*Bright is seated in his office, writing through his interviews

*Dr-Kondraki enters the office, yawning. The scrape of metal against tile fills the room as he drags it out from the desk, takes his seat, and puts his feet on the table. "What's this all about Bright, I've got things to do and people to threaten."

Bright> "Everything okay on your end?"

Dr-Kondraki> "Fine, fine. As fine as things are around here, at least, goddamn madhouse."

Bright> "Well, that concludes your yearly interview." Bright shuffles his papers. "But, I do have an idea I want to run past you. As you know, there have been a rather large number of Breaches lately, and a similar number of events with staff running into trouble on outings. I am of the mind to semi-promote two staff members, to be the ones to take charge in such situations should Senior Staff not be present. Any objections?"

Dr-Kondraki> "Depends entirely on the two, doc."

Bright> "Well, for the inside, I'm think Dmitri. Good head on his shoulders, and a tendency to over react that is needed with containment. As to outside… I'm half tempted to promote someone who will fail, to drive home a point. But, if not, Then I'd say Heiden or Gerald, someone with a calm head, who won't blather Foundation secrets in public."

*Dr-Kondraki grabs a cigarette from his coat pocket, and a zippo from another, lighting it up and taking a long drag. "Dmitri's a good choice. Sam says good things about him, and she's fairly reliable. As for the outside, I'd side with Gerald over Heiden. He seems to have more of what it takes to deal with the various situations off site." Blowing smoke into the air, he grins. "Plus, if we got Heiden killed, we'd never see how it went between him and Facette, would we. It's boring enough around here without being able to follow the office romances."

Dr-Kondraki> "Like low quality, awkward soaps."

Bright> "You take the soaps, I'll take the interesting videos I have of Lurker getting his beak wet with Rights."

*Dr-Kondraki takes another hit, exhaling voluminous smoke from between his teeth before he spoke. "I ain't into seeing coworkers fuck, you know that."

Bright> "I know, save it for Iceberg. You know one of the newbies is a traitor, right?" Of course, Bright mentions this with every batch of new meat.

Dr-Kondraki> "Right, right, which one is it this time?"

*Dr-Kondraki doesn't fall for it after having killed enough of the previous batches, just to be sure.

Bright> "Not sure yet, but I'll find them. Oh, and I have Iceberg training Lurker, so 'Berg can finally take a new position. He wants something to do with weapons."

Dr-Kondraki> "Christ, that ain't safe at all. When did I approve that?"

Bright> "Didn't say I'd give it to him, just said it's what he wants."

Dr-Kondraki> "Whatever, I'll consider it when I see it on my desk."

Bright> "That's all I've got so far. Got most everyone interviewed, just need a few stragglers."

Dr-Kondraki> "Oh?"

Bright> "You know how it is, some of those bastards insist on sleeping." It's a joke.

Dr-Kondraki> "So, any idea how to deal with the breakroom shenanigans?"

Bright> "Shut down the RP?" Bright frowns. "Don't know why I said that… No, but I'm hoping by promoting Dmitri, it will at least be less disastrous."

Dr-Kondraki> "Think he'll be able to deal with that, and his new squad?"

Bright> "I have no doubts."

Dr-Kondraki> "Good to hear. I'll push the paperwork through tomorrow."

Bright> "Good man. Anything else?"

Dr-Kondraki> "Mmm, yeah, I need more disposable researchers for this Superverse project. It's really taking off."

Bright> "I'll send a couple your way. Oh, Magnus is yours now, have fun with him. He seems to think I'm a monster."

Dr-Kondraki> "Mine? Like, mine mine? Does he even know what happened to all the other male assistants?"

Bright> "He asked for a transfer out from under me. What, you think I'm going to give him to Rights? At least find out what makes his Hammerspace thing tick before you kill him."

*Dr-Kondraki tosses his spent butt into a nearby potted plant. "Can do. I've got just the assignment for him,"

Bright> "I'll pass you the results of the interviews when I finish them all. If there's nothing else, I still got to try and track down a couple of people."

*Dr-Kondraki gets up, turning for the door. "That's all Bright. Keep up the good work, doc."

Bright> "You too mate."

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