Sweet Dreams Two

Introduction: Upon reviewing reports from the first '307' incident, Dr. Bright requested four personnel test '307' in a controlled context and record their results.

[00:02] * Heiden shakes his head. He's got that sinking feeling in his stomach again.
[00:03] * @Bright leads the group to a testing chamber, holding a barrel of Mostly Apples, and four beds. "So, the test is this. Drink until you pass out, sound good?"
[00:03] * Iceberg (ten.htuoslleb.kgb.C348C0EC-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.kgb.C348C0EC-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #Ale
[00:03] <pooryoric> "heiden, you really look like you could use a break."
[00:03] * Doctor_Light is thinking about the last time this happened. "…I'm going to regret this. I think."
[00:03] <pooryoric> "wait, bright, that's -it-?"
[00:03] <Heiden> "I've had a break, Yoric. No thanks. Work is better."
[00:03] * Sorts rubs the back of his neck. "If we travel again, at least I have pants."
[00:03] <pooryoric> "hmm…"
[00:04] * pooryoric grabs a cup, fills it, and passes it to doctor_light.
[00:04] * @Bright nods his head. "Sounds easiest."
[00:04] * pooryoric fills one for himself.
[00:04] <Doctor_Light> "I have a deadly microorganism now too." She shows it around to everybody and puts it away. Then she takes the cup. "Thanks."
[00:04] * Heiden fills himself a mug.
[00:04] <pooryoric> "she does, too."
[00:04] <Doctor_Light> [Sophia always shows people the microorganism. She's proud of it.]
[00:04] <Sorts> "Not again!" Sorts pours himself a mug, "Please don't poison the future."
[00:04] * Heiden pats his shoulder holster, reassuring himself of its presence.
[00:05] <Doctor_Light> "I won't, I won't."
[00:05] <pooryoric> [it's a -nice- microorganism.]
[00:05] * Doctor_Light takes a sip and winces heartily.
[00:05] * Sorts clambers on top of a bed, rests his rifle on the crook of his arm, and drinks away.
[00:05] * Doctor_Light raises her glass. "For science."
[00:05] * pooryoric shrugs, and begins drinking. "this stuff is -foul-."
[00:05] * @Bright turns on the camera, and takes a seat to wait. One cup will get them drunk. Two cups, and people will be needing to make rolls to stay awake.
[00:05] <Sorts> "For science!"
[00:05] <@Bright> "Tastes good to me." But he's not drinking tonight.
[00:06] <pooryoric> "for science!"
[00:06] * Doctor_Light sits down on the bed and drinks more.
[00:06] * Sorts actually enjoys it, even if it is much too strong for him. He was tired after only one cup.
[00:06] * pooryoric looks for a moment at light on her bed, then goes and joins her.
[00:06] <Sorts> "Dude!"
[00:06] * pooryoric is -already- drunk.
[00:06] <pooryoric> "yesh?"
[00:07] <Sorts> "Dude."
[00:07] <Doctor_Light> "…You know, if the effects are the same, what do we ask or do?"
[00:07] * Heiden takes a long swig… damn, he drained his first cup in a single go.
[00:07] <Doctor_Light> "If we see the same place."
[00:07] <Heiden> "…secure the immediate area, determine where we are, I s'pose."
[00:07] <pooryoric> "inna minute… we're gon… gon… gonna be ashleep."
[00:07] <Doctor_Light> [Assume, also, by this point, that Sophia has sent Bright a detailed and clinical report on what she remembers of the dream.]
[00:08] <@Bright> "Try to determine whatever you can about how that future came to be."
[00:08] <Doctor_Light> "…Got you." Sophia empties her cup and fills it again.
[00:08] * Sorts drifts off before finishing his next cup. He barely set it aside before flopping back.
[00:08] * @Bright is taking notes.
[00:08] * Heiden fills a second cup, draining it almost as quickly as the first.
[00:09] * Doctor_Light notices that Yoric is mostly out, and manages to transfer herself to the empty bed.
[00:09] <@Bright> "Impressive Heiden."
[00:09] * pooryoric giggles a bit and goes to sleep. poor lad can't hold his… well, apples, mostly.
[00:09] * Doctor_Light sips at the rest, and, fairly soon, she's out as well.
