Magnus I

*Bright is seated behind his desk.

*Dr_Magnus walks into Bright's office. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Bright> "Sit down, ah… Magnus was it?" Bright checks his notes.

*Dr_Magnus sits down in one of the chairs. "Yes, Michael Magnus, sir."

Bright> "And you've been with the Foundation, what, a couple of months now?"

Dr_Magnus> "Four and a half, sir, yes."

Bright> "And you came here from…?"

Dr_Magnus> "At the time, It was Jonas Michael Laboratories."

Bright> "And you have an unhealthy fixation in certain members of rival organizations?"

Dr_Magnus> "Doctor Tobias Deter…I worked with him in the past, and wasn’t aware of his affiliation till recently."

Bright> "Really." Dr Bright keeps his gaze locked on Magnus, not blinking. "When did you cease revealing our secrets to Dr Deter?"

Dr_Magnus> "I haven't been in contact with Doctor Deter for nearly twenty years, Doctor Bright, I haven't shared any secrets with anyone."

Bright> "Mhmm. How did you create Lurker?"

Dr_Magnus> "Create? I met Lurker a month ago. I don't know how he was created…or born…or…whatever."

*Bright nods slowly. What SCPs are you assigned to, currently?"

Dr_Magnus> "Actually sir, at this time…you had me assigned to researching paperwork, and as you put it, 'stay out of the way, and try not to fuck up'"

Bright> "Doesn't sound like me." Shuffle some paperwork. "Tell me about a time when you facilitated work between two separate groups."

Dr_Magnus> "What do you mean Doctor?"

Bright> "I think the question is clear."

Dr_Magnus> "The only time I can think of is when Deter and I were working together. We were working with his Laboratory, Cynadine Industries, and mine the Jonas Laboratories.

Dr_Magnus> "We were working on Entropic Cell theory, which led to the creation of the h-space generator."
Bright> "And how did you help to facilitate this undertaking?"

Dr_Magnus> "I contacted Deter, who was a leader in the field of cell theory at the time, and asked if he would be willing to work together with my laboratories on the Entropic Cell theories. The h-space project was just a…happy coincidence."

Bright> "Ahem. Have you ever been unhappy in a job? If so, what actions did you take to fix it?"

Dr_Magnus> "He agreed, and we started work in 1972."

Dr_Magnus> "Well, I left the Jonas laboratories…because I was being asked certain…questions that I couldn't answer. So I left for a position in the Soap from Corpses Products Corporation, which led me to the Foundation"

Dr_Magnus> "I suppose I was unhappy there."

Bright> "Mhmm. Tell me about a time you provided exceptional customer service."

Dr_Magnus> "Exceptional Customer….Sir, I've never dealt with a customer before. I'm a scientist."

Bright> "Ah, yes, well then.. How many people have you killed?"

Dr_Magnus> "Twenty six, in my life time."

Bright> "If you could fire anyone, who would it be?"

Dr_Magnus> "May I be completely candid, sir?"

Bright> "Of course."

Dr_Magnus> "You, sir."

Bright> "Hmm. Why?"

Dr_Magnus> "From what I've observed, and been told by other members who have worked around you, you're dangerous, borderline psychotic, have authority that you use for your own gains, toy with human lives, and there's even rumors of…what happened when you joined the foundation."

Dr_Magnus> "If they're true, you're a damn monster, Doctor Bright."

*Bright nods my head. "Good to know. Do you have any questions for me?"

Dr_Magnus> "Is there any way to transfer under another member of the senior staff?"

Bright> "Of course. I'll put through the paperwork to get you transferred to Kondraki."

Dr_Magnus> "That would be acceptable, thank you sir."

Bright> "Anything else?"

Dr_Magnus> "Nothing at this time.”

Bright> "Dismissed."

*Dr_Magnus stands up, and nods to Bright. "Thank you sir." He exits the room.

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