Norwegian Spider Party

Sorts is at his desk in a temporary site in Norway. He is so, so bored. He's also wearing a fancy Bavarian cap, complete with feather.

Imants is annoyed at the constant "BAM……BAM…….BAM" coming from the range. He turns on the TV. He's wearing an awesome hat. Go on, use your imagination.

Olympia is digging a hole with her rifle. From over two hundred meters away. In a rock face.

Sorts heads for the range, pulling the collar on his coat up. "I like the bells, Imants. I'm going to see if we can get Miss Killing Machine to knock it off with the ballistic drilling."

<Imants> "Thank you!"

<Sorts> "Excuse me, Miss Olym-" BANG "Miss Olympi-" BANG

Olympia stops, letting the tip of the several foot long rifle touch the ground. "Yes?"

<Sorts> "That ammunition must be terribly expensive…"

<Olympia> "Forty American Dollars per round."

<Sorts> "Did you hit the mountain?" Sorts takes his hat off and twists the brow a little bit.

<Olympia> "Repeatedly."

<Sorts> "That's great! I am sure the, uh, mountain situation has been properly contained. And just in time, too! My ears are ringing terribly." Sorts gives a most earnest and nervous smile.

<Olympia> "This is humor, correct?"

<Sorts> "That depends, did you find it funny?"

<Olympia> "No. But… I appreciate the attempt."

<Sorts> "Well, I'm … I mean, basically I am still terrified of you so it's hard to directly ask that you please stop firing that exceptionally loud piece of artillery, as fine as it is." It could also be the case that Sorts has his puny little hunting rifle along and might have a bit of rifle envy.

<Olympia> "Oh. In that case I shall conserve on my remaining ammunition. Do you know the location of the individual team members?"

<Sorts> "Well, Imants was around … He had a nice hat on. And Doctor Light is around somewhere. And there's Dumount…"

Doctor_Light bursts out from behind a conveniently placed obstacle, hands on her knees, panting. "Oh my god. It's hellish in there. We need help."

<Sorts> "I vote that we let Olympia take care of the … Doctor Light! Are you okay?"

<Olympia> "Affirmative. SCP-694. A species of communal pack hunting life form, with an appearance visibly similar to that of a large black spider with luminescent red eyes. Members of SCP-694 vary in size from approx 10cm in diameter including legs to approx 2m in diameter including legs. The average weight has been compared with that of a large house cat, approx 1kg to 3kg."

Imants hears scrabbling on the door, but decides that food is more important than curiosity.

Olympia turns towards the new arrival.

<Doctor_Light> "I think so." She leans on a tree, breathing hard. Her labcoat is singed and torn.

<Olympia> "What happened?"

Sorts clutches his rifle carefully.

<Dumount> "Doctor Light…..Do you require medical attention?"

<Doctor_Light> "But, look, it's insane. These things. They must be sentient. Or sapient. Or something. I went in to examine, and the things were everywhere. The traps."

<Doctor_Light> "No. No. I'm good. I got jabbed with something but I put a bandage on it."

<Olympia> "That is expected. Post-adult members of SCP-694 have been known to develop traps using their web, and components from the environment. Where did you experience this?"

<Sorts> "Oh god I didn't realize they were so close to the site…"

<Doctor_Light> "Deeper in. I'm not sure how far." Sophia gestures vaguely in an appropriate direction.

<Sorts> "Olympia's rifle practice was probably the only thing keeping them away!"

<Doctor_Light> "It was a ways away. I ran most of the way back." She points towards the west.

<Olympia> "This is unfortunate. The infected region is two miles to the northwest. The fact that the infection is spreading demands immediate retaliation."

<Sorts> "I'll call reinforcements from inside, where there are no spiders."

<Olympia> "Please retrieve the articles needed for site sterilization, as well as all needed articles for this mission. And Imants."

Imants is in the kitchen an is almost done with his soup.

Dumount gives Doctor_Light a checkup

Sorts rushes into the site, and pauses in the kitchen, "What kind of soup is that?"

Olympia goes around the area, checking for any signs of SCP-694.

<Imants> "Fantastic soup"

Sorts is distracted by the soup, it smells crazy delicious. Must be made of Mr Pibb and Red Vines. But…

<Imants> "Whats up?"

<Sorts> "Wait! No, Imants, it's time to move, Doctor Light ran into spiders outside, we have to get to the sterilization stuff."

<Imants> "…spiders? Why are we going to sterilize spiders?"

<Sorts> "You go help with the cleansing by fire and I will watch the soup. And yes spiders, don't tell me you forgot already! It's why we are in Norway!"

<Imants> "Uh…."

<Sorts> "I know, worse than zombies, am I right?"

<Imants> "No, I mean… I? What? Spiders?" He gets annoyed, he does not like it when people try to dupe him out of his soup.

Sorts steeples his fingers together and thinks for a moment, "Come with us and try to not die."

<Imants> "Why don't you go help and I'll watch the soup.”

Sorts rushes deeper into the base to grab his ammo which comes in a nice little box. Then he thoughtfully grabs some ammo for Olympia, this comes in a crate.

<Imants> "Wait, really!?" he yells after Sorts.

<Sorts> "I need your help with the gas tanks, Imants! We've got to burn them in their webs!"

Imants runs after Sorts. "FIRE!" :D

<Sorts> "What? Did you start a fire in the soup?"

<Imants> "No, you said… Whatever"

Sorts rushes out the door into the cold Norway weather.

Doctor_Light is shivering a little, and keeps looking the way she came from.

<Dumount> "This… overreaction might be a bad idea.”

Olympia returns back to the base.

Imants rushes out into Sorts.

<Olympia> "Are the preparations complete?"

<Sorts> "Uhm. To be perfectly honest, I would have to say that… no. We were never briefed."

Olympia regards him without expression.

<Sorts> "But we have some flame thrower things that were in the base, and you're an invincible super humanoid, so I am sure things will be okay."

<Olympia> "Flame throwers are essential."

<Sorts> "What exactly is the procedure for something like this anyway?"

Imants hefts a defoliation device.

<Olympia> "We are going to destroy the entire area."

Sorts has no idea how to use a flamethrower. Or destroy an entire area.

<Dumount> "Could we call in a nuke?"

<Doctor_Light> "Bad idea. Flame's our best bet."

<Olympia> "Unfortunately, a nuclear strike would call too much attention. Fire can be attributed to a freak natural disaster. And it is certain the infection spreads out to the surrounding areas."

<Dumount> "Ah… Terrific… Just bloody terrific"

<Olympia> "It would be too difficult to search all of the surrounding wilderness, so to ensure maximum efficiency, all possible infected areas must be destroyed. Completely."

<Sorts> "Don't worry, I've already prepped our cover story with the necessary authorities. It's why I'm down here. I just didn't realize I'd have to pull extra spider duty…"

Imants is humming

<Olympia> "Are there any inquiries as to the rest of our mission?"

<Sorts> "How… many civilians are expected to be encountered?"

<Imants> "….this is…. triumph. Hm hm hm"

<Olympia> "Unknown. Any survivors that are encountered are to be terminated on sight."

<Imants> "Tore me…. threw…fire"

Dumount sighs "Killing survivors.. couldn't we just give them amnesiac?"

<Olympia> "No."

<Dumount> "… Why not?"

<Olympia> "SCP-694 implants its eggs directly into the skull cavity."

"The spiders may have laid eggs in their brains," Sorts says with a defeated sigh.

<Imants> "Hmmm hm hmmm-ugh. Ouch. That would hurt"

<Olympia> "Most likely, though the action normally destroys most higher brain functions."

<Doctor_Light> "We should be wearing helmets or something."

<Dumount> "… Fuck that's nasty"

<Olympia> "The action is performed through the eyes of the subject."

<Sorts> "They go through the eye," he helpfully pantomimes a giant ovipositor going through the eyesocket.

<Doctor_Light> "…And goggles."

<Dumount> "Well can't we diagnose them? And only kill the ones with spiders in their brains?"

Imants looks at Sorts funny.

<Olympia> "That is a distinct possibility, but will cost time and resources."

<Imants> "What are you doing?"

<Sorts> "Helping."

"But it's moral" says Dumount.

<Imants> "Moral?"

Olympia considers this.

<Sorts> "Olympia, I'm terribly sorry but I am also not comfortable with killing indiscriminately."

<Olympia> "Fine."

<Imants> "Why not?

<Olympia> "Then any survivors are to be escorted back to home base, and diagnosed as soon as possible."

Sorts brightens up, he had no idea Olympia would be so cool with that.

<Olympia> "After, the area is scoured clean."

Dumount gives Olympia a tentative hug. "Thank you Olympia"

<Sorts> "Because I only like popping out the heads of jerkholes who are shooting back at me, that's why Imants. Okay team, we ready?"

<Imants> "OK!"

<Doctor_Light> "Sure. Bring fire."

<Imants> "Lets go!" Imants has fire.

<Olympia> "Begin mission."

<Imants> "Should we time it? We can do time trials!"

Olympia takes point, telling the others to set everything around them on fire. Sorts is not doing so well with his flame thrower. It's heavy. Imants begins to set things on fire.

<Imants> :D

<Sorts> "Now I remember why we brought him along."

Olympia searches nearby for any signs of movement that may be SCP-694.

Doctor_Light glances around, since she wasn't paying attention on the way from here.

Imants looks around.

Dumount is not set to run flamethrowers

Olympia shoots to her left, attempting to hit something in the underbrush.

Imants is flaming things.

Sorts stops flaming things himself, he's doing absolutely no good with it.  Instead he readies his rifle and watches the carnage for signs of … "EVERYONE STOP!"

<Imants> "What?"

<Sorts> "Pit trap, dead ahead!"

Olympia stops.

<Sorts> "Flame it, they are probably hiding inside waiting for victims."

Doctor_Light glances up. "Shit. There's something in the trees."

Dumount walks with the group nervously

<Imants> "Trees?"

Olympia reloads her weapon.

Doctor_Light points up.

Imants faces the trees. "What trees?" He lights them on FIRE.

<Doctor_Light> "Watch out. They might not be spiders, but I have no idea what the fuck they are if they-… you do realize you could start a forest fire, right?"

<Imants> "What?"

<Dumount> "That might be the best way to deal with the problem"

<Olympia> "That is the mission objective. Ensure complete destruction of all SCP-694 samples by way of complete destruction of the surrounding area."

<Doctor_Light> "…I hate the Foundation sometimes. Okay. Go ahead."

<Imants> "SPIDER" He shoots it with fire and roasts a spider!

Sorts raises his rifle and watches all around. "You guys do the destroying, I'll cover us."

<Olympia> "If that is the case, I will temporarily use your incendiary device."

Sorts shrugs off his flamethrower and hands it to Olympia. He feels much more mobile now. She slips the weapon on easily, her rifle slung beneath it. She then begins to systematically burn everything around her with the exception of her teammates.

Cat sized twitching spiders start falling out of the trees. On fire.

<Doctor_Light> "!!!"

<Imants> "Gah!" He shoots more!

The twitching spiders are consumed by the fire, leaving behind ashes. They make screeching noises as they die

Doctor_Light breaths a sigh of relief. "What about that pit trap, then?"

