy yes, stupid no."
[22:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You would have make a good man."
[22:09] <Rights> "You /are/ a good man, Lurker…"
[22:09] * Lurker blushes even brighter, and squeaks.
[22:09] <Lurker> "Naww…"
[22:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [DAWW]
[22:09] <Gerald> "What's going on?"
[22:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I was give Yoric lesson on love, now we are talk about this."
[22:10] * Lurker returns the hug.
[22:10] * Heiden chews on his lower lip a moment before speaking. "I used to think that love was the basis of all positive human relationships, a valuable - no, essential part of the human experience."
[22:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [interpret that however you will]
[22:10] <Gerald> "Huh."
[22:10] * Rights smiles. "Aww…"
[22:11] <Heiden> "A proof positive of an existence beyond that we can perceive, an affirmation of the value of humanity."
[22:11] * Doctor_Light has joined #FieldWork
[22:11] * Dumount has joined #FieldWork
[22:11] * Dr_Facette has joined #FieldWork
[22:11] * sets mode: +qov Dumount Dumount Dr_Facette
[22:11] * Rights nods at Heiden. "Ooh…"
[22:11] <Gerald> "I, uh, don't think I have much experience with this kind of thing…."
[22:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Pfft. Oh come Gerald."
[22:12] * Heiden shrugs. "I don't really believe that any more. Getting your degrees in philosophy lets you get high-minded about that sort of thing… the Foundation drags it right back out of you."
[22:12] * Gerald shrugs.
[22:12] * Rights smiles. "…I think that love is connections you make. Even if they're as simple as friends, like you, Dmitri, or Gerald, but love extends to everybody you connect with. Anybody whom you would throw yourself over the edge of a cliff, were they falling, to grab, is part of love. And then there are the people who you would throw yourself in front of a bullet for…"
[22:12] * Rights looks down at Lurker with a warm grin.
[22:13] * pooryoric has joined #FieldWork
[22:13] <Dr_Facette> [ Where are we now? D: Got back from chiropractor/helping my sister out. ]
[22:13] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles softly and sips his tea.
[22:13] <Rights> "Love is when you are willing to risk all the pain and hurt that could happen, because you trust that someone would never do that to you…"
[22:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> [we're talking about love, facette]
[22:13] <Rights> [love ~ <3]
[22:13] <pooryoric> [so, i just found out i'm going on a cruise this weekend.]
[22:13] * Lurker blushes and leans over, nuzzling warmly into Rights' neck gently and purring. "Mmm… I like that definition."
[22:13] * Prof_Kain nods. "Agatha took it right out of my mouth."
[22:13] <Heiden> "The biologist in me's asserting himself a bit more loudly lately." Heiden shrugs. "Realistically, love is an evolved response to the benefits provided by mutual cooperation in preserving one's on genetic material. Not as sweet-sounding, but a hell of a lot more evidence for it."
[22:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> [awww shit son]
[22:13] <Doctor_Light> [Sweet.]
[22:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yoric is gonna be ON A BOAT]
[22:13] <Heiden> [one's own, not one's on]
[22:13] * Dr_Facette slips into the room quietly, listening in.
[22:14] * Rights nuzzles back into Lurker. "Mmhm."
[22:14] <Lurker> [[ Rights, link to the interviews? :x ]]
[22:14] <pooryoric> [yup yup. the yucatan and cozumel.]
[22:14] <Rights> "…Well, of course Love is biological…"
[22:14] * Agent_Strelnikov drums his hands on the table, being noticeably quiet.
[22:14] <Prof_Kain> [Also, red Clocks profile on the fieldwork site. Awesome.]
[22:14] <Gerald> "Hello Dr. Facette."
[22:14] <Rights> "But that doens't make it any mroe wonderful. Remember…I also view souls themselves as a biological phenomina."
[22:14] * Gerald didn't even look up.
[22:14] <Rights> "Without them, we do not live."
[22:14] <pooryoric> "oh, hi facette. we're talking about love. got anything to add?"
