Security System From Hell

[2009-06-12 21:42:22] * Gerald gets another cup of coffee.
[2009-06-12 21:42:54] <Gerald> "Wonder who I'll be working with next…"
[2009-06-12 21:43:10] * Agent_Strelnikov mumbles under his breath, "Claudia."
[2009-06-12 21:43:17] <Gerald> "…."
[2009-06-12 21:43:24] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh come on, Gerald."
[2009-06-12 21:43:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You know you likes working with Claudia."
[2009-06-12 21:43:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She is nice girl, take /good/ care of you."
[2009-06-12 21:44:19] * Gerald uses his coffee cup to hide the look on his face.
[2009-06-12 21:49:33] * Samanatha-Raelin smirks. "You know, I could get you a decent assignment, as thanks for last night."
[2009-06-12 21:49:49] <Gerald> "Hm?"
[2009-06-12 21:49:55] * Gerald looks up.
[2009-06-12 21:50:51] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Just name it, and I could have the paperwork through by this time tomorrow."
[2009-06-12 21:51:07] * Agent_Strelnikov elbows Gerald. "Claudia."
[2009-06-12 21:51:26] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You become…oh, what is word."
[2009-06-12 21:51:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Uhh….."
[2009-06-12 21:51:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Hm."
[2009-06-12 21:51:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Oh. Yes, you become sex machine."
[2009-06-12 21:52:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> [he gives such terrible advice]
[2009-06-12 21:52:03] * Gerald 's jaw drops when he says that. "WHAT?"
[2009-06-12 21:53:04] * Samanatha-Raelin is cracking up at all this. "You really have his best interests in mind, don't you?"
[2009-06-12 21:53:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I like for joke with him. He is so easy to get to."
[2009-06-12 21:53:23] * Gerald facepalms.
[2009-06-12 21:57:02] * Samanatha-Raelin grins, and lets the soapy water run off her hands. "Who is this Claudia, anyway?"
[2009-06-12 21:57:20] <Gerald> "Er…."
[2009-06-12 21:57:33] * Gerald suddenly got reeeaaally nervous.
[2009-06-12 21:58:15] <Gerald> "Just, er, someone I, uh, know."
[2009-06-12 22:02:13] * Gerald sighs. "She also happens to be SCP-247."
[2009-06-12 22:02:15] <Gerald> *3
[2009-06-12 22:02:23] <Gerald> [347]
[2009-06-12 22:05:20] * Samanatha-Raelin laughs. "Well don't worry, SCP's aren't allowed research teams, and I doubt they ever will."
[2009-06-12 22:07:06] * Gerald seems a bit relieved.
[2009-06-12 22:08:28] =-= Rath- is now known as Rath
[2009-06-12 22:08:35] * Samanatha-Raelin dries her hands, and returns to sit over near Gerald. "So, tell me of your relationship with SCP-347."
[2009-06-12 22:08:48] * Agent_Strelnikov suppresses a laugh.
[2009-06-12 22:09:04] <Dr_Gibbons> [So am I allowed to join in?]
[2009-06-12 22:09:08] * Gerald blushes a bit.
[2009-06-12 22:09:34] <Gerald> "Well…once in a while she escapes containment, and teases the people in the break room."
[2009-06-12 22:11:01] <Samanatha-Raelin> [Of course.]
[2009-06-12 22:11:08] <Gerald> "Let's just say she could find really imaginative ways to make people react."
[2009-06-12 22:11:09] <Agent_Strelnikov> [Certainly, Gibbons]
[2009-06-12 22:11:56] * Samanatha-Raelin smirks. "I've heard. We've been revising her containment protocols lately. This new batch should keep her euclid ass locked up for good."
[2009-06-12 22:12:09] * Dr_Gibbons sneezes. Apparently he fell asleep in the breakroom couch again.
[2009-06-12 22:12:31] <Gerald> "Well, one day she ended up taking me back with her to her cell……"
[2009-06-12 22:12:36] * Gerald blushes again.
[2009-06-12 22:12:55] * Agent_Strelnikov elbows Gerald jokingly.
[2009-06-12 22:13:02] <Dr_Gibbons> "…"
[2009-06-12 22:13:10] <Dr_Gibbons> "Mmmh."
[2009-06-12 22:14:00] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Oh? This is very interesting. What happened?"
[2009-06-12 22:14:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh, hello Doktor Gibbons."
[2009-06-12 22:14:19] <Gerald> "In the cell?"
[2009-06-12 22:14:36] <Dr_Gibbons> "Hello Strelnikov."
[2009-06-12 22:14:53] * Dr_Gibbons runs a hand through his face. "What did I miss now?"
[2009-06-12 22:15:23] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gerald kill /fifteen/ Chaos Insurgents with rusty toenail clippers yesterday."
[2009-06-12 22:15:35] * Agent_Strelnikov drags a finger across his neck. "Slit their throat."
[2009-06-12 22:15:58] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Yes, Gerald, in the cell."
[2009-06-12 22:16:04] <Dr_Gibbons> "Sounds… uh… what's the word for that?"
[2009-06-12 22:16:10] <Gerald> "Er…."
[2009-06-12 22:16:13] * Gerald turns red.
[2009-06-12 22:16:14] <Dr_Gibbons> "Hardcore. In a sense of speaking."
[2009-06-12 22:17:36] * Dr_Gibbons slowly stands up, tumbling, heading towards to the coffee machine.
[2009-06-12 22:18:48] * Samanatha-Raelin leans in a little closer. "Sorry? Didn't catch that."
[2009-06-12 22:19:06] * Agent_Strelnikov covers his mouth with his hand and laughs.
[2009-06-12 22:21:34] * Dr_Gibbons grabs a cup of the beverage and goes back to the couch, clarifying his thoughts.
[2009-06-12 22:21:55] * Gerald sighs, and throws up his hands.
[2009-06-12 22:22:00] <Gerald> "We had sex."
[2009-06-12 22:22:34] * Agent_Strelnikov is crying with laughter.
[2009-06-12 22:22:40] <LBD> [Hey, people, should I run something?]
[2009-06-12 22:22:52] <Agent_Strelnikov> [I think we're good right now]
[2009-06-12 22:23:13] <Agent_Strelnikov> [Tonight I am going to give some thought to the SCP 008 outbreak I want to do]
[2009-06-12 22:23:55] <Gerald> "Plus, I got her a nice necklace at the local shopping center."
[2009-06-12 22:23:58] * Samanatha-Raelin grins, leaning back. "You know, it wouldn't be so bad except that it was an SCP you did it with."
[2009-06-12 22:24:00] * Dr_Gibbons chokes on his coffee.
[2009-06-12 22:24:06] <Dr_Gibbons> "Now that explains a lot."
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[2009-06-12 22:24:13] * Gerald sighs.
[2009-06-12 22:24:14] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Considering, that could get you terminated if someone found out."
[2009-06-12 22:24:22] <Gerald> "….."
[2009-06-12 22:24:25] <Gerald> "Ah, crap."
[2009-06-12 22:25:55] <Dr_Gibbons> "So is this just one of those normal days?"
[2009-06-12 22:26:04] <Dr_Gibbons> "Or I fell asleep again in the middle of the shitstorm?"
[2009-06-12 22:26:06] * Gerald glares at Gibbons.
[2009-06-12 22:26:29] * Dr_Gibbons glares back.
[2009-06-12 22:27:35] <Dr_Gibbons> "…"
[2009-06-12 22:29:21] * Agent_Strelnikov taps Bright's cane on the floor.
[2009-06-12 22:29:46] * Dr_Gibbons sips his coffee with a raised eyebrow.
[2009-06-12 22:30:04] * Doctor_Light walks into the room, still happy, reading her file.
[2009-06-12 22:30:09] =-= Mode #FieldWork +o Break by ChanServ
[2009-06-12 22:30:37] <Doctor_Light> "Hello everyone."
[2009-06-12 22:30:42] * Agent_Strelnikov nods to Sophia.
[2009-06-12 22:30:44] <Dr_Gibbons> "Light."
[2009-06-12 22:30:46] <Samanatha-Raelin> "No shitstorm, as long as no one finds out."
[2009-06-12 22:31:18] * Gerald nods.
[2009-06-12 22:31:19] <Samanatha-Raelin> "And I'm sure everyone in the room is trustworthy enough to keep such information…under wraps."
[2009-06-12 22:31:48] <Gerald> "Right, Dmitri?"
[2009-06-12 22:31:49] <Doctor_Light> "Keep what under wraps?"
[2009-06-12 22:31:59] <Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not know what you are talk about."
[2009-06-12 22:31:59] * Rath yawns and sits up
[2009-06-12 22:32:03] <Rath> "I heard nothing"
[2009-06-12 22:32:11] * Rath settles back and falls asleep again
[2009-06-12 22:32:42] <Dr_Gibbons> "I was asleep the goddamn entire time."
[2009-06-12 22:32:52] * Gerald sighs. "Dr. Rights is also going to have to keep quiet."
[2009-06-12 22:33:02] <Gerald> "And Lurker….."
[2009-06-12 22:33:47] * Doctor_Light shrugs, and busies herself heating water
[2009-06-12 22:34:08] <Dr_Gibbons> "Security cameras?"
[2009-06-12 22:34:30] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Security cameras can always be taken care of."
