May 27 19:49:56 * Break strolls into the break room, with a bottle of… juice.
May 27 19:50:08 * Agent_Strelnikov walks past the door again. Topless.
May 27 19:50:10 <Gerald> "Hello Break."
May 27 19:50:12 <Break> "….."
May 27 19:50:22 <Dr_Magnus> "Evenin' Break."
May 27 19:50:25 <Gerald> "Hey, was that Dmitri outside?"
May 27 19:50:27 * Rights sighs, ruffling Bluie's hair agaiin. "Fiine. But you need promise me that you'll be responsible about this. Don't let this turn out like the canary did."
May 27 19:50:28 <Break> "Look, I know it's casual Friday and all, but not -that- casual."
May 27 19:50:38 <Rights> "Dmitri? Where? I haven't seen him since we got back from the island."
May 27 19:50:40 <pooryoric> "why do we have harpies in the breakroom?"
May 27 19:50:43 * Agent_Strelnikov bumps into the doorway and keeps going.
May 27 19:50:51 <Bluie> "Awww, the canarie wasn't my fault mommie"
May 27 19:51:10 <Bluie> "Someone breathed some sort of black gas on it and it died"
May 27 19:51:11 <Lurker> A brown-haired researcher who doesn't seem to be wearing any clothes other than his labcoat stumbles in after Break with his eyes closed, makes for a corner, and curls up, pulling the labcoat tightly over him without much noise, other than his feet shuffling on the floor.
May 27 19:51:24 <Bluie> "Mommy! That man's naked!"
May 27 19:51:25 <Gerald> "…"
May 27 19:51:29 <Break> "Who the hell is he?"
May 27 19:51:40 * Gerald 's jaw is dropped.
May 27 19:51:43 * Rights blinks at Bluie…before quietly covering the girl's eyes. "…Bluie…maybe…you should go back to your room.
May 27 19:51:43 * Bluie scitters over to the naked man "Can I kiss him mommie?"
May 27 19:51:49 <Rights> "No!"
May 27 19:51:50 <Gerald> 'o_O
May 27 19:51:52 <Break> "And why are people grossly misinterpreting "casual" to mean "au naturel"?"
May 27 19:51:58 <Bluie> "Awww… why not?"
May 27 19:52:01 * pooryoric pokes the man with a toe. "dumount, is this yours?"
May 27 19:52:12 <Rights> "Dmitri's san's shirt, there's a naked man inhere…It must be X-rated day."
May 27 19:52:17 <Break> "Please tell me someone has something hard."
May 27 19:52:23 <Break> "Because I'm going to -need- it."
May 27 19:52:26 <Rights> "Because you're not allowed to knock people up, Bluie."
May 27 19:52:29 <pooryoric> "wait, WHAT?"
May 27 19:52:31 * Agent_Strelnikov finally stumbles into the break room muttering. Still asleep.
May 27 19:52:31 <Lurker> The man shifts at Yoric's foot and cracks open a blue eye. "Christ, why the hell is it so bright in here?"
May 27 19:52:34 * Gerald holds up his laptop.
May 27 19:52:37 <Rights> "Break, maybe he's just confused…"
May 27 19:52:38 <Break> "A -drink-, asshat!"
May 27 19:52:38 <Dr_Magnus> "This is making me…very nervous.."
May 27 19:52:47 <Gerald> "Oh….."
May 27 19:52:56 * Agent_Strelnikov heads toward the coffee pot as he's done the past two times he's been sleepwalking.
May 27 19:52:58 <Lurker> The man has a very familiar voice
May 27 19:52:59 * Dr_Magnus twitches noticeably.
May 27 19:53:03 <Gerald> "Not on me, no."
May 27 19:53:07 <Break> "Oh, for fuck's sake…"
May 27 19:53:13 * Break slaps Dmitri's cheeks.
May 27 19:53:13 <Bluie> "But mommy… I wanna kiss someone…"
May 27 19:53:15 * Rights sighs. "…And somebody wake up Dmitri before he burns himself again!"
May 27 19:53:17 <Bluie> "Pleaaaase"
May 27 19:53:20 * Agent_Strelnikov snorts and wakes with a start.
May 27 19:53:24 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…."
May 27 19:53:25 <pooryoric> "break, on ANY other occasion, i would have been perfectly happy to glorify your opening with a joke, but i was actually refferring to what rights said."
May 27 19:53:26 <Rights> "Go…go to your room. You can kiss the harpy when she gets bigger."
May 27 19:53:26 <Agent_Strelnikov> "……."
May 27 19:53:27 <Bluie> "Can I kiss Dmitri?"
May 27 19:53:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> "….Hyel-lo."
May 27 19:53:34 <Rights> "No!"
May 27 19:53:36 * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
May 27 19:53:44 <A_Fat_Ghost> [what]
May 27 19:53:44 <Rights> "What did we say about excessive kissing requests, sweetie?"
May 27 19:53:45 <Gerald> "Dmitri….you kinda need a shirt."
May 27 19:53:46 * Agent_Strelnikov turns and walks out of the room. He goes to change.
May 27 19:53:49 <Break> "Dmitri, it's casual Friday and all, but not -that- damn casual."
May 27 19:53:51 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am know."
May 27 19:53:53 <Dr_Magnus> "Still having sleeping issues, Strelnikov?"
May 27 19:53:56 * Rights crosses her arms, giving the girl a stern look.
May 27 19:53:57 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Sorries. I have sleep walk."
May 27 19:54:09 <Lurker> The man looks around. "G'morning." He says lazily, then lays back down on the floor.
May 27 19:54:16 <Break> "Gerald, what's sleepwalking a sign of?"
May 27 19:54:22 <pooryoric> "rights. why are there harpies, why is there a naked dde over there, and WHY is red showing more scarred manflesh than a leper colony?"
May 27 19:54:42 * pooryoric looks at the naked man. "wait."
May 27 19:54:45 <Dr_Magnus> "Any objections to me removing said naked man from the room, so we can enjoy some coffee?"
May 27 19:54:47 <Rights> "I'm not complaining, Yoric, I'm surrounded by nude and half-nude men, and a bird with boobs."
May 27 19:54:50 <pooryoric> "six?"
May 27 19:54:50 * Agent_Strelnikov shuffles down the hallway back to his room.
May 27 19:54:59 <Lurker> The man grumbles. "Whaaaaat?"
May 27 19:55:05 <Gerald> "Usually? It means that the person is unsatisfied or deeply afraid of where he is."
May 27 19:55:11 <Break> "For fuck's sake, pal, put some clothes on."
May 27 19:55:12 <pooryoric> "are you…?"
May 27 19:55:21 * Break pushes the man out of the room.
May 27 19:55:21 * Rights sighs, taking a seat. "Clearly, I have just gone mad…finally."
May 27 19:55:23 <pooryoric> "you're…"
May 27 19:55:42 <Gerald> "Sometimes it's just a bad dream, though."
May 27 19:55:42 <pooryoric> "break! stop that! that was lurker!"
May 27 19:55:43 <Lurker> The man sits up again, pulling the labcoat around him tighter. "Who do I /look/ like, genius?"
May 27 19:55:44 <Rights> "Wait…six?"
May 27 19:55:57 * Rights blinks, before frowning. "…Wave your tail."
May 27 19:55:58 * Lurker is shoved out of the room by Break. "H-hey!"
May 27 19:56:00 <pooryoric> "ah, a bit like sean connery."
May 27 19:56:07 * Rights says this simply, frowning.
May 27 19:56:07 * Dr_Magnus stands up, looking around nervously, before pouring himself a cup of coffee, and sitting down. "You're not crazy Rights, everyone at the foundation is crazy. We have God in a room downstairs for heaven's sake"
May 27 19:56:09 * Lurker pauses for a second. "Wait…"
May 27 19:56:13 * Bluie blinks
May 27 19:56:13 * Break goes back to searching for alcohol.
May 27 19:56:28 * Agent_Strelnikov walks back into the room, properly dressed. He has his flask out already.
May 27 19:56:28 <pooryoric> "lurker."
May 27 19:56:31 * Lurker looks behind him, then down in his labcoat and screams.
May 27 19:56:35 * Rights sighs. "…Why haven't I become an alcoholic yet?"
May 27 19:56:35 <Break> "Dmitri, Gerald."
May 27 19:56:36 <Lurker> "WHAT THE FUCK."
May 27 19:56:39 <Bluie> "Rights… is this the six you wanted to introduce me to 'cause he was a 'nonhuman intelegence too?'
May 27 19:56:42 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Break. Hyel-lo."
May 27 19:56:43 <Gerald> "Hm?"
May 27 19:56:50 <Bluie> "Mommy… he doesn't look very nonhuman"
May 27 19:56:53 <Rights> "Bluie, it's…complicated right now…"
May 27 19:56:54 <Break> "Both of you are all packed for tomorrow, right?"
