Prof. K.P. Crow

Name: Professor Kain Pathos Crow
Position: Site Administrator for Bio-Research Area-12.


wat: 6 - (Causing distractions, confusing opponents, making everyone's day just a little bit more surreal)
EXTERMINATE!!!: 8 - (Widespread destruction)
No really, I'm a doctor: 6 - (Sciency stuff, information, healing, etc.)
Bloodhound: 2 - (Tracking, smelling fear, identifying foodstuffs, etc.)


Olympia Zero: Sophia

SCPs: SCP-244


  • None


  • Custom Suit — +1 to wat


  • Paternal Devotion: - Crow gains +1 die to any roll to aid Sophia.
  • Woof: - If deprived of all items, Crow can masquerade as a common dog for purposes of infiltration and general disguise.
  • I don't remember installing that…: - Anytime Crow attacks using SCP-244, roll a d20. -On a 1 the attack fails and Crow loses a die as SCP-244 malfunctions. 2-11 does normal damage. 12-19 allows for 50% extra damage. On a 20 the attack causes an instant kill.


  • But I need that!: - -4 penalty to wat and a -6 penalty to EXTERMINATE!! if Crow is separated from SCP-244, nor can he interact with anything that would require fingers or fine dexterity.
  • Walking WMD: - Due to the large target area of SCP-244, any characters in close range to any target Crow is attacking whilst using SCP-244 take damage as if they were the target of the attack.
  • WTF!?: - Owing to Crow's unusual nature, he cannot take part in missions that would expose him to the general populace.
  • Ball!: - As he is a man in a dogs body, any event which occurs that would incite typical dog behavior causes Crow to roll a d6. On an even number he reacts as a normal dog would. On an odd number he resists the temptation.



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