*DrSorts knocks on the door, even if it's open.

There is no sound from inside the office.

DrSorts> "Sir? Or Ma'am?" Sorts peeks inside, not sure what Dr Bright will appear as today.

*Bright is laid back in his chair, his head tilted to one side, eyes glazed. On the desk in front of him is a golden amulet, with a ruby in the center. There is a note to 'Sorts' on top of the amulet.

*DrSorts steps into the office to read the note, but he doesn't touch anything. He's half expecting to get jumped at in a moment.

The note reads "Please pick up SCP-963"

*DrSorts sighs heavily, "Sir, if I touch 963 it will zap my mind and I don't care to experiment with whether or not it will work…"

Considering Bright does not appear to be touching 963, that means his consciousness is not in the body, but in the amulet.

*DrSorts hears no response and grits his teeth. He reaches for the amulet and touches it with his fingertips.

*Bright lifts his head, smiling. "Pretty damn brave of you Sorts. Have a seat."

DrSorts> "T-thank you sir. But it wasn't really. I just figured if you were going to steal my body, I'd not have much to do about it either way. It was acceptance…" Sorts sits down, shivering.

Bright> "How long have you been working with us Sorts?" Checking his notes.

DrSorts> "Uhm. Only a few months, actually."

Bright> "What have you been doing with us?"

DrSorts> "Well, after I was… after I joined up I was shipped off to Alaska, where I ended up running the research on SCP-804. I got busted down back here for unsatisfactory work. My specialty is memetics."

Bright> "What are you working on now?"

DrSorts> "Mostly I've been exploring an alternate dimension with Dr. Kondraki, otherwise I've been doing reports on some of the mental-based SCPs here at Site19. I've also done a little bit of fieldwork."

Bright> "How do you enjoy the fieldwork?"

DrSorts> "I don't sir. I ended up in orbit on some extra-dimensional space station on my first assignment, and I … didn't handle it very well, honestly."

Bright> "Then why keep doing it?"

DrSorts> "Because I'm scared of what will happen if we fail in our work, more than I am of doing the actual work itself. Plus I feel a certain amount of responsibility for the events that led to my employment here."

DrSorts> "Specifically, I almost screwed things up royally as a civilian and I couldn't bear to let something like that happen again."

Bright> "Tell about a time when you built rapport quickly with someone under difficult conditions. "

DrSorts> "I suppose that would be with Dr. Locke on the space station. I had been baselessly suspicious of him when we were exploring that place, but I think we got along pretty well at the end. He was locked up after we returned to Earth, but I helped to convince O5 to let him go."

Bright> "Give me an example of when you were able to meet the personal and professional (or academic) demands in your life yet still maintained a healthy balance"

DrSorts> "I don't think I ever have, sir." Sorts pauses for a long time, "No, well, right before I joined the Foundation. I was a freelance 'paranormal' investigator, but not the kind that posts faked ghost videos online. I was trying to disprove the public's perception of the paranormal, and I was very good at it. It just so happens that I was completely wrong."

Bright> "Tell about the most difficult or frustrating individual that you've ever had to work with, and how you managed to work with that person. "

*DrSorts glances at the doorway and says softly in an unhappy tone, "Dr. Kondraki shot me once. I've just… rolled with it. He hasn't shot me a second time, so I hope that means things are better. Basically, I'll do whatever he tells me to."

Bright> "Do you know who the traitor in the Foundation is?"

DrSorts> "I'm afraid I do not, sir, although I am curious as to why you allowed the people who you asked about that already mingle in the breakroom. We've been discussing it there."

*Bright grins. "All part of a higher plan. Do you have any questions for me?"

DrSorts> "I still have my recording of what happened last night. Since I believe it was a personal attack on you by SCP-293, I didn't feel it would be right to do anything with it other than what you would like…"

*Bright closes his eyes. "Give the recording to Snorlison please."

DrSorts> "Yes sir. May I go now?"

Bright> "Dismissed. I'm done for the night."

DrSorts> "Very well, good night sir. Thank you." Sorts stands up and looks awkward for a moment, before hustling out of the room

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