Security Breach: SCP-590

Heiden is sitting in the break room, reviewing some paperwork.

<Bright> An empty breakroom is a perfect opurtunity. A nondescript gentleman in a lab coat enters the room, looking slightly nervous.

Heiden is quite intent on his paperwork. He chews on his pencil for a moment, then scratches a line out and begins filling it back in. As the man enters, Dr. Heiden barely looks up. "'lo there."

<Bright> "Hi there." The gentleman in question pulld a pistol from his pocket aiming it at Heidens forhead. "So, this isn't going as I hoped it would, and it's really upsetting me, but I'm here on a rescue mission, so I would appreciate your cooperation, understand?"

Heiden no longer cares about his paperwork.

<Heiden> "Uh… of course. Of course." He sets down his pencil. Slowly.

<Bright> "I am here to rescue my brother, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance. The Foundation can help him, which is more then you'll ever do for him. Are you conversant with the SCPs in this facility?"

<Heiden> "To a degree, but I'm not sure if I'll know about the one you need…"

<Bright> "He heals people."

<Heiden> "Healing, sapient, male SCPs… that leaves…"

Heiden considers for a moment. He's only had a few days to review all these new files, after all.

Bright gestures impatiently with the gun. "YeS?"

<Heiden> "Ah, five-ninety? Maybe? I don't know!"

Heiden is very uneasy with the impatient gun gestures.

<Heiden> "That's not a lot of information to go on!"

<Bright> "It's TJ, right? Yes, TJ is there? God damn it, this is important!"

Heiden is really, really hoping for security to break in about this moment. "I'm telling you, I've had access for /maybe/ three days now! Let me think!"

Heiden is stalling a bit more than he probably safely ought to.

Heiden nods. "Five-ninety's the closest SCP I can think of… should be held on… man, what floor was it…"

Bright 's phone rings, and he answers it with his free hand, his eyes not leaving Heiden. "It's Jack. Yes, I found someone. No, I'll kill him if he fucks with me, just keep up the work."

<Bright> "What floor?"

<Heiden> "…this way… he's got quarters in Sector 7, if I remember correctly."

Heiden gets out of his chair - again, slowly, and heads for the door. "Ought to be two floors below us."

<Bright> "Lead the way. And if you try to get help, so help me, I will shoot you in the back."

Bright follows him closely.

Heiden begins heading for Sector 7, trying to remember as much as he can about SCP-590 as he does so.

<Bright> "You monsters, you crazy, damned…" Muttering to himself as he follows Heiden. "Mockery of what the Foundation is supposed to be, I should know!"

<Heiden> "…oh, god… parallel universe?" Heiden /hates/ it when this happens.

<Heiden> The pair continue through the facility, passing the Sector 9 corridor, and nearing the Sector 8 corridor.

Bright scowls at the back of Heidens head. "If it were only that easy. You're new aren't you? New since my time. Longer I'm away, worse they all get. Didn't used to have Senior Staff. They're to blame, the madmen put in charge of the asylum. We were created to help people, even those who are SCPs!"

<Bright> There is, oddly enough, no one around. It's as if someone is keepign security away from these areas.

Heiden begins going down a flight of stairs. "It's not a popular attitude around here any more… found that out my first week."

Heiden smiles bitterly. He ought to be helping this man… but he knows he can't.

<Bright> "Used to be. Used to be.You're not the real Foundation you know. SCPs booted out the original O5's. They're in hiding, trying to rebuild. But we need TJ."

<Heiden> Dr. Heiden does not comment. Telling people 'you're nuts' is usually not helpful in situations like this. The Sector 7 corridor looms large, and Frederick begins assessing his odds of survival.

<Bright> "I can feel him. He's close. Which door? You play me straight, I'll let you live, I promise.":

<Heiden> You know, Dr. Heiden believes the man. He really does. It's unfortunate that if it's discovered that he cooperated in the release of an SCP, he's as good as dead anyway.

<Heiden> "…right here." Frederick opens the door and steps inside, taking a step towards the boy's bed.

<Bright> "God, TJ!" The man rushes forward, his gun staying trained on Heiden. "What did they do to him?"

Heiden takes three steps forward, and grabs SCP-590's hand. "…they used him. Put down the gun."

Heiden looks -sick-.

Bright is staring at the boy. "TJ… No. You can…" The boy smiles and nods, his mind obviously not there. "No, this isn't right. TJ… it's me. It's Jack. TJ…" He turns to look at Heiden, and the hand, and scowls. "See? this is what you are, a monster. He has to be out of here. TJ…"

Heiden takes a step towards Jack. He's trying to keep his eyes dry. "Even if you don't kill me, they will. Put down the gun." He doesn't relinquish SCP-590's hand.

<Bright> "…" TJ pulls his hand away. The boy looks up at both of them, his eyes clearing. "Jack?"

Heiden recoils as the boy speaks. The reports lied! Oh… oh, my god, he just did that. He just… he just…

Heiden takes a few steps back and leans against the wall to steady himself.

Bright fires at Heiden, his eyes still on TJ. "That's right. Fix it brother, come back to me."

Note: The gun was revealed at this point to be loaded with tranquilizers.

Heiden doesn't even try to dodge. As the dart impacts, Heiden muses for a dreary moment before the the powerful sedatives knock him out. "You… you were right…"

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