[00:10] <Heiden> "I've… I've had a lot of practish…"
[00:10] <Doctor_Light> "Unghgh"
[00:10] * Heiden seems to be concentrating very hard on formulating complete sentences.
[00:10] * Heiden has no idea how this beverage is hitting him this quickly.
[00:10] * Sorts snores, a sound not unlike a duck being hit by a lawn mower.
[00:11] <@Bright> "A little more Heiden…"
[00:11] * Heiden starts to fill his third cup. "I, actually, y'know?"
[00:11] * Heiden sets the cup down on top of the container and staggers away. "…think I'm -good-…"
[00:11] * Heiden collapses on the empty bed.
[00:11] <Heiden> "I feel a -liiiiiiitle- woozy.
[00:11] * Bright is now known as THEFUTURE
[00:12] <Heiden> "Ugh…z..z..zzzz…"
[00:12] <@THEFUTURE> "Go with it Heiden, you're the last one awake."
[00:12] * Heiden is unconscious.
[00:13] <@THEFUTURE> They all feel the the same familiar drifitng into conciousness. One minute a sleep, the next, well, not awake, but waking, without hangover. The first thing they'll notice is…well… They appear to be in the same room. The room is dark, but low power light strips illuminate the corners.
[00:14] * Heiden sits up, rubbing his eyes.
[00:14] * Doctor_Light sits straight up. "Cool." She leans over to shake Yoric awake.
[00:14] <Heiden> "…same place? Guess it was just a fluke."
[00:14] * Sorts figures it hasn't worked yet, so he tries to go back to sleep. Only he's not so tired anymore and it isn't working.
[00:15] * pooryoric is shaken awake by what he believes to be the most amazing girl on earth ATM. it's nice.
[00:15] <Doctor_Light> "I… Is it the same place? Where's Bright?"
[00:15] <pooryoric> "what happened?"
[00:15] <Heiden> "Bright probably got tired of watching us sleep."
[00:15] <@THEFUTURE> Bright is nowhere to be seen, and the table and Apples are gone.
[00:15] * Sorts rolls to a seated position.
[00:15] <Doctor_Light> "I have no idea." She's grinning.
[00:15] <pooryoric> "wait… what's that look?"
[00:15] <Sorts> "Wait wait wait, check your watches guys. How long has it been? Why is it dark in here and where's the beer?"
[00:16] <@THEFUTURE> Watches show only a few minutes having passed.
[00:16] <Doctor_Light> "Okay, so if Bright isn't a creep who just dosed our beer with sleeping pills and left, I don't feel like I just passed out with alcohol poisoning."
[00:16] <Doctor_Light> "So what's going on."
[00:16] * Heiden looks around again. "Don't know why he wheeled that stuff out, though."
[00:16] <pooryoric> "i dunno. but i'm not drunk."
[00:16] <Sorts> "There's not been enough time for the room to change this much," Sorts hops down from the bed.
[00:16] <Doctor_Light> "Let's explore." New situations! Sophia gets up and looks around.
[00:16] * Heiden stands up. "That knocked me the hell out, too. That was 307, for damn sure."
[00:17] <@THEFUTURE> On a second look, the room seems kind of…dirty. Even the beds you were on are a lot more ragged then when you laid down.
[00:17] <Heiden> "Okay, something's definitely up. The only question is, where are we?"
[00:17] <Doctor_Light> "Huh."
[00:17] <Doctor_Light> "Let's find out."
[00:17] <Sorts> "oh god it's going to be like silent hill in here isn't it."
[00:17] * Doctor_Light moves to open the door. "Maybe, maybe not."
[00:17] * Heiden looks at Sorts. "Don't… don't even /joke/."
[00:17] * Heiden grumbles. "Probably worse."
[00:17] * Heiden goes for the door as wel.
[00:18] <pooryoric> "sorts. we play the same video games. why am i so much cooler than you?"
[00:18] * Doctor_Light has never seen this movie. "Just pay attention."
[00:18] * Heiden reaches for his revolver and draws it slowly.
[00:18] <@THEFUTURE> The door opens on a deserted hallway. It's a shamble, signs of an old battle everywhere, burned walls, doors ripped off hinges, that sort of thing. A few pieces of skeletons can be seen, but nothing recent. Some of the bones look gnawed.
[00:18] <Sorts> "You don't have a hat as nice as mine, Yoric."
