Silly Hat Day, Part the First

[22:55] * DrAuteu walks into the room silently and hangs a sign on the wall reading "silly hats only"
[22:55] <pooryoric> [i'm wearing a tophat.]
[22:55] <DrMann> [Their order is carnivora.]
[22:55] * Lurker flickers his tongue and cuts up the cake.
[22:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahah auteu]
[22:55] * Dr_Facette just frowns at the sign.
[22:55] * Dumount has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[22:55] * Doctor_Light is a naturalist and loves the outdoors.
[22:55] * DrAuteu leaves
[22:55] <Doctor_Light> [I have a duct-tape fedora.]
[22:55] <DrMann> "And I've been well."
[22:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i have real fedoras :D]
[22:55] * Heiden looks up at the sign. "…son of a…" Heiden is hatless.
[22:55] * Rights blinks at the sign…immediately grabbing a newspaper off a nearby counter and folding it into a paper hat. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.]
[22:55] * pooryoric is wearing a tophat.
[22:55] * Dr_Facette is, too.
[22:55] <Gerald> [So do I. One, at least]
[22:55] <pooryoric> [NOW in the RP.]
[22:56] * Agent_Strelnikov is wearing his Officer's Cap.
[22:56] <Heiden> [Facette, wearing a top hat, or hatless?]
[22:56] * Agent_Strelnikov 's hat is dwarfed in size only by Yoric's top hat.
[22:56] <Dr_Facette> [ Hatless. ]
[22:56] * Rights gets herself a glass of milk and sits down, grinning. "…Hey, was somebody going through my notebook?"
[22:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [KILL HER]
[22:56] * Gerald sighs and walks out. Several minutes later, he walks back with a red fedora on his head.
[22:56] * Dr_Facette looks over at Heiden.
[22:56] <Heiden> [one is hilarious. one is a state of emergency.]
[22:56] * Doctor_Light runs out, then returns wearing a Santa hat.
[22:56] <Gerald> "I'm still looking through it."
[22:56] <Dr_Facette> "… How strong are you?"
[22:56] <Doctor_Light> "I don't know why I have this."
[22:56] <pooryoric> [ bamf.]
[22:56] <DrMann> [Rabbits are lagomorphs, mice are rodents, bats are chiropterids, and raccoons are carnivores.]
[22:56] * Heiden looks at Adelaide. "Strong enough… for?"
[22:56] <DrMann> [Even the panda is a carnivore, even though it's an herbivore, if you follow.]
[22:57] * Heiden shrugs. "Reasonably strong, I guess. I get a workout, with a job here."
[22:57] * Dr_Facette looks at him like she's entirely serious. "Can you lift me, or will I have to lift you?"
[22:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ BAM ]
[22:57] <Rights> […Oh, crap, he's right. Ir's pronounced differently.]
[22:57] <Gerald> [Your eyes are as red as communism….]
[22:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hah]
[22:58] <Rights> [Let me get a picture of the hat I want to wear…]
[22:58] * Rights places her paper hat on Lurker's head and darts out.
[22:58] <Heiden> "I've gotcha. C'mere, Adelaide." Heiden stoops a bit.
[22:58] * Agent_Strelnikov nibbles on his cake.
[22:58] <Lurker> [[ I have a fucking fedora, it's awesome. ]]
[22:58] <pooryoric> bamf, rather.
[22:58] * Lurker looks up, and emits a happy "Gleeeeee~"
[22:58] <DrMann> '[I have a leather fedora.]
[22:58] * Rights comes back in, wearing a..holy crap, hat made from a badger. Complete wtih the face and tail on it.
[22:58] * Dr_Facette sort of … cautiously slinks over. "How should I-?"
[22:58] <pooryoric> [most of my friends wear fedoras, actually.]
[22:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ one of my fedoras ]
[22:58] <Gerald>
[22:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [classy gerald]
[22:59] * Heiden shrugs. "This was your idea… sit on my shoulders, I guess." He crouches so he doesn't have to lift with his back.
[22:59] <DrMann> [I also have a canvas fedora, an Alkatraz prisoner's cap, a taqiyah, and a novelty tophat from Disneyland.]
[22:59] <Rights> [ LOOK AT LIKE…1/3 OF MY HAT COLLECTION]
[22:59] <pooryoric> [high five drmann!]
[22:59] * Dr_Facette sits on his shoulders. That's a 5'8 woman. Have fun.
[22:59] <DrMann> [*High fives Yoric*]
[22:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> [why is she on his shoulders]
[22:59] <Heiden> [needed a hat]
[22:59] <Dr_Facette> [ she is his hat. ]
[22:59] <Rights> [ BADGER HAT!!!!]
[22:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh man]
[22:59] <Rights> [That would be the Hat Rights is wearing.]
[23:00] <Dr_Facette> "Right. As a hat, I am now exempt from the hat-rule. I think."
[23:00] <Rights> [It's an ANGRY BADGER]
[23:00] * Lurker giggles madly.
[23:00] * Heiden lets out a groan as he straightens up slightly. "Adelaide, you're going to have to lean forward a bit… we're a bit too tall for this room."
[23:00] <Rights> [My brother has one made from a beaver, too, complete with taxidermied tail]
[23:00] <Lurker> [[ brb ]]
[23:00] * Agent_Strelnikov pulls a cigarette out of his breast pocket.
[23:00] <pooryoric> "god, i love tuesdays."
[23:01] * Rights blinks. "…Dmitri, you're smoking still?"
[23:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Oh."
[23:01] <Rights> "I hope you're at least cutting down…"
[23:01] * Gerald looks at Dmitri.
[23:01] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Dumount gave me his packs."
[23:01] * Dr_Facette leans forward, as he said. "Haah. Okay. We're good, I think."
[23:01] <DrMann> [ This style of taqiyah. My teacher brought some home with her from Sudan.]
[23:01] <Rights> "I know quitting isn't easy, My mom tried a lot of times, before she successfully quit…]
[23:01] <Rights> *?
[23:01] * Agent_Strelnikov looks at Rights sadly. "I was..uh..what was Gerald call it. Withdrawl?"
[23:01] <Rights> *"
[23:01] <Gerald> "Yes."
[23:01] <Heiden> "Okay, okay… there we go."
[23:01] <pooryoric> [i thought that was a fez?]
[23:01] <Rights> "I know…withdrawl sucks, but it's something to power through…"
[23:01] <Gerald> "Withdrawal."
[23:02] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and puts the cigarette back in his breast pocket.
[23:02] * Heiden toddles over to a nearby chair. "Careful…" He gingerly sits down, trying not to buck Adelaide.
[23:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try getting up again!
[23:02] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try getting up again!: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:02] <DrAuteu> [i'm so glad i could contribute so much to the room with just one sign]
[23:02] <Heiden> [you do so much for us all]
[23:02] * Agent_Strelnikov braces himself with both arms and pushes, wincing and bitching but, alas, fails to get up.
[23:02] <DrMann> [No. A fez is taller, and more conical. It's also traditionally red.]
[23:02] <pooryoric> "oh, by the way, lurker, how doo you like my hat?"
[23:02] * Agent_Strelnikov plops back down and shouts. "AGGHH."
[23:02] * Dr_Facette winces and -clutches like a cat-, though perhaps with less claws. "Pleasedon'tthrowmeoff."
[23:03] * Rights sighs. "Dmitri…do you want me to help you up?"
[23:03] <Doctor_Light> "Need anything, Dmitri?"
[23:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No…no..I am, how you say, power through this, yes?"
[23:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Man up and try again!
[23:03] <Doctor_Light> "Right, okay."
[23:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Man up and try again!: 2 [1d6=2]
[23:03] * Agent_Strelnikov just swears.
[23:03] <Rights> "This is a severe wound. Not nicotine withdrawl."
[23:03] <Dr_Facette> [ … -SNORT- ]
[23:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fucking chechens."
[23:03] <pooryoric> [grin]
[23:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Fuck them."
[23:03] <Gerald> "Heheh."
[23:03] <Heiden> [Strelnikov, you never - NEVER - fail to crack me up]
[23:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> Strong words for someone who was just talking so tenderly about love and romance!
[23:04] <Heiden> [hats off to ya]
[23:04] * Rights glares in a motherly fashion. "But powering through is easier with someone to help…here." She leans down, offering her shoulders for him to put an arm around.
[23:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [thank you, im glad people enjoy this character as much as i do]
[23:04] * Rights might be small, but she's build sturdy and wide.
[23:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [sometimes i wonder if i play him up a bit too much haha]
[23:04] <pooryoric> "red, i'd pat you on the back, but, ah… i think you'd kill me."
[23:04] <Rights> [Strelnikov even in mah dreams <3]
[23:04] <Doctor_Light> [Nah, it's all good.]
[23:04] <Doctor_Light> [we like playing up characters]
[23:04] <Rights> […For those of you who weren't here this morning, I had a dream that involved Dmitri Strelnikov. Oh yeeeaaaah.]
[23:04] <DrMann> [As a sergeant I know once put it, English has articles, Russian has curse words.]
[23:04] <pooryoric> [what is "too much"?]
[23:05] * Heiden winces as Adelaide clings. "I'm not going to drop you, I'm not going to drop you."
[23:05] <Rights> [I do not understand this phrase 'too much'…]
[23:05] <Heiden> [wait what, Rights]
[23:05] * Gerald drinks some milk, and eats a piece of cake.
[23:05] * DrMann examines Strelnikov.
[23:05] * Dr_Facette … eases up on the claws. Just a little.
[23:05] <Dr_Facette> "Good. If you do, I will hurt you."
[23:05] <pooryoric> [rights, o tell.]
[23:05] <DrMann> 7d6 Anything for a Friend and Patient
[23:05] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Anything for a Friend and Patient: 21 [7d6=2,4,4,5,1,3,2]
[23:05] <Heiden> "I believe you, with a grip like that. Damn."
[23:06] <Dr_Facette> "Sorry, I panicked."
[23:06] <Lurker> [[ back ]]
[23:06] <pooryoric> "heiden. she's around your shoulders, dude. that's less a hat than a hood. fix it."
[23:06] * Gwendolyn has joined #FieldWork
[23:06] <Rights> [Let me say that it was a very weird dream in whole, and did not have a consistant plotline through it. But it went from fighting giant robots to catching octopi in a crzy aquarium to being forced into feitsh-military gear by aliens to Dmitri Strelnikov]
[23:06] <pooryoric> [lurker, yoric is wearing a tophat. do your thing.]
[23:06] <Rights> […Overall, a pretty damn awesome dream]
[23:06] <Heiden> "Don't worry about it. And Yoric, this is ridiculous enough that it totally counts."
[23:06] <pooryoric> "i dunno… okay, fine."
[23:07] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[23:07] * Dr_Facette sticks her tongue out at Yoric.
[23:07] * Lurker looks over at Yoric.
[23:07] <Heiden> [fetish-military gear -> Strelnikov. Best connection ever, or best connection ever?]
[23:07] * Lurker goes completely still.
[23:07] * pooryoric sticks his toungue back.
[23:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Here, Mann." He unbuttons his tunic and takes it off so Mann can see the bandages.
[23:07] <Dr_Facette> [ Fetish-military gear = ME D:< ]
[23:07] <Rights> […But Dmitri was a bit of a jerk and didn't stay around to cuddle :< To be fair, I think he was going to go kill some aliens. Or he was evil-Dmitri.]
[23:07] <Doctor_Light> [Oh, my god. I had a dream last night where I was rp'ing here, and my uncle George was Dmitri, who was also Yoric.]
[23:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [NO THAT IS ME]
[23:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [DAMMIT]
[23:07] <DrMann> "Hmm. Who looked at this for you?"
[23:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ARRRGHHHH]
[23:07] <Dr_Facette> [ I CALLED IT :) ]
[23:07] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Dumount."
[23:07] <Doctor_Light> [The weird thing: I don't have an uncle George.]
[23:07] * Lurker lunges at Yoric.
[23:07] * Agent_Strelnikov lays his shirt on the table.
[23:08] <Lurker> 6d6 MY HAT. MINE MINE MINE.
[23:08] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, MY HAT. MINE MINE MINE.: 13 [6d6=1,1,3,2,1,5]
[23:08] * pooryoric is lunged at. "GAAAHHHHH!"
[23:08] * Rights stares at Dmitri a little, before being snapped out of it by Yoric's scream.
[23:08] <Heiden> "Go, Lurker, go!"
[23:08] <DrMann> "I thought so. The man has no imagination."
[23:08] <pooryoric> 5d6 you, sir, are no gentleman.
[23:08] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, you, sir, are no gentleman.: 16 [5d6=5,5,3,2,1]
[23:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Imagination."
[23:08] * Lurker misses but turns and lunges again.
[23:08] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Why are you say this about my wound."
[23:08] <DrMann> "A fine hand, but where is his sense of medical adventure?"
[23:08] <Lurker> 6d6 NEVER STOP MEN, UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD
[23:08] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, NEVER STOP MEN, UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD: 20 [6d6=2,1,6,4,4,3]
[23:08] * Gerald checks his hat.
[23:08] * Dr_Facette grasps Heiden again. CLAWS.
[23:08] <Heiden> "FUCK!"
[23:08] <pooryoric> 5d6 AHA! a duel, is it?
[23:08] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, AHA! a duel, is it?: 21 [5d6=5,5,5,5,1]
[23:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…" This is getting out of hand.
[23:09] * Lurker misses, lands on a chair, turns and lunges once more. "MINE."
[23:09] * pooryoric dodges nimbly yet again.
[23:09] * Heiden struggles slightly, but puts his arms on her legs to steady her. "Ow, for god's sake!"
[23:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 KOMBAT STAND UP.
[23:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, KOMBAT STAND UP.: 20 [7d6=2,2,4,6,2,2,2]
[23:09] <Doctor_Light> 5d6 Look over there!
[23:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Look over there!: 17 [5d6=2,6,1,4,4]
[23:09] * Gerald sighs.
[23:09] * DrMann pulls out his kit.
[23:09] <Lurker> 6d6 MUST GET HAT
[23:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, MUST GET HAT: 23 [6d6=2,6,3,5,5,2]
[23:09] * Doctor_Light sets off a flashbang, distracting people.
[23:09] <Dr_Facette> "- Gah! I'm sorry, I just sort of panicked okay!?"
[23:09] * Agent_Strelnikov pounds the table and stands up with a hiss of pure, unadaltered rage.
[23:09] <Doctor_Light> "Play nice!"
[23:09] <pooryoric> 5d6 i SHALL defend my honor!
[23:09] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, i SHALL defend my honor!: 22 [5d6=5,1,5,5,6]
[23:09] * Rights sighs and rubs her temples like a mother with children in a grocery store.
[23:09] * Dr_Facette cannot hear or see.
[23:09] * Gwendolyn has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316])
[23:09] * Agent_Strelnikov adds to the flashbang by firing his pistol repeatedly into the ceiling and screaming in pain.
[23:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> "AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH."
[23:09] * pooryoric loses hi hat.
[23:09] * Dr_Facette is -terrified-.
[23:09] * Rights moves to Dmitri's side. Oh god that's intimidating. "Dmitri! Please!"
[23:10] <Heiden> [Wait, what?]
[23:10] <Doctor_Light> "That failed miserably."
[23:10] * Lurker knocks Yoric over, steals his tophat, puts it on, and goes back over to the table happily, sitting on a chair with his tongue sticking out.
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "YORIC."
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 CURSING
[23:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, CURSING: 12 [3d6=6,4,2]
[23:10] <Dr_Facette> [ Flashbang. ]
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "STUPID FUCK. FUCK."
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCKING FUCK."
[23:10] * Doctor_Light runs out fof the room abruptly.
[23:10] * Agent_Strelnikov rubs his eyes.
[23:10] <pooryoric> "what did i do?"
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "YORIC. YOU STUPID FUCK."
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "MY EYES."
[23:10] <Gerald> "Lurker, you look good in that."
[23:10] <Heiden> [Oh wow, I somehow totally missed that.]
[23:10] * Doctor_Light comes running back in with a black fedora.
[23:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> "STUPID FUCK."
[23:10] * Lurker grins at Gerald. "Hehehehe…"
[23:10] * Agent_Strelnikov kicks a chair over.
[23:10] * Rights pats Dmitri's arm. "Calm down, Dmitri…calm down. Take a seat…uh…"
[23:10] * Heiden 's hands dig into Adelaide's legs, clinging on for dear life.
[23:10] <Dr_Facette> 5d6 People Skills
[23:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, People Skills: 16 [5d6=2,2,5,2,5]
[23:10] * Gerald looks at Light.
[23:10] <Doctor_Light> "Both of you have a fedora!"
[23:10] <pooryoric> "what did i do?
[23:10] <Doctor_Light> "Now stop it."
[23:10] <Heiden> "Fucking, FUCK! What the HELL just happened?"
[23:11] <Gerald> "My fedora's better than your fedora."
[23:11] * Dr_Facette 's voice hardens, but she can barely hear it.
[23:11] * DrMann pulls out what looks like a cartridge of ammunition and pops it into the auto-scalpel.
[23:11] <Dr_Facette> "/Stop this -bullshit- before I do/."
[23:11] <Doctor_Light> [One is from hatbot.]
[23:11] <DrMann> [No, Mann has Hatbot's fedora.]
[23:11] <DrMann> [Didn't you read the Chronicles?]
[23:11] * pooryoric slaps lurker in the face with a white glove.
[23:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> [nice.]
