Bright is seated behind his desk, in the professional body

Rights takes a seat. She is clearly about as prepared for this as she is for anything. That is, needless to say, she looks like she just accidentally wandered in and isn't sure what's going on. Splended.

"Good morning Rights. Are you prepared for your review?"

"I guess so. About as much as I'll ever be." She pauses, thinking. "…I don't suppose I can get out of this by bribing you with some deparived act or perhaps baked goods?"

"No Agatha." Bright gives her a stern look.

Rights shrugs. "It was worth a shot."

"So, tell me, what do you feel you have accomplished in the past year?"

"I'm not sure. I've stayed alive, and managed to keep most of the people around me alive as well. That's…pretty good as far as I'm concerned. Only had a handful of nervous breakdowns…there was the naziverse incident, but, I don't think that counts."
"…Plus, I would like to point out that the theory that I encourage the people around me to remain mentally stable is still holding in effect."

"Tell me about Lurker." As he takes notes.

"Lurker? Uhm…I think he really is very sweet. And intelligent, too. If I give him a book, he devours it - not literally - and by the next day he has it memorized word-for-word. He even learned how to fix my computer just by flipping through some manuals for ten minutes. I think he's a valuable addition to the site." She blushes a little. "…Plus, he is SUPER sweet. Granted, the…taste…for dead bodies is a little unnerving, but hey, who doesn't have problems?"

"And sneaking him off site last night was whose idea?"

"…It was quite possibly mine. He actually didn't want to go at first…but I didn't want to leave him to be all depressed. He's had a tough few weeks, and has been through a lot of emotional crap. If I pull people to a party, I invite EVERYONE."

"What SCPs are you currently assigned to?"

"I'm currently working with Chirur-…er…542, 347, and 545 directly, as well as persiding over continued testing of 978, 715, 467, and 291…although Kain's doing more with 291 now." She has to think to remember the numbers. She's better with names.

"Are there any problems, currently, with any of your SCPs?"

"Not particularly. I mean, nothing that stands out. 457 was giving me problems before I surrendered control of him- IT - to other staff…otherwise nothing too unusual. Chirurg still drinks shitty liquor and Claudia keeps slipping out to play with Gerald. Although….467 did cause some emotional distress, but…"

"What is you opinion of…" He checks his list. "Locke?"

"Locke? I like Locke…I think the space station messed him up a bit, but I suppose that's an occupational hazard. Plus, he's a cutie."

"Hmm." Another notation. "Talk to me about this 'naziverse.'"

"Do you wanna see the stitches I had to get when I got back from there? That sums it up pretty well." She sighs lightly. "It's a parallel universe. Kinda like…well…Nazis won, and the SCP is centered in German so we're all German and we're also all nazis. Well, not ALL of us, but still." She shivers. "Why couldn't it have been the kittenverse…By the way, I am SO glad our Kondraki doesn't get to carry around a whip."

"Dr. Rights, have you been aware of the recent rise in breeches and lack of following containment protocols."


"What do you feel is the cause?"

"I think it is a mixture of new staff attempting to overachieve themselves, as well as just circumstances of life."

"What do you feel should be done?"

Rights sits there for a second, and looks up at the ceiling to think…before shrugging. "I have no goddamn idea, Bright. Other than hire some guards who aren't as easily persuaded or bamboozled into wandering away from post…Also, fireproof the breakroom."

"Who should I fire?"

"…Aww, you know I never think about firing anybody. Even the people I don't like. I just quietly wonder if I can lock them in a cell with 173."

"And which of the current staff would you do that to?"

"…Or Claudia's posted guards. We should have more women there than men. She's less likely to slip past girls."
"Well, I WAS going to do it to Imants, but he apparently got mindwiped."

"So, now?"

"Well…maybe…maybe Dumount. Well, no, I still use him a lot." She thinks. "…Honestly? I dunno. Other than some of the security staff, and I can't actualy put alternate-dimension versions of people up for this."

"Hmm. Very well. You are dismissed. Please send in the next person."

Rights gets up and nods. "Thank you!" She skips out, hoping that she didn't doom anybody.

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