[00:18] * Doctor_Light fingers the tube of acid in her pocket and starts to look outside. "Fuck!" She whispers.
[00:19] <Heiden> "…shit."
[00:19] * Sorts holds his rifle at the ready, "Check the ground for dust. Footprints."
[00:19] <Heiden> "Site 17, compromised."
[00:19] <pooryoric> "this looks… a -lot- like the place magnus and i wound up in the dimensional mishap."
[00:19] * SCP-347 (~ten.tww.lsd.9328767C-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tww.lsd.9328767C-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #Ale
[00:19] <@THEFUTURE> In the distance, there is a sound like claws on tile.
[00:19] * Doctor_Light checks the ground for footprints. She tracks animals regularly, so this shouldn't be hard.
[00:19] * Heiden holds his pistol at the front. "Sorts, cover our back."
[00:19] <Heiden> "Any other weapons, you guys?"
[00:19] <@THEFUTURE> No, no footprints
[00:20] * Lurker (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.84EB12BD-CRInys|i.yellaCJ#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.84EB12BD-CRInys|i.yellaCJ) has joined #Ale
[00:20] * Doctor_Light looks around wildly, using her fabulous nightvision skills. "A tube of acid. Highly caustic."
[00:20] * Sorts aims in the opposite direction as Heiden.
[00:20] <Lurker> [[ And she's not here either. ]]
[00:20] <Lurker> [[ Sorry for intruding ]]
[00:20] <pooryoric> "i have a gun i can't use, and a baseball bat."
[00:20] <Heiden> "…can you point the shooty end away from us and pull the trigger?"
[00:20] <pooryoric> "also, a set of lockpicks and a case of the willies."
[00:20] <@THEFUTURE> And, because three of you have noticed these things before… there doesn't seem to be any metal lying around. The walls seem to eb mostly stone, tile and plastic, with small bits of wood, but anything that had metal… gone.
[00:20] <pooryoric> "yeh, i can usually do that much."
[00:21] <Heiden> "So… what are the odds that we wound up on earth?"
[00:21] <Heiden> "You know, the giant eye."
[00:21] <Doctor_Light> "Pretty high, given that it's the same room."
[00:21] <Sorts> "Oh god, Heiden, Light. I think we are on Earth, and all the metals been taken."
[00:21] <Heiden> "Crawling across a giant fucking mechanical grinding eye." Heiden seems to be hyperventilating slightly.
[00:21] * Doctor_Light still is whispering.
[00:21] * Doctor_Light looks around. "You might be right."
[00:21] <Sorts> "That means we are cut off from the survivors."
[00:21] <@THEFUTURE> And, in the far distance, if they listen hard, they can just make out the sound of grinding gears.
[00:22] <pooryoric> "we can breathe, we know our surroundings, more or less, and things seem to be man made. i'd bet earth."
[00:22] * Heiden laughs slightly. "Yeah! Cut off! They're on the /fucking moon/!"
[00:22] <Sorts> "You don't understand, Yoric, earth in the place we dreamt is… not a cool place to be."
[00:22] <Doctor_Light> "The gears. Shush. You can hear them."
[00:22] <@THEFUTURE> Again, the sound of claws moving across tiles at a high speed can be heard.
[00:22] <Sorts> "No, you do NOT want to hear them. Do not hear them."
[00:22] <pooryoric> "i got that from your descriptions."
[00:23] <Doctor_Light> "…I vote we go back and hide."
[00:23] * Heiden takes a deep breath and tries to steady himself.
[00:23] <Doctor_Light> "In the room."
[00:23] <Heiden> "Okay. Weapons ready, folks."
[00:23] <pooryoric> "what, untill it wears off?"
[00:23] <Sorts> "yes, we have two ways of getting caught in here. Back to the room."
[00:23] <Heiden> "I don't know if that's going to save us. We might need to find other weapons."
[00:23] <Heiden> "The baseball bat isn't going to cut it- oh, fuck, neither are guns.
[00:23] <Sorts> "Like what? They will all have been consumed by that thing."
[00:23] * pooryoric draws his gun. "sophia, stay behind me, please. i'm awful with guns."
[00:23] <Doctor_Light> "We have some weapons. And it'll give us a little time."
[00:24] <Heiden> "Yoric, guns don't work on these things, you need something like Bright's cane."