May 27 19:56:56 <Bluie> "You sure I can't kiss him?"
May 27 19:56:59 <Gerald> "Yep."
May 27 19:57:01 * A_Fat_Ghost has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
May 27 19:57:02 <Rights> "Bluie!"
May 27 19:57:03 * Agent_Strelnikov nods. "I am ready." He actually smiles.
May 27 19:57:15 * Agent_Strelnikov offers his flask to Break, taking a wild guess.
May 27 19:57:17 <Break> "Good, because I'm not. Hopefully I can get away with leaving early."
May 27 19:57:18 <pooryoric> "rights, can i kiss bluie so she'll shut up?"
May 27 19:57:22 * Dr_Magnus shakes his head slightly, and walks back to his corner of the room, pulling out another handgun, and cleaning it absently.
May 27 19:57:31 <Rights> "Yoric, do you want her to lay eggs in your throat?"
May 27 19:57:40 * Lurker pulls the labcoat even tighter around him and looks around. "Erm… what the hell happened while I was sleeping, and WHY?"
May 27 19:57:45 <pooryoric> "no, i want her to stop talking."
May 27 19:57:47 <Break> "Fuck if I know."
May 27 19:58:02 <pooryoric> "maybe you're moting?"
May 27 19:58:04 <Break> "Yoric, more than anyone, I want -you- to stop talking."
May 27 19:58:07 <pooryoric> *molting
May 27 19:58:10 <Bluie> "Mommy! He said he'd kiss me!"
May 27 19:58:14 * Rights stands, taking off her labcoat and walking to the mostly-naked man. "Here, wrap this around your waist…Bluie, go to your room. Don't you have to find somewhere to put your new pet?"
May 27 19:58:17 <pooryoric> "break. i KNOW."
May 27 19:58:17 <Agent_Strelnikov> "….."
May 27 19:58:24 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Why is there fucking harpy. What is going on."
May 27 19:58:34 * Lurker wraps the labcoat around his waist quickly, trembling.
May 27 19:58:35 * Agent_Strelnikov takes a swig from his flask.
May 27 19:58:35 <Rights> "I don't know, Dmitri."
May 27 19:58:40 * Break looks around before finally catching sight of Strel's flask.
May 27 19:58:42 <pooryoric> "red, i'm still trying to figure that out."
May 27 19:58:47 * Agent_Strelnikov holds the flask out.
May 27 19:58:50 <Dr_Magnus> "Who knows, Strelnikov. Get some coffee, and take a seat"
May 27 19:58:56 * Rights puts an arm around the man, guiding him to a chair. "Alright, Lurker, sweetie…just sit down, and dont' freak out."
May 27 19:59:04 <Rights> "I'm going to get you some milk, okay? And some cookies."
May 27 19:59:06 <Rights> "Don't freak out."
May 27 19:59:11 * Lurker sits, still trembling and wide eyed. "This… feels really weird…"
May 27 19:59:13 * Break takes it with a nod, and takes a swig.
May 27 19:59:17 <Bluie> "oh! Right! Pet! See you in a bit mommie!"
May 27 19:59:19 * Break winces. "What -is- this?"
May 27 19:59:22 <Rights> "Welcome to being human"
May 27 19:59:30 * Bluie runs off with the harpy in the cage
May 27 19:59:33 <Gerald> "How did you turn human, anyway?"
May 27 19:59:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is vodka. I have import from homeland."
May 27 19:59:33 <Lurker> "But /why/?"
May 27 19:59:39 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is very hard."
May 27 19:59:39 <Bluie> Rigths hears a crash, and a squalk
May 27 19:59:41 <Bluie> Then
May 27 19:59:41 <Break> "Something's off about it."
May 27 19:59:46 <Bluie> "Why is daddy a momie?!"
May 27 19:59:47 * Lurker turns to Gerald. "If I knew, I'd turn back, really quickly."
May 27 19:59:55 <Gerald> "Hmm."
May 27 19:59:56 * Agent_Strelnikov sighs
May 27 19:59:57 * Rights gets a glass of milk and opens up a jar of cookies, putting them in front of the now-human Lurker. "…I don't know."
May 27 20:00:00 * Bluie is now known as Dumount
May 27 20:00:00 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is bottle I brought home."
May 27 20:00:07 <pooryoric> "lurker. here."
May 27 20:00:09 <Agent_Strelnikov> "That was made in Chechnya. Is souvenir."
May 27 20:00:10 <Break> "Been out for a bit too long?"
May 27 20:00:17 * pooryoric hands lurker a pair of pants.
May 27 20:00:20 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I admit, it is not…eh….as well-made."
May 27 20:00:27 <Agent_Strelnikov> "But it is a special drink for me."
May 27 20:00:31 * Lurker blinks and takes them. "I'm going to get in trouble for having these, aren't I?"
May 27 20:00:31 <Break> "Alright."
May 27 20:00:32 <Dumount> Dumount, female, runs past the breakroom. Another crash is heard, then Dumount, male, limps into the breakroom
May 27 20:00:39 <pooryoric> "i usually do."
May 27 20:00:46 <Gerald> "…."
May 27 20:00:47 * Break takes another sip before capping the flask and handing it back to Strel.
May 27 20:00:52 * Gerald shakes his head.
May 27 20:00:53 <Break> "…."
May 27 20:00:58 * Agent_Strelnikov smiles weakly and puts it back in his pocket.
May 27 20:00:59 <Rights> "You know, I have spare clothes in my office…"
May 27 20:01:01 <Dumount> "… What the hell…. why is there a naked… Rights… this is your fault somehow"
May 27 20:01:01 <Break> "Are we dealing with another clone situation again?"
May 27 20:01:05 <Gerald> "Okay, this is starting to get confusing."
May 27 20:01:07 <Rights> "I didn't do it."
May 27 20:01:10 * Lurker sighs and slips them on carefully under the labcoats, then hands Rights her labcoat back, now topless and shoeless, but decent.
May 27 20:01:19 <Dumount> « Is male
May 27 20:01:38 * Agent_Strelnikov groggily pours himself some coffee and sits down.
May 27 20:01:55 * Lurker sticks his tongue out at the cookies, then pauses, looks down, and reaches for them sadly, taking and chewing on one quietly.
May 27 20:02:09 <pooryoric> [ dumount. he's not naked anymore.]
May 27 20:02:10 * Rights pulls her labcoat back on, frowning as she sits again. "I think we could all just use a sit-down and…get a baring on things." She winces, picking at her peeling sunburn.
May 27 20:02:22 <Dr_Magnus> "You know what I say, if its more complicated then a gun, it needs to see the buissnes end of one…but that's why not senior staff, I suppose…"
May 27 20:02:31 <Break> "Hope both of you brought swimsuits."
May 27 20:02:34 <Break> "Er."
May 27 20:02:36 <Break> "Trunks."
May 27 20:02:42 <Break> "Or whatever."
May 27 20:02:46 * Dumount looks around
May 27 20:02:50 <Dumount> "So, what is going on?"
May 27 20:02:55 <pooryoric> "no, and i honestly now expect you to get promoted any day now, magnus. that or die."
May 27 20:02:57 * Agent_Strelnikov , after Rights gave him a speedo, has made the wise decision to purchase his own pair of swim trunks.
May 27 20:02:59 * Rights has a flashback to Strelnikov at the harpy beach. She flushes even redder.
May 27 20:03:12 * Rights has a slightly dreamy look on her face.
May 27 20:03:16 * Agent_Strelnikov smiles at Rights. He has no idea why she is blushing.
May 27 20:03:18 <Dr_Magnus> "If something's going to kill me, it
May 27 20:03:20 <pooryoric> "wait, swimtrunks?"
May 27 20:03:28 <Dr_Magnus> "It'll have to be a very big something"
May 27 20:03:35 * Rights sighs and puts a hand on Lurker's shoulder. "…I hope the cookies still taste good."
May 27 20:03:46 * Lurker takes the glass of milk and slowly sips at it. "They d-do… thank you." He says, still shivering a bit.
May 27 20:03:56 <Gerald> "Trunks, a towel, sandals, even got my hands on one of those huge umbrellas."
May 27 20:04:10 <pooryoric> "lurker, think this has something to do with the space station thing?"
May 27 20:04:14 * Agent_Strelnikov wonders why Lurker is a man.
May 27 20:04:18 <Break> "Please tell me it's not pink."
May 27 20:04:25 * Agent_Strelnikov decides to find out.
May 27 20:04:28 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Lurker? Why is you a man."
May 27 20:04:30 <Lurker> "I think I would've noticed if I was human after the space station…"
May 27 20:04:32 <Gerald> "No. Black and white stripes."