<Sorts> "They're terrible! God, I hate them!"

<Imants> "Do we have an extra tank?"

<Sorts> "Look just ahead of us, they webbed over the top so we couldn't see…"

Olympia toasts it with a well aimed blast.

Doctor_Light finds a long stick on the ground, and decides she will use it to poke suspicious things. "This will come in handy."

<Olympia> "Let us continue."

Sorts salutes sloppily and presses on.

Imants follows Olympia

Doctor_Light pokes at things on the side of the path and ahead of her, and keeps looking around. Olympia leads on, continually flaming everything. Sorts watches above and beside their path mostly, thinking the spiders weren't so likely to use the same trap over and over. After some time systematically burning the woods the group reach the village.

"Whats that?" says Imants, peering through the smoke.

<Olympia> "The area of the initial infection."

<Doctor_Light> "Yeah. That's it."

<Sorts> "I guess we have to start clearing the houses. Oh god, the place is going to be a death trap."

<Olympia> "If human life is to be preserved, incendiary devices must be used sparingly until all survivors have been evacuated or terminated."

<Imants> "We could always go back for napalm?"

<Dumount> The town wasn't too large, the buildings blocky and old. Each building was made of stone, with little mortar. The gas station was the most modern building.

<Sorts> "Olympia, do you have any way of detecting human life, come to think of it? Can you tell us which houses are occupied or not?"

Dumount looks through the streets.

Olympia concentrates, looking at the village in several different spectrum of light.

<Dumount> "Excuse me, are cars supposed to be moving without drivers?"

<Imants> "No"

<Olympia> "No they are not."

"Shit!" Sorts throws his rifle up and aims for the front tire of the moving car.

"What?" Sophia runs out of the way, in hopes of avoiding its path.

Olympia unslings her rifles and attempts to stop the car.

The car… explodes rather more violently then it should when Olympia shoots it. It's like it was loaded with basement mixed explosives. It also burns quite… cheerily

Imants lights it on fire for good measure. He thinks fire is shiny.

<Doctor_Light> "….Damn."

<Sorts> "Okay, that's it. Car bombs? That's insane. Spider car bombs are insane." Sorts lowers his rifle, glad for Olympia's bigger guns.

<Olympia> "The level of traps SCP-694 is capable of constructing has become much more advanced. Extreme caution is advised."

<Doctor_Light> "Could indicate sapience, or evolution. We should find the nest. If there is one."

<Olympia> "There is a possibility of survivors in the west area of the village. If they are evacuated or terminated, then the village could be safely destroyed.""

<Doctor_Light> "Let's head there, then."

<Sorts> "Roger that, Olympia. I'm right behind you."

<Dumount> "Then… let's head this wa… FUCK" Dumount steps on a manhole, which proceeds to fall away from under him.

Doctor_Light tries to grab Dumount and pull him back.

Olympia tries to do the same and manages to catch Dumount's collar

Sorts throws up his rifle in case of a spider ambush now that another trap has been triggered.

Doctor_Light steps in and helps heave him out, now that he's falling less quickly.

Red eyes shine out of the sewers, and there were… chittering sounds. "Imants. Sewer." orders Olympia.

Imants lights the sewer on fire. ":D"

Sorts covers the storm drain for fleeing spiders.

<Olympia> "Thank you."

The fire, blown into the sewer causes several manholes to explode into gouts of flame.

<Doctor_Light> "Shit! Is that the- no, I guess it's not the spiders."

<Sorts> "Oh excellent, methane."

<Dumount> "This… is getting increasingly unfun. Also, something bit my leg…"

Doctor_Light looks quicksmart at Dumount. "You're kidding."

<Dumount> "I could be hallucinating it. But my leg hurts"

Doctor_Light has a look at that.

<Sorts> "Oh god, I can't remember what that does. Paralysis I think? I should have brought the file."

<Olympia> "Liquification of internal organs and muscle structures"

<Imants> "Should I light him on fire?"

<Olympia> "No."

"You're good, Dumount. Looks like a normal bite. Not from a monster-spider." smiles Doctor_Light.

<Dumount> "Oh, thank god for that"

<Sorts> "What do you mean NORMAL bite? What kind of NORMAL thing was down there in sewer spider central?"

<Doctor_Light> "I don't know, a smaller spider. Imants. No fire."

<Imants> "Awh"

<Olympia> "There is a trap on the radio dish there." She begins to reload her rifle. "Please be ready."

Doctor_Light steps back, wielding her stick.

Sorts aims towards the radio dish and looks around for the point of attack…

<Dumount> "Jesus. These traps are… borked"

<Olympia> "I do not understand the term "borked""

<Imants> "Like corked. With a b."

<Dumount> "Borked… it means fucked up beyond all possible belief"

<Olympia> "Oh. Understood."

<Sorts> "The word was coined when Robert Bork was rejected from being appointed to the Supreme Court. He got 'Borked'"

<Doctor_Light> "Really?" Despite scared of giant spiders, she still likes to learn things.

<Dumount> "It's a reference to Ron Bork, a candidate for the supreme court who's career was ended by the media"

Olympia decides to destroy the device from a distance. BOOM. It's hit by one of Olympia's tank-gun bullets, and shredded.

<Sorts> "That ought to do it."

Olympia reloads her rifle. "We should move forward."

<Doctor_Light> "Nice job. Let's keep looking for the spiders."

Imants is a-goin hunting.

Sorts looks for the next trap

<Doctor_Light> "…You know, is there a chance that what you believe are people, are actually spider clumps disguised as people, Olympia?"

<Sorts> "Oh thanks for that image, Light…"
<Imants> "Fuck!Goddamn sun, getting in my eyes"

Olympia attempts to lead to the west, towards the survivors. "That is a possibility."

<Doctor_Light> "…Kay."

<Olympia> "But in the interest of "morality", it should be inspected." She keeps a constant lookout for further traps.

"Hold up." Sorts points to a suspicious ice cream truck, "That's parked funny."

<Doctor_Light> "And up there." She points at some chimneys. "Damn spiders."

<Sorts> "How are we going to proceed? God."

<Olympia> "There are unusual diagrams in the bookstore."

Suddenly, there is a yell. pooryoric drifts gracefully from the sky in a parachute. "Oh, hi guys!"

Doctor_Light looks up, and grins broadly. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

<Olympia> "Hello Yoric"

<Imants> "Hey Yoric."

<Dumount> "What… the…"

<Sorts> "That was… unexpected, Yoric. Truly."

<pooryoric> "That's a loooooong story. So what's going on?"

<Doctor_Light> "Spiders is what's going on. Do you have a flamethrower on you?"

pooryoric tosses a bouquet of roses to Doctor_Light. "Not generally, no."

Sorts turns to Olympia, "What do you mean unusual diagrams?  Spider webs?"

<Imants> "I have fire!" He lights a dandelion on fire with his flamethrower.

Olympia attempts to gun down any and all spiders and chimneys that are on the roof. "No. Illustrations."

<pooryoric> "Hh, hi Imants, Sorts. Who's this?" Yoric gestures at Olympia.

<Imants> "Dumount's girlfriend"

<Doctor_Light> "…You're impossible, Yoric." She smiles and looks for a place to put them, before shoving them in a crack in her wooden stick.

Olympia> "Sophia Olympia," she grunts, between the crashes of her rifle.

Sorts winces with every shot, but that rifle was coming in handy.

"wait…" Yoric's jaw drops. "Did you just say DUMOUNT'S girlfriend?"

<Imants> "Yeah"

Doctor_Light looks up again. "Chimney spiders. There they are again."

Dumount blinks, then blushes

Sorts raises his rifle to aim at anything that gets past the artillery.

Chimneys shatter and fall as Olympia shoots them. The unholy sound of the spiders screaming can be heard.

<Doctor_Light> "Thanks, Olympia."

<Olympia> "It was necessary."

"Dumount." Pooryoric extends a hand. "Whatever drugs you've used on the poor girl. Now. We need to get her some help immediately."

<Olympia> "Agent Yoric, could you inform me as to your presence in this mission?"

Spiders crawl out of the shattered chimneys of some of the houses, disappearing into bushes and hedges. Not all of the houses are crawling with spiders but several are.

Pooryoric bows. "I am present." He turns back to Imants. "Really Dumount…?"

<Imants> "Yeah… And not really a girl… An organic computer. But who's counting?"

Sorts NAILS a spider scrambling o escape. It screams, and dies.

<pooryoric> "Ah. I see."

<Sorts> "By the way, Yoric, Olympia's like a superhuman cyborg or something." ch-chik goes the rifle as he reloads, "Just so you know."

<Doctor_Light> "Well, partly. I understand 914 and a real human were involved."

<Olympia> "Over forty."

<pooryoric> "Wait… Olympia as in the Olympia Project?"

Sorts takes aim at another hedge.

<Olympia> "Yes."

Dumount nods sadly.

Pooryoric turns back to Olympia. "I'm not actually cleared to talk to you, I'm afraid. Pity about the Dumount bit, by the way, must've been sketchy programming or something. I'm sure the tech division will fix it eventually…" He turns back to Doctor_Light. "So… why spiders?"

<Doctor_Light> "Aw, they get along pretty good, Yoric. And uh, the spiders are crazed trap-building spiders. That lay eggs in your head."

Imants lights hedges on fire.

<Doctor_Light> "We're finding survivors and torching the rest."

Sorts does a good job with sniping the spiders, blasting them apart with a hunters aim.

<pooryoric> "They lay eggs. In your -head-. Seriously?"

<Imants> "Through your eye socket. With an ovipositor."

<Doctor_Light> "You bet. Keep looking around."

<pooryoric> "Well, that's one less worry for me, then."

<Imants> "And they bite, all over"

Sorts hears a loud bang, and a spider is shot out of a chimney at him at high velocity. They're FUCKERS. He's hit in the face with a very angry spider. It splats against him covering him in greenish black blood. It also knocks him to the ground.

<Imants> "D:" He resists lighting Sorts's face on fire.

Apparently the spiders were still having trouble calibrating their traps.

<pooryoric> "see, when i heard 'trap spider', i assumed you meant… webs or something."

Sorts holds very still, which helpfully would allow the others to get the spider guts off of him, but this is not his plan. He is frozen with terror.

<Imants> "No."

Doctor_Light runs over to try to pry the spider off,. "Oh no. We mean traps."

<Imants> "Like, traps. Like, pit traps. Rock traps. Arrow traps. Explosive traps. Suicide car bombs.”

Sorts wipes his face off with his hat. "Thank you, Doctor Light, everyone." He staggers to his feet.

<Dumount> "So… Olympia. Do you think it's worth this to go to the book store

Olympia considers this. "It is not on the mission objectives, and is most likely an attempt to lure us into a trap."

<pooryoric> "Right… well, fuck."

<Doctor_Light> "Let's not, then."
<pooryoric> "Indeed. Do we really want to risk our lives based on the powers of observation of someone willing to date -Dumount-?"

<Imants> "Yup"

<Sorts> "No, I think we should investigate. We need to learn everything about these terrible spiders, the better with which to kill them. Besides, books are flammable."