[00:24] * SCP-347 (~ten.tww.lsd.9328767C-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.tww.lsd.9328767C-CRInys|alliztahc) has left #Ale
[00:24] <Doctor_Light> "Acid is good anywhere."
[00:24] <@THEFUTURE> Down the hall, at the T junction, something humanoid goes by on fore limbs.
[00:24] <pooryoric> "drug joke."
[00:24] <Sorts> "Acid should work, yeah. I c… shh!"
[00:24] <Heiden> "Electrical weaponry, flame… acid, potentially, yes." Heiden's voice drops to a hiss. "/Back!/"
[00:24] <@THEFUTURE> [four even]
[00:24] <Doctor_Light> "Get back in!" She whispers.
[00:24] * Sorts kneels at the doorway and raises his rifle.
[00:24] * Heiden begins backpedaling slowly.
[00:25] <pooryoric> "right, right."
[00:25] * Doctor_Light hides in the room again, peeking out.
[00:25] <@THEFUTURE> And then another one goes past. This time you can make out it's definitely humanoid, with claws, and it's wearing a trenchcoat, a backpack…and was that a top hat?
[00:25] <Doctor_Light> "…It's hatbot." She is dead serious.
[00:25] <Sorts> "No."
[00:25] <Sorts> "It's Lurker."
[00:25] * pooryoric looks around the room, then stands on one of the beds and begins breaking ceiling tiles with his bat.
[00:25] <Doctor_Light> "…Oh damn."
[00:26] <Sorts> "What what SHHHH"
[00:26] <@THEFUTURE> A third is going past… and stops, head cocked to the side.
[00:26] * Heiden looks at Yoric. "Wh… what are you doing?"
[00:26] <@THEFUTURE> "One! One, I heard something!"
[00:26] * Doctor_Light stands stark still.
[00:26] * Sorts aims at the creature.
[00:26] <pooryoric> "making an exit."
[00:26] <pooryoric> "lets go."
[00:26] <Doctor_Light> "Sorts, wait."
[00:27] * Heiden presses himself against the wall by the doorframe, ready to open fire if necessary.
[00:27] <@THEFUTURE> The first two come back to join the third, and they all stand togehter, heads tilted. "You sure 23?"
[00:27] * Heiden gestures for silence.
[00:27] * pooryoric pulls himself into the crawlspace overhead, and reaches down. "come on, i'll help you up."
[00:27] <Doctor_Light> "No. Stop."
[00:27] * Sorts pulls back from the doorway and drops his aim. Sitting out there would just expose him.
[00:27] <@THEFUTURE> "I know I heard it One. Did you hear it Seventeen?" 17" I…dunno. I thought maybe Fat Man…"
[00:28] <@THEFUTURE> 1 Moves down the hall towards your door. "There's no one down here! All the scientists got out long ago, in my time! "
[00:28] * pooryoric waits. lowering himself would make a sound, and he's ready to pull someone to safety if he needs to.
[00:29] * Heiden quirks a brow, listening intently.
[00:29] * Doctor_Light looks at the others, starting to plan. She finds a pen in her pocket, and prepares to throw it if she determines they're friendly.
[00:29] * Sorts looks to Heiden and raises his brows.
[00:30] * Heiden gives Dr. Sorts the best 'I don't know' look he can manage.
[00:30] <@THEFUTURE> 1 stops, sniffing the air. The other two join him. 23"Fear." 17"Someones alive? Wow, I'm impressed." 1"Shut up, both of you! Hello?"
[00:30] <Doctor_Light> "…" She looks at the others.
[00:30] <pooryoric> "huh."
[00:30] <pooryoric> "hello?"
[00:30] * Heiden mutters, "Be ready to go, the ceiling, like Yoric said."
[00:30] * Heiden peers out into the corridor.
[00:30] * Doctor_Light listens hopefully, hand on the vial of acid in her pocket. Ready.
[00:31] <@THEFUTURE> 1 pokes his head through the doorway…and stops, staring. "Alpha and Omega!"
[00:31] <Sorts> "Hi. We're friends of Six."
[00:31] * pooryoric creeps through the crawlspace and pops his head through the ceiling tiles -behind- 1. "hello."
[00:31] * Doctor_Light is excited that someone else will use this curseword
[00:31] <Doctor_Light> "Yoric! Get back here!"