May 27 20:04:39 * Lurker looks up at Dmitri. "I don't know… I wish I did though…"
May 27 20:04:45 <pooryoric> "break, you are just FULL of innuendos today. what's the occasion?"
May 27 20:04:54 * Agent_Strelnikov raises his cup of coffee in salute. "Welcome."
May 27 20:05:15 * Dr-Kondraki is now known as Samantha_Raelin
May 27 20:05:20 <Rights> "Well…this is probably temporary, right?"
May 27 20:05:23 * Break aims her pistol at Yoric without really looking.
May 27 20:05:24 <Agent_Strelnikov> [fffff i need to draw that bitch]
May 27 20:05:30 <Break> "Care to repeat that?"
May 27 20:05:33 * A_Fat_Ghost (PI.7D978761.21148314.9BBC8673|tibbiM#PI.7D978761.21148314.9BBC8673|tibbiM) has joined #FieldWork
May 27 20:05:34 * ChanServ sets mode +a #FieldWork A_Fat_Ghost
May 27 20:05:34 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to A_Fat_Ghost
May 27 20:05:34 <pooryoric> [yes. yes you do.]
May 27 20:05:42 <Agent_Strelnikov> [she's pretty hot.]
May 27 20:05:42 * Lurker sighs deeply. "I really really hope so… this isn't all that comfortable." He says, then pauses and sneezes.
May 27 20:05:45 * Rights points out, brushing back Lurker's hair. "I mean, you don't just magically change species."
May 27 20:05:55 <A_Fat_Ghost> [what]
May 27 20:05:58 * Rights hands him a handkercheif. "Oh lord."
May 27 20:05:59 <pooryoric> "you are a wonderful human being whom i have great respect for."
May 27 20:06:06 * Dr_Magnus raises an eyebrow at Break. "How YOU doin?"
May 27 20:06:07 <Gerald> "Heheh."
May 27 20:06:17 <Rights> [Lurker turned into a human. Break and Dmitri are going to a beach vacay or something.]
May 27 20:06:24 * Lurker takes it and looks at it. "I… how do… oh…" He blows his nose.
May 27 20:06:30 * Samantha_Raelin walks into the break room, grabbing a coffee and a sandwich from the fridge, taking a seat on the couch. She looked relatively peaceful for once.
May 27 20:06:37 * Break holsters her pistol.
May 27 20:06:41 <Break> "Sam, long time, no see."
May 27 20:06:43 <Gerald> "Morning, Sam."
May 27 20:06:43 <pooryoric> "in the most patronizing sense possible, granted,. but respect nonetheless."
May 27 20:06:47 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hyel-lo."
May 27 20:07:07 * Rights goes back to combing her fingers through Lurker's hair, trying to think about anything that may have caused this.
May 27 20:07:08 * Samantha_Raelin takes a bite of her sandwich. "Mornin'."
May 27 20:07:11 * Lurker turns to Rights. "Do you think I could borrow a pair of shoes and a shirt or something? Or should I ask Dmitri?"
May 27 20:07:13 <pooryoric> "oh, wow. hi sam. we haven't seen you in a while."
May 27 20:07:15 * Agent_Strelnikov points a finger at Yoric and utters a single word to him.
May 27 20:07:20 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Babies."
May 27 20:07:21 <Break> [BABIES.]
May 27 20:07:24 <Break> [Fuck.]
May 27 20:07:27 <Agent_Strelnikov> [high five]
May 27 20:07:32 * Gerald chuckles.
May 27 20:07:34 * pooryoric flinches.
May 27 20:07:37 <Dr_Magnus> "Greetings. I don't think we've met before."
May 27 20:07:39 <Rights> "I can get you some spare clothes…"
May 27 20:07:41 <Dumount> (I'm so distracted)
May 27 20:07:43 <Samantha_Raelin> [ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM IS BABIES]
May 27 20:07:43 <pooryoric> [nice.]
May 27 20:07:54 * Dumount reenters the breakroom with spare clothing
May 27 20:08:01 <Samantha_Raelin> "Good, let's keep it that way."
May 27 20:08:03 <Rights> "Or that."
May 27 20:08:03 * Dumount has several armloads, including formal attire
May 27 20:08:04 * Lurker nods and stands up. "That would be nice… I'm a bit low in external temperature, I think…"
May 27 20:08:12 * Dumount puts it into lurker's hands
May 27 20:08:14 <Samantha_Raelin> "I'm having a good day for once, and I don't want you to screw it up."
May 27 20:08:20 <Rights> "Yeah, like I said, welcome to being human…"
May 27 20:08:22 <Break> "Oh? What happened?"
May 27 20:08:27 * Lurker takes it and tries to fumble before dropping a few articles on the ground.
May 27 20:08:27 * Dr_Magnus sits back in his chair. "Fair enough…"
May 27 20:08:36 <Samantha_Raelin> "One of my personal projects is finally coming together!"
May 27 20:08:37 <pooryoric> "what, by saying hi?"
May 27 20:08:38 <Lurker> "This is surprisingly difficult… why don't you have claws?"
May 27 20:08:47 <Break> "Huh. And what would that be?"
May 27 20:09:01 <Rights> "No more climbing the walls and ceiling, either." Rights says, befor sighing, grabbing the clothes and pushing Lurker out into the hall to change him into clothes manually. "We have fingernails. Trust me, they can be useful."
May 27 20:09:05 <Samantha_Raelin> "It involves…well, I'll have to keep that a secret for now."
May 27 20:09:17 * Lurker lets out a squeak and follows Rights with the clothes in his arms.
May 27 20:09:17 <Rights> "First things first. These are underware…"
May 27 20:09:19 <Samantha_Raelin> "Apparently, even I'm not supposed to know the details."
May 27 20:09:20 <Gerald> "Hm. Sounds interesting."
May 27 20:09:34 <Samantha_Raelin> "Despite it being, you know, my project."
May 27 20:09:57 <Rights> "Don't be embarrassed. And before you ask, no, humans can't retract that either, so…I guess you'll have to deal with it for now…"
May 27 20:09:58 <Break> "How the -fuck- does that work?"
May 27 20:10:10 * Lurker blushes. "A-alright…"
May 27 20:10:11 <Samantha_Raelin> "Kondraki pulled the strings on this one."
May 27 20:10:21 <pooryoric> "i'm guessing it doesn't."
May 27 20:10:22 <Break> "And suddenly, it all makes sense…"
May 27 20:10:25 * Lurker shrugs off the labcoat, now only wearing pants.
May 27 20:10:28 <Break> "Oh, byyyyy the way."
May 27 20:10:34 <Gerald> "Not surprised, in that case."
May 27 20:10:41 <Break> "You know how you said you might be able to pull some strings for me?"
May 27 20:10:41 * Agent_Strelnikov drinks his coffee in pensive silence.
May 27 20:10:48 <Rights> [And we'll assume that you guys don't need to hear about Rights playing dress-up with Lurker.]
May 27 20:10:59 <Samantha_Raelin> "See, I never said I would or could."
May 27 20:11:05 <Break> "Oh, pfff."
May 27 20:11:10 * pooryoric grins.
May 27 20:11:14 <Break> "What was the point, then?"
May 27 20:11:19 <pooryoric> "excellent timing, sam."
May 27 20:11:21 <Samantha_Raelin> "But…well, what do you need."
May 27 20:11:30 * Dumount joins Lurker and Rights to keep the attire appropriate
May 27 20:11:31 <Break> "To get the fuck out of a desk job."
May 27 20:11:38 <Samantha_Raelin> "In case I decide it might be in my own self interests"
May 27 20:11:49 <Samantha_Raelin> "And into what, exactly Break?"
May 27 20:12:12 * Gerald looks up. "Tired being a secretary, I take it?"
May 27 20:12:16 * Break searches the pantry for something to munch on.
May 27 20:12:31 <Break> "Whatever won't have my contract changed up literally every week. At worst."
May 27 20:12:43 <Break> "Or best, in Dr. Bright's mind."
May 27 20:12:44 * Dr_Magnus stands up, and pours himself another cup of coffee.
May 27 20:12:46 <pooryoric> "at best, you mean."
May 27 20:12:54 <Break> "Yoric, shut it."
May 27 20:13:02 <pooryoric> "there's MUCH worse."
May 27 20:13:03 <Samantha_Raelin> "She's right, shut it."
May 27 20:13:12 <Samantha_Raelin> "Yes, you could have my job, for example."
May 27 20:13:17 <Break> "…."
May 27 20:13:19 <pooryoric> "yeh, see?"
May 27 20:13:25 * pooryoric grins.
May 27 20:13:25 <Dr_Magnus> "Working for Bright's not so bad…I mean hell, I've been with the guy for years, and….okay working for Bright is hell."
