Silly Hat Day, Part the Second

[00:48] * DrMann walks back downstairs, looking perfectly normal.
[00:48] <Dr_Facette> "… Me? Oh, I'm — I'm good."
[00:48] <Doctor_Light> "Yoric will be fine."
[00:48] <Paul_D> "…Uhm…okay, what the fuck happened."
[00:48] <DrMann> "All right. Time to get down to serious business."
[00:48] * Agent_Strelnikov is in a happy place on the floor.
[00:48] <Sorts> "Oh hi! You must be Paul."
[00:49] * Doctor_Light sighs. "Hammerphages."
[00:49] <Doctor_Light> "And bloodshed."
[00:49] <Dr_Magnus> "Greetings paul. Some bad shit happened, I may have unleashed a star-being of unfathomable destruction….the usual."
[00:49] * Doctor_Light sips her gin.
[00:49] <Heiden> "Okay, Adelaide, say that again, and make it convincing this time. We've got a show to put on in thirty minutes, and we can't have people who aren't putting their all into it."
[00:49] * pooryoric waves weakly at paul from the floor. "oh, hi paul."
[00:49] <DrMann> "I will not fail my friend Strelnikov Dmitri Arkadeyevich again!"
[00:49] <Paul_D> "I'm…I'm Paul, yeah…Yoric, you to? Good god, what…jesus."
[00:49] <DrMann> [Pumping my skill!]
[00:49] <Heiden> "Paul, how long have you worked here again?"
[00:49] * Paul_D crouches down near them, looking them both over. "…What."
[00:49] <Dr_Magnus> "A being with blood made of fire. And they shoot EXPLOSIVES at it."
[00:49] <DrMann> 9d6 You Will Play the Piano Again
[00:49] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, You Will Play the Piano Again: 33 [9d6=5,2,3,2,5,4,2,6,4]
[00:49] <Paul_D> "Like…a year…a lot of that was desk work…"
[00:50] <pooryoric> "i got blown up…"
[00:50] * DrMann repairs Strelnikovs body but good.
[00:50] <Gerald> "Hey, that grenade launcher was a *present*."
[00:50] <Heiden> "Okay, let me rephrase. How many containment breaches have you seen?"
[00:50] <Sorts> "Hey! I didn't shoot explosives at it. I used .22 caliber bullets!"
[00:50] <Paul_D> "And now they're trying to kill me. I don't wanna be an agent…" Paul whimpers a little, befroe shaking his head.
[00:50] * Agent_Strelnikov still holds on to the back wound as a badge of honor and for having a reason to bitch, thank you very much.
[00:50] <Dr_Facette> "…. What?"
[00:50] * Dr_Facette suddenly sits up.
[00:50] * pooryoric suddenly looks panicked.
[00:51] <Dr_Facette> "Wait, what're we doing?"
[00:51] <pooryoric> "my hat!"
[00:51] <Dr_Magnus> "Okay, sorts was fairly intelligent."
[00:51] * Agent_Strelnikov groans and sits up.
[00:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> [whoops wait]
[00:51] <DrMann> [Well, you're still weakened. But you will recover.]
[00:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Up!
[00:51] * Heiden sighs and facepalms. "Adelaide, I was just messing with you."
[00:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Up!: 1 [1d6=1]
[00:51] <Dr_Magnus> "But everyone decided explosions and fire were a good idea."
[00:51] <Paul_D> "Whoa, whoa, hey!"
[00:51] <Heiden> "No show."
[00:51] <Doctor_Light> [Ouch.]
[00:51] * Agent_Strelnikov bitches about not being able to get up.
[00:51] <Sorts> "Like hell I was, if I had two neurons to rub together I would have been in the Panic Room."
[00:51] <DrMann> "Stay down, Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich!"
[00:51] <Doctor_Light> "We were." Sophia grumbles.
[00:51] <DrMann> "Or I will sedate you again."
[00:51] * Dr_Facette breathes out, flopping back on the couch again. "Good…"
[00:51] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to slide across the floor. It places hell with his stab wound and he stops.
[00:51] <pooryoric> "damn skippy, sorts. anyone seen my hat?"
[00:51] * Paul_D shifts to put a hand on Dmitri's shoulder. "….Maybe I should call in a medical team, Mann…"
[00:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> [plays]
[00:52] <Sorts> "Sorry, Yoric."
[00:52] * DrMann whirls on Paul, saw in hand.
[00:52] <Gerald> "Goddammit, Magnus. A giant monster was attacking, we had a grenade launcher."
[00:52] <Gerald> "What did you expect us to do?"
[00:52] <Heiden> "You get a hammer, everything looks like a nail, huh?"
[00:52] <DrMann> "Do you think I'm not good enough? Do you think I can't take care of my friend? Is that what you think?"
[00:52] <pooryoric> "sorry…? it's… it's gone, isn't it?"
[00:52] <DrMann> [Er, Scalpel.]
[00:52] <DrMann> [Not saw.]
[00:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh shit mann is piss]
[00:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> [mann on a toilet. GET OUT PAUL IM PISS]
[00:52] <Sorts> "It might be, Yoric, or else it is in a better place. I don't know! What does your hat even look like?"
[00:53] <Paul_D> "Ahh!"
[00:53] * Agent_Strelnikov sees that Mann is distracted.
[00:53] <Paul_D> "I'm just saying! A stretcher! A bed!"
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try again!
[00:53] <Dr_Magnus> "Yes, a monster made of fire."
[00:53] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try again!: 2 [1d6=2]
[00:53] * Agent_Strelnikov bitches some more.
[00:53] * Paul_D whimpers.
[00:53] <pooryoric> "a black silk tophat. full of stuff…"
[00:53] <DrMann> "…That might be best."
[00:53] <Dr_Facette> [ … I'm so sorry, Strelnikov. ;_; ]
[00:53] <DrMann> "One with straps."
[00:53] <Dr_Magnus> "That's like throwing water at a…water monster. Or a fish. IT won't do anything!"
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[00:53] <Sorts> "Oh, you mean like that one by the microwave?"
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i personally find it hilarious when he cant get up]
[00:53] <Paul_D> "..That's what I think…"
[00:53] * Dr_Facette sighs. "Well."
[00:53] * Doctor_Light gestures at Yoric. "Not soon enough."
[00:53] * Doctor_Light checks her smokebomb supply. She needs to get more.
[00:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> […as do all the womenfolk :( ]
[00:54] <DrAuteu> [oh god, are we still on the hat thing?]
[00:54] <Sorts> [lol]
[00:54] <pooryoric> "you tell me. i'm on the floor unable tomove effectively."
[00:54] <Heiden> [your hat thing /caused this/]
[00:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Third time is the charm!
[00:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Third time is the charm!: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:54] <Heiden> [not really but I'm blaming you.]
[00:54] * DrMann makes a few calls.
[00:54] <Gerald> "How the fuck were we supposed to know it was made of *fire*?"
[00:54] * Agent_Strelnikov continues to bitch at Mann.
[00:54] <Dr_Facette> "Are we doing hats again, Fred?"
[00:54] <DrAuteu> […oh god that's fucking awesome]
[00:54] * Paul_D puts a hand on Dmitri's shoulder. "Dmitri! Jesus…"
[00:54] <Dr_Magnus> "Well, it was a giant ball of fire before it took form. HINT."
[00:54] * Sorts fetches Yoric's hat, and doesn't dare look inside. It's probably full of scorpions with guns.
[00:54] <DrMann> A very nervous looking man wheels a hospital bed in, then runs away.
[00:54] * Agent_Strelnikov finally concedes defeat and lays back, panting for breath.
[00:54] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 I look scary when I'm angry
[00:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, I look scary when I'm angry: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:54] <Paul_D> "Bring another one for Yoric, too…"
[00:54] <DrMann> "Why are my nurses always so nervous?'
[00:54] <DrMann> "Someone help me lift him onto the bed."
[00:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No."
[00:55] <Doctor_Light> "STRELNIKOV! STAY THE FUCK DOWN!"
[00:55] * Paul_D gets up to help him do so.
[00:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Help me stand. I get on bed myself."
[00:55] <DrAuteu> [feel free to blame me, i would be over joyed if my hat thing caused this]
[00:55] <Paul_D> "Like hell."
[00:55] <Lurker> [[ Lurker's a true american hero :> ]]
[00:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 Cursing
[00:55] * Gerald sighs.
[00:55] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Cursing: 6 [3d6=2,3,1]
[00:55] * pooryoric puts his tophat back on. it's a little rumpled, but otherwise unharmed.
[00:55] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't even bother cursing.
[00:55] <Heiden> "Adelaide, I don't know, if Yoric's hat's missin.. hot damn, there we are."
[00:55] <Sorts> [You have no luck with the swear words Waxx!]
[00:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> [dmitri is having a terrible day, he didnt even get to see break]
[00:55] <DrMann> "You can help us as much as you can, friend. But you're in no condition to stand."
[00:55] * Dr_Facette holds her arms at Heiden, then.
[00:56] * Agent_Strelnikov waits to be lifted onto the stretcher.
[00:56] <DrMann> "You'll be back on your feet much sooner if you'll just let your body heal."
[00:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fucking Chechen."
[00:56] * DrMann works on lifting Strel with his Mountain Mann strength.
[00:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I should have burn them all when I had chance."
[00:56] <DrMann> 3d6 Mountain Mann
[00:56] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Mountain Mann: 16 [3d6=5,5,6]
[00:56] * Doctor_Light sighs, seeing there's a bed there, and helps Streln up.
[00:56] <Doctor_Light> [Do I need to roll?]
[00:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fucking useless peoples."
[00:56] * Heiden picks Adelaide up and tries to put her on his shoulders. His arms are not six feet long, so doesn't actually work.
[00:56] * Paul_D goes to help Dmitri as well
[00:56] <Gerald> "You could blow them up now…."
[00:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I knows."
[00:56] <Dr_Facette> "… Okay, just crouch down, then."
[00:56] * Doctor_Light helps him onto the stretcher
[00:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where are my cigarettes Gerald?"
[00:56] <pooryoric> "heiden, why are you sticking facette's as in your face?"
[00:57] <Gerald> "Couldn't find them, sorry."
[00:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[00:57] <pooryoric> *ass
[00:57] <Sorts> "I can think of many answers to that."
[00:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Please?"
[00:57] <Dr_Magnus> "As can I. It's a very nice ass."
[00:57] <Gerald> "Really, I looked. They could've gotten burned up in the crossfire."
[00:57] <DrMann> "There are no cigarettes allowed in Medical."
[00:57] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[00:57] <Dr_Facette> "… Is he really? Huh."
[00:57] * Heiden sets Adelaide down before something untoward occurs.
[00:57] <pooryoric> "indeed, but i want to hear what he has to say."
[00:57] <Heiden> "Okay, we're gonna have to rethink that one."
[00:58] <pooryoric> "pants off, is the first step, heiden."
[00:58] * Agent_Strelnikov finally plops down onto the bed.
[00:58] <DrMann> "Strelnikov, I promise you. I promise you as your friend, and as a man. I will make sure you are back on your feet as fast as possible."
[00:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Low roll for pain!
[00:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Low roll for pain!: 6 [1d6=6]
[00:58] <Doctor_Light> [Ouch.]
[00:58] * Agent_Strelnikov settles down easily into the bed.
[00:58] <pooryoric> "didn't your dad ever… you know… teach you this stuff?"
[00:58] * Heiden sits down, back against the couch. "Yoric, I'll cut you."
[00:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ohhhh……"
[00:58] <Doctor_Light> [Oh, wait, never mind.]
[00:58] * Paul_D absently pets Dmitri's hair as he helps settle him onto the stretcher.
[00:58] * Dr_Facette sits in the lotus position on the couch. "Hmm."
[00:58] <pooryoric> "i just wanna b sure that i deserve it when it happens, heiden."
[00:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Where are Lurker?"
[00:58] <DrMann> "You'll be all right, but it will take you time to get over this. Possibly several hours."
[00:59] * DrAuteu looks at yoric and pulls out a small notebook
[00:59] * pooryoric grins.
[00:59] <Sorts> "Hey, do we have a stretcher for Yoric here?"
[00:59] <DrMann> "Lurker is with Rights."
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ohhh."
[00:59] <DrMann> "I'm afraid he was injured as well. I did my best."
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tell him he is do well."
[00:59] <pooryoric> "i'm good, sorts."
[00:59] <Heiden> "No worries there, Yoric."
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is injure?"
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where?"
[00:59] <DrAuteu> "oh… i thought you were going over procedure on that one…"
[00:59] <pooryoric> "thick carpet, you know…"
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Get up and see him!
[00:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Get up and see him!: 6 [1d6=6]
[00:59] <Sorts> "You are still laying down though, man."
[00:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh shit son OH SHIT SON]
[00:59] <DrMann> "He was burned by fire creature."
[00:59] <Sorts> [Dimitri can walk!]
[00:59] <Paul_D> "Oh no. OH NO!"
[00:59] * Agent_Strelnikov braces himself with his arms and sits up in DEFIANCE OF MANN'S WILL.
[00:59] <pooryoric> [of COURSE it works when yoric is in pain…]
[00:59] <DrMann> 7d6 Oh Hell No
[00:59] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Oh Hell No: 21 [7d6=1,2,5,3,6,2,2]
[01:00] <Heiden> [WATCH HIM GO]
[01:00] * Paul_D tries to stop Dmitri worriedly. "Stop!"
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov slips off of the stretcher.
[01:00] * Doctor_Light 's eyes pop open at Strelnikov getting up
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov cracks his neck.
[01:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ows."
[01:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where is he ats?"
[01:00] <DrMann> "It has wheels!"
[01:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCK FUCKING WHEELS GOD DAMMIT."
[01:00] <Heiden> [Strelnikov = Russian Superman]
[01:00] <DrMann> "This bed has wheels for a reason!"
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov kicks the bed.
[01:00] <pooryoric> "down here…"
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov hurts his foot but pays it no mind.
[01:00] <Paul_D> "Dmitri!"
[01:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "N-…..Yes ma'ams."
[01:00] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 Scary when I'm angry
[01:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Scary when I'm angry: 4 [1d6=4]
[01:00] <Gerald> "Er…"
[01:00] <Dr_Facette> "What are you /doing/ you're /WOUNDED/"
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[01:00] <DrMann> "I will take you there, but you must sit down, or you will be permanently injured."
[01:00] <Heiden> "Adelaide, he's not going to listen to a damn thing we say."
[01:00] <DrMann> "Do you want to be on a bed like this for the rest of your life?"
[01:00] * Sorts is silently cheering for Dmitri but doesn't dare say so.
[01:00] * Agent_Strelnikov has trouble being angry at women.
[01:00] <Heiden> "Anyone have Break's number?"
[01:01] <DrMann> "I promise you, if you do, your life will be long and uneventful."
[01:01] <pooryoric> "oh, shit. heidens face to the ass has granted facette superpowers!"
[01:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Break."
[01:01] * Gerald seems rather intimidated by Light.
[01:01] <Sorts> "No, that would be Mrs. Incredible's duty."
[01:01] * Doctor_Light attempts to force Dmitri onto the stretcher.
[01:01] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and hops onto the bed.
[01:01] <Heiden> "Dmitri, she will /kill/ you if she sees you doing something that potentially harmful."
[01:01] <DrMann> "Thank you."
[01:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….My god he is rights."
[01:01] <Dr_Magnus> "Good call Strelnikov."
[01:01] * DrAuteu pulls out a small note book
[01:01] <Lurker> [[ Oh god crisis averted. ]]
[01:01] <Heiden> [Here Heiden comes to save the day!]
[01:01] <DrAuteu> "would you like her home number? office? cell?
[01:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….No."
[01:01] <pooryoric> [do do de dooo!]
[01:02] <Heiden> "Uh, no, I'm good. Thanks though."
[01:02] <DrAuteu> next of kin?
[01:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Leave her be. She is not need for see me like this."
[01:02] <DrMann> "Next time, please trust me. I will never keep you down longer than necessary, but you must trust me. As a promise between men."
[01:02] <Gerald> "Wait, you have Break's *home* number?"
[01:02] * Paul_D breaths a slight sigh of releif. "…Jesus…"
[01:02] * Gerald looks perplexed.
[01:02] <DrAuteu> "…"
[01:02] * Doctor_Light sits down on the remains of an armchair, and leans back and views the carnage. She smiles.
[01:02] <pooryoric> "gerald, don't you?"
[01:02] <Doctor_Light> "That could have gone worse."
[01:02] <Gerald> "…."
[01:02] <DrAuteu> i… have a tendency to…retain information…what?"
[01:02] <DrAuteu> "i have you guys too"
[01:02] * Agent_Strelnikov looks around. Mann appears distracted for the time being.
[01:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try again!
[01:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try again!: 2 [1d6=2]
[01:03] * DrAuteu starts flipping through pages
[01:03] * Paul_D isn't though.
[01:03] * Agent_Strelnikov just bitches instead.
[01:03] <Paul_D> "NO."
[01:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[01:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fucking Chechens."
[01:03] * Paul_D grits his teeth. "Dmitri!"
[01:03] <DrMann> "Strelnikov, I didn't want to do this."
[01:03] <Paul_D> "What the hell, man? You're going to KILL yourself doing this."
[01:03] * Doctor_Light finds a roll of duct tape and waves it threateningly at Dmitiri
[01:03] <DrMann> "But you have left me no choice."
[01:03] <Doctor_Light> "Stay. Fucking. Put."
[01:03] <pooryoric> "so, light…"
[01:03] * Gerald sighs.
[01:03] * DrMann straps Strelnikov down.
[01:03] <DrAuteu> [holy shit are you going to put him out?]
[01:03] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs the roll of duct tape.
[01:03] * Agent_Strelnikov s-…
[01:03] * Agent_Strelnikov ….
[01:03] <DrAuteu> [oh come on, sedate the man]
[01:03] * Heiden looks up at Adelaide. "So… I thought he was gonna stay. I really did."
[01:03] * Dr_Magnus pulls out his palm pilot, and starts to work with it for a few minutes.
[01:03] * Agent_Strelnikov struggles against the straps.
[01:03] <Sorts> [They did!]
[01:03] <DrMann> "Now. We are going to go visit Lurker.
