Sweet Dreams

Introduction: Dr. Bright decided to introduce the researchers to his own brew, a certain '307' or 'Mostly Apples'. All imbibers fell asleep that night and awoke to…

[00:20] <@Bright> So, all of you fall asleep as normal… and shortly after, find yourselves waking up to indirect lighting. None of you are in your beds, and you all feel a thin layer of grass beneath you. Above you, a good forty feet, there is a rock ceiling.
[00:20] * Sorts flutters his eyes. This was not one of his usual dreams.
[00:20] <Doctor_Light> "!!!" Sophia sits straight up and glances around.
[00:21] * Heiden slowly comes to, sitting up and rubbing his eyes before the reality of the situation sets in.
[00:21] * Heiden groans. "Oh, god, what happened last night."
[00:22] * Sorts is the last to rouse, only when he hears Heiden's voice. He scrambles to find his covers but he's only wearing a pair of rocketship boxers at the moment.
[00:22] * Heiden looks back and forth.
[00:22] <@Bright> You can see each other, all within a couple fo feet of each other. And you also see, well, rows of graves. Each gravestone is unique, slightly odd. There are a dozen trees scattered around the site, and literally thousands of graves.
[00:22] * Doctor_Light stands up immediatly, looking around.
[00:22] <Heiden> "What… what did we do last night?" Heiden inquires hopefully.
[00:22] <Sorts> "Oh god we turned goth."
[00:22] <Heiden> Someone's got to know, right?
[00:23] <Heiden> "I mean after the movies, anyone remember? Did we think it would be a good idea to… go to a cave with a graveyard in it?"
[00:23] <Heiden> "…please say yes?"
[00:23] * Doctor_Light reads a gravestone. "I don't remember coming here."
[00:23] <Sorts> "I would never think of such a thing. More importantly, how many caves have grass crowing inside where the sun doesn't shine, let alone graves?"
[00:24] <@Bright> The rgavestone reads 'Dr. Albert Stwein, 1942-1987, victim of SCP-008'
[00:24] * Heiden lets out a long groan as he crawls to his feet. "Here y'go, sugarbee." He pulls off his labcoat and tosses it to Dr. Sorts.
[00:25] <Sorts> "I was hoping I had dreamt that…" Sorts pulls the coat over himself and goes for the Arthur Dent look.
[00:25] * Doctor_Light reads this aloud.
[00:25] <Heiden> "Oh god /dammit/."
[00:26] <Heiden> "Really? I can't even get drunk and wake up somewhere odd without it being completely /fucked/?"
[00:26] <Sorts> "This has to be some sort of… dream world. Or something. No one would put that on a gravestone. So who is dreaming here?"
[00:26] * Heiden is apparently not a morning person.
[00:26] <Doctor_Light> "I don't think we came here." She looks around, studying the area.
[00:27] <@Bright> The next gravestone is in the shape of a large bear, the inscription in Russian.
[00:27] <Sorts> "Can anyone read that?"
[00:27] * Heiden shakes his head. "No Russian, sorry."
[00:28] * Doctor_Light shakes her head, and looks at the ceiling and the edges of the graveyard, as far as she can see.
[00:28] <Sorts> "I sure hope it doesn't say anything about Strelnikov… okay, think. Why us, why here?"
[00:28] * Heiden makes his way over to the bear gravestone.
[00:28] <Heiden> "The blind whim of a hateful, malevolent universe?"
[00:28] <@Bright> The name under the inscription is 'Dmitri Strelnikov'
[00:29] <Heiden> "Son of a /bitch/," Heiden curses. He kicks the gravestone.
[00:29] <@Bright> Sadly, the stone remains undamaged
[00:29] <Sorts> "No no no, the universe isn't hateful but weird things don't just happen without reason. What's wrong with that grave?"
[00:30] <Doctor_Light> "I don't know. Where the fuck are we, and who put us here." She sighs, remembering common sense. "I don't suppose anyone has a weapon on them?"
[00:30] * Heiden curses. Kicking a piece of stone with loafers on was a poor choice.