[2009-06-12 22:35:59] <Gerald> "I'm also dislike to think what Claudia is going to say when she hears about this. She's a nice person, when all's said and done. Especially after I got her that necklace…."
[2009-06-12 22:36:53] <Dr_Gibbons> "There is no need for people to find out."
[2009-06-12 22:38:14] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Speaking of her, this is going to be considered. This sort of unauthorized contact is so highly frowned upon we could all be terminated for being privvy to it. We're not talking Safe class, this is full blown Euclid."
[2009-06-12 22:38:50] * Gerald looks around. "Sorry."
[2009-06-12 22:39:24] <Samanatha-Raelin> "I'm afraid that for her own sake, 347 is going to be placed in a much higher security containment."
[2009-06-12 22:40:10] <LBD> (Is something being run?)
[2009-06-12 22:40:12] * Gerald sighs.
[2009-06-12 22:40:27] <Agent_Strelnikov> [we're pissing about in the break room]
[2009-06-12 22:40:43] <LBD> (May I try running something then?)
[2009-06-12 22:40:56] <Agent_Strelnikov> [I am actually heading out for a bit, running to denny's]
[2009-06-12 22:41:03] <Agent_Strelnikov> [Kondraki I will bring you a grand slam]
[2009-06-12 22:41:07] <Rath> [i will be around if you want to run something]
[2009-06-12 22:41:20] * Agent_Strelnikov stands up and adjusts his uniform. "I be back laters."
[2009-06-12 22:41:26] =-= Agent_Strelnikov is now known as Waxx
[2009-06-12 22:41:36] <Gerald> "So long, Dmitri."
[2009-06-12 22:42:29] * Gerald sighs, taking a drink of coffee.
[2009-06-12 22:43:07] <Samanatha-Raelin> [yesssssss]
[2009-06-12 22:43:12] <Samanatha-Raelin> [grand slam burrito]
[2009-06-12 22:43:51] * Samanatha-Raelin pats Gerald on the shoulder. "She's an SCP, Gerald, it could never turn out for the best."
[2009-06-12 22:43:53] <LBD> A rather fat man walks over to the breakroom door, and starts taking it out of it's hinges. He's wearing a maintence uniform
[2009-06-12 22:44:47] <Waxx> [When I get back I'd like to go over my ideas for SCP-008]
[2009-06-12 22:44:52] <A_Fat_Ghost> [granditooo]
[2009-06-12 22:45:30] <Dr_Gibbons> [Dammit, all the action begins when it's late here.]
[2009-06-12 22:45:31] <Rath-> [ack, are you running something LBD?]
[2009-06-12 22:45:54] * Gerald sighs. "Really, I wish I could've gotten over this kind of thing during high school or college."
[2009-06-12 22:46:47] <Samanatha-Raelin> "What's that?"
[2009-06-12 22:47:43] <LBD> [Yup]
[2009-06-12 22:47:55] <LBD> [A fat man has just started removing the break room door]
[2009-06-12 22:48:51] <LBD> Another man, in a long labcoat wearing an employee badge identifying him as Dr. Sprachet starts installing silver dome like devices where the door used to be
[2009-06-12 22:48:59] <Gerald> "Eh, it's just that while everyone else was dating and that kind of thing, I was busy studying."
[2009-06-12 22:48:59] * Rath- sits up and looks at the man at the door
[2009-06-12 22:49:12] * Dr_Gibbons raises an eyebrow, both at Gerald's statement and the visitor.
[2009-06-12 22:49:20] <LBD> "Ah, please bear with us a moment, we are upgrading the internial security systems in the light of the CI attacks and thefts lately"
[2009-06-12 22:49:26] <Rath-> "Where is our door going?"
[2009-06-12 22:49:42] <Dr_Gibbons> "And what are you placing at the moment?"
[2009-06-12 22:49:56] * Doctor_Light , who has been reading her papers for the last while, glances up. "How do they work?"
[2009-06-12 22:50:49] * Gerald takes a drink of coffee.
[2009-06-12 22:51:51] <Gerald> "Anyway, thanks for the advice, Sam."
[2009-06-12 22:51:56] * Samanatha-Raelin shrugs. "I wouldn't know, I traveled abroad for my high-school and college years."
[2009-06-12 22:52:21] <Rath-> [brb]
[2009-06-12 22:52:43] <LBD> "Oh this is a plasma fence" Dr. Sprocket says "Think of it as a pain wall" He grins "See, people who are unauthorised try to step through the door, and BAM the pain of a thousand tasers. neat huh?"
[2009-06-12 22:52:50] <Samanatha-Raelin> "Well don't worry about it, I'm sure nothing will surface about your little…indiscretion."
[2009-06-12 22:52:59] * Gerald nods.
[2009-06-12 22:53:03] <LBD> "Authorised people, of course, will be issued small passcards that will neutralise the wall. In due time of course"
[2009-06-12 22:53:05] <Rath> "Umm how does it detect who is authorized to step through?"
[2009-06-12 22:53:12] * Samanatha-Raelin looks to the man. "That sounds so incredibly stupid."
[2009-06-12 22:53:19] <Rath> "YOu arent planning to activate that right now are you?"
[2009-06-12 22:53:39] <Rath> "Who authorized this?"
[2009-06-12 22:53:42] <LBD> "Well, yes. The plan is to start testing the new security features before we go into full scale conversion"
[2009-06-12 22:53:44] * Rath looks around
[2009-06-12 22:53:47] <Gerald> "You know this is a break room. You don't need authorization to come in here."
[2009-06-12 22:53:53] <Doctor_Light> "How are we going to get out?"
[2009-06-12 22:54:07] <LBD> "Well, I could issue you some of the passcards I suppose…"
[2009-06-12 22:54:19] <Doctor_Light> "That would be nice."
[2009-06-12 22:54:22] <LBD> "But… well, I need to make sure none of you are traitors, theives or spies first"
[2009-06-12 22:54:37] <LBD> "Do you have a passcard you could show me?"
[2009-06-12 22:54:52] <Rath> "We have id badges.."
[2009-06-12 22:55:35] <Samanatha-Raelin> "I'm Samantha Raelin, top assistant researcher to the man who runs this place."
[2009-06-12 22:55:50] * Doctor_Light removes something from her pocket, and realizes it's a tube of chemicals she stole from the labs. Whoops. She puts it back and feels around for some other ID.
[2009-06-12 22:55:56] * Gerald drinks his coffee.
[2009-06-12 22:56:04] <LBD> "Those will do. Please show me your ID badges then" The man says "Oh, and the funnest part is that the system doesn't just stop with the painwalls"
[2009-06-12 22:56:06] * Samanatha-Raelin pulls out her ID card.
[2009-06-12 22:56:22] * Dr_Gibbons flashes his ID card. "Gibbons, Level 3 Researcher."
[2009-06-12 22:56:24] <Doctor_Light> "…Where does it stop?"
[2009-06-12 22:56:27] <LBD> "Oh no, we have many more devices linked in too… Well, it looks valid. Alright miss… Raylen."
[2009-06-12 22:56:39] <LBD> The man hands Samantha a silver passcard
[2009-06-12 22:56:46] * Doctor_Light finds an ID card in the mean time and shows it.
[2009-06-12 22:56:54] * Rath shows his id
[2009-06-12 22:57:09] <Dr_Magnus> [Sorry, I got distracted by slaughter, I be back]
[2009-06-12 22:57:11] <LBD> "Well we have a full range of defences ranging from harmless to lethal, but I'm afraid I can't tell you everything. It's on a need to know basis"
[2009-06-12 22:57:21] * LBD hands Light and Rath Passcards
[2009-06-12 22:57:27] <Rath> "And why is it being installed in a break room?"
[2009-06-12 22:57:29] * Dr_Magnus raises an eyebrow, and stands up, showing him his ID badge.
[2009-06-12 22:57:42] <Doctor_Light> "…Suppose I need to know?"
[2009-06-12 22:57:44] <LBD> "Oh dear, I seem to be running short of the passcards… I think I have five left… ah, here you go dr… Malingus?"
[2009-06-12 22:57:50] * Gerald sighs and shows his ID. Dr. Rodney Gerald, head research assistant. Level 3.
[2009-06-12 22:58:08] <LBD> "Oh you won't, we're different departments… Ah, here's one for you Gerbald"
[2009-06-12 22:58:09] * Dr_Magnus twitches.
[2009-06-12 22:58:21] <Samanatha-Raelin> [Well, I've got to be off. ACT testing tomorrow morning at 8am.]
[2009-06-12 22:58:28] <Dr_Magnus> [Goodluck with that.]
[2009-06-12 22:58:28] <Rath> [good luck]
[2009-06-12 22:58:34] <Doctor_Light> [Ah. Best of luck.]
[2009-06-12 22:58:38] <Dr_Gibbons> "Hey. Over here."
[2009-06-12 22:58:40] <Gerald> [So long, good luck Kon.]
[2009-06-12 22:58:43] <Dr_Gibbons> "Passcard."
[2009-06-12 22:58:50] <Gerald> [I got a 27 on mine.]
[2009-06-12 22:58:51] <Dr_Gibbons> [See you, good luck]
[2009-06-12 22:58:53] <Dr_Magnus> "So I have a question for you."
