Professor Rexford Dawson

Name: Rexford "Rex" Dawson.
Position: [REDACTED]


Dashing Good Looks: 5

Fists To Back Them Up: 7





  • Silenced Magnum — +1 to Fists To Back Them Up

Equipment: (Same goes here)

  • Years of Experience — +1 to Dashing Good Looks



  • Family Ties: -1 penalty to any roll invovling Agent Yoric in any capacity.
  • Love for the Ladies: Professor Dawkins cannot recieve any relationship-based perk. Ever.
  • Wait, What?: Dawkins starts off with zero knowledge of any SCP for his first encounter, even if it's been discussed before.


Professor Dawkins arrived at Site 17 recently and began asking around about his little brother Jack. Soon after the Magnus affair, it was discovered that this was Agent Yoric, and the search was quickly brought to an end. A professor of the fine arts at a major university in Sydney, Dawkins presented fine credentials and seemed to be precisely what the foundation was looking for in a researcher. However, Dawkins was not what he appeared. Subsequent events and the following investigation revealed him to actually be a world class [DATA EXPUNGED] is still on the run. Foundation agents are pursuing all leads.

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