May 27 20:13:42 <Gerald> "I've worked with Dr. Bright once before."
May 27 20:13:44 <Samantha_Raelin> "Bright is completely psychotic."
May 27 20:13:56 <pooryoric> "it IS, isn't it, magnus? at least he's not carrying that taser anymore, right?"
May 27 20:13:59 <Break> "…..egh. I'll pass."
May 27 20:14:00 <Gerald> "That day did *not* end well."
May 27 20:14:13 <Dr_Magnus> "No, he's carrying a hyper powered handgun that shoots lightning now"
May 27 20:14:30 <Samantha_Raelin> "Any preferences, hon?"
May 27 20:14:43 <pooryoric> "what idiot let him have one of those? who even TOLD him about them?"
May 27 20:14:53 <Break> "Something out of doors."
May 27 20:14:54 <Dr_Magnus> "Err…I had a breakthrough…"
May 27 20:15:00 * Dr_Magnus coughs uncomfortably.
May 27 20:15:16 <Samantha_Raelin> "Ah, field work then?"
May 27 20:15:17 <Break> "….you know, I didn't think it at first."
May 27 20:15:23 <pooryoric> "magnus. you. told. bright. about a weapon?"
May 27 20:15:31 * Agent_Strelnikov watches Break and Samantha talk.
May 27 20:15:32 <Break> "But being an agent sounds pretty good. Field work would be a good change, I think."
May 27 20:15:47 <Dr_Magnus> "No, I was working on…you remember, don't you? Well I…err…got it to work"
May 27 20:15:55 * Gerald is interested in what they are talking about.
May 27 20:16:00 <pooryoric> "the project."
May 27 20:16:09 <Dr_Magnus> "No no, not that one."
May 27 20:16:10 <Break> "Someone else suggested weapons testing, but that means I'd have to work with Ice."
May 27 20:16:19 <Samantha_Raelin> "Well, just your luck, there is a position open."
May 27 20:16:27 <pooryoric> "you made the pocket work and you told bright?"
May 27 20:16:52 <pooryoric> "oh, er, the other thing?"
May 27 20:17:00 * Samantha_Raelin grins. "I just did the paperwork today for the Ruskie's promotion, not that it's finalized yet."
May 27 20:17:01 <Dr_Magnus> "Oh HELL no. I'm the only one with that technology at this point. Bright wanted me to make him a long range taser, and I did. Except it shoots lightning."
May 27 20:17:14 * Agent_Strelnikov looks up. "Huh?"
May 27 20:17:17 <Gerald> "Dmitri's getting promoted?"
May 27 20:17:22 <Break> "I'll keep that in mind. I just think Bright's going to smack me down or something."
May 27 20:17:35 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am be promote?"
May 27 20:17:47 <pooryoric> "YOU'RE responsible for that? i don't know whether to kill you or shake your hand."
May 27 20:17:49 <Samantha_Raelin> "Yep, and that means you'll be working with a team under you."
May 27 20:18:01 * Agent_Strelnikov blinks.
May 27 20:18:19 <pooryoric> "you should've SEEN dumount's- wait, red's getting promoted?"
May 27 20:18:24 * Agent_Strelnikov sheds a single tear. It will be like the good times again.
May 27 20:18:29 <Gerald> "Huh."
May 27 20:18:34 <Samantha_Raelin> "Seems O5 was impressed with the Siberia report I did up."
May 27 20:18:46 <Samantha_Raelin> "Especially you."
May 27 20:18:55 * Agent_Strelnikov takes out his flask and holds it up to Samantha. "Spasibo."
May 27 20:19:00 <Break> "Congrats, tiger."
May 27 20:19:15 <Agent_Strelnikov> "It was duty, but thank you. Thank you."
May 27 20:19:21 * Break sighs. Yet another one flying through the ranks when she stays still.
May 27 20:19:30 * Gerald knows the feeling.
May 27 20:19:34 * Samantha_Raelin holds up her mug, toasting his flask. "Cheers."
May 27 20:19:48 <Samantha_Raelin> "Oh, don't look so downcast."
May 27 20:19:55 * Agent_Strelnikov decides this would be a great time to drink the entire flask. He does so, in one gulp.
May 27 20:20:04 <Samantha_Raelin> "After all, I was talking about a job offering for *you*."
May 27 20:20:04 <Dr_Magnus> "Don't feel too bad Break. I've been assisting bright for 12 years, without a promotion. Actually now that I think about it, I kinda want to have a drink."
May 27 20:20:06 <pooryoric> "woah, slow down, red."
May 27 20:20:13 <Break> "Buh?"
May 27 20:20:31 * Agent_Strelnikov slams the flask down on the table. "…Where is Mann."
May 27 20:20:48 <Samantha_Raelin> "Teams need members, and you're on the list of suggested additions."
May 27 20:21:01 <Samantha_Raelin> "I could make that list a lot shorter for you."
May 27 20:21:03 <Break> "….and Bright has -absolutely no problem- with this?"
May 27 20:21:07 <Gerald> "Hm."
May 27 20:21:12 <pooryoric> "you don't like your job, magnus? screw up brights books, huh? you'll get keter duty, but at least it's a change, right?"
May 27 20:21:16 <Samantha_Raelin> "I can deal with Bright."
May 27 20:21:20 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…I am to have team."
May 27 20:21:24 * Agent_Strelnikov laughs happily.
May 27 20:21:28 <Break> "That…..that would be absolutely wonderful."
May 27 20:21:35 * Dr_Magnus shakes visibly. "Oh god, not again…No more keters…"
May 27 20:21:42 <pooryoric> "and with any luck, red, i won't be on it."
May 27 20:22:18 * Gerald smiles.
May 27 20:22:19 <Samantha_Raelin> "Captain Strelnikov, you'll be promoted by the end of today. They'll ask you to name your top picks for your team members."
May 27 20:22:20 <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. You are not made of what this team is require."
May 27 20:22:23 <Gerald> "Good job, both of you."
May 27 20:22:32 <Gerald> "Congrats all around."
May 27 20:22:42 <Samantha_Raelin> "I suggest you get an idea of who those will be."
May 27 20:22:42 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tovarish Raelin." He puffs his chest out and salutes crisply, his way of thanks.
May 27 20:23:05 * Dr_Magnus retreats into the corner, muttering something about luck, and Bright.
May 27 20:23:11 * Samantha_Raelin nods, taking a drink of coffee.
May 27 20:23:24 <Break> "Oh, wow…"
May 27 20:23:30 <pooryoric> "excelsior."
May 27 20:23:37 <Break> "Dear god, how am I going to repay you for this?"
May 27 20:23:56 * pooryoric toasts strelnikov with a fresh pot of coffee.
May 27 20:24:04 <Agent_Strelnikov> "….I want to celebrate by killing the harpy."
May 27 20:24:10 * Agent_Strelnikov looks around for that fucking harpy.
May 27 20:24:13 * pooryoric offers the pot to the general assembly.
May 27 20:24:26 <pooryoric> "coffee, anyone?"
May 27 20:24:57 <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh god wait]
May 27 20:24:58 * Break shakily takes a seat, and smiles.
May 27 20:25:04 <Agent_Strelnikov> [do i get to….do i get to name this team.]
May 27 20:25:10 * Dr_Magnus waves Yoric away, sighing in the corner. "I'm good."
May 27 20:25:18 <Gerald> [Not necessarily a MTF.]
May 27 20:25:24 <Agent_Strelnikov> [i know]
May 27 20:25:50 * Gerald claps lightly.
May 27 20:25:54 <Samantha_Raelin> "No repayment needed. You guys got me out of Siberia."
May 27 20:26:10 <Samantha_Raelin> "Consider this *my* repayment of those dues."
May 27 20:26:10 * Agent_Strelnikov hops up and down happily. He moves over to Gerald and hugs him, inadvertantly lifting him out of his seat.
May 27 20:26:21 <Gerald> "Urk."
May 27 20:26:32 * Agent_Strelnikov is as happy as Khrushchev after not being ousted the first time by the Central Party Committee.
May 27 20:26:53 <pooryoric> "so, congradulations, red."
May 27 20:27:06 <pooryoric> [how happy is that, exactly?]
May 27 20:27:11 * Agent_Strelnikov lets Gerald fall and gives Yoric the same treatment.
May 27 20:27:19 <Agent_Strelnikov> "….BABIES!" He laughs.
May 27 20:27:23 * Break takes a deep breath. Maybe, just maybe, she'd be out of here. And free from that fucking dress code.
May 27 20:27:33 * Gerald breathes.