A large barrel is shot out of a chimney It lands in the center of the group, exploding with force and shooting out bits of webbing

<Imants> "ShiiiiIIIIII!" Imants is flying!

<Doctor_Light> "!!!"

Dumount is hit in a face with a chunk of barrel. Olympia, Light and Sorts are webbed. Yoric and Imants are free. But hurting. Hurting a LOT.

Doctor_Light tries to free herself. "Mmmph"

Imants is no longer flying D; "Unf" He gets up, and staggers over. "Hey Sorts… Fire is a bad idea, right?"

<Sorts> "Do NOT set me on fire!"

<Olympia> "Imants, fire would be counterproductive in this situation."

<Imants> "Right…" He pulls out his knife and starts slicing.

<Sorts> "Thanks, Imants. Be ready for another attack, they're going to come after us in force now!"

Pooryoric immediately begins to tear the webbing off Light. He starts with her face. "Are you okay?"

<Doctor_Light> "Mphaagh. Thanks Yoric. Yeah." She pokes it off a bit more once her arms are free to grab her stick. Off vile spiders!

Olympia attempts to shred the webbing she is encased in, but is having trouble doing so.

Yoric tries to get Light free but a knife is necessary to do so. His bare hands just stick to the webbing, so he starts using a broken bit of metal barrel ribbing.

Imants helps sorts up, then moves to Olympia.

<Olympia> "Thank you."

Sorts covers the group with his rifle while Olympia is freed. He watches for more spiders.

Doctor_Light shakes webbing off, then uses her stick to peel more off of the others. She puts a little in a test tube for future use, then looks around. Pooryoric offers Light his bit of metal. She takes it and helps saw Olympia out.

<Olympia> "Thank you."

<pooryoric> "Guys. These spiders can make bombs. Am I the only one here both surprised and impressed?"

<Sorts> "I'm pissed right now, because when I get sticky, I get pissed. Olympia, can you take out that ice cream truck just for safe measure?"

Dumount is stuck to the ground, with a massive headache

<Olympia> "As soon as I am capable of movement, yes."

Doctor_Light smiles and looks around. "Huh. There's wire or something between those two houses up there." She points at some houses ahead.

"Probably more webbing" says Yoric, stepping over the still-stuck Dumount

Imants is trying to be a helpful harry, hacking at Dumount.

<pooryoric> "No need to be gentle, Imants. If you cut him he can heal himself… eventually."

Eventually, Dumount is cut free "My head HURTS.”

<Imants> "Everyone can heal themselves Yoric."

<pooryoric> "indeed."

Olympia fires at the van with her artillery piece. The van explodes into many fragments of electronic equipment, revealing that it was over a rather large hole in the ground. Frightened and angry cat sized spiders boil out of the hole.

<pooryoric> "Well… fuck."


<Imants> "SHITshitshitshit"

<pooryoric> "That was an unwholesomely large amount of electronics for an ice cream truck. could this have been CotbG or GOC?"

Imants somehow manages to shoot a spider's leg off. This doesn't slow it down.

<Sorts> "I'm thinking it was just the spiders."

<Imants> "Augh! More fire!" He flames the spider, setting a whole swathe of them on fire.

Olympia beats a few spiders with her rifle. They splatter underneath the baton, but one clamps down on her arm, biting deep into it. Sorts clubs some spiders, squashing them with the butt of his rifle. Soon all that's left is twitching spider parts… but everyone's a little bit in pain. The baby spiders, tiny ones, not large enough to leave lethal bites, got some good bites in. And a pair of fangs are stuck in Olympia's arm, with half a head attached to them.

<Imants> "Ow……"

<Imants> "D:"

"Agh." Sophia looks at her gory stick and smiles. A spider is still twitching on the end, and she grinds it in the dirt.

<Sorts> "This is terrible! This is the worst thing ever!" He goes into a fetal position from the pain.

<Dumount> "… I think I can treat that…. I hope I can treat that…"

<pooryoric> "So… Sorts is -not- afraid of spiders. Much."

<Olympia> "I appear to have been bitten."

<Doctor_Light> "Olympia, are you- Fuck." She runs over and attempts to remove it in the most cautious way possible.

Dumount attempts to cauterize the wound to prevent the venom from spreading much.

<pooryoric> “Honestly, she's a robot. Why not just yank it out?”

Olympia's hardened chassis manages to take the damage successfully protecting her from the bite.

Doctor_Light looks around. "Guys. West."

<Olympia> "I believe there may be a type of tank approaching from the north."

<Doctor_Light> "We should keep looking- Wait, a tank? What's a tank doing here?"

<Sorts> "What do you mean a type of tank? Spiders don't drive tanks!"

<Olympia> "Spiders do not normally construct explosive devices either."

<Doctor_Light> "Do you know anything about it? Where it's from, who's in it, anything?" She finds this new detail alarming.

<Olympia> "No." She brushes herself off, wiping the blood from her rifle.

<Doctor_Light> "I vote we hide and watch from afar."

<Sorts> "Wait! Shhh!" He scrambles to his feet. "Of course. Where would survivors go when the world is ending around them?" Sorts whirls and points dramatically, "The church house!"

<Olympia> "You are certain of this?"

Doctor_Light turns and points to a house. "Guys. House with a gun in the window."

<Imants> "DONUTS"

<pooryoric> "I agree with Lights. And Sorts, calm down. They go to the mall. Watch more zombie movies, dude."

Imants dives. He dives for the donuts.

Doctor_Light tries to grab Imants.

<Imants> "Augh!" Imants is caught. "Dude, the donuts!" He winds up getting suspended three meters off the ground by a net of webbing. He's rather close to a box of doughnuts on a park bench

<pooryoric> "Imants, are you crazy again?"

<Doctor_Light> "Let's get behind a house, away from the tank. And get Imants down."

<Sorts> "A gun means surviv… a gun could be a trap. Oh, nice one Imants!"

Imants scratches the back of his head and mutters about venom and such. There's a… sound, and a bunch of rocks start falling as spider built catapults in the park start trying to hit Imants. The catapults seem to be firing automatically… and they give Imants some bruises

Olympia attempts to shoot him down.

Imants looks very nervous.

<Sorts> "I hea-" BANG

Olympia shoots Imants down before they can crush his head.

pooryoric throws a rock at the door of the house with the gun. "KNOCK KNOCK" He throws another rock.

<Sorts> "I heard voices from the church, guys, look, there's spider blood on the roof top there. Someone is inside and fighting back!"

<pooryoric> "if it's a trap, this should set it off…" There seems to be no response to the rock.

<Doctor_Light> "Guys. There's a tank coming in from the north. We have to hide."

<pooryoric> "right, right… plan b."

<Doctor_Light> "We can think from behind a house or something."

<Sorts> "Fair enough, the survivors aren't going anywhere."

Pooryoric grabs Sorts, and drags him to the door of the house.

<Sorts> "Bad touch!"

<pooryoric> "Knock."

Imants rolls over and follows Sorts.

<Olympia> "There is a single human inside, surrounded by an mass of spiders. Odds of human being uninfected is low."

<Doctor_Light> "Dead or alive? The human"

<Sorts> "We've got to hurry! Smash that door down!"

<pooryoric> "A single -live- human?"

<Olympia> "Yes, living."

<Imants> "OK. I suggest we find somewhere else to hide. We should go. And not get bitten."

Pooryoric throws his next rock through the window.

<Sorts> "… "

<Imants> "I am adamant about th-”

<Dumount> "We should try to save him, shouldn't we?

<pooryoric> "OY! climb down!"

<Sorts> "No, it's… it's a trap. Olympia is right."

<Imants> "What the hell yoric?"

<Sorts> "No. He's gone. Forget it. Look." He points to the gun in the window, it's been jammed in there. Whoever is inside was already disarmed, and probably used for eggs.

Imants moves backwards, avoiding webs and such. And traps.

<Doctor_Light> "Any idea about that tank, Olympia?"

<pooryoric> "I don't like the idea of leaving someone helpless like that. If he's infected, whatever that means, we can kill him."

<Olympia> "Burn the house down."

<Sorts> "If he's infected, he doesn't have enough of a brain to feel pain anymore. I agree with the burning plan."

<Dumount> "There are… more comfortable ways to kill someone then to burn the house down."

Olympia reloads her rifle.

<Doctor_Light> "There might be a chance of saving them, it doesn't look like it's been long, but these 8-legged bastards move fast. Let's just shoot them and be done."

[pooryoric looks reticent. "what exactly does infected mean?"

Imants turns his flamethrower towards the house.

<Doctor_Light> "Eggs in brain."

<Sorts> "It means that the spiders shot their brains full of eggs and are keeping them alive to use as bait. Or worse, to send back into human society while the eggs get ready to hatch. Then some guy in the mental ward's head explodes with spiders everywhere and a new infestation starts.""

"Docile, scarred eyeballs" adds Imants. "Alright, house goes woosh," he says and begins to set the house on fire.

Sorts moves away from the house, "We have to get to the church."

<Olympia> "Yes, I agree with Sorts."

Olympia listens to see if she can still hear the tank.

Imants is blinded by a light reflected off of a mirror somewhere. Temporarily. It's a laser pointer light.

<Olympia> "The tank appears to have ceased movement several block to the northwest."

<Imants> "Augh. What the hell? Stop guys."

Sorts points over the roof of a nearby house, "Look, there, the tank's turret. That is a big damn tank."

Imants ducks. "Crap!"

<Sorts> "It's either full of hostile spiders, or potentially hostile people."

<pooryoric> "That's a five man tank… I know how to drive it, if we have enough people."

<Imants> "I can get them out. But I'd rather not go near it."

Olympia raises her rifle firing at the tank, shooting directly down the barrel, hitting the round loaded inside. The turret explodes in a nimbus of flames and shrapnel and shouting can be heard in a really fucking weird language. People who have heard Cindy or Lurker making… fucking weird noises might recognize that sound. Sorts stares at the explosion, mouth agape.

<Olympia> "It appears there may be another party involved,"

<pooryoric> "Called it."

<Imants> "Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. OK, so zombies are cool"

<Sorts> "No they are not."

<Imants> "Big fucking spiders, OK. Tanks, no."

<Sorts> "No. Absolutely not. We need to get to the church."

<pooryoric> "Dude. That's because you've never seen zombies IN a tank."

Sorts checks out the front door of the church for traps. Human and spider set. Pooryoric just knocks on the door.

Two houses on either side of the street blow the fuck up, raining shrapnel everywhere. The blastwave also knocks most everyone flat. It hurts. A lot. You can feel the heat of the open fire. The spiders were clearly attempting to set more lethal traps now, and were obviously not worried about leaving anything for food.

Pooryoric is wounded, and almost regrets insulting Dumount so often, but grins. Worth it.

"This…" Olympia calls out. "Is beginning to get… irritating."

Dumount takes care of Olympia first

<Imants> "Awh…. fuck. Gah"

pooryoric is helped by Doctor_Light.

Sorts isn't burned too bad thanks to his coat, but there is another hat ruined and the wind is knocked out of him. Then Dumount helps Sorts, and helps up Imants.

Pooryoric stands up and dusts himself off with a significant glance at Light.

Dumount moves to Dr light and assists her.

<Olympia> "Thank you Doctor Dumount."