[22:14] <Rights> [ ]
[22:15] * snorlison is now known as DrSnorlison
[22:15] <Rights> [I only have the one, Lurker. :< But I will dry to dig out and clean up what I have of Claudia and the others.]
[22:15] * Doctor_Light shrugs. "Love can be used to define many concepts. A definition that will cover all of them does injustice to, say, the profound throws of romantic love. But there is also love for a favorite food, or for the weather."
[22:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rights that is one of my favorite stories :)]
[22:15] <Doctor_Light> "I define what I can and let the concepts stay concepts."
[22:15] <Rights> [ :D ]
[22:15] * Agent_Strelnikov drums his fingers and sips his tea, listening.
[22:15] <Rights> "Concepts works good enough.."
[22:15] <Doctor_Light> [Concurred, it's really good]
[22:15] * pooryoric applauds light. "what a dodge!"
[22:15] * Lurker blushes a bit. "I could've kept going, but I think that was enough."
[22:15] * Heiden shrugs. "Maybe I don't really have the opinion of humanity that I used to, but I've just been seeing things cynically lately. Love comes across as essentially selfish- a desperate gamble to preserve one's own genes in an ever-growing pool that threatens to swamp you."
[22:15] <pooryoric> [agreed, and heartily upvoted.]
[22:16] <Doctor_Light> "Go to hell, Yoric."
[22:16] * Doctor_Light uses her joking voice.
[22:16] <Dr_Facette> "Love is an excuse, if you ask me. An excuse meant to cover up the truth - homo sapiens are designed to breed. And they will have more luck with the more mates they take. But in the modern day and age, to say something like that and to think like that is … unnacceptable."
[22:16] * Gerald drinks his coffee, watching the conversation with interest.
[22:16] <pooryoric> "heiden, you're a very lonely man, aren't you?"
[22:16] <Heiden> [rights, put a voting module in there *shakefist*]
[22:17] <Heiden> [I voted anyway but I am super lazy and that was a lot of effort]
[22:17] * Dr_Facette gently brushes some of her hair behind her ear, "We've come up with the concept of love because "I love you" comes across better than "I'd like to fuck you". That is all."
[22:17] <pooryoric> [dude, there's a voting link at the bottom.]
[22:17] * Agent_Strelnikov grunts at Facette's statement.
[22:17] * Lurker blinks. "That's not true…" He says quietly.
[22:17] <Heiden> "I drink a lot nowadays, but that doesn't change the truth of the matter."
[22:17] * Dr_Facette is not bitter. Nor is she staring at the floor and shuffling her feet like she's upset.
[22:17] <pooryoric> "adelaide, do you -really- think so?"
[22:17] * Doctor_Light considers Facette's remark.
[22:17] <Rights> "Aww…you two sound a little bitter, but I suppose you're allowed to be so."
[22:18] * Agent_Strelnikov is glad nobody has actually asked him yet!
[22:18] <Heiden> "It -is- a bit more nuanced than 'I'd like to fuck you', to be fair. The important thing is preserving the genetic material - that's what we breed to do."
[22:18] <Rights> "I have every reason to think of love as a farce, as a way of control and manipulation…but because I choose not to, it becomes real."
[22:18] * Rights blinks. "That makes me realize…Dmitri…?"
[22:18] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up. "Hm?"
[22:18] * Prof_Kain grunts. "You folks suck all the fun outta this, you know that?"
[22:18] <pooryoric> "on soe level, rights, EVERYTHING is a farce."
[22:18] <Lurker> "I don't believe reproduction or sexual intercourse is a necessity in love."
[22:18] <Rights> "Your face is a farce, Yoric."
[22:18] <Gerald> "Er…"
[22:18] <pooryoric> "more so than you know."
[22:18] <Doctor_Light> "Everything except chemicals."
[22:18] <Dr_Facette> "Your farce is a farce, Rights."
[22:18] <Heiden> "Lurker, agreed. Cooperation for mutual benefit does not always entail reproduction."
