Maxwell Strauss

Name: Maxwell Strauss
Position: Field Agent/Engineer


Mr. Fix-it: 6
Hit it Wit' a Hammer: 1
Shoot it in da Face: 1
I Saw Dat: 1
People Skills What Don't Involve a Hammer: 1
Goin' ta Night School: 1





  • Hammer — +1 to Hit it Wit' a Hammer


  • Toolbox — +1 to Mr. Fix-it



  • Eternal Tinkering: Max is easily distracted by any new machinery he might be able to updgrade.]
  • Momma's Boy: Max gets really incensed when people talk about his mother.


Max Strauss grew up in the bad part of town. He was an honest kid, but it was no place to grow up honest. To keep out of trouble, he had to be tougher than the gangs, smarter than the dealers, and quiet enough his mother never found out what sort of stuff he was up to. He knew he didn't want to live the rest of his life there, so he worked his way through school, working at the local mechanic shop to earn his way through college. He became a very proficient technician and mechanic, eventually finding work with a government agency. One thing led to another, and he was transferred to a branch of the Foundation. After a little work in Site maintenance, he was moved to a field position. He has worked for the past two years as a member of Mobile Taskforce Delta-8, "Taggers," urban combat and retrieval specialists. He was eventually transferred to Site 17.

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