<Sorts> "thanks…"

<pooryoric> "So. Did I do that?"

Dumount walks over to yoric. Looks at him. Think a moment and sighs, patching him up. Pooryoric grins at the band-aid Dumount puts over his already well made bandages.

Then two transformers explode, and power cables, shocking with electricity start flying across the street.

Olympia dodges it. Everyone else gets shocked it seems. Sorts is now a little bit crispy for reals. Dumount has a cable wrapped around him and is twitching like a motherfucker. This is likely quite bad for his health. Olympia quickly pries the electric cable off of him. He smokes, and falls to the ground. "…. I… am still… alive…. somehow…"

Imants is buzzing

<pooryoric> "Imants. Your phone is… nevermind."

<Dumount> "The pain…. is incredible…"

<Imants> "My… phone?" He checks his pockets… he has no phone, but can hear a ringtone anyways. "Uh…. OK. Whatever"

Sorts pulls himself to his feet. He looks towards the wrecked tank to make sure nothing's coming out of it to get them.

<Imants> *click*

Dumount has morphine in his pockets. Plenty of it

Imants pulls himself up, twitching. "Can we go home now?"

Pooryoric is -amazed at the low levels of morphine addiction in the foundation, all things considered.

Olympia digs out a syringe, and applies it to Dumount.

Dumount blinks "Morphine… I see… yeah that'll help a bit…

Olympia then gets up and knocks on the door.

Pooryoric cringes. "That's what I did to get us blowed up!"

Sorts uses his rifle like a crutch and follows Olympia.

The door opens. Several people inside, maybe five, are pointing guns at Olympia

<Olympia> "Ah. Survivors."

They relax "You don't seem to be one of those damn spiders miss."

<Imants> "Shit"

<Sorts> "AAAAAAH!"

<Olympia> "No. I am not."

Sorts hides behind Olympia with no sense of dignity or shame. Imants cringes and hides behind Sorts. No one can see him.

<Olympia> "We have cleared a way through the city and forest to an evacuation point."

"Please… come in, we got food and water. We're waiting for the national guard to bail us out. We called them… got a bit laughed at though…"

<Olympia> "I would request that you venture to evacuation point instead. Please."

<Sorts> "You aren't getting the National Guard, sir. You're getting us." He peels out from behind Olympia.

<pooryoric> "We ARE the guard. Or what's left of it."

"Oh are you with the national guard? We have some wounded… rescued a few people from some traps… stormed a nest"

<pooryoric> "Garrison's gone, so we're in civvies."

<Sorts> "Is anyone with you showing signs of…"

Pooryoric turns to Dumount "Private, see to the wounded."

<Sorts> "…how do I say this?"

Imants stands up.

<Sorts> "Does anyone have any scarring around the eyes? Or dull, distracted behavior?"

<pooryoric> "Ladies and gentlemen, I need your full cooperation. My troops have had a hard day, and we'd like to get this wrapped up as soon as possible. I need you all to submit to Sergeant Olympia for a full evaluation."

Sorts hushes up and lets Yoric do the lying. Not a half bad story.

Pooryoric turns to Olympia "Any infected, escort outside for… treatment."

<Olympia> "Thank you… Lieutenant Yoric."

Pooryoric salutes crisply. "Corporal Sorts!"

"Most of the injured are on the pews"

<pooryoric> "Scout around for ammunition and anything else that seems useful."

Imants is standing next to Yoric looking official. He wonders if he should help Sorts.

<Sorts> "Yoric, I think we should get the survivors out of here and let us treat the injured in the church rather than trying to move them." He's too tired and weary to BS a military posture. He knows that any army that would have him is doomed to failure anyway.

<Olympia> "Ready those capable of movement for extraction."

<pooryoric> "GOD DAMNIT CORPORAL, DO NOT TALK BACK TO ME! The treatment is very invasive, and I do NOT want to expose these civilians!"

<Olympia> "Dumount, examine and tend to the wounded."

"The injured are inside in the pews. Preacher's praying over them.”

<Sorts> "That's why we should move the survivors who are easy to move."

<Sorts> "… I thought Corporals outranked Lieutenants?"

<Olympia> …

Sorts is helping!

<Imants> "….. come with me." He drags Sorts inside.

<Sorts> "Gah! Gerrof!"

<pooryoric> "We have a very nice temporary garrison established here, corporal. A -safe- temporary garrison. hint hint. NOW OBEY ME BEFORE I TEAR OUT YOUR EYES!"

Dumount nods, walking in to examine the injured. "Are there any other pockets of survivors?"

"There's one further to the west in the library. We only survived here because there are more people there and the spiders seem to be focusing on them. This is an old building, we sometimes wake up to spider traps… We've been setting traps throughout the building to get spiders though. They don't much like arsenic"

Sorts is dragged off.

<pooryoric> "Master sergeant Imants! Good man!"

Imants goes to "Secure" the "Perimeter" and gather "Ammunition". He finds the church had ammunition stores… mostly birdshot and slugs for shotguns. There were some pistols and the ammunition for that. There was also tinned food and water

Pooryoric yells at Sorts in his Kondraki voice and watches the poor man struggle not to laugh.

Olympia turns to those assembled. "We have cleared a path to the extraction site. Transport is incoming. It is at this location." She points into the distance. "Unless death is preferable, please go there immediately."

Sorts staggers around a little blankly, leaning on the door frame and keeping quiet lest he eff up the situation with the survivors any more.

<pooryoric> "Excellent work, sergeant! Assume command while i try to radio for more re-enforcements." He salutes Olympia and pulls out his standard issue radio and begins fiddling with it.

"Wait… is she a corporal or a sergeant?"

Sorts leans in the door and smiles wearily, "Forget the details, you will sooner or later."

Imants grabs plenty of ammo, and guns.

<Sorts> "If everyone would please follow me?" Sorts waves his ruined hat and will begin to lead the survivors back to the remote site for coffee and Class A amnesiacs as necessary.

Imants staggers back. He now also has propane. Fuck year.

<Dumount> "Should I go to check the survivors, or should I stay with the group to heal injuries? Olympia? You're team leader…"

<Olympia> "Go check the survivors. The sooner infection is rooted out, the less chance of further infection."

<Dumount> "Yhee ma'am" Dumount says with a flourished bow. "Sorts… lead the way…”

Sorts does not offer any cheerful moral support to the band of survivors who accompany him, but he does keep a clear and paranoid eye out for danger.

They walk back through the burned forest. The survivors look pretty freaked out. Dumount falls into a hole in the ground then crawls out of it cussing up a swarm in romani

<Sorts> "I apologize for the confusion. I would explain more to you now but that is simply not an option. Our facilities are not enough to house you all for very long but they will have to do… and to everyone who has lost family, friends and loved ones in this incident, I am sorry."

"This… doesn't look much like an army base…" The preacher says

Sorts turns and looks at the Preacher, "That is because this is not an army base sir, just as I certainly do not look like a member of the Norwegian National Guard."

"So who are you? One of your men told us you were national guard"

<Sorts> "I can't say any more, sir, I apologize. We will do everything in our power to protect those of you who have survived, but in the course of doing so we may be forced to take certain drastic measures…"

"Drastic… measures?"

<Sorts> "The spiders that have destroyed your town are dangerously intelligent and fast breeding. They pose a critical danger to humanity. Dangers of this scale are not matters of pest control, this is … more like a disease. And the only way to treat it is with quarantine, and when necessary, invasive surgery."

"I… see" The preacher says. "Best of luck son. I will pray for your safety in this quest…"

<Sorts> "Please come inside and make yourselves as comfortable as possible.  There will be
others to arrive with further instructions for all of you later, please cooperate to the best of your ability. And thank you, father."


They enter the relatively clean temporary facilities when suddenly they hear a rather loud scream

Sorts whirls around and lifts his gun instinctively.

Someone had just lost most of an arm to a high powered circular saw being shot out of the saw machine. The temporary facility was compromised.

<Sorts> "Oh god, everyone out, everyone out! DUMOUNT WE HAVE A BLEEDER!"

<Dumount> "Fuck fuck fuck!"

Sorts waves frantically at the others, shouting an order for some of the survivors to drag out the wounded.

Dumount gets out his medkit, grabs the bleeding man, grabs his arm, pours antibiotics on the injured parts. Injects painkillers into the man. Starts sewing the arm back on.

The survivors were in a state of panicked disarray now, everyone trying to do something and no one doing anything

"Stop it! Everyone hold still! This whole place is compromised!" Fortunately, Sorts was good at yelling when things got bad. He shouts the crowd into order when he sees something odd about the light switch and what looks like a square marking on the ceiling of the main room.

<Sorts> "We're going to have to stay outside, the little buggers rigged the whole place. Anything that looks like a place to take shelter is probably trapped. Father, we have a shooting range over here, see that crater? It's probably the least trapped place to be. If we're in the open the spiders can't ambush us and we can fend them off."

The survivors start getting out of the building.

Doctor_Light enters the scene, and herds the survivors out.

Sorts manages to flop sweat even in the cold.

Dumount continues to sew the arm back on

Despite seeing the logic in the usual "no survivors" rule, Sorts is determined to fuck things up as royally as possible by trying to do what's right at least until someone higher in the chain can convince him otherwise.

<Sorts> "Doctor Light, do you have a radio to call for backup?"

Doctor_Light pulls out a small radio-talkie thing. "It was giving static earlier, but I was in a building. Let me try." She attempts to contact a higher authority.

"Wait, we need to think of a good explanation for … you know." Sorts motions with his head to the survivors.

<Sorts> "I wouldn't even call for help if not for that goddamn tank in the city, why was there a tank in the city?"

Doctor_Light listens closely. "Who is this?"

<Agent_Tam> "This is Agent Adrian Tam, identify yourself."

Doctor_Light glances at Sorts, trying to quickly prepare an excuse for the survivors should it come up. "This is Doctor Sophia Light. Nice to hear from you. Doctor Sorts will talk to you."

Doctor_Light hands the radio over.

The survivors were milling around in the weapons testing area uncertainly

<Sorts> "Tell him we're in Norway trying to contain a 693 infe…" takes the radio.

"It's… a bit cold. Do you have tents, space heaters… anything?" the priest asks Dr Lights

<Sorts> "Hey Tam, it's Sorts. We're in Norway trying to contain a 694 infestation, but things went bad. There's someone else here, and they brought a tank. Olympia took it out."

<Agent_Tam> "I am quite aware of the situation. Why have you radioed?"

<Doctor_Light> "We… We might be able to find tarps or space blankets inside the building. I'll take a look." She peers around the building cautiously from the door, looking for supply kits or something.

<Sorts> "Because there was a TANK full of gibbering HOSTILES. I hereby request that the Foundation pony up a few more resources to this situation than a fat art major! We need boots on the ground and … a couple of transport copters should do it. And plenty of Class A medicine."

"… I'm not letting you die in there Light… I can grab stuff…"says Dumount.

<Doctor_Light> "Okay, well, come on then."

Agent_Tam pauses. "I will arrive to assess the situation momentarily, stay put."

Agent_Tam clicks off the radio.