[22:19] * Rights smiles. "Dmitri…why don't you add to it?"
[22:19] <Lurker> "It can be a way of expression, yet I think that if two people were to stay together and never have intercourse, they could still love."
[22:19] * Dr_Facette glances up, fixing her eyes on Strelnikov.
[22:19] <Rights> "If you don't feel comfortable, you don't have to…"
[22:19] * Agent_Strelnikov stops drumming his fingers and thinks. He decides that this is a valid time to make use of proper English.
[22:19] <Dr_Facette> "- He has not contributed? That's odd. He seems rather outspoken to me.
[22:19] * Heiden looks at Dmitri. "Go for it, Dmitri, bring the mood up from us naysayers."
[22:19] * Agent_Strelnikov lets a smile play across his face.
[22:19] * pooryoric grins. red's feelngs run deeper than you'd think."
[22:19] <Rights> "…well, tobe fair, I still do love the girls I've loved…"
[22:20] * Heiden smiles a bit. He'd honestly like Dmitri to upstage him, to prove him wrong in front of everyone.
[22:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Love, for me, is not a thing. It was a moment, a place. A feeling."
[22:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "When I told you I took her into town, to the canal. There was a little swingset there."
[22:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And she laid across me and fell asleep, listening to the beat of my heart." He sighs. "…I think that, to me, is love."
[22:21] * Rights stares at Dmitri…and smiles. She's also been writing all these down, for the record.
[22:21] * Agent_Strelnikov has reduced his capacity for English for at least the next ten minutes!
[22:21] <Heiden> "And the soldier has a poet's heart!" Heiden says with a faint grin.
[22:21] <Rights> "…That's beautiful.
[22:21] <Rights> "
[22:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Yes. It was."
[22:21] <pooryoric> "ladies and gentlemen, i believe we have a winner."
[22:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am embarrass." He laughs.
[22:21] * Lurker chuckles. "Soldiers always have the best stories…"
[22:21] * Dr_Facette pauses…
[22:22] * Gerald looks around at the break room.
[22:22] * Lurker sighs softly. "Actually. I agree."
[22:22] * Dr_Facette claps. It's quiet, but it's there.
[22:22] * Heiden looks over at Dr_Facette. "In the face of this overwhelming tide of emotion, I'm going to concede defeat. You?"
[22:22] <Lurker> "As twisted as it is, I think love is here for myself."
[22:22] <Dr_Facette> "… Interesting response, Captain."
[22:22] * Rights smiles. "That is beautiful. All kinds of beautiful…"
[22:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you. Is all true."
[22:22] * Dr_Facette looks over at Heiden.
[22:22] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "There are not swings of this type here."
[22:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I cannot swing with Break."
[22:22] <pooryoric> [d'awwwwwwwww]
[22:22] <Dr_Facette> "I will not. Everyone's definition is different."
[22:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have say too much already."
[22:23] * Lurker smiles softly. "I never loved truly until I came here… I never knew what it was like to be hugged or pet or cared for…"
[22:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You probably are for make to go make tellings this of her alreadies." OH GOD ENGLISH.
[22:23] <Lurker> "I never knew what it was like to wake up and be able to talk with my friends."
[22:23] <DrAuteu> [ha, should the P-zombie get involved in this?]
[22:23] * Prof_Kain curls up on the couch.
[22:23] <Lurker> "Or to wake up in someone's arms being hugged."
[22:23] * Heiden puts his hands up placatingly. "Whoa there, I didn't say change your mind, I just meant drop it."
[22:23] * Doctor_Light smiles at all of this gushiness.
[22:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> [heiden]
[22:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> [why do i picture heiden speaking in a texas accent]
[22:23] * Dr_Facette sticks her tongue out. "They wish."
[22:23] <Heiden> [because it's awesome]
[22:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> [does he really?]
[22:24] <Heiden> [texan philosopher/biologist? how does this not work]
[22:24] * Rights sighs happily. "…I love being here."