[23:11] <Doctor_Light> [Oh, okay, I missed that part.]
[23:11] <DrMann> "Who needs sedation?"
[23:11] * Agent_Strelnikov twitches in fury.
[23:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> "YORIC. HE IS NEED ONE."
[23:11] <Doctor_Light> [I stole the other fedora, then.]
[23:11] * Agent_Strelnikov points.
[23:11] * DrMann cocks the auto-scalpel like a gun.
[23:11] <Lurker> 2d6 Stop that
[23:11] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Stop that: 9 [2d6=5,4]
[23:11] <pooryoric> "i need what?"
[23:12] * Rights tries to coax Dmitri over to the couch like a wild animal. "Calm down, Dmitri…come on…"
[23:12] <Rights> 6d6 Let Mommy Make It Better
[23:12] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, Let Mommy Make It Better: 18 [6d6=5,1,5,4,1,2]
[23:12] * Agent_Strelnikov bares his teeth at Yoric. HE IS PISS.
[23:12] <DrMann> "Yoric, Lurker, I am preparing to operate."
[23:12] <DrMann> "I need quiet for this."
[23:12] <pooryoric> "the dog lizard stole my hat, and a bomb went off. what did i do?"
[23:12] * Dr_Facette tries -desperately- not to claw Fred. It works. A little.
[23:12] <DrMann> "You can all either be good and quiet. or else wake up without the ability to make noise."
[23:12] * Doctor_Light mishears, and sets off a flash-bang
[23:13] <DrMann> "Vocal cords are a privilege, not a right."
[23:13] * Heiden mutters a string of curses under his breath and clings to Adelaide a little bit harder. His hearing is clearing a bit, but he still can't hear normally. Now he can't hear or see at all.
[23:13] <Doctor_Light> "I thought you said you didn't need quiet"
[23:13] * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles over to the couch with Rights.
[23:13] <DrMann> 7d6 Why Settle For Normal Vision?
[23:13] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Why Settle For Normal Vision?: 18 [7d6=1,3,1,1,2,5,5]
[23:13] * pooryoric blinks at -just- the right time, and evades mann while he's still blinded.
[23:13] <Heiden> [so I'd written up to 'hear normally' and then 'flashbang 2, electric boogaloo happened']
[23:13] * DrMann is only moderately blinded.
[23:13] * Heiden decides to take a page out of Dmitri's book. "SON OF THE BITCH!"
[23:13] * Gerald has a headache now. Thanks you bastard.
[23:13] * Rights starts to settle Dmitri onto the couch. "Hey, now…come on…"
[23:14] * DrMann points the auto-scalpel roughly in Dr. Light's direction.
[23:14] <Doctor_Light> [I've never seen nor heard a flashbang in my life, I just assume they're tiny explosions]
[23:14] * Dr_Facette will now just kind of go -perfectly still-, clinging (and avoiding claws, this time).
[23:14] <Doctor_Light> "Sorry! Sorry!"
[23:14] <Dr_Facette> [ Bright flash. Loud bang. ]
[23:14] <Dr_Facette> [ Hence the name. ]
[23:14] <Heiden> [No, they're blinding flashes of light and deafening bursts of sound.]
[23:14] <Gerald> [Flash. Bang.]
[23:14] <pooryoric> [it's like… FLASH! BANG!]
[23:14] <Rights> [It's like a firecracker going off inside your head. :< ]
[23:14] <Doctor_Light> [Okay.]
[23:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> [in a room this small]
[23:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> [everyone's ear drums would be burst]
[23:14] * Rights [Does not enjoy having experianced this.]
[23:14] <Gerald> 5d6 Shit happens
[23:14] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shit happens: 18 [5d6=2,6,4,2,4]
[23:14] * Agent_Strelnikov sits down on the couch, shirtless.
[23:14] * Agent_Strelnikov is twitching with fury.
[23:14] <Doctor_Light> [oh, sorry, I thought they were smaller. Imagine, like, little party things. I don't know.]
[23:14] <Rights> [Ironically, that is NOT how my left eardrum was permenantly damaged.]
[23:15] <pooryoric> [we'll ignore that fact.]
[23:15] <Doctor_Light> [Trivial explosions.]
[23:15] <Lurker> "Next time she does this, I kill her."
[23:15] <DrMann> [Yeah, very much not that.]
[23:15] * Heiden says in a normal tone, "Are my ears bleeding? I can't tell." He can't hear his own voice at all.
[23:15] * DrMann sighs.
[23:15] * Rights is giving Dmitri a light massage to try and calm him. And trying not to think about Dmitri being shirtless omfg omg omg omg
[23:15] <pooryoric> "yes, heiden."
[23:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ohhhh." He relaxes.
[23:15] * Dr_Facette can't hear his voice either, so she doesn't answer. "What's going on?"
[23:15] * DrMann pulls out a jar from his bag.
[23:15] * DrMann walks over the sink.
[23:15] * Heiden is clinging to Adelaide for dear life and just hoping he doesn't get murdered.
[23:15] * Gerald grabs a couple of pillows and slaps them over his face.
[23:15] <DrMann> 7d6 Corrective Vision
[23:15] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Corrective Vision: 39 [7d6=6,5,5,6,5,6,6]
[23:15] * pooryoric takes off his headphones.
[23:15] <Doctor_Light> [I think I need to do research before picking my explosives]
[23:15] <Agent_Strelnikov> [holy fuck mann]
[23:15] <Heiden> [Gerald, who is 'his'?]
[23:15] <pooryoric> "wow, i never even heard that."
[23:15] <Rights> 6d6 Let Mommy Make It Better with Massage…
[23:16] * DrMann turns back, now with very large, very angry looking eyes.
[23:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, Let Mommy Make It Better with Massage…: 18 [6d6=3,5,2,3,1,4]
[23:16] <Gerald> [Uh….Gerald's face.]
[23:16] <Rights> [brb]
[23:16] <DrMann> "I am going to be performing surgery! Does anyone have a problem with this?"
[23:16] <Heiden> [oh wow, sorry. I am a case of the dumb.]
[23:16] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 get the hell out of there
[23:16] * DrMann is also making wild gestures to get his point across.
[23:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, get the hell out of there: 6 [1d6=6]
[23:16] * Doctor_Light flees
[23:16] <pooryoric> 5d6 grab light and STOP HER.
[23:16] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, grab light and STOP HER.: 17 [5d6=2,3,2,5,5]
[23:16] * Dr_Facette sort of squeaks. /oh god physical contact/
[23:17] * pooryoric grabs the back of doctor_light's shirt.
[23:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:17] <DrMann> [I think we can assume Mann makes any spot checks for the rest of this scene.]
[23:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Mann?"
[23:17] <pooryoric> "no more flashbangs."
[23:17] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 Look over there (without flashbangs)
[23:17] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Look over there (without flashbangs): 13 [4d6=2,5,3,3]
[23:17] <Gerald> "Please."
[23:17] <DrMann> "Yes, Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich?"
[23:17] <Lurker> 20d6 Spy Check
[23:17] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Spy Check: 60 [20d6=2,2,1,6,4,2,4,3,5,3,2,1,4,1,2,6,2,2,4,4]
[23:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Who are you make surgery on."
[23:17] <DrMann> "…"
[23:17] <Lurker> [[ I SMELL LEETLE SPY. WHERE ARE YOU HIDE? ]]
[23:17] <DrMann> "Everyone, I think, at this point."
[23:17] <pooryoric> 500d6 they see me rollin…
[23:17] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, I don't have enough dice to roll that!
[23:18] <Lurker> [[ Please don't break 8-ball with insane rolls, Yoric ]]
[23:18] <pooryoric> [how dissapointing.]
[23:18] <DrMann> [Ah, good, they finally fixed 8-Ball.]
[23:18] * Heiden 's death grip on Dr. Facette's legs relaxes slightly as his vision clears. He looks up at her. "You okay?"
[23:18] <DrMann> [It's not disappointing. It's a good thing 8-ball didn't try that.]
[23:18] * Doctor_Light temporarily distracts Yoric/Mann/everybody by causing a small commotion?
[23:18] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am not thinks this is need."
[23:18] * Doctor_Light flees
[23:18] <pooryoric> "damnit, she got away."
[23:18] <DrMann> "Nonsense. What if there were a call right now?'
[23:18] * Dr_Facette looks down at him, wide-eyed and pale - more pale than normal, which is /really/ saying something.
[23:19] <Dr_Facette> "… No. No, I am not."
[23:19] * pooryoric scratches his newly hatless head.
[23:19] <Dr_Facette> [ BRB ]
[23:19] * Gerald decides the best way to deal with a headache is some more coffee.
[23:19] <Heiden> [afk too, grabbing a drink]
[23:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But…but…"
[23:19] * Lurker is positively beaming with his tophat on.
[23:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "There is not call."
[23:19] <DrMann> "You're having trouble standing. Could you fight an insurgency attack, with your usual efficiency?"
[23:19] <DrMann> "There could be."
[23:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:19] <Doctor_Light> [Hofuck, a flashbang is a grenade?!]
[23:19] * pooryoric takes his hat back from lurker.
[23:19] <DrMann> "At any moment."
[23:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is make valid point."
[23:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> [yes light]
[23:19] <pooryoric> [ah, yeh.]
[23:19] <Doctor_Light> [I hat no idea. I thought they were much smaller.]
[23:20] <Gerald> "Oh, that's right. Dmitri, I have something for you."
[23:20] <DrMann> [Light, I think it would be a very good idea if you did a quick google search, maybe some wikipedia, on anything your character uses.]
[23:20] <Doctor_Light> [This calls for further research into tiny explosives. Okay.]
[23:20] <Lurker> 6d6 Like hell you do.
[23:20] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Like hell you do.: 19 [6d6=2,5,2,3,1,6]
[23:20] <pooryoric> [why did you know what a flashbang is called but not what theyy actually are?]
[23:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ ]
[23:20] <Rights> [back]
[23:20] <pooryoric> 5d6 exactly like hell, in fact.
[23:20] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, exactly like hell, in fact.: 13 [5d6=1,2,5,4,1]
[23:20] * Agent_Strelnikov winces as Rights decides to hit a particularly sensitive spot.
[23:20] * Lurker bites into Yoric's hand.
[23:20] <Doctor_Light> [I heard the term used before as things people use to cause distractions, but that must be in open-ish areas]
[23:20] <Lurker> "Mine."
[23:20] * DrMann glares at Lurker and Yoric.
[23:21] <Gerald> "I got you a present, to congratulate you for the promotion."
[23:21] <pooryoric> "OOOW!"
[23:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Reallies?"
[23:21] * Lurker lets go.
[23:21] <DrMann> "Do I need to separate you, or combine you?"
[23:21] <pooryoric> "dude! that hat is important to me!"
[23:21] * DrMann revs the auto-scalpel.
[23:21] <Gerald> "Yep."
[23:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Lurker, please."
[23:21] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Do not make me order Mann for kill Yoric."
[23:21] <Gerald> "Actually, I got it from a guy I know in a mobile task force."
[23:21] * Rights frowns, and focuses on that sensative knot on Dmitri's back. "Lurker, no biting! Bad boy!"
[23:21] <Heiden> [back.]
[23:22] * Lurker whimpers. "But… but… top hat…"
[23:22] * Lurker sulks and gives it back to Yoric.
[23:22] * Agent_Strelnikov shouts. "AH-AAGHH."
[23:22] * Agent_Strelnikov twitches.
[23:22] * pooryoric puts his hat back on.
[23:22] <Rights> [[Light, you're thinking about like…Batman, flashbangs.]]
[23:22] <Gerald> "I'm not to sure about it, but I'm pretty sure you'd like it."
[23:22] <Rights> [[Those as just firecrackers.]]
[23:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "What is, Gerald?"
[23:22] * Rights blinks. "Sorry! Sorry…okay, I'll avoid that spot…" She says, gently rubbing it.
[23:22] <Gerald> "Uh…I'll go get it, I guess."
[23:22] * Gerald walks out of the break room.
[23:23] <DrMann> [How about we just pretend that never happened, so we don't have to remove Light's limbs?]
[23:23] <Dr_Facette> [ Back ]
[23:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i think it might be wise for us to ignore the flashbang incident]
[23:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> [and perhaps even silly hats in general]
[23:23] * Lurker sulks.
[23:23] * pooryoric flips the tophat upside down, reaches in, and pulls out a black disk.
[23:23] <Heiden> [aw, psh, how do I explain a doctor on my head then?]
[23:24] <Heiden> [actually, no]
[23:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> [….going down?]
[23:24] * pooryoric unfolds the disk around its edge.
[23:24] <Heiden> [it's better if there's no explanation. just doctor-bot 5000, two doctors, ten times the wrath]
[23:24] * Doctor_Light has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:24] * pooryoric flaps the disk, and raps it sharply on the table.
[23:24] * Rights gives Lurker a pouting look…"sorry."
[23:24] * pooryoric it pops up into a second tophat, which yoric hands to lurker.
[23:24] <pooryoric> "ask next time."
[23:25] * Lurker blinks, then "gleeeeeee"s and takes it, putting it on.
[23:25] <Dr_Facette> [ If Facette's strange psychological effects can be described as wrath. :P ]
[23:25] <Lurker> "Thank youuuuuuu~"
[23:25] <DrMann> [It's Haster-Faster.]
[23:25] <Rights> "What the…"
[23:25] * pooryoric bows.
[23:25] <DrMann> [And a faster hatter.]
[23:25] * Dr_Magnus has joined #FieldWork
[23:25] * Heiden looks up at Adelaide. "You want to come down, or you still feeling hattish?"
[23:26] * Rights blinks at that…and goes back to rubbing Strel's shoulders. she has small, soft hands, but knows what she's doing.
[23:26] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. "This is make feel good."
[23:26] * Dr_Facette clings and hisses.
[23:26] <Heiden> "Hattish, then."
[23:26] * Gerald walks back in, lugging a large box with him.
[23:26] * pooryoric pokes facette in the siide.
[23:26] * Lurker blinks a few times, then bites a piece of his cake.
[23:26] <Rights> "You should see what I can do wtih a bottle of lavender oils…"
[23:26] * Dr_Magnus walks into the breakroom, buried in a textbook, oblivious to the scene.
[23:26] <Dr_Facette> "This is my castle. And I look down from my castle upon all the pathetic peasants - and I sneer."
[23:26] * Rights winks at Lurker. He knows.
[23:26] <Rights> "Your castle's a dude, Facette…"
[23:26] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at Facette. "What?"
[23:27] * Gerald carries the box over, and drops it on the table with a grunt. It's rectangular, and about two feet long.
[23:27] * carrion has joined #FieldWork
[23:27] * Doctor_Light has joined #FieldWork
[23:27] <Heiden> [SON OF THE BITCH. afk]
[23:27] <Dr_Facette> "As long as I am in my castle, I am ruler of all!"
[23:27] <pooryoric> "are… you feeling okay, adelaide?"
[23:27] <Gerald> "Uh…here you go, I guess."
[23:27] * Dr_Magnus looks up. "What the deuce?"
[23:27] <Doctor_Light> [SORRY MY COMPUTER SHUT DOWN]
[23:27] <Dr_Facette> "Yes, I am. Perhaps a bit struck by boredom, but…"
[23:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Getting up!
[23:27] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Getting up!: 1 [1d6=1]
[23:27] * Dr_Facette looks down. "Kneel, peasant!"
[23:27] * Agent_Strelnikov shouts angrily in pain.
[23:27] <Gerald> "Like I said, a friend of mine in a mobile task force said you might like it…"
[23:27] <pooryoric> [oh, noo worries sophie. we had the orgy without you.]
[23:27] * Rights grips his shoulders. "No! Stay!"
[23:27] * Gerald seems a bit unsure about this.
[23:27] <Doctor_Light> [Really bad timing. Okay, I'm back.]
[23:27] <Doctor_Light> [Aww, I missed it.]
[23:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But…but…."
[23:27] * Agent_Strelnikov points at the box.
[23:27] <carrion> [hey folks]
[23:28] <Rights> "Unless you REALLY have to pee, I can get you cake…"
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> [lo carrion]
[23:28] <pooryoric> [carrion!]
[23:28] * Dr_Magnus looks around the room, eyebrow raised, before sitting down on a couch in the corner. "What…the devil is going on here?"
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No! Is a box!"
[23:28] <carrion> [sup doods]
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Box!" He keeps pointing.
[23:28] <Heiden> [Back. Sorry bout that.]
[23:28] <carrion> [can I jump in?]
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> [sure]
[23:28] <DrMann> "Yes, Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevish."
[23:28] <Rights> "What?"
[23:28] * Lurker blinks at the box.
[23:28] <DrMann> "And there is something inside of the box."
[23:28] * Heiden looks up at Adelaide. "So I'm just property now, 's that it?"
[23:28] * Rights blinks, following his hand. "…"
[23:28] <Gerald> "Heh…."
[23:28] <DrMann> "You should open the box and find out what it si."
[23:28] * Heiden has a wry grin on his face.
[23:28] * Lurker throws the hat at the box and backs into the corner of the room.
[23:28] <DrMann> [Is, rather.]
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> "But but…I cannot reach."
[23:28] <carrion> [where you guys at?]
[23:28] * Lurker is staring at the box with golden eyes.
[23:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 GET UP
[23:28] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, GET UP: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:28] <Lurker> "NO."
[23:28] * Agent_Strelnikov tries again and screams in more pain.
[23:28] * Doctor_Light peaks in. "Is Mann done killing people?"