[2009-06-12 22:59:01] * Samanatha-Raelin takes her card, punches the man in the gut, and turns before leaving. "If this thing does so much as cause my skin to tingle, I'll murder you."
[2009-06-12 22:59:04] <LBD> The man waves his hand dismissivly "Anyway the breakroom is one of the plasses where my testing is authorised… alright here's one for you mr… Gilbons?"
[2009-06-12 22:59:07] <Dr_Magnus> "What makes you think we won't just wreck up these things as soon as you leave?"
[2009-06-12 22:59:16] <Samanatha-Raelin> [I got a 27 or 29 on the practice one.]
[2009-06-12 22:59:23] <LBD> "It's not active yet Miss Raylith"
[2009-06-12 22:59:27] <Samanatha-Raelin> [Where 27(or 29) is the highest]
[2009-06-12 23:00:05] <LBD> "Oh thats the best part… Titanium ceramic protective layer, diamond lenses, and they should be ressessed in the door, and near indetectable once I'm done. Isn't it fun?"
[2009-06-12 23:00:27] <Rath> "I have a bad feeling about this"
[2009-06-12 23:00:34] <LBD> The man, Dr. Sprocket seems incredibly enthusiastic. Like a small dog about to jump out of it's skin
[2009-06-12 23:00:42] <Dr_Magnus> "…"
[2009-06-12 23:00:58] <Dr_Magnus> "You realise that most of us in normal society would be considered Serial Killers, yes?"
[2009-06-12 23:01:21] <Gerald> "Why are the putting such expenses on such a minor thing?"
[2009-06-12 23:01:24] <Dr_Gibbons> "I'm never going to walk through that door again.
[2009-06-12 23:01:24] <LBD> "Well, yes. I know this. It's so facinating watching human skin peel away from the bone, isn't it?"
[2009-06-12 23:01:59] <Dr_Magnus> "Let me rephrase. I'm, or one of my companions is, going to shoot you very soon. You should pray to whatever Diety you beleive in."
[2009-06-12 23:02:07] * Doctor_Light looks around the system suspiciously, thinking of ways to disable it.
[2009-06-12 23:03:03] <LBD> "Huh? Why would you do that? Oh dear I'm afraid I might have to ask for the passcard back if you continue such threatening behavior"
[2009-06-12 23:03:04] <Rath> "Perhaps you should test the nonlethal settings before you test the lethal settings"
[2009-06-12 23:03:20] * Dr_Magnus places the card behind him.
[2009-06-12 23:03:38] <LBD> "Please, science was NEVER advanced by caution!"
[2009-06-12 23:03:47] <Rath> "Thats it"
[2009-06-12 23:03:50] * Rath walks out of the room
[2009-06-12 23:03:59] <Rath> "I'll go find some explosives guys"
[2009-06-12 23:04:06] <LBD> "Anyway the letheal settings involve the turrit tucked into the floor there… and other hidden devices"
[2009-06-12 23:04:07] * Gerald sighs and drinks coffee.
[2009-06-12 23:04:07] <Doctor_Light> "Science is advanced by trials, though. Turn it on with your pass and walk through it."
[2009-06-12 23:04:14] <Dr_Magnus> "Mkay. I'll watch dead man walking over here."
[2009-06-12 23:04:24] <LBD> "Many of them will activate on attempts to damage the system, to prevent sabatoge"
[2009-06-12 23:04:28] <Dr_Magnus> [There's no Turret in the breakroom, that's rediculous.]
[2009-06-12 23:04:31] * Rath heads down the corridor
[2009-06-12 23:05:26] <LBD> [It's in the hall]
[2009-06-12 23:05:42] <LBD> [Hidden under the floor]
[2009-06-12 23:06:54] <LBD> [Rath do you have your card?]
[2009-06-12 23:07:00] <Rath> "Yes"
[2009-06-12 23:07:09] <Dr_Gibbons> "Again, wasn't the site like, riddled with C4 all over the place or something like that?"
[2009-06-12 23:07:14] <Rath> [yes]
[2009-06-12 23:07:24] <LBD> As Rath steps through the door, a voice says "It is a pleasure to let you through this door sir"
[2009-06-12 23:07:37] <LBD> The voice was breathy, and sounded like a man pretending to be a sexy woman
[2009-06-12 23:07:40] <Dr_Gibbons> "… Oh god what the fuck was that."
[2009-06-12 23:07:46] <Rath> "Oh jeez.."
[2009-06-12 23:07:47] <Dr_Magnus> "…"
[2009-06-12 23:07:51] <Doctor_Light> "…I don't like it."
[2009-06-12 23:07:58] <Dr_Magnus> "Doctors, I'm about a nanometer from ending this thing."
[2009-06-12 23:08:03] <LBD> "Oh that's the soft AI linked into the system. It'll learn your names with time"
[2009-06-12 23:08:04] * Dr_Gibbons goes through the door again.
[2009-06-12 23:08:07] <Gerald> "…."
[2009-06-12 23:08:13] <Dr_Gibbons> [to listen the voice*]
[2009-06-12 23:08:14] <LBD> "It's a pleasure to let you through this door, sir"
[2009-06-12 23:08:25] <LBD> The voice repeats, sounding like it was indeed a pleasure
[2009-06-12 23:08:26] <Dr_Gibbons> "Fuck this, I'm crashing it."
[2009-06-12 23:08:38] * Dr_Gibbons walks in and out repeatedly
[2009-06-12 23:08:45] <LBD> [Rath, in the halls, you see a whole bunch of partly completed, and fully completed structures like this]
[2009-06-12 23:08:47] * Rath chuckles
[2009-06-12 23:09:12] <Rath> [in different doorways or something?]
[2009-06-12 23:09:14] <LBD> The voice keeps repeating it but gets a bit more terse each time finaly it says "Please either remain inside, or outside, for at least five minutes."
[2009-06-12 23:09:17] <LBD> [Yeah]
[2009-06-12 23:09:27] <Doctor_Light> "Keep doing it."
[2009-06-12 23:09:31] <LBD> [Some of them are in the process of retracting into the door]
[2009-06-12 23:09:35] * Doctor_Light sips at her tea with interest
[2009-06-12 23:09:42] <Doctor_Light> [FOR SCIENCE]
[2009-06-12 23:09:49] <Gerald> "Right, who authorized this?"
[2009-06-12 23:10:05] <Rath> "I would like to know as well"
[2009-06-12 23:10:08] * Dr_Magnus reaches behind him, not pulling anything out yet, but looking rather irritabel.
[2009-06-12 23:10:11] * Dr_Gibbons goes in, suddendly realizing that AIs in the Site can be very, very vengative.
[2009-06-12 23:10:25] <LBD> "I have signatures" Dr. Sprocket says "And it's permissible to do this by rule 34A rule 57B and Rule 723C especialy when in conjuction
[2009-06-12 23:10:39] <LBD> "You have decided to remain inside then, sir?"
[2009-06-12 23:10:51] <Gerald> "Alright, who signed this."
[2009-06-12 23:11:12] <Dr_Gibbons> "There must be an authorization by a senior."
[2009-06-12 23:11:18] <Dr_Gibbons> "No seniors would accept shit like this."
[2009-06-12 23:11:32] <Dr_Magnus> "Bright would, just to fuck with us."
[2009-06-12 23:11:40] <Doctor_Light> "Maybe just to fuck with us, but some of them like to use the breakroom too."
[2009-06-12 23:11:44] <Gerald> "Hell, something like this would require level four clearance at the least."
[2009-06-12 23:11:51] <Doctor_Light> "I've seen Bright in here before."
[2009-06-12 23:12:26] <LBD> "I'm sorry but I don't have to disclose that information" Sprocket says "Anyway, if that is all, I bid you adeu, the system is set up in this reagon of the building. Now it is time for the testing"
[2009-06-12 23:12:39] <LBD> The man walks past Rath, whistling to himself cheerfuly
[2009-06-12 23:12:44] * Rath follows the man
[2009-06-12 23:13:04] * Doctor_Light watches as he leaves. "I vote we disable it immediatly."
[2009-06-12 23:13:14] <Dr_Magnus> "You've got my vote."
[2009-06-12 23:13:21] <Gerald> "Second."
[2009-06-12 23:13:30] <Doctor_Light> "You're right, this is odd. At worst, it's an attempt by an outside agent to kill us."
[2009-06-12 23:13:33] <LBD> The man reaches his office and enters "I'm afraid you can't follow me in here." he tells Rath "it's keyed to only let me in unless I give permission."
[2009-06-12 23:13:36] <Doctor_Light> "At best, well, it's a hassle."
[2009-06-12 23:13:47] <Rath> "I dont think you should leave mister, your experiment is in progress"
[2009-06-12 23:13:47] <Dr_Magnus> "Ceramic plating doesn't do much against armor peircing rounds…"
[2009-06-12 23:13:51] <Dr_Gibbons> "Sir."
[2009-06-12 23:13:57] <Dr_Gibbons> "Can I have your attention for a moment?"
[2009-06-12 23:14:20] <LBD> "I'm not leaving mr… Wraith. I am eating tea"
[2009-06-12 23:14:24] <LBD> "I have crumpets"
[2009-06-12 23:14:52] <LBD> (Is gibbons talking to Sprocket?)
