Samantha Raelin

Name: Samantha Raelin
Position: Classified, works in Site 17 Intelligence.


Guns, and aiming them at you: 8
Feminine Wiles: 7
True Grit: 6





  • Kondraki Issued Beretta — +1 to Guns
  • Modified Kalashnikova — +2 to Guns, can spray crude oil on a large group of enemies.
  • Sanctified MP5 — +2 to Guns, increased to +4 against the undead.


  • Revealingly-Cut Labcoat — +1 to Wiles
  • Oil Stained Uniform — +2 to Grit, -1 to Wiles
  • Logistics Pen — Allows modification of non-containment related space and architecture in Site 17.


  • Trained by the Best: +1 to combat situations.
  • How I Learned To Love The Bomb: Samantha's Feminine Wiles are powerful enough to override machinery and explosive devices.
  • Electric Boogaloo: Samantha's formal training in dance lends to some incredible moves. Samantha can roll Feminine Wiles at +5 to fascinate all nearby subjects.
  • You're Gonna Fight With A Knife: Samantha is incredibly deadly with a knife. When succeeding with an attack using a knife, Samantha can roll a 1d6. This amount is subtracted from the target's die pool immediately.
  • Tricks Of The Trade:: Sam's job is knowing things. If a fact is known to more than two people, it is possible for Sam to learn it, if it relates to Site 17.


  • Let The Monster Rise: Samantha has issues. A lot of issues. Roll a 1d6 in high stress situations. 1-2: Overcome, 3-5: Normal, 6: Malicious.


The longest lived of any of Kondraki's assistants.

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