May 27 20:28:23 <Agent_Strelnikov> [also, that's really happy]
May 27 20:28:25 <Dumount> [The harpy's gone]
May 27 20:28:33 <Dumount> [Bluie took it with her to her room]
May 27 20:28:35 <Agent_Strelnikov> [probably for the best]
May 27 20:28:47 <pooryoric> [hey, guys. take a moment to check out one of the newbies first SCP. it's really good, and i think he deserves upvotes. ]
May 27 20:29:12 * Agent_Strelnikov drops Yoric and sits back down, a giant smile on his face.
May 27 20:29:22 * Dr_Magnus stands up. "Well congratulations Strelnikov, Break. I've got to be getting back to work on Bright's Newest request. A grappling pistol, so he and I quote 'can be batman'"
May 27 20:29:23 <pooryoric> [sorry to interrupt, but i wasn't sure you were all watching the main chat.]
May 27 20:29:46 <pooryoric> "magnus, that siris commendable on multiple levels."
May 27 20:29:59 <pooryoric> *sir, is
May 27 20:30:10 <Dr_Magnus> "Maybe I'll actually make one that works, and we can give it to the security people who may actually use it."
May 27 20:30:13 <Gerald> "This deserves a celebration!"
May 27 20:30:26 <pooryoric> "you mean use it legitimately."
May 27 20:30:47 <Break> "Oh, come on. When would I -not- use it legitimately?"
May 27 20:30:57 <Dr_Magnus> "Legitimately, recreationally. Not my concern. Bright commandeth, and I do…eth."
May 27 20:31:12 <pooryoric> "no, i mean bright. totally different topic."
May 27 20:32:01 <pooryoric> "you WOULD use it legitimately. that was more or less my point."
May 27 20:32:37 * Agent_Strelnikov scratches his cheek in thought. Who is he going to pick now.
May 27 20:32:37 <Dr_Magnus> "Well, if I do it right, they may even become standard issue, who knows"
May 27 20:33:38 <Gerald> "A standard issue pistol that's batman?"
May 27 20:33:45 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Bat…man?"
May 27 20:33:50 <Dr_Magnus> "No…I.."
May 27 20:34:01 * Dr_Magnus shakes his head. "Nevermind."
May 27 20:34:11 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Batman?"
May 27 20:34:17 <pooryoric> "i can certainly think of a few situations in the past where they would have come in handy."
May 27 20:34:19 <Samantha_Raelin> "Yes, Batman."
May 27 20:34:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…This is SCP? Yes?"
May 27 20:34:36 <Samantha_Raelin> "Comic books. Do you get those over there?"
May 27 20:34:51 <Dr_Magnus> "No, this is a man with too much time and money on his hands. Like Bright"
May 27 20:34:52 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oh. You are mean like Comrade Socialism? I read it as child."
May 27 20:34:52 <Samantha_Raelin> "Wait, right, Iron Curtain."
May 27 20:35:00 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ooh. That, too, was good comic."
May 27 20:35:06 <Gerald> "…."
May 27 20:35:09 * Agent_Strelnikov looks back upon fond memories of Iron Curtain.
May 27 20:35:18 <Break> "…."
May 27 20:35:25 <Samantha_Raelin> "See, over here, our superheroes fought communism."
May 27 20:35:35 <Samantha_Raelin> "Like Iron Man."
May 27 20:35:35 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I was figure as much."
May 27 20:35:45 <Gerald> "I like Iron Man."
May 27 20:35:47 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Iron Man? From Magnitogorsk?"
May 27 20:35:49 <Samantha_Raelin> "But they also fought Nazis"
May 27 20:35:50 <pooryoric> "or, at least, gaudy figureheads of communism."
May 27 20:35:52 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Why is he not made of steel?"
May 27 20:36:02 <Break> "It's just a nickname."
May 27 20:36:04 <Dr_Magnus> "Give me enough time, and money, and I'm sure we could MAKE ironman here at the foundation."
May 27 20:36:15 <Break> "His suit was actually made of stronger stuff than steel."
May 27 20:36:19 <Samantha_Raelin> "Except we don't need Iron man."
May 27 20:36:21 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Hm."
May 27 20:36:29 <pooryoric> "magnus, i could re-route geralds paycheck again if you need budget."
May 27 20:36:32 <A_Fat_Ghost> [har har, magnitogorsk]
May 27 20:36:33 <Samantha_Raelin> "We've got enough trouble without a power suit."
May 27 20:36:37 <Gerald> "Whoa, what?"
May 27 20:36:50 <pooryoric> "huh? ah, nothing. hi gerald."
May 27 20:36:51 <Gerald> "Hang on, this is outrageous."
May 27 20:36:53 <Dr_Magnus> "True enough"
May 27 20:36:55 <Gerald> "I get a paycheck?"
May 27 20:37:04 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Iron Man….this is interest."
May 27 20:37:07 * Agent_Strelnikov mumbles.
May 27 20:37:12 <pooryoric> "no, not at all. what are you talking about?"
May 27 20:37:38 <pooryoric> [haha, gerald. i salute you, sir.]
May 27 20:38:00 <Gerald> "Dmitri, I have a bunch of Iron Man comics in my desk, I could get you some if you want any."
May 27 20:38:17 <Break> "What era?"
May 27 20:38:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I would be interest in read these, yes. Maybe I find you edition of Iron Curtain."
May 27 20:38:43 <Samantha_Raelin> "Because I doubt he'd appreciate the early arcs."
May 27 20:38:49 <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is about a man. He goes to work in steel plant."
May 27 20:38:55 <Agent_Strelnikov> "He is work every day."
May 27 20:39:00 <Agent_Strelnikov> "And at end of series he gets car."
May 27 20:39:07 <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is very moving story."
May 27 20:39:10 <Gerald> "1980s."
May 27 20:39:12 <Samantha_Raelin> "Although I'm sure he'd be a fan of Crimson Dynamo."
May 27 20:39:15 <pooryoric> "sounds like a real cliffhanger, red."
May 27 20:39:27 <Gerald> "Couple of the newer ones."
May 27 20:39:28 <Agent_Strelnikov> "It is!" He nods for emphasis.
May 27 20:40:06 <pooryoric> [actually, that COULD be an interesting comic, if you spun it right.]
May 27 20:40:23 <pooryoric> "does he get to -keep- the car?"
May 27 20:40:35 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Well, no. Is not his car. Car belongs to Government."
May 27 20:40:47 <pooryoric> "naturally."
May 27 20:40:53 <Agent_Strelnikov> "But."
May 27 20:41:01 <Agent_Strelnikov> "He does get to drive this car. Yes?"
May 27 20:41:15 <pooryoric> "and does the government pay for gas?"
May 27 20:41:21 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Petrol? No."
May 27 20:41:31 <Dr_Magnus> "Well, Guns don't clean themselves you know. I've got to be going. Have a good one everyone."
May 27 20:41:39 * Agent_Strelnikov waves to Magnus.
May 27 20:41:46 <Rights> [[In Soviet union, life is pretty depressing. :( ]]
May 27 20:41:47 * Dr_Magnus stands up once more, and walks out the door to towards the lab.
May 27 20:42:08 <pooryoric> [leaving, magnus?]
May 27 20:42:35 <Dr_Magnus> [Nope, was just the only thing I could think of at the time. I don't really have any reason to be in the breakroom when guns can be invented]
May 27 20:42:56 <pooryoric> [ah.]
May 27 20:43:09 <Agent_Strelnikov> "There is great scene in this comic. A capitalist spy is try to tempt him with new car and apartment."
May 27 20:43:27 <Agent_Strelnikov> "But he says to this spy, "Njet! Never." And then police execute spy and he is lauded as hero."
May 27 20:43:32 * Agent_Strelnikov sighs. Those were the days.
May 27 20:43:46 <Gerald> "Huh."
May 27 20:43:59 * Break checks the clock. "Shit!"
May 27 20:44:02 <pooryoric> "capitalist spy, eh? dastardly bastards, them… always trying to feindishly pay people for their labor and such."
May 27 20:44:05 <Break> "I should get going!"
May 27 20:44:15 <Break> "Packing, and all…."
May 27 20:44:19 <Gerald> "So long Break. Hope you get into your new job soon."
May 27 20:44:22 * Agent_Strelnikov smiles and waves at Break.
May 27 20:44:27 * Gerald waves bye.
May 27 20:44:28 <Break> "God, so do I."
May 27 20:44:32 <pooryoric> "good luck, break."
May 27 20:44:44 * Break runs out of the room as well as one can run in heels. In her case, pretty damn well.
May 27 20:44:48 <Samantha_Raelin> "Good luck, hon, don't screw things up or they'll throw you back to Bright."
May 27 20:44:53 * Agent_Strelnikov lifts a finger and turns, ever so slowly to face Samantha.
May 27 20:45:19 * Samantha_Raelin gives Strelnikov a cold stare. "You too."