[23:29] * Dr_Facette strokes her chin, looking thoughtful. "Hrmm.."
[23:29] <DrMann> 7d6 Patient Control.
[23:29] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Patient Control.: 21 [7d6=5,4,3,3,3,2,1]
[23:29] <Gerald> "Oh! Sorry Lurk…."
[23:29] * Agent_Strelnikov collapses back down on the couch, breathing heavily.
[23:29] <pooryoric> "heiden, she's cute, dude. if she wants you as her property, don't complain."
[23:29] * DrMann pushes Strel gently but firmly back.
[23:29] * Dr_Magnus stares, wide eyed at the whole scene.
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ows."
[23:29] * DrMann picks up the box and hands it to him.
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Thanks you."
[23:29] <Rights> "…Let me help you get up."
[23:29] <pooryoric> "no one died, light."
[23:29] <Dr_Facette> "- Oh, so I'm just cute now, is that it?"
[23:29] <Doctor_Light> "Oh, good."
[23:29] * Lurker whimpers in the corner, staring at the box.
[23:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "No I am fines. I have box now."
[23:29] <DrMann> "I never kill people, hardly."
[23:29] * Doctor_Light comes in.
[23:29] <Lurker> "No no no no no."
[23:29] <Gerald> [The box is kinda heavy, going in at around sixteen or so pounds.
[23:29] <Gerald> ]
[23:29] * Agent_Strelnikov unclasps the locks and lifts the lid up. He sees…
[23:30] <Doctor_Light> [I'm equipped with smokebombs now. All the better.]
[23:30] * Rights pats her leg, looking at Lurker with a soft click of her tongue. "C'mere…"
[23:30] <pooryoric> "what would you prefer to be, adelaide?"
[23:30] * Lurker screams and hides his head.
[23:30] <Heiden> "No. No. I had nothing to do with that, and I'm not taking the heat. Yoric said it, yell at him."
[23:30] <Dr_Magnus> [What in christs name is going on here?]
[23:30] <Heiden> [insanity, mostly.]
[23:30] <Gerald> [ ]
[23:30] <Dr_Facette> [ Adelaide is Heiden's human hat. ]
[23:30] <Heiden> [Dr_Auteu hung a sign that said 'funny hats only'
[23:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[23:30] <Heiden> [so hats were donned.]
[23:30] <carrion> [where are we? I wanna join…]
[23:30] <Dr_Magnus> [Wicked gerald]
[23:30] * Gerald scratches the back of his head.
[23:30] * Agent_Strelnikov runs a finger along the barrels.
[23:30] * Dr_Facette looks down…
[23:30] <Heiden> [Break room, just step in]
[23:30] <DrMann> [Breakroom, Carrion.]
[23:30] * Rights blinks, before kneeling over by Lurker, petting his head. "…Six, sweetie…it's just a present for Strel."
[23:30] <Rights> "…It's a gun."
[23:30] * Lurker is whimpering pathetically in the corner.
[23:30] <Gerald> "Uh…It's a grenade launcher."
[23:30] * Dr_Magnus looks up at the sign on the wall, and puts on a black pirate admiral hat. "Yarr, damn kids."
[23:30] <Gerald> "A russian one."
[23:31] * Lurker looks up. "Just… just a gun?"
[23:31] <Lurker> "N-n-nothing else?"
[23:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> A single tear rolls down his cheek and falls on the grip.
[23:31] * Rights smiles softly. "I swear. Come on."
[23:31] * carrion strolls in the breakroom and witnesses… the… asylum.
[23:31] <pooryoric> [name it pasha!]
[23:31] <Gerald> "Um…I think Thomas called it a…RG-6. That's what it was."
[23:31] * Rights offers her arms to carry him over. "It's wicked-looking."
[23:31] <Dr_Facette> "I would like to be a colonel or something nice and … authority-like."
[23:31] <carrion> "What now?"
[23:31] * Agent_Strelnikov lifts it out slowly and holds it to his face. He kisses it.
[23:31] * Lurker gets up slowly, shivering and cleaning to Rights' arm.
[23:31] <pooryoric> "you got it, colonel."
[23:31] * Rights watches Dmitri kiss the gun.
[23:31] * Gerald smiles. "It was used during the Chechen wars."
[23:31] * Lurker peers inside the box and lets out a sigh, still shaking.
[23:31] <Dr_Facette> "Wonderful."
[23:31] <Doctor_Light> "Long story." Sophia pours herself some gin and tonic
[23:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I knows."
[23:31] <carrion> "Can you guys tell me what's going on?"
[23:31] <Heiden> "Adelaide, you're twelve feet tall now."
[23:31] * Lurker seems to completely forget he had the tophat.
[23:31] * Dr_Facette musses Heiden's hair. "Yes I am."
[23:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I once destroy entire squad of Chechen fucks with one."
[23:32] <carrion> "What's in the box?"
[23:32] * Agent_Strelnikov kisses it again.
[23:32] <carrion> "So do I have to call containment or not this time?"
[23:32] <Doctor_Light> "Wow, Dmitri, that's some serious firepower."
[23:32] <DrMann> "Nothing now, Carrion. The gun was in the box."
[23:32] * Dr_Magnus looks over at Strelnikov, with a slight knowing smile. "A man and his weapons…"
[23:32] <Heiden> "Grenade launcher, looks like. Probably doesn't belong in the breakroom, but not an SCP."
[23:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Thanks you, Doktor Gerald."
[23:33] <Gerald> "Uh, no problem."
[23:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am make sure that Claudia is pay you extra attentions for your next session, yes?" He winks.
[23:33] <Rights> "Whoa, what?"
[23:33] <Gerald> "…."
[23:33] <Heiden> [hahahahahaha oh my god]
[23:33] * Rights blinks, then laughs.
[23:33] * Lurker sits at the table, staring at the cake, with gold eyes.
[23:33] <pooryoric> [oh, shit.]
[23:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Maybe you do more than wet the beak, yes?"
[23:33] * pooryoric glares.
[23:33] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs.
[23:33] * carrion peers in the box.
[23:33] <Gerald> "….."
[23:33] * Rights blinks at LUrker. "…Can I have another slice of cake, sweetie?"
[23:33] <carrion> "Ah."
[23:33] * Lurker looks up. "What? Oh… sure…"
[23:34] * Rights chuckles. "And don't you two-" She points between Gerald and Yoric "-get competetive now…competition over her only ends in sadness."
[23:34] <Heiden> "So, Dr. Facette, do you have any clue what our esteemed colleagues are doing?"
[23:34] * Lurker cuts a piece and hands it to Rights with a weak smile.
[23:34] <Rights> "…Sadness or awkward three-ways."
[23:34] <carrion> "There's cake? Is it Tiramisu?"
[23:34] * Dr_Facette rests her chin on the top of Heiden's head, looking down at people with a cheshire-cat grin as opposed to her normal docile smile. "Beats me."
[23:34] <Rights> "It's a tardis!"
[23:34] <Doctor_Light> "It's time travelling cake."
[23:34] <Gerald> "Er.."
[23:34] * Rights kisses Lurker's forhead as she digs in.
[23:34] <Dr_Magnus> [I am SO lost.]
[23:34] * carrion slumps on a couch
[23:34] <pooryoric> "i don't compete."
[23:34] <Gerald> "I try not to be competitive…."
[23:34] * Gerald blushes slightly again.
[23:35] <Rights> "The next thing you know, you two and her will be in a closet. And you won't be able to tell who's doing what."
[23:35] <pooryoric> "oh, good. then i win by default. thanks, gerald. you're a pal."
[23:35] <carrion> "I think this room is getting more and more nuts."
[23:35] <Gerald> "Er…"
[23:35] <Dr_Magnus> "You know rights, that reminds me of the time in the army that….You know, actually this isn't a good story."
[23:35] <DrMann> [It's quite simple. Gerald is presenting Strelnikov with a gun as a present for his new promotion. It is officially hat-day in the break room, so Heiden is wearing Dr. Facette as a hat. Yoric and Lurker were fighting over top hats, but Yoric pulled a hat out of his hat and gave it to Lurker.]
[23:35] <Heiden> "Where do you work again, Carrion?"
[23:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> [You wonder why you even asked.]
[23:35] <Lurker> [[ Also Lurker was freaking out about the box ]]
[23:35] <Dr_Magnus> [Wait, how do you wear a girl as a hat?]
[23:35] <Heiden> "That's my answer for 'things are getting too crazy'."
[23:36] <Gerald> [And Gerald has a red fedora.]
[23:36] <Heiden> "Unless the toilets are screaming for your blood, it's not too crazy."
[23:36] <pooryoric> "rights, i keep tellinng you, my interest in her is just professional."
[23:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald."
[23:36] * Lurker shakes his head and stands up. "I think I should… probably go."
[23:36] <Rights> "Uh-huh. Professional. You want to sit with her and discuss pickpocket techniques."
[23:36] <Rights> "And then pick her pocket."
[23:36] <carrion> "Well, it's my time off off of covert ops in Indonesia…"
[23:36] <Heiden> "
[23:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "If I were woman I would make the loves to you myself for this gift."
[23:36] <DrMann> [Dr. Light through flashbang grenades at everyone, but we've retconned that out because she didn't realize how bad they could be. Dr. Mann threatened to variously remove limbs or merge Yoric and Lurker into a single hat-wearing entity.]
[23:36] <pooryoric> [magnus, there are many wonderful ways.]
[23:36] <Gerald> "…."
[23:36] * Rights blinks at Lurker. "Alright…"
[23:36] <carrion> "Ah hey, hat day?" *points at sign*
[23:36] * Rights suddenly pauses. "…Oh god, Dmitri, never say that again."
[23:36] * Rights has gone RED.
[23:36] <Heiden> [Strel that could honestly happen]
[23:36] * Dr_Magnus stares at Strelnikov awkwardly. "Bad choice of words, comrade."
[23:37] * Agent_Strelnikov giggles. "I would, eh…Chamber round in your receiver, yes?"
[23:37] <Lurker> "I've… made a fool of myself too many times tonight…"
[23:37] <Rights> It's too late. She's already imagining it. In high-defenition.
[23:37] * Gerald 's mouth is slightly agape.
[23:37] * Agent_Strelnikov laughs out loud and hurts his back. "Ows."
[23:37] * Doctor_Light laughs vivaciously. She's getting drunk.
[23:37] <pooryoric> [oh, god.]
[23:37] <Heiden> [that would be the perfect moment for a genderswapper incident]
[23:37] * Dr_Facette stretches awkwardly. From her Heiden-perch.
[23:37] <Rights> "Oh. Oh my god. What. What. Wow."
[23:37] * Dr_Magnus twitches when he hears Strelnikov giggle.
[23:37] * Agent_Strelnikov has a retarded giggle.
[23:37] * Lurker sighs and looks at the cake a bit more.
[23:37] <Dr_Facette> "… Captain?"
[23:37] <pooryoric> [it's okay as long as you're only firing blanks.]
[23:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm? What? Yes?"
[23:37] <Dr_Magnus> "Okay, I'm fairly certain I have all of my mega-hol accounted for. What the hell are you guys drinking tonight?"
[23:37] <Doctor_Light> "Gin and tonic. And lime. Good stuff."
[23:38] <Dr_Facette> "You, erm…"
[23:38] <Heiden> [Oh, and Magnus - she's sitting on Heiden's shoulders, leaning forward a bit. It's a pretty lame excuse for a hat, but it's sufficiently ridiculous to compensate.]
[23:38] <Dr_Magnus> "This, damn kids, is why I don't drink."
[23:38] * Rights walks over towards Lurker, giving him a light hug. "…Where you headed?"
[23:38] <Doctor_Light> "Only… I seem to have forgotten the tonic… That explains a lot."
[23:38] <Dr_Magnus> [Fair enough]
[23:38] <carrion> "So… hats."
[23:38] <Dr_Facette> "You do realize where you work, and … how possible it is that you -can- and -will- be a girl at some point?"
[23:38] <pooryoric> "light, that was the most vivacious laugh i've ever heard."
[23:38] * carrion pulls out a Blangkon
[23:38] <DrMann> [Gerald was also recently played with by Claudia, the invisible woman. Meanwhile Strelnikov killed an entire bar of harmless biking enthusiasts to make sure they wouldn't hurt his little buddy Dr. Mann. Meanwhile, the moon men were writing secret messages in the random patterns in the tile. 682 and 076-2 have taken up interpretive dance and are going to start a ballet company. And Dr….
[23:38] <DrMann> …Kondraki is plotting your doom, as always.]
[23:38] <Lurker> "I don't… know…" He says, obviously lying.
[23:38] * carrion wears it on his head
[23:38] * Heiden looks up at Adelaide and makes a hissing noise.
[23:38] <pooryoric> [a wat?]
[23:38] <Lurker> 2d6 You can't see me.
[23:38] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, You can't see me.: 3 [2d6=2,1]
[23:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I was girl for two minute."
[23:38] <DrMann> [And that's pretty much everything.]
[23:38] <Doctor_Light> "Good. Good."
[23:38] * Heiden whispers. "No. No. Aw, -fuck-."
[23:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "It scare me so much I think my heart was want to explode."
[23:38] <pooryoric> "light, that was the most vivacious laugh i've ever heard."
[23:39] * Dr_Facette looks down. "What?"
[23:39] <pooryoric> "do it again."
[23:39] * Rights gives Lurker a squeeze. "…Do you wanna talk about it? Maybe take some cake and go to my office…?"
[23:39] <carrion> "Yeah, you were such a wreck after that, Strelnikov."
[23:39] * Heiden shakes his head. "Never mind, I'll tell you later."
[23:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Was not funs."
[23:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Terrify."
[23:39] <Doctor_Light> "It only works once."
[23:39] <DrMann> "I haven't been drinking, Dr. Magnus.]
[23:39] <Doctor_Light> "Once per day."
[23:39] <carrion> "Well of course!"
[23:39] <DrMann> [Oh, and Dr. Mann is wearing a coonskin hat.]
[23:39] * Lurker looks down. "It's… it would… I don't want to take you away from having fun… You shouldn't worry about me."
[23:39] <DrMann> [He's an outdoorsman today.]
[23:39] * Dr_Magnus turns back towards his textbook. "Oh come on, Strelnikov, I almost bled to death, coulda been worse."
[23:39] <Gerald> "Hey, are we going to continue with that dream machine experiment soon?"
[23:39] <Rights> "Too late." She smiles softly. "…C'mon. Let me make things better…"
[23:39] <carrion> [it would be great if something unexpected happened right about now]
[23:39] * Dr_Facette frowns, both brows raising. "… Are you sure?"
[23:40] <pooryoric> "it worked WELL. i may have to spend more time around you."
[23:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, Doktor. SCP-113."
[23:40] * Heiden nods. "It's fine, it's fine."
[23:40] <Dr_Magnus> [I could always fuck shit up.]
[23:40] * Agent_Strelnikov twitches and shudders at the memory.
[23:40] <Doctor_Light> [Fuck shit up, Magnus.]
[23:40] <Dr_Magnus> [All in favor?]
[23:40] <carrion> [then fuck shit up]
[23:40] <pooryoric> [DOOO EEET]
[23:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> [go for it magnus]
[23:40] <Doctor_Light> [Go ahead]
[23:40] <Dr_Facette> [ /do it/ ]
[23:40] <DrMann> [You know you want to.]
[23:40] <carrion> [aye]
[23:40] * Lurker hugs Rights gently.
[23:40] <pooryoric> [gogogogogogo]
[23:40] <Dr_Facette> "- Are you sure?"
[23:41] * Dr_Magnus shrugs nonchalantly, untill a large explosion occurs from behind him, knocking himself, and those immediately in front of him unconcious in an unholy blaze of green fire.
[23:41] * Rights hugs Lurker warmly.
[23:41] <Heiden> [ Heiden's got a pistol in a shoulder holster and he's ready to try to load it! Turning the safety off is a bit beyond him, though.]
[23:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Sure about what?" Now he's confused.
[23:41] <carrion> [JUST DO EET]
[23:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
[23:41] <Dr_Magnus> [I did, fucker]
[23:41] <pooryoric> "holy SHIT!"
[23:41] * Agent_Strelnikov covers Rights with himself.
[23:41] <Heiden> "Yeah, it'- WHAT THE FUCK?"
[23:41] <carrion> [Nike slogan]
[23:41] * Doctor_Light dives to the floor
[23:41] <Gerald> "GODDAMN@"
[23:41] * Dr_Facette just kind of … claws again.
[23:41] <Dr_Facette> "— What's going on!?"
[23:41] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 KOMBAT, UP!
[23:41] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, KOMBAT, UP!: 21 [7d6=4,5,3,3,2,3,1]
[23:41] <DrMann> "Hmm."
[23:42] <Doctor_Light> "What the hell?"
[23:42] * Rights is sheilding Lurker with herself.
[23:42] <carrion> "WTF?!?"
[23:42] <DrMann> "This is interesting."
[23:42] * Dr_Magnus looks behind him, and sees a large entity floating there, made of green fire, standing threateningly over him. "WHAT THE HELL?!"
[23:42] * pooryoric holds on to his top hat as he gets blasted backwards, landing in a heap amidst peices of broken couch.
[23:42] * Agent_Strelnikov jumps up shouting, his pistol drawn.
[23:42] * Heiden starts to reach for his pistol, then realizes that one, Adelaide's legs are in the way, and two, he'll drop her if he goes for it. "Adelaide, pistol in my front left pocket, do you have a firearm?"