[00:32] * Heiden looks stressed as hell, but if they're friendly, he's not going to argue.
[00:32] <@THEFUTURE> "Well, of course you're friends of Dad, I remember… But, you're all dead. Hundreds of years ago."
[00:32] <Doctor_Light> "I know, I know, time travel. Can we come out?"
[00:32] <Heiden> "…Dr. Frederick Heiden. What year is this?"
[00:32] <pooryoric> "i just figured i'd be a distraction just in case." he looks at 1. "are you distracted?"
[00:32] <Sorts> "Oh my god, you're … ha ha ha! He was so worried about you guys, you know that?"
[00:33] <@THEFUTURE> 1 answers the easy question first. "2132"
[00:34] <Doctor_Light> "Alpha and Omega." Sophia swears. "What happened here?"
[00:34] <Sorts> "That's what, six, seven years since last time?"
[00:34] * pooryoric drops nimbly to the floor next to number 17. "holy shit. i gave your dad that hat."
[00:34] <@THEFUTURE> 17"The Broken God" 23"We're on our way to stop it!" 1"Shut up you two!"
[00:35] <Sorts> "That seems like a bit of a lost cause, but what's the plan?"
[00:35] <Doctor_Light> "The broken god. The… Well, first of all, your mom was Agatha, maiden name Rights, correct?"
[00:36] <@THEFUTURE> 1 Pats the backpacks on 23 and 17. "We got something special for him." To Light. "Mine ones. These guys…are further down the line."
[00:36] <@THEFUTURE> 23 checks her backpack. "Little boy is still fine."
[00:36] <pooryoric> "nukes?"
[00:36] <Heiden> "Little bo- Fat man? What kind of weapons are those?"
[00:36] <Doctor_Light> "Ah. Good to know. So what are you going to give to him?" Sophia is taking this all in stride quite well.
[00:37] <pooryoric> "i just said. nukes."
[00:37] * Sorts yammers wordlessly since he also caught the implications of those names.
[00:37] <@THEFUTURE> "Sssh. It's a secret." And he smiles. "Wanna come along?"
[00:37] * Heiden shakes his head dismissively. "What kind of weapons they are doesn't matter. How can we help deliver this?"
[00:38] * pooryoric snatches number 17's tophat, flips it over, pulls out a small black disk, and puts the hat back on 17s head.
[00:38] <Doctor_Light> "Sure thing. Want to come, guys?"
[00:38] <Sorts> "Better yet, how did the Broken God get out in the first place?"
[00:38] * pooryoric unfolds the disk into another tophat. "huh, it still works."
[00:38] <Doctor_Light> "And, uh, do you know anything about the moon base?"
[00:39] <@THEFUTURE> 23" Whats a moon?" 1"Site Alpha is …a ways away."
[00:40] * pooryoric looks at light. "we have a moon base?"
[00:40] * Heiden looks at Dr. Sorts and nods. He's on the right track.
[00:40] <Doctor_Light> "We will."
[00:40] <Doctor_Light> "So, can we come with you guys?"
[00:40] <Sorts> "No, we do, Yoric, we saw it from the space station, remember? They got there with some teleporter."
[00:40] <Heiden> "Right… we don't know how long we can be here. How did the Broken God break containment?" Heiden's going to stick to that question, Sorts was right to ask.
[00:41] <@THEFUTURE> 1" It was long ago. But the Church did it." The Lurkers move out down the hallway, expecting the researchers to follow them.
[00:42] * Sorts hustles after Lurkers' spawn.
[00:42] * pooryoric follows the lurkers, pausing to cock his tophat at a jaunty angle.
[00:42] * Heiden follows the lurkers.
[00:42] <pooryoric> "come on, light."
[00:42] * Doctor_Light follows them lurkers. "Do you know anything else about it? And, yoric, what did you do to his hat?"
[00:43] <pooryoric> "i pulled a hat out of it. it used to be my hat, remember?"
[00:43] <Doctor_Light> "…I'm impressed."
[00:43] * pooryoric smiles. "i'm glad."
[00:44] <Sorts> "Actually, the hat thing gives me an idea. Hey, Number One, keep this for me, will you?" Sorts tosses his cap to the nearest Lurker, which may or may not be One.
[00:44] <Sorts> "I'm curious to know if it will follow us back when we return home."