[2009-06-12 23:15:04] <Dr_Magnus> [If I stay up any later, I'm gonna fall asleep at my keyboard. Gnight guys]
[2009-06-12 23:15:13] <Doctor_Light> [Good night]
[2009-06-12 23:15:14] <LBD> [Awww, night Magnus]
[2009-06-12 23:15:14] <Rath> [gnight]
[2009-06-12 23:16:05] * Rath heads back toward the breakroom counting how many units seem to be active
[2009-06-12 23:16:06] <LBD> (Gibbons are you talking to sprocket? I thought you were in the breakroom. Rath is outside Sprocket's office)
[2009-06-12 23:16:19] <LBD> 1d20+3
[2009-06-12 23:16:20] <Magic_8-Ball> LBD, 1d20+3: 18 [1d20=15]
[2009-06-12 23:16:43] <LBD> There seemed to be about 18 active units in various doors on the path to the breakroom, and five inactive units
[2009-06-12 23:17:24] <Dr_Gibbons> [Disregard comments, I tripped balls.]
[2009-06-12 23:17:26] <Rath> "There are 18 active units at least on this floor people.
[2009-06-12 23:17:27] <Rath> "
[2009-06-12 23:17:40] * Rath does not enter the break room
[2009-06-12 23:17:48] <Rath> "I dont trust that thing"
[2009-06-12 23:17:49] <Dr_Gibbons> "Wait, this one can easily be sorted out."
[2009-06-12 23:17:59] <Doctor_Light> "What's your plan?"
[2009-06-12 23:18:03] * Dr_Gibbons grabs a phone, and asks for the Site operator.
[2009-06-12 23:18:18] <Doctor_Light> "…Clever."
[2009-06-12 23:18:30] <LBD> "Hello, site operator. How may I inconvience you today? I mean, be of convience to you today. Tehee"
[2009-06-12 23:18:33] * Rath heads over to an inactive unit and begins tearing apart learning how it works
[2009-06-12 23:18:42] <Rath> 6d6 destructive engineering!
[2009-06-12 23:18:43] <Magic_8-Ball> Rath, destructive engineering!: 23 [6d6=4,6,4,2,3,4]
[2009-06-12 23:18:48] <Dr_Gibbons> "Hello, I need to speak with the nearest level 4 researcher available."
[2009-06-12 23:19:14] <LBD> A voice says "Sir, please do not tinker with that device, only authorised persons are allowed to modify the barrier system"
[2009-06-12 23:19:18] <LBD> As Rath works
[2009-06-12 23:19:19] * Gerald drinks a bit of coffee.
[2009-06-12 23:19:30] <Rath> [where did the voice come from?]
[2009-06-12 23:19:33] <Dr_Gibbons> [Operator answer?]
[2009-06-12 23:19:38] * Doctor_Light yells out the hall. "What's your security level?"
[2009-06-12 23:19:42] <LBD> "I'm sorry, all level 4 researchers are currently buisy. May I connect you with a three point five researcher or a three researcher"
[2009-06-12 23:19:53] * Gerald sighs.
[2009-06-12 23:20:01] <Gerald> "Level three here."
[2009-06-12 23:20:05] <LBD> (The voice seemed to come from a speaker in the top of the door frame)
[2009-06-12 23:20:08] <Rath> "I am level 2"
[2009-06-12 23:20:15] <Dr_Gibbons> "This is a Tetarti-type protocol communication."
[2009-06-12 23:20:18] <Rath> [I thought it was inactive?]
[2009-06-12 23:20:21] * Doctor_Light was yelling at the guy.
[2009-06-12 23:20:30] <LBD> (It is inactive… but the speaker works)
[2009-06-12 23:20:35] <Doctor_Light> [Who said the thing about not tinkering with it]
[2009-06-12 23:20:36] <Dr_Gibbons> 4d6 AWAD for creative bullshitting
[2009-06-12 23:20:36] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Gibbons, AWAD for creative bullshitting: 20 [4d6=6,6,2,6]
[2009-06-12 23:20:37] <LBD> (It's just that the fence is inactive)
[2009-06-12 23:20:46] <LBD> (The system in the breathy voice)
[2009-06-12 23:20:50] * Rath attempts to disable the speaker and then any computer processors or network equipment
[2009-06-12 23:21:20] <LBD> "Alright sir, I'll connect you to Dr. Kondraki. Though I warn you, he said not to let any calls through under any circumstances for the next two hours"
[2009-06-12 23:21:48] <Dr_Gibbons> "Thank you."
[2009-06-12 23:22:18] <Samanatha-Raelin> [Am I needed?]
[2009-06-12 23:22:21] * Dr_Gibbons covers the telephone's mouthpiece. "If I pull this one wrong I will kiss my ass goodbye."
[2009-06-12 23:22:42] <Dr_Gibbons> [LBD, do you want Kon to actually be Kon?]
[2009-06-12 23:22:44] <LBD> Disabling the speaker was fairly simple with the system half completed, though it continued to make noises at him and squak at him until he had sucessfuly taken off the faceplate and unscrewed several components, then cut a few wires. it took about 20 minutes, all told
[2009-06-12 23:22:48] <LBD> [Yes, yes I do]
[2009-06-12 23:22:52] <LBD> [Otherwise it's not Kon]
[2009-06-12 23:23:31] <LBD> [And Kondraki, you distinctly remmeber telling the operator no interruptions even if the base was on fire.]
[2009-06-12 23:24:06] <LBD> [What you were spending your me-time on is, of course, up to you]
[2009-06-12 23:24:20] <Rath> [i'm back]
[2009-06-12 23:24:33] <Rath> [did you get my line about keeping tinkering with the thing?]
[2009-06-12 23:24:51] <Samanatha-Raelin> [Currently, Kondraki is resting while completely blasted on painkillers.]
[2009-06-12 23:25:05] <LBD> [Well that's a good reason for me-time, yes?]
[2009-06-12 23:25:14] <LBD> [Kondraki, your telephone rings. Annoyingly]
[2009-06-12 23:25:50] * Rath attempts to disable any computer equipment and networking equipment in the inactive gate
[2009-06-12 23:26:57] =-= Samanatha-Raelin is now known as Dr-Kondraki
[2009-06-12 23:26:58] * Dr-Kondraki grabs his gun with his good hand, contemplates shooting it, but instead grabs it and picks up.
[2009-06-12 23:27:00] <LBD> This takes a bit longer, and is fairly difficult due to the protective plating, and the lack of schematics. Roll rath?
[2009-06-12 23:27:13] <Dr-Kondraki> "Who the hell is it."
[2009-06-12 23:27:15] <LBD> (Right Gibbons, you are now connected to Kondraki)
[2009-06-12 23:27:16] <Rath> 6d6 disable with engineering!
[2009-06-12 23:27:16] <Magic_8-Ball> Rath, disable with engineering!: 28 [6d6=6,6,3,6,2,5]
[2009-06-12 23:27:52] <LBD> Well Rath, you're pretty sure you got it all, but it takes a really long time to do so, and you're a touch sweaty from it
[2009-06-12 23:28:38] * Dr_Gibbons makes the sign of the cross before proceeding. "Hello Doctor, this is Doctor Sprocket from Site 19. I have followed protocol on the installation of removing the break room door and changing it to a high-energy plasma grid, as ordered. The problem relies that after some examination we are unsure on who signed this, and I've been told you would be the"
[2009-06-12 23:28:53] <Dr_Gibbons> "Person that I had to communicate with in order to clear these doubts."
[2009-06-12 23:28:58] <Rath> [let me know when the rest of the action catches up to how far I am]
[2009-06-12 23:29:05] <LBD> [Will do Rath]
[2009-06-12 23:29:09] <Dr-Kondraki> "…I never authorized anything like that. Who the hell are you?"
[2009-06-12 23:29:29] <LBD> [In the mean time, you have a bunch of employees walking past you oggling your ass while you work :-p]
[2009-06-12 23:29:45] <Dr_Gibbons> "I am Dr. Sprocket, Lvl. 3 Researcher in charge of security."
[2009-06-12 23:29:51] <Rath> [o_O must be desperate workers]
[2009-06-12 23:29:56] <Dr_Gibbons> [Do I roll for Oh god kondraki just buy this shit]
[2009-06-12 23:30:27] <LBD> [Roll if you want to, but it's ultimatly Kondraki's choice if he buys it]
[2009-06-12 23:30:45] <Dr_Gibbons> [True. Rolling is useless here.]
[2009-06-12 23:30:57] <Dr-Kondraki> "Mmmm, never heard of you, and I definitely didn't order anything involving the break room door. I like that door."
[2009-06-12 23:31:26] <Dr_Gibbons> "…Well, sir, we have already removed it and disposed of it under the command of a certain Level 4 researcher."
[2009-06-12 23:31:44] <Dr-Kondraki> "So, I think I'm gonna call security down there and have them terminate anyone named Sprocket, unless you explain yourself."
[2009-06-12 23:32:10] <Rath> [lol]
[2009-06-12 23:32:24] <Dr_Gibbons> "…I just called to check who actually signed this. I've been told that if anybody knew who did this, it would be you."
