Bright is seated behind his desk, shuffling papers
Clocks walks up to the office and taps on the door. He's wearing a tie, which is really the only step up he can manage from his usual vest, shirt, and jacket. His boots are polished, however, and it looks like he may have re-shaped his fedora.
"Come in Locke."
"Thank you, sir." Locke enters and stands next to the chair facing the desk, hat at his side.
"Take a seat."
Clocks sits, wincing slightly, but going immediately back to a smile. He sold a demon to itself, he can handle an interview. Right?
Wrong. "How long have you been a traitor to the foundation?" Said in a calm voice. Bright takes lessons from Dr. Gears.
"Not sure. Probably since before I was born, according to the space station, but if I am in this timeline, I'm unaware of it." Locke assumes the worst, hopes for the best, and manages to keep a steady reply as if answering a question that made sense.
"What SCPs are you currently assigned to?"
"SCP-2558-J, as they fail to react to me, the as-yet unassigned hookah in my office safe. In a way, the space station, but that's not an official Foundation appointment. My primary role is recovering potential SCP objects."
"Hmm. And which ones have you recovered in the past year?"
"In the three months of my employment so far, I've recovered or identified the living roadwork SCP-369, re-secured the Vorpal sword, SCP-267, identified and tagged for collection SCP-681, the hostile helium, and collected the bed monster, SCP-779, and the water filter, the one now in the break room, which is SCP-663."
[Had to look it up.]
"Mhmm." Jack ticks something off on his list. "How many people have you killed?"
"Directly, or as the direct result of my actions, current confirmed deaths are one thousand and five hundred, give or take fifty. There was a temporal incident making it necessary for me to re-sink the Titanic. If the actions of my other self get counted, then I can't give you a clear estimate."
"Are you aware of the increase in the frequency of breeches since you joined the Foundation?"
"Yes. I recently discussed the correlation with Dr. Snorlison, but haven't had an approach to study the potential linkage in any official capacity."
"Who do you feel is to blame?"
"Insufficient data to be sure. I think the Foundation is overtaxing itself. Too many things, not enough space. I do suspect that there may be a more widespread problem, but I have too little data on that topic to be ready to put a theory forward officially."
"You are hereby tasked with looking into it. I expect bi-monthly reports." Bright shuffles his papers. "If you ahd to fire one member of the Foundation, who would it be?"
"If forced to, with my current data, it would be Dr. Kondraki."
Bright chuckles at that one. "Tell me Locke, who gave you the hookah?"
"I heard a rumor from an old friend, the first guy who had me try one. We were swapping urban legends, and I had a clear lead on sheer numbers due to my travels, so he told me about these two guys in Washington State who supposedly had a possessed hookah. Only one was still alive when I made it out there to check, the other had been fatally injured in a dream session the previous day. I…
…bought it from him."
"I expect it to be documented and numbered before the week is out."
"It will be, sir. I'm still reviewing the log transcripts and compiling my report. Thankfully, containment will be simple."
"Well then. Keep your nose clean Locke. Send in the next person when you go to the break room."
"Before I go, I have one concern of sorts, if I may bring it up? Aside from the ones you already raised."
"Ask away."
"I need access to records with Level Three clearance. I neither want nor need actual Level Three authorization status, but I've been running across… Breadcrumbs in the woods, almost. Well, more like occasional footprints in the snow, but without a clear trail or pattern. I'm currently working on a recovery attempt, and it seems that someone else may have tried it before, potentially with…
…fatal results, but all records of that sort are classified at three. Aside from that, it would be necessary for my bi-monthly reports to have access to mission reports and logs, most of which are also level three."
Bright turns to his computer, and types for a couple of minutes. "Congratulations. You've been promoted to level three on a temporary basis. I expect regular reports on this as well."
Clocks nods to Bright. "Thank you, sir. I'll be sure to keep on track with those. Expect an initial outlook report by Wednesday. Shall I go call the next in line? I think it's Lurker."
"Go ahead and call whos next, I don't know who it is."

Clocks nods. "Thank you again." He stands, wincing slightly again, and makes his way out of the office after a brief formal bow.

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