May 27 20:45:26 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes. But."
May 27 20:45:29 <pooryoric> "well, that's a moment of truth face if i've everseen one."
May 27 20:45:38 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Break is to be make available for squad member?"
May 27 20:45:58 <Samantha_Raelin> "The paperwork for her transfer is already on Kondraki's desk."
May 27 20:46:13 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is she assign to squad already? Or has this not been of decide."
May 27 20:46:29 <Samantha_Raelin> "She's available."
May 27 20:46:32 <Gerald> "You get to choose who's on your squad, from the sounds of it."
May 27 20:46:34 <Gerald> "Captain."
May 27 20:46:34 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
May 27 20:46:35 <pooryoric> "oh, shit. red, looks like your squad's forming without you."
May 27 20:46:50 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ms Raelin."
May 27 20:46:59 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Please to consider this formal request for her to be transfer to my squad."
May 27 20:47:00 <pooryoric> "gerald, leave the patronising to me, okay?"
May 27 20:47:11 <pooryoric> "or were you just sucking up?"
May 27 20:47:23 <pooryoric> "in which case, go ahead."
May 27 20:47:25 * Rights can be heard from the hallway, shouting- "TRIUMPH!"
May 27 20:47:27 * Samantha_Raelin brings her plate and her mug to the sink, running some water and leaving. "That's not my department, Cap."
May 27 20:47:33 <Gerald> "Didn't you hear Sam? He really is becoming a captain."
May 27 20:47:39 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I see. Who do I submit request to?"
May 27 20:47:41 * Samantha_Raelin is now known as Dr-Kondraki
May 27 20:47:51 <Break> [SAM IS KON IN DISGUISE]
May 27 20:47:52 * Dr_Magnus comes walking back in, looking around with concern. "Anyone else hear rights screaming about something just now?"
May 27 20:47:53 <pooryoric> "oh, hey, guys. sounds like rights and lurker may be coming back."
May 27 20:47:53 <Break> [FUCK]
May 27 20:47:54 <Gerald> "No clue."
May 27 20:48:07 <Break> [Be right back.]
May 27 20:48:19 <pooryoric> "yup yup, she sounds rather… triumphant."
May 27 20:48:25 * Dr-Kondraki speaks over an intercom into the Breakroom. "Agent…Strek…Strelok…Ruskie, get up here, my office."
May 27 20:48:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> [strelok, rofl]
May 27 20:48:37 <Gerald> "Hoo, boy."
May 27 20:48:39 <Dr_Magnus> "Last time I heard that, I got shot at fourteen times."
May 27 20:48:51 <pooryoric> "good luck, red."
May 27 20:48:53 * Agent_Strelnikov stands abruptly and knocks over a chair. He bolts out of the break room without so much as a goodbye.
May 27 20:49:05 * Gerald stares.
May 27 20:49:10 * Agent_Strelnikov is a man of action.
May 27 20:49:21 <pooryoric> [and BABIES]
May 27 20:49:25 <Agent_Strelnikov> [babies.]
May 27 20:49:35 <pooryoric> [ACTION babies]
May 27 20:49:42 <Dr_Magnus> [I've gotta go for now guys, have fun.]
May 27 20:49:44 <Rights> [At least he 'is not want to make of the babies with you'.]
May 27 20:49:49 <pooryoric> [laters, magnus.]
May 27 20:49:51 * Dr_Magnus walks back to his office, shaking his head.
May 27 20:49:52 <Rights> [I hope.]
May 27 20:49:55 * Agent_Strelnikov pushes over two researchers and forces himself into the elevator.
May 27 20:50:01 * Dr_Magnus has quit (Quit: )
May 27 20:50:02 <Dr-Kondraki> [Maybe with Break :3]
May 27 20:50:09 <Agent_Strelnikov> [rude]
May 27 20:50:15 <Rights> [ :D ]
May 27 20:50:20 <pooryoric> [only slightly.]
May 27 20:50:24 <Rights> [Wave of babies!]
May 27 20:50:31 <Dr-Kondraki> [Waxx, tonight]
May 27 20:50:33 * Agent_Strelnikov makes it to Kondraki's office. He stops to adjust his uniform and steps inside.
May 27 20:50:36 <A_Fat_Ghost> [four-hundred babies]
May 27 20:50:43 <pooryoric> [no, ghost.]
May 27 20:50:44 <Dr-Kondraki> [Webcam dance party with special guest, Lady GaGa]
May 27 20:50:50 <Agent_Strelnikov> [FUCKING YES.]
May 27 20:50:52 <Dr-Kondraki> [we do this]
May 27 20:50:58 <Gerald> [NO.]
May 27 20:51:00 <Agent_Strelnikov> [kondraki and i are straight up g's]
May 27 20:51:02 <pooryoric> [dude. wait, what? i heard lady gaga.]
May 27 20:51:05 <Agent_Strelnikov> [GETTIN PAID]
May 27 20:51:07 <Gerald> [EVEN IN THE RP, YOU HAUNT ME WITH THAT]
May 27 20:51:09 <Agent_Strelnikov> [GETTIN LAID]
May 27 20:51:10 <Dr-Kondraki> [GETTIN LAID]
May 27 20:51:15 <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh sorry]
May 27 20:51:20 <Agent_Strelnikov> [we now have our handshake though amirite]
May 27 20:51:21 <Dr-Kondraki> [Man you ruined the moment.]
May 27 20:51:26 <Agent_Strelnikov> [sorry dawg.]
May 27 20:51:41 * Agent_Strelnikov salutes Kondraki. It is exceptionally crisp and proper.
May 27 20:51:58 * Dr-Kondraki looks the man over, wondering how he got here so fast. "Yeah, cut it out."
May 27 20:52:15 <Dr-Kondraki> "So, I'm guessing she already told you?"
May 27 20:52:23 <pooryoric> "so, gerald. ten bucks says he not only makes it out with a promotion, but with no bullet holes."
May 27 20:52:31 <Gerald> "Nah.
May 27 20:52:32 <Gerald> "
May 27 20:52:35 <Dr-Kondraki> "Little vixen tried to sneak my own paperwork past me."
May 27 20:52:44 <Gerald> "You're probably right for once."
May 27 20:52:47 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Is true. She has told me, yes."
May 27 20:52:54 * Agent_Strelnikov stands at ease.
May 27 20:52:56 <pooryoric> "for once?"
May 27 20:53:05 <Gerald> "…nothing."
May 27 20:53:07 <pooryoric> "it's at least the third time."
May 27 20:53:27 <pooryoric> "…give or take two."
May 27 20:53:34 <Agent_Strelnikov> [VERY EXCITE, YES]
May 27 20:53:35 <Dr-Kondraki> "Well then, you're being officially promoted to Captain, and given Level 2 Security clearance for sites relevant to current duties."
May 27 20:53:51 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I thank you, sir. It is great honor."
May 27 20:54:45 <pooryoric> "so, gerald. should we go check on rights and lurker, do you think?"
May 27 20:54:58 <Lurker> [[ Dumount is there too ]]
May 27 20:55:03 <Dr-Kondraki> "I'm sure it is, red. Now, you'll have to pick a team. Whoever you pick will be tested in demonstrative exercises with you as the leader, to see if you can cut it."
May 27 20:55:04 <Gerald> "Sure, why not?"
May 27 20:55:11 <Gerald> "Where are they, anyway?"
May 27 20:55:21 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I understand, sir." He looks as if he has something to ask.
May 27 20:55:26 * Dr-Kondraki grabs a clipboard with a list of names. "So, go on, who do you have in mind."
May 27 20:55:48 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor, I am understand that Ms. Break is offer as candidate."
May 27 20:55:56 <pooryoric> "ah, i think maybe they went to rights' office."
May 27 20:56:30 <Gerald> "Okay then."
May 27 20:56:33 * Gerald stands up.
May 27 20:56:41 * pooryoric heads for rights office.
May 27 20:56:56 * Gerald leaves a note for Dmitri, then leaves with Yoric.
May 27 20:57:03 <Agent_Strelnikov> "If this is true I am request that she be transfer to my squad."
May 27 20:57:08 <pooryoric> [yoric tends to ignore dumount untill he has to.]
May 27 20:57:16 <Dr-Kondraki> "Hmm? Oh, really. Yeah, that must have been the forms that were on my desk."
May 27 20:57:22 <pooryoric> [stop. has to stop.]
May 27 20:57:30 <Dr-Kondraki> "Which my signature, despite me having never seen them before."
May 27 20:57:39 <Dr-Kondraki> had my*
May 27 20:57:44 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ms. Raelin is of very efficient."
May 27 20:57:52 * pooryoric arrives at rights' office, presumably with gerald in tow.
May 27 20:58:02 * pooryoric knocks politely.