<Sorts> "Okay we're getting Agent Tam. I hope he doesn't bring his gas mask and attitude, but he should be able to fight off the spiders."

<Doctor_Light> "Awesome. Sorts, do you know if there's a supply closet or something- oh, tripwire, shit… Anyways, the civilians are getting cold."

<Sorts> "You went in… DO NOT TURN ON THE LIGHTS!" He moves towards the door but doesn't dare enter the building.

<Doctor_Light> "We're just looking in. Okay. Not turning on the lights."

<Sorts> "Do you see a mark on the ceiling?"

Doctor_Light looks up, but doesn't see anything, when there's the pair hear a chopper sounding…. It gets closer and closer. Then it starts getting further away

Sorts looks at the crater Olympia spent the better part of an hour shooting into the mountainside. If it wasn't trapped, it could be a shelter, despite it was… a ways away. On the other hand, the crater doesn't look trapped.

Eventually, Light finds some tents and some emergency 99% bodyheat reflective environmental blankets on shelves as well as MREs and other emergency supplies.

Several gunshots ring out through the base, with long pauses in between them.

Doctor_Light finds a stick, and pokes around the room, and looks all over before trying anything. She manages to set off three traps without being the target. Knives quiver in the wall, a cat is suddenly smashed flat by a falling TV and a three foot gout of flame from a hole in the wall burns her stick, but she gets to the supply shelves safely. She carefully removes some packages- checking around her all the time- and slips out before dropping all the packages and examining them for spiders when she hears a loud whirring sound and barely avoids stepping on a spinning drill. Sophia swears loudly and carries the packages over.

Agent_Tam enters the range with his gasmask on, a first aid pack slung over his shoulder, a briefcase in his right hand, and his Colt in his left. "Situation Report, Doctor Sorts."

Sorts waves to Agent Tam. "All fucked up."

Agent_Tam places the briefcase on the floor carefully, then stands up and gestures to the survivors. "Who are these?"

Pooryoric catches up with the rest of the group.

Sorts points down the path towards the village, "The village was overrun and is covered with traps. There was also an unknown hostile force, you know that tank I mentioned? Yeah, that. We were able to destroy several nests, and Olympia is still there."

Sorts doesn't mention the survivors, funny that.

"Sorry guys, iIWOAH THAT'S A DRILL. What about my survivors?"

Agent_Tam is still looking at the survivors. "These are not personnel."

<Sorts> "Tam, we're here to kill the fuck out of a bunch of spiders. Olympia cleared us to rescue survivors as possible."

Doctor_Light breathes a sigh of relief and starts opening things up, distributing blankets.

Agent_Tam pauses, then looks to Sorts. "Your mission was to eliminate the outbreak. This is a high-risk security breach, as well as a possible quarantine breach."He turns and points at the survivors. "Have any of you come into contact with these spiders? Step forward."

<Sorts> "We didn't bring the wounded, Tam.  Dumount is here.  If anyone can weed out the infected it's him."

The survivors seem… nervous

<pooryoric> "Oh, hi Tam. We've already checked for infection, and they're class A susceptible."

Dumount is still sewing an arm back on

Agent_Tam pauses. "None of you came into contact with the spiders at any point in time?"

They seem rather… scared of Tam and his gruff manner

Sorts grips his rifle, standing behind Tam.  He was mentally preparing himself to take a headshot if Tam should raise his gun.

<Sorts> "Agent, we need to focus on the spiders in the base."

Agent_Tam seems to ignore Sorts for the time being, and walks up to each of the survivors, staring at them from behind the blinders on his gas mask, trying to read them.


Sorts doesn't have it in himself to raise his rifle, thus he does not take aim.

Pooryoric gives up on keeping a straight face and breaks out in laughter.

They look scared, worried… the usual human emotions after this sort of thing. Some are injured. Some are injured badly. Some have no obvious injuries but are curled up, catatonic.

Agent_Tam turns around. "I require the locations of all personnel, there were supposed to be more of you on this mission."

<Sorts> "No shit.” He wilts a little when he sees that some of the survivors have not reacted to Tam's imposing nature.

<Dumount> "In the city, clearing it out and trying to make it look like a natural disaster.”

<Sorts> "Dumount? I need you to stop what you are doing and isolate those people immediately."

<pooryoric> "Tam, you're awfully formal, man. What's up?"

<Agent_Tam> "I see four of you." He pauses. "Pack up, we are returning to the village to complete the mission. Helicopters are standing by for evacuation as soon as the order is given."

"… Fuck. Yes sir…" Dumount says, finishing the sewing, and grabbing the three catatonic people one at a time and moving them into the storage shed. One woman grabs Dumount as he starts to take a man away "Please… please he's my son!"

<Sorts> "Tam, really? We're getting the choppers for evac?"

<Doctor_Light> "I came with a preliminary scouting team of three, two were lost to the spider traps. I knew that the others would be arriving and met them at the site."

Agent_Tam grabs the woman and pushes her back. "Get in line."

<Dumount> "I'm…. sorry ma'am. I really am…" continuing to drag the people away.

Agent_Tam walks over with Dumount, then nods. "Go prepare with the others."

<Sorts> "Hey Tam? Thanks."

<Dumount> "We're… going back in? Leaving these people here? Well, they've got shotguns at least…"

<Agent_Tam> "We are taking the survivors back to the village."

<Sorts> "Those people already survived, they can take care of themselves. We… "

<Agent_Tam> "Everyone prepare."

<Sorts> "Tam you said the choppers were coming back for evac!"

<Agent_Tam> "They will be arriving at the village on the order."

Sorts doesn't quite believe it, but he doesn't have the guts to say so.

Agent_Tam turns to look into the storage shed. "Are we ready to leave immediately?"

<Sorts> "We never had a chance to settle down, so yes."

Doctor_Light distributes the space blankets and gathers the villagers. "I think so."

<pooryoric> "Tam, you're about to do something terrible, aren't you?"

Agent_Tam brings his left arm up, Colt in the gloved hand, and lets off three gunshots.

Pooryoric looks morose.

Agent_Tam lowers the Colt, walks back over, and picks up the briefcase.

Doctor_Light signals the villagers to follow, and then watches the hell out for spiders.

Sorts helps to move the survivors now, acting more like a shepherd than a leader.

Pooryoric follows, watching Light.

Agent_Tam walks up to the front of the group and starts carefully making his way through the Site. "We have transportation to get back to the village?"

Light… sees a fucking HUGE sider, bigger then a horse in the distance. It vanishes as you look at it, quite possibly noticing you notice it.

<Doctor_Light> "…Alpha and omega." She swears. "TAM! STOP!"

<Dumount> "Only foot transportation… no vehicles…"

<Doctor_Light> "Pit trap, dead ahead!"

Agent_Tam continues walking until he's right at the edge.

<pooryoric> "Tam. we don't ever have choppers for WOAH SHIT THAT'S A HOLE."

It's a covered pit trap, covered with felled leaves and branches, set to go off when enough weight was on it.

Agent_Tam reaches into a pocket and pulls out a bolt, tossing it in front of him.

<Sorts> "That's a new trap, they dig fast"

<Dumount> "Damn they're fast"

<Doctor_Light> "And there was a massive spider, bigger then any of the others, in the distance, although it moved away. Look, you should get a stick and poke in front of you as you walk."

<Dumount> "Look up. They like to do things above us as well…"

<Sorts> "Light, give me a direction. I'll get that spider."

Agent_Tam holsters his Colt calmly, and pulls out a TMP, wielding it one handed.

Doctor_Light points in the direction. "It was way off, but it was larger then a car. It moved away."

Agent_Tam follows Dumount's instruction of looking up.

<Sorts> "I can take it, Tam, cover me. I'm sure it's not alone."

Sorts crouches and readies his rifle.

Pooryoric moves toward Light determinedly. "you're the biologist, Sophia is this one more or less terrifying than the dog sized ones?"

<Doctor_Light> "It was the size of a car, Yoric. Hell, maybe it dug that hole."

Spiders clamber to the top of some of the nearby trees, weaving a net over the group.

<Sorts> "There's a net above us, get them!" He doesn't aim up, seeing a large spider, though it's not as big as the one Light mentioned.

Agent_Tam brings his TMP up and starts firing small bursts at the spiders.

Doctor_Light looks up, swears, and attempts to backtrack out of its path

Tam shoots down three spiders and the rest flee, leaving the remnants of the halfwoven net to fall.

<pooryoric> "So… about the same amount of terrifying, then."

Agent_Tam rolls out of the way of the falling net, and manages to not get hit by the sticky falling web. Dumount is less lucky.

Sorts takes careful aim…

Pooryoric facepalms, grabs the edge of the web and begins dragging Dumount out of harm's way.

<Dumount> "Why me always?"

<pooryoric> "Because I hate you. Sorry, because the world hates you. I got a bit distracted there."

Sorts… hit the fucker in an eye, blowing a considerable chunk of its head off. It royally flips the fuck out and skitters behind cover. "I guess spiders don't keep their brains behind those."

<pooryoric> "Sophia, come help me with the dumbass."

"Continue moving forward,” orders Agent_Tam, getting up with his suit still clean despite rolling through the dirt to evade being netted.

Pooryoric gestures at the bewebbed Dumount and Light.

"Fancy meeting you here Light" Dumount says dryly

Pooryoric moves a bit of webbing over Dumount's mouth and makes sure it sticks, then starts cutting Light free.

The group trumps through the last of the forest, easily following the path of burnt trees back to the village, whereupon they meet Olympia, who was torching the stone buildings with little success.

<Olympia> "I am beginning to irrationally dislike this species as time continues."

<Doctor_Light> "Doesn't this experience make it rational?"

<Olympia> "Not to the extent of which I am feeling this "dislike"."

<Sorts> "Hatred is perfectly rational, if you ask me. It gets a bad rap from the warm fuzzy crowd."

<Olympia> "Possibly."

"I swear… to god… I am never looking at spiders the same again" Dumount wheezes, tired from the walk back.

<Olympia> "Doctor Sorts, why are you returning with spiders?"

Sorts leans on his rifle, out of breath from all the hiking around, "The base was compromised. I wanted to camp out in the open but Agent Tam's marching us all off back to the village. Wait, spiders? Are they following us?"

<Olympia> "That is unfortunate. I had originally planned to saturation bomb this area with a large amount of incendiary devices."

<Sorts> "Olympia, I think that's probably Tam's idea too but I am worried he wants to leave our refugees there," Sorts whispers, standing close to Olympia so no one could hear. And also because she's the invincible cyborg.

<Doctor_Light> "Guys. Those leaf piles are moving." She points with her stick to some by the library. “I suggest fire."

<pooryoric> "Indeed. Where is Imants?"

<Olympia> "There appears to be a survivor or survivors within that abode to the left."

<Sorts> "Oh god."

<Olympia> "But they are screaming."

<Sorts> "Everyone we have to move, there's a puddle pouring down the street towards us and I bet it is fire. Er, gasoline I mean. Which will become fire. Like really quickly"

<Olympia> "Everyone please move ahead. I will investigate the house."

Doctor_Light and Sorts starts herding people ahead and away from the moving liquid. Hopefully there's no more traps ahead.

