Strelnikov-Yoric Tension

I edited out most of the OOC but left in whatever was relevant and/or funny. -Waxx

06[23:26] * pooryoric wanders into the breakroom, looking for strelnikov.
[23:26] <Gerald> "…"
06[23:26] * Agent_Strelnikov lights a cigarette as Yoric enters
[23:26] <Gerald> "Dmitri?"
[23:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
06[23:26] * Gerald hands Dmitri three tens dollar bills.
[23:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
[23:26] <pooryoric> "ah, here you are, red. you ready?"
[23:26] <Gerald> "Like baby."
06[23:26] * Agent_Strelnikov sticks the cigarette in his mouth
[23:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Like baby."
06[23:27] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at Yoric
[23:27] <DrMann> "Oh, hello, Agent Yoric. How are you doing today?"
06[23:27] * Gerald backs away slowly.
[23:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "My name is Strelnikov."
[23:27] <pooryoric> "ah, yes. yes it is."
06[23:28] * Agent_Strelnikov narrows his eyes
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What are you want."
06[23:28] * Gerald sits down, bag of popcorn in hand.
[23:28] <pooryoric> "you were going to teach me. i assume this is the first part?"
06[23:28] * Agent_Strelnikov narrows his eyes
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is much I have for teach you, yes."
06[23:29] * Agent_Strelnikov jabs a finger at Yoric
[23:29] <pooryoric> "good. i need to learn."
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are try for make use of me to get closer to the Break!"
[23:29] <pooryoric> "no, actually."
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Are you certain of this?"
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am supposed to crush your skull like baby."
[23:29] <pooryoric> "fairly certain, yes."
[23:30] <DrMann> "Now, I'm sure that Agent Yoric wouldn't…"
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Because you have betray me."
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LIKE BABY."
[23:30] <DrMann> "Well, I mean, he's certainly not so low as…"
06[23:30] * Agent_Strelnikov clenches his fists
[23:30] <DrMann> "Well, surely he wouldn't be foolish enough to…"
[23:30] <DrMann> "…"
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Baby. Like baby."
[23:30] <DrMann> "You didn't, did you, Agent Yoric?"
[23:30] <pooryoric> "ah, i was hoping you'd teach me to crush OTHER people's skulls."
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm."
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You have not been betray me?"

[23:31] <pooryoric> "not that i know of, no."
06[23:31] * Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek
06[23:31] * Gerald leans over to Paul. "There are cameras in the breakroom, right?"
[23:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Perhaps I am misled?"
[23:31] <pooryoric> "so it would seem."
06[23:31] * Agent_Strelnikov pockets the thirty dollars.
[23:32] <pooryoric> "why is gerald paying you off?"
[23:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Pay me off?"
[23:32] <Gerald> "No reason."
[23:32] <DrMann> "It had something to do with babies."
[23:32] <Gerald> "Just some money I owed him."
[23:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am supposed to crush you like skull of the baby."
[23:32] <DrMann> "I used to have a fellow who would provide me with the freshest babies from the morgue."
[23:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "How am I to do this now?"
[23:32] <DrMann> "Well, first you would have to fracture it."
[23:32] <pooryoric> "yeh, i caught that part. what i'm wondering is why gerald wants my skull crushed."
[23:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. It is I who want the skull to be crush."
[23:33] <DrMann> "Then you would crush his skull with firm pressure."
[23:33] <pooryoric> "you do?"
06[23:33] * Agent_Strelnikov shrug
[23:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think so."
[23:33] <Gerald> "No, I just said I'd pay him to see something like him crushing your skull."
[23:33] <pooryoric> "ah, why?"
[23:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Are you sure you are not use me for teach you to betray me later?"
[23:34] <DrMann> "But you have to make sure the fractures are along the cranial fissures, to have it accurately represent the crushing of an infant's skull."
[23:34] <pooryoric> "how exactly do you think i was going to betray you?"
[23:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Why are you have me teach you what I am knowing if it is not for you to use against me?"
[23:34] <pooryoric> "yesterday, i remembered why i was here."