[2009-06-12 23:32:42] |<— A_Fat_Ghost has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[2009-06-12 23:33:52] <LBD> [Heh]
[2009-06-12 23:34:00] <Dr-Kondraki> "Yeah, one sec, let me go make the call for security…do you want to die by a bullet, a knife, or severe bludgeoning. I can choose, now."
[2009-06-12 23:34:16] <Dr_Gibbons> "Oh god."
[2009-06-12 23:34:44] * Dr_Gibbons quickly hangs up, before falling to his knees with a face gesture that said "I JUST FUCKING TROLLED KONDRAKI, BOW BEFORE ME FOR I AM YOUR GOD."
[2009-06-12 23:35:03] <LBD> [Hrm… give it a bit longer rath…]
[2009-06-12 23:35:09] * Doctor_Light bows before him, as he is her god.
[2009-06-12 23:35:14] * Dr_Gibbons quickly stands up.
[2009-06-12 23:35:19] <Dr_Gibbons> "SO. Problem solved."
[2009-06-12 23:35:33] <Doctor_Light> "Good. Would anyone like tea?
[2009-06-12 23:35:34] <Doctor_Light> "
[2009-06-12 23:35:39] * Dr_Gibbons grabs the phone again and asks for the operator.
[2009-06-12 23:35:44] <Rath> [I dced for a bit? did you get the break room one disabled?]
[2009-06-12 23:35:47] * Dr-Kondraki actually sends security. They carry knifes, guns, and beating sticks appropriately.
[2009-06-12 23:35:59] <Dr_Gibbons> "Goddammit answer quick jesus fuck"
[2009-06-12 23:35:59] <LBD> [Breakroom one is still active]
[2009-06-12 23:36:07] <Dr_Gibbons> [LBD quick operator]
[2009-06-12 23:36:22] <LBD> "Allo, operator. How may a fail to… I mean commence to assist you?"
[2009-06-12 23:36:24] * Rath catches the security as they come past "Who are you guys looking for?"
[2009-06-12 23:36:35] <Dr_Gibbons> "Doctor Sprocket's office. ASAP."
[2009-06-12 23:36:37] * Dr-Kondraki also gave the security team the audio logs from the calls, to identify this "Sprocket" more easily.
[2009-06-12 23:36:44] <LBD> "Man named Dr. Sproket. Word is he fucked with Kondraki's door"
[2009-06-12 23:36:58] <LBD> "This is his voice. Do you know the guy?"
[2009-06-12 23:36:59] <Doctor_Light> "He's in that office," Sophia points.
[2009-06-12 23:37:03] * Rath points out the guys office
[2009-06-12 23:37:03] <Doctor_Light> "You'll see the nametag."
[2009-06-12 23:37:07] <LBD> *Plays a clip of Gibbon's voice
[2009-06-12 23:37:14] <Rath> "Thats his office, not sure of the voice"
[2009-06-12 23:37:20] <Dr_Gibbons> [Wait.]
[2009-06-12 23:37:23] * Rath goes back to tinkering
[2009-06-12 23:37:26] <Doctor_Light> "Yeah. But we saw the nametag."
[2009-06-12 23:37:28] <Dr_Gibbons> [Don't tell me I didn't imitate Sprocket's voice.]
[2009-06-12 23:37:33] * Dr-Kondraki gave special instruction to focus on the voice.
[2009-06-12 23:37:38] <LBD> [You never said you were]
[2009-06-12 23:37:39] <Dr_Gibbons> [FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF]
[2009-06-12 23:38:10] * Dr_Gibbons tosses the phone to Light. "Get Sprocket. Tell him to run."
[2009-06-12 23:38:12] <LBD> "I see… well the voice is the more important component… what are you doing in that door anyway?"
[2009-06-12 23:38:19] * Dr-Kondraki did this because he had the "send audio log" function installed right next to the "pick the method of death" keys, and just had to try it.
[2009-06-12 23:38:29] <Rath> "I am trying to see how these work"
[2009-06-12 23:38:38] <Rath> "This one is inactive currently"
[2009-06-12 23:38:43] <LBD> Sprocket answers the phone "A yes? I am in the middle of tea and crumpets. It's high tea, with jam"
[2009-06-12 23:38:58] <LBD> "Ah… carry on then" the security personell say, giving Rath a salute
[2009-06-12 23:39:04] <LBD> They then start heading to the breakroom
[2009-06-12 23:39:06] <Doctor_Light> "Excuse me, where is your office?"
[2009-06-12 23:39:15] <Doctor_Light> "Mr. Sprocket sir?"
[2009-06-12 23:39:24] <Rath> [they would have at least stopped in sprocket's office wouldnt they have?]
[2009-06-12 23:39:28] <LBD> Sproket thinks a moment "Well, it's 452 east wing"
[2009-06-12 23:39:29] <Rath> [since i pointed it out]
[2009-06-12 23:39:49] <LBD> (Yes they do, but they listen and head his voice doesn't match up. Since he's currently talking on the phone)
[2009-06-12 23:39:54] <Doctor_Light> "Very well. You can start running if you want.
[2009-06-12 23:39:58] <Rath> [k]
[2009-06-12 23:40:01] <Doctor_Light> " She hangs up.
[2009-06-12 23:40:11] <LBD> "I assure you I am perfecty safe… She hung up. How incredibly odd"
[2009-06-12 23:40:18] <Doctor_Light> "Anyways, I'm telling you, it's 452 east wing."
[2009-06-12 23:40:24] <LBD> Dr. Sprocket goes back to his tea in contentment
[2009-06-12 23:40:32] <Doctor_Light> "He just said. You heard it."
[2009-06-12 23:40:35] <Dr_Gibbons> "Seriously, I don't want a ticket to hell."
[2009-06-12 23:40:36] <LBD> Rath, you think you got the last of it
[2009-06-12 23:40:44] * Dr_Gibbons grabs the phone and redials to Sprocket.
[2009-06-12 23:40:56] <LBD> There's a knock by the side of the breakroom 'door' or what's left of it
[2009-06-12 23:41:03] <Rath> [ok]
[2009-06-12 23:41:05] * Dr-Kondraki had a second security team move to Sprocket's office.
[2009-06-12 23:41:11] <LBD> "Ah, hello Sir" Sprocket says "What can I do for you?"
[2009-06-12 23:41:22] * Rath now tries to learn from this device a way to disable an active one
[2009-06-12 23:41:28] <LBD> "I'm afraid I'm in the middle of tea, and crumpets"
[2009-06-12 23:41:29] <Rath> 6d6 tinker tinker
[2009-06-12 23:41:30] <Magic_8-Ball> Rath, tinker tinker: 20 [6d6=3,3,6,1,2,5]
[2009-06-12 23:41:58] <LBD> (Not so hot a roll. Yo have a way that would work… iff and only if you had a way to protect yourself from the weapons while doing so)
[2009-06-12 23:42:00] * Dr_Gibbons does his best to change his voice. "Hello sir, I am Officer Nizbit from security. It seems that two security teams have been dispatched to your location to terminate you on sight."
[2009-06-12 23:42:08] <Rath> [ok]
[2009-06-12 23:42:22] <Dr_Gibbons> "I shall recommend you to exit the premises inmediatly."
[2009-06-12 23:42:26] * Dr-Kondraki quickly learns, by use of security footage, and SCP-515, that he is indeed being trolled. This would not do.
[2009-06-12 23:42:28] <LBD> "Really? How strange. I shall remain in my office then. This is an excelent test for my painwall"
[2009-06-12 23:42:57] <Dr_Gibbons> [Wasn't Kondraki too high on painkillers to even care what was going on around him?]
[2009-06-12 23:43:08] * Dr-Kondraki uses his security grid to send a third team, equipped with high-yield tazers, to go after Gibbons.
[2009-06-12 23:43:10] <LBD> [Dude someone killed his favorite door]
[2009-06-12 23:43:18] <Dr-Kondraki> [He's not completely out of it.]
[2009-06-12 23:43:22] * Rath watching the commotion around Sprockets office
[2009-06-12 23:43:27] <Dr_Gibbons> [I trolled for the greater good.]
[2009-06-12 23:43:31] <Dr-Kondraki> [Just enough to fuck with security and kill people]
[2009-06-12 23:43:54] <Dr_Gibbons> "…"
[2009-06-12 23:43:57] <Dr_Gibbons> "Okay, so."
[2009-06-12 23:44:05] <LBD> Sprocket remains in his office sipping tea. Some officers try to enter, but all of them eventualy stagger back panting to a rephrehending falsetto "Unauthorised acess attempt detected"
[2009-06-12 23:44:10] <Dr_Gibbons> "Do you think he'll find out?"
[2009-06-12 23:44:18] <LBD> A squad shows up at the Breakroom
[2009-06-12 23:44:22] <LBD> "Dr. Gibbons?"
[2009-06-12 23:44:27] * Doctor_Light is looking out the hall. "That's a bad sign."
[2009-06-12 23:44:31] * Dr_Gibbons does not reply.
[2009-06-12 23:44:47] <LBD> "According to reports you trolled Kondraki. We have high powered tasers. This will hurt slightly less if you do not resist. Please resist"
[2009-06-12 23:45:04] <LBD> They're still outside the breakroom 'door' though
[2009-06-12 23:45:25] <Doctor_Light> "Rath, do you think you can put that back on?"