[01:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GOD DAMMIT."
[01:04] <DrAuteu> [do it do it do it]
[01:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LETS ME UP."
[01:04] <DrMann> "And you will behave."
[01:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "NOW."
[01:04] * Doctor_Light sighs and looks away. "Yeah?"
[01:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "MANN I AM ORDERS YOU."
[01:04] * Dr_Facette looks over at Heiden, snorting.
[01:04] * Agent_Strelnikov is making quite a fuss.
[01:04] <Sorts> [this IS the sedated Strel]
[01:04] <Heiden> [dammit dmitri, you make me laugh -EVERY TIME-]
[01:04] <Dr_Facette> "So much for- CAPTAIN, /PLEASE/."
[01:04] * Paul_D sighs heavily. "Dmitri, please calm down…you're acting like…like…"
[01:04] <Lurker> [[ Crisis maybe not so averted. ]]
[01:04] <Paul_D> "…A child."
[01:04] <pooryoric> "i owe you a favor."
[01:04] <DrAuteu> [mann use your wierd drugs]
[01:04] <DrMann> [Is Lurker still around?]
[01:04] <Dr_Facette> "Could you — just — calm — down!"
[01:04] <DrAuteu> [you know, the good shit]
[01:04] <Lurker> [[ Lurker is in Rights' office ]]
[01:04] * DrMann wheels Strelnikov to Rights' office.
[01:04] * Agent_Strelnikov breathes heavily in fury.
[01:04] <Lurker> [[ Rights took him there after he got injured, but seemed to be healing quite well/quickly ]]
[01:04] <Doctor_Light> "You're allowed to put it on hold for right now."
[01:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….I am need a shirt."
[01:04] <Sorts> "Hey if we're going to see Lurker I wanna come along."
[01:04] * Doctor_Light smiles.
[01:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I need either shirt or cigarette. Please to find one or both."
[01:05] <pooryoric> "nothing in mind yet?"
[01:05] <DrMann> "Sorts, get a shirt that will fit Strelnikov."
[01:05] <Paul_D> "I'd suggest getting one from her office, since she always seems to have men's clothes…"
[01:05] <DrMann> [You can tell Mann is pissed because he didn't use his full name.]
[01:05] * Paul_D sighs. "Somebody get him a shirt." He mutters, going to knock onthe door. He always knocks.
[01:05] <Doctor_Light> "Nah, I'm sure the moment will come up eventually."
[01:05] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to point to his room, but is STRAPPED DOWN.
[01:05] * Paul_D ALWAYS fucking knocks at Rights' door. It's the only way anything goes well.
[01:05] * Agent_Strelnikov just wags a finger instead.
[01:05] <DrMann> "Sorts. Get one from his room."
[01:06] <pooryoric> "then i await you with bated breath."
[01:06] * Doctor_Light sees Strelnikov struggle and chuckles, although out of his range of site.
[01:06] * Sorts sighs. He wasn't nearly as big as Dmitri, however he still had to wear extra large shirts. So he probably had one.
[01:06] <Doctor_Light> *sight
[01:06] <Heiden> [Rights, after that, I /really/ want to walk in once without knocking]
[01:06] <Lurker> [[ Wait, Mann. Did you close the door when you left the office? ]]
[01:06] <Sorts> "His room? I don't even know where it is. It's probably guarded by a bear."
[01:06] <Paul_D> [[I would assume so…]]
[01:06] * pooryoric looks at his bloodless self. "VERY bated breath."
[01:06] <DrMann> [Probably not. Dr. Mann was in a hurry.]
[01:06] <Lurker> [[ Oh god. ]]
[01:06] <DrMann> [If he did, he probably slammed it.]
[01:06] * Sorts hustles off to find a shirt for Dmitri.
[01:06] <Paul_D> [[…So, who was all here the time I accidentally alien porn'ed the main chat?]]
[01:06] <Doctor_Light> "Maybe when you have more blood."
[01:06] <Gerald> "Well, Dmitri, some good news is that there's still some 40mm grenades left over. About ten or so."
[01:06] <Paul_D> [[Please let us assume Rights closed it after him…]]
[01:07] <Heiden> [[ <— this guy! : D]
[01:07] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs in delight.
[01:07] <Gerald> [I wasn't.]
[01:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Good, Gerald. Now. Cigarette?"
[01:07] <Sorts> [[Didn't that alien porn get stuck in the chat thread?]]
[01:07] <Gerald> "Er…"
[01:07] <Heiden> [uh, yeah, I put it there]
[01:07] <Heiden> [it needed to be recorded]
[01:07] <pooryoric> [WHAT?]
[01:07] <Paul_D> [Yeah.]
[01:07] * DrMann pushes Strelnikov into the office.
[01:07] <Dr_Magnus> [I'm gonna go watch a movie guys. Have fun.]
[01:07] <Sorts> [seeya!]
[01:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [cya magnus, thanks for the fun]
[01:07] <Gerald> [So long]
[01:07] <Lurker> [[ Later Magnus! ]]
[01:07] * Doctor_Light gets up off of the couch. "Medics on their way? Disaster averted?"
[01:07] <Heiden> [Rights, I don't blame you if you hate me for it, but you have to admit that it was a golden comedy moment]
[01:07] * Dr_Magnus stands up, and walks towards his lab. "Have a good evening…work to do."
[01:07] <pooryoric> [laters magnus!]
[01:07] <DrAuteu> [what movie?]
[01:07] <Doctor_Light> [Yeah, I have to go too]
[01:07] <Dr_Magnus> [Jumper]
[01:07] <Lurker> [[ Bye Light :> ]]
[01:07] * Heiden moves to sit on the couch as Dr. Light gets up.
[01:08] <Paul_D> [It was and…wait, did you just like…shove him in?]
[01:08] <pooryoric> [see ya sophie.]
[01:08] * Sorts returns with a t-shirt about the right size for Dmitri. There was a witty saying on the front of it that was not very witty.
[01:08] <DrAuteu> [… meh, it wasn't bad]
[01:08] <Paul_D> [Bye Light]
[01:08] <Gerald> [Eh, jumper was okay.]
[01:08] <Doctor_Light> "Have fun recovering, guys."
[01:08] * Dr_Magnus has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[01:08] <Sorts> [Bye Light!]
[01:08] <Gerald> [Bye, Sophie.]
[01:08] * Agent_Strelnikov wonders how they will put the shirt on him if he's strapped down. His clever plan hatches.
[01:08] * Doctor_Light looks around, smiles, and leaves the room.
[01:08] <pooryoric> [ the wife dies, magnus, and rosebud was his superpowers.]
[01:08] <Doctor_Light> [Bye everyone! Man, this was fun.]
[01:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [bye sophie]
[01:08] * Sorts lays the shirt over Dmitri's chest, since the tape and all.
[01:08] <Lurker> [[ Neo is the one. ]]
[01:08] <Lurker> [[ Spoilers ]]
[01:08] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[01:08] <DrMann> [Well, it was a bit after Paul knocked.]
[01:09] * pooryoric looks at light as she leaves, then slumps to the floor again.
[01:09] <DrAuteu> [also snape kills dumbledore]
[01:09] <DrMann> [So presumably someone has opened the door by now.]
[01:09] <Gerald> [Dammit, Auto….]
[01:09] <DrAuteu> [beat you to it]
[01:09] <Lurker> [[ -snickers and looks at Rights- ]]
[01:09] <DrAuteu> [also there is no spoon]
[01:09] <Paul_D> Rights could faintly beheard shouting "I'll be there in a minute!" When Paul knocked…but…
[01:09] <DrMann> [Dr. Mann is going to fulfill his promise to Strel, dammit!]
[01:09] <Sorts> [There is too a spoon that kid was a freakin liar!]
[01:09] <DrMann> "This is somewhat urgent!"
[01:09] * Doctor_Light has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Mann."
[01:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Use bed as battering ram."
[01:10] * Dr_Facette will now sit around being curled up and doing her kitten bullshit again.
[01:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I can take this, yes?"
[01:10] * Agent_Strelnikov pleads.
[01:10] * Heiden knows that Yoric can get on people's nerves, but seriously medics? He gets up and calls the medical ward. What follows is a string of curses - from both ends of the phone - that may rarely, if ever, matched. This is Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich level cursing here, folks.
[01:10] <DrAuteu> [so what do you call a tiny spoon?]
[01:10] <Sorts> "Maybe we should wait."
[01:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahah heiden]
[01:10] <DrMann> "But not the bed, I'm afraid."
[01:10] <Sorts> [Tiny spoon=good for pudding cups]
[01:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is my plans!"
[01:11] <DrAuteu> [tiny=a fork]
[01:11] <Sorts> [doh!]
[01:11] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to roll the bed towards the door. He fails miserably.
[01:11] <DrAuteu> [tiny spoon is a fork rather]
[01:11] <DrAuteu> [terrible i know]
[01:11] <Sorts> "Seriously, she's coming. Let's wait."
[01:11] <Sorts> [*shakes fist!*]
[01:11] <Gerald> "…."
[01:11] * Agent_Strelnikov can hear Heiden from here.
[01:11] <Gerald> "Damn."
[01:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…..Who is that."
[01:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am prouds of this man."
[01:11] * Heiden learned from the best!
[01:12] * DrAuteu 's coat pocket expands to the size of a soccer ball
[01:12] * Dr_Facette gives Heiden this look like she's terrified.
[01:12] <Sorts> "How does he manage to pronounce ██████████████ ███████ so well?"
[01:12] <pooryoric> "i'm not gonna die, heiden… they hate wasting their time on me."
[01:12] <DrAuteu> "did, you have to yell?"
[01:12] * Heiden quiets down immediately.
[01:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I once teach him [DATA REDACTED]."
[01:12] <Sorts> "Dmitri!"
[01:12] <DrAuteu> "i mean he was just starting to sleep"
[01:12] * DrMann knocks on the door again.
[01:12] * Paul_D is now known as Rights
[01:12] <Sorts> "I don't think you should talk like that in front of the pufferkitten."
[01:13] * Heiden hangs up the phone sheepishly. "They just left Yoric righ- awww, did I say that in front of the… man, now I feel terrible."
[01:13] * Heiden yells, "SORRY, FOLKS."
[01:13] * DrAuteu pulls anton out of his pocket
[01:13] <Rights> "T-two…s-seconds, please! Just wait!"
[01:13] * pooryoric [is tempted to make RvB blood loss jokes…]
[01:13] * Heiden , properly chastened, walks back to the couch.
[01:13] <DrAuteu> [do it faggot]
[01:13] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[01:13] <DrAuteu> [in character too]
[01:13] <pooryoric> [neh… just: caboose.]
[01:14] <Lurker> [[ Heh… ]]
[01:14] <pooryoric> [imagine it yoursellf.]
[01:14] <Lurker> [[ Rest in peace, pinky toe… YOU WILL BE AVENGED. ]]
[01:14] <DrAuteu> [oh i will, i will]
[01:15] <DrAuteu> [also, where is clock, we need to do more tests]
[01:15] <Heiden> "Sorry, Adelaide, Anton. Got a little carried away."
[01:15] <pooryoric> "youu know, heiden, it's usully easier to just let me die…"
[01:15] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps trying to break out of the restraints.
[01:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Breakout!
[01:15] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Breakout!: 4 [1d6=4]
[01:15] * Agent_Strelnikov manages to loosen the leg restraints.
[01:16] <DrMann> 7d6 The Doctor Is In
[01:16] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, The Doctor Is In: 35 [7d6=6,4,5,3,5,6,6]
[01:16] <DrMann> […]
[01:16] <DrAuteu> "seriously mann! can't you give him some of your good shit?"
[01:16] <Heiden> "Yoric, noted. The medics are on the way, despite my status of being a filthy little… " he trails off as he looks at Adelaide. "Ah, anyway… medics should be here shortly."
[01:16] <pooryoric> "someone remind me to buy a toy for dorian later…"
[01:16] * Dr_Facette stares, "A filthy little what?"
[01:16] * pooryoric collapses again.
[01:16] * DrMann injects Strel with something to make him a little more… amenable.
[01:16] * Heiden shakes his head. "It was just back-and-forth, I started it."
[01:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
[01:17] * Agent_Strelnikov 's eyes widen.
[01:17] <pooryoric> [WHORE. heiden is a FILTHY LITTLE WHORE.]
[01:17] * Gerald hopes that there's a cup of coffee around here.
[01:17] <DrMann> [That was one hell of a roll.]
[01:17] <Heiden> [fuck yeah he is :winky:]
[01:17] * Agent_Strelnikov 's eyes are wide open.
[01:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh….ohhhhhhhhhh………………."
[01:17] <pooryoric> [ :winky: ?]
[01:17] * Agent_Strelnikov exhales slowly.
[01:17] <DrMann> [Seriously, three sixes and two fives?]
[01:17] <Gerald> [;)]
[01:17] <Heiden> [sigh, I can't find it. It's a smiley with a mustache that waggles it's eyebrows suggestively]
[01:17] <pooryoric> [ah.]
[01:18] <Gerald> [Mann, you should've been there for TF2]
[01:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha]
[01:18] <pooryoric> [that may well be the second greatest smiley of all time.]
[01:18] * Rights is now known as Paul_D
[01:18] <Sorts> "I don't think I've ever seen Agent Strelnikov so peaceful…"
[01:18] <DrMann> [Can I get some sort of Strel-related Perk or something?]
[01:18] * Agent_Strelnikov even has a smile on his face.
[01:18] <Paul_D> "…What the hell did you just give him? Because that looks like some good shit…"
[01:18] * Paul_D waves a hand in front of Dmitri's face.
[01:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [mann we'll have to ask lbd or break]
[01:18] <Heiden> [ ]
[01:19] <DrMann> Yeah.]
[01:19] <pooryoric> "know what's good shit? blood loss. i feeeeeeeeeeeel diiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy…"
[01:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [but i think you definitely deserve one lol]
[01:19] <DrMann> "Oh, just a few chemicals that are naturally occurring in the brain."
[01:19] <DrAuteu> [hey waxx, do you want me to break your smoking habit while you're loopy?]
[01:19] * Heiden sighs with relief as the medics come barreling in, one of them spitting him with a venomous glare as they begin attending to Yoric.
[01:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [NO.]
[01:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [unless you want dmitri to strangle your children.]
[01:19] <Paul_D> [For the record, the door's unlocked. Nobody's tried it yet, though.]
[01:20] <DrMann> [It gives Dr. Mann something to tut tut Strel for.]
[01:20] <Heiden> [look, this is an invitation to go in that you need to take for hilarity]
[01:20] <pooryoric> [heiden,i see no moustache.]
[01:20] <DrMann> [Though, Strel might wake up with new lungs.]
[01:20] <DrAuteu> [well my character is required to fuck with you while you're loopy]
[01:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh god]
[01:20] <Heiden> [I remembered it wrong, oh wells]
[01:20] <Paul_D> [I see no moustache either.]
[01:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [auteu: do it at your own risk]
[01:20] <Paul_D> [Just a silly fae[
[01:20] * Dr_Facette glares back at the medic.
[01:20] * Dr_Facette GLARES SO HARD.
[01:20] * Dr_Facette … has such a soft face.
[01:20] * Dr_Facette ultimately fails.
[01:20] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at the pretty birds he can see.
[01:20] * Sorts knocks on Right's door again.
[01:21] <DrMann> [Rights, Lurker, you two going to finish anytime soon?]
[01:21] <DrAuteu> [i respect you too much to make you afraid of anything, but i could try to do the opposite]
[01:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> [what do you have in mind]
[01:21] <Paul_D> [Hey, it's not our fault you haven't walked in yet.[
[01:21] <Gerald> "Hey, is the door even locked?"
[01:21] <Paul_D> [You even missed the fun window of opportunity.]
[01:21] <Heiden> The medics attend to Yoric, lifting him gingerly onto a stretcher and then onto a gurney.
[01:21] <DrAuteu> [well like i said, i could probably break some of the more annoying things]
[01:22] * Agent_Strelnikov wonders how he's going to congratulate Lurker when he's completely loopy?
[01:22] <DrMann> [Also, it should properly be Rights's. The S is a part of the name, and since it's not plural, an extra S is then added after the apostrophe, as opposed to the plural possessive which takes an apostrophe, but no additional S.]
[01:22] <DrMann> "Right. That's it."
[01:22] <Paul_D> "I don't know, but I sure as hell ain't opening it…"
[01:22] * DrMann opens the door and pushes the bed in.
[01:22] <Paul_D> "I have seen…things. Things you wouldn't beleive."
[01:22] <Sorts> [I know, but I screw that up even on my own nom de plume like everyone else]
[01:22] <Gerald> "Eh, good idea."
[01:22] <Gerald> "They deserve some privacy."
[01:22] * Paul_D stands back, just in case.
[01:22] * Paul_D is now known as Rights
[01:22] * DrAuteu walks over to strel
[01:23] <Heiden> The medics may or may not roll Yoric to medical. Heiden has no idea, and Yoric probably ought to take over.
[01:23] * pooryoric gets an emergency blood transfusion, probably.
[01:23] <pooryoric> [i dunno what medics do…]
[01:23] * Bright has joined #FieldWork
[01:23] <Gerald> [Hello Bright.]
[01:23] <pooryoric> [assume i'm gonna be oka.]
[01:23] <pooryoric> [oh, hi bright.]
[01:24] <DrMann> [Okay, so what horrors are Strel and Mann subjected to?]
[01:24] * DrAuteu whispers some calming suggestions into strel's ear
[01:24] * Rights and Lurker are curled up on the couch together, wrapped up in a blanket. You know, all things considered, this doesn't look too bad. Especially to Strelnikov's probably drug-addled brain.
[01:24] * Heiden rests his head in his hands for a few minutes. He's sober, and he's not hungover. That's pretty different compared to the last few weeks.
[01:24] <DrAuteu> 7d6 i don't think i'm lying
[01:24] <Magic_8-Ball> DrAuteu, i don't think i'm lying: 26 [7d6=3,3,4,6,4,5,1]
[01:24] <Gerald> "Hello, folks."
[01:24] <Heiden> [Bright, if you're hopping in, the break room is a -wreck-.]
