Jarrim Lumaire

Name: Jarrim Lumaire
Position: Field Agent


Sword Business: 4
Healer's Disposition: 5
Aristocratic Command: 2

Pawns (You start with 0 pawns)




  • Fold Out Epee — +1 to Sword Business


  • First Aid Kit — +1 to Healer's Dispostition



  • Moral Bias: -1 penalty to any action that would cause harm to an innocent


"Out of place" would best describe Jarrim's role in the foundation. Despite having a severe dislike of the justification "for the greater good" he is nonetheless drawn to anything and everything paranormal in hopes of improving the world. Jarrim was raised in wealth and has sought an even playing field for any competition. He is skilled in fencing, first aid, and inspiring others to action.

Jarrim graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Biomechanical Engineering, afterwords taking a short hiatus to travel the world following rumors of a strange panacea . Shortly after Jarrim's discovery of [DATA EXPUNGED] his personal assets were seized by the Foundation. Given the choice of death or a position in the Foundation, Jarrim joined as a field agent.

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