Tabitha Tyson
Tabitha Tyson, Administrative Assistant (identity obscured by request)

Name: Tabitha Tyson (formerly Dalton Abbott)

Position: Administrative Assistant, Systems Integrity

Played by: Fishmonger


Cleric(al) Spell(check): 5
Meet Impossible Deadlines: 5
Confound Gender Identity: 2







  • Taser Knuckles: +1 shock damage to hand-to-hand melee


  • SCPF Laptop Computer: +1 to Cleric(al) Spell(check) and Meet Impossible Deadlines
  • Absolutely Fabulous Wardrobe




  • A Little From Column A, A Little From Column B: Tabitha often makes people with clearly-defined sexual preferences uncomfortable, due to her transgendered nature (and her laconic demeanor probably doesn't help, either). -1 to negotiation rolls with staunch homosexuals or heterosexuals (but not with bisexuals, asexuals, swingers, etc.).
  • I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Not-Quite-Women: While absolutely top-notch with all other secretarial duties, Tabitha makes a truly piss-poor cup of coffee. All coffee orders from Senior Staff take twice as long with Tabitha, as she has to run down to the commissary to get them.
  • Sensible Shoes Are For The Weak: Tabitha always, always wears heels. -2 to non-standard movement (running, jumping, climbing, balancing, etc.).


Nobody really remembers when Tabitha started working for the Foundation, but rumor has it that, on her first day, she arrived for work under her birth name of Dalton Abbott, a polite, enterprising young administrative major with quite an impressive resume tucked under the arm of his Brooks Brothers suit. As the story goes, there was a containment breach that day, during which several Agents were [DATA EXPUNGED] due to massive [DATA EXPUNGED], all of which young Mr. Abbott witnessed firsthand. Surprisingly, he was visibly unperturbed by this chain of events, and finished his shift as expected, heading home afterwards without a word of complaint.

When he came in for work on day two, however, Dalton had decided to become Tabitha — a red-haired, sarcastic hipster-girl in high heels and horn-rimmed glasses — but aside from this sudden change of identity and costume, the secretary performed as admirably as before. After a brief psychological examination, it was decided that this minor lapse in Foundation dress codes was acceptable considering the circumstances, and it is Tabitha who has reported for work ever since, filing reports and meeting deadlines with an efficiency far and above the common temps.

Just don't ask her to make you coffee.

Tabitha, nee Dalton, is an interesting case. The Tabitha persona is essentially a sanity protection mechanism; if Tabitha is the one who has to deal with all the horrible, life-ruining stuff that the Foundation throws at their employees, then Dalton in contrast is not. Considering some of the other, far more ethically challenged ways I've seen people use to deal with their issues here, Dalton is virtually a candidate for sainthood. — Dr. Glass

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