Scp 347

Name: "Claudia" or "Invisible Girl"
Position: SCP-347


Like The Invisible Man: 7
Ghostjob: 6
Street Life, Yo: 4





*Invisibulz: Claudia is invisible. Seriously, she does not register on the visible light spectrum. Thus she must be found with one HELL of a search check, if somebody's looking for her. +5 to all stealth checks as well.
*Churchmouse: Claudia is very good at doing what she does. And what she does is be very quiet and sneaky.
*[REDACTED]: Claudia has a…reputation. A very…very sexy reputation. +3 to all seduce checks in appropriate situations.


  • Leetul Cwayzee: Claudia occasionally has anxiety attacks, coupled with violent or nervous behavior. Treat as Berserk, until she can find a small, dark place to hide.
  • SEEMESEEME: Claudia REALLY needs to have her existence validated, sometimes.


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