*Bright is seated behind his desk.

Rath> "Hello Dr. Bright"

Rath> "May I take a seat?"

Bright> "Please.”

*Rath sits down across from Bright

Bright> "What do you do for the Foundation, Rath?"

Rath> "I help design and maintain complex SCP containment units, and assist in researching new SCPs that come to the Foundation."

Bright> "Which SCPs are you currently involved with?"

Rath> "I have recently researched 493, 497, and 690."

Rath> "I still work with 493 regularly."

Rath> "I am also assisting with the repair and upgrade of 173's cell after his recent breach.”

*Rath shifts around uncomfortably, fidgeting with his coin

*Bright nods slowly. "And how long have you been working with Chaos Insurgency?"

Rath> "I do not work with the Chaos Insurgency."

Rath> "I haven't heard much of them other than their name."

Bright> "Mhmm. Why are you intentionally building poor containment units then?"

Rath> "I build containment units to the best of my ability."

Rath> "I wasn't aware that they were not up to specs."

Rath> "173's cell was not designed by me."

*Bright nods. "You have a new assignment. Go through all the containments at this facility, and make sure they are up to spec. If they escape after you do this, it's your fault. Report to me on a bimonthly basis."

*Rath nods "Very well, although that will take some time."

Bright> "Do you enjoy your work?"

Rath> "Yes, it is quite interesting seeing all the technology that the Foundation has to work with. Some of my old colleagues would be jealous."

Rath> "Although there are a few too many containment breaches for my taste."

Rath> "But I suppose that’s why I am here."

Bright> "It is." Bright checks his notes. "What are your sexual fetishes?"

*Rath coughs uncomfortably

Rath> "Well I don't think I have any. Give me a normal woman rather than any strange stuff."

Bright> "Mhmm. Favorite sexual position?"

Rath> "Uhh… missionary? I don't get close to women often on account of my Aphephobia."

Bright> "Your what?"

Rath> "Uh, I have been diagnosed with the fear of touching things. It’s why I wear gloves all the time."

Rath> "I had one close girlfriend a while back, but that didn't continue once I joined the Foundation."

Bright> "Aha." Bright checks some more notes. "That will be all, actually. Thank you Rath."

Rath> "Alright, thank you for your time."

*Rath walks out

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