Jean Leroyce

Name: Jean "Harley Glasgow" LeRoyce
Position: Agent


Explosives: 6
Stagework: 5
Card Tricks: 1




  • 212 — See: [REDACTED]


  • M-79 — The classic grenade launcher. Has a hook on it for one armed attachment to his fatigues, and a mounted flashlight.
  • PB / 6P9 — A silenced pistol of Russian make. Is equipped with an under mounted flashlight.
  • C4 — +1 to Explosives


  • Duct Tape — +1 to Stagework
  • Flares — LeRoyce uses these when he needs to have a constant light source or when he's looking into a deep dark hole in the earth. Happens more often than you'd think.


  • Taught by The Master: Since Dr. Kondraki's fencing lesson, Jean now has +1 to his Stagework skill when using it in conjunction with a melee weapon.
  • All S.T.A.R.S.: +2d6 against zombies when teamed with Agent Lan


  • Ooooh! Shiny!: If there is anything in the room that can be toyed with, Jean will go and mess with it. -1 to any rolls not concerning the item of his interest.
  • Boredom: The great nemesis, and Jean's one weakness, apart from fire, bullets, explosives, and knives. The more bored he gets the worse his fascination with shiny objects gets.
  • Monochrome: Jean lacks the ability to see color, and therefore has slightly more trouble disarming bombs. -2 to Explosives rolls relating to disarming bombs.
  • AGGH! THE NOISE!: Jean can hear electronics, but cannot understand them. Therefore he has trouble using powerful computational equipment and electronics. -1 to any roll involved with computers or powerful electronic devices.


As an agent, Jean LeRoyce was calm, methodical…and extremely dull. Choosing the handbook over actually thinking led him to be least liked agents on staff. A chance encounter with an SCP that drove him more than a little insane. When he finally emerged from his drooling coma, Jean was less likely to do thing by the book, and more apt to simply irritate, deconstruct, or set fire to any problems that confronted him. Now going by the name of L'Arlequin, his work performance has become a little more true to it's name, and a lot more entertaining for those he works with. Side bets as to when he will blow himself, his co-workers, or an SCP up are to be directed to Yoric.

LeRoyce has had an encounter with what has been termed; "The Naziverse." This event has resulted in him gaining scars in what is called "a Glasgow smile." The scars are fairly elaborate, resembling a series of vines hooking into the corners of his mouth to pull it up into a disturbing grin. The intials LBD have been carved into his right cheek. He has since refused plastic surgery. LeRoyce was recently operated on by SCP-212. The surgery removed his color vision, gave him horrific scarring around the eyes, and has gifted him with a bionic arm, which appears as an engraved silver cylinder, ending in a nub where the elbow should be. This appendage unfolds into a four foot long limb resembling the arm of a preying mantis. The limb has far more flexibility and articulation than a normal human arm. He has also gained the ability to "hear" electronics, describing the sound as "Static, but with beeps and whistles in it." This ability appears to be growing, though he cannot seem to understand these noises. He has also been taken under the wing of MTF "Red Dawn" Captain Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich.

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