[00:44] <@THEFUTURE> Thr more they follow the Lurkers, the louder the grinding gets. And one catches the cap, frowning. "Why?"
[00:45] * Sorts tries very hard to ignore the grinding.
[00:46] <Doctor_Light> "Uh, so, you understand, we may not be able to stay long. Um, 1, you said you've met us before?"
[00:46] <Heiden> "Wonder if we die here, if we die back home, too? Seems likely, but… well, you never know."
[00:46] <Sorts> "Last time we came here, we didn't bring anything back with us, I want to know if I can leave an object behind."
[00:46] <Sorts> "Maybe we can start smuggling you guys supplies."
[00:46] <@THEFUTURE> "I'm the oldest, firstborn."
[00:47] <pooryoric> "did you guys not meet number 1 last time? because if he's met you, it may be from a future testing session and we may have left ourselves messages or something."
[00:47] <Doctor_Light> "We were in an entirely different place last time."
[00:47] <@THEFUTURE> "No, I'm just old." and 23 chimes in "REALLY old."
[00:48] <pooryoric> "how old is really old?"
[00:48] <Sorts> "Let's not get specific. I don't want to tell Rights when she's going to give birth."
[00:48] <pooryoric> [for some reason, i imagine the foundation and it's stories taking place in the eighties. is that odd?]
[00:48] <Heiden> "Yeah, Agatha might not take that kindly."
[00:49] <pooryoric> "oh, so you remember us from before?"
[00:49] <Doctor_Light> "Got a point. Um, what do you know about how the Broken God escaped? Or how any of this happened, really."
[00:49] <@THEFUTURE> And thats when the machine rounds the corner. Big and ugly, made of all sorts of twisting gears, and not a few humans bits, it looks like a giant drider.
[00:50] * Sorts throws his peashooter up and begins aiming before he thinks about it. Because if he was thinking, he'd be running the other way.
[00:50] * Doctor_Light jumps, grabbing Yoric's arm out of fear
[00:50] <Doctor_Light> "Eep."
[00:50] * Heiden takes two steps backwards and the revolver sweeps up to point at the monstrosity. Even if it absorbs the bullets, hopefully the force of impact will do some damage, Frederick prays. The Model 629 roars once, twice in his hand.
[00:51] * pooryoric , in fact, runs the other way, pulling light to hopeful safety.
[00:51] <Heiden> 6d6 Problem? Let's solve it with VIOLENCE.
[00:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Heiden, Problem? Let's solve it with VIOLENCE.: 25 [6d6=3,5,5,6,3,3]
[00:52] * Doctor_Light is dragged backwards some, but stops once she's somewhat out of the way
[00:52] <@THEFUTURE> The creature speaks: "Ow, ow! Zat iz not veery kind." In a heavy german accent.
[00:52] <pooryoric> 5d6 fuck that, protect light from that… ah… whatever.
[00:52] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, fuck that, protect light from that… ah… whatever.: 24 [5d6=5,6,1,6,6]
[00:52] <Doctor_Light> "…You talk."
[00:52] <@THEFUTURE> 5d6 I'm a surgeon
[00:52] <Magic_8-Ball> THEFUTURE, I'm a surgeon: 20 [5d6=4,2,5,5,4]
[00:52] * Heiden looks to the lurkers for a plan of action.
[00:53] <pooryoric> "herr… ah… machine. stop whatever you're doing, please."
[00:53] <Sorts> "Herr Chirurg…"
[00:53] <Doctor_Light> "…"
[00:53] <pooryoric> "holy shit, -is- it chirurg?"
[00:53] * Sorts has adjusted his aim for the eyes now, but he's quite willing to talk this out.
[00:53] <@THEFUTURE> A shaft of metal slams into yorics wrist, pinning his hand back against the wall, around, not through. "Do not be shootink me."
[00:54] <@THEFUTURE> The Lurkers… all run up and start rubbing aginst the creatures limbs, like cats. "
[00:54] <pooryoric> "are you chirurg?" asks yoric, looking at his trapped wrist.
[00:54] <pooryoric> [no, but i can have been.]
[00:54] <Heiden> Dr. Heiden lowers his pistol.
[00:54] <@THEFUTURE> "Da."
[00:55] <Heiden> "…my apologies, Herr Chirurg."
[00:55] <Sorts> "You've aged well, man."
[00:55] <pooryoric> "oh. oh. okay. sorry."