[00:30] <Heiden> "Says Dmitri on here…"
[00:30] * Heiden reaches into his labcoat and pats his holster. "I ought to…"
[00:30] <@Bright> The graveyard fades into the distance, but the walls she can see are the same rock as the ceiling. Every 15 feet or so, there is some kinf of light source, glowing softly.
[00:31] <Sorts> "Tomorrow I will start sleeping with my gun on top of everything else. But no weapons on me."
[00:31] <Doctor_Light> "Guys, we're proceeding as for an unknown environment. Stick together and yell if you see anything wierd."
[00:31] <Heiden> [Do I have my weapon?]
[00:31] <Doctor_Light> "Let's move for the walls and follow them."
[00:31] <Sorts> "Agreed. Which way though?"
[00:32] <@Bright> The next gravestone is a pretty good stone depiction of the Bullet Cat. The name on it is Dr. [EXPUNGED] Kondraki, 1964-2045, The cat piss finally failed him'
[00:32] <@Bright> [If you had it on you, yes]
[00:32] * Doctor_Light points at the wall she can see. Then looks at the gravestone.
[00:32] * Heiden nods as he draws the hefty revolver. "We've got at least one weapon… oh, god, they got Kondraki? Where the hell are we?"
[00:33] <Sorts> "2045? No way."
[00:33] <Doctor_Light> "…"
[00:33] <Heiden> "When are we going to find ours?" Heiden figures it's just a matter of time if there's one for Dr. Kondraki.
[00:33] <Doctor_Light> "We could try digging it up."
[00:33] <@Bright> In the distance, towards what should be south, there is the sound of motors turning. as of an elevator descending.
[00:33] * Doctor_Light is not sure why she suggested this.
[00:33] <Sorts> "I'd rather not, honestly. Kondraki's corpse would shoot me."
[00:34] <Heiden> "Over there, something's happening." Dr. Heiden begins making his way slowly to the source of the noise.
[00:34] * Sorts huddles in Heiden's coat and follows him.
[00:34] * Doctor_Light looks at this. "I'm taking charge, unless any of you want to. Keep low until we get close enough to see it."
[00:34] <@Bright> The next grave has a flame burning on it, a good three feet tall. '05-9, Dr. Gerald, He burns forever.'
[00:35] * Doctor_Light is variably good under pressure.
[00:35] * Sorts blinks. "Gerald made 05."
[00:35] <@Bright> The noise stops, and the sound of doors slideing open is clearly heard
[00:35] <Sorts> "No wonder we all died."
[00:35] <Heiden> "Jesus. If we get out of here, we are not mentioning peoples' graves, right?"
[00:35] <Doctor_Light> "…Keep low. Hide behind a stone."
[00:35] * Doctor_Light ducks behind a gravestone.
[00:35] * Heiden nods, checking to ensure the revolver is loaded before he tries to crouch behind one of the larger stones.
[00:36] * Sorts scrambles to hide behind a stone he hopes is not his own.
[00:36] <@Bright> The stone Light finds herself behind is shaped like an icicle. 'Dr. Iceberg: He really should have stuck with paperwork'
[00:36] <@Bright> Heiden finds himself behind one reading 'Kain Pathos Crow: He was a Good Dog'
[00:37] * Doctor_Light sighs, and then keeps looking at where the noise is coming from.
[00:37] <@Bright> and Sorts finds himself crouched behind 'Dr. Agatha Lurker: Beloved wife, mother and so much more."
[00:37] <Sorts> "Yeah I can't really be surprised by that."
[00:38] <@Bright> Sortly, a man muttering can be heard. "Breach in Omega sector, of coursethey send me to take care of it, why not? S'not like I can get infected." A man can be sean, older, mid sixties, carrying a big ass hand cannon.
[00:39] * Doctor_Light motions for everyone to stay low and keep quiet
[00:39] * Sorts lays low but tries to study the face of this man…
[00:39] <@Bright> Those who look closely will notice that absolutely nothing on the man appears to contain metal.
