Name: Herr Chirurg
Position: SCP-542


A Century Medic: 6
I Remember, I Dismember: 5
Dying is Damn Hard: 3


[See Perks and Equipment]


  • The Surgical Kit: +2 to A Century Medic


  • Medical Macguyver: SCP-542 can use almost any improvised items in order to preform surgery, or use as weapons. Roll 1d6 to see the effectiveness of whatever improvised tools he has. Add a +1 bonus if the Hook Mr. Hyde is in play.
  • Monster in the Closet: Chirurg is stronger, faster, and stealthier than you would suspect. +1 to all stealth or attack rolls.


  • Mr. Hyde: Chirurg can only go so long before NEEDING to do surgery. A -1 to all non-combat or medical rolls while in play.
  • Ranting and Raving: Chirurg is very passionate about his work. This can lead to him going off into long speeches and tangents, often times slipping into German.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: Chirurg cannot pass for a normal human in statue or appearance in any way.


Haha. No.

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