[23:42] <pooryoric> "medic!"
[23:42] <Dr_Magnus> [h-space isn't very happy at me, run with it.]
[23:42] <carrion> "Holy carp!"
[23:42] * Lurker holds onto Rights and turns so that he's shielding her.
[23:42] <carrion> "What the hell is that?!?"
[23:42] <Heiden> "If not, -take it-.
[23:42] * Gerald jumps, and looks around in confusion.
[23:42] <Agent_Strelnikov> "DOWN!" He shouts.
[23:42] * Doctor_Light mutters. "Fucking S fuck C fucking P fucking fucking fucking Foundation."
[23:42] * Dr_Magnus turns pale. "Hammerphage!!! Everyone, I suggest you move, quickly!"
[23:42] * Doctor_Light downs.
[23:42] <Heiden> [front left coat pocket]
[23:42] * carrion jumpes to a defensive position
[23:43] <pooryoric> "ah, guys?"
[23:43] * Rights pulls Lurker behind the couch, away from the entity.
[23:43] * Dr_Facette reaches, flexible enough to grab it and offer it to him. "… I do not. I'm a /researcher/, goddammit! I am not meant for combat, I'm /supposed/ to be TAKING NOTES!"
[23:43] <Gerald> "Oh shit! I'm sorry, I swear I didn't have anything to do with this!"
[23:43] * carrion runs toward the exit, opening the door
[23:43] * DrMann pulls out the auto-scalpel and moves to the remains of the couch.
[23:43] <Doctor_Light> 'What the hell is a hammerphage?"
[23:43] * Gerald jumps behind a couch.
[23:43] <DrMann> "Do you need my attention, Yoric?"
[23:43] * Dr_Magnus rolls around to the side, pulling out a pistol, and unloading a full clip into the head of the creature…for no effect.
[23:43] <carrion> "Allright, everybody don't panic!"
[23:43] * Doctor_Light panics
[23:43] * Lurker is shaking slightly.
[23:43] <pooryoric> "yes, mann, yes i do."
[23:43] <Dr_Magnus> "Err…Hammerspace is technically a dimension…which has inhabitants…and…err…."
[23:43] * pooryoric is impaled on a chair leg.
[23:43] <DrMann> 7d6 Fix Yoric Up
[23:43] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Fix Yoric Up: 27 [7d6=6,2,6,2,4,4,3]
[23:43] * Heiden slides Adelaide's legs over him as he stands up, trying to deposit her in the chair as he goes for the clip to his pistol.
[23:43] <carrion> "By the name I guess it eats hammers…"
[23:44] * DrMann removes the chair leg and cleans the wound.
[23:44] <carrion> "Fuck, give it some hammers or something to distract it!"
[23:44] <pooryoric> "owowowowowwwww!"
[23:44] * DrMann injects Yoric with a glowing green syringe.
[23:44] <Dr_Magnus> "Its just a name, just run people! Strelnikov, aim for the head, it slows them down!"
[23:44] <Doctor_Light> "I don't have a hammer, do you?"
[23:44] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 Look over there, smoke creature!
[23:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Look over there, smoke creature!: 17 [4d6=4,3,5,5]
[23:44] * Dr_Facette slumps in the chair, frozen and watching the damn thing instead of running. Wonderful.
[23:44] * pooryoric twitches and gibbers as the liquid enters his veins.
[23:44] * Doctor_Light throws a smokebomb at the thing
[23:44] <Dr_Magnus> 4d6 paranoid awareness
[23:44] * Agent_Strelnikov bares his teeth and begins firing at the creature with his pistol, happy to have something to unleash his anger at.
[23:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, paranoid awareness: 8 [4d6=1,1,2,4]
[23:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 KOMBAT, BATYANYA
[23:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, KOMBAT, BATYANYA: 18 [7d6=2,5,3,2,3,1,2]
[23:44] <Dr_Magnus> [wow. That's piss poor.]
[23:45] <DrMann> [If you're feelin' dead, I'll be your re-animator, I've got the stuff to bring you to life…]
[23:45] * Lurker is rocking back and forth, cuddling Rights. "notgoodnotgoodnotgood…"
[23:45] * Agent_Strelnikov , as it turns out, is a piss poor shot today.
[23:45] * Sorts has joined #FieldWork
[23:45] * Rights holds Lurker close behind the couch, rubbing his back. "Shh, shh…"
[23:45] * Heiden finally slides the clip into place, standing in a completely nonfunctional stance as he tries to fire his pistol.
[23:45] <Dr_Magnus> 7d6 Gunplay, DANCE FOR ME!
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, Gunplay, DANCE FOR ME!: 19 [7d6=5,1,1,2,1,3,6]
[23:45] <Dr_Magnus> [Apparently so am I.]
[23:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> 7d6 BATYANYA KOMBAT
[23:45] <Lurker> 1d6 Oh god look out
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Oh god look out: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, BATYANYA KOMBAT: 29 [7d6=3,5,6,4,2,6,3]
[23:45] <Heiden> [If I roll low, it works]
[23:45] <Heiden> 6d6 mostly harmless
[23:45] <Sorts> [oh god shooting?]
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Heiden, mostly harmless: 18 [6d6=1,2,4,2,3,6]
[23:45] <Heiden> [damn.]
[23:45] * pooryoric pulls his own pistol out and fires wildly.
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> carrion, KUNGFU CHOP SUEY SOMETHIN'-SOMETHIN': 17 [6d6=3,5,1,4,1,3]
[23:45] <Gerald> "Er…Oh, hell."
[23:45] <pooryoric> 1d6 piss poor shot
[23:45] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, piss poor shot: 5 [1d6=5]
[23:45] * Dr_Magnus pulls out two pistols, firing wildly, guns akimbo style…to little effect. Two weapons aren't very effective.
[23:45] * Heiden remains harmless!
[23:45] * Agent_Strelnikov has better luck this time. His bullets pass through the entity's head.
[23:45] * Lurker lets out a whimper and hides his face in Right's neck.
[23:46] * pooryoric decides he's more useful elsewhere.
[23:46] * Heiden turns around and grabs Adelaide's arm, attempting to pull her from the chair.
[23:46] * Gerald jumps up, and grabs the box on the table. He shoves his hand inside and grabs some things.
[23:46] <Gerald> "Dmitri!"
[23:46] <carrion> [fthagn, lag]
[23:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald!"
[23:46] <Sorts> [are we in breakroom or is scip hitting the fan elsewhere?]
[23:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….It has ammunition?"
[23:46] * Dr_Magnus watches, as the creature advances on him, leaning down, and roaring loudly towarsd him. "I should probably mention, it'll go after me first." Magnus turns tail and runs as fast as he can down a hallway."
[23:46] * pooryoric pushes heiden aside, grabs the chair, ad runs.
[23:46] <Heiden> [shit's hitting the fan in the break room, feel free to get sucked into it.]
[23:46] * Gerald tosses Dmitri a couple of 40mm grenades.
[23:46] <Dr_Magnus> [Breakroom, we got bored so I blew some shit to all hell.]
[23:46] <Lurker> [[ Carrion, get a chance to work on that pic I asked you about a while ago? ]]
[23:46] * Rights squeeze Lurker, still whispering and cooing gently to calm him down.]
[23:46] <Heiden> [you just… picked up and ran… with a recliner?]
[23:46] * Agent_Strelnikov staggers back to the crate and rips the launcher out of the box.
[23:46] <Dr_Magnus> [Green fire demon from hammerspace is coming to fuck my shit up.]
[23:46] * pooryoric drags dr_facette out of harms way.
[23:46] * Dr_Facette is easy to lift out of the chair, regardless. She's up. … And now she's on the floor.
[23:46] * Agent_Strelnikov begins loading it.
[23:46] <pooryoric> [dragged.]
[23:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LURKER!"
[23:47] * Gerald jumps behind the couch again.
[23:47] <Dr_Facette> "Sss— Yoric, let /GO/!"
[23:47] <pooryoric> [i'm jacked up on mann's serum.]
[23:47] * Sorts is walking towards the breakroom when he hears gunfire echoing down the hall. He immediately turns around and goes back into his office.
[23:47] * Lurker looks up at Dmitri.
[23:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Get Rights out!"
[23:47] * pooryoric lets go.
[23:47] <carrion> [is my dice roll out yet?]
[23:47] <Doctor_Light> "What> Why?"
[23:47] <Doctor_Light> *?
[23:47] * Lurker nods a few times, then grabs Rights and starts to make to the exit.
[23:47] <Dr_Facette> "You're -hurting- me - thank you, there's got to be something I can -"
[23:47] <Heiden> "Yoric, I've got it, deal with that… thing, I can't hit it worth a damn."
[23:47] * Agent_Strelnikov finally finishes loading the grenade launcher. He closes it with a menacing snap.
[23:47] <Dr_Magnus> [At this point, lets assume that I've run like a coward, I'll play the phage.
[23:47] * Heiden reverses the pistol and holds it, handle out.
[23:47] <pooryoric> "heiden, there's a reason you've never seen me fight."
[23:47] * Dr_Magnus is now known as Hammerphage
[23:47] * Gerald looks incredibly pale from behind the couch.
[23:47] <carrion> [fthagn, campus connection getting sour, I'm out, just say I'm KO'd or something]
[23:48] * DrMann throws a piece of the sofa at the entity experimentally.
[23:48] * carrion has quit IRC (Quit: )
[23:48] * Rights moves with Lurker, frowning. "We could try to help, I mean…"
[23:48] <Lurker> "Doctor, come on… have to… leave…"
[23:48] <Doctor_Light> "Guys? I think you might want to back away from Dmitri."
[23:48] <Heiden> "…yeah, that's true. Last time you just pushed me in and waited to see what would happen."
[23:48] <Rights> "…Alright."
[23:48] <DrMann> 3d6 Rugged Mountain Mann
[23:48] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Rugged Mountain Mann: 8 [3d6=4,2,2]
[23:48] * Rights knows when she's way out of her league.
[23:48] * Heiden looks hopefully at Dr. Facette. "Any firearms training?"
[23:48] * Hammerphage roars loudly, staring down the large Russian, baring its teeth, finnaly taking solid form of a large creature.
[23:48] * Sorts comes rushing back out of his office, completely uncharacteristically, carrying his rifle.
[23:48] * Agent_Strelnikov bares his teath as well. He's pretty pissed off.
[23:48] <Heiden> "Because if not, we need to /leave/.
[23:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> "HYEL-LO."
[23:48] * Dr_Facette pales, staring at the Hammerphage and shaking her head 'no' slowly.
[23:48] <Hammerphage> [Should it talk or not?]
[23:48] * Agent_Strelnikov fires a grenade at the Hammerphage.
[23:48] <Dr_Facette> "… oh god."
[23:48] <Lurker> [[ Sure ]]
[23:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 GRENATE
[23:48] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, GRENATE: 32 [8d6=2,4,3,4,5,5,6,3]
[23:49] <pooryoric> "anyway, you and i should just make sure that the lovely docttor facette isokay, heiden."
[23:49] * Agent_Strelnikov THUNK.
[23:49] <Hammerphage> "WHERE IS THE SMALL ONE?"
[23:49] * DrMann tries to use his reinforced labcoat for cover.
[23:49] * Doctor_Light jumps behind one of the sofas.
[23:49] <DrMann> 6d6 Protective Garments
[23:49] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Protective Garments: 19 [6d6=2,1,4,5,4,3]
[23:49] <Heiden> "Good call, Yoric, let's get the hell out of here."
[23:49] * Lurker runs to the door and out of the room with Rights.
[23:49] <Sorts> "Lurker! Rights! What is even the hell?"
[23:49] * Heiden looks at Adelaide, checking once more to make sure she's okay.
[23:49] * Agent_Strelnikov decides to fire another grenade.
[23:49] <Dr_Facette> "— But, it's looking for something, it's sentient!"
[23:49] * Hammerphage steps towards Strelnikov, baring its fiery claws.
[23:49] <Rights> "RUN SORTS."
[23:49] <Hammerphage> 1d6 fuck shit up
[23:49] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 DERP
[23:49] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, fuck shit up: 3 [1d6=3]
[23:49] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, DERP: 23 [8d6=5,1,3,2,2,4,4,2]
[23:50] <pooryoric> "right, right. adelaide, come with us, please."
[23:50] * Rights doesn't want to think about 'the small one'
[23:50] * Hammerphage swipes at Strelnikov, tearing his shirt up.
[23:50] * Agent_Strelnikov misses the Hammerphage, instead he destroys the microwave.
[23:50] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 Distract the smoke creature!
[23:50] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Distract the smoke creature!: 20 [4d6=5,6,6,3]
[23:50] <Sorts> "But… is it… what is it? Animal, vegitable or mental?"
[23:50] <Dr_Facette> 5d6 People Skills
[23:50] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, People Skills: 16 [5d6=5,3,5,1,2]
[23:50] * Sorts keeps pace with Lurker and Rights.
[23:50] * Lurker leads Rights to her office. "Wait here. I'll be back…"
[23:50] <Dr_Facette> "Give me some time, maybe it can be reasoned with."
[23:50] <Heiden> "Adelaide, it is going to hurt us very badly if we don't leave. It is sentient, yes. It is also violent. We need to -go-."
[23:50] * Agent_Strelnikov backs away from the Hammerphage and fires another grenade. Only two left after this.
[23:50] * DrMann fires some sedative darts at the creature.
[23:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 THUNK
[23:50] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, THUNK: 29 [8d6=6,5,1,1,5,1,6,4]
[23:50] * Doctor_Light throws a bottle of gin behind the creature, hopefully distracting it
[23:50] <DrMann> 7d6 Inadvisable Medicine
[23:50] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Inadvisable Medicine: 28 [7d6=1,4,1,6,4,6,6]
[23:50] <Agent_Strelnikov> [wow awful]
[23:50] * Hammerphage turns to Facette. "Don't make me end you, child."
[23:50] * Rights is not very good at waiting and worrying, starting to dig through her office.
[23:50] <pooryoric> "there is NO way i'm going to risk a pretty girl in this situation."
[23:50] * Agent_Strelnikov clips the "elbow" of the beast with a grenade, but still doesn't get a clear shot.
[23:50] * Dr_Facette pales…
[23:51] <Heiden> [Strelnikov, that's actually a slightly above-average roll : P]
[23:51] <Dr_Facette> "Oh, no, sir, there's no need for that — I'm going."
[23:51] * Lurker runs back into the room. "Dmitri! Run!"
[23:51] * Hammerphage reacts in slight annoyance to the grenade.
[23:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp]
[23:51] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 distract the fucking critter
[23:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, distract the fucking critter: 12 [4d6=1,1,4,6]
[23:51] * Dr_Facette turns and /darts/.
[23:51] <Hammerphage> 2d6 really fuck shit up.
[23:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, really fuck shit up.: 5 [2d6=1,4]
[23:51] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 THUNK! One left.
[23:51] * Sorts follows Lurker back to the breakroom but doesn't dare enter.
[23:51] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, THUNK! One left.: 28 [8d6=6,5,5,1,2,1,6,2]
[23:51] * Agent_Strelnikov smacks the Hammerphage in the face with a grenade, then.
[23:51] <pooryoric> 5d6 talk to the damn thing.
[23:51] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, talk to the damn thing.: 19 [5d6=5,6,5,2,1]
[23:51] <DrMann> 7d6 Examine its Anatomy for Weak Points
[23:51] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Examine its Anatomy for Weak Points: 28 [7d6=1,6,3,6,6,4,2]
[23:51] * Heiden falls into quickstep behind Adelaide, occasionally turning to watch for pursuit.
[23:51] <pooryoric> "STOP THAT SHIT, PLEASE."
[23:51] * Hammerphage takes a step back, the grenade exploding in its face.
[23:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…That is for my shirt."
[23:52] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 Examine the critter with SCIENCE
[23:52] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Examine the critter with SCIENCE: 19 [7d6=2,2,3,3,1,4,4]
[23:52] <pooryoric> "oh, well, it was worth a try. "
[23:52] <Doctor_Light> Do I learn anything?
[23:52] * pooryoric runs.
[23:52] * Hammerphage steps forward, shoving Strelnikov into a wall with explosive force. "WHERE IS THE SMALL ONE?! THE ONE YOU CALL MAH GAH NOOS?"
[23:52] * Lurker blinks at the Hammerphage.
[23:52] <Hammerphage> [lol, pronunciation]
[23:52] * pooryoric skids to a halt.
[23:52] <pooryoric> "magnus?"
[23:52] <Sorts> [maaa gaaaa noooos]
[23:52] * Agent_Strelnikov is slammed into the wall. That is extremely painful considering he was already shanked in the fucking back.
[23:52] <Doctor_Light> "Where did he go?"
[23:52] * Lurker watches it hit Dmitri, and shakes.
[23:52] * Dr_Facette doesn't bother to look back at Heiden, but speaks to him anyway, "Where do we go?!"
[23:52] <Lurker> 1d6 Fucking
[23:52] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Fucking: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:52] <pooryoric> "he's on the floor over there, i think."
[23:52] <Lurker> [[ TRIPLE ROLL BONUS ]]
[23:52] <Lurker> 1d6 Bad
[23:52] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Bad: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:52] <DrMann> [I don't think that's a relevant skill here.]
[23:53] <Lurker> 1d6 News
[23:53] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, News: 1 [1d6=1]
[23:53] <Hammerphage> [I ran like a coward actually]
[23:53] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahha]
[23:53] <Lurker> [[ Uh oh. ]]
[23:53] <pooryoric> [lurker, this is NOT the time for fucking!]