[00:39] * Heiden does not look happy about this situation. He makes sure he can fire at a moment's notice, but nods as Sophia motions for him to keep low.
[00:40] <Heiden> Even the gun?
[00:40] <@Bright> Unless Sorts has been studying Foundation History, the face is unfamiliar.
[00:40] <@Bright> Especially the gun.
[00:40] * Sorts has not been studying history, he's stumped.
[00:40] * Heiden surreptitiously glances at the man's face as well.
[00:41] * Doctor_Light glances at it too, as well as where he came from
[00:42] * @Bright storms past their hiding places, not looking around too much. He pauses at Kondrakis grave, glancing down at it. "Huh. You trying to get out Kon?"
[00:42] <@Bright> There does appear to be a door back there.
[00:42] * Doctor_Light does not move a fucking muscle
[00:42] * Sorts only just BARELY manages not to shout at Dr Bright about the man with the gun. Bright's surely dealt with worse.
[00:43] * Heiden mouths to the group. "OH-OH-EIGHT?"
[00:43] * Sorts watches the man go past and then nods in agreement with Heiden.
[00:43] * Heiden motions for everyone to shift as the man begins wandering through the stones.
[00:44] <Heiden> Other side will give better cover, and we can go for the door.
[00:44] * Sorts crawls around to hide on the other side of the grave.
[00:44] * Doctor_Light swivels around, with the infinite caution she uses for tracking wild animals.
[00:44] * @Bright pauses, frowning. He tilts his head to one side. "I can smell you, you know."
[00:44] * Doctor_Light does as he indicates, then freezes.
[00:44] * Sorts shakes his head, the guy is probably bluffing.
[00:44] * Heiden is glad he switched sides, anyway. At least it's cover.
[00:45] * Heiden listens intently for the individual's approach.
[00:45] * @Bright turns around, punching buttons on his gun, little lights popping up. "I highly suggest you show yourselves. If y'all are machine infected, I'm gonna have to blast ya to bits."
[00:46] * Doctor_Light looks around.
[00:46] * Heiden glumly nods to the other two.
[00:46] * Sorts purses his lips, "We're certainly not infected, sir."
[00:46] * Doctor_Light slowly stands up, taking a deep breath and hoping for the best
[00:46] * Sorts hopes that at least the others will be able to run if he gets shot at.
[00:46] * Heiden rises into a slight crouch, peering over the stone. He's visible now.
[00:46] * Doctor_Light realizes she has all her smokebombs in her pockets. SCORE!
[00:46] * @Bright turns his gun to track Light… and then lowers it, staring, mouth agape. "Sophia?"
[00:47] * Sorts stands from cover when the man lowers his gun.
[00:47] * Heiden looks over and slowly lowers his weapon as the man does.
[00:47] <Doctor_Light> "…Yes." She glances around uncertainly.
[00:47] <Doctor_Light> "I think we have a problem."
[00:47] * Heiden stands.
[00:47] <Sorts> "I think I need some pants."
[00:47] * @Bright glances from person to person, completely shocked. "What the hell are you three doing alive?"
[00:48] <Heiden> "…Doctor Frederick Heiden, sir. I've managed to avoid fatal incidents, so far."
[00:48] <Doctor_Light> "We… We may have travelled in time." Time to test her hypothesis! "Where are we?"
[00:48] <Doctor_Light> "When, if you will, are we?"
[00:49] <@Bright> "Omega Sector…" He curses. "Time travel. Fuck. It's 2126." He pauses, glancing at them again. "And I'm Dr. Bright."
[00:49] <Sorts> "It's a relief to see you then, sir. Where's your medallion?"
[00:49] <Heiden> "Twenty-one-twenty… Dr. Bright. A pleasure."
[00:50] <@Bright> "Don't need it anymore. Not since TJ fixed me." He pauses. "Fuck. When are y'all from?"
[00:50] <Doctor_Light> "It's… Good to see you again." She has no idea what to say.
[00:50] <Doctor_Light> "2009."
[00:50] <Doctor_Light> "Wait, TJ?"