[01:25] * Rights seems horrified that they just walked in, though, and very deliberately pulls the blanket more securely around them, praying that nobody looks too close for clothing at the floor around the couch. Or just too close at all. "…"
[01:25] <DrMann> "All right, Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich, you have seen them."
[01:25] <Sorts> "Is Lurker okay?"
[01:25] <Heiden> [I mean, as usual, but I thought you should know.]
[01:25] <DrAuteu> [not a great roll, but i would think that overall you would be a bit more level headed and confident.. with maybe say..break?]
[01:25] <Gerald> "Er…Sorry…"
[01:25] * Agent_Strelnikov didn't see shit. He's staring at the ceiling.
[01:25] * Lurker blushes and looks to the others. "H-hi!"
[01:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> [auteu: that is very helpful]
[01:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> [bless you sir]
[01:25] * DrMann takes Strel's head and gently turns it to face Lurker.
[01:25] * Sorts has only been around site 19 for weeks. During this time he has seen Lurker get a lot of nookie.
[01:25] <Rights> "…I'm getting an auto-lock ont he door…"
[01:25] <DrMann> "Strelnikov needs to rest for some time."
[01:25] <Lurker> "Good idea."
[01:25] * Agent_Strelnikov sees nothing!
[01:26] <DrMann> "But first he wanted to see you."
[01:26] * Gerald looks sorry.
[01:26] * DrMann opens Strel's eyes.
[01:26] <Gerald> "Er…."
[01:26] * Agent_Strelnikov stares at Lurker. Or rather, through him.
[01:26] <Rights> "WHY did you bring him HERE…"
[01:26] <Lurker> "H-hey Strelnikov."
[01:26] * Agent_Strelnikov is probably pretty creepy right now.
[01:26] <DrAuteu> [like i said before, i'm not a bad person, you have saved my life previously, i think, i'm sure i probably owed you]
[01:26] <DrMann> "He made me promise to bring him here."
[01:26] <DrAuteu> [maybe]
[01:26] <DrMann> "I am fulfilling my promise."
[01:26] <Rights> "…"
[01:26] <Sorts> "Seriously, Mann had to pump him full of so many drugs to keep him from walking here on his own."
[01:26] <DrMann> "Then I am not letting him out of this bed until I am confident he won't kill himself trying to stand."
[01:26] <DrAuteu> [also, you are more confident, but you don't know why, nor do you kknow that it was me]
[01:27] * Lurker blushes.
[01:27] * Rights seems to just be getting redder and redder.
[01:27] * Agent_Strelnikov is staring at the wall!
[01:27] * Lurker shifts slightly under the blankets.
[01:27] * Gerald steps out of the room, apologizing profusely.
[01:27] * Agent_Strelnikov begins humming.
[01:27] * Heiden sits back up and arches his back, sighing with pleasure as his vertebrae pop one by one. "Ahhh… adrenaline can really do wonders, huh?"
[01:27] * pooryoric catches up to the others, still looking a bit pale, but otherwise fine.
[01:27] <Sorts> "Well, I am glad to see you are okay again, Lurker. Nice job with the giant monster fight. Bye!"
[01:27] * Gerald is blushing, just so you know.
[01:27] * Sorts scrams along with Gerald.
[01:27] * Rights squeaks a little under her breath and shifts as well. "…"
[01:27] * Lurker blushes even brighter and weakly smiles. "Th-thanks."
[01:28] <pooryoric> "sorts, gerald, what's wrong?"
[01:28] * Agent_Strelnikov hums and murmurs.
[01:28] <Gerald> "Nothing…"
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…..Kombat batyanya……..batyanya kombat."
[01:28] <Dr_Facette> "… But not enough to keep me awake."
[01:28] <Rights> "…MANN ARE YOU DONE HERE."
[01:28] <Sorts> "Nothing at all."
[01:28] <DrMann> "Very well then."
[01:28] <DrMann> "Lurker, you are completely well?"
[01:28] * Lurker squeaks and blushes an even deeper red.
[01:28] * Rights blurts out loudly. "We are KIND of in the middle of something IF YOU DON'T MIND."
[01:28] <Lurker> "Y-yeah… I'm g-good."
[01:28] * Rights looks mildly annoyed.
[01:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ty serdste….ne pryatal za spiny ribyat….."
[01:29] <pooryoric> "gerald, for a guy who's sleeping with an invisible woman, you sure do blush a lot."
[01:29] <DrMann> "Are you? Well, I'll let you get back to your work. Good day."
[01:29] * DrMann is observant as always.
[01:29] * Heiden looks over at Adelaide. "What do you mean?" Heiden doesn't have a damn clue what's up, he just thought Adelaide took a nap.
[01:29] * DrMann pushes Strelnikov back out of the room.
[01:29] * Rights mutters something under her breath.
[01:29] * Agent_Strelnikov begins singing louder.
[01:29] <Gerald> "…."
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Letyat samolety!"
[01:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I tanki goryat…"
[01:29] <Sorts> "Dude, seriously?"
[01:29] <pooryoric> "you okay, red?"
[01:30] <DrMann> "He's a little drugged right now."
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [this is what you GET FOR SEDATING HIM]
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tak…tak b'et….ehhh……ehhhhhhhhhh…"
[01:30] <Heiden> [quick afk]
[01:30] <DrMann> "But he'll be fine."
[01:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Kombat, jo kombat…."
[01:30] <DrMann> "By tomorrow, he'll be doing back flips."
[01:30] <pooryoric> [haha, i read that as "QUICK! AFK!"]
[01:31] <Sorts> "What does it take to make that man sleep?"
[01:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ogon batareya..ogon' batal'on…"
[01:31] <pooryoric> "break."
[01:31] <DrMann> "Oh, I didn't sedate him. I just made him a bit more… amenable."
[01:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Break." He sighs.
[01:31] * Bright strides into the break room… and pauses, looking around at the mess. "Do I want to ask?"
[01:31] <pooryoric> "i got blown up, bright."
[01:31] <DrMann> "Oh, hello, Dr. Bright."
[01:31] * Agent_Strelnikov is strapped to a stretcher!
[01:31] * pooryoric adjusts his tophat.
[01:32] <Gerald> "Er…Big monster attacked. I swear, we didn't mess with any SCPs! Honestly!"
[01:32] <DrMann> "There was a bit of a commotion earlier, but everything is all right now."
[01:32] <Bright> "Why am I not surprised by any of this?"
[01:32] * Dr_Facette just breathes, for now.
[01:32] <Gerald> "It was from the h-space generator on Magnus!"
[01:32] <pooryoric> "because you work here too."
[01:32] * Heiden looks at Dr. Bright. "Probably not. You're not surprised because the break room is more often wrecked than not."
[01:32] * Agent_Strelnikov hums, quite loudly.
[01:32] <Sorts> "It Came From Magnus' Spine. Someone should make a movie out of that."
[01:32] <Dr_Facette> "Narcolepsy, Fred."
[01:32] * Gerald seems quite nervous.
[01:32] <DrMann> "My good friend Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich wouldn't rest, so I've strapped him down to this table and chemically altered his mood."
[01:33] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps humming Kombat.
[01:33] <pooryoric> "on that note, mann, remind me to sleep less."
[01:33] <Bright> "…Thw what on Magnus now?"
[01:33] * Heiden frowns. "Oh, I'm sorry- I had no idea. Can it not be treated?"
[01:33] <Gerald> "Magnus has an h-space generator on his back."
[01:33] <DrMann> "If he starts yelling at animals that aren't there, that's perfectly normal 60% of all subjects in the trials yelled at purple giraffes."
[01:33] * Rights is now known as Paul_D
[01:34] <Gerald> "Something messed up, and some monster attacked."
[01:34] <Dr_Facette> "I'm unsure. Never tried. It never posed a … /too/ significant problem to me. I do not work near dangerous thing."
[01:34] <Dr_Facette> [+s]
[01:34] * Paul_D is sitting quietly off to the side, drinking coffee, trying to pretend that all of this is normal.
[01:34] * Agent_Strelnikov twitches.
[01:34] * Bright is having a hard time keepign a straight face. "Why?"
[01:34] * Agent_Strelnikov 's shirt slides off.
[01:34] <Gerald> "Er…I don't know…"
[01:34] * Gerald seems to be sweating a bit.
[01:34] <DrMann> "Dr. Magnus could tell you more, but he seems to have disappeared."
[01:34] <Dr_Facette> [ … Strelnikov's shirt has a mind of its own. ]
[01:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh god no gerald]
[01:34] <Gerald> "Really, we didn't do anything wrong!"
[01:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> [is claudia messing with you now]
[01:34] <Heiden> [the shirt - it LIVES]
[01:35] * Paul_D stares a little…before sighing, standing up and pulling off his suitcoat, putting it over Dmitri. Oh god that man's chest was distracting.
[01:35] <Bright> "This new researcher Magnus keeps seeming to be in the middle of things."
[01:35] <Gerald> "Er…"
[01:35] * Agent_Strelnikov starts singing Kombat again, from the start.
[01:35] <DrMann> "Yes. It has to do with his method of weapon procurement."
[01:35] <Sorts> "Hey! Gerald, that reminds me."
[01:35] <Gerald> "…."
[01:35] <Paul_D> "Dmitri. Hey, hey Strelnikov…you already sang this one."
[01:35] <pooryoric> "more or less, bright. can i be promoted from scapegoat to meatsheild now?"
[01:35] <Gerald> "Oh god, please don't cut my pay or make me D-Class…."
[01:36] <Sorts> "I need your input on, uh, my latest memetic report on the effects of… a thing on the brain."
[01:36] <Heiden> "Honestly, Adelaide, you might want to talk to medical. I don't know anything about how that's treated, but this is a somewhat hazardous workplace." He laughs - but the humor isn't there.
[01:36] * Agent_Strelnikov quiets down.
[01:36] <DrMann> "Dr. Gerald did fine during the clash. He fired many of the grenades we used to try to subdue the creature."
[01:36] * Dr_Facette winces a little, "Yes, I can see that now."
[01:36] * Agent_Strelnikov takes a deep breath and starts singing a new song, even louder. It's the Soviet Anthem.
[01:36] <DrMann> "Of course, it turned out that fire was only feeding it, but it's the thought that counts."
[01:36] <Bright> "And where is this creature now?
[01:36] <Lurker> [[ FUCK YEAH ]]
[01:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh!"
[01:36] * Paul_D pats Dmitri's head, before wincing. "…Jesus."
[01:37] * Sorts leans close to Gerald, "Keep it together, we'll walk off like everything is cool."
[01:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus!"
[01:37] <Gerald> "It's dead…I think. Dr. Mann injected it with some kind of liquid nitrogen thing, and it disappeared."
[01:37] * Agent_Strelnikov abruptly trails off.
[01:37] <DrMann> "Dr. Magnus and Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich weakened it with some manner of cryogenic weaponry. After that, Dr. Magnus took what was left."
[01:37] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't remember any more of the words to it.
[01:37] <Sorts> "Yeah, the monster got killed, twice even."
[01:37] <pooryoric> [no one EVER knows all the words to the national anthem.]
[01:37] <Bright> "What did it look like?
[01:37] <DrMann> "It was made of fire."
[01:37] <Heiden> "You'll be all right, though - you did just fine when we got the hell out of dodge that time, have to say."
[01:37] <Lurker> [[ Is it wrong that I started singing along? ]]
[01:37] <DrMann> "Green fire, wasn't it?"
[01:38] <Gerald> "Uh…it was big and green. It spat fire when we hit it."
[01:38] <pooryoric> [ooh say, can you seee? by the nuuurm hurrm hurrrm hurrrrrrmm…]
[01:38] <DrMann> "These are new eyes, so I'm not sure if I've got the colors properly calibrated."
[01:38] <DrMann> "Ah, good."
[01:38] <Heiden> [ Oh, Canada, my home and native land - true patriot love, in all thy sons command! ]
[01:38] * Paul_D thanks god.
[01:38] * Heiden [isn't even Canadian : P]
[01:38] <Lurker> [[ With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free~ ]]
[01:38] <Bright> "You were attacked, by a creature of green fire? Oy."
[01:38] <Dr_Facette> "Of — dodge?"
[01:38] <Lurker> [[ I know it. I'm Canuckian. ]]
[01:38] <Gerald> "….."
[01:38] <Heiden> [Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for thee~!]
[01:38] <Lurker> [[ Missed a line, Heiden ]]
[01:38] <pooryoric> [alright stop, collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new invention…]
[01:38] * Gerald seems a bit panicky from what Bright said last night….
[01:39] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs.
[01:39] <Lurker> [[ err, part of that line ]]
[01:39] <Gerald> ._.
[01:39] * Agent_Strelnikov is slowly coming to.
[01:39] * Paul_D blinks. "You feelin' okay, Dmitri?"
[01:39] <pooryoric> [somethng's got a hold of me tightly…]
[01:39] <DrMann> "Anyway, everything is fine now. I gave basic treatment to everyone, and the medics finished patching Yoric up."
[01:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Agghh…"
[01:39] <Gerald> "Yes."
[01:39] * DrMann checks Strelnikov's straps."
[01:39] <pooryoric> [it's the caucasian national anthem.]
[01:39] <Bright> "I have never seen an unluckier group of researchers in all my years working here."
[01:39] <Heiden> "So, are you feeling alright?"
[01:39] <Gerald> "Big….Green…Fire monster…."
[01:39] <Paul_D> "…I'll…take that as a no…do you need some water?"
[01:39] <Sorts> "Well, we're all still alive."
[01:39] <Paul_D> "Something to drink?"
[01:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Drinks?"
[01:39] <Gerald> "Well, I was in it, so…."
[01:39] <Sorts> "So yes, I feel pretty unlucky, actually. Now that I think about it."
[01:39] <DrMann> [They're not unlucky. They have Mann for a medic. Surely that's luck?]
[01:39] * Dr_Facette smiles and nods, brushing some of her hair behind her ears and trying not to fall asleep again.
[01:40] <Paul_D> "LIke water, Dmitri."
[01:40] <Bright> [Yes, but they keep getting attacked by things ona daily basis]
[01:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Drinks."
[01:40] <DrMann> "I never used to have this much excitement back at [REDACTED.]
[01:40] <DrMann> [The joke being that most of them wouldn't say they're lucky with Mann.]
[01:40] <Heiden> [wow, Facette, I totally missed the 'of-dodge' bit, sorry]
[01:41] * Paul_D goes and gets a glass of water, bringing it and gently putting it to Dmitri's lips. "Don't drink to fast. Just a little sip."
[01:41] * Heiden [is blind.]
[01:41] <DrMann> "Oh, we had the occasional [DATA EXPUNGED] to deal with, but hardly anything of this scale."
[01:41] <DrMann> "Mostly, I just patched agents up after they came back in."
[01:41] <Dr_Facette> [ S'fine! ]
[01:41] <Gerald> "Sooo…we are getting reprimanded for this…..are we?"
[01:41] * Heiden nods. "Just a turn of phrase, 'getting the hell out of Dodge' references Dodge City, bunch of Westerns took place there and nothing good happened when you stayed.
[01:42] * Agent_Strelnikov sips at the water, lapping it up kind of like a cat.
[01:42] * Agent_Strelnikov looks retarded.
[01:42] * Paul_D giggles.
[01:42] <Heiden> "By 'nothing good', I mean 'you got shot', mostly.
[01:42] <pooryoric> "red, you look retarded."
[01:42] <Dr_Facette> "Oh… Oh, I see!"
[01:42] <Sorts> "What? We contained an otherworldly monster with no fatalities and we didn't even need to get an MTF in here. We should get, like, a certificate."
[01:42] <Paul_D> "For the record, I was not present for this."
[01:42] <Sorts> "And a vacation."
[01:42] <pooryoric> "and paid."
[01:42] * Heiden seems to have lost his pistol in the confusion. He has just now realized this.
[01:42] <Gerald> "…."
[01:43] * Heiden thinks that honestly, it is probably for the best.
[01:43] * Bright pulls a tape recorder from his pocket. "Look into possibility of the breakroom being some kind of SCP related trouble magnet, possibly nexus based."
[01:43] * Agent_Strelnikov is even more lucid.
[01:43] * Dr_Facette looks around the room.
[01:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha bright]
[01:43] <DrMann> "Oh, Dr. Bright. I've an experiment I'd like to try with you when you're not too busy."
[01:43] <DrMann> "Have you ever been a crustacean?"
[01:43] * Sorts thinks he will start taking his lunch in his office.
[01:44] * Bright raises an eyebrow at Mann.
[01:44] <pooryoric> "speaking of which, bright, did that two million i routed from gerald's salary get to you yet?"
[01:44] <Heiden> [Is everyone in the breakroom?]
[01:44] * Paul_D keeps giving Dmitri water. "…Is that good?"
[01:44] <pooryoric> [yup.]
[01:44] <Gerald> "…."
[01:44] * Bright nods at Yoric.
[01:44] <DrMann> "I'd like you to test the capabilities of a specimen of 098. I'm looking into the possibility of training them for certain tasks."
[01:44] <Sorts> "You get paid two million, Gerald?"
[01:44] <Heiden> "Is Strel okay?"
[01:44] * pooryoric [is now imagining strelnikov slowly drowning as paul gaygasms at the cuteness.]
[01:45] <Sorts> [lol]
[01:45] <Gerald> "How should I know?"
[01:45] <Paul_D> [Gaygasm is my new favorite word]
[01:45] * Heiden gets up from the couch.
[01:45] <Sorts> "Yeah, actually, that figures"
[01:45] * Gerald sighs.
[01:45] <Sorts> "Well, look at it this way, buddy. What would we spend it on?"
[01:45] <DrAuteu> [hello]
[01:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, RANDOMLY STRUGGLE AGAINST THE RESTRAINTS AND HOPE FOR A 6: 3 [1d6=3]
[01:45] <Lurker> <A faint howl echoes through the halls>
[01:46] <DrMann> "Would you be interested in trying one of their bodies for a time? I'm sure I can rig something up to keep 963 on."
[01:46] * Agent_Strelnikov ends up tugging at the restraints and murmuring in anger.
[01:46] <Sorts> "Sounds like Lurker is doing better."
[01:46] <pooryoric> "that sounded like lurker."
