Name: H.R. Lemnos, Agent Designation "Mulciber"
Position: Archival Maintenance Officer, Documentation Standards and Control. Field Data Coordinator (as needed)


Move Along, Nothing To See Here: 5
Red Tape: 4
That Sounds Official: 3





  • Tri-Color Pen — +1 to Red Tape


  • Sensible Tweed Jacket — +1 to That Sounds Official
  • Notebook
  • Emergency Back-Up Notebook
  • SCP Digital Assistant
  • Commissary Frequent Diner's Card



  • Have You Got A 27B-6?: Agent Mulciber must document any and all non-routine activity on an appropriate form. If he is unable to access the proper form upon completion of a task, he suffers a -1 to all skills until he can complete (or create) the appropriate documentation.
  • Picked Last For Dodgeball: While Agent Mulciber can be a part of a group, he will almost inevitably be picked grudgingly or dead last. This will inflict a -1 morale penalty to all his skills until three successful rolls in service of the group are completed.
  • Baby Panda Funeral: Discussing Agent Mulciber's personal life for any length of time has a 90% chance of inflicting Depressed status on the listener (1d10, 10 avoids Depression).


Drafted into the Foundation Archives staff during the acquisition of SCP-033, Agent Mulciber found an early niche in the oft-forgotten world of equipment requisition forms, file cabinets, and Things To Be Filled Out In Triplicate (no photocopies). He has since been deployed intermittently to acquisition sites to gather and record encounter data.

Due to a rather severe and untreated case of Cotard's Syndrome, Agent Mulciber believes himself to be physically dead. He is not.

The delusion, however, affords the agent two useful aptitudes. First, his morbid ramblings and social ineptitude generally drive away gawkers (and the occasional staff member) from acquisition scenes; making him a valuable tool in non-lethal potential witness elimination. This effect is widely variable on non-human entities. Second, Agent Mulciber fervently believes that his role in the "afterlife" involves the organization of files and codifying of documentation; something he excels at, the Foundation is in sore need of, and no one else really wants to do on a Friday night.

Behavioral notes: Aversion to fish. Unconfirmed supertaster.

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