[00:50] <Heiden> "…TJ." Heiden seems a little perturbed.
[00:50] * Sorts covers his mouth with one hand to hide the gasp. Bright said his brother's name.
[00:51] <@Bright> "Then none of you have been to Omega Sector yet. Shit Shit shit." A glance around. "Yes, TJ, my brother, you know, 590?"
[00:51] * Doctor_Light has scanned the Foundation database files, albeit breifly.
[00:51] <Sorts> "Yes, when we met him you were pretty insistent on calling him by number. Also…"
[00:51] * Heiden says stiffly, "Yes. SCP-590."
[00:51] <Doctor_Light> "Yes. I believe we're familiar with him."
[00:52] * Doctor_Light has over 9000 questions, but none of them want to go first.
[00:52] <Heiden> "…so this is a graveyard for deceased personnel?" Dr. Heiden looks around, trying to change the subject.
[00:53] * Sorts glances at his companions and swallowed nervously, "Our graves aren't down here, are they?"
[00:53] <@Bright> "We're… things have changed. Ever since the Machine god got ahold of 217…" He shakes his head. "Y'all better come with me. And yes, Omega Sector is for those who are deemed important enough to get a grave."
[00:53] <@Bright> "And yes Sorts, they are. Do you want to see them?"
[00:53] <Doctor_Light> "No thank you."
[00:53] * Heiden looks at Dr. Sorts. "Important enough? Doubt we rated it…"
[00:53] * Heiden looks at Dr. Bright. "I would, actually."
[00:54] <Sorts> "Absolutely not, sir. I intend to go back and earn my way into it without knowledge of how it happens."
[00:54] * Doctor_Light sighs. "We don't want to cause a paradox, Heiden."
[00:54] <Sorts> "Ack man, are you sure?"
[00:54] <Heiden> "Diverging timelines have been proven to exist, Dr. Sorts, Dr. Light. This timeline could very well not exist, if we act properly."
[00:54] * @Bright looks Heiden up and down, then nods, pointing to a gravestone of a young girl. "That one."
[00:55] * Heiden walks over and gives the gravestone a look-over.
[00:55] * Sorts follows.
[00:55] * Doctor_Light stares at a different gravestone instead, still suspicious.
[00:55] <@Bright> 'Site Director Heiden: He died, so 231 could live. We owe him a great debt.'
[00:56] <Sorts> "Oh my god. Oh my god. The implications of that alone."
[00:56] <@Bright> 'Dr. Laugher: He deserved it'
[00:56] <Heiden> [OH GOD D:]
[00:56] * Doctor_Light has read the files, and snickers at this one.
[00:57] * Heiden looks at the gravestone passively. "Yes, Dr. Sorts."
[00:57] * @Bright crosses his arms watching them.
[00:57] <Heiden> "Like I said… this timeline could very well not exist."
[00:57] <Heiden> "Thank you, Dr. Bright."
[00:57] <@Bright> "Or, the knowledge you gain here could create this very timeline."
[00:57] <Sorts> "Doctor Bright, I don't know if we'll ever be able to return to our point of origin, but if we do, we're in a position to… change something."
[00:57] * Heiden keeps reading and re-reading the gravestone for a moment or two before turning back to Dr. Bright.
[00:58] <@Bright> "I'm not giving you any auggestions. Time travel has fucked me to many times before. But we should head out, before it has time to focus on us."
[00:58] <Doctor_Light> "Very well then."
[00:58] <Sorts> "Wait, before what has time to focus on us?"
[00:58] <Heiden> "It?" Heiden doesn't wait for an answer, he's already walking.
[00:59] * Sorts lags behind, lacking Heiden's good judgement.
[00:59] * Doctor_Light follows Bright closely
[00:59] <@Bright> "Machine god." As he heads towards the doors, which are plastic as well. "Fucker is everywhere. We gotta head back to Alpha Site."
[01:00] <Doctor_Light> "Interesting gun," she notes. Still not having entirely noticed the metal thing.