[2009-06-12 23:45:38] * Dr_Gibbons still does not reply, either too shocked to react or careless for his fate.
[2009-06-12 23:45:39] <LBD> (The breakroom door is still working)
[2009-06-12 23:45:42] * Dr-Kondraki gives the security captain orders to bring Gibbons back. And to use demolition devices to get to him if needed.
[2009-06-12 23:45:46] <Doctor_Light> [Sweet]
[2009-06-12 23:45:55] <Rath> "Put what back on"
[2009-06-12 23:46:04] <Doctor_Light> 'Never mind."
[2009-06-12 23:46:06] <Dr_Gibbons> 4d6 AWAD to find a convenient way out
[2009-06-12 23:46:07] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Gibbons, AWAD to find a convenient way out: 11 [4d6=6,1,2,2]
[2009-06-12 23:46:08] * Rath is still a ways down the corridor from the breakroom, so he yells
[2009-06-12 23:46:25] <LBD> The security cheif attempts to step through the door
[2009-06-12 23:46:38] * Rath scurrys over to near the breakroom
[2009-06-12 23:46:42] <LBD> He blinks and fuscha light springs to him, singing his armour. He falls on his ass
[2009-06-12 23:46:46] <LBD> "Acess denied"
[2009-06-12 23:46:58] <LBD> He swears "Alright men, set the demo charges"
[2009-06-12 23:47:10] * Doctor_Light smiles. Then doesn't. "Demo charges? Shit."
[2009-06-12 23:47:11] * Dr_Gibbons finally reacts, looking up. "Demo charges?"
[2009-06-12 23:47:17] <Rath> "The guy named Sprocket set this up btw, if you want to be angry at anyone"
[2009-06-12 23:47:49] * Doctor_Light looks around. "We could climb in the refridgerator," she suggests. "But I don't think all of us would fit."
[2009-06-12 23:48:19] <Dr_Gibbons> "…Save yourself, Light. I died the moment I picked up the phone."
[2009-06-12 23:48:22] <Dr-Kondraki> [Should probably call for Gibbons to surrender before they fucking blow the walls apart.]
[2009-06-12 23:48:27] <LBD> The men start setting up the charges. A voice speaks again, the door's voice "C-4 charges detected. This counts as a hostile entry attemptt. Are you sure you want to continue?"
[2009-06-12 23:48:44] <LBD> "This is your last chance Dr. Gibbons. Surrender. Please do not, it's more fun that way"
[2009-06-12 23:48:55] * Rath jogs a ways down the corridor "GO for it guys!"
[2009-06-12 23:49:12] * Dr_Gibbons finally looks up. "I'm here. Being tasered is much more fun."
[2009-06-12 23:49:21] <Dr_Gibbons> "Blow the fucking place if needed."
[2009-06-12 23:49:22] * Doctor_Light steps away from Gibbons
[2009-06-12 23:49:39] <Dr_Gibbons> "Light, do not move a muscle."
[2009-06-12 23:49:57] * Doctor_Light does not need to be told twice
[2009-06-12 23:50:12] * Dr-Kondraki wants Gibbons brought to his office, now.
[2009-06-12 23:50:22] <LBD> "You are continuing the hostile entry attempt. Please decist"
[2009-06-12 23:50:27] <LBD> "Someone shut up the damn door"
[2009-06-12 23:50:46] <LBD> One of the men shoots at the speaker "You have carried out a hostile attempt on the door. Have a nice death"
[2009-06-12 23:51:08] * Dr_Gibbons looks in awe at the speaker's voice.
[2009-06-12 23:51:27] <Dr_Gibbons> "Sprocket, please fucking live, I need to give you a goddamn medal for this door."
[2009-06-12 23:51:44] <Dr-Kondraki> [God dammit, now Kondraki is going to have to come down.]
[2009-06-12 23:51:53] <Rath> [can he walk?]
[2009-06-12 23:51:58] <LBD> A turret pops out of the floor, and another one out of the ceiling. Blue plasma streems through the painwall, reaching out to strike guards, incinerating them on the spot as the turrets fire high caliber steel core bullets into their bodies. The C-4s are wiped away by high powered lasers
[2009-06-12 23:52:00] <Doctor_Light> [On crutches]
[2009-06-12 23:52:01] <Dr-Kondraki> [He can limp.]
[2009-06-12 23:52:05] <Dr-Kondraki> [And shoot.]
[2009-06-12 23:52:10] <LBD> Everything dies down, and the weapons return to hiding
[2009-06-12 23:52:13] <Doctor_Light> "Fffffuu-"
[2009-06-12 23:52:27] <LBD> "I hope you have had a pleasent death. Customer satisfaction is our number one desire"
[2009-06-12 23:52:28] <Rath> "Hmm there goes my plan for disabling that thing"
[2009-06-12 23:52:30] * Doctor_Light staggers back
[2009-06-12 23:52:57] * Dr-Kondraki sighs, grabs his crutch, and begins the hike down to the breakroom. Stupid god damned security doors were always giving him shit. Them and republicans.
[2009-06-12 23:53:23] <Rath> [are the turrets in the floor and ceiling right above and below each other?]
[2009-06-12 23:53:31] * Dr_Gibbons suddendly has a realization.
[2009-06-12 23:54:02] <LBD> (No they're offset)
[2009-06-12 23:54:14] <Dr_Gibbons> "Video feeds, Kondraki, and whoever is listening to this, please be advised that my current actions were done under the suspicion that the integrity of Kondraki's favorite coffee machine located in this very breakroom could have been compromised."
[2009-06-12 23:54:19] <LBD> "Sir we're taking heavy losses" one of the security guards says to Kondraki
[2009-06-12 23:54:26] <LBD> "Gibbons seems to be fighting back"
[2009-06-12 23:54:53] * Dr_Gibbons sits again on the couch, waiting.
[2009-06-12 23:55:27] * Rath walks over to the break room door "Gibbons did you just get a bunch of security killed?"
[2009-06-12 23:55:31] * Doctor_Light takes some test tubes out of her pocket and plays with them, waiting to see if Gibbons' plan will work
[2009-06-12 23:55:42] * Dr-Kondraki arrives at the breakroom, still limping. He takes a look at the door, brings his crutch up, and smacks one of the pain generators.
[2009-06-12 23:55:43] <LBD> "Thank you sir, for using this door. You have made me very happy"
[2009-06-12 23:55:47] <LBD> The voice says
[2009-06-12 23:55:54] <Dr-Kondraki> 20d6 Crutch Combat
[2009-06-12 23:55:54] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Kondraki, Crutch Combat: 68 [20d6=2,1,3,5,2,5,3,5,2,6,3,6,2,1,2,4,6,5,2,3]
[2009-06-12 23:56:08] * Rath bolts away from the door
[2009-06-12 23:56:16] <LBD> The pain generator zaps Kondraki, because he doesn't have a security card, however his crutch absorbs most of the shock, so it only tingles
[2009-06-12 23:56:28] <Dr_Gibbons> "No, it was the do-Oh fuck."
[2009-06-12 23:56:40] * Dr-Kondraki grins, and begins beating the everliving fuck out of the door and its components.
[2009-06-12 23:56:54] <Rath> "Kondraki, if you can take out the weapons, I can disable the door"
[2009-06-12 23:57:05] <LBD> (Is his crutch metal, wood, or something else?)
[2009-06-12 23:57:13] <Dr-Kondraki> 20d6 Crutch vs. Door, HEAVEN OR HELL LET'S ROCK
[2009-06-12 23:57:13] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Kondraki, Crutch vs. Door, HEAVEN OR HELL LET'S ROCK: 81 [20d6=4,3,5,5,3,5,3,5,3,5,6,2,5,2,1,6,2,6,6,4]
[2009-06-12 23:57:22] <Dr-Kondraki> [Wood, bladewood to be precise.]
[2009-06-12 23:57:23] * Doctor_Light calmly starts clearing food out of the refridgerator, in case something blows up
[2009-06-12 23:57:28] <LBD> "Sir, please cease imediatly, you are damaging the door"
[2009-06-12 23:57:37] <Gerald> [Destroyed!]
[2009-06-12 23:57:41] <LBD> Kondraki sucessfuly knocks some of the painrays out of alignment
[2009-06-12 23:58:01] <LBD> He can probably get through the door now, without too much trouble, though it might harm other people who are less skilled them him
[2009-06-12 23:58:02] <Rath> "That works too"
[2009-06-12 23:58:06] <Dr_Gibbons> 4d6 way out way out oh god
[2009-06-12 23:58:07] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr_Gibbons, way out way out oh god: 12 [4d6=4,3,2,3]
[2009-06-12 23:58:37] * Dr-Kondraki makes his way through the door, and towards Gibbons.
[2009-06-12 23:58:37] <LBD> "Sir if you continue this attack upon the door this will be taken as a hostile action"
[2009-06-12 23:58:59] <LBD> "Unauthorised entry detected. Alert! Alert! To all whom it may concern. Unauthorised entry detected"
[2009-06-12 23:59:10] <LBD> No weapons pop up, Kondraki gets into the room
[2009-06-12 23:59:41] * Doctor_Light steps back
[2009-06-12 23:59:42] * Rath goes over to the door and analyzes the damage, seeing if any critical components are visible
[2009-06-13 00:00:04] * Doctor_Light holds her test tube very tightly
[2009-06-13 00:00:24] * Dr-Kondraki nears Gibbons, and then immediately sets in on him with the crutch. "When did you*THWACK*get the wise fucking*THWACK*idea to try and troll ME?!"