[00:55] * Sorts lowers his rifle.
[00:55] <@THEFUTURE> "Unt I huv cleared the way for my little nephews."
[00:56] * Doctor_Light has her vial of acid uncorked in her pocket, although this cannot be seen, just in case. "PLeasure to see you again, Doctor."
[00:56] <pooryoric> "you look like the bastard love child of a tractor and a blender full of D-class, chirurg. don't -scare- me like that!"
[00:56] * Sorts leans close to Heiden and whispers behind a hand, "Keep an eye on him, we may be the first meat he's seen in ages"
[00:56] <pooryoric> "ah, and may i have my hand back?"
[00:56] * Heiden nods to Sorts.
[00:57] * @THEFUTURE pops the staple off of Yoric. "Go then children, I keep watch."
[00:57] * pooryoric looks significantly at the chirurg-bot. "the whole hand, if you please."
[00:57] * Heiden is glad to fall into step behind the lurker-kin and get the hell away from this new horror.
[00:57] <Doctor_Light> "…So, uh, what happened here?"
[00:58] <@THEFUTURE> "The usual. Gear-men."
[00:58] <pooryoric> [the future has popped my staple. blessed am i with context, for i would'st be adrift in a sea of confusion without.]
[00:58] * Sorts keeps his eyes on Chirurg, but begins to suspect that the situation is so bad in the future that SCPs are now willing allies.
[00:58] <pooryoric> "the… usual?"
[00:58] <Doctor_Light> "We only have one gear-man. Uh, time travel. I think my friend here played poker with you once."
[00:58] <Heiden> "Yoric, this is what they mean by XK."
[00:58] <Doctor_Light> "More then a century ago, though."
[00:59] <Heiden> "There are approximately one hundred and ten humans left alive."
[00:59] <pooryoric> "yeh. speaking of which, theye is fitting excellently."
[00:59] <pooryoric> *the eye
[00:59] <@THEFUTURE> "Down to 12 now Heiden."
[00:59] <Heiden> "…twelve?"
[00:59] <Sorts> "Oh god."
[00:59] <@THEFUTURE> says number one as they leave Chirug behind.
[00:59] * Doctor_Light chortles, then stops. "Just here, or anywhere?"
[00:59] <pooryoric> "oh? which twelve?"
[01:00] <pooryoric> "that's me, bright, light, and nine others."
[01:00] * Heiden gives Yoric a look. "This… this can't be allowed to happen."
[01:00] <Doctor_Light> "And Sorts, and Heiden."
[01:00] <Sorts> "Yeah man."
[01:00] <Heiden> "Is that /really/ important right now?"
[01:01] <pooryoric> "no, i meant actual survivors. not us here."
[01:01] <@THEFUTURE> One:"At base Alpha. It's more then a hundred years since we had a hundred some."
[01:01] <@THEFUTURE> "Stilla bunch of lurkers, but only 12 that count as human."
[01:01] <Doctor_Light> "Base Alpha being…."
[01:01] <@THEFUTURE> One: Points straight upwards
[01:01] <Doctor_Light> "Ah. Right."
[01:02] * pooryoric looks at the ceiling for a moment. "oh. duh."
[01:02] <Sorts> "Wait, wait, wait, more than a hundred years since there were a hundred humans?"
[01:02] <Sorts> "When did this thing get out?"
01[01:02] <Heiden> "We're in a different timeframe."
01[01:02] <Heiden> "…we made it /worse/."
[01:02] <Doctor_Light> "So, uh, we're on a tight schedule. Maybe. Uh, we would like the history of what happened from, say, 2009, onwards."
[01:02] <Sorts> "Oh yay us."
[01:02] <@THEFUTURE> And then there is the gears before them. A plethora of gears, extending lords knows how far. People in the know might realise that this room was once the home of 914. And in the middle of all these gears… the Broken god turns relentlessly.
[01:02] <Doctor_Light> "If you can provide that- fffffuuu"
[01:03] <Sorts> "Do not look, do not listen." Sorts mops his brow. "Focus on the information."
[01:03] <Heiden> "Not YET! NOT YET! TELL US HOW TO CHANGE IT!" Heiden bellows over the churning of the gears.
[01:04] * Doctor_Light is listening, oh yes.