[01:01] <Heiden> The machine god - no metal connection hasn't been made for Dr. Heiden, either, and he carries the revolver confidently. Like it'll help him if things go wrong.
[01:01] * Sorts is suddenly very glad he does not have his glasses on, until he remembers that he's wearing a ring on his left hand. "What's with the strange building materials"
[01:01] <@Bright> "Chain lightning gun. Chan gun crossed with my cane." The doors slide open to reveal a small plastic elevator room.
[01:02] * Heiden gets onto the elevator.
[01:02] <@Bright> "The damn thing absorbs metal, and is attracted to it."
[01:02] <Sorts> "How much metal will it take to draw its attention?"
[01:03] <@Bright> "Dunno."
[01:03] <Doctor_Light> "Huh." Sophia has a genius moment- she's read lots of these files. "The clockwork virus."
[01:03] * Heiden looks at the pistol uncomfortably. "So… standard .44 Magnum rounds aren't going to help, even with the force of impact?"
[01:04] <@Bright> "They combined."
[01:04] * Sorts looks to his hand and then to Heiden's gun, "More importantly, if there's so little metal left around here what little we're carrying is probably standing out like a beacon."
[01:04] <@Bright> "Nope." Bright pushes a button, and the elevator begins to rise.
[01:05] <Sorts> "That's a relief then. So how many people are left?"
[01:05] <Doctor_Light> "Combined?" She hasn't read all of them, though.
[01:05] * Heiden is looking at the revolver like it's a scorpion grafted to his hand.
[01:07] <@Bright> "Including you three?"
[01:07] <Sorts> "It's THAT bad?"
[01:07] * Heiden nods. "Suppose so… we could be here for the long haul."
[01:08] <@Bright> The doors slide open, revealing a small room, filled with what appear to be scuba suits. "A hundred and twelve."
[01:08] <Heiden> "Site personnel? That's a bit small, but not too terrible. How many sites are left?"
[01:08] <Doctor_Light> "I wouldn't include us, but- Alpha and Omega." This is Sophia's trademark fake curseword.
[01:08] <@Bright> [882, thats the machine god!]
[01:09] * Sorts kind of likes Light's oath of choice but he hopes nothing else provokes it.
[01:09] * @Bright glances at Heiden. "Counting this one? Two." He begins getting into the scuba suit. "You guys should get dressed. And make sure the helmet seals on tight.
[01:10] <Sorts> "Heh, I just realized, Doctor Light. Alpha and Omega? That's where we're going to and from."
[01:10] * Sorts gratefully clambers into a suit, glad to have some actual clothes on now.
[01:10] * Heiden turns a little pale as his stomach sinks. "Oh." That's all he manages to get out.
[01:10] <Doctor_Light> "What? Maybe, I think it's just an meaning for god."
[01:10] * Heiden begins pulling one of the scuba suits.
[01:10] * Doctor_Light looks at the others, and then starts pulling on a suit.
[01:11] <Sorts> "Yeah. Beginnings and endings. This is where we end up. I hope Alpha site is a little more cheery."
[01:11] * Doctor_Light looks at Bright. "Do you have any idea how we got here?" She says as she fits it on.
[01:11] <@Bright> 'Check your buddies." As he snaps on the helmet. "A bad seal will mean instant death." He looks at Light. "What were you recently involved in?"
[01:12] <Doctor_Light> "Nothing temporal. I fought zombies and watched a movie, nothing fancy."
[01:13] * Sorts looks over Heiden's suit, "That's right, we were watching Indiana Jones with Dmitri. Last thing I remember is that someone turned on Repo and I went to bed."
[01:13] * Heiden finishes putting on his suit and begins checking the other suits.
[01:13] <Doctor_Light> "Same here."
[01:13] <Heiden> "Drank, smoked, and watched a movie. It was relaxing after that 008-7 outbreak."
[01:13] * Doctor_Light is extremely well-practiced with biohazard suitsm hers is immaculate.
[01:13] <Doctor_Light> [*suits]
[01:13] <Sorts> "Yeah, you and me left at the same time. I hope I didn't stumble on you or anything, Doctor Light, I was pretty smashed up from that apple drink."