[23:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "For betray me?"
06[23:35] * Agent_Strelnikov is quite confused now.
[23:35] <DrMann> "I'm sure he wouldn't betray you, friend Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich. If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have offered to erase memories for him."
[23:35] <pooryoric> "ah, no."
[23:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
06[23:35] * Agent_Strelnikov eyes yoric
06[23:35] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs heartily. "I kiss you!"
[23:35] <pooryoric> "i'm not sure how i COULD betray you by learning to fight."
06[23:35] * Agent_Strelnikov hugs Yoric and kisses both cheeks
[23:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am happy we are not have to do that."
06[23:36] * pooryoric hugs back.
06[23:36] * Agent_Strelnikov holds on to Yoric.
[23:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But if you are betray me.
[23:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Your skull, like baby."
06[23:36] * Agent_Strelnikov lets go of Yoric and gets some coffee.
[23:36] <DrMann> "I suppose I could make a diagram, depending on how accurate you want the skull-crushing."
[23:36] <pooryoric> "gotcha. gerald, please explain to me what's going on?"
06[23:36] * Break yawns and walks into the breakroom. The usual bottle of scotch is noticeably absent.
[23:36] <Gerald> "You can keep the thirty dollars if you want to, Dmitri."
[23:36] <Gerald> "Hello, Break."
[23:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh. No. This would b-…"
[23:37] <pooryoric> "oh, hi break."
06[23:37] * Break gives a half-hearted wave.
06[23:37] * Agent_Strelnikov turns and waves at Break, putting on a happy smile."
06[23:37] * Agent_Strelnikov just gives Gerald his 30 dollars back.
[23:37] <DrMann> "Oh, hello, Break. Tell me, how would you crush someone's skull like a baby's? For argument's sake."
[23:37] <pooryoric> "seriously, gerald. what's going on?"
06[23:37] * Gerald pockets it. "If you insist."
[23:38] <DrMann> "I would argue that to accurately represent the crushing of an infant's skull, you would have to reopen the cranial fissures."
06[23:38] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Mann angrily.
06[23:38] * pooryoric is visibly confused.
[23:38] <Break> "Why the hell would I want to do that?"
[23:38] <DrMann> "For science."
06[23:38] * Break sighs, and decides to humor Mann.
[23:38] <Break> "There's a hammer under my desk that I'd probably use."
[23:39] <DrMann> "Hmm. A direct approach."
[23:39] <DrMann> "Though, I suppose first, one would have to find out exactly how an infant's skull is crushed."
[23:40] <DrMann> "I believe that was discussed in one of my trade journals."
06[23:40] * Agent_Strelnikov interrupts Mann
[23:40] <DrMann> "I'll have to hunt down the issue."
[23:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tovarish Mann! How is you today."
[23:40] <DrMann> "Oh, I'm well. I've been teaching the crabs tricks!"
[23:41] <Gerald> "You have journal about crushing baby skulls?"
[23:41] <pooryoric> "gerald? ANSWER. NOW."
[23:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "NO MORE."
[23:41] <DrMann> "You'd be amazed at how often it happens."
06[23:41] * Agent_Strelnikov waves his hands about
[23:41] <Gerald> "Okay, okay."
[23:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is not of proper for discuss in presence of the lady."
[23:41] <DrMann> "Oh, very well."
06[23:41] * DrMann looks at Break in surprise.
[23:42] <DrMann> "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know you were of a delicate disposition."
06[23:42] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs in relief
[23:42] <Break> "I'd rather be practical."
[23:42] <Break> "Though fuck if I know why smashing in a baby's head would be practical."
[23:43] <pooryoric> "last chance abortion?"
[23:43] <Break> "-Really- last."
[23:43] <Break> "Whatever that means."
[23:43] <Gerald> "I see it! Quick, get me the hammer!"
06[23:43] * Break opens up the fridge. There is an odd bottle inside.
06[23:43] * Gerald chuckles.
[23:43] <pooryoric> "you told me it'd be a boy!"