[23:53] * Lurker starts shaking a bit.
[23:53] * Gerald peeks over the top of the couch.
[23:53] <Doctor_Light> "Shit. What do we do?"
[23:53] <Hammerphage> 10d6 I know where the fuck shit is, I'm the damn monster.
[23:53] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, I know where the fuck shit is, I'm the damn monster.: 36 [10d6=1,2,4,6,2,6,3,6,2,4]
[23:53] * Lurker stands up on his back legs. His eyes aren't blue or gold anymore, they're red.
[23:53] <Dr_Facette> [ But what /else/ would we do with all this adrenaline? :( ]
[23:53] <DrMann> [Did I learn anything about its anatomy? Weak points, anything like that?]
[23:53] <Heiden> "Uh, ah… containment breach… massive containment breach… uhhh…"
[23:53] <Sorts> "Lurker! Six! Keep it together, man!" Sorts is not keeping it together, incidentally.
[23:53] <Heiden> [hahahahahaha]
[23:53] * Hammerphage snifs the air, looking down a corridor, and lets Strelnikov down.
[23:54] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 Examine its biology
[23:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Examine its biology: 22 [7d6=4,4,4,1,3,4,2]
[23:54] * Lurker seems a bit taller than usual, infact, he seems to be growing a bit.
[23:54] * Lurker is now bigger than the Hammerphage.
[23:54] * Hammerphage turns to lurker.
[23:54] * Agent_Strelnikov slides down the wall and smears blood across it, the impact having opened his wound. He has one grenade left.
[23:54] * Sorts is standing in the corridor with Lurker and oh god it is looking this way.
[23:54] <Dr_Facette> "… You don't /know/?"
[23:54] <Hammerphage> [Monster brawl?]
[23:54] <Doctor_Light> [Did I get anything?]
[23:54] <pooryoric> "heiden, adelaide. evac time, lets go."
[23:54] <Lurker> "Did you just throw Dmitri Strelnikov into the wall?"
[23:54] <DrMann> [Well, come on. I must have learned something, Magnus.]
[23:54] <Heiden> "There's panic rooms across the complex, I'm thinking of where the closer ones are and if they'll even hold, Adelaide."
[23:54] * Gerald sneaks to the door, watching the battle.
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Ows."
[23:54] <Hammerphage> [mann, that's up to you, I'm not DM'ing.]
[23:54] <Heiden> "Evac may be our best bet."
[23:54] <Hammerphage> [Judge based on your roll]
[23:54] <DrMann> [Ah, all right. In that case…]
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> [judge it yourself mann]
[23:54] <Agent_Strelnikov> [I AM TRUST OF YOU]
[23:54] <pooryoric> "evac is MY best bet, certainly."
[23:55] <Dr_Facette> "Right. Evac, then."
[23:55] * Hammerphage sizes Lurker up.
[23:55] <pooryoric> "and i'm not going too leave her here."
[23:55] * Lurker blinks twice at the monster.
[23:55] * Sorts waves wildly for Gerald and the others to get down the hall, but he's covering Lurker.
[23:55] <pooryoric> *to
[23:55] <Dr_Facette> "Better than huddling in a room shaking."
[23:55] <DrMann> "Strelnikov! In the lower back. That's where it keeps its most vital organs"
[23:55] * Agent_Strelnikov groans and tries to get up again.
[23:55] * Heiden nods. "Has a lockdown been initiated yet?"
[23:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Get up!
[23:55] <Hammerphage> [Wait, what?]
[23:55] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Get up!: 1 [1d6=1]
[23:55] <Lurker> "Please leave. You aren't welcome here, especially if you're going to hurt my friends."
[23:55] <pooryoric> "i'd assume so."
[23:55] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try again!
[23:55] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try again!: 3 [1d6=3]
[23:55] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 DISTRACT THE FUCKING MONSTER
[23:55] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, DISTRACT THE FUCKING MONSTER: 18 [4d6=2,5,5,6]
[23:55] <Gerald> "Dmitri, are you alright?
[23:55] <Gerald> "
[23:55] <Hammerphage> [28/42 =/= good roll mann]
[23:55] * Sorts takes a position and raises his rifle for a shot at the creature's back.
[23:55] * Agent_Strelnikov braces himself on the grenade launcher but still can't get up.
[23:55] * Heiden nods. "Evacuation is is, then, hoping an MTF team's been called."
[23:55] <DrMann> 7d6 Sedatives Right In the Genitalia
[23:55] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Sedatives Right In the Genitalia: 21 [7d6=3,1,3,2,6,1,5]
[23:56] <Hammerphage> [Lurker, roll d6 against me.]
[23:56] * Agent_Strelnikov slides the grenade launcher to Gerald.
[23:56] <Heiden> "Yoric, counting on you to know where that is."
[23:56] <pooryoric> "excelsior."
[23:56] <Hammerphage> 1d6
[23:56] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
[23:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "AIM. PULL TRIGGER. GO."
[23:56] <Lurker> 1d6
[23:56] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
[23:56] * Gerald picks up the grenade launcher, face white.
[23:56] * Dr_Facette winces, just waiting for them to come up with something.
[23:56] <Hammerphage> [Wow. Convincing son of a bitch, aintcha lol]
[23:56] <DrMann> [It's still better than average.]
[23:56] * Gerald aims, and pulls the trigger.
[23:56] * pooryoric leads heiden and facette towards the helipad.
[23:56] <Lurker> [[ Why was I rolling d6? ]]
[23:56] <Hammerphage> [You can't figure out the vital organs of an alien creature you've never seen before like that though.]
[23:56] * Doctor_Light has no idea where she is. Let's say I'm in the hallway nearby.
[23:56] <Hammerphage> [To see if I listen to you or not.]
[23:56] <Dr_Facette> "Am — am I supposed to go /in/ that?"
[23:56] <Lurker> [[ Ah ]]
[23:57] <DrMann> [Aw…]
[23:57] <Gerald> 7d6 How the fuck was I supposed to know I would be using it when I got it for Dmitri?
[23:57] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, How the fuck was I supposed to know I would be using it when I got it for Dmitri?: 24 [7d6=3,6,1,1,3,5,5]
[23:57] * Lurker growls and bares his fangs at the creature.
[23:57] <Gerald> [Shit]
[23:57] * Hammerphage postures at Lurker, not advancing.
[23:57] <Heiden> "Adelaide, you don't… you don't take to flying well?"
[23:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 Try again!
[23:57] * pooryoric is suddenly blasted sideways into the wall. some dumbass is still throwing grenades in the breakroom.
[23:57] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Try again!: 5 [1d6=5]
[23:57] <Doctor_Light> 4d6 Distract it distract it distract it
[23:57] <pooryoric> "SHI
[23:57] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Distract it distract it distract it: 20 [4d6=4,4,6,6]
[23:57] <Lurker> "I said. Leave."
[23:57] * Agent_Strelnikov pulls himself up on the couch first, then manages to stand.
[23:57] * Dr_Facette gives Heiden this … look of silent horror.
[23:57] <Lurker> 1d6
[23:57] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…..Ows."
[23:57] <Doctor_Light> [That distracted it. A little.]
[23:57] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
[23:57] <Dr_Facette> "… I'll live."
[23:57] <Doctor_Light> [Please.]
[23:57] * Hammerphage turns towards doctor light, who is being very distracting.
[23:57] * Sorts still aiming, waiting for a clean shot.
[23:57] <pooryoric> "fuck! twice in one day!"
[23:57] <Hammerphage> [Actualy that's a near perfect roll.]
[23:58] * Sorts fires!
[23:58] * Gerald fires. The force of the shot knocks him on his ass. The shot goes wild, exploding on the wall next to Hammerphage.
[23:58] * Heiden shakes his head. "Yoric, go on ahead, MTF teams'll be here soon, we'll get to a panic room."
[23:58] <Sorts> 3d6 lucky sniper go!
[23:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, lucky sniper go!: 10 [3d6=3,3,4]
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [i wonder if i should get pawns]
[23:58] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 run like hell?
[23:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, run like hell?: 5 [1d6=5]
[23:58] * Doctor_Light runs like hell
[23:58] <pooryoric> [heiden, yoric just got blowed up, dude.]
[23:58] * DrMann charges with the auto-scalpel!
[23:58] <Hammerphage> 2d6 Fuck up sombody right propper.
[23:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, Fuck up sombody right propper.: 4 [2d6=3,1]
[23:58] <DrMann> 7d6 Dissection!
[23:58] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Dissection!: 19 [7d6=3,6,2,1,1,2,4]
[23:58] <Agent_Strelnikov> [would anyone object if i summoned pawns from my MTF even though officially i dont seem to have any]
[23:58] <Hammerphage> [Fawk]
[23:58] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 building architecture
[23:58] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, building architecture: 4 [1d6=4]
[23:58] * DrMann is enthusiastic, but not very effective.
[23:58] <Heiden> [Oh, I just thought it was comedy violence. Shit.]
[23:58] * Hammerphage holds doctor Mann back by the forhead.
[23:58] * Gerald aims again, trying to hit the base of Hammerphages spine.
[23:58] * Doctor_Light ducks into a quiet passage
[23:59] <Hammerphage> [I'm facing you gerald…]
[23:59] * Heiden looks over at Adelaide. "Sixty yards down, take a right, then thirty yards and a left. Room 412, press the red button in there. It'll initiate a panic lockdown."
[23:59] * Heiden runs over to Yoric.
[23:59] <Gerald> [Oh. Aiming for the chest area, then.]
[23:59] * Lurker lunges forward, his jaw splitting open in a fierce mass of teeth. "YOU DO NOT DESERVE EXISTENCE HERE."
[23:59] * Sorts goes for another shot while Gerald takes the front end.
[23:59] * Dr_Facette pauses, "Wait — what about you two!?"
[23:59] * Agent_Strelnikov staggers out of the break room.
[23:59] <Gerald> 7d6 Ahhhh…..fuck.
[23:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Ahhhh…..fuck.: 24 [7d6=2,4,3,6,2,6,1]
[23:59] <Sorts> 3d6 Sniper
[23:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, Sniper: 9 [3d6=2,1,6]
[23:59] <pooryoric> [so it's spine in in the front. who are we to question alien anatomy?]
[23:59] * Heiden mutters. "You son of a bitch, if you're dead I'll fucking kill you."
[23:59] <Hammerphage> [Chill out everyone, let lurker do his bag.]
[23:59] <Lurker> 7d6 I'm Hungry (+1 Pump)
[23:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, I'm Hungry (+1 Pump): 18 [7d6=1,4,2,2,1,5,3]
[23:59] <Lurker> [[ Oh wow that was a shit roll. ]]
[23:59] <Hammerphage> 5d6 I'm a fiery monster, rawr.
[23:59] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, I'm a fiery monster, rawr.: 18 [5d6=6,4,3,4,1]
[23:59] <pooryoric> "ahhhh…."
Session Time: Wed Jun 03 00:00:00 2009
[00:00] * Agent_Strelnikov takes him to add a parting shot but instead sees a giant Lurker.
[00:00] <Hammerphage> [So was mine]
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> *aim
[00:00] <Doctor_Light> [Nice]
[00:00] * pooryoric wakes up.
[00:00] * Heiden looks at Dr. Facette. "There's another one a bit further down, if we don't make it to you we'll go to that one."
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald!"
[00:00] <Heiden> Fundamentals of Biology 1d6
[00:00] * Hammerphage lunges at lurker, who also lunges, and they switch positions dramatically!
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where is are have made the others are go to be runnings to?"
[00:00] <Hammerphage> [We both got 18 lol]
[00:00] * Heiden tries to administer some basic first aid.
[00:00] * Doctor_Light activates a radio that will connect her with Heiden and Facette
[00:00] * Dr_Facette swears like a madwoman. So much for babyfaces and docile smiles.
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…No wait that is wrong."
[00:00] * Gerald grunts as the forty millimeter grenade fires out of the launcher and slams into its shoulder.
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where are the others?"
[00:00] <pooryoric> "just go, dude. i'll be fiiiine."
[00:00] * Lurker snarls and bites forward at the creature's throat.
[00:00] <Lurker> 5d6 Still Hungry
[00:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Still Hungry: 15 [5d6=4,3,3,2,3]
[00:00] * Sorts scrambles down the hall now that Lurker's no longer between him and the beast.
[00:00] <Gerald> "Not too sure!"
[00:00] <Doctor_Light> "Shit, guys, where are you?"
[00:00] <Heiden> 1d6 Fundamentals of Biology
[00:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Heiden, Fundamentals of Biology: 1 [1d6=1]
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 Cursing!
[00:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Cursing!: 13 [3d6=6,3,4]
[00:00] <Dr_Facette> [ … :( ]
[00:00] <Hammerphage> 5d6 I'm a fiery monster, rawr.
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCKING STUPID…GOD DAMMIT."
[00:00] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, I'm a fiery monster, rawr.: 19 [5d6=4,5,3,6,1]
[00:00] <Agent_Strelnikov> "SON OF THE BITCH."
[00:00] * Agent_Strelnikov kicks a wall.
[00:00] <Gerald> "Take this, and I'll get more ammo from the box!"
[00:01] <DrMann> 7d6 I Can Reach the Wrist
[00:01] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, I Can Reach the Wrist: 19 [7d6=4,2,3,2,2,3,3]
[00:01] <pooryoric> [no worries, if yoric dies he'll rez next breakroom.]
[00:01] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 Narcolepsy is -still- a bitch.
[00:01] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, Narcolepsy is -still- a bitch.: 2 [1d2=2]
[00:01] * Agent_Strelnikov grabs the RG-6 and hobbles down the hallway.
[00:01] * DrMann tries vainly to cut off the wrist of the monster.
[00:01] <Hammerphage> [Bite me, Lurker.]
[00:01] * Gerald goes back to the break room and grabs the box.
[00:01] * Dr_Facette sways a moment, then shakes her head, "Okay. "
[00:01] * Sorts offers Agent_Strelnikov a hand.
[00:01] * Heiden is totally clueless as to what's wrong with Yoric. "Dammit, get up." He slides his arm under Yoric's back and lifts him to his feet.
[00:01] <Lurker> [[ But I missed, you're up ]]
[00:01] <Heiden> [Oh, shit, Adelaide, -no-
[00:01] <Heiden> [do not even do that to me]
[00:01] <Hammerphage> [I know, my blood is FIRE!]
[00:01] * Rights is out of her office, running towards the Breakroom. "Dmitri!"
[00:01] * pooryoric stands with heidens help.
[00:01] <Rights> "Dmitri, what's going on?"
[00:01] <Lurker> [[ Oh ]]
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Is a bear?"
[00:02] * Gerald grabs the box and runs back to Dmitri.
[00:02] * Heiden begins hobbling down the hall towards the panic room.
[00:02] <Dr_Facette> [ Narcolepsy is a WONDERFUL thing. :D It's also a pain-in-the-ass hook. Expect it at the best moments ever. ]
[00:02] <Gerald> "More ammo!"
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "And Lurker has grown. Oof." He catches the box.
[00:02] <Sorts> "Lurker went Godzilla mode!"
[00:02] <pooryoric> [haha, a BEAR.]
[00:02] <Heiden> "C'mon, Adelaide, this way."
[00:02] <Hammerphage> [lulz. I should turn into a bear.]
[00:02] * Lurker bites into the neck of the creature and recoils.
[00:02] * Agent_Strelnikov shrugs as he loads the grenade launcher. "I am not know."
[00:02] <Rights> "What? A Bear? And…waht?"
[00:02] <pooryoric> [are you actually narcoleptic?]
[00:02] * Doctor_Light sees Rights running by and runs after her, hoping she has a better idea
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker. He is very big. Shout a lot."
[00:02] * Dr_Facette comes up to meet them, swooping down to help him carry Yoric, supporting his other side. "I'm comin'."
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Bite."
[00:02] * Hammerphage laughs, as a fiery inferno erupts from the wound, into lurker's face.
[00:02] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Very mean. Angry."
[00:02] <Sorts> "Hey great, we're all in one spot like a herd."
[00:02] * Doctor_Light quickly realizes her error.
[00:02] <Hammerphage> 3d6 Fire, it hurts.
[00:02] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, Fire, it hurts.: 13 [3d6=4,6,3]
[00:02] * Agent_Strelnikov closes the breech and staggers back towards Lurker.
[00:03] * Lurker hisses out.
[00:03] <pooryoric> "really, guys, go on. i don't die."
[00:03] * Rights frowns. "…"
[00:03] <Hammerphage> 2d6 Yoric is always wrong.
[00:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, Yoric is always wrong.: 4 [2d6=1,3]
[00:03] <Heiden> "Eat me, Yoric, you're coming with us."
[00:03] <Lurker> 4d6 Ow, my face.
[00:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Ow, my face.: 11 [4d6=3,3,2,3]
[00:03] <Hammerphage> [Luckyyyyyyyyyy]
[00:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 Curse at it!
[00:03] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Curse at it!: 13 [3d6=6,5,2]
[00:03] <Dr_Facette> "What he said."
[00:03] <Rights> "…I want to help, but honestly, I only know one way to fight fire."
[00:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "STUPID FUCKING CHECHENS."
[00:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCK THEM ALL. FUCK ALL OF YOU."
[00:03] * Hammerphage slams his fist down, his claws right behind Yoric's crotch.