[01:14] <Heiden> "Yeah, that stuff was rough."
[01:14] * @Bright frowns, thinking. And as they snap on the helmet, a line of text crawls across the bottom fo the helmet, basic readings, tempature outside, etc… and there is a blip, and a line of text says 'HEY U GUIZ< WELCUMBACK!' and then it goes back to the normal stuff.
[01:14] <Doctor_Light> "I only had a sip and then spat it out. Wierd stuff. But anyways."
[01:14] * @Bright winces. "Mostly Apples. It's likely from that."
[01:15] <Sorts> "Who's the script kidding talking on the helmet display?"
[01:15] * Heiden looks at Dr. Bright. "…from that? You /gave/ that to us, Dr. Bright."
[01:15] <Sorts> [script kiddie*]
[01:15] * Doctor_Light pauses. "Your 132% proof beer causes occasional time travel."
[01:15] <@Bright> 'It never did that before."
[01:15] <Sorts> "More over you drank that stuff yourself, why aren't you here in your ape body too?"
[01:15] <@Bright> "Also, it's the fanfiction plague. It helps us out."
[01:16] <Doctor_Light> "…The fanfiction plague… Helps you… out."
[01:16] <Sorts> "It's sentient??"
[01:16] * @Bright gestures to the back of the room. "Just stand over there, please."
[01:16] <@Bright> "Semi-sentient."
[01:16] * Sorts moves as instructed.
[01:16] * Doctor_Light shrugs, and seals up her suit the rest of the way. This is the foundation. She'll manage.
[01:16] * Doctor_Light follows the instructions.
[01:17] * Heiden seems relatively unconcerned by the fanfiction plague. Of all the surreal things that have happened today, this rates maybe a 2. Dr. Heiden stands where he's directed.
[01:17] * @Bright follows them, presses something on the suit, and the light changes.
[01:18] <@Bright> Everyone feels, lighter, less held down by gravity. The light is extremely bright, but ti seems the helmets filter most of it out. The surroundings are gray, and… y'know what? These scientists are smart. They're standing on the moon, over looking Site Alpha.
[01:18] <Doctor_Light> "Fffffffuuu-"
[01:19] * Sorts has never been to the moonbase before, but he has been in space. The first thing he looks to is where Earth should be…
[01:19] * Heiden blanches as he realizes where he is.
[01:19] * Doctor_Light is fairly impressed by this point.
[01:20] <@Bright> The moon base has been reworked in plastics, but it still looks good. The scary part is when you look up, and see the Earth, covered in a sheen of metal. You can almost see the gears moving from here… holy shit, it looks like a giant fucking eye.
[01:20] <Doctor_Light> "!!!"
[01:20] <Sorts> "Oh god, we lost."
[01:20] <Doctor_Light> "Alpha and Omega! That's my planet!"
[01:20] <@Bright> "Not yet. Not while we still live."
[01:20] <Heiden> "…they don't call it XK-class for nothing."
[01:20] <Sorts> "Are… are there even enough of us left to repopulate?"
[01:21] <Doctor_Light> "You need at least 400 for a stable breeding population," Sophia mumbles.
[01:21] <@Bright> "A hundred and twelve. Plus a lot of cloning resources."
[01:22] <Heiden> "Stable natural breeding population, Sophia… they'll have to induce mutations and harvest what works, but it's doable with sufficiently advanced technology."
[01:22] * Heiden looks at the base. "…I hope."
[01:22] <Doctor_Light> "I suppose." She turns to Bright. Several questions come to mind, but she asks the most sciency one she can think of most (naturally).
[01:23] * Sorts (ten.xoc.hp.hp.46757D3B-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.xoc.hp.hp.46757D3B-CRInys|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[01:23] <Doctor_Light> "How are you growing a grassy meadow and trees on the moon?"
[01:23] * @Bright turns towards the base… and the rest of you wake up, back where you fell asleep. There is no evidence that any of this actually happened, as you are all back in the clothes you wore when you fell asleep.

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