[01:46] <Heiden> "Hope that was Lurker."
[01:46] <Sorts> "Yeah, uh, we peeked in on Lurker and Rights? I think they should be left alone."
[01:46] * Gerald walks over, and sees that the coffee machine was destroyed. Goddammit.
[01:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> [lurker is wetting his beak a little]
[01:46] * Paul_D frowns, putting his hand on Dmitri's chest. "Stop that…please!"
[01:46] <Paul_D> "You're going to hurt yourself MORE."
[01:46] <pooryoric> [he is just wet his beak. is fine.]
[01:46] <Paul_D> "You already go tot go see Lurker…"
[01:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Lurker? When was I see Lurker."
[01:47] * Gerald looks. Fridge is gone too.
[01:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I have not see Lurker."
[01:47] <Heiden> "…wait, really? So that's what we're going to hear every time he… aww, man, really?"
[01:47] * Agent_Strelnikov destroyed the fridge with a stray grenade, sorries.
[01:47] <Sorts> "Well, not necessarily, Heiden."
[01:47] <Sorts> "I hate to say it, but, yeah, no. It's not always that loud."
[01:47] <Heiden> "I mean, I've heard of screamers, but -damn-.
[01:47] <Paul_D> "You were struggling so violently that Mann had to calm you down. You were a little loopy. But you saw him…he was doing…uh…quite well. Healing up nicely."
[01:47] <Paul_D> "…"
[01:47] <Lurker> [[ Haha, Yoric. Accurate representation of Strelnikov ftw. ]]
[01:47] <pooryoric> "heiden, we were all thinking it, but did you HAVE to say it?"
[01:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…I am needs to speak to him…."
[01:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 STRUGGLE
[01:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, STRUGGLE: 6 [1d6=6]
[01:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> [OH SHIT SON OH SHIT SON]
[01:48] <Sorts> [noooo!]
[01:48] <Gerald> […]
[01:48] <DrAuteu> [oh shit]
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov snaps the fucking bonds like twigs.
[01:48] <pooryoric> [oh, snayap!]
[01:48] <Paul_D> "Oh shit."
[01:48] * Bright ponders. "Which one is those again?"
[01:48] * Heiden shrugs. "You've just got to roll with it. Like Dmitri here!"
[01:48] <Gerald> "…."
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov gets up and off of the bed.
[01:48] <DrMann> "The surgeon crabs. Oh!"
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov picks up the fucking bed and throws it at the wall.
[01:48] * Heiden mutters, "Break is gonna -cut- him."
[01:48] <pooryoric> "oh, shi. morning, red."
[01:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT."
[01:48] <Sorts> "The man is a juggernaut of vodka and rage"
[01:48] <Lurker> [[ Oh shit. Brooklyn Rage ]]
[01:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WHERE ARE THE FUCKINGS CIGARETTES."
[01:48] * Gerald sits down. Definitely not his day.
[01:48] <Paul_D> "Oh god. Oh god."
[01:48] * Agent_Strelnikov storms out of the break room, headed for Rights' office.
[01:49] * Heiden looks at Dmitri. "Really? /Really/? Those /mean/, /mean/ doctors trying to make sure you don't die. Yep, they're the problem here."
[01:49] <Sorts> "BE SURE TO KNOCK!"
[01:49] * Gerald sighs.
[01:49] <DrAuteu> [i knew i should have broke that habit while i was at it]
[01:49] <Lurker> <Paul remembers the pack of cigarettes that Tam left on a coffee table>
[01:49] <DrMann> 7d6 Nerve Pinch
[01:49] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Nerve Pinch: 31 [7d6=4,4,4,6,6,3,4]
[01:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 Kombat!
[01:49] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Kombat!: 18 [7d6=1,3,6,1,2,3,2]
[01:49] <Bright> "Some of you should deal with him."
[01:49] * Agent_Strelnikov is clearly in no state to resist.
[01:49] <pooryoric> "OR TAKE PICTURES!"
[01:49] <Gerald> "Yessir."
[01:49] * DrMann rushes Strelnikov and hits him very precisely on the neck with a hypodermic.
[01:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> [seriously mann stop using your loaded dice]
[01:49] * Gerald stands up and walks over to Dmitri and Mann.
[01:49] * Agent_Strelnikov falls over like a sack of potatoes.
[01:49] * Paul_D blinks, suddenly scrambling around to try and find the carton of cigarettes he remembers…finding that they have been half-burnt away and tossed off tothe side. Good enough.
[01:49] <Sorts> "Dr Bright, sir, that Russian whacked the fire monster in the face with a grenade, I'm… gonna stay in here."
[01:49] <Heiden> "Seriously, Dmitri, I understand the need to high-five Lurker, but you've just got to -wait-."
[01:49] <pooryoric> [mann, let him up. i'm pretty sure RPing being strapped down is no fun.]
[01:49] <DrMann> [What can I say? The dice want to see you on the floor.]
[01:49] * Agent_Strelnikov is making this very difficult for everyone. Sorries.
[01:50] * Paul_D kneels down to Dmitri. "…Jehesus…"
[01:50] <DrMann> "Heiden, Sorts, Paul, I assign you his keepers."
[01:50] * DrMann walks off back to Bright.
[01:50] <Heiden> "I, what?"
[01:50] <Sorts> "Whaaaaat?"
[01:50] * Agent_Strelnikov bares his teeth.
[01:50] * Agent_Strelnikov is livid.
[01:50] <Heiden> "Dr. Mann, you are a fucking /monster/."
[01:50] <pooryoric> [is facette asleep at this point?]
[01:50] <Gerald> "Dmitri, please calm down."
[01:50] <DrMann> "Anyway, I think they can be trained to perform more complicated tasks, but I want to know more of what they are physically capable of."
[01:50] <DrAuteu> [clearly yoric, you have not spent enough time strapped down, it's very fun]
[01:50] * Paul_D puts one of the cigarettes into his mouth.
[01:50] * Agent_Strelnikov sees this oh my god no you can't DO THIS TO HIM
[01:50] * Paul_D pulls a lighter from his suitcase and lights it up..
[01:50] <pooryoric> [that's situational, auto.]
[01:50] * Dr_Facette listens in quietly.
[01:51] * Gerald gives Paul a look.
[01:51] * Agent_Strelnikov grinds his teeth. They're metal. And they spark.
[01:51] * Paul_D puts another cigarette in front of Dmitri's mouth. "…Stay."
[01:51] * Heiden walks over to Dmitri. "For god's sake, Dmitri, the only ways I can restrain you are unpleasant and degrading for the both of us."
[01:51] * Agent_Strelnikov immediately calms down when the cigarette is put there.
[01:51] <Heiden> "I -will- risk these restraints an… oh, good."
[01:51] <DrAuteu> [i go to goodyear, why are these situational guys any good?]
[01:51] <Sorts> "I say we don't restrain him, but instead just follow him around everywhere and move things out of his way."
[01:51] <Paul_D> "Cooperate with us, and-" He puffs a bit of smoke at Dmitri. "-you'll be fine…"
[01:51] <DrMann> "So, anyway, Dr. Bright, would you be interested in the experiment?"
[01:51] * Agent_Strelnikov holds the unlit cigarette in his mouth and prays for Jesus Christ or Stalin to light it somehow.
[01:51] * Gerald sighs.
[01:51] * Paul_D puts the cigarette into Dmitri's mouth and lights it, sitting back.
[01:51] * pooryoric turns to facette. "you know, i've been working with heiden for months now, and i had no idea his name was fred. you seem to have made a big impression."
[01:52] <Bright> "And you want me for this?
[01:52] <Heiden> "I swear I'll go find clown makeup or something. I'm the negative reinforcement side of this."
[01:52] * Agent_Strelnikov lets his head hit the floor with a thud, cigarette glowing in his mouth.
[01:52] * Paul_D sighs. And here he thought he was done smoking for good.
[01:52] * Gerald sits down again.
[01:52] * Agent_Strelnikov is, at last, calm.
[01:52] <Bright> Have you tried testing them without 963?"
[01:52] <DrMann> "Oh, yes. They're fairly amenable. But there are some tasks I haven't been able to get them to perform. I want to see if it's a matter of inability or stubbornness."
[01:52] <Heiden> [All I can see is Stalin with a giant halo swooping down and lighting your cigarette, Strel]
[01:52] * Dr_Facette looks over at Heiden.
[01:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha heiden]
[01:53] * Sorts checks his watch, "I do have some reports to finish… and I doubt 'helping to fight a horror from beyond space' will be a valid excuse in this joint."
[01:53] * Paul_D sits there, smoking with Dmitri. "…Feeling better?"
[01:53] * Heiden looks down at Strelnikov. "Thank you."
[01:53] * Dr_Facette looks over at Yoric.
[01:53] <Dr_Facette> "… Really?"
[01:53] <pooryoric> "yup. most people here go by their last names."
[01:53] <Bright> "Certainly"
[01:53] <DrMann> [Seriously, though, Mann either needs a bonus to sedation or to treating Strel. One or the other.]
[01:53] * Gerald walks out of the break room for a second.
[01:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i agree]
[01:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [that is just some BULLSHIT]
[01:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[01:53] * Sorts heads out as well.
[01:54] <DrMann> "Excellent!"
[01:54] <pooryoric> "i've never seen him react so warmly to anyone."
[01:54] <DrMann> "I'm sure it will be a pleasure working with you."
[01:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am feels much betters."
[01:54] * DrAuteu is sitting in a chair next to facette, previously unnoticed
[01:54] <DrMann> [The thought of Bright in an invertebrate killing machine amuses me for some reason.]
[01:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "All I wanted was cigarette."
[01:54] <Paul_D> "Jesus Christ, man…you must have monster-withdrawl."
[01:54] <Dr_Facette> "… Huh… that's interesting…"
[01:55] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs, smoke coming out of his nose.
[01:55] <Paul_D> "worst I ever did was getinto a big spat with my boyfriend while quitting…I didn't HULK OUT."
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am smoke since I was boy."
[01:55] <pooryoric> [he needs monsters! send more monsters!]
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I smoke in Chechnya, two wars I smoke in."
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Now are you understands?"
[01:55] * pooryoric looks at facette curiously. "interesting?"
[01:55] <Paul_D> "I started when I was thirteen, Dmitri. I understand at least a little.
[01:55] <Paul_D> "
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is different in wars."
[01:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Like now."
[01:55] <DrMann> "And now I must be getting back to my laboratory. Tell those fellows to wheel Strelnikov in when it's time for him to rest. I'd prefer to keep him where I can watch until he recovers."
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are almost kill. You have the smokes."
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sometimes it is the makhorka. But it is still smokes."
[01:56] * DrAuteu is watching the current conversation
[01:56] <DrMann> ['Night, all. Time for me to be getting my mustache to bed.]
[01:56] * Sorts has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:56] <Heiden> [makhorka?]
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [goodnight mann, well played good sir]
[01:56] <pooryoric> [latrs, mann.]
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [makhorka is a crude cigarette soldiers make]
[01:56] <Gerald> [So long.]
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [they make it out of leaves, newspaper, anything]
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [anything they can find to smoke]
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [it's pretty awful stuff]
[01:56] * DrMann has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316])
[01:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [they'll give up toilet paper to make cigarettes instead]
[01:57] <Paul_D> "Makhorka? Well, I mean…it's somethign to do."
[01:57] * Gerald walks back in and sets an unlabeled bottle on what's left of the table.
[01:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Can I get up now."
[01:57] <Paul_D> "Once you start, you never stop feeling wrong unles syou have something in your mouth and hands to do."
[01:57] <Paul_D> "…No."
[01:57] * Heiden [is like fall-down wtf tired and has work in seven hours, but is having way too much fun to go to bed : P]
[01:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 No. CAN I GET UP NOW.
[01:57] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, No. CAN I GET UP NOW.: 3 [1d6=3]
[01:57] * Agent_Strelnikov can't get up now.
[01:57] * Paul_D pats Dmitri's head. "I'll help you up when you can get up."
[01:57] <Heiden> "So, why /does/ he have to lie there?"
[01:58] * Heiden is genuinely clueless.
[01:58] <Paul_D> "He got stabbed."
[01:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And burn. And thrown on wall."
[01:58] * Heiden would like to add that this status is not unusual.
[01:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And FUCKING SEDATE."
[01:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "AND TIE DOWN."
[01:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "AND PINCH."
[01:58] * Paul_D says that like it explains everything. He feels vaguely nostalgic.
[01:58] <Paul_D> "Calm down."
[01:58] * Agent_Strelnikov clenches his fists.
[01:58] * Gerald pours himself a drink.
[01:58] * Agent_Strelnikov bites the cigarette in half. It rolls off his face and onto the floor.
[01:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[01:58] * Agent_Strelnikov begins weeping.
[01:58] <Heiden> "…really?"
[01:58] * Paul_D sighs and goes to replace it with another cigarette.
[01:58] * Heiden reaches down picks up the half-cigarette.
[01:58] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs up the cigarette butt.
[01:59] * pooryoric laughs.
[01:59] * Dr_Facette 's jaw drops.
[01:59] * Paul_D lights the new cigarette up after placing it in Strel's lips. "Don't you start crying on me…I'm not THAT type of friend."
[01:59] <Heiden> "We're not here to torture you, Strel, we're just making sure you don't permanently damage yourself."
[01:59] <Gerald> "Paul, maybe you should let Dmitri up for a bit. It's not a good idea to keep someone tied to a medical bed all day."
[01:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is torture.
[01:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "This is TORTURE."
[01:59] <Gerald> "Trust me, I know from experience."
[01:59] * Agent_Strelnikov puffs on the new cigarette.
[01:59] <pooryoric> "wait, pinch?"
[01:59] <Paul_D> "And it's a better idea to let him tear open wounds?"
[01:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Turn fucking stove on and I fucking melt wound shut."
[01:59] <Gerald> "Dmitri, will you be careful not to reopen your wounds?"
[01:59] * Heiden walks over and tosses the half-cigarette in the sink and rinses it off.
[02:00] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[02:00] * Heiden tosses the now-extinguished cigarette in the trash.
[02:00] * Agent_Strelnikov may be more receptive if a woman forcibly tells him this.
[02:00] <Bright> "No, there's no waterboarding."
[02:00] <Paul_D> "…You're still sleeping in the medical ward tonight." Paul says as he gets up, sighing.
[02:00] * pooryoric looks amusedly at the shocked facette. "you okay, adelaide?"
[02:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try again!
[02:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try again!: 6 [1d6=6]
[02:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> [OH SHIT SON OH SHIT SON]
[02:00] <Gerald> "Let Dmitri up."
[02:00] <DrAuteu> [oh shit son]
[02:01] <pooryoric> [oh, snayap]
[02:01] * Agent_Strelnikov slams his palm into the floor with a meaty thud and pushes himself up. It's excruciatingly painful.
[02:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GOD DAMMITS."
[02:01] * Paul_D jumps back. "…jesus.
[02:01] * Agent_Strelnikov stands up and cracks his back. That, too, hurts like hell.
[02:01] * snorl_works_maybe is now known as snorl_asleep
[02:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Where the fuck is lurker."
[02:01] <Gerald> "See? Just gonna break himself out anyway."
[02:01] <pooryoric> [i hatehatehateHATE the phrase "a meaty thud".]
[02:01] * Heiden stares at Strelnikov. His hands begin to clench.
[02:01] <Paul_D> "Lurker's with Rights…look, he's probably busy…"
[02:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> [it reminds you of dicks, doesnt it yoric]
[02:01] <DrAuteu> [i''l show you a meaty thud]
[02:01] <Paul_D> [A meaty thud makes me think of…yeah, dicks.]
[02:02] <Paul_D> [Like the sound one gets when you club a man to death. With your dick.]
[02:02] <Lurker> [[ XD ]]
[02:02] * Agent_Strelnikov looks down at his shirt.
[02:02] <Dr_Facette> [ … h-how do you know what sort of sound — … ]
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Working…hard…."
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "..Hardly…working?"
[02:02] <pooryoric> [actually, i was thinking of the time i broke my leg… now it's worse.]
[02:02] <Lurker> [[ That totally needs to go on the snippets thread. ]]
[02:02] <Heiden> "Strelnikov, you need to lie down now." Heiden speaks with a forced calm, he does not abide stupidity well.
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…What is this means?"
[02:02] <Gerald> "Hm?"
[02:02] <Bright> "Dmitri? Perhaps you should listen to the doctors. Or I could use my cane."
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am fines. I just need better shirts."
[02:02] <Gerald> "Dmitri."
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I just want shirt!"
[02:02] <Gerald> "Listen to the man with the painful zappy rod."
[02:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Shirt, Gerald!"
[02:02] <Paul_D> "I'll get you a shirt!"
[02:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fines, Paul is get shirts."
[02:03] <Heiden> "Fuck, I see your lips moving, Dmitri, but all I hear is bullshit!"
[02:03] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and leans on the wall.
[02:03] * pooryoric reaches up, grinning, and pushes dr_facette's mouth closed with the tip of one finger.
[02:03] * Dr_Facette nips at said tip, scowling just faintly.
[02:03] * Gerald sighs.
[02:03] * Paul_D shouts. "Jesus…Dmitri, just…don't do anything too straining." Before he hurries out of the room. He kind of knows where Dmitri's room is. Kind of. Not really. Hell, he'll find it.
[02:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [it, conveniently, is right down the hall from the break room.]
[02:04] <pooryoric> [when i zip your lip you nip at my fingertip… heh.]
[02:04] * Agent_Strelnikov runs a hand through his hair.
[02:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Why are all of you looks at me."
[02:04] * Dr_Facette IS A WILD BEAST
[02:04] * Paul_D returns after not too long, holding a shirt. He will never admit that he sniffed Dmitri's shirt onthe way down. Oh god mansmell. It's overpowering. Paul is jealous.
[02:04] <Heiden> "Well, you're bleeding all over the place, and generally acting ridiculous."
[02:04] <Heiden> "That's probably most of it."
[02:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I thought Mann was stop bleeding."
[02:04] * Paul_D holds the shirt out to help Dmitri put it on. "Alright, I got you a damn shirt…"
[02:04] * pooryoric IS A GRINNING FIEND
[02:05] * Agent_Strelnikov slips into his shirt and buttons it, fixing his uniform.