[23:44] <Break> "….is that a marble?"
[23:44] <Gerald> "Hm?"
[23:44] <pooryoric> "marble? hey, hey, MY ramune."
06[23:44] * Break looks at the label. Indeed, it's Ramune.
[23:45] <Break> "How the hell are you supposed to drink this?"
06[23:45] * pooryoric glances at break, then at the fridge, then at strelnikov.
[23:45] <pooryoric> "just pop down the marble. here, i'll help."
06[23:45] * Agent_Strelnikov is puffing on his cigarette.
06[23:45] * pooryoric takes the bottle and turns tu break.
[23:45] <pooryoric> *to
[23:46] <pooryoric> "here, watch. hold it like this, then press hard here."
06[23:46] * Agent_Strelnikov eyes Yoric.
06[23:46] * pooryoric hands the bottle to break. "try it."
[23:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
06[23:46] * Break repeats the procedure.
06[23:46] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters to himself. "Baby."
[23:46] <Break> "Huh."
[23:47] <Break> "….and you're supposed to be able to drink this without the marble getting in the way?"
[23:47] <pooryoric> "yup. it's good."
06[23:47] * Agent_Strelnikov chews his cigarette.
[23:47] <Paul_D> [I'm just picturing this with Dmitri STARING at them, slowly growing darker and darker looking.]
[23:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> [precisely.]
[23:48] <DrMann> "We received a couple of new D-Class personnel to continue testing of 679.
06[23:48] * Agent_Strelnikov bites the end of his cigarette off by accident.
[23:48] <DrMann> "I can't wait to get a better grasp on its method of infection."

06[23:49] * Break attempts to drink from the bottle.
[23:50] <Break> "Awkward stuff for average soda."
06[23:50] * Agent_Strelnikov narrows his eyes.
[23:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Babies."
06[23:50] * Break hands the bottle back.
06[23:50] * pooryoric takes a sip.
[23:50] <DrMann> "Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich, could I speak with you for a moment?"
[23:50] <pooryoric> "i dunno about average."
06[23:50] * Agent_Strelnikov swallows the end of his cigarette.
[23:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. Let us speak."
[23:50] <pooryoric> "rather, i know NOTHING about average."
06[23:51] * DrMann speaks quietly.
[23:51] <DrMann> "My friend, there is but one sure way to a woman's heart."
[23:51] <pooryoric> "so, break, you like?"
[23:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "How is this?"
[23:51] <DrMann> "And that is through the art of dance."
[23:52] <Gerald> "Oh, god, I know-what?"
[23:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "We are in agreement."
[23:52] <Break> "Eh."
[23:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have seen much of Michael Jackson. He is very good dance."
[23:52] <DrMann> "Unless you're trying for the literal heart, in which case it's… Well, that's neither here nor there."
[23:52] <pooryoric> "eh?"
[23:52] <Break> "It's alright. Nothing more."
[23:52] <DrMann> "I have an invention that will give you the greatest dance moves in the history of the West, up to the year 1978."
[23:52] <Gerald> "Why 1978?"
[23:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No."
06[23:53] * pooryoric grins and fakes a russian accent. "is, how you say, alright? woman of caliber such as yours deserves better."
[23:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have none of this device. No."
06[23:53] * Agent_Strelnikov overhears and clenches his fists.
06[23:53] * Gerald steps back.
[23:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tell me more of this device immediately."
[23:53] <DrMann> "Because there was only so much memory. Also, initial experiments with breakdancing resulted in severe injuries."
[23:53] <DrMann> "Ah, I knew you'd see it my way. I call them the Electronic Pants of Cybernetic Funk."
06[23:54] * Break is clearly not amused.
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ok nevermind."
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am not much of the funk man."
[23:54] <Break> [No. We are NOT turning Dmitri into MC Hammer.]
06[23:54] * Agent_Strelnikov pats Mann's shoulder.
[23:54] <Gerald> "O….kay."
[23:54] <Break> [Even the Foundation has limits.]
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You have try very hard, but no."
