Skali Sharpnose

Name: Professor Skali "Sharpnose"
Position: Researcher. Specialty: antiquities, man made SCPs.


Le Fight (Hand to Hand): 3
Le Shoot 2
I Learn It From a Book: 4
Sophistry: 3





  • Folding Combat Hatchet — +1 to Le Fight


  • Copious Notes — +1 to I Learn It From a Book



  • Academic: -1 to Sophistry rolls against those of little or no educational background.
  • God-Hater: Skali disdains any honest practitioner of a religion. He will not deal fairly or kindly with a devout believer.
  • Ego-Maniac: Skali often does not believe he could be wrong, will sulk when he is wrong, and is drawn to ego-stroking like a moth to flame.


Born November 23, 1959. After a cripplingly boring childhood in rural America, Skali fled to Europe and joined the French Foreign Legion. He earned the nickname "Sharpnose" both for his taste in fine wines and his ability to sense trouble. He served for three years (1977-79) including heavy combat in the Chadian-Libyan Conflict. During a covert mission in the desert, Skali experienced an event which would change the course of his life, though he would not understand at the time. After leaving the Legion, Skali returned to America and attended several universities, eventually becoming a professor of various subjects relating to Antiquity. His controversial nature and eccentric personality led him on a wandering course through academia, until he landed a position on an archaeological dig in Africa. There he revisited his experience during the war and was again exposed to supernatural phenomena. His experience led to his being contacted by the Foundation in association with SCP-███, and his eventual admission into the Foundation. He has demonstrated an open mind to the many complexities of the Foundation's business, as well as a willingness to get his hands dirty, as is often necessary.

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