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Plus. All I was want is cigarettes."
[02:05] <Heiden> [is he not bleeding?]
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> [well]
[02:05] <pooryoric> [no.]
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> [after mann rolled a 42 to stop the bleeding, no]
[02:05] * Gerald looks at the drink in his hand, sighs, and takes a drink. It knocks him out.
[02:05] <pooryoric> [not at all.]
[02:05] <Heiden> "You mean the one that you bit through because of… what? It wasn't good enough?"
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I was piss."
[02:05] <Heiden> [Oops. Oh well. Disregard my idiocy.]
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "How are you say. Piss? Angry?"
[02:05] * Paul_D sighs. "Dmitri, there's only one cigarette, left…"
[02:05] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs.
[02:05] <Heiden> "No, really? I had no idea. NONE."
[02:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am stand up now. I can walk this off, yes?"
[02:06] * Agent_Strelnikov shambles around the break room, twitching.
[02:06] * Gerald drops the empty glass as he falls onto the couch.
[02:06] <DrAuteu> [this facette, is how you beat a man to death with your dick]
[02:06] * Paul_D hasn't actuallly finished his, yet, but holds up the remaining one for him. "Fine, but you're STILL sleeping in the medical ward tonight."
[02:06] <DrAuteu> [this facette, is how you beat a man to death with your dick ]
[02:06] <DrAuteu> [damn it]
[02:06] <DrAuteu> [damn that bracket]
[02:06] * Agent_Strelnikov nods. "I am not makes the object to this, Paul."
[02:06] <pooryoric> [you lose.]
[02:06] <Heiden> [uh, what?]
[02:07] <DrAuteu> [ass fuck balls]
[02:07] * Agent_Strelnikov fixes his collar. "All I wanted was cigarette or stand up. I am now make standings."
[02:07] * Heiden shrugs. He's done. Dmitri is more like a force of nature than a man.
[02:07] <DrAuteu> [i give up]
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [IRON WILL]
[02:07] <Heiden> "You win."
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i should totally get a new skill called iron will.]
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [just to handle this.]
[02:07] <Paul_D> [THE HEART OF A BULL]
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hah]
[02:07] * Gerald is snoring lightly on the couch.
[02:07] <Paul_D> [THE BODY OF A MAN]
[02:07] <Heiden> "Hopefully the doctors are wrong and you didn't need to lie down to make that heal right."
[02:07] * Heiden plods back to the couch.
[02:07] * Agent_Strelnikov cracks his neck again.
[02:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doctors are always wrongs."
[02:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I tell them this once."
[02:08] * Paul_D is quietly sadder now that Dmitri is no longer shirtless.
[02:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But then I get shot again and I guess maybe I was wrongs that time." He shrugs.
[02:08] <pooryoric> [any time strel is unconscious for any reason, he may roll 1d1. if he rolls a six, he gets back up with a russian bellow of rage.]
[02:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahah yes]
[02:08] <DrAuteu> […]
[02:08] <Gerald> [….]
[02:08] <DrAuteu> [rolling 6 on a 1d1?]
[02:08] <pooryoric> [1d6.]
[02:09] * Agent_Strelnikov holds a hand up to his face. It's shaking like hell.
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ … ]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ Wow. ]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [that's how HARD FUCKING CORE HE IS]
[02:09] <Heiden> [sometimes, when he is asleep, he will accidentally roll a 6 and wake himself up.]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ Strelnikov is our god. D8 ]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ ADELAIDE DOES THAT ]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ ;_; ]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have to apologize guys]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have completely bogarted this session]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i feel bad]
[02:09] <Lurker> [[ It's all good ]]
[02:09] <pooryoric> [bogarted?]
[02:09] <Heiden> [no it's not, you should be ashamed]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> [ … maybe it rubbed off ]
[02:09] <Heiden> [ASHAMED]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [bogarted, hogged the spotlight]
[02:09] <Gerald> [Taken over]
[02:09] <pooryoric> [no worries, i marxed it.]
[02:09] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 NARCOLEPSY!
[02:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, NARCOLEPSY!: 1 [1d2=1]
[02:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i feel bad :( ]
[02:09] <Heiden> [Dmitri is a giant ham and everyone loved it]
[02:10] <Dr_Facette> [ … GOD DAMMIT STRELNIKOV ]
[02:10] * Heiden takes a seat on the couch.
[02:10] <Paul_D> [Ham <3]
[02:10] * seisatsu has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[02:10] * Dr_Facette passes out.
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She is fall sleeps quickly."
[02:10] * Gerald drools a bit on the couch.
[02:10] <Lurker> [[ You didn't bogart the session. I turned into fucking godzilla and wrecked shit up. ]]
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is a good skill."
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yes but that was badass.]
[02:10] <Lurker> [[ THAT is bogarting ]]
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [what no it isnt]
[02:10] <pooryoric> "heiden, you should come tend to facette."
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [that's responding to shit]
[02:10] <Heiden> [[ psh, you missed Heiden's awesome combat skills of 'running the fuck away']]
[02:10] <Lurker> [[ I need a perk that like, doubles his stats when he's in epic rage mode… ]]
[02:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [if i ever get to leave this room dmitri was going to come tell you]
[02:10] * DrAuteu steps out of the shadows, previously unnoticed
[02:10] <pooryoric> [or yoric's of "getting blowed up.]
[02:11] <Lurker> [[ Mainly because it's rare, and also because he can't determine who's good or evil when in epic rage. ]]
[02:11] * Agent_Strelnikov almost punches Auteu in the face, that's how high strung he is.
[02:11] <Heiden> [ Wait, isn't Adelaide on the couch?]
[02:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Low roll to hit Auteu!
[02:11] <Dr_Facette> [ She is. ]
[02:11] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Low roll to hit Auteu!: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:11] <pooryoric> [yes.]
[02:11] * Agent_Strelnikov does not hit Auteu. He just jumps in alarm.
[02:11] <pooryoric> "heiden."
[02:11] <DrAuteu> "well, it seems the new one is asleep"
[02:11] * Heiden is on the couch already, next to Dr. Facette.
[02:11] <Heiden> "Yes?"
[02:11] * Dr_Facette snores, just a bit.
[02:11] <Lurker> [[ I'm going to need to talk to LBD, Break, or Fifth about it ]]
[02:11] * Gerald is also on one of the couches. He appears to have been knocked out.
[02:12] <pooryoric> "oh, nevermind. you're here."
[02:12] * Heiden nods. "She's out like a light, not much tending to be done other than just let her sleep."
[02:12] * pooryoric gives facette a gentle nudge, tipping her into heiden's lap.
[02:12] * Agent_Strelnikov still twitches and shakes.
[02:12] * Agent_Strelnikov shambles over to the sink and pours some water. It seems to be the only thing intact.
[02:12] <Dr_Facette> [ KILL YORIC ]
[02:13] * Heiden glares at Yoric. "-Let her sleep-."
[02:13] <pooryoric> "oh, i am."
[02:13] * pooryoric stands up.
[02:13] * Heiden shifts uncomfortably - if she wakes up and is not amused, this could end -very badly-.
[02:13] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 for WAKING THE BEAST
[02:13] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, for WAKING THE BEAST: 1 [1d2=1]
[02:13] * pooryoric wander off.
[02:13] * Dr_Facette … sleeps.
[02:13] <DrAuteu> "yes, yes, the power of suggestion works so much better when they're aslepp"
[02:13] <pooryoric> *wanders
[02:13] * Gerald snores a bit more.
[02:13] * Agent_Strelnikov sips his water and coughs a bit.
[02:13] <DrAuteu> [asleep*]
[02:13] * Heiden shifts uncomfortably, trying to get Adelaide into a more comfortable position.
[02:13] * Agent_Strelnikov is parched. Really, how can this be.
[02:14] * Heiden notes, and a less compromising one, too.
[02:14] * Paul_D sighs. At least Dmitri isn't getting anything harder to drink. "You should probably eat something…you lost a lot of blood."
[02:14] * Agent_Strelnikov turns around and sees Heiden fondling Dr_Facette.
[02:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….You are wet your beak too?"
[02:14] <Heiden> [for fuck's sake]
[02:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[02:14] <Paul_D> [XD]
[02:14] * pooryoric grins.
[02:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am hungries."
[02:14] <DrAuteu> "now let's see…"
[02:14] <Gerald> [Paul better hope Dmitri doesn't see the bottle of Brick on the table.]
[02:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Has Doktor Rights make sandwiches?"
[02:15] * pooryoric returns and sits down in a nearby chair."
[02:15] * Heiden turns crimson. "NO! I mean, /no/. Dr. Facette's unconscious, for god's sake, I'm not a monster."
[02:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh."
[02:15] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 AM I REALLY? :(
[02:15] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, AM I REALLY? :(: 2 [1d2=2]
[02:15] * Agent_Strelnikov giggles at Heiden. It sounds even more retarded with his parched throat.
[02:15] * Dr_Facette looks up at Heiden…
[02:15] <Heiden> "Yoric, you make my life difficult."
[02:15] <Dr_Facette> "… Er…"
[02:15] * Paul_D frowns. "Uhm…crap, whathappened to the fridge?"
[02:15] <pooryoric> "i know. great, innit?"
[02:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Oh. Oops."
[02:15] <Dr_Facette> "- You know - I'm not going to ask."
[02:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…uh…"
[02:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I destroyed it."
[02:15] * Paul_D starts looking through the cupboards. "I dunno…sometimes she leaves cookies around."
[02:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "With grenade."
[02:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Was a bad shot. Sorries."
[02:16] * Gerald shifts, mumbling something about a present.
[02:16] * Heiden looks down. He is scarlet. "Howd'y'do, Adelaide?"
[02:16] * Paul_D sighs and finally just grabs his suitcase, opening it up and pulling out his lunch.
[02:16] <Dr_Facette> "… Am I in your - yes, I'm in your -"
[02:16] <Paul_D> "Here…do you like salami?"
[02:16] <Dr_Facette> "When did I - you didn't? - Must be a machete - /what about salami/?"
[02:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ooh. Ooh."
[02:16] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches for Paul's lunch.
[02:16] <pooryoric> "machete?"
[02:16] * Gerald is still knocked out, in case you were wondering.
[02:16] <Heiden> [that's right, I just busted out with 'howdeedoo'. Beat that.]
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [heiden is awesome]
[02:17] <pooryoric> [i got nothin.]
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [bears.]
[02:17] <pooryoric> [BABIES]
[02:17] * Heiden 's eyes widen slightly. "Uh, machete? Don't, ah, don't rightly like where this is headed."
[02:17] <DrAuteu> [penipillars?]
[02:17] * Agent_Strelnikov nibbles on Paul's lunch. That sounds awkward but really is innocuous.
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [NO AUTEU NO.]
[02:17] * Paul_D hands Strelnikov a salami sandwich and a little bag of oeros.
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ohhh…cookie."
[02:17] <Heiden> [and now that Strel has got the Texan thing stuck in my head, it is now Heiden's stressed accent]
[02:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you."
[02:17] <pooryoric> [does he toss his salad, too?]
[02:17] <Paul_D> [OH GOD NO]
[02:18] * Agent_Strelnikov eats the sandwich.
[02:18] <Paul_D> "It's no problem."
[02:18] <Paul_D> [Only so long as Paul doesn't fire his rifle.]
[02:18] * Dr_Facette stares at Heiden.
[02:18] * Dr_Facette glances to the side of where she's laying.
[02:18] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at an Oreo. "Cookie?"
[02:18] * Dr_Facette glances back up.
[02:18] <Paul_D> […Or grenade launcher. Which sounds a MILLION times either MORE or LESS scandelous.]
[02:18] <Paul_D> "It's a cookie, eat it."
[02:18] * pooryoric lean back in his chair.
[02:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [im going to bore check paul's weapon]
[02:19] <pooryoric> [paul's locked and loaded.]
[02:19] * Agent_Strelnikov eats the cookie. It's good, but not as good as the ones Doktor Rights would have made.
[02:19] * Paul_D [cleans Strelnikov's cannon.]
[02:19] <DrAuteu> [geez strel, buy the guy a drink first]
[02:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[02:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [let me elevate his barrel for firing first]
[02:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [or else he might fire into my sandbags]
[02:19] * Heiden looks down at Adelaide. "You don't look angry, but y'did mention a /machete/, miss…"
[02:19] <pooryoric> [just make sur the safety's on.]
[02:19] * Gerald drools a bit on the couch.
[02:19] * Agent_Strelnikov eats his cookie and begins wandering towards the door ever so slowly.
[02:20] <Dr_Facette> "I was just making an assumption about what you've got in your pocket."
[02:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 6 to escape!
[02:20] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, 6 to escape!: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:20] <Paul_D> [Don't just go around chambering a round in him.]
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps shambling to the door.
[02:20] * Paul_D follows Strelnikov.
[02:20] <pooryoric> [facette. well played.]
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov is oblivious.
[02:20] <Paul_D> 1d6 AHEM
[02:20] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, AHEM: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:20] <Heiden> "Just let me know if'n I need my affairs in ord-guh"
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov stops.
[02:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Fines."
[02:20] * Heiden chokes on his words as Adelaide responds.
[02:20] * Paul_D clears his throat loudly. "…Keep going. Just letting you know that I've got an eye on you."
[02:20] * pooryoric grins. "that means he likes you."
[02:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Oh."
[02:20] * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles out the door. He begins shuffling towards Rights' room.
[02:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 For cripple run!
[02:21] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, For cripple run!: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:21] * Agent_Strelnikov keeps on shuffling.
[02:21] * Paul_D blinks, suddenly walking in front of Strelnikov.
[02:21] <Paul_D> 1d4 HEY WAIT
[02:21] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, HEY WAIT: 3 [1d4=3]
[02:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[02:21] * Paul_D trips and falls, whacking his face onthe floor.
[02:21] <Gerald> "*snore*
[02:21] <DrAuteu> [shit… i just remembered, i owe roamin 5 bucks]
[02:21] * Dr_Facette stares up at Heiden with this … sort of … neutral, maybe a little bit expectant face.
[02:21] <Dr_Facette> "Guh?"
[02:21] * Paul_D gets back up and tries again. "Strel!"
[02:21] * Agent_Strelnikov does the hustle!
[02:21] <Paul_D> 1d6
[02:21] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
[02:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Hustle
[02:21] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Hustle: 3 [1d6=3]
[02:21] <Paul_D> "Oh, Jesus, my nose is broken!"
[02:21] * Agent_Strelnikov actually slows down.
[02:21] <pooryoric> [is it gay if heknows that paul is really rights?]
[02:21] <Gerald> [Heheh.]
[02:22] <pooryoric> "heiden. speak."
[02:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> [this is the most epic battle of the day paul]
[02:22] * Paul_D sits on the floor, stunned, holding his nose, before staring at Strel. "HEY!"
[02:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Come on!
[02:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Come on!: 6 [1d6=6]
[02:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> [OH SHIT SON OH SHIT]
[02:22] * Paul_D gets back up and runs after him.
[02:22] <Heiden> [I type slow, leave me alone! : P]
[02:22] <Paul_D> 1d6 OH SHIT SON
[02:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, OH SHIT SON: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:22] <Paul_D> "Oh crap."
[02:22] * Agent_Strelnikov breaks off at a sprint, hobbling at first, but making good speed now. He shouts in pain and rage.
[02:22] * Paul_D finally resolves to just throw his breifcase at Strelnikov.
[02:22] <Paul_D> 1d6 BREIFRISBEEE
[02:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, BREIFRISBEEE: 5 [1d6=5]
[02:22] * Heiden looks down at Adelaide. "I, ah… just not a man of many words when I find a pretty woman on m'lap, I s'pose."
[02:22] * Agent_Strelnikov is struck squarely in the back by the briefcase.
[02:23] * Agent_Strelnikov falls down in a flurry of papers, legs, oreos, and briefcase.
[02:23] * Heiden has a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
[02:23] * Agent_Strelnikov can be heard screaming probably throughout the entire facility.
[02:23] <Dr_Facette> "Yes, I can tell. You've started talking like you're from Texas. Natural accent?"
[02:23] * Dr_Facette seems remarkably calm about all this.
[02:23] * Paul_D hurries up to Strelnikov and considers trying to pin him, remembering wrestling in high school, before just…sitting on him. Strelnikov is ALSO covered in all the stuff Paul stole.
[02:23] <Dr_Facette> "You shouldn't bother trying to cover it up, really."
[02:23] <Paul_D> "…You remind me of a dog I used to have."
[02:24] <Paul_D> "Big-ass mutt, part great dane."
[02:24] * DrAuteu pokes his head up from bhind the couch, right near hieden and facetee
[02:24] <DrAuteu> [facette*]
[02:24] <pooryoric> [HAHAHA i read facette and pauls things as part of the same sentence…]
[02:24] * Heiden seems to be caught slightly off guard, and his accent reverts. "Well, yes, actually… lost it when I went to get my bachelor's, actually."
[02:24] <Dr_Facette> [ LOL XD ]
[02:24] <Paul_D> "…If you let go of it's leash for one minute, it'd tear off and you'd have to tackle it in a flying leap to try and stop him from wrecking havoc."
[02:24] <Paul_D> 1d6 Sitting on Dmitri without injuring him any more
[02:24] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, Sitting on Dmitri without injuring him any more: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:25] * Paul_D only sits on his wounds a little bit.
[02:25] <pooryoric> "you like his accent, faette?"
[02:25] <pooryoric> *facette
[02:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> [that's it]
[02:25] <Dr_Facette> "What? We-well, I …"
[02:25] <Dr_Facette> 5d6 People Skills
[02:25] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, People Skills: 17 [5d6=1,4,3,4,5]
[02:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i am adding a hook called "Worst Patient in the World]
[02:25] <Dr_Facette> [ … good or bad? ]
[02:25] * Gerald snores.
[02:25] <pooryoric> [HOOK.]
[02:26] <Paul_D> "…Now, listen, do you know what I mean when I say that Lurker and Rights are BUSY?"
[02:26] * Paul_D taps on Dmitri's head and hope that the man doesn't throw him off and kill him.