[22:24] * Rights hugs Lurker.
[22:24] <Heiden> [His place of origin is 'vaguely southern'
[22:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> [that's awesome]
[22:24] <Lurker> "Yes… Site 19… this is love for me. There are other definitions inside of it, like the one I spoke of before, but this place, as many horrors go on, there is also love."
[22:24] <pooryoric> /me looks curiously at facette. "do you -really- feel that way?"
[22:24] <Heiden> [I was thinking more southeastern, less texan, but go for it, that's great]
[22:24] * pooryoric looks curiously at facette. "do you -really- feel that way?"
[22:24] * Lurker smiles brightly and hugs Rights back, giving her a soft kiss. "And I am grateful for being here."
[22:24] * Dr_Facette leans back, breathing out slowly - almost a sigh.
[22:24] <Dr_Facette> "I do."
[22:25] <pooryoric> "and are you happy?"
[22:25] * Heiden looks at Yoric, the grin wiped from his face. "We work in one of the darkest hellholes on the planet Earth and you really think that you're not going to find a few of us?"
[22:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> [brb.]
[22:25] <Heiden> [hahahaha]
[22:25] * Doctor_Light grins. "Site 19 is love for me as long as I'm not cleaning 173's cage."
[22:25] <Lurker> [[ Have fun, Waxx ]]
[22:25] <Dr_Facette> "…"
[22:25] <Dr_Facette> 5d6 People Skills
[22:25] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, People Skills: 15 [5d6=1,3,2,5,4]
[22:25] * Dr_Facette smiles, though it's just /faintly/ nervous. "Of course I am."
[22:25] * Lurker chuckles. "You had to clean it's cage? What'd you do to piss off senior staff?"
[22:26] <pooryoric> 5d6 haha, i can do it too
[22:26] <Doctor_Light> "No, don't worry, I've never done it myself."
[22:26] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, haha, i can do it too: 19 [5d6=6,6,1,4,2]
[22:26] * Rights laughs lightly.
[22:26] <Doctor_Light> "But if the senior staff are right, then we're the lucky few."
[22:26] * pooryoric grins at facette. "oh? i'm glad."
[22:26] <Dr_Facette> "I managed to land a job I could only dream about, I've met many new people, I'm not on the streets, I've got money to feed myself… Life's good."
[22:26] * Gerald drinks his coffee.
[22:26] <Rights> "You sound like Claudia there, Facette…"
[22:26] * Prof_Kain half wakes up. "Could be worse. Could have no thumbs."
[22:26] * Lurker looks down, frowning a bit. "I'm glad I'm not… there…"
[22:27] <Lurker> "I never want to go back."
[22:27] <pooryoric> "content andhappy are never the same thing, adelaide."
[22:27] <Gerald> "Heheh."
[22:27] * Doctor_Light is still thinking about the question, but has been a hardened cynical biologist for some time now, so it's hard to get philosophical.
[22:27] <Rights> "But for some people, content is all that you can really go for."
[22:27] * Heiden chuckles. "That sounds like a Calvin and Hobbes comic to me, Yoric."
[22:27] * Rights squeezes Lurker a little.
[22:27] <Doctor_Light> "Content is good."
[22:27] <Heiden> "Calvin isn't satisfied with contentment. He demands -euphoria-!"
[22:27] <Heiden> "It doesn't end well."
[22:27] <Dr_Facette> "…"
[22:27] * Dr_Facette just smiles nervously some more.
[22:27] <pooryoric> "calvin was my first role model. and what a difference that has made."
[22:27] <Rights> "So…Facette is Hobbes, Yoric is Calvin?"
[22:27] <Gerald> "I don't know. Sometimes, I'm glad I'm at the Foundation. Other times, it's hell."
[22:28] * DrSnorlison suddenly interjects, having entered unnoticed sometime ago.
[22:28] <DrSnorlison> "Happiness, love, and fulfillment are not the same thing."