[23:54] <DrMann> "But the greatest dancers were in the seventies. Why, have you ever heard of John Travolta?"
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think you are misunderstand what I am try for do here."
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is not science, my friend. It is the madness."
06[23:55] * Agent_Strelnikov shakes his head sadly
[23:55] <Gerald> "I still can't dance."
[23:55] <pooryoric> "anyway, what would you prefer, break?"
[23:55] <DrMann> "Well, all right. But if you ever want to try the pants out…"
[23:55] <Break> "Honestly?"
[23:55] <DrMann> "Would you care to try them out, Dr. Gerald?"
[23:55] <Break> "Something hard."
[23:55] <pooryoric> "yeh, honestly."
[23:55] <Gerald> "….no."
[23:55] <Gerald> "No thanks."
06[23:56] * Agent_Strelnikov pats Mann's shoulder again
[23:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is much for appreciate, friend."
[23:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not forget what you have offered."
[23:56] <pooryoric> "huh. well, i have a bottle of scotch in my locker."
[23:56] <Break> "Eh, I'll just request more."
[23:56] <DrMann> [I imagine the Electronic Pants of Cybernetic Funk an early prototype for what Dr. Mann hopes to one day be an entire Suit of Cybernetic Funk.]
[23:56] <pooryoric> "you sure? it's just over there. wait here."
[23:56] <DrMann> "Anything for a friend."
06[23:57] * pooryoric goes to fetch said scotch.
06[23:57] * pooryoric returns, and walks past strelnikov, grinning, to hand break the bottle.
06[23:57] * Agent_Strelnikov clenches his fists even more.
06[23:58] * Agent_Strelnikov 's fists are completely white.
[23:58] <pooryoric> "oh, hang on. red, you still wanna teach me to fight later?"
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "BABY."
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Er."
[23:58] <pooryoric> "huh?"
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is nothing. Was mistake."
[23:58] <Break> "I said I'll just request more."
[23:58] * Agent_Strelnikov unclenches his fists enough to fetch and light a fresh cigarette
[00:00] <pooryoric> "yeeeeaaah… see, the thing is, i bought this specifically to give you yesterday. i forgot, in the chaos. i don't drink, so i may as well go ahead and give it to you."
06[00:00] * Break eyes the bottle warily.
06[00:00] * Agent_Strelnikov 's hand shakes as he puts the cigarette in his mouth.
[00:01] <pooryoric> "otherwise, i'll just throw it away."
[00:01] <Break> "Fine, fine."
[00:01] <Break> "I guess it'd go to waste otherwise."
[00:01] <DrMann> "Perhaps she would appreciate a folk song."
06[00:01] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is too early for the Sarin aids."
06[00:02] * pooryoric grins, looking more pleased with himself than usual. "i hope you like it. i don't know aything about scotch, so i just bought the most expensive one."
06[00:02] * Break looks at the bottle doubtfully. "Sure."
06[00:04] * Agent_Strelnikov goes to grab his cigarette and breaks it in half.
[00:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Fff-…son of the bitches."
06[00:04] * pooryoric looks up at the growling russian. "you okay, red?"
[00:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am smoking the chain."
06[00:05] * Agent_Strelnikov raises his voice abruptly
[00:05] <Break> "That's not good for you."
[00:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "BY ALL MEANS CONTINUE."
[00:05] <pooryoric> "doing what?"
[00:05] <Break> "Not good for me, either."
06[00:05] * Agent_Strelnikov stubs the lit end of the cigarette out on the scar tissue in his hand."
[00:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I give the apologies."
[00:05] <pooryoric> "you don't like smoke either, break?"
[00:06] <Break> "Asthmatic."
[00:06] <Gerald> "Huh."
[00:06] <pooryoric> "ah. i see… that's surprising."
[00:06] <DrMann> "I could show you what those cigarettes do to your lungs. It's a filthy habit."
[00:06] <Gerald> "Learn something new about someone every day."
[00:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Do you think I should try the cigarette that is have the filter on end?"
[00:07] <pooryoric> "i didn't know there were chinks in your armor, break. it's kinda cute."