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i think it should lower the rolls for any medical treatment issued to him, with the exception of Mann]
[02:26] <Dr_Facette> [ The 17. ]
[02:26] <pooryoric> 5d6 seeing through facette's shit
[02:26] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, seeing through facette's shit: 11 [5d6=3,2,1,3,2]
[02:26] * Agent_Strelnikov groans.
[02:26] <Heiden> [It's actually almost purely statistically average]
[02:26] <pooryoric> [decent.]
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Allright."
[02:26] <Heiden> [17.5 is average for 5d6]
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am surrender."
[02:26] <Paul_D> "…Good…maybe we can go check on them later, right?"
[02:26] <pooryoric> [why do you know that, heiden?]
[02:26] <DrAuteu> hehe, so you have a thing for hieden maybe?
[02:26] * Agent_Strelnikov unholsters his pistol and hands it to Paul grip first.
[02:26] <Paul_D> "Or leave a not on the door."
[02:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "If I am try for make run again, shoot me."
[02:26] <Dr_Facette> "… That's sort of a silly question. Why would you ask that?"
[02:27] <DrAuteu> "no reason"
[02:27] <Heiden> [good head for basic stats]
[02:27] * Paul_D stares at the pistol. "…That's a terrible idea! I'm not going to shoot you!"
[02:27] <Heiden> [3.5 is the average for a d6, multiply by 5 = 17.5]
[02:27] * pooryoric grins "because i already know the answer."
[02:27] <DrAuteu> [also i forgot quotes, my bad]
[02:27] * Paul_D puts the pistol back…pulling out his taser-rifle
[02:27] <Paul_D> "…I'm going to electrocute you."
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Whats."
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No."
[02:27] * Agent_Strelnikov squrims.
[02:27] * Dr_Facette sits up. "… And what's /that/?"
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "NO. I GO BACK."
[02:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I GO BACKS."
[02:27] * Paul_D puts it by Dmitri's face and lets it give off a little spark. "Ready to go back? Good."
[02:28] * Agent_Strelnikov claws at the floor.
[02:28] <DrAuteu> [well that's my pe… oh that]
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Go back!
[02:28] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Go back!: 2 [1d6=2]
[02:28] * Paul_D stands up, sighing. "…Normally I don't play this rough…"
[02:28] * Agent_Strelnikov scrapes along the floor with Paul on top of him.
[02:28] <pooryoric> "haha, i'll let you two work that out on your own."
[02:28] <Paul_D> "I think Rights is affecting me in bad way…"
[02:28] * Heiden shakes his head at Yoric. For all the effort he's putting into it, he sure knows how to push Adelaide's buttons, it seems.
[02:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 GO BACK JESUS CHRIST
[02:28] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, GO BACK JESUS CHRIST: 1 [1d6=1]
[02:28] * Paul_D gets up off of Dmitri and offers him a hand.
[02:28] * Agent_Strelnikov just stops. He's exhausted. He can do no more.
[02:28] <DrAuteu> "i think strel might be wetting his beak a bit"
[02:28] <Heiden> [ahahaha the dice gods' revenge!]
[02:28] * Dr_Facette stands up, walking over and standing -right- in front of Yoric.
[02:28] * Agent_Strelnikov can neither resist or help himself anymore.
[02:28] <Paul_D> "Are…are you alright?"
[02:28] <Dr_Facette> "/Excuse me/?"
[02:29] * Paul_D frowns, crouching down by him.
[02:29] * Heiden sighs.
[02:29] * Agent_Strelnikov now requires help to do just about everything except walk in a straight line.
[02:29] * pooryoric doesn't stop grinning. "you are excused."
[02:29] * Paul_D sighs. "C'mon…let me help you up. I'm not just gonna let you lay inthe hallway…"
[02:29] * Gerald is passed out on a couch, fyi.
[02:29] * Agent_Strelnikov , with the help of Paul, manages to stand and shuffle back to the break room.
[02:29] <Paul_D> 1d6 Oh god I need to start doing weights
[02:29] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, Oh god I need to start doing weights: 6 [1d6=6]
[02:29] <Dr_Facette> [ Oh god, time to bite off a chunk she won't be able to chew… ]
[02:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh shit]
[02:29] <Paul_D> [AHAHAH I AM SUPERMAN]
[02:29] * Agent_Strelnikov is actually impressed with Paul's strength.
[02:29] <pooryoric> [ gerald, are you in need of attention?]
[02:29] <Heiden> [He drank some Brick, I thought]
[02:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you."
[02:29] <Dr_Facette> 1d4 HEY CHECK OUT MY RIGHT HOOK YORIC
[02:29] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, HEY CHECK OUT MY RIGHT HOOK YORIC: 1 [1d4=1]
[02:30] <DrAuteu> [that's the second most hilarious thing i've heard a girl say]
[02:30] <Gerald> [No, just making sure I don't fall off the chat list.]
[02:30] <Dr_Facette> [ … -sobs- ]
[02:30] * Heiden shoots to his feet.
[02:30] * Paul_D feels good about this! Also, Dmitri smells nice, so shut up.
[02:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [welcome to my world facette]
[02:30] <Heiden> "WHOA! Whoa, whoa, now!"
[02:30] <Gerald> [And to remind people I still exist.]
[02:30] <pooryoric> 1d6 dodge and smile, she's pretty.
[02:30] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, dodge and smile, she's pretty.: 2 [1d6=2]
[02:30] <Paul_D> "Alright…just have a seat. Do you need something more to drink, Dmitri?"
[02:30] <Dr_Facette> [ …. ;___; ]
[02:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Vodkas."
[02:30] * Heiden is trying his damndest to get in the way of the two.
[02:30] * pooryoric steps back, neatly evading the punch.
[02:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. Waits."
[02:30] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "…Water."
[02:30] <pooryoric> "i seem to have touched a nerve."
[02:31] <Paul_D> "Good."
[02:31] * Agent_Strelnikov sits at the table and pants.
[02:31] * Paul_D is still carrying around his taser-rifle like it's some kind of goddamn robotic future weapon, as he gets Dmitri a glass of water.
[02:31] * Dr_Facette is trying her damndest to get between Heiden and Yoric.
[02:31] * Agent_Strelnikov greatly fears and respects this weapon.
[02:31] * Heiden gets in the standard "stop trying to kill each other pose" of a palm-out hand between both parties.
[02:31] <Dr_Facette> 1d4 LEFT HOOK, I CAN DO THIS
[02:31] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, LEFT HOOK, I CAN DO THIS: 4 [1d4=4]
[02:32] <DrAuteu> [oh shit]
[02:32] <Dr_Facette> [ … it's official: Facette's left handed. ]
[02:32] * pooryoric is still grinning, standing in a casual pose as though nothing has happened.
[02:32] * Heiden isn't much of a fighter, and unless she has hella gorilla arms…
[02:32] * Paul_D is amazed that Dmitri's so freaked out by the taser rifle, yet still doesn't seem too affected by getting stabbed or shot.
[02:32] <pooryoric> 1d6 dodge and smile agian like a gentleman
[02:32] * Dr_Facette punches like … well, like a cat.
[02:32] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, dodge and smile agian like a gentleman: 3 [1d6=3]
[02:32] * Agent_Strelnikov is afraid of it because he has been stabbed and shot, but never tasered.
[02:32] * Heiden tries to dodge as Adelaide swings past him.
[02:32] <Heiden> 1d6 Formal Combat Training? Pshaw!
[02:32] <Magic_8-Ball> Heiden, Formal Combat Training? Pshaw!: 5 [1d6=5]
[02:32] * Dr_Facette gives Yoric's head more of a slightly irksome bat-around if it hits. Wonderful.
[02:33] * pooryoric 's grin falters as his stone left eye fallls out.
[02:33] <pooryoric> "oh, shit, habg on."
[02:33] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters something about how Adelaide should kick him in the asshole.
[02:33] <Dr_Facette> "— what was - …?"
[02:33] * Yasassin has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:33] * Heiden leans back and Dr. Facette's haymaker goes sailing past him.
[02:33] * pooryoric retrieves the eye.
[02:33] * Gerald is fascinated by this exchange. So fascinated, he grunts at them. No, wait, that's just him snoring.
[02:33] * Dr_Facette stares at Yoric.
[02:33] * Paul_D has been tased. There are worse things.
[02:33] * DrAuteu half assedly attempts to stop facette
[02:33] <Heiden> "Please stop?"
[02:33] <pooryoric> "you knocked my eye out. gimme a second."
[02:34] <DrAuteu> "no…wait…don't…"
[02:34] * Agent_Strelnikov drums the table. "Lurker must have large beak. It is take him long time for wet it propely." The true horror of that bombshell escapes him at the time.
[02:34] <Dr_Facette> "… Oh my /god/."
[02:34] <pooryoric> [oh, god.]
[02:34] * Paul_D stares at Dmitri."
[02:34] <Paul_D> "…What…"
[02:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…What?"
[02:34] <Heiden> [oh my god I cannot wait until someone tells him]
[02:34] * Dr_Facette backs away from Yoric.
[02:34] <Paul_D> "…Dmitri, do you even KNOW what that means."
[02:34] <Dr_Facette> "… don't kill me."
[02:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
[02:34] <Gerald> [….]
[02:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oops. I am error."
[02:34] * Paul_D puts downthe taser rifle on the table, just to hand his head inhis hands.
[02:34] <pooryoric> "you okay, facette? it's just a glass eye."
[02:34] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[02:34] <Bright> "…"
[02:34] <Lurker> [[ Oh god ow my chest… laughing… ow… ]]
[02:34] * Paul_D starts…giggling.
[02:34] <Lurker> [[ Fuck you Waxx… ]]
[02:35] * Dr_Facette stares in wide. Eyed. Fucking. Horror.
[02:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[02:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What. What am I say."
[02:35] <Heiden> [Yoric, golden reaction to the hit. It's /so terrible/!]
[02:35] <Bright> "Damn it Rights."
[02:35] <DrAuteu> [sorry facette, i have to]
[02:35] * Yasassin has joined #FieldWork
[02:35] <pooryoric> "kondraki shot me in the head."
[02:35] * Paul_D cannot stop giggling oh god the laughter, the laughter."
[02:35] * Paul_D topples out of his chair.
[02:35] * Agent_Strelnikov pounds the table, except it's more of a rough pat this time.
[02:35] * DrAuteu leans in to whisper in facette's ear
[02:36] * Agent_Strelnikov decides to just drink his water instead.
[02:36] * Heiden doesn't even know what to say at this point.
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> [this]
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> [has been the best session ever]
[02:36] <Heiden> "Someone - /someone/ has to tell him."
[02:36] * pooryoric puts his eye back in an resumes grinning.
[02:36] <DrAuteu> 7d6 i don't think i'm lying
[02:36] <Magic_8-Ball> DrAuteu, i don't think i'm lying: 21 [7d6=4,4,4,6,1,1,1]
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Wait, waits."
[02:36] <Bright> "Birds and the bees Comrade."
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Are you saying…"
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Rights and Lurker…"
[02:36] * Gerald is laughing so hard, it looks like he's knocked out.
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:36] * Agent_Strelnikov leans on the table.
[02:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…They are make fuckings?"
[02:36] <DrAuteu> [face, do you wish to oppose?]
[02:37] <Heiden> "He is /getting his beak wet/."
[02:37] <Gerald> [XD]
[02:37] * Agent_Strelnikov 's mouth is agape.
[02:37] <Bright> "Also, Dr. Rights and anything with genitalia."
[02:37] <Heiden> [oh god I am laughing so hard]
[02:37] * Paul_D lets out a howl of laughter like nothing else.
[02:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:37] <Bright> "And a couple things without."
[02:37] * Lurker walks into the room. "What's so funny?"
[02:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Maybe Gerald is talk to R-…":
[02:37] <pooryoric> [just forreference, yoric has a fake left eye. just in case anyone is confused.]
[02:37] * Gerald groans. He pulls himself up.
[02:37] <DrAuteu> [or are you going to let me run rampant with your subconcious?]
[02:37] * Agent_Strelnikov chokes.
[02:37] <Gerald> "Wha?"
[02:37] * Heiden looks at Lurker, opens his mouth to say something, then just lets out a guffaw.
[02:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:37] <Dr_Facette> [ What -are- you doing! ]
[02:37] <Bright> "You and Rights making fuckings."
[02:37] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Lurker.
[02:37] * Paul_D tries to stand up, clutching at the edge of the table, before spotting Lurker, starting to laugh again, and collapsing.
[02:37] * Lurker blinks around the room. "What?"
[02:37] * Gerald looks around.
[02:37] * Agent_Strelnikov 's face is flushed bright red.
[02:37] <Gerald> "What about fucking?"
[02:37] <pooryoric> [he can give people phobias, facette.]
[02:37] * Lurker looks at Bright and blushes madly. "I… what?!?
[02:38] * Gerald looks a bit groggy.
[02:38] <Lurker> [[ that 2nd ? should be a " ]]
[02:38] <Paul_D> "OH GOD I CAN'T BREATH"
[02:38] <Dr_Facette> [ … Dammit. ]
[02:38] <Bright> "Getting your beak wet?"
[02:38] <Gerald> "Huh?"
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker?"
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Are you…"
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Have you…have…you….been….."
[02:38] * Lurker blushes even brighter. "Yes Dmitri?"
[02:38] <Dr_Facette> [ Run wild, not like Addy can stop him. 8< 0
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are."
[02:38] <Gerald> "…."
[02:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "My gods."
[02:38] <Dr_Facette> [ Unless the People Skills things works. ]
[02:38] * Agent_Strelnikov giggles.
[02:38] <Gerald> "Agh, what'd I miss?"
[02:38] * Paul_D wheezes on the floor.
[02:38] * Lurker makes his way to the table with the cake still intact, and picks it up. "What? What the hell is going on?"
[02:39] <pooryoric> [don't make her afraid of yoric. this is too fun.]
[02:39] * Bright clicks the dial up to 'Laid out Flat' and waits.
[02:39] <Gerald> "I have no clue."
[02:39] <DrAuteu> [that would be the one to use if any]
[02:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Put cake down. Come here."
[02:39] * Gerald grabs some coffee.
[02:39] * Lurker furrows his brow. "I should get back."
[02:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "NO."
[02:39] <DrAuteu> [no, i would just make her a bit more paranoid of people, so she expects wierd shit from everyone
[02:39] <DrAuteu> ]
[02:39] <Gerald> "…."
[02:39] <Heiden> "…yeah, you probably should."
[02:39] * Agent_Strelnikov pounds the table genuinely this time."
[02:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I HAVE FOUGHT. TO GO SEE YOU."
[02:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "COME HERE."
[02:39] <Lurker> "Plus you're all having a laugh… didn't want to inter-eep!"
[02:39] <Dr_Facette> [ … one moment, then ]
[02:39] * Lurker walks over and lays the cake on the coffee table.
[02:39] <pooryoric> "anyway, adelaide, sorry to shock you. i assumed you knew it was fake."
[02:40] <Dr_Facette> 5d6 People Skills to RESIST PARANOIA what
[02:40] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, People Skills to RESIST PARANOIA what: 21 [5d6=6,6,3,2,4]
[02:40] * Lurker is also missing his labcoat.
[02:40] <DrAuteu> [oh shit, a tie]
[02:40] * Agent_Strelnikov pats his lap for Lurker to hop up.
[02:40] <Paul_D> "Heh…ehheh…oh lawd." Paul mumbles, pulling himself back into his chair.
[02:40] * Lurker blinks and hops up reluctantly.
[02:40] <Dr_Facette> [ So… so what happened? ;_: ]
[02:40] <Bright> "Man lurker, they all want you."
[02:40] * Agent_Strelnikov pats Lurker on the head, rather like a puppy dog.
[02:40] * pooryoric looks apologetic.
[02:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am prouds of you."
[02:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is what I have want to tell you."
[02:40] <DrAuteu> [what…uh happens when there's a tie?]
[02:40] * Lurker blushes a bit. "Eh? Wh-what for?"
[02:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You protect Doktor Rights."
[02:41] <Heiden> [world implodes]
[02:41] <pooryoric> [nothing. she resisted successfully.]
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You understand what I was say about love."
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes?"
[02:41] <DrAuteu> [hmm ok]
[02:41] * Lurker nods, still blushing.
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Perhaps you understands this too well."
[02:41] <Dr_Facette> "… Please don't touch me."
[02:41] * Dr_Facette stares at Yoric.
[02:41] <Dr_Facette> [ You'd think she'd never seen a glass eye before! ]
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Anyway. You have make good jobs today."
[02:41] <pooryoric> "ah, toching people is generally not on my to do list."
[02:41] <Gerald> "Today was hectic, even by my standards."
[02:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Go on and wets your beak more." He laughs again.
[02:42] <DrAuteu> [i would like to think she's a bit less surprised by wierd shit though, if only a small fraction]
[02:42] * Lurker smiles. "Thanks, Dmitri. You weren't too bad yourself with that grenade launcher… thanks for not hitting me in the he-"
[02:42] * Agent_Strelnikov 's teeth shine through the huge fucking smile.
[02:42] * Lurker shuts up at the last part, blushes a deep shade of red, and quickly exits the breakroom with the cake.
[02:42] <DrAuteu> [due to the whole experience you know]
[02:42] * pooryoric smiles again.
[02:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is good cub, yes?"
[02:42] <Gerald> "He's pretty nice."
[02:43] * Agent_Strelnikov now considers Lurker to be a smallish bear.
[02:43] <Dr_Facette> [ Heh. ]
[02:43] * Heiden looks at Dr. Auteu, then at Yoric, then at Adelaide. "So… is this done?"
[02:43] <pooryoric> "seriously, though, you nevernoticed that it was -made of stone-?"
[02:43] <Dr_Facette> [ Maybe. ]
[02:43] <Dr_Facette> "… Yes, Fred. We're — we're done. I apologize, I don't know what got into m-"
[02:43] * Dr_Facette STARES AT YORIC.
[02:43] <pooryoric> "done? that's up to -you- heiden."
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Facette."
[02:43] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Are you want me to kill him?"
[02:43] * Paul_D has his head against the table. "…Oh god."
[02:43] <pooryoric> "what is that look?"
[02:43] * Heiden sighs. "Yoric. Rein it in, please."