[2009-06-13 00:00:42] <Dr-Kondraki> 30d6 Crutch Combat, Man without a Plan
[2009-06-13 00:00:42] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Kondraki, Crutch Combat, Man without a Plan: 108 [30d6=3,6,6,5,4,1,4,2,4,5,6,2,6,2,6,4,3,2,2,1,2,5,5,3,5,2,1,6,3,2]
[2009-06-13 00:00:44] <LBD> Rath sees some of the transmitters for about three of the rays, but there's 12 rays total in the door
[2009-06-13 00:01:18] * Dr_Gibbons receives hit after hit with an abnormal amount of pain. "IT WAS*THWACK*FOR THE*THWACK* GREATER *THWACK* GOOD!"
[2009-06-13 00:01:26] <Dr-Kondraki> [All non-lethal damage, though.]
[2009-06-13 00:01:31] <Dr_Gibbons> "Seriously, I can explain!"
[2009-06-13 00:01:38] * Doctor_Light calmly retrieves the medkit and starts removing supplies
[2009-06-13 00:01:39] <LBD> GIbbons you hurt muchly
[2009-06-13 00:01:40] <Dr-Kondraki> "Explain it to the fucking crutch!"
[2009-06-13 00:02:05] * Rath watches, entertained "Man I must have missed out on something"
[2009-06-13 00:02:30] <Dr-Kondraki> 39d6 Crutch meets FACE, ULTRA BOOSTED CRITICAL HIT
[2009-06-13 00:02:31] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Kondraki, Crutch meets FACE, ULTRA BOOSTED CRITICAL HIT: 118 [39d6=1,4,1,6,4,1,5,3,2,5,1,3,3,6,2,2,4,1,2,3,5,6,1,4,4,2,3,6,1,1,1,4,1,4,3,2,1,6,4]
[2009-06-13 00:02:43] <LBD> (ow)
[2009-06-13 00:02:47] <Dr_Gibbons> [Okay I'm laughing like a motherfucker]
[2009-06-13 00:03:33] <Dr-Kondraki> [Kondraki: Even with a broken arm, leg, ribs, and a damaged eye, can and will beat the fucking shit out of you]
[2009-06-13 00:03:34] * Dr_Gibbons flies and sharply hits against a wall.
[2009-06-13 00:03:35] <LBD> gibbons the last time you hurt this badly you had just been forcefully pushed out of a dark, warm pace and then some asshole hit your bottom with his hand
[2009-06-13 00:03:47] <Gerald> [Heheh.]
[2009-06-13 00:04:07] * Doctor_Light glances at the chaos. Does she know how to treat a broken jaw? She hopes so.
[2009-06-13 00:04:15] <Doctor_Light> [ha]
[2009-06-13 00:04:50] * Dr_Gibbons rises his hand from the floor, and whispers "Th-think about it— Pap—erwork just… for a fucking coffee!"
[2009-06-13 00:04:52] <LBD> A pair of metal tongs had been involved as well. It was not a pleasent memory
[2009-06-13 00:05:03] * Dr-Kondraki moves away from Gibbons, and out the damaged door. "Whoever leads me to Sprocket gets a research team."
[2009-06-13 00:05:14] <Rath> "I know where he is sir"
[2009-06-13 00:05:24] <Doctor_Light> "…Goddamit."
[2009-06-13 00:05:26] * Dr-Kondraki looks back to the others. "Lead the way….Rath, was it?"
[2009-06-13 00:05:26] <Dr_Gibbons> "I did this… for you. For all… of us… For the greater good."
[2009-06-13 00:05:33] <Rath> "Yes sir"
[2009-06-13 00:05:34] <Dr_Gibbons> "…….Medic."
[2009-06-13 00:05:39] * Doctor_Light sighs.
[2009-06-13 00:05:40] * Dr_Gibbons faints.
[2009-06-13 00:05:44] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 Biology is medicine!
[2009-06-13 00:05:45] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, Biology is medicine!: 28 [7d6=5,6,1,6,2,6,2]
[2009-06-13 00:05:47] * Rath leads kondraki over to sprokets office "He has a pain door as well though"
[2009-06-13 00:05:56] <LBD> (Dr Light, you wire his jaw shut)
[2009-06-13 00:05:57] * Dr-Kondraki lifts his crutch. "I'm not worried."
[2009-06-13 00:06:03] * Rath steps back
[2009-06-13 00:06:13] <LBD> Sproket's office didn't just have a pain door. It had many… other interesting acessories
[2009-06-13 00:06:26] * Doctor_Light ties a bandage to keep his jaw together, and does whatever the fuck she can
[2009-06-13 00:06:31] <LBD> One guard was still alive, being torn apart by a pair of mechanical saws and begging for mercy
[2009-06-13 00:06:57] <LBD> Dr. Sproket was watching it all with cheerful eyes "My my what a show, eh?"
[2009-06-13 00:06:58] <Rath> "I am not expecting you to have any problems with getting in sir"
[2009-06-13 00:07:02] * Dr-Kondraki walks into Sprockets office, unphased by the bloodshed.
[2009-06-13 00:07:07] <Rath> "Although be wary of the buzz saw"
[2009-06-13 00:07:24] =-= Mode #FieldWork +o Bright by ChanServ
[2009-06-13 00:07:26] <LBD> "Oh. Hello sir. Do you like what I've done with the place?"
[2009-06-13 00:07:29] <Rath> "COuld you ask him the codes to disable the pain doors?"
[2009-06-13 00:07:32] <Dr-Kondraki> [This is what happens when you pricks bring me into an RP when I need to be sleeping.]
[2009-06-13 00:07:47] <Dr-Kondraki> "I'll ask him before I remove his head from his body. Or try."
[2009-06-13 00:07:53] <Rath> "Alright, cool"
[2009-06-13 00:08:07] <Bright> [Do i even wanna know?]
[2009-06-13 00:08:20] <LBD> [They trolled Kondraki]
[2009-06-13 00:08:21] <Doctor_Light> "Jawbone, mandibles, broken rib, bruises like Thor
[2009-06-13 00:08:41] <Rath> [GIBBONS did, not mr suck up Rath]
[2009-06-13 00:08:44] <Doctor_Light> 's hammer… Well, you'll be alright."
[2009-06-13 00:08:46] <Doctor_Light> "Eventually."
[2009-06-13 00:08:46] <LBD> [Also there is a fucking nutso security system in place in the breakroom and other areas. The sort that would kill Rights repeatedly]
[2009-06-13 00:08:56] <Dr-Kondraki> "Hey Sprocket, ever had a push mower driven into your chest at autobahn speeds?"
[2009-06-13 00:09:26] <LBD> "Oh, yes. I remember that experement. It was a dreadfuly queer feiling sir"
[2009-06-13 00:09:34] * Doctor_Light decides not to radio a medic yet, since they'll probably all kill themselves.
[2009-06-13 00:09:34] <Dr-Kondraki> "Wanna try it? I've got one in the janitor's closet nearby, and I'm sure we could jury-rig this stupid shit in your room to accomplish it."
[2009-06-13 00:10:00] <LBD> "No thank you sir, not at this moment. I'm afraid I am still eating my tea. Would you like a crumpet?"
[2009-06-13 00:10:07] <Dr-Kondraki> [Gibbons got beat to unconciousness with Kondraki's crutch.]
[2009-06-13 00:10:18] <Dr-Kondraki> "I hate crumpets."
[2009-06-13 00:10:25] <Dr_Gibbons> [IF I DIE I'LL DIE HAPPY FOR I HAVE TROLLED KONDRAKI]
[2009-06-13 00:10:47] <LBD> "Oh. Well, then. How about a nice spot of irish black?"
[2009-06-13 00:11:18] * Dr-Kondraki brings up his crutch, knocks the rubber tip off the bottom by slamming it into the corner of the desk, and aims the now very apparent gun barrel at Sprocket's face, before firing for effect.
[2009-06-13 00:11:30] <Rath> [ahahaha]
[2009-06-13 00:11:32] <LBD> Sprocket moves with a nervious energy. Like he was a small furry rodent skurring rodent
[2009-06-13 00:11:37] <Dr-Kondraki> 30d6 Crutchgunner
[2009-06-13 00:11:38] <Magic_8-Ball> Dr-Kondraki, Crutchgunner: 114 [30d6=5,5,6,6,3,6,1,4,1,4,2,4,2,5,5,6,1,5,6,6,2,1,4,4,2,3,5,4,4,2]
[2009-06-13 00:11:42] <Dr_Gibbons> [Oh fucking lawd]
[2009-06-13 00:12:03] <LBD> The bullet goes through unaposed. Sprocket's face achives the consistancy of chunky salsa
[2009-06-13 00:12:36] <LBD> Sprocket falls, slowly, out of his chair
[2009-06-13 00:12:51] * Dr-Kondraki looks back to Rath, and stumbles back to the entrance and into the hall. "Could you fix the tip back on this stupid thing?"
[2009-06-13 00:12:54] * Doctor_Light sits up, hearing the noise. "What in god's name was that."