[00:07] <DrMann> "Those aren't much better."
[00:07] <pooryoric> [cue russian scream of rage.]
06[00:07] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[00:07] <Break> "Har, har."
[00:07] <pooryoric> [okay, or not.]
[00:07] <pooryoric> "not a joke. man, do i really come across as that much of a dick?"
06[00:08] * Agent_Strelnikov hangs his head dejectedly.
06[00:08] * DrMann whispers.
[00:08] <DrMann> "Don't worry. Lose the battle, but win the war!"
[00:09] <Gerald> "Eh, it's alright, Dmitri. You'll be fine, you're much better qualified than Yoric."
[00:09] <pooryoric> "gerald, i don't even know what you're talking about, but you lie."
[00:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I think it is the curse of Russia."
[00:09] <Gerald> "Curse of Russia?"
[00:09] <pooryoric> "also, you whisper VERY loudly."
[00:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "We are the eternal unhappy."
[00:09] <Gerald> "Oh."
[00:10] <DrMann> "There's no such thing as… Well, all right, obviously there are curses. But I don't believe you're under a curse. We have tests for that sort of thing, I think. They do them during your annual physical."
06[00:10] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs again, " I think it is for best if I go."
06[00:10] * pooryoric wanders over to where strelnikov and the others are standing. "now gerald. i'm beginning to strongly mistrust you. what are you bringing my name up for?"
[00:10] <Gerald> "Nah, you're fine. Stay."
[00:11] <pooryoric> "seriously."
06[00:12] * Break sighs, and decides to enjoy the alone time for a bit.
[00:12] <DrMann> [I like the idea of the curse portion of your physical coming up, and the doctor pulling out some runed stones from a drawer in the examination room.]
06[00:13] * Agent_Strelnikov chooses to ignore yoric and eyes Break from across the room.
06[00:13] * pooryoric looks at strelnikov, grinningly clueless. "red, i knoow YOU won't lie to me. what's gerald up to?"
06[00:14] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at yoric with his eyes, not turning his head
[00:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is nothing for make the concern of yourself."
[00:14] <pooryoric> "well that was hostile. what bit YOU, dude?"
[00:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…A baby."
[00:15] <Gerald> "Heheh."
06[00:15] * pooryoric is nonplussed. "a what?"
[00:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
[00:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "A baby."
[00:15] <Paul_D> [Babies have sharp little teeth, man.]
[00:15] <pooryoric> [damn straight.]
[00:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [little bastards]
[00:16] <pooryoric> "what are you implying?"
06[00:16] * Agent_Strelnikov throws his hands in the air
[00:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I HAVE BEEN BITTEN BY THE INFANT."
06[00:16] * Gerald barely contains his laughter.
[00:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WHAT ARE YOU WANT TO KNOW?"
06[00:16] * Agent_Strelnikov throws his empty coffee cup on the floor in a very non-threatening manner.
[00:17] <Paul_D> [BWAAAHAHAHA]
[00:17] <DrMann> "I think he means that you're the infant."
06[00:17] * Agent_Strelnikov steps on the styrofoam cup with a jackboot.
[00:17] <Break> "….oh, goddammit."
[00:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "THIS CUP IS YOUR SKULL."
[00:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LIKE SKULL OF INFANT."
[00:17] <Gerald> "Problem, Break?"
[00:17] <pooryoric> "wait, what?"
06[00:17] * Break instinctively reaches for her holster, but pats nothing but her hip.
[00:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "YOUR DEATH IS MY PLEASURE."
[00:17] <Break> "Yeah."
[00:18] <Heiden> [awe. utter awe.]
06[00:18] * Gerald slowly backs away from Dmitri.
06[00:18] * Agent_Strelnikov adjusts his uniform and stalks out of the breakroom
[00:18] <Break> "Let's try the fact that I don—oh, jeez."
[00:18] <pooryoric> "did… did he…"
06[00:18] * Agent_Strelnikov is heard cursing in the halls.
[00:18] <Gerald> "Okay….that was a bit scary there."