May 27 20:58:10 * Rights has her office door closed and locked, with a note taped to it. *KNOCK, PLOX* it reads.
May 27 20:58:13 * Gerald looks around casually.
May 27 20:58:17 <Agent_Strelnikov> [oh god]
May 27 20:58:22 * pooryoric knocks again.
May 27 20:58:33 * pooryoric shrugs, and picks the lock.
May 27 20:58:47 * pooryoric opens the door.
May 27 20:58:56 <pooryoric> "hey, rights? lurker?"
May 27 20:59:03 <Gerald> "Sure that's a good idea? Never know what might be behind it, with Dr. Rights."
May 27 20:59:04 <Dr-Kondraki> "Well, I'm sorry, but Break is one of Bright's assistants, and I can't just replace her at a moment's notice…"
May 27 20:59:23 <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Permission for speak freely, Doktor Kondraki?" He asks, mustering his courage.
May 27 20:59:29 <pooryoric> "gerald, that's WHY it's a good idea."
May 27 20:59:41 <Dr-Kondraki> "You have permission to speak freely whenever in my office."
May 27 20:59:44 * Gerald sighs.
May 27 20:59:46 * Rights looks up. Her, Lurker, and Dumount are all sitting around her desk, quietly eating cookies with a carton of milk nearby.
May 27 20:59:48 * Agent_Strelnikov nods and proceeds. "Thank you, sir."
May 27 20:59:54 <Gerald> "Oh….."
May 27 21:00:10 <Rights> It's delightfully innocent-looking. There's even a flower in a vase in the midst of them.
May 27 21:00:12 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Ms. Break is one of the most exceptional combat personnel I have ever had privilege for fight with. And frankly, sir."
May 27 21:00:19 <Rights> "…Private party."
May 27 21:00:33 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I do not trust the other fucking squad leaders to make best use of her talent and potential. Sir." That was remarkably good English for him.
May 27 21:00:44 <Gerald> "We heard you yelling about something earlier."
May 27 21:00:57 <Rights> "…Oh. That. I was…triumphant, yet."
May 27 21:00:58 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I understand concerns for having to make moves of her."
May 27 21:01:01 <pooryoric> "well, this is interesting."
May 27 21:01:07 <Agent_Strelnikov> "But if you would please to consider this request, I would appreciate, sir."
May 27 21:01:17 <Dr-Kondraki> "The russian can use proper english grammar. I'm impressed."
May 27 21:01:20 <pooryoric> "nice shirt, lurker. it's inside out."
May 27 21:01:21 <Gerald> "Mind if I ask what's going on?"
May 27 21:01:37 <Agent_Strelnikov> "If it is necessary, sometime." He shrugs, having no idea how that happened.
May 27 21:01:44 * Lurker blinks down at his shirt. "Is it?"
May 27 21:01:57 <pooryoric> "that is what the tag means, yes."
May 27 21:01:57 * Dumount blink too
May 27 21:02:14 * Rights shifts. She seems to be doing something below the desk, out of sight, trying to act casual.
May 27 21:02:22 * Dr-Kondraki smirks. "You're not just interested in her for her combat potential, are you."
May 27 21:02:24 <pooryoric> "also, dumount."
May 27 21:02:30 <Dumount> "Rights. How did you get this flowerpot here so quickly?
May 27 21:02:33 * Lurker looks over to Rights. "Is it inside out?"
May 27 21:02:34 * Agent_Strelnikov sighs.
May 27 21:02:39 <Rights> "I like flowers."
May 27 21:02:44 <Dr-Kondraki> "I can name five agents who are better off the top of my head."
May 27 21:02:48 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am understand there is this complication, sir. I apologies for this."
May 27 21:03:24 <Dr-Kondraki> "Listen, I'm perfectly happy with pissing off Bright. It's like a hobby."
May 27 21:03:29 <Rights> "It looks fine, Lurker…here, just lemmie…adjust that."
May 27 21:03:29 <Dumount> "Do you need a medic?"
May 27 21:03:30 <pooryoric> [tell him yoric was your second choice. you'll have break immediately.]
May 27 21:03:35 <Agent_Strelnikov> [hah]
May 27 21:03:44 <Dumount> "I don't get to get out much…"
May 27 21:03:48 <Dr-Kondraki> "Just give me a reason why *you* want her on the squad."
May 27 21:03:56 * Agent_Strelnikov sighs, again.
May 27 21:04:01 <Rights> [I was going to suggest making an impassioned speech that she deserves better than to sit behind a desk all day.]
May 27 21:04:04 <Dumount> "For the same reson you have your assistant Kondraki"
May 27 21:04:10 * Dumount says innocently
May 27 21:04:16 <Dumount> "He respects her abilities"
May 27 21:04:18 <Rights> [DUMOUNT YOU ARE NOT IN THE ROOM]
May 27 21:04:18 * Dr-Kondraki wonders how Dumount got in his office.
May 27 21:04:24 <Dumount> (oh)
May 27 21:04:24 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Because I cannot bear this thought of some fucking push-over making her push the fucking papers all fucking day. Sir. She is deserve better than this. She is capable of better, sir."
May 27 21:04:26 <Dumount> (oops)
May 27 21:04:28 <Rights> [ >( PAY ATTENTION]
May 27 21:04:34 <pooryoric> [dumount. you're not THERE. dumbass.]
May 27 21:04:37 <Dumount> head/desks
May 27 21:04:38 <Rights> [RAR]
May 27 21:04:40 * Lurker moves over beside Rights and hunkers down next to her.
May 27 21:04:44 <Dumount> [« is dumbass]
May 27 21:05:02 * Agent_Strelnikov puffs his chest out defiantly.
May 27 21:05:06 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Doktor Kondraki."
May 27 21:05:09 <Dr-Kondraki> "I like it, but there's something else hiding behind that impassioned look of yours."
May 27 21:05:11 <pooryoric> [though, that IS a frighteningly good response, dumount.]
May 27 21:05:21 <Agent_Strelnikov> "If you are give me two month and some good men, I will give you the best fucking combat squad you can ask for."
May 27 21:05:25 <Agent_Strelnikov> "If not….you can shoot me."
May 27 21:05:26 * Rights clears her throat. "Still, it looks fine, LUrker…"
May 27 21:05:39 <pooryoric> [he can shoot you ANYWAY.]
May 27 21:05:42 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I am only ask for her. You may place anyone else in this squad that you see fit."
May 27 21:05:47 <Dr-Kondraki> "I'm not going to give you a damn thing until you answer my question."
May 27 21:05:47 <Gerald> "So, what *were* you yelling about in the hallways, Doctor?"
May 27 21:06:02 <Agent_Strelnikov> "If you must know, Doktor. I…well."
May 27 21:06:08 <Rights> "Triumph. We got Lurker dressed. You know, pants are NOT that complicated."
May 27 21:06:10 <Dr-Kondraki> "And I'll feel free to shoot you at any time I feel it's convenient. Or funny."
May 27 21:06:19 <Gerald> "Ah."
May 27 21:06:22 * Dumount has a pouty look
May 27 21:06:29 <Agent_Strelnikov> "I also find Ms. Break for be quite lovely. If this is the secondary thoughts you think I have been hiding then I admit, yes."
May 27 21:06:35 <Gerald> "…."
May 27 21:06:43 <pooryoric> "so, rights, dumount, and the now all too human lurker- your fly's undone, by the way- what's going on?"
May 27 21:06:44 * Rights is lying. But she covers it up by holding out the plate of cookies. "Cookies?"
May 27 21:06:46 <Gerald> "Can I have a cookie, please?"
May 27 21:06:55 <Rights> "Take some cookies, guys."
May 27 21:06:56 * Lurker blinks at Yoric. "No it's not. I made sure of that."
May 27 21:06:59 * pooryoric takes a cookie.
May 27 21:07:02 <Gerald> "Thank you."
May 27 21:07:06 * Gerald takes a cookie.
May 27 21:07:07 <Agent_Strelnikov> "But all this aside, I feel she will make this exceptional addition to the combat prowess."
May 27 21:07:12 * Rights blinks. "We were just explaining to Lurker some…thins about being human."
May 27 21:07:16 * Dr-Kondraki grins, and marks something on the clipboard. "Alright, you've got your pick for the second in command."
May 27 21:07:18 * Lurker hugs Rights gently and stands up.
May 27 21:07:26 <Agent_Strelnikov> "..I am have her, Doktor?"
May 27 21:07:26 <Rights> "Being human is complicated. You have to get dressed every day."
May 27 21:07:27 <Lurker> [[ Forgot to mention he's wearing a monocle and tophat. ]]
May 27 21:07:35 <Rights> "And you can't crawl around on the ceiling or walls anymore."