<Sorts> "They're going to try to box us in, we need to find a way to keep our path clear.<pooryoric> "Guys. There's… just ew. They can infect animals now, too, apparently."

<Doctor_Light> "Okay. Away from the gasoline, then. Wait, what?"

Yoric is pointing to an animal, a dog, with spiders crawling out of it's eyes

<Doctor_Light> "…Kill it with fire."

<Sorts> "No!"

<pooryoric> "so, my trauma meter's full for the day, guys."

<Sorts> "Wait, they're trying to force our moves. We need to do something new."

Pooryoric raises imants flamethrower he acquired through judicious use of PLOT MAGIC and fries the canine abomination.

Doctor_Light> "We could turn back. Or go a different way."

Olympia darts into the house, watching warily for traps, spiders or signs of the screaming. Within the house were five moderately large spiders. They had cornered a woman who's hands were full of food and supplies. She was screaming at them, and they were… playing with her like a cat plays with a mouse, jumping at her, tripping her, slowly hitting her with webbing. Olympia begins to bludgeon the beasts out of her way, squashing them with the butt of her rifle. She hits a spider, hard. It's chitin shatters unlike the usual squishing. The other spiders make noises much like a cricket chirp… and smaller spiders come out of the breadbox the refrigerator, and one of the cans of food that the woman was trying to carry causing her to scream more. Olympia briefly pauses, then attempts to hitch throw the woman over her shoulder, leave, and toast everything on the way out with her flamethrower. The spiders attack, webbing coming very close to her, and one of them jumps on her back but is quickly thrown off by some shaking, allowing Olympia make it out safely.

Sorts looks for something that could be dragged or dropped into the street to block the oncoming puddle, rallying some of the fit looking survivors to help him pull a nearby fence apart to block the water."

<Doctor_Light> "Fuck- Olympia, I see someone." She points to some webbing clumps.

Agent_Tam finishes looking around, having ignored everything that was going on. "I see. Everyone get ready for extraction."

<Sorts> "Are there choppers coming? Because we need some fucking choppers."

Agent_Tam grabs a radio from inside his suit jacket. "Bring them in. Two will be more than enough."

<Dumount> "Two? What about the survivors? Two's only enough for the foundation personnel..

<Agent_Tam> "Two is enough for your group, and me." He points at Dumount. "Get the team ready," he says, putting the radio in his pocket and walking away with the briefcase.

<Dumount> "…. Tam… what the hell are you doing ?"

Agent_Tam ignores Dumount, walking towards the church.

Pooryoric follows tam. "Tam, what's your plan?"

"My plan is as the mission follows. Contain the outbreak," replies Tam, stepping into the church.

<pooryoric> "and your method?"

Agent_Tam looks to Yoric, then turns around and moves up to one of the higher levels of the church.

<Sorts> "Dumount, did we leave the infected behind in the church or no?"

<Dumount> "Sorts I haven't had much TIME to sort them. I left most of the ones who are infected there. We might still have some with us"

<Sorts> "That will have to be enough. We can't save everyone without risking more death."

Olympia then tries to catch up with the group, still carrying the woman, her flamethrower and a seven foot long rifle.

Doctor_Light is looking everywhere and still poking with her stick

Sorts after finishing the improvised dam under Light's watchful eye, Sorts waves Olympia over, "Nice work!" She hands him the still screaming woman. "Thank you." Sorts collapses under a screaming woman. It isn't as fun as it could have been.

<Olympia> "It was the… "moral" thing to do."

Dumount blinks and then hugs Olympia "Thank you." He looks… rather nervous, puckering a little…. then stops "No.. There's a mission on…"

<Olympia> "I am simply implementing the information you explained to me."

<Dumount> "Yes but still…. thank you."

Doctor_Light points down the street to the north. "What the hell. They're drawing what looks like a tank. We need to do something fast."

<Sorts> "Drawing? What?"

Pooryoric looks back at Light. “Drawing?"

<Doctor_Light> "They're drawing what looks like plans. Involving a tank. I'm not kidding, look closer."

<pooryoric> "The… spiders are?"

<Sorts> "Oh god, they must have been studying the tank we blew up.  They're way too smart to live."

Agent_Tam returns down to the front of the church to meet Yoric again. "Assemble the team, the helicopters will be here soon. Bring the survivors here." He no longer has the briefcase.

<pooryoric> "Tam. There are no evac choppers, are there? That case was a bomb."

There are… very catatonic or obviously mentally damaged people in the church

Agent_Tam simply shoots the catatonic and mentally damaged people, using only one round from his Colt. Outside the survivors flinch with each gunshot. Agent_Tam turns to Yoric after shooting the last one he sees. "Bring the survivors inside." He orders in a monotone voice. "There are evac choppers. Two."

<pooryoric> "For us. I understand."

<Sorts> "No. They're not infected."

<Olympia> "Are they capable of withstanding this many people?"

Pooryoric walks outside. "Bring the survivors here to await evac, guys!" He looks away from the shuffling survivors.

Doctor_Light is troubled, but will leave the issue with Tam and keeps watching for MOTHERFUCKING SPIDERS in a MOTHERFUCKING CHURCH

<Sorts> "Not to the church, that's crazy! We just got them out of there!"

Agent_Tam> "These are orders from the Foundation. I am to ensure the containment of this outbreak and the survival of this team."

<Olympia> "My orders are to completely sterilize the outbreak."

<Agent_Tam> "Affirmative," he says to Olympia.

<Olympia> "Good."

<pooryoric> "I… I understand, Tam. but there's orders, and then there's…"

The “water” finally runs down to the steps of the church and those assembled realize that the… water… isn't water. Nor is it gasoline. It smells rather funky, and with a sinking feeling most realize it's liquefied human insides, liquefied by the spider's venom

<Sorts> "Oh god, why? Why would they do that?"

"Psychological warfare," Dumount says.

<Agent_Tam> "Bring the survivors in here. Await return."

Agent_Tam climbs up another level, disappearing into the church.

<Doctor_Light> "Tam, I hear things in the rafters. Watch out."

<Sorts> "NO, for the last time we're not taking the survivors back to the church. Screw this, I know what he's going to do. Olympia, let's escort the ones we can save to the firing range."

<pooryoric> "Sophia tam wants to kill the survivors."

<Sorts> "We'll wait for more helicopters if we have to."

<Olympia> "Understood. That would not be moral. Efficient admittedly, but not moral."

<Agent_Tam> <Several gunshots ring out in the church, and Tam reappears.>

Sorts> "God bless you, Olympia, swear to God I am going to love you forever…. Platonically."

Doctor_Light sighs at this. "I know. I'd rather it was some other way."

"One task before we depart. Destroy everything on our way out." Olympia then begins blasting everything structure around her with the flamethrower."

<pooryoric> "should we obey that order, do you think?"

<Sorts> "I don't think Tam can take Olympia, so might makes right. I don't care what he orders."

<Doctor_Light> "I don't see a way not to. If we can, I'd urge them to run into the forest. To the nearest town."

Agent_Tam looks around and finds a nice spot to set the case down. He then flips the case open and hits a red button before ripping it out of the case and discarding it.

<Dumount> "I… Think the people in the library… I… fuck Sorts.. That puddle was the people in the library!""

Pooryoric steps outside. "Sorts! Tam says get the survivors in here!"

<Sorts> "Then we have nothing more to do here."

<Dumount> "Y…yes…" He shudders, looking… dead inside and a bit hopeless "Let's… get out of here,”

<Olympia> "As Agent Tam is under his own jurisdiction, he may remain here"

Sorts starts herding the survivors out of town, back towards the base and the firing range.

Agent_Tam blinks and brings up his Colt, aiming at Sorts." Doctor Sorts, what are you doing?"

<Olympia> "EVERYONE! Let. Us. Go .NOW." She's feeling… slightly upset. Slightly.

pooryoric looks at tam. "Stand down, Tam. The situation has changed."

<Sorts> "You heard Olympia, Tam, we're getting out of here."

Doctor_Light looks to her side. "Spiderfuckspider" She hits a nearby non-moving spider with her stick. The spider bites the stick. "Spider!"She shrieks, jumping back and dropping the stick.

<Agent_Tam> "My mission is to ensure the containment of this outbreak by any means necessary. Survival of the townspeople is a risk to the containment."

<pooryoric> "You, me, and Light can go with the first wave of evac choppers, Tam. we haven't broken any orders."

Yoric and Sorts together successfully kill the spider, with a gun and a boo, though it manages to get some webbing on Light's face… which looks like… yeah….

Agent_Tam lowers his Colt. "Fine, extraction point will change to the site. We will all board and send another wave to pick up the survivors."

<Doctor_Light> "Thanks- iggh" She claws at it.

pooryoric looks at light. "Be -careful-. We have a date later. Here." He helps her removes the webbing, and hands Light her stick.

Agent_Tam holsters his colt and nods. "Move forward, towards the site, that is an order."

<Sorts> "Thank you, Agent Tam. I'll take the heat for the extra expense."

Agent_Tam does not respond, instead moving back towards the site, making it painfully clear he doesn't like the survivors.

<Doctor_Light> "Thank you." She shakes the spider off the stick and starts moving back the way they came from, WATCHING THEM SPIDERS

Sorts does what he can to keep the people in line. He does apologize to the preacher for dragging everyone back to town, but the truth was he didn't dare stand up to Agent Tam without Olympia around.

<Doctor_Light> "Which way do we go back? They way we came?"

<Sorts> "Back to base, the firing range is open ground, hard for the spiders to trap us there."

<Doctor_Light> "There's a human figure in that tent." She points.

"… What the hell is… going on anyway?" The preacher asks

<Sorts> "A tent? What the?"

"Classified information," Tam says next to the preacher.

<Sorts> "Well, father, giant super intelligent spiders are killing everyone. I think that about sums it up."

Doctor_Light points at a tent with a light on the inside. “Uh, guys,”

<Sorts> "There couldn't possibly be a living person in that tent, with so many of the bugs in the forest."

There was indeed a human shadow on the walls of a tent in the distance

<pooryoric> "We need to call in for backup, guys. A MTF team, minimum."

<Agent_Tam> "Negative, we will not waste valuable resources. We will extract as planned."

"Why are we… walking back and forth… over and over…"

<Agent_Tam> "Plans have changed."

<Olympia> "I believe increasing the speed of this procession would be intelligent, as there is yet another tank approaching from the north."

Pooryoric turns to the preacher, glaring at sorts. "Preacher man, this is General Howitzer Tam of the National Guard. He's taken personal control of the situation and does -NOT- need to be pestered with questions."

"… you're not the national guard…"

<Sorts> "Because the truth is, father, the world is constantly teetering on the edge of destruction and the only people who keep it from falling into the abyss are extremely disorganized."

<pooryoric> "Corporal Sorts. Shut the hell up."

Agent_Tam turns to Yoric. "No.These men will be given Class A's upon secure extraction."

<Doctor_Light> "Can I be a captain?"

<Sorts> "Oh jeez, Yoric, you and I both know this is going to be a job for amnesiacs anyway."

Pooryoric grins at the preacher. "I tried, man. Now they come in later and make you forget."

"Amnesia… what?!"

<Olympia> "That is irrelevant."

