SCP-228, shown awaiting deployment in Weapons Holding among several PX-class drone units. (enlarge)

Name: SCP-228

Position: Advanced Tactical Drone

Played by: Fishmonger


Truly Absurd Amount of Strength: 40

Patently Unfair Amount of Speed: 60

Just Plain Unsettling Amount of Invulnerability: 80

Downright Comical Amount of Fetish Fuel: 100


Inapplicable. However, SCP-228 can be be granted controlling access to other SCP drone units by any senior staff member, including the CAPGAC prototype.



None, aside from the obvious (character is an SCP).


None, aside from the obvious (character is a weapon).


SCP-808's Wardrobe (+5 to fanservice; +10 if glasses are worn)


  • Never Needs Winding: SCP-228 is able to function in any environment other than a complete E/M blackout zone using siphon power.
  • Observational Assimilation: Roll 2d20. If the rolls match (two rolls of 13 for example), SCP-228 permanently adds one observed phenomenon to this perks list.
  • Uber New Hax: Roll 4d8 to wirelessly interface SCP-228 with a computer system. If roll is equal to or higher than target number, computer system is overpowered and SCP-228 can control it. If roll is less than target number, attempt fails and SCP-228 has no access. On minimum roll (4), roll 1d20; a roll of 20 means computer has infected SCP-228 with a virus or taken other detrimental security measures.


  • Pinocchio Syndrome: Although almost physically indistinguishable from a human, SCP-228 is totally inept at social integration and is frequently unable to parse non-standard English, often to comedic effect.


In the alternate timeline which created Document Daath-Omega, SCP-808 failed to complete her task of uniting the extradimensional factions of the Kinets and the Ies into a single species. Earth was rampantly ravaged by the machines in an XK-Class event, with not even the SCP Foundation or parallel organizations able to stop it. All organic life on Earth was converted to electronic substrates.

SCP-228 is believed to be the converted form of the SCP-808 from this alternate timeline. Retaining none of the abilities or memories of SCP-808, SCP-228 was hurled through a rip in time caused by the backlash of SCP-808's failure. Due in part to SCP-228's interaction with SCP-808 of our timeline, SCP-808 was able to successfully complete her task during the so-called Theli Crisis and alter the timeline.

Due to mitigating circumstances in the completion of SCP-808's task, SCP-228 was rendered inert following the Theli Crisis. Its body was returned to the SCP Foundation, wherein it was assigned to Drs Rights and Bright for extensive testing and reverse engineering. Some of the discoveries made during this period were used as a template for the CAPGAC prototype drone.

Eventually SCP-228 was able to be reactivated. Retaining none of the original programming from prior to the Theli Crisis, it exists as something of a temporal anomaly, an artifact from a future that will now never exist. With no further reason to classify SCP-228 as a Keter-level threat, Oversight assigned SCP-228 to the drone division. SCP-228 is presently available for Task Force operations in multiple theaters.

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