Lurker I

*Lurker peers in through the door. "Doctor Bright?"

*Bright is seated at his desk, shuffling papers. "Come in, ah, Lurker?"

*Lurker nods and enters the room, adjusting the tie on his shirt that seems a bit baggy and forced, standing in front of the desk as straight as he can.

Bright> "Please, make yourself comfortable."

*Lurker sits down quietly and smiles softly. "Thank you, sir."

Bright> "Now, Lurker… what are you?"

*Lurker pauses, gulping quietly. "Erm… I'm not entirely sure. I was classified as a Type-D Humanoid by Doctor… Adamson, I believe, when I first arrived."

Bright> "Are you trying to tell me you have no memories of before coming here?"

Lurker> "I have… the memories documented in my file, sir… the incident that lead me to seek out the Foundation. That's all, I'm afraid."

Bright> "Wrong answer." Bright presses a button, and mancles clamp down around Lurkers ankles and wrists. "Very wrong answer."

*Lurker blinks and swallows. "I really… don't, sir… I wish I did, I wish I knew /what/ I was." He says, trying to keep calm, although very clearly distressed.

*Bright stands up, coming around to sit on the front of the desk. "No memory of parents, loved ones, orders, maybe? No knowledge of the other like you that have been sent to us with this exact same story?"

*Lurker shakes his head, then lowers it. "I live, not knowing anything about myself, other that I am different from humans, and that I can never be accepted in society as such. It's why I came to the Foundation, it's why I wanted to hide." He says quietly, but audibly. "On the mission to the craft in space, I found something that told me I had a mission, but it didn't tell me /what/ it was or /why/."

Lurker> "It said that if I… if I completed the mission, everyone would be happier… But I don't know what it meant."

Bright> "Everyone of your kind, yes. Why do you want to spread your seed?"

*Lurker swallows. "I… I…" He blushes visibly. "I want to experience what it's like to have a family with someone I care for… With Doctor Dumount… I'm not sure what that is. It confuses me, sir."

*Lurker quickly adds. "Not a family with Doctor Dumount. A f-family with… I'm sure you're already aware."

Bright> "Rights."

*Lurker nods slightly. "Y-yes…"

*Bright taps his cane lightly on Lurkers chest. "Which SCP created you?"

*Lurker blinks. "I don't know. You can search my memory with something if you'd like, but I, consciously, could not tell you." He lets out a small whimper. "Please, believe me Doctor Bright… I wish to know these things as much as you…"

*Bright touches the button, and lurker is released. "If you had to fire any one, who would it be?"

*Lurker blinks and looks down at his wrists, then up at Bright. "I'd… I'm not sure… I don't think anyone really deserves it, but I think Agent Yoric has a bit of an issue… I'm not sure if it's worth firing him over, but possibly some help."
Bright> "Dismissed. I'll be watching you."

*Lurker nods and bows his head. "Th-thank you sir… thank you very much." He starts to head for the door, then turns. "The hookah tests… something came to me, and it said that I had forgotten about home…" He pauses and looks down. "I'm not sure what to make of it, Doctor… I always called this place home."

Bright> "One day, I'll have to kill you Lurker. But not today."

*Lurker nods. "I know, Doctor… sometimes I look forward to that day." He gives a weak smile and leaves.

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