Sophia Olympia

Name: Olympia Zero: "Sophia"
Class: General all purpose gynoid



  • Mechanical Brutality - Sophia is always counted as being armed.
  • Well Designed - Every time Sophia would take damage, she may take it out of Hardened Chassis, rather than the skill she is currently using.
  • Production Line - Sophia cannot be permanently killed.
  • Advanced Repair - Sophia regains a +1 to all skills that are below their maximum with a full day of healing.
  • Wireless Retardant - Owing to her thick telekill infused skull, Sophia is practically invulnerable to telepathic talents, for good or for ill.


  • Off Switch - Every time Sophia is physically damaged, roll a d20. On a 1 she is instantly killed.
  • Prioritize Tasks - If determining whether Sophia accompanies Crow on a mission roll a d20. On a 5 or below she accompanies him, otherwise she is too busy.
  • Insufficient Data - Sophia is largely ignorant of human culture. She automatically fails any check relating to it.
  • Refueling - If Sophia does not eat for an entire day, she takes -1 to all skills. This continues daily until either she finds something to eat, or she dies.
  • BRZZT! - When electrocuted, Sophia becomes stunned for 1d3 turns, and then confused for at least 3d3 turns afterward.
  • External Programming - The nature of Sophia's extra-dimensional soul leaves her highly vulnerable to entities that are capable of interacting with it.
  • Customized Build - Owing to her bizarre biology, any attempts to heal Olympia by someone who does not know her biology intimately will automatically take a -2. And attempts that lose by 5 or more deal an extra point of damage.




Having fully come into existence only recently, Sophia was “born” on December 24th of the past year. As a security precaution, she was quarantined and observed for some time afterward, eventually gaining the right to grace the Foundation’s staff list as the primary assistant to her creator and “father” Prof. K.P. Crow.

After a temporal accident involving said father figure, resulting in his quarantine for several months, the burden of Administration of Bio-Research Area-12 was thrust upon her, a task which she accepted gracefully.

Sophia excelled at the position, ensuring that the facility operated at peak efficiency, all the while trying to keep those who would undermine her “father” from informing those in control of what had occurred and preventing his possible termination, or worse.

Eventually, the quarantine period passed, and Crow was allowed back into his original position. For some time afterward, he left Sophia as Administrator while he saw to the biannual physicals of the various humanoid entities of the Foundation. Upon his return, he fully assumed his position, and gave Sophia the order to expand her knowledge of humanity, and to “take some time off.”

Since then, Sophia has been attempting to understand the human cultural experience, though is often left bewildered at the bizarrely convoluted lives and behaviors of her fathers “work friends”.

Recently, she is attempting to forge a relationship with Dr. Dumount, unaware of his utter abhorrence of what she is, believing his discomfort in her presence to be “lovesick nervousness” as affirmed (mistakenly incorrectly or purposely falsely) by Iceberg, Raelin, Light and others.

Olympia's Journal

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