[00:03] <Sorts> "… water?"
[00:03] <Sorts> "Or more fire?"
[00:03] * Agent_Strelnikov can be heard shouting in fury as he hobbles down the hall.
[00:03] <pooryoric> "adelaide, it's almost like you actually care."
[00:03] * Dr_Facette glances over her shoulder.
[00:03] * Lurker is slightly injured from the fire in his face, and looks up, then lunges again.
[00:03] <Heiden> [Wait, what?]
[00:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCKING GOD DAMMIT."
[00:03] <Lurker> [[ SUPER PUMP ]]
[00:03] <DrMann> 6d6 Fireproof Pajamas
[00:03] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Fireproof Pajamas: 20 [6d6=6,2,3,6,1,2]
[00:04] <Hammerphage> [[Doo eet]]
[00:04] <pooryoric> [he tried to kill me.]
[00:04] <Heiden> [you're not in the break room anymore?]
[00:04] <Lurker> 10d6 Oh hell no you didn't
[00:04] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Oh hell no you didn't: 38 [10d6=3,5,5,2,2,5,6,3,1,6]
[00:04] <Dr_Facette> "You're humanoid. Of course I care."
[00:04] <Hammerphage> 5d6 I'm a fiery monster, rawr.
[00:04] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, I'm a fiery monster, rawr.: 20 [5d6=5,4,1,4,6]
[00:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [lurker]
[00:04] <Dr_Facette> "Now could we /PLEASE/ pick up the pace!?"
[00:04] <pooryoric> "ah, just human, actually."
[00:04] <Rights> "Sorts, not just more fire."
[00:04] * Gerald keeps ammo at the ready.
[00:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [next roll you team with me]
[00:04] <Agent_Strelnikov> [roll an extra die when you do so]
[00:04] * pooryoric staggers fasta!
[00:04] <Rights> "I mean…457."
[00:04] <Heiden> "Okay, we're gonna -run- now, Okay Yoric?"
[00:04] <Rights> "That's is fighting fire with a horrible fire monster."
[00:04] * Lurker slams into the Hammerphage and pins it up against the wall, roaring with his split jaw.
[00:04] <pooryoric> right, right."
[00:04] <Lurker> [[ k ]]
[00:04] * Hammerphage roars in Lurker's face.
[00:04] * Dr_Facette jerks and goes into a run to keep up with Yoric. "Jesus!"
[00:04] * Heiden tries to pick up the pace. The panic room is only like… thirty to forty yards away!
[00:04] <Sorts> "No, no, not 457. Please. Seriously."
[00:05] * Doctor_Light follows Yoric and Heiden and helps them get Yoric out
[00:05] <Hammerphage> 4d6 chomp
[00:05] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, chomp: 16 [4d6=4,3,6,3]
[00:05] <Gerald> "Er…"
[00:05] * Agent_Strelnikov hobbles behind the Hammerphage with a full magazine.
[00:05] <Doctor_Light> [or tries to.]
[00:05] <pooryoric> "oh, hi light."
[00:05] <DrMann> 7d6 Take Advantage While It's Down
[00:05] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Take Advantage While It's Down: 21 [7d6=1,4,1,6,6,1,2]
[00:05] * Hammerphage tries to bite Lurker, but its teeth skid off course.
[00:05] <Doctor_Light> "Hi Yoric."
[00:05] <Lurker> [[ It's up against the wall, Waxx ]]
[00:05] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches into his breast pocket and lights a cigarette since Doktor Rights can't see him. This is the perfect time!
[00:05] <Sorts> [lol]
[00:05] <Hammerphage> [lol, nice]
[00:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> [anyone who wants to team with me. do so now]
[00:05] <DrMann> "I was going to perform surgery!"
[00:05] <Agent_Strelnikov> [add an extra die]
[00:05] <Dr_Facette> [ Strelnikov, you're going to hell. ]
[00:05] <Doctor_Light> [Hah]
[00:05] <Sorts> [teamin']
[00:05] <Gerald> "Dmitri! No!"
[00:05] <DrMann> "I need quiet!"
[00:05] * Sorts gets into position for a shot.
[00:05] <Heiden> [GOLD]
[00:05] * Gerald glares at him.
[00:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> [make sure you add the extra dice]
[00:06] * Lurker is scraped on the shoulder by the teeth and slashes his claws at the hammerphage's throat.
[00:06] <DrMann> "My friend Strelnikov needs help!"
[00:06] <Lurker> 7d6 Team with Strelnikov, Brooklyn Rage
[00:06] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Team with Strelnikov, Brooklyn Rage: 28 [7d6=6,2,4,5,2,5,4]
[00:06] * Agent_Strelnikov takes a long, defiant drag on the cigarette and glares at Gerald.
[00:06] <Hammerphage> [I do have to express something. You're going to shoot a creature who's blood is fire…]
[00:06] <Sorts> 3d6 Sniper Assist!
[00:06] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, Sniper Assist!: 12 [3d6=2,4,6]
[00:06] * Dr_Facette looks /terrified/.
[00:06] <pooryoric> [just out of curiosity… what the hell -is- a hammerphage?]
[00:06] <Sorts> [one six!]
[00:06] <Agent_Strelnikov> 10d6 FURY OF A THOUSAND RED GUARDS.
[00:06] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, FURY OF A THOUSAND RED GUARDS.: 43 [10d6=1,6,5,2,5,5,1,6,6,6]
[00:06] * Agent_Strelnikov THUNK.
[00:06] <Hammerphage> [Its a star-dweller, that comes from the dimension of hammerspace.]
[00:06] <Doctor_Light> [Something from the hammerverse, apparently. With fireblood.]
[00:06] <Lurker> [[ 55 ]]
[00:07] <pooryoric> [ah. and why does it try to kill?]
[00:07] <Lurker> [[ Unless Mann tries to help ]]
[00:07] <pooryoric> [kill us, rather]
[00:07] <Hammerphage> [Its not, you guys are shooting at it D:]
[00:07] <Lurker> [[ Mann, roll ]]
[00:07] * Agent_Strelnikov smashes a grenade into the beast's head.
[00:07] <DrMann> 7d6 Dissection!
[00:07] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Dissection!: 15 [7d6=2,1,1,4,1,2,4]
[00:07] * Heiden hobbles towards the entrance to the panic room, Personnel Safety Room 327, actually!
[00:07] <Hammerphage> [It just wants magnus, so it can go home >_>]
[00:07] <Sorts> [I'm cool about shooting things with fire blood when I am very far far away]
[00:07] * Heiden can almost taste the illusion of safety!
[00:07] <pooryoric> [so why did magnus run away?]
[00:07] <Doctor_Light> [Well, we might kill it anyways. Oh well.]
[00:07] * Lurker slashes at the Phage's throat with his claws while the grenade explodes.
[00:08] <Hammerphage> [… monster. I'd run too.]
[00:08] * Agent_Strelnikov thinks that was a beautiful shot and should probably do some massive damage.
[00:08] * Hammerphage throat sprays open, exposing an artery….of fire!
[00:08] * Gerald agrees.
[00:08] <DrMann> 6d6 Fireproof Labcoat
[00:08] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Fireproof Labcoat: 24 [6d6=5,6,1,5,5,2]
[00:08] <DrMann> [Finally, some luck.]
[00:08] <Lurker> 4d6 I'm on fiiiiiiiire… or not
[00:08] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, I'm on fiiiiiiiire… or not: 21 [4d6=6,6,6,3]
[00:08] <Hammerphage> 5d6 I'm a fiery monster, rawr.
[00:08] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, I'm a fiery monster, rawr.: 13 [5d6=5,3,1,2,2]
[00:08] * pooryoric follows heiden to the panic room.
[00:09] <Lurker> [[ 6 6 6? Uh oh. I think that calls for a Perk. Rights? ]]
[00:09] <DrMann> [C'mon, 8-Ball. Show me some love. We used to be pals. Remember when we raised the dead and robbed a man of his will?]
[00:09] * Doctor_Light accompanies them.
[00:09] * Dr_Facette follows Heiden and Yoric into the panic room.
[00:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha mann]
[00:09] <Rights> [[PERK]]
[00:09] <Sorts> 8-ball do you love Dr Mann?
[00:09] <pooryoric> [lurker, i rolloed five fives the othr day with no perk. stop whining.]
[00:09] * Gerald follows them all.
[00:09] * Heiden slams the red button with his clenched fist as everyone enters. The button cracks, but the door slides shut.
[00:09] <Hammerphage> 1d6 Live damnit, live!
[00:09] <Magic_8-Ball> Hammerphage, Live damnit, live!: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [quick guys team with me again]
[00:09] <DrMann> Magic_8-Ball, do you love me?
[00:09] * Sorts chambers another shell and aims.
[00:10] * pooryoric slides limply against the wall.
[00:10] * Hammerphage stands up, shaking with rage, the cut on its throat sealing very slowly, but surely. "WHERE IS MAH GAH NOOS!!!!?"
[00:10] <Gerald> 4d6 Fresh ammo, whenever you need it.
[00:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Fresh ammo, whenever you need it.: 18 [4d6=6,3,3,6]
[00:10] <DrMann> 7d6 Like a Surgeon
[00:10] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Like a Surgeon: 22 [7d6=2,4,3,2,4,2,5]
[00:10] <Gerald> [Two sixes]
[00:10] * Heiden looks around at everyone in the panic room and looks at everyone. "Anyone here a medical doctor?"
[00:10] <Sorts> 3d6 Sniper pew pew!
[00:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, Sniper pew pew!: 12 [3d6=5,4,3]
[00:10] <DrMann> [I guess not…]
[00:10] <Lurker> 7d6 Power up, Dmitri
[00:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Power up, Dmitri: 28 [7d6=5,4,1,5,3,5,5]
[00:10] <Doctor_Light> "I'm a biologist, I've subbed as doctor before."
[00:10] * Dr_Facette rests her forehead against the wall and just kind of … … oh my god.
[00:10] <Sorts> [nooo]
[00:10] <pooryoric> "what, with my luck?"
[00:10] <Gerald> [Forty.]
[00:10] <Doctor_Light> "What is it?"
[00:10] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 +12 THUNK
[00:10] <Dr_Facette> [ … I must draw that. ]
[00:10] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, +12 THUNK: 32 [8d6=4,1,5,3,6,3,6,4]
[00:10] <Heiden> [ D:]
[00:10] <Hammerphage> [Daw]
[00:10] <Lurker> [[ Yoric, plot development ]]
[00:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> [uh…..44]
[00:11] <pooryoric> "aww… facette, i'd almost think you cared."
[00:11] <Hammerphage> [Ouchkibibbles.]
[00:11] * Agent_Strelnikov fires another grenade at Hammerphage.
[00:11] <pooryoric> [say what, lurker?]
[00:11] <Heiden> "Dr. Light, do your best to take care of Yoric, I don't have a damn clue what the trauma is, but he's -fucked-."
[00:11] <DrMann> [You know, the problem with using percentage of the max to determine success is that it actually makes you less likely to succeed the higher you go up, except in direct conflicts, since high rolls become much less likely.]
[00:11] <Doctor_Light> [We should create a seperate room for people in the safe room]
[00:11] <Dr_Facette> "I'm going to die. Aren't I."
[00:11] <Lurker> [[ Plot development. That's why I wanted the perk. ]]
[00:11] <Doctor_Light> [Such as #SafeRoom ]
[00:11] <DrMann> [The more dice you have, the stronger the bell curve effect.]
[00:11] * Break has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[00:11] <pooryoric> [precisely.]
[00:11] <Agent_Strelnikov> [those of you in the safe room, join #saferoom ]
[00:11] * Hammerphage explodes into a fiery inferno, tearing off into the hallway after doctor Magnus.
[00:12] <Heiden> [works for me, less clutter. Sorry folks.]
[00:12] <Sorts> "OH GOD!"
[00:12] <Hammerphage> [You weren't supposed to kill it >_> But you did, so its went boom.]
[00:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 Cursing!
[00:12] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Cursing!: 11 [3d6=4,6,1]
[00:12] <Sorts> 5d6 Slippery Little Bastard!
[00:12] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, Slippery Little Bastard!: 15 [5d6=4,1,6,1,3]
[00:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> "GOD DAMMIT. FUCK."
[00:12] <Agent_Strelnikov> "STUPID FUCKING…"
[00:12] <DrMann> 6d6 Fireproof
[00:12] * Agent_Strelnikov begins hobbling down the hallway.
[00:12] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Fireproof: 18 [6d6=1,3,2,2,6,4]
[00:12] * Lurker roars out.
[00:12] <DrMann> [Ow.]
[00:12] * Hammerphage is now known as Dr_Magnus
[00:12] * Lurker turns around to everyone else.
[00:12] * Dr_Magnus runs back into the break room. "Where did it go!?"
[00:12] * Agent_Strelnikov is not in the break room!
[00:12] <Lurker> [[ Oh jeez I sure wish Dumount was here… or Rights… ]]
[00:12] * Lurker looks down at Magnus.
[00:13] <Gerald> [Alright, how many people were here for the ultraviolet bull incident?]
[00:13] * Dr_Magnus blinks. "Oh, hi Lurker."
[00:13] * Agent_Strelnikov is completely charred thanks to that fucking thing.
[00:13] * Sorts is slouched in the hallway, with no eyebrows. He reaches up and pats a flame out of his driver's cap.
[00:13] * Rights is in the hallway…but she's barely looking in, unsure of what to do, what to think.
[00:13] * Lurker snarls and roars at Magnus, with splitjaw for added effect.
[00:13] <Rights> [I never did get to the safe room]
[00:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker! Down, boy."
[00:13] <Sorts> [Yeah, Rights was in the hall with me]
[00:13] * Gerald keeps the grenades coming.
[00:13] * Dr_Magnus looks on wideeyed. "So…how's it hangin'."
[00:13] * Lurker turns and smashes his claws into one of the fluorescent lights.
[00:13] <DrMann> [This is why success and challenges are based on difficulty numbers, based on how difficult that task is likely to be for a person. Superhuman tasks are supposed to be around thirty.]
[00:13] <Dr_Magnus> [Indeed]
[00:14] * Lurker turns and uses his tail to smash two more lights.
[00:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…We should move to safer place."
[00:14] * Lurker grins at Magnus.
[00:14] <Sorts> "Ri… Rights, Lurker is … uh."
[00:14] <Sorts> "I think he is hurt and or crazy."
[00:14] <Gerald> "Good idea."

[00:14] * Lurker continues smashing out lights, causing the room to slowly go dark.
[00:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker is appear to have the lust for bloods."
[00:14] * Rights shoves Sorts to the side and goes in, an intense look onher face. "Lurk…LURKER."
[00:14] <DrMann> [Thus, 28/42 is still very good, since it's nearly superhuman. Especially since actually getting 42 is extremely unlikely.]
[00:14] * Rights stands in the doorway.
[00:14] * Dr_Magnus shakily pulls a cookie out of hammerspace. "Tell you what. I'll leave this here, and go kill the cosmic horror, cool?"
[00:14] <Agent_Strelnikov> "LURKER."
[00:14] * Lurker looks to Rights.
[00:14] <DrMann> [It is, in fact, just as good as 28/36, or 28/30.]
[00:15] * Rights stands there, shaking a little, but steady where she stands. "…Lurker…come here…please."
[00:15] * Lurker blinks twice, sitting in the shadows.
[00:15] * Sorts wobbles in behind Rights.
[00:15] * Lurker lets out a small growl and looks down, leans forward, and sniffs Rights.
[00:15] * Dr_Magnus tries to look as small as possible, untill the hammerphage, fully reformed, enters back into the break room.
[00:15] * Rights gently reaches out her hands, like to a scared dog. "Shh, shh…"
[00:15] <Sorts> "Pleasedon'teatherpleasedon'teather"
[00:15] <Lurker> 1d6
[00:15] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
[00:15] * Lurker lets out a small whimper and starts to shrink in the darkness.
[00:15] <Sorts> "It's getting brig- EVERYONE RUN!"
[00:16] * Rights moves forwards towards him, gently going to pet his snout. "Shut up, Sorts…"
[00:16] * DrMann peals off some burnt skin.
[00:16] <Gerald> "Er…"
[00:16] * Dr_Magnus reaches behind him, and pulls out a very large handgun, firing a single round into the creature's head.
[00:16] <Rights> 6d6 Let Me Make It Better…
[00:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, Let Me Make It Better…: 18 [6d6=6,1,6,3,1,1]
[00:16] * Agent_Strelnikov 's shirt and bandages falls off, the front of them having been burned.
[00:16] * Lurker finally returns to normal size, and drops to the floor, unconscious, and bleeding from his encounter with the hammerphage.
[00:16] <Dr_Magnus> 1d6 this should work…due to SCIENCE!
[00:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, this should work…due to SCIENCE!: 1 [1d6=1]
[00:16] * Sorts kisses him some floor.
[00:16] <Dr_Magnus> [Wow.]
[00:16] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and helps Magnus.
[00:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 THUNK.
[00:16] <Sorts> [Science FAILS D:]
[00:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, THUNK.: 27 [8d6=3,1,3,4,3,4,5,4]
[00:16] * Dr_Magnus watches as the round does absolutely nothing.
[00:16] * Rights picks up the unconcious Lurker, running out of the room with him.
[00:16] * Gerald tries to keep away from any fire.
[00:16] <Dr_Magnus> [Stop shooting fire at the fire creature damnit =/]
[00:16] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp]
[00:17] * DrMann tries to figure out a way to dissect something made out of fire.