[00:18] <Break> "Strelnikov!"
[00:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "SON OF THE BITCH."
[00:18] <Break> "Strel!"
06[00:18] * Break walks off after him.
[00:18] <pooryoric> "did he just threaten my life and WALK AWAY?"
[00:18] <DrMann> "I think he's upset."
06[00:18] * pooryoric is in shock.
[00:18] <Gerald> "Yep."
[00:18] <pooryoric> "that's never happened before."
[00:18] <DrMann> "It does appear that way."
[00:19] <DrMann> "Though, you'll be happy to know that many infants survive having their skulls crushed."
[00:19] <DrMann> "I, ah, don't think you'll be as fortunate, however. Adult skulls aren't nearly as resilient."
06[00:19] * Agent_Strelnikov stops in the halls and tries to cool down.
[00:19] <pooryoric> "what did i even DO?"
06[00:19] * Break catches up to Dmitri.
06[00:19] * Gerald stares at Yoric.
[00:19] <Break> "Hey. Big guy."
[00:20] <Break> "You alright?"
[00:20] <DrMann> "He's rather sweet on Break."
06[00:20] * Agent_Strelnikov turns to Break and immediately regrets the past ten minutes.
[00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh…..Hyel-lo."
[00:20] <DrMann> "I think he sees you as some sort of rival for her affections."
[00:20] <Break> "Cool down a bit."
06[00:20] * Agent_Strelnikov nods
[00:20] <pooryoric> "why? she said no. now i'm just being nice."
[00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am very much sorries."
[00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have act like Khrushchev. Is not good."
[00:20] <Gerald> "Yeah…still."
06[00:20] * Break thinks for a bit, then opens up the bottle of scotch.
[00:20] <DrMann> "I don't think Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich sees it quite like that."
[00:21] <pooryoric> "yeh, i noticed."
06[00:21] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to articulate something but just ends up moving his hands around awkwardly
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Eh…Look,…uh…"
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ehhhh."
[00:22] <pooryoric> "seriously, gerald. what are you not telling me?"
06[00:22] * Agent_Strelnikov throws his hands down in resignation
06[00:22] * Gerald fills a cup with some coffee.
[00:22] <Gerald> "What'd you mean?"
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am sorry. I have been stricken by the jealousy."
06[00:23] * Break grabs a couple of paper cups from the nearby water cooler, and pours out two cups of scotch.
06[00:23] * Break then hands one to Strel.
[00:23] <pooryoric> "he was set to jump me when i walked in. i suspect your involvement.
[00:23] <pooryoric> "
06[00:23] * Agent_Strelnikov takes it and nods in gratitude.
[00:23] <pooryoric> "do i owe you or something?"
[00:23] <Gerald> "Dmitri has a thing for Break. He knows you've been hitting on her, and doesn't like that."
06[00:24] * Break raises her cup slightly as if to toast, then downs it.
[00:24] <pooryoric> "ah. i see… so where does that leave me?"
06[00:24] * Agent_Strelnikov does likewise, flushing red in completely embarrassment.
[00:24] <Break> "Alright."
[00:25] <Break> "THat should do."
[00:25] <Break> "Feeling better?"
06[00:25] * Agent_Strelnikov nods
[00:25] <Gerald> "That depends. You gonna keep hitting on her?"
[00:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…I hope you are not think of me as the fool now."
[00:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Despite what I have done."
[00:25] <DrMann> "Like baby, I think."
[00:25] <pooryoric> "i'm not hitting on her."
[00:25] <DrMann> "Unless he calms down."
[00:25] <Break> "Hey, it happens."
[00:25] <Gerald> "It certainly looks that way."
[00:25] <Break> "I get pissed all the time."
[00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Really?"
[00:26] <Break> "Iceberg certainly ticks me off like that all the time."
[00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are seem like very calm person, yes?"
[00:26] <Gerald> "Besides, he knows you're not the most trustworthy person out there."
06[00:26] * Break bursts into laughter.
[00:26] <DrMann> "I'd avoid Break while he's around."
