Doctor_Light> "Hello. Doctor Bright."

Bright> "Ah Sophia, a pleasure to see you. Please sit down."

*Doctor_Light sits down.

Bright> "Before we begin, do you have any questions for me?"

Doctor_Light> "None in particular."

Bright> "All right… Do you know who in the site is the traitor?"

*Doctor_Light is quiet for a minute. "I… I wasn't aware we had one."

Bright> "We always have one. What do you feel you have accomplished in the past year?"

Doctor_Light> "I've assisted in the research and the understanding of several SCPs that offered up nothing but mystery before. And I feel I've used my skills to provide better containment of those ones and more."

Bright> "Which ones are you currently assigned to?"

Doctor_Light> "I'm currently working with SCP-169, SCP-812, and SCP-425, although I've done consults and run tests with multiple others."

Bright> "Excellent. If you could fire anyone, who would it be?"

Doctor_Light> "… … … … I would say Kondraki, although I'm worried this would make his way back to him."

Doctor_Light> "And that's probably a little forward of me."

Bright> "It's a common answer. What would you say is your weakest feature?"

Doctor_Light> "My weakest feature… I'm not a wonderful communicator. I deal with chemicals, not people so much."

Bright> "How do you feel about fieldwork?"

Doctor_Light> "I enjoy it."

Bright> "Is there anything you need?"

Doctor_Light> "Now? More unsupervised laboratory access would be great, but I understand the overseers are getting antsy about that."

Bright> "I'll think on it. Do you know why we've had an increase in security breaches?"

Doctor_Light> "Barring a random peak, I'll guess it has to do with the traitor you mentioned earlier?"

Bright> "Mhmm." Worht a shot. "Light, you've been doing a fine job so far. Keep up the good work.

Doctor_Light> "Thank you."

Bright> "Dismissed."

*Doctor_Light nods and leaves.

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