[00:17] * Dr_Magnus hands Strelnikov a magazine of very dim blue glowing bullets. "Use these. Ice, not fire."
[00:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh."
[00:17] <Dr_Magnus> [Team up time!]
[00:17] <Gerald> [It's a grenade launcher.]
[00:17] * Agent_Strelnikov dumps the magazine onto the ground and inserts the new one.
[00:17] <Dr_Magnus> 7d6 gunplay. Ice ice baby.
[00:17] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, gunplay. Ice ice baby.: 26 [7d6=3,3,3,6,4,3,4]
[00:17] * Agent_Strelnikov clack.
[00:17] <Sorts> "Ice? Cold… oh god!" Sorts scrambles for the magic coffee maker.
[00:17] <Agent_Strelnikov> 8d6 DERP
[00:17] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, DERP: 19 [8d6=3,1,3,1,5,2,2,2]
[00:17] <Gerald> [D:]
[00:17] * Agent_Strelnikov makes note that the ice bullets are decidedly less effective.
[00:18] <DrMann> 7d6 I'm a Goddamned Mad Doctor. What Care I For Mundane Limitations?
[00:18] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, I'm a Goddamned Mad Doctor. What Care I For Mundane Limitations?: 29 [7d6=4,6,1,6,5,5,2]
[00:18] * Dr_Magnus fires off the entire magazine, along with Strelnikov, halting the monster's metabolic processes. It freezes slowly, and dissapears.
[00:18] * Sorts shakily begins to type "Liqui… liqi… dammit!" waves his shaking hands and tries again.
[00:18] <Dr_Magnus> "HONESTLY! Grenades, against a FIRE being?!"
[00:18] * Agent_Strelnikov leans against the wall, panting.
[00:18] <Sorts> "Aha! One cup of liquid nitroge- oh."
[00:18] <Gerald> "Hey! That grenade launcher is a *present*!"
[00:18] * Dr_Magnus sighs softly. "Damn kids." And holsters his handgun.
[00:18] * Sorts stands there with a cup of liquid nitrogen, entirely too late.
[00:19] * Dr_Magnus sits down like nothing happened, looking around the scene, and raises an eyebrow. "All that in the four minutes it took to go to my lab and back? Jesus."
[00:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…We should probably get others."
[00:19] <Dr_Magnus> "Wait…where are the others?"
[00:19] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where are they go?"
[00:19] <Sorts> "People ran."
[00:20] * Sorts shrugs.
[00:20] <Dr_Magnus> "Oh. Right."
[00:20] * Rights and Lurker are in her office safetly.
[00:20] <Dr_Magnus> "Which way?"
[00:20] <DrMann> "Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich!"
[00:20] * Sorts shrugs again.
[00:20] * Lurker is unconscious, and injured.
[00:20] <DrMann> "You will stay down, or else I will render you unable to stand. You are injured, sir!"
[00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo, Doktor Mann." He coughs and tries to catch his breath.
[00:20] <Sorts> "So is it safe to pour liquid nitrogen down a sink? Just asking."
[00:20] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[00:20] <Dr_Magnus> "Sorts, hand it here."
[00:20] * Agent_Strelnikov 's back is squirting blood! That is very bad.
[00:20] <DrMann> "Good heavens, look at you! You need medical attention."
[00:20] * Sorts gives his cup to Magnus.
[00:20] * Gerald is still holding a bunch of grenades. Just so you know.
[00:20] <DrMann> "Hold still."
[00:21] * Dr_Magnus places it behind him. "I'll dispose of it safely later."
[00:21] * Agent_Strelnikov mutters about one bad day after another.
[00:21] * Dr_Magnus walks down the hall to the panic room, tapping softly on the door. "Hello?"
[00:21] <DrMann> [Dr. Mann has 3rd degree burns over much of his body. His face is barely recognizable. His mustache is unharmed.]
[00:21] * Rights can be heard shouting from down the hall. "MANN! I NEED YOU!"
[00:21] <Gerald> "Magnus! What does that thing want, anyway?"
[00:21] <Sorts> [lol]
[00:21] <Sorts> "Shit, Mann! That's Rights, but Dimitri looks really bad."
[00:21] <Dr_Magnus> "Presumably to end me. That's what it USUALLY wants at least. I think it wanted a sandwitch once though."
[00:22] * DrMann pulls various bits of medical paraphernalia from his bag.
[00:22] <Gerald> "You've faced that thing before?"
[00:22] <DrMann> "How urgent?"
[00:22] <Sorts> "Who else is around that can do … Lurker medicine?"
[00:22] * Gerald also tries to patch up Dmitri with his handy first aid kit.
[00:22] * Agent_Strelnikov waves for Mann to go.
[00:22] <Dr_Magnus> "About every….six months. Yea. Why do you think I took off to get the ammunition so quickly?"
[00:22] <Gerald> 5d6 It's a first aid kit, yep.
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Go help Doktor Rights."
[00:22] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, It's a first aid kit, yep.: 22 [5d6=2,4,5,5,6]
[00:22] <DrMann> 7d6 Quick Patch-Up
[00:22] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Quick Patch-Up: 29 [7d6=4,6,6,2,4,2,5]
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "MAGNUS."
[00:22] <Sorts> "Doctor_Light maybe? No, wait, that was Aura."
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Or Sorts."
[00:22] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Go find the others."
[00:22] <DrMann> "Very well. That will have to do for the moment. I'll be back in a moment."
[00:22] <Dr_Magnus> "Right, I'll head that way."
[00:22] <Sorts> "I'm… not really a doc… okay."
[00:23] * DrMann runs toward Rights' voice.
[00:23] * Dr_Magnus walks down the halls quickly, looking around, untill he finds a large red siren light, blinking. "Huh."
[00:23] * Sorts goes to find the saferoom.
[00:23] * Rights is standing in the door of her office, leaning out, Lurker laid out on her couch. "I tried !I don't know how- how to help him!":
[00:24] <pooryoric> [let us know when to come out of the saferoom…]
[00:24] * Dr_Magnus knocks loudly on the Saferoom door. "Hello? Anyone alive in there?"
[00:24] <Sorts> [it's safe, people are coming to get you now]
[00:24] <DrMann> "…I'll see what I can do."
[00:24] <Dr_Magnus> [I'm outside the door at this point.]
[00:24] * Lurker flicks his tail. "Fire… hurts…"
[00:24] <DrMann> "Yes, it does, doesn't it?"
[00:24] <DrMann> "Hmm. I'll have to clone you some skin grafts."
[00:24] * Lurker 's skin seems to be slowly repairing itself.
[00:24] <DrMann> "I'll do what I can for the moment, though."
[00:25] <DrMann> 7d6 HouseCall
[00:25] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, HouseCall: 27 [7d6=1,6,1,5,6,5,3]
[00:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "God dammits."
[00:25] * Rights is gently rubbing Lurker's head. "How's everybody else doing?"
[00:25] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is good that you have found this weapon, Gerald."
[00:25] * Agent_Strelnikov jokingly lowers his voice, "It is cost 400 thousand dollars to fire."
[00:25] <Gerald> "Honestly, I had no clue we'd actually be using it…."
[00:25] <Lurker> [[ Oh I remember why I kept snickering… ]]
[00:25] <DrMann> "Well, Strelnikov Dmitri Arkadeyevich will live, but he'll need more treatment from me."
[00:25] * Dr_Magnus pounds louder on the saferoom door. "Hello?!"
[00:25] <Rights> [[Oh god why is TF2 porn so hot I don't even play this game wat.]]
[00:25] <Sorts> [ #SafeRoom, Magnus!]
[00:26] <Dr_Magnus> [….what?]
[00:26] <Dr_Magnus> [Fair enough, jeez…][00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> [theyre in another room]
[00:26] <Gerald> […]
[00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> [thanks to this]
[00:26] <DrMann> "There are some other injuries, but I think most people are reasonably unharmed."
[00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> [dmitri can now only stand by himself with a six]
[00:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rather than a five or a six.]
[00:27] <Lurker> [[ I went to see Star Trek again and when Captain Pike asks Chekov what his name is, he says "Chekov, sir. Pavel Andreievich." and Captain Pike says "Alright then Chekov, Pavel Anderievich" and the first thing I thought of was "Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich". ._.; ]]
[00:27] <Sorts> [Rights, why is there TF2 porn when all the guys in the game are mal… nevermind]
[00:27] <DrMann> "He could barely stand. I wish I knew why he does such foolhardy things."
[00:27] <DrMann> [Heh.]
[00:27] <Rights> "He's got the heart of a bull. Sometimes he forgets it's in the body of a man."
[00:27] * Lurker twitches a claw. "That wasn't… fun…" He says, and coughs.
[00:28] <Lurker> "What… happened?"
[00:28] <DrMann> "No. I especially didn't like the part where it set me on fire."
[00:28] <DrMann> "We attacked the creature. It had fire instead of blood."
[00:28] <Gerald> "Trust me, getting set on fire is not fun, especially on a monthly basis…."
[00:28] * pooryoric …and into the hallway.
[00:28] <Agent_Strelnikov> [awww rights]
[00:28] <Rights> "…Lurker, do you remember at all?"
[00:28] <DrMann> "You were very ferocious, and rather large."
[00:28] <pooryoric> "oww…"
[00:28] * Rights rubs his head.
[00:28] <Rights> [Yes, Waxx?]
[00:28] * Doctor_Light bursts in. "Who's dying fastest?"
[00:29] <Lurker> "I remember fire… in my face…"
[00:29] <DrMann> [I believe that was in reference to your earlier statement.]
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> [heart of a bull AWWW]
[00:29] <Rights> "…Shh…"
[00:29] * Dr_Facette looks terrified. Yay she's back!
[00:29] <Rights> [HEART OF BULL. OR BEAR.]
[00:29] <DrMann> "Yes. That was when you tore its throat out, as I recall."
[00:29] * Dr_Magnus sits down in the nearly-destroyed break room, and pulls out a cup of coffee from behind him, sipping slowly, and reading a textbook.
[00:29] <Doctor_Light> "I'm a faux medic, who needs help?"
[00:29] * Agent_Strelnikov is sitting in the doorway of the break room.
[00:29] * pooryoric collapses into a pale-from-blood-loss heap on the breakroom floor.
[00:29] <Rights> "…Mann, you should go back, help the others…"
[00:29] * Sorts points to Dr Rights' office on the way back "Lurker is in there, so is Dr Mann. Which means Dimitri is alone in the breakroom, bleeding."
[00:29] <DrMann> "That's a good idea."
[00:29] * Lurker blinks, then smiles lightly, eyes still closed. "I… protected… Agatha?"
[00:29] <DrMann> [He's no longer bleeding.]
[00:29] <DrMann> [Hooray medicine!]
[00:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh he's bleeding.]
[00:29] * Gerald is in the break room.
[00:30] * Doctor_Light crouches down by Dmitri.
[00:30] <Dr_Magnus> [He lives to BEAR another day]
[00:30] * Gerald grabs a cup of coffee.
[00:30] * Rights gently wraps her arms around Lurker. "..Shh…you protected me."
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [ha ha ha]
[00:30] <Sorts> [Sorts don't know from nothin' >_>]
[00:30] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 Biology is Medicine!
[00:30] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Biology is Medicine!: 21 [7d6=1,6,2,4,4,2,2]
[00:30] <DrMann> [I got a 29 you son of a bitch like hell you're bleeding.]
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp]
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl]
[00:30] <pooryoric> [hat pun was unBEARable.]
[00:30] * Heiden begins the long walk back to the break room.
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> [you bandaged him very effectively but the wound is probably still open]
[00:30] * Lurker smiles again and lightly hugs Rights, wincing. "G-good…"
[00:30] <Sorts> [it was a bit grizzled, yes]
[00:30] * Dr_Magnus sits completely nonchalantly.
[00:30] * Agent_Strelnikov looks up at Light, a bit dazed.
[00:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Helps me up."
[00:30] * Lurker starts to doze off in the hug.
[00:31] <Dr_Magnus> [This is rediculous, almost bipolar in its humor if you will.]
[00:31] <Doctor_Light> "Where do you need to go? Stay put."
[00:31] <DrMann> "Leave him where he is. He's not well."
[00:31] * Dr_Facette stares at Heiden over her shoulder like he whipped a space monster out of his pants and declared the war not yet over.
[00:31] * Rights holds him tightly.
[00:31] * Gerald helps Dmitri up.
[00:31] <DrMann> "He's clearly insensible from blood loss. Doesn't know when he's injured."
[00:31] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs and sits back against the doorframe.
[00:31] * pooryoric looks up at strelnikov. "you wantedto see me get shanked, red?"
[00:31] <DrMann> "Gerald!"
[00:31] * Doctor_Light looks around, then sighs. She transfers yoric's head to the worst of Dmitri's wounds, to keep applying pressure.
[00:31] * pooryoric collapses again.
[00:31] <Gerald> "Er>…."
[00:31] <Doctor_Light> "And stay that way."
[00:31] * Agent_Strelnikov reaches into his breast pocket, only to realize that his shirt fell off. As such, he doesn't actually reach into his breast pocket.
[00:31] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
[00:31] <pooryoric> "ah, what?"
[00:31] * Heiden [is THIS close to making a joke about space monsters in his pants. Dammit.]
[00:32] <Dr_Magnus> [Let it not be said I don't spice things up lol. When I do shit EVERYONE bleeds :D]
[00:32] <DrMann> "I swear, I'm going to sedate every one of you if you don't sit down and let me fix you up."
[00:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hah]
[00:32] <Sorts> "Is that how you do a transfusion?"
[00:32] <Dr_Facette> [ ADE'S NOT BLEEDIN :D }
[00:32] <Sorts> "Because wow."
[00:32] * Agent_Strelnikov holds out a hand to Gerald, pointing. His hand is shaking like hell.
[00:32] <Doctor_Light> "Who else? Mann?"
[00:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Find my cigarettes."
[00:32] * Gerald is shaken up, but not bleeding.
[00:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh my god that's a FIRST]
[00:32] <Gerald> "Er…"
[00:32] <pooryoric> "why am i now laying on a russian?"
[00:32] <Dr_Magnus> [I could shoot him.]
[00:32] <Sorts> "You might want to avoid … I mean Dr Mann is probably like a cyborg or something."
[00:32] <DrMann> "Right, let me take care of this."
[00:32] <Rights> [Oh my god, Gerald. Banging Claudia gives you temporary luck.]
[00:32] <Doctor_Light> "To apply pressure."
[00:33] <Doctor_Light> "Okay, who else is dying?"
[00:33] * DrMann moves over to Yoric.
[00:33] <Gerald> [I must get more of this magical luck!]
[00:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> [hahaha rights]
[00:33] <DrMann> 7d6 On Your Feet!
[00:33] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, On Your Feet!: 24 [7d6=3,2,2,5,1,5,6]
[00:33] * Dr_Magnus 's handgun falls out of its holster, and misfires, tagging gerald on the arm, bleeding veeeeeery slightly.
[00:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> [fuck for luck]
[00:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> [luck fuck]
[00:33] <Sorts> "I think things are stable, thanks Light."
[00:33] <Gerald> "Ow! Goddammit!"
[00:33] <Rights> [lfuck]
[00:33] <Rights> [fluck]
[00:33] <Gerald> [Wait!]
[00:33] <pooryoric> "gah!"
[00:33] <Rights> [lucking]
[00:33] <Gerald> 5d6 Shit happens
[00:33] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shit happens: 12 [5d6=1,3,3,3,2]
[00:33] * Dr_Magnus looks up quickly. "You alright there?"
[00:33] * Heiden walks into the break room, and stops to survey the shattered furniture and scorch marks. The smell of sweat and the faint metallic tang of blood fills the air.
[00:33] <Sorts> "And now the circle is complete.
[00:34] <Gerald> "…."
[00:34] * Agent_Strelnikov sits at Heiden's feet, breathing heavily.
[00:34] <DrMann> 7d6 Sedate The Next Goddamned Person Who Injures Themselves or Others I Swear To God
[00:34] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Sedate The Next Goddamned Person Who Injures Themselves or Others I Swear To God: 32 [7d6=5,5,5,5,3,5,4]
[00:34] * Heiden lets out a long sigh.
[00:34] <Doctor_Light> "Okay, good." Sophia sits down and pours herself some gin.
[00:34] <pooryoric> "ow! mann, i have no blood. wanna help me out?"
[00:34] <Dr_Magnus> [I didn't DIRECTLY shoot him.]
[00:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh shit mann]
[00:34] <Heiden> "Another day at work, huh?"
[00:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Yes."
[00:34] <Heiden> "You alright, Dmitri?"
[00:34] * Doctor_Light calls in a generic medic
[00:34] <Dr_Magnus> "Just another day in the office."
[00:34] <pooryoric> [MY BLOOD! YOU PUNCHED OUT ALL MY BLOOD!]
[00:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am have been better."
[00:34] <Heiden> [I honestly see Yoric as the Scout]
[00:34] <Doctor_Light> [For Yoric and his lack of blood.]
[00:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> [HE'S LIKE A BIG BEAR THAT HATES PEOPLE]
[00:34] <Dr_Magnus> [Me too heiden lol]
[00:34] * DrMann pulls a tube, plugs it into a small valve on his wrist, and then puts the other end into one of Yoric's veins.
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh jesus what]
[00:35] <DrMann> 7d6 Transfuse!