[00:26] <DrMann> "Have you read the old Archie comics?"
[00:26] <Break> "…, uh….whoo….calm."
[00:26] <Break> "Sure."
[00:26] <Break> "We'll go with that."
06[00:26] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs
[00:26] <pooryoric> "archie?"
[00:27] <DrMann> "Yes. Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Reggie?"
[00:27] <Break> "Let's go back. I'll try to lighten the mood or something."
[00:27] <DrMann> "They're a very normal comic book series from America."
[00:27] <pooryoric> "fraid not. enlighten me."
06[00:27] * Agent_Strelnikov offers a weak smile and falls in behind Break
06[00:27] * Break walks back into the breakroom.
[00:27] <DrMann> "Ah. Well, there is a character in the comic named Moose. Moose is a very large fellow with a girlfriend named Midge. Anytime another character hangs around Midge, he becomes very angry. Especially the character Reggie, because he does not trust Reggie."
06[00:27] * Agent_Strelnikov is in tow!
[00:28] <DrMann> "In this situation, I believe you are Reggie. And is Moose and Midge now."
[00:28] <Gerald> "Ah. Hello Break, Dmitri."
[00:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Hyel-lo."
[00:28] <pooryoric> "right, right… mann, are you attempting a metaphor?"
06[00:28] * Break half-heartedly salutes Gerald.
06[00:28] * Gerald hugs Dmitri.
06[00:28] * Agent_Strelnikov hugs Gerald
06[00:28] * Agent_Strelnikov decides to forego the kisses
[00:28] <DrMann> "Yes! Thank you! You can tell because I did not say 'like' or 'as.'"
[00:28] <pooryoric> [haha "They're a very normal comic book series from America."]
[00:28] <A_Fat_Ghost> [was that seriously an archie analogy.]
06[00:28] * Agent_Strelnikov clears his throat
[00:29] <pooryoric> [yeh, really.]
[00:29] <Gerald> [Yep.]
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i think it honest to god was]
[00:29] <Break> [Yes. I am going to have to punish Mann for this later.]
[00:29] <Heiden> [this is gold. GOLD.]
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> [I AM HONOR TO BE PART OF THIS GRAND SCHEME]
[00:29] <DrMann> [Hey, Jughead is the man.]
[00:29] <Heiden> [you can't pay for this kind of entertainment, ladies and gentlemen]
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…eh…fff-…son of the-….Oh hell."
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am make the apologies for my behavior."
[00:29] <pooryoric> [i've honestly never read archie… who's jughead?]
[00:29] <Gerald> "Eh, happens to all of us at one point or another."
[00:30] <A_Fat_Ghost> [lazy asshole who eats a lot of burgers]
[00:30] <DrMann> [Look him up on Wikipedia.]
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ this guy. ]
[00:30] <DrMann> [He's Forscythe P. Jones.]
[00:30] <A_Fat_Ghost> [+1 points, strelnikov]
06[00:30] * pooryoric still looks annoyed from his discussion with gerald. "apology accepted, i suppose."
06[00:30] * Agent_Strelnikov offers his hand to yoric.
06[00:31] * pooryoric shakes the hand. "hey, talk to me outside for a sec.
[00:31] <pooryoric> "
06[00:31] * Agent_Strelnikov pulls yoric in for a bear hug
06[00:31] * pooryoric heads for the hall, motioning strelnikov to follow.
06[00:31] * Agent_Strelnikov forgoes the bear hug and goes to the hall instead!
06[00:34] * pooryoric apologizes to strelnikov in terms i don't feel like actually coming up with, but which leave strelnikov oddly unsatisfied, though, not enough for action. then the two walk back into the breakroom.
[00:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> [was everyone in this channel just watching this]
[00:35] <DrMann> [I think so.]
[00:35] <pooryoric> [apparently, a LOT of people want my ass kicked. i'm gonna just be glad they noticed me :p]
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> […i am honored to have helped provide this spectator sport]
[00:35] <DrMann> [You've helped drive this channel's popcorn revenues.]

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