Agent_Tam turns to the preacher. "We are a part of a group that works at protecting humanity as we know it By any means necessary.."

<Sorts> "Wouldn't you RATHER forget?"

Doctor_Light is kidding. She motions to everyone to keep up. By the way, they know English?

<Agent_Tam> "Any further questions will be met with execution. Understood?"

<Sorts> "Okay, we're moving, things are okay… where is that frigging tank again?"

As Olympia approaches the tent three trees fall, each narrowly missing her. Then shrapnel is launched from the remnants of the fallen tank at high velocity, some of it injuring the refugees.. then the tent fucking explodes, and high velocity spiders fly out of it. and THEN the ground falls away as smoke pours out of a hole in the ground, falling into a burning pit. SOMEHOW… Olympia emerges from all of this unscathed as electrical energy arcs from what looks like a Tesla coil into one of the downed trees.

Pooryoric just gapes. holy overkill, batman.

<Sorts> "Let's get these people moving! We're under fire! Go go go!"

The survivors look…. very shocked

<Dumount> "… Holy fuck… Olympia are you alright?!"

"I am fine," she replies, dusting herself off, and setting a punishing pace towards the base.

<Doctor_Light> "Move! Move!"


Pooryoric glares at Sorts. "And NOW you talk like a military man."

<Dumount> "Keep a sharp eye ahead, they like planting pit traps along routs we usually take!"

<Sorts> "It's hard for me to get into character, Yoric."

<Doctor_Light> "There's a live wire across the road up ahead."

Agent_Tam fires his gun in the air. "START MOVING OR I WILL SHOOT YOU."

The survivors start moving… Towards the live wire

<Sorts> "Olympia, can you trip that trap for us?"

<Olympia> "Affirmative,"

Olympia fires her gun at the trap, clipping the wire and it goes down, apparently snipping the correct end because it was no longer live. The survivors begin to stampede past the wire

<Sorts> "Great work! Let's go!" He waves his burned hat.

Agent_Tam follows up the rear, making sure EVERYONE is moving.

Olympia reloads and continues on.

Pooryoric follows.

Amazingly… miraculously.. the only other trap on the way BACK to the base was a trap that seemed to launch bears from a cannon…. It didn't work very well.

<Olympia> “…”

<pooryoric> "Wait, really?"

<Olympia> "That is highly illogical."

<Sorts> "I bet there's a spider behind that who has a Russian accent."

<Doctor_Light> "… Now they're just getting desperate."

<Dumount> "… Olympia I am worried by the way the spiders are developing a sense of humor"

<Sorts> "Good. I hope we can teach them to be scared, next."

<Doctor_Light> "Oh, I think we will." She keeps moving everyone forward, upon noting the malfunctioning bearcannon.

<pooryoric> "Sorts. That was actually pretty clever."

<Olympia> "It is irrelevant. Within hours, they will no longer be alive."

They manage to reach the base mostly unharmed… But the base does NOT look safe. There are parts from the tank scattered through out the base. A large bomb with an red LCD countdown on it is on the roof. The countdown is perfectly visible 60 min left.

<Sorts> "Once we have the people safe in the field, we should go check out that new tank."

<Doctor_Light> "…Huh."

<pooryoric> "God DAMNIT Tam!"

<Sorts> "Tam! Goddammit was that you?"

Agent_Tam holds up a flare and cracks it open, tossing it forward to signal the choppers. "There is more than enough time to escape."

Doctor_Light hears Yoric's thing, and turns to Tam.

<Sorts> "Well logically the base has to go anyway."

<Agent_Tam> "The choppers will arrive in minutes, a second wave of choppers are prepping to rescue the survivors. We will equip them with weapons and armor to defend themselves while they wait for extraction."

<Doctor_Light> "Very well."

<Sorts> "I'm staying to make sure the people are loaded and that we get a cover story together."

Agent_Tam looks at Sorts. "Negative, the entire team must be on board the first wave. O5 orders." He seems dead fucking serious about this.

Doctor_Light looks further inside. "Those spiders are talented. And based on the look of that base, I'm not sure the display is accurate. Notice the whole thing is shaking, and the innards are are clockwork."

<Olympia> "Agent Tam, I believe this may be a subversion."

Pooryoric grits his teeth at tam. "You lying… fuck it. "

<Sorts> "I don't believe you. Check that, I believe the O5 part. But I'm still going to stay behind for the second wave. I'm probably dead either way."

<Doctor_Light> "One of the overseers likes Gerald, you might be able to work something out." She shrugs. "But the base doesn't look safe at all, even for having a bomb on it."

<Agent_Tam> "Unless you wish to take up the orders with the Overseers, Doctor Sorts…"

<Sorts> "I already am by pushing this issue, Tam."

<Olympia> "I will board the second evacuation helicopter as well."

<Agent_Tam> "The survivors will be secured. If necessary, I will stay behind and ensure their survival."

<Olympia> "Good. You will. This is an order."

Sorts is going to buy Olympia so many flowers.

<Agent_Tam> "I am an expendable asset to the Foundation."

<Olympia> "As am I."

<Sorts> "You and me bo…. oh shit."

Two helicopters fly by and start coming in for a landing… Then there's a… a sound like a coffee machine trying to pass an aluminum bat. Something red flies out of the forest. It strikes one of the choppers… The chopper starts to spin in the air, having lost it's stabilizer.

Agent_Tam quickly slips the M14 out of his jacket.

<pooryoric> "Guys! They're shooting at the choppers! Was that… a bear?"

<Sorts> "It came from over there!  Tell the other chopper to pull back!"

Agent_Tam points at the chopper. "GET ON BOARD, NOW."

<Olympia> "It is worthy to note that there is a high probability of an extremely large post adult specimen of SCP-694 in the area."

Another red hot thing hits the glass of the chopper, and the chopper crashes to the earth. It does NOT explode, but the pilots are most certainly dead.

Agent_Tam brings up his M14 and starts scanning where the red things came from

<Doctor_Light> "Olympia is right. I saw one earlier."

Pooryoric runs to the crashed chopper.

<pooryoric> "Light! Come check these pilots! I… don't -think they're alive, but…"

<Agent_Tam> "There is no time, board the chopper and leave. I will stay here to secure the survivors and ensure their survival. Command, I require an additional three helicopters."

<Olympia> "The helicopter does not seem to be functional at this time. It requires repair and replacement of several essential parts"

Doctor_Light looks at Tam, then runs to look at the pilots. “What do you mean- Tam, I see it, there's a massive one setting off fireworks in the woods. You can see it from here." She points into the woods, where there is a giant spider setting off fireworks.

<Sorts> "Tam, how about you and me head to find their anti-aircraft cannon?"

Pooryoric turns to Doctor_Light. "I dunno what Tam's trying to pull, but after the conversation he, Sorts, and the preacher had, Class-A Amnesiacs are no longer an option here. He's planning -something-."

<Sorts> "Olympia! I need to borrow your rifle!"

<Olympia> "I apologize Dr. Sorts, but it is much too heavy for you to utilize."

The other chopper is landed… it rests on the ground. The pilot looks… frightened

Agent_Tam turns to the survivors. "GET INSIDE THE BUILDING FOR COVER."

"Are you kidding? That building looks like a death trap!"

Doctor_Light approaches and sighs at that. "He may well be planning to kill the survivors. I'd like to get more information before doing something drastic, though."

"Don't listen to him!" Sorts urges the preacher.

<pooryoric> "Too late. If he doesn't kill him, the 'extraction team' will. Like I said, it's too late for class As. Sorts wanted to help, but I think he was signing their death warrants."

<Doctor_Light> "…He still might not kill them. I feel like I don't know him well when he's in the field. I'd like to help the survivors if I can, but the spiders also need to be dead."

<pooryoric> "He's… a different person when he's on a mission, Sophia"

Agent_Tam fires at the Launcher with his M14, while Olympia fires at the spider with her tank rifle. Tam hits the launcher, causing it to explode into bright shiny colors and sparks in a merry display. Olympia's anti-tank round slams into the spider, and blasts it into a fountain of gore. Everyone in the area is showered with big fucking spider guts. The thing was a good deal bigger then a car. "Threat neutralized" intones Olympia as Agent_Tam stands up and lowers his M14.

<Dumount> "… That's… wow…"

Pooryoric wipes spider bits off his glasses.

Agent_Tam wipes the lenses of his S10 off with his sleeve.

<Sorts> "Okay I don't need to borrow your rifle anymore."

Dumount hugs Olympia again. She just stands there, unsure of how to respond. He kisses Olympia blinks, and skitters nervously onto the helicopter. She widens her eyes, somewhat shocked.

Agent_Tam says nothing, then nods to the others. "Doctor Sorts." He waves Sorts over. ''Doctor Sorts, I require your presence."

Sorts gives Tam a baleful look, and then looks at the preacher. Finally he relents and approaches the Agent first. "Alright, alright."

Agent_Tam leans in and speaks only loud enough for Sorts to hear.

Doctor_Light shrugs. "I know. I'll see what I think. I need to judge the situation. Let's go back to the rest of them and do what we can."

<pooryoric> "Right, right."

Doctor_Light moves away from the pilots and goes back to near the others. Looking all around.

Pooryoric follows Light.

Doctor_Light looks over. "That timer's not working right. We have less then an hour. It's going too fast."

<pooryoric> "What should we do?"

<Olympia> "Why is there a large concentration of tank parts in this area?"

<Doctor_Light> "We need to evacuate now. We could go through the forest and try to find a meadow for the other copters. We shouldn't stay around here."

The chopper that was not shot down lands…

Agent_Tam stands up and nods to Sorts, then walks over and taps the preacher on the arm. "Can you use a gun?"

"I… Yes, I hunt…" the preacher says.

Pooryoric grabs light. "Here's the first chopper. Go."

<Doctor_Light> "Very well. I'll keep a radio connection."

Pooryoric kisses Light, the swiftly helps her into the chopper. "Good luck."

<Agent_Tam> "We are on a strict time line, Doctor Sorts and I will stay behind with the others."

<Olympia> "As will I."

<Agent_Tam> "Negative, Two is more than enough. If we do not escape the blast radius in time, we cannot risk losing you. Three choppers are inbound, they will take us out of the blast radius."

<Sorts> "I think it would be safe for you to go now, Olympia, thank you though."

"… I'm useless.." Dumount says with a sigh, entering the chopper"I will cure injuries on landing…”

<Olympia> "I have several copies of my physical body at the facility. I will be fine."

"O…Olympia… good luck…" Dumount says nervously, looking… freaked out by her statement about other bodies.

<Olympia> "Goodbye Doctor Dumount."

<Dumount> "G…Goodbye…"

<Agent_Tam> "As it were, I would prefer if Doctor Sorts would leave with you to minimize casualties in the event that the safe-zone is not moved in time."

<Sorts> "Holy cow you're like a prettier Bright."

<pooryoric> "Tam. I'm staying."

Agent_Tam stares at Yoric. "You are putting the safety of these men and women in grave danger by not boarding that chopper. The pilot will not lift off until everyone is on board"

<pooryoric> "These men and women have no need of me, and I've spoken to the pilot."