May 27 21:07:36 * Dr-Kondraki throws the clipboard towards him.
May 27 21:07:40 <pooryoric> [oh, good.]
May 27 21:07:46 * Agent_Strelnikov catches it, surprised.
May 27 21:07:50 <pooryoric> "also, lurker, spiffy hat."
May 27 21:07:51 <Dr-Kondraki> "Get that back to me tomorrow with the rest of your team."
May 27 21:07:57 <Rights> "And you can't retract your tiddly-bits anymore."
May 27 21:07:59 * Lurker blinks, then grins widely.
May 27 21:08:00 <Rights> "Or eat raw meat."
May 27 21:08:01 <Agent_Strelnikov> "Yes, Doktor. Thank you, sir."
May 27 21:08:14 * Lurker looks to Rights and pouts.
May 27 21:08:17 * Agent_Strelnikov waits to be officially dismissed. Some habits die hard.
May 27 21:08:19 <Dr-Kondraki> "Thank me by vacating the office."
May 27 21:08:19 <Lurker> "But I liked doing that…"
May 27 21:08:28 <Dr-Kondraki> "Dismissed, ruskie."
May 27 21:08:31 * Agent_Strelnikov turns on a boot heel and marches out at a brisk pace.
May 27 21:08:32 <pooryoric> "wait, retract what now? why would you NEED to ret- actually, i'mm happy not knowing."
May 27 21:08:32 <Rights> "…I told you. No raw meat. You can actually get SICK now."
May 27 21:08:43 * Agent_Strelnikov can be heard shouting in glee as he runs down the hallway.
May 27 21:08:43 <Rights> "Yoric, think about how USEFUL that is."
May 27 21:08:51 <Rights> "You'd never risk haivng them damaged or chafed."
May 27 21:09:01 * Agent_Strelnikov kicks another researcher out of his way as he dives into the elevator to return downstairs.
May 27 21:09:04 <pooryoric> "true…"
May 27 21:09:16 * Rights makes a very good point. "Do you guys hear somebody shouting in Russian, out there?"
May 27 21:09:19 <Break> [Scheduling problems ahoy.]
May 27 21:09:23 <Gerald> "I think I did."
May 27 21:09:23 * Rights blinks. "Weird.
May 27 21:09:24 * Agent_Strelnikov can be heard approaching.
May 27 21:09:30 <Rights> "More milk, anybody?"
May 27 21:09:32 * Agent_Strelnikov kicks down the door to Rights' office.
May 27 21:09:40 <Dumount> "There's some meat she wouldn't mild if you ate" Dumount teases, taking some milk
May 27 21:09:43 <Gerald> "Thank yo-WHOA"
May 27 21:09:44 <pooryoric> [and as we play, fish's techno is playing in the background. this site is eating me, i swear.]
May 27 21:09:47 <Dumount> "I'll give you a card on nutrition though"
May 27 21:09:48 * Agent_Strelnikov flings the clipboard at Yoric and leaps over to Rights with his arms outstretched.
May 27 21:09:55 <Gerald> "Hello Dmitri!"
May 27 21:10:05 * Rights blinks, somwhat confused, but giving him a hug. "Oh wow you are happy hi!"
May 27 21:10:06 <Agent_Strelnikov> "HYEL-LOOOO!"
May 27 21:10:07 <Dumount> "You'll need it. Long list of things you should eat and how much"
May 27 21:10:10 <Gerald> "I take it you got Break on you team?"
May 27 21:10:10 * pooryoric catches the clipboard.
May 27 21:10:18 * Dumount is knocked over by Strelnokov
May 27 21:10:21 * Agent_Strelnikov kisses Rights repeatedly on the forehead, a few tears running down his face.
May 27 21:10:23 <pooryoric> "yup, he did. second in command, even."
May 27 21:10:27 <Rights> "…Do you want some cookies iin celebration for…whatever you're celebrating?"
May 27 21:10:40 * Dr_Love (ten.enilnotpo.nyd.36DDAF1F-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.enilnotpo.nyd.36DDAF1F-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #FieldWork
May 27 21:10:40 * Rights feels slightly awkward, but gives him a peck on the cheek and a few more firm hugs.
May 27 21:10:41 * Lurker blinks at the sudden commotion in the room.
May 27 21:10:53 <Dr_Love> [ello all]
May 27 21:11:02 <pooryoric> [oh, hi love.]
May 27 21:11:03 * Agent_Strelnikov can't stop chattering in Russian, despite this obvious language barrier.
May 27 21:11:03 <Rights> [:D Love!]
May 27 21:11:08 <Agent_Strelnikov> [hello DUCK]
May 27 21:11:10 * Gerald holds up a glass of milk.
May 27 21:11:19 * Rights blinks. "I will take that as a yes and you would like some cookies."
May 27 21:11:19 * Lurker holds up a hand. "Slow down, Dmitri, I can't translate when you speak that fast."
May 27 21:11:20 <Gerald> "A toast, to Dmitri's and Break's promotions."
May 27 21:11:22 <pooryoric> [god. saying that makes me feel like a british grandmother.]
May 27 21:11:25 * Rights holds out the platter of cookies.
May 27 21:11:27 <Dr_Love> [Did I miss anything entertaining?]
May 27 21:11:31 <pooryoric> [yes.]
May 27 21:11:33 * Agent_Strelnikov takes two cookies and bites them both at the same time.
May 27 21:11:42 * Agent_Strelnikov takes the glass of milk from Gerald's hand.
May 27 21:11:44 <pooryoric> [someone's logging it, i'm sure.]
May 27 21:11:53 <Rights> [Lurker's a human. Strelnikov's been promoted and gets Break on his team hopefully. Now he's crazy-happy.]
May 27 21:11:55 <Break> [I am.]
May 27 21:11:56 <Gerald> "…."
May 27 21:12:00 * Gerald laughs.
May 27 21:12:01 <Rights> "Oh god don't choke on your cookies.]
May 27 21:12:03 <Dr_Love> [anyone mind if I jump in?]
May 27 21:12:07 <pooryoric> "so, lurker. a question."
May 27 21:12:09 * Agent_Strelnikov downs it in one gulp and hands it back to Gerald.
May 27 21:12:12 <pooryoric> [not at all.]
May 27 21:12:12 * Lurker brushes himself off. "Go ahead."
May 27 21:12:16 <Rights> [Sure. We're all in my office.]
May 27 21:12:17 * Gerald laughs some more.
May 27 21:12:26 <A_Fat_Ghost> [I like how strelnikov can pronounce doctor with a k"
May 27 21:12:35 <Rights> "…More milk?" She offers, holding out the carton, confused…but happy.
May 27 21:12:45 <Agent_Strelnikov> "No. I have much work to be making."
May 27 21:12:46 <pooryoric> "does your lack of giant teeth detract in any way from your everpresent desire to maul me?"
May 27 21:12:53 <Dr-Kondraki> [DOKTOR IS CREDIT TO TEAM]
May 27 21:12:55 * Agent_Strelnikov grabs the clipboard from Yoric and marches out of the room.
May 27 21:13:07 <A_Fat_Ghost> [ho ho ho ho]
May 27 21:13:08 * Agent_Strelnikov is still shouting in the halls.
May 27 21:13:14 * pooryoric looks surprised.
May 27 21:13:19 * Rights blinks. The aftermath of Dmitri's sudden entrance and exit leaving her a bit stunned.
May 27 21:13:20 * Gerald looks after him, grinning.
May 27 21:13:26 <Rights> "…Okay, what the fuck was that?"
May 27 21:13:28 <pooryoric> "i didn't know he could move that fast."
May 27 21:13:34 <Agent_Strelnikov> [i hope i get into a situation with mann again]
May 27 21:13:36 <Agent_Strelnikov> [and at some point]
May 27 21:13:40 <Agent_Strelnikov> [i want to shout CHARGE ME, DOKTOR]
May 27 21:13:44 <Gerald> "Dmitri got a promotion, and now Break is working under him."
May 27 21:13:44 <pooryoric> [where IS mann, anyway?]
May 27 21:13:47 <Dumount> "Wow. I didn't think we had tornadoes here"
May 27 21:13:50 <Agent_Strelnikov> [busy im sure]
May 27 21:13:52 <Lurker> "No."
May 27 21:13:53 <Dumount> (Why not DUmount?)
May 27 21:13:53 <Rights> "Aww, how nice!"
May 27 21:13:56 * Dr_Love wanders in to the room. "Well, it's a nice change not to have him cursing at me. What'd I miss?
May 27 21:14:01 * Lurker fixes his shirt and smiles at Yoric.
May 27 21:14:03 <A_Fat_Ghost> [tee hee, "working under him"]
May 27 21:14:07 * Rights claps her hands iin happiness for Dmitri.

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