[02:43] <Gerald> "Babies?"
[02:43] * Agent_Strelnikov points at Yoric. "Babies."
[02:43] <Paul_D> "I think I broke something."
[02:44] * Dr_Facette looks over at Strelnikov…
[02:44] * Gerald chuckles.
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [TEAM: RED. CLASS: BABYSITTER.]
[02:44] <pooryoric> [ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM IS BAIES]
[02:44] * Dr_Facette gives him this … this smile, like he's just said something terribly sweet. She looks like a goddamn schoolgirl. A pale schoolgirl.
[02:44] <Dr_Facette> "Awww…"
[02:44] * Agent_Strelnikov turns to Facette.
[02:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I take his head like this."
[02:44] * Bright has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:45] * Agent_Strelnikov holds his hands out and pushes them together, making a squishing sound with his mouth.
[02:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Like baby skull."
[02:45] <pooryoric> "no worries, red. she's just had alearning experience."
[02:45] <Heiden> "He's not kidding, Adelaide, or trying to impress you. He really will /annihilate/ him."
[02:45] <DrAuteu> "…"
[02:45] * Gerald laughs.
[02:45] <Dr_Facette> "Oh, yes, I know that."
[02:45] <Heiden> "Kill isn't a sufficiently strong term for what this man can do."
[02:45] <pooryoric> "heiden, i -really- appreciate the support."
[02:45] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't really have superhuman strength, he just has Stalin's Will.
[02:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> [THAT is what the perk needs to be called]
[02:46] <Gerald> "So, Dr. Facette's first name is Adelaide?"
[02:46] <Heiden> "Yoric, you know it as well as I do."
[02:46] <Gerald> "Hm."
[02:46] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to repeat the name. "Add a Lady."
[02:46] <pooryoric> "yeh, but if i have made some sort of enemy, i don't need you giving her ideas."
[02:47] * Gerald looks at his watch.
[02:47] <Gerald> "Goddamn!"
[02:47] <DrAuteu> "what you need is me giving her ideas"
[02:47] <Gerald> "I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done!"
[02:47] * Gerald stands up.
[02:47] * pooryoric grins. "then again, any ttention from a beautiful girl is good attention."
[02:47] <Heiden> "Yoric, I told you I'd cut you some day. If it gets done by proxy, I'm okay with it."
[02:47] <Gerald> "I gotta go, guys."
[02:47] <Gerald> "See you all later."
[02:47] * Heiden waves to Gerald.
[02:47] <pooryoric> "see, and after i'll i try and do for you, heiden."
[02:48] * Dr_Facette waves at Gerald.
[02:48] <Gerald> "I hope you enjoy your present, Dmitri."
[02:48] <pooryoric> "see ya, gerald."
[02:48] * Agent_Strelnikov waves.
[02:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you, Gerald. You have save day."
[02:48] * Paul_D waves at Gerald, still snickering.
[02:48] <Heiden> "Yoric, you already have /tried/ to get me killed. It's only fair I return the favor."
[02:48] * Gerald looks confused as to why Paul is laughing at him.
[02:48] <pooryoric> "when have i tried to get you killed?"
[02:48] <pooryoric> [i have?]
[02:48] <Dr_Facette> "Ah-deh-lai-de."
[02:48] * Paul_D is laughing at Dmitri, still
[02:48] <Heiden> [remember my first RP here?]
[02:49] <Gerald> [Oh.]
[02:49] * Dr_Facette seems to have difficulty breaking her own name up.
[02:49] <Gerald> "Well, bye."
[02:49] * Dr_Facette pauses and thinks.
[02:49] * Agent_Strelnikov nudges Paul with a boot.
[02:49] <Heiden> [so, containment breach in the toilets. What does Yoric do? PUSH HEIDEN IN THE ROOM, WHICH PROMPTLY LOCKS]
[02:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> [LOL]
[02:49] * Gerald waves as he walks out the door.
[02:49] * Paul_D blinks, stifling his laughter and smiling widely at Dmitri. "…Yes?"
[02:49] <Heiden> [the toilets begin screaming for blood, the iron maidens that have replaced the urinals go nuts, and the room turns to flesh]
[02:49] <Gerald> [OH YEAH]
[02:49] <pooryoric> [not to kill him, though. they came in to save him a few seconds later…]
[02:50] <Heiden> [Heiden doesn't take 'practical joke -> almost negligent homicide' well]
[02:50] <Gerald> [Anyway, G'night folks.]
[02:50] <Heiden> [g'night]
[02:50] <pooryoric> [laters gerald.]
[02:50] <Paul_D> "…So you really didn't know what 'wetting your beak' meant?"
[02:50] <Paul_D> "And you kept using it?"
[02:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I thought it was make the kissings."
[02:50] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs.
[02:50] <Lurker> [[ OH MY GOD ]]
[02:50] <Lurker> [[ XD ]]
[02:51] <Gerald> [Oh god, he doesn't know about Gerald and Claudia, then….]
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Wait."
[02:51] <Gerald> '[Shit]
[02:51] <Dr_Facette> "Only if it's a trouser friendly kiss."
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald. Claudia."
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Wait."
[02:51] <Paul_D> "…You…you are like…you are like from…from the 1950's or something."
[02:51] <pooryoric> [waxx, i tip my tophaat to you, sir.]
[02:51] <Gerald> [D:]
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Stand up.
[02:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Stand up.: 4 [1d6=4]
[02:51] * Agent_Strelnikov manages to push his chair out a little bit.
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WAIT."
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WAIT."
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WAIT."
[02:51] * Dr_Facette pauses … and puts her hands over her mouth.
[02:51] <pooryoric> "…trouser friendly?"
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…WAIT."
[02:51] <Paul_D> "Oh god."
[02:51] <Dr_Facette> "… did I just say that?"
[02:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…….WAITS."
[02:51] <Heiden> "A trouser frien- I clearly haven't heard you correctly."
[02:51] <pooryoric> "did you just say that?"
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "ARE YOU SAY TO ME."
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "THAT GERALD."
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WAS MAKE THE SEX WITH CLAUDIA."
[02:52] <DrAuteu> [oh shit, now i have to make you say shit like that more often]
[02:52] * Paul_D starts laughing again.
[02:52] <Dr_Facette> "I think I just said that."
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GERALD WAS MAKE SEX WITH CLAUDIA."
[02:52] <pooryoric> "i'm fairly certain you did."
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GERALD. GERALD. WAS MAKE SEX WITH CLAUDIA."
[02:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:52] <Paul_D> "YES."
[02:52] <Heiden> "Hmm. Yeah, sounds about right."
[02:52] * Paul_D howls with laughter.
[02:52] * Agent_Strelnikov passes out.
[02:52] <Paul_D> "Oh dear."
[02:53] * Agent_Strelnikov lands on the table.
[02:53] * Dr_Facette scuttles over…
[02:53] <pooryoric> "jesus CHRIST red, stop yelling that! if kondraki hears claudia was loose on my watch he'll kill me!"
[02:53] <Dr_Facette> "…"
[02:53] * Agent_Strelnikov 's mind cannot comprehend this.
[02:53] <Dr_Facette> "Somebody hand me a water bottle."
[02:53] * Paul_D nudges Dmitri.
[02:53] <pooryoric> "and he'll finnd a way to make sure i stay dead!"
[02:53] * Agent_Strelnikov wakes up with a snort.
[02:53] <Paul_D> "I think we broke him."
[02:53] * Heiden walks over to the wreckage of the fridge and pulls a bottle of water out.
[02:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[02:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That…that…"
[02:53] <Paul_D> "Oh, wait, he rebooted."
[02:53] <Paul_D> "…Are you okay?"
[02:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Motorboating son of the bitch."
[02:53] <Dr_Facette> "… Finally."
[02:53] * Heiden walks over and hands the bottle of water to Adelaide.
[02:53] <Lurker> [[ HAHAHA ]]
[02:54] <Gerald> When Dmitri started yelling, you heard someone say "SHIT" in the hallway, and the sound of someone running.
[02:54] <Lurker> [[ MOTORBOATING! ]]
[02:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl gerald]
[02:54] <Paul_D> "…Yeah, he probably was."
[02:54] <Dr_Facette> "… Motorboating?"
[02:54] <pooryoric> "motorboating?"
[02:54] * Agent_Strelnikov smiles.
[02:54] <Dr_Facette> "What's motorboating?"
[02:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That fucking sly mans."
[02:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sly, sly Doktor Gerald."
[02:54] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs and sips his water.
[02:54] * Paul_D laughs quietly.
[02:54] * Dr_Facette … stares at Strelnikov. Her eyes are wide and her lips are just slightly parted. Ultimate expression of childish innocence. Tell her: Y/N?
[02:54] <pooryoric> "ask heiden about that later, facette."
[02:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d2 2 for tell her
[02:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, 2 for tell her: 2 [1d2=2]
[02:54] <Dr_Facette> [ … oh god ]
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov turns to Facette. Brace yourselves.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov ….
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov no.
[02:55] * Paul_D cannot WAIT to hear this.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov turns back to his water.
[02:55] * Paul_D pouts.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov has said enough.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov on second thought.
[02:55] <Dr_Facette> [ … NO YOU BASTARD ]
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov turns back to Facette.
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Well."
[02:55] <Dr_Facette> [ YOU ROLLED ]
[02:55] <Dr_Facette> [ /DO IT/ ]
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You…eh…"
[02:55] <pooryoric> [HERE IT COMES]
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Uh."
[02:55] * Heiden looks at Dmitri expectantly. He's wants to hear Dmitri's version, too.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov is tremendously disconcerted.
[02:55] * Agent_Strelnikov blushes.
[02:55] * pooryoric grins.
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Uh."
[02:55] <Heiden> [so I can't do the words tonight anymores]
[02:55] * Dr_Facette 's eyes are wide.
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Um."
[02:55] <Paul_D> [You take the lady's bosom…]
[02:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well."
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I…uh…I was shown this in Chechnya, see…."
[02:56] * Dr_Facette looks like a deer in headlights. A /baby/ dear.
[02:56] <Dr_Facette> [ … e, not a. ]
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You….uh…you take, whore, yes?"
[02:56] <Dr_Facette> [ WOO late night spelling ]
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And."
[02:56] <Heiden> [the tears, they are a rolling]
[02:56] <DrAuteu> [yes yes yes, brace for epic]
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "When she is take the clothes off."
[02:56] <pooryoric> [the man, he is takings the bosoms of the laydee…]
[02:56] <Gerald> [For the love of comedy, I hope someone logged Dmitri's outburst.]
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Uh."
[02:56] * Dr_Facette wide, WIDE eyes…
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Uh."
[02:56] * Dr_Facette WIDE EYES
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She is take shirt off, and."
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You stick…your face, yes?"
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Into..uh…yes?"
[02:56] <pooryoric> [the man, he is takings the bosoms of the laydee…]
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And you go BLBLBLBLBLBLBB."
[02:56] <Dr_Facette> "… Into what?"
[02:56] * Agent_Strelnikov hides.
[02:56] * Agent_Strelnikov is covering his face.
[02:56] <Heiden> [I'm like 5 years old honestly]
[02:56] * Dr_Facette stares in confusion.
[02:56] <Heiden> [this should NOT make me laugh this hard]
[02:56] * Paul_D cannot hold it in any longer. He laughs. He falls out of his chair again.
[02:56] * DrAuteu is staring at facette's face with an unusual look of glee
[02:56] * Dr_Facette … did not understand.
[02:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [even i am laughing]
[02:57] <pooryoric> [oh, god! i -actually- laughed aloud.]
[02:57] <Heiden> [BLBLBLBLBLBL]
[02:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> [someday i will recite this over stickam]
[02:57] * Dr_Facette tilts her head to the side like a confused dog..
[02:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> [just for you, yoric]
[02:57] <pooryoric> [oh, PLEASE.]
[02:57] * Agent_Strelnikov cries a little bit from laughter.
[02:57] <pooryoric> [i beg.]
[02:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ask Lurker."
[02:57] <Dr_Facette> "Wh — what — … "
[02:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He..HE WILL SHOW YOU AHAHAHAHA."
[02:57] * Dr_Facette turns and looks at Heiden.
[02:57] <Dr_Facette> "What does he — "
[02:57] <Dr_Facette> " What — ?"
[02:57] * Agent_Strelnikov is convulsing with laughter.
[02:58] * Heiden 's face is red from stifled laughter.
[02:58] * pooryoric straight face FAIL.
[02:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have RUINED fieldwork]
[02:58] * Dr_Facette still has that huge doe-eyed look on. 8< face.
[02:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have ruined it]
[02:58] <Dr_Facette> "… Fred."
[02:58] <Dr_Facette> "… /Fred/, what'd he mean?"
[02:58] <pooryoric> [NO. you have MADE IT STRONGER.]
[02:58] <Dr_Facette> "Why is everyone — … ?"
[02:58] <Heiden> "… yes, Adelaide…"
[02:58] * DrAuteu says quite plainly, "it is rapid motion of the mouth across the breasts"
[02:58] <Dr_Facette> "I don't — … ?"
[02:58] <Gerald> [Hey, you didn't MOTORBOAT CLAUDIA, now did you?]
[02:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [HAHAH]
[02:58] * Dr_Facette stares at Auteu.
[02:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [thank you auto]
[02:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh my god hahahaha]
[02:59] <Heiden> "It is - and there you go." Heiden looks Auteu with relief plain on his face.
[02:59] * Dr_Facette 's mouth … opens.
[02:59] <Gerald> [Now, did anyone log Dmitri's outburst?]
[02:59] * Dr_Facette … closes her mouth.
[02:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have logged all of it.]
[02:59] <Paul_D> [YES]
[02:59] * Dr_Facette opens.
[02:59] * Dr_Facette … closes.
[02:59] <Gerald> [XD]
[02:59] <DrAuteu> [fuck yes]
[02:59] <pooryoric> [my brother just yelled at me to shut up…]
[02:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> [but im leaving it for someone else to post]
[02:59] * Heiden shrugs. "You know." … "BLBLBLBLBLBBLBLBLBBBB"
[02:59] * Dr_Facette …
[02:59] * Agent_Strelnikov is mortified. He can't believe he said that but god damned if he isn't laughing at it.
[02:59] * pooryoric is politely silent.
[02:59] * Lurker is now known as Agent_Tam
[02:59] * Heiden puts a hand up to stall for time as he tries - fails - but tries to not laugh.
[02:59] * Dr_Facette shrieks and runs out of the room, her face red - under her hands, of course.
[02:59] * Agent_Tam walks into the room and looks around at everyone laughing and trying not to laugh.
[03:00] * Agent_Strelnikov finally lifts his head and laughs loudly.
[03:00] <Dr_Facette> [ … GOOD JOB FOLKS YOU TERRIFIED HER ]
[03:00] * Agent_Tam turns to watch Facette run out. "Woah… the 'fuck did I miss?"
[03:00] <Gerald> [Well, that was fucking hilarious.]
[03:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl gerald]
[03:00] <pooryoric> [oh, my GOD…]
[03:00] <DrAuteu> [she asked]
[03:00] <Heiden> "Oh, god, I'm going to be doing that all week… BLBLBLBLBLBBB…" Heiden wipes his eyes before he realized that Adelaide was /not/ amused.
[03:00] <Gerald> [Anyway, I need to get to bed now.]
[03:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> [goodnight gerald]
[03:00] * Dr_Facette can be heard both sobbing and laughing hysterically just outside the door, a hand on the wall for support.
[03:00] * Heiden 's grin is -gone-. "…how do you say it, Dmitri?"
[03:00] * Agent_Strelnikov is positively weeping.
[03:00] <Dr_Facette> [ ni'ni'! ]
[03:00] <Heiden> "SON OF THE BITCH, I think?"
[03:00] <Gerald> [No more epic comedy while I'm gone, m'kay?]
[03:00] <Dr_Facette> "Oh, my god - my /god/ -"
[03:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes."
[03:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Son of the BLBLBLBLBLBLB."
[03:01] * Agent_Strelnikov convulses again.
[03:01] <pooryoric> [from now on, we need a list, like the things bright s not allowed to do, but for the RP. "things that traumatize facette."]
[03:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> [or perhaps]
[03:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> [things strelnikov is not allowed to explain in english]
[03:01] * Heiden tries to keep a straight face, but that magnificent BLBLBLBLBLBBB prevents it.
[03:01] <Dr_Facette> [ -Everyone- needs that as a list. ]
[03:01] <DrAuteu> [i can't even actually make that noise without laughing]
[03:01] <pooryoric> [waxx. DO IT.]
[03:01] * Agent_Tam raises an eyebrow. "Good lord, the lot of you are nutters."
[03:01] * Dr_Facette pokes her head in enough to catch the BLBLBLBLBLBLB.
[03:01] <Dr_Facette> "— … "
[03:01] <Dr_Facette> "I - … "
[03:01] * Paul_D cannot breath, flailing on the floor.
[03:01] * Dr_Facette … -SNERRK- noise.
[03:01] * Agent_Strelnikov weeps with laughter.
[03:02] * Dr_Facette doubles and just — kind of starts laughing. It's awkward, though.
[03:02] <Agent_Tam> [[ Things you do not explain to Dmitri Strelnikov ]]
[03:02] * Heiden has given up on trying to hide it.
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahahah]
[03:02] * pooryoric is laughing so hard he has lost his hat.
[03:02] * Agent_Tam walks over and nudges Paul with a boot. "Ey. Get up."
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> [#laughrp]
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> [lol]
[03:02] * Dr_Facette darts in and snatches the hat!
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tam. Tam. Come heres."
[03:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am show you new trick."
[03:02] * Agent_Strelnikov waves Tam over.
[03:02] * Paul_D clutches at Tam's pant leg, but lets go, still laughing.
[03:02] * Dr_Facette flounces away from Yoric.
[03:02] * DrAuteu seems to be amused, but still rather straight faced
[03:02] <Agent_Tam> [[ This REQUIRES logging. ]]
[03:02] * Paul_D slowly starts to crawl back into his chair.
[03:03] <Heiden> "Oh no. Oh, this'll be great."
[03:03] <pooryoric> "hey! my hat!"