[22:28] * Rights jumps. Holycrapit'sasnorlison!
[22:28] <pooryoric> "indeed, snorl."
[22:28] <Rights> "…we didn't say they were…"
[22:28] <DrSnorlison> "at least, what I've seen has lead me to believe these things are not."
[22:28] <Gerald> "Oh! Hello Dr. Snorlison."
[22:28] <Prof_Kain> "Hey Snorl. What's up?"
[22:28] * Dr_Facette jumps and /yelps/. Good job, you scared her.
[22:28] <Doctor_Light> "Hello."
[22:28] <DrSnorlison> "Just soaking in the vibes."
[22:29] <Gerald> "What's your opinion on love?"
[22:29] <DrSnorlison> "I…"
[22:29] * DrSnorlison sighs
[22:29] <Heiden> "It's deep question hour, Doctor, and you're on the spot!"
[22:29] <Prof_Kain> "Please tell me it doesn't involve mustaches."
[22:29] * Rights grins. "I'm even taking notes."
[22:29] <DrSnorlison> "It's like art. Or God. I know what I've come believe."
[22:29] <DrSnorlison> "I know how it works for me."
[22:29] * Gerald chuckles.
[22:29] <Heiden> "Um, Kain, when does it -not- involve mustaches?"
[22:30] <DrSnorlison> "But in the end, things change."
[22:30] <Prof_Kain> 2
[22:30] <Prof_Kain> "…"
[22:30] <DrSnorlison> "The world shifts and turns around me, and my opinions change."
[22:30] <pooryoric> [2?]
[22:30] <Prof_Kain> [finger slipped.]
[22:30] <Heiden> "If I could grow out a mustache like Dr. Mann's, I wouldn't even -need- any of you. It'd just be me and my mustache." Heiden seems to be letting the liquor get to him a bit.
[22:30] <Rights> "..I suppose so. Love, like all living things, could change…"
[22:30] <DrSnorlison> "So for me, love is a matter of the moment. Of moments extended beyond any reasonable duration of awareness or memory."
[22:30] <pooryoric> "heiden, you're a very lonely man, aren't you?"
[22:30] <Rights> "I have an awesome mustache after 113 exposure…."
[22:31] * Rights recalls it happily.
[22:31] * Dr_Facette pouts at Heiden.
[22:31] <DrSnorlison> "But I know, in time, this will change."
[22:31] <Gerald> "…."
[22:31] <Dr_Facette> "You would prefer the company of facial hair to mine? I see how it is."
[22:31] * Doctor_Light considers Snorlison carefully.
[22:31] * Rights remembers it lovingly. It was beautiful. With a poofy, bushy beard.
[22:31] * DrAuteu steps out from behind a chair, previously unnoticed
[22:31] * Heiden twirls an imaginary handlebar mustache. "I mean, come on, Doctor…" He frowns for a moment, before pushing himself out of his seat.
[22:31] <DrAuteu> "hello"
[22:31] <pooryoric> "bonjour, docteur auteu."
[22:31] <DrSnorlison> "But, I think love just ends as a calm, plaitive cry."
[22:32] <DrSnorlison> "What is love? Baby, don't hurt me."
[22:32] <DrSnorlison> "Don't hurt me no more."
[22:32] <Rights> "…"
[22:32] * Gerald chuckles.
[22:32] <Heiden> "Miss, I am afraid I have not had the unique pleasure. M'name's Frederick, but you can call me Fred." He holds his hand out to Dr. Facette.
[22:32] <Rights> "…No. NO. no no no."
[22:32] <pooryoric> "snorl. you know the rules, and so do e."
[22:32] <Prof_Kain> "I think I'm going to head out."
[22:32] * Lurker hugs Rights.
[22:32] * DrSnorlison fakes stroke his mustache to cover how much enjoyment he got from his terrible joke
[22:32] <Lurker> "That was BAD."
[22:32] <Rights> "Oh, god, why."
[22:32] <Gerald> "See you later, Professor."

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