[00:35] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Transfuse!: 27 [7d6=6,5,1,2,3,6,4]
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> [no mann no]
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> [he's CRAZY]
[00:35] * Doctor_Light unhires the medic
[00:35] <Heiden> [hahahaha]
[00:35] <Rights> [Oh god what POLITE DISSENT WOULD GO INSANE]
[00:35] * Doctor_Light drinks her gin
[00:35] <pooryoric> "ah, mann? we're now legally married in arkansas."
[00:35] * Agent_Strelnikov tries to get up again.
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> 1d6 UP.
[00:35] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, UP.: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:35] * Agent_Strelnikov just screams in pain.
[00:35] * Dr_Magnus laughs loudly for a second. "I find it funny that even though the thing litteraly exploded out of my back, I'm the only uninjured one, outside of Facette, and Rights."
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "FUCKING GOD DAMMIT."
[00:35] <Agent_Strelnikov> "SON OF THE BITCHES."
[00:35] * DrMann sedates Strelnikov.
[00:35] * DrMann sedates Strelnikov but good.
[00:35] <Doctor_Light> "Strelnikov. As a fake medic, I order you to SIT THE FUCK DOWN."
[00:36] <Sorts> "Seriously, it's going to be days before my eyebrows come back"
[00:36] <Dr_Magnus> [With BEAR TRANQ'S!]
[00:36] <Doctor_Light> 1d6 I look scary when I'm mad
[00:36] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, I look scary when I'm mad: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:36] * Heiden watches as the heavy drugs begin to take their toll on Dmitri. Yeah, he's sitting the fuck down all right.
[00:36] * Agent_Strelnikov is makes sleeps!
[00:36] * Agent_Strelnikov falls over onto his side.
[00:36] <Doctor_Light> "Thanks, Mann."
[00:36] * Dr_Facette sits. On the floor.
[00:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
[00:36] <Dr_Magnus> "Mann, Light, how is everyone?"
[00:36] <DrMann> 7d6 I Play a Doctor on the Internet
[00:36] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, I Play a Doctor on the Internet: 23 [7d6=4,1,3,3,4,4,4]
[00:36] * pooryoric is woozy. "light… you look scry when you're mad… heh!"
[00:36] * Agent_Strelnikov is unintentionally staring at Facette.
[00:36] * Doctor_Light applies something else heavy to his wounds to maintain pressure.
[00:36] * DrMann checks Strelikov, going back over his previous work.
[00:36] <Doctor_Light> "Why, thank you, Yoric."
[00:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh my god wait ive never used this skill]
[00:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [mann roll for the tranquilizer]
[00:37] * Gerald drinks his coffee.
[00:37] <DrMann> [I rolled pre-emptively. Got a 32.]
[00:37] <pooryoric> "pretty… scary… pretty…"
[00:37] * Dr_Facette is intentionally staring back.
[00:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [damn.]
[00:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 Alcohol Tolerance!
[00:37] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, Alcohol Tolerance!: 14 [3d6=6,2,6]
[00:37] <pooryoric> "scary…"
[00:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> [derp.]
[00:37] * pooryoric passes out again. he'll be fine.
[00:37] <Doctor_Light> "You're sure you know Yoric's blood type, Mann?"
[00:37] <Dr_Magnus> "Damn kids, always bleeding everywhere. It was just a Star Monster for god's sake."
[00:38] <DrMann> "Of course. I know everyone's blood type."
[00:38] * Dr_Facette 's eyes half-lid and her head kinda slumps forward onto her chest.
[00:38] <Gerald> "…."
[00:38] <Sorts> "What the jumping fuck is a star monster."
[00:38] <Doctor_Light> "Just checking."
[00:38] <Doctor_Light> "…Facette?"
[00:38] * Agent_Strelnikov makes a strange wheezing noise.
[00:38] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 yes she's still a fucking narcoleptic
[00:38] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, yes she's still a fucking narcoleptic: 1 [1d2=1]
[00:38] <Rights> [[ Mann, this is what you make me think of. But in a good way.]]
[00:38] <Dr_Magnus> "It's a monster. That lives in a star. In the dimension in my spine."
[00:38] * Dr_Facette 's out.
[00:38] <Gerald> "…."
[00:38] * Heiden sits down, back against the remains of his favorite chair.
[00:38] * DrMann pulls out the familiar glowing green syringe.
[00:38] * Doctor_Light sighs, gets up, and drags her to a couch. Or where a couch was.
[00:38] * Dr_Magnus walks over, and picks Facette up delicately, setting her down on a couch. "Poor girl's passed out on us."
[00:38] * Dr_Facette is, at least, absolutely unharmed, save MENTAL SCARRING! :D
[00:39] <DrMann> 7d6 Friend Strelnikov Must Recover!
[00:39] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Friend Strelnikov Must Recover!: 28 [7d6=6,5,4,1,6,3,3]
[00:39] <Heiden> [high five! welcome to the foundation, the scars kinda grow on you.]
[00:39] <pooryoric> [mann is a cross between an ORKY PAINBOY, einstein, and dr frank n furter.]
[00:39] <Dr_Facette> [ Naw, that's the parasite that got out last week. We've been looking all over for that, you have /no/ idea… ]
[00:39] <Sorts> "I don't believe you have a star in your spine. Next time this happens I'm going to tell that star boy it doesn't exist."
[00:39] * Doctor_Light sighs really hard. "At least this time I didn't fuck up." She looks at her gin, and decides against it.
[00:39] * Heiden stands up and walks over to Adelaide, looking at her for a moment before sitting down in front of the couch. He knows how that first day is.
[00:40] * Dr_Facette is on her second. :D
[00:40] <DrMann> [Dr. Mann, as this point, hasn't noticed the burns because there aren't anymore nerve endings intact.]
[00:40] <Dr_Magnus> "hey Physician. Heal theyself first."
[00:40] * pooryoric wakes up.
[00:40] <Agent_Strelnikov> [someone help mann]
[00:40] * Dr_Magnus looks in Mann's general direction.
[00:40] * Doctor_Light glances at Mann.
[00:40] <Sorts> "Told you he was like a cyborg."
[00:40] * Agent_Strelnikov rolls over onto his back, in a daze.
[00:40] <pooryoric> "ah… is mann okay?"
[00:40] <DrMann> "What do you mean?"
[00:40] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 Biologu
[00:40] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Biologu: 18 [7d6=4,4,1,1,4,1,3]
[00:40] <DrMann> "I'm fine."
[00:40] <Doctor_Light> *Biology
[00:41] <Doctor_Light> "No you're not.
[00:41] <Doctor_Light> "Your skin is burnt off."
[00:41] * DrMann glances in a mirror as he looks around the room.
[00:41] * Gerald drinks. Coffee! More coffee!
[00:41] <DrMann> "I'm perfectly—Oh good lord my skin!"
[00:41] <Doctor_Light> "You… May want to lie down."
[00:41] <Dr_Facette> [ You failed your roll to spell. :( ]
[00:41] <pooryoric> "mann, your augmentation is showing."
[00:41] <Doctor_Light> [Hah.]
[00:41] <pooryoric> [ha]
[00:41] <Doctor_Light> [Wait, so is Mann a cyborg?]
[00:42] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 am I waking up now?!
[00:42] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, am I waking up now?!: 1 [1d2=1]
[00:42] <pooryoric> [he's a mad physician.]
[00:42] * Dr_Facette … is not. >:l Screw you too, 8-ball.
[00:42] <DrAuteu> [technically, i think]
[00:42] <DrMann> [No, he's not actually cybernetic.]
[00:42] <Dr_Facette> [ If Mann was a cyborg, he'd hate himself. ]
[00:42] <Dr_Facette> [ KILL MANN ]
[00:42] <Doctor_Light> [Oh, okay.]
[00:42] <DrMann> [He's just much, much tougher than a human should be.]
[00:42] <Dr_Magnus> [Poor facette]
[00:42] * Sorts believes many things, some of them are even true.
[00:42] <DrMann> [Thanks to a great deal of personal experimentation.]
[00:42] <Dr_Facette> [ Then he could have some hardcore struggle with his own arm! ]
[00:43] * Dr_Magnus casually flips the page of his textbook.
[00:43] <DrMann> [Like the eyes. The big, scary eyes he currently sports.]
[00:43] <Lurker> 3d6 if this is 666 then I win everything forever
[00:43] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, if this is 666 then I win everything forever: 14 [3d6=3,6,5]
[00:43] <Lurker> baw
[00:43] <Dr_Magnus> [I'm amazed, no one's all "MAGNUS, WHAT THE CHRIST, FIX IT FIX IT!"]
[00:43] <Lurker> []*
[00:43] <Dr_Facette> [ Adelaide's got wonderful luck, really, don't worry about her. <3 she's just such a sleepy little bit. ]
[00:43] <Doctor_Light> [Ouch]
[00:43] * Agent_Strelnikov lays on the floor with his arms out. Everything is slow and happy.
[00:43] <pooryoric> 3d6 my turn
[00:43] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, my turn: 12 [3d6=1,5,6]
[00:43] <Dr_Magnus> 3d6 Just as planned…
[00:43] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, Just as planned…: 10 [3d6=1,6,3]
[00:43] <Sorts> 2d6 level sniper go
[00:43] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, level sniper go: 6 [2d6=1,5]
[00:43] <Sorts> [noooo]
[00:43] <DrAuteu> [so what's going on?]
[00:44] <Gerald> 4d6 Grenadier, motherfuckers.
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Grenadier, motherfuckers.: 19 [4d6=2,5,6,6]
[00:44] <Sorts> 4d6 level bastard go
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Sorts, level bastard go: 14 [4d6=5,2,6,1]
[00:44] <pooryoric> [you missed a lot.]
[00:44] <Dr_Magnus> [We got bored, so I generated a cosmic horror]
[00:44] <DrAuteu> [breakroom shenanigans or what?]
[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> 6d6 kombat
[00:44] <Gerald> 5d6 Shit happens.
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, kombat: 23 [6d6=1,6,4,5,3,4]
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Gerald, Shit happens.: 15 [5d6=4,5,3,2,1]
[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 cursing
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, cursing: 10 [3d6=5,1,4]
[00:44] <Dr_Magnus> [Yea, breakroom[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> 3d6 alcohol tolerance
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Agent_Strelnikov, alcohol tolerance: 16 [3d6=4,6,6]
[00:44] <pooryoric> 1d6randm rollery
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> pooryoric, rollery: 3 [1d6=3]
[00:44] <Dr_Magnus> 4d6 paranoid awareness
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, paranoid awareness: 10 [4d6=1,3,2,4]
[00:44] <Sorts> [yaaay]
[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [haha i leveled alcohol tolerance.]
[00:44] <Doctor_Light> "You kind of need a medic, really badly, Mann."
[00:44] <Heiden> 6d6 mostly harmless
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Heiden, mostly harmless: 20 [6d6=6,1,5,1,2,5]
[00:44] * DrAuteu pops out from under a table, previously unnoticed
[00:44] <DrMann> "I… I think I'll be retiring to my laboratory fora bit."
[00:44] <DrMann> [We're levelling our skills.]
[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [light]
[00:44] <Dr_Facette> 1d2 You've slept quite enough, Dr. Facette.
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Facette, You've slept quite enough, Dr. Facette.: 2 [1d2=2]
[00:44] <Dr_Magnus> [We are?]
[00:44] <DrMann> 3d6 Stand Back, I"m an X
[00:44] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Stand Back, I"m an X: 8 [3d6=4,2,2]
[00:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [roll any skill you used, minus equipment bonuses]
[00:44] <pooryoric> [light… they're leveling up.]
[00:44] * Dr_Facette cracks an eye. "mmuh..?"
[00:45] <Dr_Magnus> [Oh.]
[00:45] <DrMann> 5d6 Protective Garments
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Protective Garments: 22 [5d6=3,2,5,6,6]
[00:45] <Dr_Magnus> 7d6 gunplay
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Magnus, gunplay: 24 [7d6=2,1,6,4,5,2,4]
[00:45] <Doctor_Light> 6d6 Biology
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Biology: 23 [6d6=5,4,4,5,3,2]
[00:45] <Agent_Strelnikov> [if all the dice are above 3, you can add another point to that skill]
[00:45] <Sorts> [when you finish a thing you roll the skills you used, if you get all 3s or more it goes up one]
[00:45] <Heiden> [You can gain a die to a skill after an event if you roll either all over 3s or all evens, I don't remember which]
[00:45] <DrMann> 6d6 Mad Medicine
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Mad Medicine: 20 [6d6=3,5,4,4,2,2]
[00:45] <pooryoric> [or just do what i do and add skill points when no one's looking. :p]
[00:45] <DrMann> [So close on protective garments.]
[00:45] <Lurker> 5d6 I'm Hungry
[00:45] <pooryoric> [i kid, i kd.]
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, I'm Hungry: 20 [5d6=6,1,6,6,1]
[00:45] * DrAuteu is staring facette in the face, to see if she is ok
[00:45] <Dr_Magnus> "Welcome back Doctor Facette. Sleep well?'
[00:45] <Lurker> [[ FFFF ]]
[00:45] <Dr_Facette> "…"
[00:45] <Dr_Facette> "My god. I've died and gone to hell."
[00:45] <Gerald> "Morning, Facette."
[00:45] <Doctor_Light> 2d6 Look thatway
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Look thatway: 4 [2d6=3,1]
[00:45] * DrAuteu blinks a few times
[00:45] <Dr_Facette> "This is what Satan looks like!"
[00:45] <Lurker> 2d6 Please Stop Shooting Me
[00:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Lurker, Please Stop Shooting Me: 8 [2d6=6,2]
[00:45] * Gerald chuckles a bit.
[00:45] <Rights> [[Are we rolling for levels?]]
[00:45] <Lurker> [[ All evens! ]]
[00:45] <DrMann> [Yep.]
[00:45] <Rights> [[How does that work again?]]
[00:45] <Doctor_Light> [Crap, no new skills.]
[00:46] <Sorts> [[3s or betta]
[00:46] <Doctor_Light> [New levels. You know.]
[00:46] <Agent_Strelnikov> [roll whatever skills you used minus equipment bonuses]
[00:46] <Dr_Magnus> "Auteu, don't scare the poor girl."
[00:46] <Doctor_Light> […Oh well.]
[00:46] * Dr_Facette glances over. "Uugh… yes, yes. I'm awake. I'm … I'm fine. Good morning…"
[00:46] <Lurker> [[ Only 3+? Aww… ]]
[00:46] <pooryoric> "hey, light?"
[00:46] * Agent_Strelnikov is trembling on the floor from all the adrenaline.
[00:46] <Rights> 6d6 Let Mommy Make It Better
[00:46] <Magic_8-Ball> Rights, Let Mommy Make It Better: 24 [6d6=6,6,4,2,1,5]
[00:46] * DrAuteu looks up "what? i was checking if she was ok!"
[00:46] <Sorts> [I've gone through like three things without levelling up once so far, Light]
[00:46] <Rights> [Damn[
[00:46] <Heiden> "You slept a whole ten minutes, feel rested?
[00:46] <Heiden> "
[00:46] <Doctor_Light> [Hah, well, okay.]
[00:46] * Doctor_Light glances at Yoric.
[00:46] <Doctor_Light> "Yeah?"
[00:46] <Dr_Facette> "Hah, never. … Is everyone alive and well?"
[00:46] <pooryoric> "thanks."
[00:47] <Sorts> "Yeah, just browned to extra crispy"
[00:47] <Heiden> "Alive, yes. Well, not so much."
[00:47] <Dr_Magnus> "I'm alive. Decently well. I think a few others may be a bit out of sorts by my…mishap."
[00:47] <DrMann> [I've gained three levels. Twice for protective garments.]
[00:47] <Heiden> "They'll recover, with time, though."
[00:47] * Doctor_Light smilesighs. "Very welcome, Yoric."
[00:47] * pooryoric smiles, for real this time. take a picture, it doesn't happen much.
[00:47] * Agent_Strelnikov is ignored on the floor. People probably step over him!
[00:47] <Heiden> "Nothing permanent, which is always a relief."
[00:47] * Dr_Facette smiles faintly at Heiden. "Good."
[00:47] <DrMann> [Once for Stand Back, I'm an X. Though, 2d6 Vampirism was hilarious.]
[00:47] * Gerald is sipping coffee.
[00:47] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl mann]
[00:47] <Heiden> "How're you feeling?"
[00:47] <Sorts> "God Yoric, you look awful"
[00:47] * Rights is now known as Paul_D
[00:48] <DrAuteu> [strel, if you want to be ignored that bad, i'll step NO you]
[00:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh man paul will be happy]
[00:48] <DrAuteu> [on*]
[00:48] <DrMann> ["I turn into mist!" 2 "…I smoulder slightly."]
[00:48] <Agent_Strelnikov> [rofl i remember that]
[00:48] <pooryoric> "sorts, wounded awful, or just my normal awful?"
[00:48] <DrMann> 7d6 Many Skin Grafts Later…
[00:48] <Magic_8-Ball> DrMann, Many Skin Grafts Later…: 27 [7d6=5,6,4,1,2,3,6]
[00:48] <pooryoric> [the africa campaign was amazing.]
[00:48] <Sorts> "I don't know how to describe it, like this rictus grin…"
[00:48] * Paul_D walks into the room, almost trips over Strelnikov, and stares. He promptly looks down…and considers walking out before his frontal lobe's capacity for rational thought is slightly reduced by holy crap Strelnikov isn't wearing a shirt

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