Name: Lurker
Position: Assistant Researcher


I'm hungry:5
Textbook Genius: 6
Please stop shooting me: 4



SCPs: (Start with none)


  • Teeth — +1 to I'm hungry


  • PDA — +1 to Textbook Genius


  • Why did you do that?: Upon failing a roll with the hook "It hurts it hurts it hurts", Lurker loses all ability to use his intelligence rolls to gain an additional +3 dice to Combat and Defence rolls. This effect stays until he is sedated. If Doctor Rights is around, he is able to be mildly manipulated in his attacks.


  • Oh the Inhumanity!: Lurker's non-human appearance prevents him from going on missions during daylight or in heavily populated areas, as a result he tends to stick to the facility unless specifically ordered to follow.
  • It hurts it hurts it hurts: Lurker is susceptible to fits of rage brought on by severe injuries or emotional trauma, as well as being in pitch darkness for an extended period of time. When enraged, he tends to attack everything around him. (Roll 1d6 to determine if Lurker snaps, 3 or higher avoids insanity).
  • I like to look pretty: If Lurker comes in contact with a monocle or top hat, he will stop whatever he's doing and attempt to equip them.


Lurker is an unknown life form that has a very alien appearance. He willingly went to the Foundation in order to gain protection for himself and others around him, and help capture SCPs. Despite his initially frightening appearance, he's very kind and caring of others, as long as they are not actively trying to harm him.

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