[01:04] <@THEFUTURE> One: "I'm sorry, but we have to do this." 17 and 23 reach into their backpacks, pulling out… kittens? Little, orange kittens.
[01:04] <Sorts> "Back out to door, people. Exploding pufferkittens."
[01:04] <@THEFUTURE> One: "Don't let 882 near 914. It starts all this."
[01:04] <Doctor_Light> "…Oh man."
[01:04] <pooryoric> "weaponised poofterkittens. machina is gonna be so proud."
[01:04] * Doctor_Light backs out that door
[01:05] * Sorts has a sinking feeling that they are just feeding the god, not trying to break it.
[01:05] * Heiden begins backing out the door.
[01:05] * pooryoric follows.
[01:05] * Doctor_Light thought this too, but is not sure
[01:05] <@THEFUTURE> The cats are set down on the floor. One smiles. "Can't wait to have you all see me for the first time. It'll be fun." He leans down, towards the cats. "BOO!"
[01:05] <Heiden> "…thank you." Heiden's voice is practically inaudible.
[01:05] <Sorts> "I hope it's in a better world for you, One."
[01:05] <pooryoric> "godspeed!"
[01:05] <@THEFUTURE> And the last thing you see are the Lurkers, smiling happily, as they are vaporised by the expanding mushroom cloud.
[01:06] * pooryoric blinks.
[01:06] <@THEFUTURE> And then the blast hits you- And it's back in the cots, jolting awake, no sign of a hangover or alcohol poisoning.
[01:06] * THEFUTURE is now known as Bright
[01:06] * Heiden sits up straight in bed, sweating profusely.
[01:06] * pooryoric sits up.
[01:06] * Doctor_Light sits straight up and shield her eyes from a blast that didn't happen.
[01:06] * Sorts sits up and slaps a hand upon his head. Where is his hat?
[01:06] <pooryoric> "what the hell…"
[01:07] * @Bright is still there, reading from his clipboard. "Ah?"
[01:07] <@Bright> Sorts… has no hat
[01:07] * Doctor_Light throws her legs off the bed. "Goddamit."
[01:07] <Heiden> "…XK-event. We made it worse from last time. One hundred less survivors."
[01:07] * Sorts feels his receding hairline. Oh god.
[01:07] * pooryoric checks his head for the tophat.
[01:07] <Heiden> "It was a suicide run."
[01:07] <Doctor_Light> "Um. Uh. 882. It was 882. And…" She stops panicking and smiles as she remembers the Lurkers.
[01:08] <Sorts> "We didn't leave the base, we woke up in this room. The… gears. The grinding ones that eat metal. They were inside 914."
[01:08] <Heiden> "914 and 882 cannot come together - /ever/."
[01:08] <@Bright> "882. Inside 914? Hmm."
[01:08] <Doctor_Light> "Ever. Agreed."
[01:08] <pooryoric> "he passed my hat down to his kids… i'm so proud of myself, and i'm not sure why."
[01:08] <pooryoric> "no, bright."
[01:08] <pooryoric> "it didn't kill you."
[01:08] <@Bright> "I'll need full write ups from each of you, of course." He pauses. "Whose kids?"
[01:09] * Doctor_Light glances at Yoric.
[01:09] <Sorts> "The Lurker family, of course."
[01:09] <pooryoric> "lurker's."
[01:09] <pooryoric> "nice guys."
[01:09] <Heiden> "Lurkers. Apparently the only stable breeding population left."
[01:09] <Doctor_Light> "Right. Yes, Rights' and Lurker's."
[01:09] <Sorts> "Oh, and Chirurg's a pretty decent guy when he starts using scrap instead of flesh to build himself"
[01:09] * Doctor_Light smiles at this memory.
[01:09] <Heiden> "One dozen purestrain humans were left, we were told."
[01:09] * @Bright stars at each of them. and the frowns at Sorts. "What happened to your hat?"
[01:09] <pooryoric> "with only twelve survivors, the human race as a whole was genetically doomed."
[01:09] <Sorts> "I gave it to the oldest of the Lurker boys. As a test to see if it would return. At what point did it vanish?"
[01:10] * @Bright rubs his temples. "I need Kain on this."
[01:10] <@Bright> "I just noticed it missing now."
[01:10] <Sorts> "Maybe it vanished when I woke then."
[01:10] <@Bright> "Kain gets temporal theory."

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