Bright> "Dr. Snorlison. Welcome, please sit down."

DrSnorlison> "Hello Dr. Bright."

DrSnorlison> "I really just came to make a request of you."

Bright> "Thats fine, we can get this out of the way. are you having any problems?"

*DrSnorlison sighs, then sits down in the chair at the desk

DrSnorlison> "I wasn't aware these meetings applied to me."

*DrSnorlison considers

DrSnorlison> "Problems?"

DrSnorlison> "No, not as such, I suppose."

DrSnorlison> "I enjoy my work, and find it gratifying. It's nice to work with some of the other researchers though."
Bright> "O5 has asked me to go over interviews with everyone. Senior Staff interviews are mere formalities." He sighs. "Any researchers we need to keep an eye on, any SCPs we should get rid of, anything you'd prefer to do?"

DrSnorlison> "I think we may need to…"

DrSnorlison> "If we're going to let staff out into areas that are under slightly less Foundation control, we'll need to train our people how to respond to crises in ways that don't end with them continually shouting incriminating evidence."

DrSnorlison> "I know the Foundation keeps a pretty tight eye on what goes on around the site, but what happened last night was inexcusable."

DrSnorlison> "Especially considering the evolving nature of the threats the Foundation faces, including 263-1."
*DrSnorlison stops his rant

Bright> "Agreed."

DrSnorlison> "…I suppose that's all I really have to say regarding personnel issue…"

Bright> "And on SCPs?"

DrSnorlison> "We need to increase our research of them. And not just in the sense of acquiring information about them like we're librarians. The information we collect we need to put into action."

DrSnorlison> "I know we were partially directed by military concerns, but our changing natures, heck, human nature in general, practically demands we shift our focus from containment to usable technologies.”

Bright> "Very well then. Do you have any questions you need answered?"

DrSnorlison> "Do you know what the Overseers intend to do with my contract? I've heard… rumors."

Bright> "What rumors would these be?"

DrSnorlison> "A few… political dealings amongst the overseers. All very shadowy. I just got the feeling that my increasing interaction directly with SCPs has started to cause more attention to be paid to me."

DrSnorlison> "I prefer to stay out of the light and do my work with the least amount of attention possible."

DrSnorlison> "I was just curious if you had heard anything."

Bright> "You're Senior staff Snorlison. There aren't really that many of us, not who survive any length of time. The O5's know your name. That’s generally not a good thing."

*Bright passes a smiley face pin across the desk. "Also, this was given to me last night as my prize. It changes image from time to time, but always reverts back."

*DrSnorlison takes the pin, and starts examining it closely

DrSnorlison> "What sort of changes?"

DrSnorlison> "Do you need this back, Bright?" He holds up the pin.

*Bright shakes his head. "No, I'd rather forget last night."

*DrSnorlison nods

DrSnorlison> "Understood entirely."

*DrSnorlison stands up

Bright> "Would you please send Sorts in next? Thank you Snorli."

DrSnorlison> "Unless you have anything you'd like to speak about, Dr. Bright? All right, will do."

*DrSnorlison walks out of the room, still looking at the pin, and heads for the breakroom

*Bright sighs

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