After yelling himself hoarse about the survivors, Sorts finds himself unable to speak up about who is staying and going. Sorts also looks much more comfortable around Tam at the moment.

The timer's on thirty. It's only been 25 minutes

<Agent_Tam> "It will take 20 minutes to reach minimum safe distance. The second wave will arrive shortly. There is no time for shenanigans, board the chopper and leave." He takes out one of his colts and hands it to Sorts. "Shoot me if I try anything."

Pooryoric sighs, and looks over at Doctor Light in the chopper. "I think you're lying, Tam. I really do. But you're the… hah… superior… officer." Yoric walks to the chopper and climbs aboard.

<Olympia> "I am unable to leave until my objectives have been completed. I will remain"

<Sorts> "Huh? Oh goodness, no, I'm awful with handguns, Tam."

Agent_Tam is still holding the gun out. Sorts takes it if only to reassure the others. God, the colt was heavier than his rifle… "It's okay, Yoric, see you at the base."

<Olympia> "Goodbye Agent Yoric."

Pooryoric waves at sorts and Olympia over his shoulder as the chopper takes off.

Agent_Tam stands perfectly still. "So be it." He says, waving to the pilot.

<Sorts> "Thank you Tam. I appreciate this."

The chopper takes the fuck off. "People… We're getting out of here BOH!" The pilot says, flooring it. The flying was the riskiest, fastest, SCARIEST fucking piloting you've ever seen.

<Olympia> "Is there any possibility to postpone the detonation?"

<Sorts> "You'd know better than me, ma'am."

<Agent_Tam> "The failsafes have been deactivated. We should not even be here."

<Olympia> "Why did you perpetrate such an action?"

<Agent_Tam> "Orders." He says to Olympia.

<Olympia> "Oh. Understood."

Three choppers appear, and land…

Sorts looks incredibly guilty for a moment then turns to converse with the Preacher about what the future holds, and what they need to do to continue surviving. It was a speech he'd been given not long ago. The preacher nods, responding with the nature of god and how he was protecting us.

<Agent_Tam> "Survivors, in Choppers one and two."

<Sorts> "Okay, that's our ride, eh? Let's go"

<Agent_Tam> "Olympia, Sorts, myself. Chopper three. The choppers will be taking them to another site for processing. We will be returning to Site 17 immediately for debriefing." He moved towards Chopper 3.

Sorts starts to protest but he's caused enough havoc. He slinks off to the third chopper.

<Olympia> "Define "Processing"

<Agent_Tam> "Class A Amnesiacs or recruitment."

Olympia regards Tam with an unreadable expression.

Agent_Tam stands inside Chopper 3, waiting for Olympia.

The choppers begin to take off once everyone is loaded aboard. There's not enough choppers for all of the survivors but… but some people are willing to give up their seats for others. The preacher waves from the ground as the choppers blades continue to spin ever faster. "Go… with god's blessing"

Sorts waves his hat to the preacher, then covers his face. All of this, and in the end he was too cowardly to stay behind after all.

<Agent_Tam> "We can bring the Preacher. He will be of value to the Foundation."

<Sorts> "He'd be a good asset, yes."

Agent_Tam waves the Preacher over.

Olympia picks the man up, and gets in.

<Sorts> "But who you going to throw out? You know that guy is going to be even worse than me about this stuff."

<Agent_Tam> "Unfortunately, the location must be kept secret. Olympia, please sedate

The preacher is rather startled by being lifted by Olympia. She presses a point in his neck, and knocks him unconscious, then drops him into a seat and buckles him in.

"Yip… you're… rather strong miss…. mi…" he falls unconscious.

The choppers take off… Choppers one and two peel off heading for the town

Chopper three flies the fuck out of there… high velocity, low to the treetops…

<Olympia> "Agent Tam, the survivors seem to be heading in the wrong direction."

"They're going to be processed." Sorts says hollowly.

You see… a flash, and then you hear… thunder. The chopper shakes and shudders, getting
flipped through the air by the explosion. The chopper is upside down now…And then right side up…And finally it levels out… heading back to the Foundation, the pilot sweating hotly.

Agent_Tam takes off his S10 and grabs a nearby bucket, dropping to his knees and vomiting into it profusely.

Sorts grips his seat as the chopper is tossed about. You know what? Still not worse than space.

Pooryoric looks out the window of the first chopper at the distant explosion. "Called it."

<Olympia> "Agent Tam, you lied."

Agent_Tam coughs. "Oh god… oh god why?" He is quite visibly and audibly crying on the floor."Why the hell did you DO that?" He yells out in the plane. "NO. FUCK YOU, WE COULD'VE SAVED THEM."

Olympia's expression grows darker.

<Olympia> "You negated the actions which I had performed for the entirety of my mission."

Agent_Tam slams his gloved fist into the bottom of the chopper. "I DON'T CARE IF IT WAS ORDERS THEY COULD'VE BEEN RE-RELEASED."

Sorts finally comes to and stares off at the remains of the town, realizing what happened to the rest of the survivors. All he had done was throw away the lives of the pilots in addition to the others…

Agent_Tam grabs the bucket and vomits again, muttering to himself. "Fuck you… you're nothing, you don't understand at all. If you did, you'd have let me save them."

Olympia looks at him in a mixture of contempt and confusion. "I do not understand. Agent Tam appears to be suffering from mental distress."

Agent_Tam clutches at his head, curled up on the floor.

<Sorts> "He's better at lying to himself than I am, I guess."

<Olympia> "I had originally felt… pressure. An urge to strike him."

<Sorts> "Don't. It's my fault."

<Olympia> "Now, all I feel is… hollow."

"Choppers one and two were remote piloted" the pilot says "No Foundation personnel lost past the personnel of chopper 2A"

<Sorts> "You'll pardon me if I don't feel any better about that, man."

<pooryoric> In his own chopper, Yoric looks to Light and starts to speak, but realizes she's sleeping peacefully. He won't tell her. Instead, he lets his head lean back in his harness and closes his eyes.

"Mission successful Outbreak was… larger then expected… Prepare for debriefing at base"

Sorts touches Olympia's arm, "Hey. You know what matters?"

<Olympia> "I do not."

Sorts> "It matters that you tried. One day, we're going to lose. I don't know if we're going to be able to stop it. But what will have mattered is that we tried."

<Olympia> "I do not understand. If we fail, then all of our actions are pointless. What does it matter that we "tried"?"

<Sorts> "There's an old story of a man who was doomed to push a boulder up a hill. When he reached the top, it would always slip away and roll back down. His only choice was to push it back up again. He wasn't allowed to do anything else. He wasn't allowed to rest, he wasn't allowed to succeed. But the one thing he could do was push that damn rock with STYLE, and so that's what he did. And that's why Sissyphus beat the Underworld in the end"

Olympia looks even more confused than before. "I do not understand."

The choppers arrive at base…

Pooryoric is standing along with Dumount, who is weeping, at the helipad.

Sorts slumps out of the helicopter with the Preacher.

Agent_Tam stands up slowly, looking blank and depressed. His eyes are bloodshot.

<pooryoric> "Sorts."

<Sorts> "Yeah."

Dumount stands there… awkwardly… crying…

Imants groans and stretches. "Goddamn, I hate flying."

Agent_Tam stumbles out of the chopper, his suit still wrinkled.

<Sorts> "Hey, we tried, Dumount. At least tonight I can sleep."

<pooryoric> "Information directly related to the Foundation and it's functions immediately negates the possibility of a Class-A amnesiac for civilians. Now you know why I always lie." He turns on his heel and walks away.

<Sorts> "What the hell? That's not what they told me!"

"Of course it's not," calls Yoric over his shoulder. "Of course it's not."

Agent_Tam places a hand on Sorts' shoulder. "I'm… I'm sorry… I tried but… he wouldn't let me… I couldn't tell them to stop."

<Sorts> "Don't be, Tam. Don't be."

Olympia gets off of the helicopter, face gloriously free of expression, still carrying a flamethrower and her rifle, till covered in blood and guts and goop.

Imants stumbles out of the chopper. Sometimes "Growing up" with the Foundation is a blessing.

Dumount blinks at Olympia "We… we failed… we tried and… and failed I…"

<Olympia> "They are dead. We attempted. We failed. I do not understand. Who is "he"?"

Pooryoric is leaning against the wall at the site entrance.

<Dumount> "Tam has… dissociative identity disorder. He believes he is a different person on missions"

Imants walks past yoric. "Dude, lets get something to eat. I'm /starving/"

Agent_Tam ignores Olympia and makes his way back to the site for debriefing.

<pooryoric> "Right, Imants. Lets go."

<Sorts> "Failing would have meant a larger outbreak. We got out of there with a new friend and no spiders left, and very few casualties. We didn't fail. We just didn't do enough."

<Olympia> "Oh. Understood. I will remember this." She has a funny tone to her voice as she says this."

Dumount says, as he cries… "I… I fucking hate… hate failing… watching people die… helpless…"

<Olympia> "They are dead through no fault of our own."

<Dumount> "Yes… but it still hurts…"

<Olympia> ""Shame", nor meaningless emotional displays will undo this."

<Dumount> "… Maybe not… but… but displaying emotions at least… at least makes one feel less… empty inside… especially if… if shared with another…"

<Olympia> "Possibly. I would not know."

Imants turns around to face Dumount. "How many people do you think would have lived if we hadn't contained it?" Imants shrugs and walks back.

Sorts watches Tam go with a sympathetic look, "Sometimes I wish I could go Jekyll and Hyde like that. I know there's no such thing as actual multiple personalities, but it would be a nice delusion to suffer."

<Sorts> “Hey Yoric,”

<pooryoric> "Yeh, Sorts?"

<Sorts> "I'm sorry I fucked up your plan. It was a good one. I should have been man enough to follow along."

<pooryoric> "Ha. No worries. I'm not trustworthy for anyone to listen to, Sorts. Ignore me like everyone else."

The debriefing begins

Sorts hopes he survives it.

"… The mission was… past where it should have been. It was expected to be a much lower level infection then reports describe you as finding"

Agent_Tam is slumped in a chair, staring at the table in front of him.

"The correct response, upon learning the true level of the outbreak was to destroy the area. Why was an attempt made to rescue the survivors?"

<Olympia> "It was moral."

Agent_Tam mumbles quietly, eyes blank.

"… This… is out of your usual operating procedures…" says debriefer, sounding shocked.

<Olympia> "That is a distinct possibility."

<Sorts> "I take responsibility sir, I fought the hardest for the evacuation."

<Olympia> "No. I was in command. It was my decision."

"I… I will submit a report to the higher ups… There might be an inquiry. Evidence suggests that the sterilization was successful. So… The mission… was successful. One casualty, the pilot of chopper 2 a. Fewer then expected. A…anyway… you are all dismissed." The debriefer leaves the room, still looking rather shocked.

Agent_Tam gets up quickly and moves to the door.

<Sorts> "Do you understand why we were breaking the rules to do this, Olympia, or were you …"

<Olympia> "Was I what?"

<Sorts> "Were you trying to understand Dumount and I? You accepted that it was moral
because we said so. Do you understand why?"

Olympia is silent for a moment. "Not… not entirely."

Pooryoric grins at Olympia "Neither do they. No worries."

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