[03:03] * Dr_Facette puts Yoric's hat on Heiden.
[03:03] <pooryoric> me runs off after facette.
[03:03] <Dr_Facette> "… Wait, no. Lift me up again. QUICKLY, HE'S COMING"
[03:03] * Agent_Tam shrugs and walks over to Dmitri. "If you shoot me or break my bones, do I get a bonus?
[03:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes."
[03:03] * Agent_Strelnikov motions for Tam to lean in close.
[03:03] <pooryoric> "heiden. why do you have my hat?"
[03:03] * Heiden tries to strike a rakish pose before hurriedly stooping. "Get on my shoulders, now, now, now!"
[03:03] * Dr_Facette hops up.
[03:03] * Dr_Facette wins.
[03:03] * Agent_Tam leans closer, wincing slightly. This is gonna suck.
[03:03] * Gerald has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:03] * Heiden goes for the baldfaced lie approach. "I don't!"
[03:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Now."
[03:03] * Dr_Facette puts the hat on her own head.
[03:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "When….when you are have enemy this close…"
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Say you are me, yes?"
[03:04] * Dr_Facette stares intently.
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are enemies."
[03:04] * Heiden stands as quickly as he is able.
[03:04] <Heiden> [oh god this isn't going to end well]
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You do this. Is distract them."
[03:04] * Heiden begins maneuvering towards the couch.
[03:04] <Dr_Facette> [ OH GOD ]
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> 4"BLBLBLBLBLBLBBBLB."
[03:04] * pooryoric begins attempting to climb heiden to retieve his hat.
[03:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 COMBAT MOTORBOAT
[03:04] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, COMBAT MOTORBOAT: 30 [7d6=6,3,5,5,3,4,4]
[03:04] * Paul_D falls out of his chair again. Oh god. He is going to break a rib.
[03:04] <DrAuteu> [oh fuck]
[03:04] * Agent_Strelnikov MOTORBOATS THE SHIT OUT OF TAM
[03:04] * Agent_Tam falls backwards and bursts out laughing. "What the fuckin' hell?"
[03:05] * Agent_Strelnikov falls over laughing.
[03:05] * pooryoric hears strelnikov, falls over laughing, gets back up, and resumes climbing.
[03:05] * Agent_Strelnikov now cannot get up.
[03:05] * Dr_Facette laughs, so hard. SO DAMN HARD.
[03:05] * Agent_Strelnikov has expended himself completely.
[03:05] * Dr_Facette might fall off, herself.
[03:05] * Heiden , to his credit, lasts an impressive second and a half before busting out laughing. Also to his credit is the fact that he managed to deposit Adelaide on the couch. He is on the floor.
[03:05] * Agent_Tam is confused as all hell, but laughing nonetheless.
[03:05] * Dr_Facette scampers up onto the back of the couch.
[03:05] * Agent_Strelnikov collapses on the table, unable to breathe.
[03:05] * pooryoric falls onto the chair beside the couch.
[03:05] * DrAuteu looks upon the room, all on the floor
[03:05] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs and keeps laughing.
[03:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> "..S-Sorries…."
[03:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is too much."
[03:06] <Paul_D> "Ooh God…ahahahaahaha…"
[03:06] <Heiden> "Oh, oh god, my sides hurt."
[03:06] * DrAuteu smiles at the fact that none of them can seem to stand
[03:06] <pooryoric> [i love you guys.]
[03:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> [im a bad man]
[03:06] * Agent_Strelnikov changes topic to ' || If the room is LIVE, bracket your OOC entries. || Room is MOTORBOAT || Password to join wiki: scpfieldworkwiki || REGISTER YOUR NICKS!'
[03:06] <Agent_Tam> [[ Kombat Motorboat. ]]
[03:06] * Dr_Facette touches her cheeks, grinning like a maniac. "This must be what Barbie feels like."
[03:06] <Dr_Facette> [ …. !! ]
[03:06] <Heiden> [more like room is BLBLBLBLBLBBB]
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [combat motorboat, +1d6 to SEDUCTION]
[03:07] * Paul_D changes topic to ' || If the room is LIVE, bracket your OOC entries. || Room is MOTORBOATBLBLBLBBBBLBLB || Password to join wiki: scpfieldworkwiki || REGISTER YOUR NICKS!'
[03:07] * pooryoric reclaims his hat.
[03:07] <pooryoric> [snirk
[03:07] <pooryoric> ]
[03:07] * Heiden willingly yields the hat.
[03:07] * Heiden crawls to his feet.
[03:07] * Agent_Tam gets up, shaking his head.
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Okays. Okays."
[03:07] <Agent_Tam> "You guys are fuckin' bonkers."
[03:07] <Paul_D> "…I think my lungs are broken."
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I can make breath."
[03:07] * pooryoric places the hat back on his head.
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tam."
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sorries about your lunch."
[03:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I was very piss."
[03:08] <Agent_Tam> "It's alright. I've got a helluva lot more."
[03:08] <pooryoric> "i don't even breathe, and it's hard to breathe from laughing."
[03:08] <Dr_Facette> "Piss/ed off/, Captain."
[03:08] * Agent_Tam pulls one out and tosses it to Dmitri. "Chicken, if you want."
[03:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "That is what I say. I was piss."
[03:08] * Agent_Strelnikov sees nothing wrong with this.
[03:08] <Agent_Tam> "They last for a good 10 years or so."
[03:08] <Dr_Facette> "No, that's — nevermind."
[03:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 6 to open the MRE without assistance
[03:08] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, 6 to open the MRE without assistance: 1 [1d6=1]
[03:08] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at the MRE.
[03:08] <pooryoric> "facette, we've tried.
[03:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[03:08] <Paul_D> "…Do you need help?
[03:08] <Paul_D> "
[03:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Please. I am finish."
[03:09] <DrAuteu> [i think you just hurt yourself trying to open that]
[03:09] <Paul_D> "Finnish? I thought you were Russian."
[03:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [strelnikov gets a mean cut]
[03:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[03:09] <Heiden> "I understand just fine, and we haven't gotten anywhere trying to correct it."
[03:09] * Agent_Strelnikov 's VIM meter refills.
[03:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d20 ABOVE TEN IS FURIOUS RAGE
[03:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, ABOVE TEN IS FURIOUS RAGE: 5 [1d20=5]
[03:09] * Heiden achieves SEPULCHRITUDE
[03:09] * Agent_Strelnikov coughs. Dust comes out.
[03:09] * Agent_Strelnikov tries again.
[03:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d20 ABOVE TEN IS FURIOUS RAGE FOR REAL
[03:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, ABOVE TEN IS FURIOUS RAGE FOR REAL: 3 [1d20=3]
[03:09] <Dr_Facette> [ LOL ]
[03:09] * Agent_Strelnikov 's head hits the table.
[03:09] <Agent_Tam> [[ Heiden, quick, use TRUFFLE SHUFFLE ]]
[03:09] * Paul_D takes the MRE
[03:09] <pooryoric> [you're killing me.]
[03:09] <Heiden> [[ I don't have enough VIM! ]]
[03:10] <Paul_D> "Here, here…let me…"
[03:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> [pickle inspector no]
[03:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, NARCOLEPSY STILL SUCKS DICKS: 2 [1d2=2]
[03:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d20 LAST GASP
[03:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, LAST GASP: 5 [1d20=5]
[03:10] <Agent_Tam> [[ Fuck that I'm Ace Dick ]]
[03:10] * Agent_Strelnikov cannot even rant about the Finns.
[03:10] * Agent_Strelnikov will have to consume the MRE first.
[03:10] <Paul_D> 1d6 Wait, how the fuck do you open an MRE?
[03:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Paul_D, Wait, how the fuck do you open an MRE?: 1 [1d6=1]
[03:10] * Dr_Facette stole Strelnikov's rolls. >:)
[03:10] <Paul_D> "…Tam!"
[03:10] * Agent_Strelnikov promises to rant about the fucking filthy Finns after this MRE if anyone can ever open it.
[03:10] * Agent_Tam sighs and takes the MRE, rips open the side that has a clearly labelled "Tear here" and hands it to Dmitri.
[03:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are eat cold?"
[03:10] <Dr_Facette> [ Aaand I gotta go. Ciao, guys. :( Tomorrow. ]
[03:10] <Agent_Tam> "Yep."
[03:10] <pooryoric> "you guys fail so hard right now i can't even…"
[03:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> [goodnight facette :) ]
[03:11] <Agent_Tam> [[ Bye Facette :> ]]
[03:11] <pooryoric> [laters.]
[03:11] * Dr_Facette has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:11] <Heiden> [Night, Facette.]
[03:11] <Heiden> [holy fuck it's 2:15am]
[03:11] <pooryoric> [heiden, timezone high five!]
[03:11] <DrAuteu> [yeah, i should probably go too]
[03:11] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches weakly at the MRE and nibbles.
[03:11] <Paul_D> [TIMEZONEFIVE]
[03:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> here
[03:11] <Heiden> [I can't miss the rant on the Finns!]
[03:11] <DrAuteu> [same here waxx]
[03:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 speedily consume the MRE, high roll is faster
[03:11] <Heiden> [Heiden is somehow going to have an old Finnish relative.]
[03:11] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, speedily consume the MRE, high roll is faster: 3 [1d6=3]
[03:12] * Agent_Strelnikov consumes the MRE at a somewhat sluggish pace.
[03:12] * Agent_Tam hugs Paul from behind. "So, what'd I miss?"
[03:12] * Agent_Strelnikov does feel considerably better though.
[03:12] * Paul_D leans back against Tam. "…My nose is broken. I don't…I don't even know how to explain everything that did happen."
[03:12] * Paul_D reaches up and rubs his nose. It's a little out of place. Ow.
[03:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d20 RAGE AT THE FINNS. DO IT.
[03:12] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, RAGE AT THE FINNS. DO IT.: 14 [1d20=14]
[03:13] * Agent_Strelnikov suddenly pounds the table. His RAGE meter is at an acceptable level to RAGE.
[03:13] * Agent_Strelnikov COMBAT OPERANDI > FINN RAGE.
[03:13] * Paul_D jumps.
[03:13] <pooryoric> "tam, i'm wearing a tophat. the day was that awesome."
[03:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "WHO THE FUCK WAS SAY I AM FINN."
[03:13] * Agent_Strelnikov points at Paul.
[03:13] <Paul_D> "…I was making a joke!"
[03:13] * Paul_D squeaks.
[03:13] * DrAuteu points at strel
[03:13] * Heiden asks mildly. "Something wrong with Finland, Captain?"
[03:13] * Agent_Strelnikov slows down. He is going to use proper English.
[03:13] * Agent_Tam grabs Paul and quickly makes a movement, realigning Paul's nose.
[03:14] <Agent_Tam> 1d10 Closer to 10, less painful
[03:14] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Tam, Closer to 10, less painful: 5 [1d10=5]
[03:14] * Break has joined #FieldWork
[03:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Break
[03:14] <Paul_D> "ow!"
[03:14] <Heiden> […really, Break]
[03:14] <pooryoric> "heiden, don't interrupt. this should be GOOD."
[03:14] <Heiden> [REALLY]
[03:14] <Heiden> AM
[03:14] <Heiden> [you have missed possibly 5 hours of comedy gold]
[03:14] <Break> =)
[03:14] <pooryoric> [she's three hours behind us, heiden.]
[03:14] <Break> [Sorry for running on two hours of sleep, then.]
[03:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
[03:14] * Agent_Strelnikov doesn't know how he spoke so well.
[03:14] <Paul_D> "…Please go back to eating your MRE."
[03:14] * Agent_Strelnikov goes back to his MRE.
[03:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [break.]
[03:15] * Paul_D isn't sure how to process Strelnikov speakingin such good english.
[03:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [you've…uh…you've missed a lot.]
[03:15] <Heiden> "So… poor time to mention that I've got grandparents from Finland?"
[03:15] <Break> [I'l read the logs.]
[03:15] * Agent_Tam blinks. "Broke your nose? What happened to the break room then? We don't have a fridge."
[03:15] <pooryoric> [ break. it was amazing.]
[03:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Poor time."
[03:15] * Agent_Strelnikov nibbles at the MRE.
[03:15] <DrAuteu> [and it all started with me putting up a silly hats only sign]
[03:15] <Break> [Assuming people can produce them.]
[03:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh my god that's RIGHT auto]
[03:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hail automaton]
[03:15] * Heiden snaps his fingers. "Damn. I don't, but it was worth a shot to see if I could get you to go off again."
[03:15] <pooryoric> [yes. yes it dd.]
[03:15] <Agent_Tam> <Strelnikov would notice that these MREs are probably some of the best he's tried>
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> Actually this is his first.
[03:16] <Paul_D> "Oh, actually, I broke my nose trying to catch Strelnikov. He was running away."
[03:16] <Paul_D> "…I tripped and fell."
[03:16] <Heiden> [thank god it's all logged]
[03:16] <Agent_Tam> <Well in that case, THE best>
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> "..Sorries Paul."
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i cannot post this log]
[03:16] <Agent_Tam> "Ah… why were you chasing him?"
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [it would be tooting my own horn and i refuse to do that any more than i already do]
[03:16] <pooryoric> [it… it IS all logged… right?]
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh i've got all of it.]
[03:16] <Paul_D> "It's alright. I hit you with my breifcase."
[03:16] <Heiden> [uh, okay, email it to me]
[03:16] <Agent_Tam> [[ I've got it all logged but christ is it long ]]
[03:16] <pooryoric> [thank god.]
[03:16] <Heiden> [and I'll post it]
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [will do]
[03:16] <Paul_D> [Then give it to one of US to post it.]
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [allright allright]
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hold on.]
[03:16] <Heiden> [BLBLBLBLBLBBBB]
[03:16] <Paul_D> "Also, I sat on you. And almost tased you."
[03:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [im going to see how long weve been doing this.]
[03:17] * Agent_Strelnikov [opens the log and ctrl+f]
[03:17] <DrAuteu> [ok we need a title]
[03:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ctrl f…silly…hats.]
[03:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [title is silly hats only.]
[03:17] <Paul_D> [THE BEST DAY EVER]
[03:17] <Heiden> [I think we all know there's only a few options]
[03:17] <DrAuteu> [fuck yes, silly hats only]
[03:17] <Agent_Tam> "Woah woah woah… Why the hell did you almost taze him, and throw a briefcase at him, and why was he running? And why is there a smoldering crater where the microwave and fridge used to be?"
[03:17] <pooryoric> [6/3\09. this day shall live in infamy. N3VAR 4GET.]
[03:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ok]
[03:17] <Heiden> [Getting Your Beak Wet, MOTORBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBB, or SILLY HATS ONLY]
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [automaton hung the sign at 22:55 my time.]
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [THIS LOG.]
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [IS FIVE HOURS LONG.]
[03:18] <pooryoric> [SILLY HATS. that covers everything.]
[03:18] <Heiden> [… /slowclap]
[03:18] <Paul_D> "It's a REALLY long story, Tam, honey…"
[03:18] <pooryoric> [just post the unedited. it's funnier that way, anyway.]
[03:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> [it also covers two complete outbreaks if you consider strelnikov to be an outbreak]
[03:18] <Paul_D> "…ahaha…oh god, 'the fuckings'…jesus…"
[03:18] * Paul_D starts giggling.
[03:18] * Agent_Strelnikov eats his MRE and fumes.
[03:18] <Agent_Tam> "The fuckings?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.
[03:19] <pooryoric> [actually, there were two outbreaks today.]]
[03:19] <Heiden> [strel counts as an outbreak. containment procedures: tie him down, give him cigarettes, threaten to call Break]
[03:19] <Paul_D> "…It's…it's…oh God."
[03:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [its fortunate break wasnt here]
[03:19] <Break> [I also need the stuff from before that, actually.]
[03:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [if she was there simply would have been no outbreak]
[03:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [there would just be compliance]
[03:19] <pooryoric> [emergency procedures: call break, blame the gypsies.]
[03:20] <Heiden> ["Okay, everyone, draw straws. Whoever gets the short straw is a gypsy in disguise today.]
[03:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh god.]
[03:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [you're going to BAIT strelnikov into raging?]
[03:20] <pooryoric> [gerald: "why is it always me?"]
[03:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha]
[03:20] <Heiden> [and we pin ANY problems that strel has on that damn gypsy]
[03:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh also.]
[03:20] <Agent_Tam> [[ My vote is on Yoric ]]
[03:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i wont be here for most of tomorrow. you lucky fucks.]
[03:20] * Agent_Tam sighs. "I'll torture it out of you, Paul, you know that."
[03:21] <Heiden> [neither will I, I get off work at 2pm and I'll be sleeping after that, almost certainly]
[03:21] <Heiden> [but seriously work in 5 1/2 hours, I have to SLEEP]
[03:21] <Paul_D> "I swear! I wasn't even here for half of it!"
[03:21] <pooryoric> [by the way, for those of yu whi missed the announcement, I'M GOIN ONNA FUCKIN CRUUUISE.]
[03:21] * Paul_D snorts, giggling still.
[03:21] <Paul_D> [YER GONNA BE ONNA BOAT]
[03:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> [attn]
[03:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> [[22:55] * DrAuteu walks into the room silently and hangs a sign on the wall reading "silly hats only"]
[03:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> [is now a revered phrase]
[03:22] <pooryoric> [me gives it the reverence it deserves.]
[03:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> [amazing.]
[03:22] * Agent_Tam grins at Paul. "So, I'm taking it you /want/ the torture."
[03:22] * pooryoric [gives it yadda yadda, rather]
[03:22] * DrAuteu [has to sleep now so later]
[03:22] * Paul_D blinks. "Ooh, be gentle with me. I think Dmitri already cracked my ribs…if just because of that damn..ahah…hahaha…beak…hahaha."
[03:22] <pooryoric> [laters.]
[03:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i need sleep too.]
[03:23] * Agent_Strelnikov puts his head down and abruptly begins sleeping at the table. That was easy.
[03:23] * Heiden looks over at Adelaide, unconscious on the surviving couch. A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth as he removes his labcoat and drapes it over her like a blanket. "Night, folks." He strolls out of the break room to his quarters.
[03:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> [who do i send this log to]
[03:23] <Agent_Tam> "Beak…"

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