Agent Coyle

Name: Richard James Coyle
Position: Field Agent


Combat: 5
Mental Toughness: 4
Negotiation: 2



  • Beretta 92F 9MM Pistol —— +1 to Combat


  • Family Photo —— +1 to Mental Toughness



  • Over-confidence: Richard has too much faith in his own ability. He has trouble relying on others to get the job done. He sometimes takes things into his own hands.


  • Richard was in the San Diego Police Force for 7 years. He wanted to be a policeman since childhood, when his father was killed in a grocery store by a threesome of armed theives. He always carries a photo of his immediate family in a hard-laminate casing, which includes his mother, father, brother, and himself when he was 8 years old. He was invited to the Foundation because of his seemingly innate ability in combat, his unrelenting mental stability, and his negotiating skills. He quickly accepted.
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