[2009-06-13 00:12:59] <Rath> "Yes sir!"
[2009-06-13 00:13:08] <Rath> "Although the tip is inside"
[2009-06-13 00:13:15] <Rath> "And the traps are still active"
[2009-06-13 00:13:24] * Dr-Kondraki removes a replacement tip from his lab coat. "In case I fired it with it on."
[2009-06-13 00:13:26] <LBD> [Of course now you have a fucked up security system, with the man who knows how to deactivate it dead)
[2009-06-13 00:13:39] * Rath fixes the crutch
[2009-06-13 00:13:49] <Dr-Kondraki> [He didn't install it in Kondraki's office, so he is through giving a shit.]
[2009-06-13 00:14:02] <LBD> [hehe]
[2009-06-13 00:14:07] <LBD> [Fair enough]
[2009-06-13 00:14:12] <Rath> [how many traps are still active outside of sprocket's office?]
[2009-06-13 00:14:21] <LBD> 1d8
[2009-06-13 00:14:22] <Magic_8-Ball> LBD, 1d8: 8 [1d8=8]
[2009-06-13 00:14:28] * Rath sighs
[2009-06-13 00:14:47] <LBD> (Apperently 8 visible traps are active outside Sprocket's office)
[2009-06-13 00:14:57] * Dr-Kondraki gets the crutch back into motion. "Name your team, and have it on my desk by noon tomorrow."
[2009-06-13 00:15:16] <Rath> "Yes sir, thank you"
[2009-06-13 00:15:35] <LBD> gibbons you may wake up now
[2009-06-13 00:15:40] <Rath> [you actually want me to do anything for that or what?]
[2009-06-13 00:15:51] * Dr-Kondraki heads off back to his office, content with his brutality for the night.
[2009-06-13 00:15:58] * Dr_Gibbons slowly falls back into consciousness, realizing his state of BRUTAL PAIN.
[2009-06-13 00:15:59] <Dr-Kondraki> [Depends, you could name other players]
[2009-06-13 00:16:27] * Doctor_Light finds a handy morphine syringe
[2009-06-13 00:16:36] <Doctor_Light> 7d6 I do know how to give injections, right?
[2009-06-13 00:16:36] <Magic_8-Ball> Doctor_Light, I do know how to give injections, right?: 32 [7d6=6,5,5,4,5,5,2]
[2009-06-13 00:16:44] <Rath> [hmm… I'll just say I get a bunch of researchers to help me upgrade the containment cells]
[2009-06-13 00:16:51] * Doctor_Light applies it
[2009-06-13 00:16:53] <Dr-Kondraki> [Anyway, it's way past sleep time]
[2009-06-13 00:17:04] <Doctor_Light> [Night Kondraki]
[2009-06-13 00:17:10] <Dr_Gibbons> [Night Kon.]
[2009-06-13 00:17:13] <Dr-Kondraki> [Rath, your research group is assigned to fortifying SCP-347's containment.]
[2009-06-13 00:17:15] <LBD> [Night Kondraki]
[2009-06-13 00:17:15] <Dr_Gibbons> [Good luck]
[2009-06-13 00:17:37] <Rath> [o_O ok]
[2009-06-13 00:17:48] * Dr_Gibbons slowly feels better, but feels sleepy again.
[2009-06-13 00:18:21] * Rath looks for a way to get into Sprocket's office
[2009-06-13 00:18:31] <Rath> [without dying horribly]
[2009-06-13 00:18:40] <LBD> He COULD try the door
[2009-06-13 00:19:02] <Dr_Gibbons> "…Kata…"
[2009-06-13 00:19:11] <Doctor_Light> "What?"
[2009-06-13 00:19:24] <Dr_Gibbons> [FUCK I'M TEMPTED TO DO IT]
[2009-06-13 00:19:37] <Dr_Gibbons> "…K-Keikaku Doori…"
[2009-06-13 00:19:42] <Doctor_Light> [do what huh]
[2009-06-13 00:19:52] * Dr_Gibbons falls back into a state of asleep-awake
[2009-06-13 00:20:18] =-= Mode #FieldWork +o Waxx by ChanServ
[2009-06-13 00:20:25] <Doctor_Light> "Um, I don't know who she is, but- oh, whatever." She waits for the door to be fixed.
[2009-06-13 00:20:31] <Waxx> [what's going on chappies]
[2009-06-13 00:20:39] <Dr_Gibbons> [TRANSLATOR NOTE: KEIKAKU MEANS PLAN]
[2009-06-13 00:20:41] <Rath> "Hmm lurker could probably get into this office"
[2009-06-13 00:20:44] <Gerald> [No clue, haven't been watching.]
[2009-06-13 00:21:01] <Waxx> [You hurt me, Gerald.[
[2009-06-13 00:21:19] <Dr_Gibbons> [ ]
[2009-06-13 00:21:21] <Rath> [some crazy, now dead doctor installed strange security pain doors]
[2009-06-13 00:21:34] <Rath> [I am trying to disable them]
[2009-06-13 00:21:34] <Dr_Gibbons> [Bad bad reference, but oh well.]
[2009-06-13 00:22:19] —>| NekoChris (ten.htuoslleb.fds.10015A7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.fds.10015A7-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #FieldWork
[2009-06-13 00:22:41] <Rath> [I have no idea what to do now]
[2009-06-13 00:22:48] <Gerald> [I was waiting to continue with the 590 breach.]
[2009-06-13 00:23:09] <Rath> [I think Bright was not going to continue 590 till next week]
[2009-06-13 00:23:17] <Gerald> [Oh….]
[2009-06-13 00:23:29] * Gerald drinks some coffee, still inside the break room.
[2009-06-13 00:24:21] <LBD> [Continuig?]
[2009-06-13 00:24:28] =-= Waxx is now known as Agent_Strelnikov
[2009-06-13 00:24:30] <Rath> [Dont have a clue what to do]
[2009-06-13 00:24:53] <LBD> [Find someone with arocket Launcher?]
[2009-06-13 00:24:59] * Rath heads back to the break room and tries to enter
[2009-06-13 00:25:00] <LBD> [Oh, hey. Strelnikov has one]
[2009-06-13 00:25:09] <LBD> [Try to replicate the keycards?]
[2009-06-13 00:25:17] * Agent_Strelnikov sits quietly in his room and writes.
[2009-06-13 00:25:20] <LBD> The door sighs… orgasmicaly "Thank you for using me sir"
[2009-06-13 00:25:38] <LBD> [You could try to replicate the keycards]
[2009-06-13 00:25:43] <Rath> "Can I open you up door, I want to make some modifications"
[2009-06-13 00:26:23] <LBD> "I'm sorry, you must enter the recognition code to have internal acess"
[2009-06-13 00:26:27] <Bright> [That would be correct. The 590 plotline is going to be a long running storyline.]
[2009-06-13 00:26:44] <Agent_Strelnikov> [Bright! Just the man I need to see]
[2009-06-13 00:26:49] * Rath goes to a chair and sits down to sleep "Oh well I give up"
[2009-06-13 00:27:02] <LBD> [What, really?]
[2009-06-13 00:27:13] <Rath> [I have a keycard, not my problem]
[2009-06-13 00:27:18] <LBD> [Alright.]
[2009-06-13 00:27:38] <LBD> [You gotta take risks to solve the problem, but if everyone wants we can get back to it in the morning]
[2009-06-13 00:27:42] <Rath> [I would go to Sprockets office to get pass codes, but I cant get in]
[2009-06-13 00:28:08] <Doctor_Light> [Sounds good, although I may or may not be switching operating systems in the morning]
[2009-06-13 00:28:29] <LBD> [Well, given what you know about the man you might be able to guess passcodes]
[2009-06-13 00:28:54] <LBD> [Also ventilation ducts, and the like too…]
[2009-06-13 00:30:04] <LBD> [I mean, rath, there are a lot of things you havn't tried…]
[2009-06-13 00:30:10] <Doctor_Light> [true. Hm…]
[2009-06-13 00:30:22] <Rath> [and I am the only one trying anything..]
[2009-06-13 00:30:46] <LBD> [you basicaly stared at the door and decided 'too risky, not doing it'. The door seems to give three warnings though, if you didn't notice, before it kills you]
[2009-06-13 00:30:55] <Doctor_Light> [I'm sorry, it's pretty late where I am]
[2009-06-13 00:31:14] <Doctor_Light> [otherwise, perhaps I would be more active]
[2009-06-13 00:31:28] <Rath> [alright I will try a couple more things]
[2009-06-13 00:31:36] * Rath heads off to find a grenade
[2009-06-13 00:32:54] <Doctor_Light> [Ah, I think I will go to sleep now]
[2009-06-13 00:32:58] <Doctor_Light> [Thanks for the game]
[2009-06-13 00:33:06] <LBD> [Alright]
[2009-06-13 00:33:09] <Lurker> [[ Later Light :3 ]]
[2009-06-13 00:33:13] <Rath> [eh nevermind, I dont want to be in a 1-man rpg]
[2009-06-13 00:33:21] <LBD> [Fair enough]
[2009-06-13 00:33:23] <Doctor_Light> [Bye!]
[2009-06-13 00:33:30] * Rath goes to sleep in the breakroom

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