Name: Agent 'Chris'
Position: Field Agent


Identify Unknown Thing: 3
Understand Eldritch Horror: 3
Bladed Weapons: 4


  • Salt — Always have salt.
  • Matches — Always have matches.
  • Wire — Copper is best.
  • Silver Dollar — Just one.
  • Mercury — One very well sealed metal vial.
  • Well-worn Leather Notebook — To make sure things are done right.


  • Trenchcoat of Knives — (Various Sizes, lengths and materials: Engraved, Blessed) +1 to Bladed Weapons
  • FIRE? — Occult studies within the Foundation have led to an array of experiments in what people would flat out call 'magic' and the creation of fire is a particular favorite to manifest due to the all-purpose nature of it.




  • Little Tag Along — -1 to all skills after invoking assistant entities due to attention strains.
  • Physical Duress — -1 to all skills after complex manifestations due to physical and mental stress.


Chris is a marginally youthful man appearing in his mid to late twenties. His brown hair is an unkempt mess yet naturally seems to sort itself out enough to be considered acceptable. In stark contrast to his young appearance his eyes carry a fidgety sense of aged sadness and panicked alarm kept at bay only by his awkward and almost childish smile.

A single glance would give the impression that he is a physically weak individual and by and large this is true in many regards. There are often erratic changes in Chris' apparent physical well-being, at some times appearing perfectly normal and fit and yet at others appearing to be suffering from malnutrition and under great stress. Continued usage of the techniques in his possession directly impact his physical health however if pushed too far the techniques will fail rather than incur permanent bodily damage.

In contrast to this however he displays a quickness of step and fluidity of the hand often moving lazily to trace out complex shapes in the air that seem to mean much of nothing. There is a faint metallic rattle on occasion caused by the ruffle of his drooping coat, burdened by an unseen weight.


Agent 'Chris' has been under Foundation employment for ██ years, ██ of these spent within a containment cell of his own design. The purpose of this cell was to refine and attempt to expel an SCP that was manifested through the use of texts in the Foundation's possession classified as 'Occult' in nature. This agent has actually been employed by the foundation for several decades but was apparently forgotten due to his self-imposed confinement. An observed side effect of the particular line of study seems to be a stunted or frozen aging process. Due to the extensive age of the original employment records for the agent he is referred to as simply his given name or a similar nickname.

The Agent has displayed the ability to manifest things such as fire or water from what seems to be nowhere in degrees that directly relate to the complexity of the preparation performed to activate the manifestation. During aptitude tests with the agent he was able to generate small amounts of fire restricted to the agent’s hand with minimal exertion. When requested to create a larger source of flame the agent required access to his personal notebook which seems to act as a reference manual and then etched several symbols into the floor of the interview room using one of the bladed instruments carried on his person. The setup for this took approximately twenty minutes. When finished all staff were cleared from the room and observation through the window showed the entirety of the interview room was engulf into flames. All material left within the room was destroyed, setting off sprinklers within only the interview room. Of note is that after this detonation the symbols etched by the agent were no longer present within the room and do not appear to have ever existed for all intents and purposes.

The agent requested a meal during the interview after this display and explained that more elaborate usage of the techniques he has recorded press greater amounts of 'ethereal back-draft' on his person that can only be over come with food and rest time.

The summary of these tests shows that unless the agent is given a period of time in which to perform the required behaviors for whatever result he wishes to produce, he will be unable to properly execute the technique. The best the agent was able to accomplish in a stressful situation was to produce a flame capable of causing injury only if allowed to make direct physical contact with an object or person with the level of injury being equivalent to being exposed to 500 degree heat such as oven burns.

All materials used by the agent have been reviewed and documentation of them is pending as well as research studies both performed after Agent's reinstatement and those recorded by the Agent himself during confinement. In addition to this manipulation of natural forces the Agent also possesses materials which seem to indicate an ability to manifest assistant life forms of an indeterminate nature however the Agent has displayed a refusal to use these texts casually due to the ███-███ events detailed in ████████████ which were the direct cause of the agent’s self-confinement.

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